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DVD slideshow GUI offers a very simple way to make your own slideshows. Just import photos and burn them as a slideshow on a DVD or Blu-ray! 237 transitions, 83 Effects you can add to the entire slideshow, 15 Motion Backgrounds(avs). Animate your overlapping images using zoom, pan and rotate. Add photos and EXIF data and alpha channel. Add videos(avi/avs) to you slideshow. Add music, motion backgrounds, borders and subtitles. Make your own transitions, effects and motion backgrounds. Export to dvd video(PAL/NTSC 4:3 16:9), BluRay, 720p, 1080p, dvd audio, dvd chapters, dvd subtitles, avi, flash for web, avisynthscript, storyboards, single images with backgrounds.

OS: Win
Released: Jan 5,2013
File size: 25.2MB

10 votes

DVD slideshow GUI screenshot

Icecream Slideshow Maker makes creation of photo slideshows easy and intuitive for all categories of users. It features a number of effects and options for creating photo presentations with music from scratch. Simply add files, configure resolutions and other parameters, make up your mind on transition effects, and create a decent presentation. Freeware version is limited. Pro version costs $20.

Freeware Trialware
OS: Win
Version: 4.04
Released: May 20,2020
File size: 20.8MB

2 votes

Icecream Slideshow Maker screenshot

Slide Show Movie Maker is a free program that's used to create an .avi file from a series of .bmp or .jpg images. Images can have professional-looking fade-in and fade-out effects, plus attractive text overlays.

OS: Win
Version: 3.7
Released: Mar 26,2004
File size: 0.7MB

16 votes

Slide Show Movie Maker screenshot

Adapter is a video, audio and image converter. Combine an FFmpeg powered back-end with VLC rendered previews, then add in file size estimation, a gorgeous user interface and make it entirely free. Convert Video to Image Sequence, convert video to image, audio, gif, Convert, Compress & Transcode Audio by the Batch, batch compress audio, export audio track from video, Rip Audio from Video, Create High Quality Animated GIFs, etc. Requires ffmpeg and VLC (included in installation).

OS: Win Mac
Version: 2.1.2
Released: Aug 27,2015
File size: 3.3MB

1 vote

Adapter screenshot

AVS Video Editor is an advanced/nle video editor. Edit video and audio easily. Over 200 effects, transitions. Support of all key formats.

Trialware $60
OS: Win
Released: Jul 13,2020
File size: 162MB

1 vote

AVS Video Editor screenshot

With DVD Architect Studio software you can easily create and burn professional-looking DVD and Blu-ray Disc projects. You'll be creating picture slideshows, single-movie DVDs, music compilations, and menu-based DVDs on your computer in no time!

Trialware $40
OS: Win
Version: 7.0
Released: Sep 9,2016
File size: 4.1MB

39 votes

DVD Architect Studio screenshot

DVD PixPlay can create DVD, VCD, or PC slideshows from your photos, videos, and music - and burn them directly to a disc. Your family and friends can play your slideshow discs on their TV with a DVD player, or on their computer. With DVD PixPlay, you'll create personalized discs that are as easy to use as an ordinary DVD. With more than 40 image motion effects and 160 transition effects, you can send your friends and family thoughtful keepsakes that they will cherish forever.

Trialware $20
OS: Win
Version: 10.21
Released: Oct 25,2016
File size: 9.2MB

2 votes

DVD PixPlay screenshot

Foto2Avi is a freeware video/photo converter to avi/mpeg/flv. It is an video editor too. Foto2Avi can create photo slideshows or can be used as a regular video editor in order to cut or join video files. The video result can be exported as a single video file, like avi or as dvd format (dvd authoring). Has special video effects like: Transitions (Flippage,Swirl), Basic Effects (Brightness/Noise/Fade in/Fade out), Advanced Effects (Distort, Ripple), Animations, Subtitles, Logos

OS: Win
Version: 4.4
Released: Jun 22,2015
File size: 37.6MB

2 votes

Foto2Avi screenshot

MAGIX PhotoStory on CD & DVD is your product of choice for creating multimedia video and slideshows – quick and easy! Turn your memories into impressive TV events! Perfect slideshows in 3 minutes! Turn your pictures and videos in record time into impressive slideshows complete with suitable background music, text, different effects, interactive DVD player menus, etc.

Trialware $50
OS: Win
Version: Deluxe 2020
Released: Jul 31,2019
File size: 1024MB

1 vote

Magix PhotoStory screenshot

VSO PhotoDVD is the easiest photo slideshow software to create beautiful DVD slideshows of your digital pictures. Share your digital pictures in an original way by watching them on TV with any DVD player. With PhotoDVD create movie like DVDs of your pictures and music, with a menu complete with chapters, audio and subtitles selection.

Trialware $30
OS: Win
Released: Oct 7,2010
File size: 13.9MB

2 votes

PhotoDVD screenshot

'Q' DVD-author(aka qdvd) is a Linux GUI frontend for dvdauthor and other related tools. What is possible so far with qdvdauthor ? Simple Template dialog to create your menus. Convert the whole project from PAL to NTSC/NTSC to PAL. Main menu. Sub Menus. Subtitles.Transcode your input videos.Multiple audio streams. Buttons. Scale, color, stretch, twist and shout each object. Menu multiple sound tracks. DVD-slideshow. Create a full blown DVD without knowing the command line tools. Animated menus. MovieMenus. MovieButtons.

Free software
OS: Linux
Version: 2.3.1-012
Released: May 4,2020
File size: 1.6MB

1 vote

Q DVD-Author screenshot

TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 is the best software to create a DVD / Blu-ray / AVCHD with high quality menus. It has the most powerful authoring engine which combines the best quality encoding engine with the "Smart Rendering" function that allows ultra-fast output of standard complaint video with little to no loss in quality. This version brings advanced fast editing and output to fruition by re-evaluating and optimizing all of the editing engines with their conversion into 64-bit native architecture. In addition to the widely increased import formats such as H.265/HEVC, MXF, it implements new features such as "Track BGM", "Advanced Highlight" and more. It maintains the core concept that "anyone can create without confusion", letting you go beyond your own expectations. Start you own "Authoring Works" today!

Trialware $100
OS: Win
Released: Mar 25,2020
File size: 893MB

30 votes

TMPGEnc Authoring Works screenshot

TMPGEnc PGMX CREATOR is an one video file format authoring software. One File Includes Video, Menus, Slideshows, Subtitles and Audio. Introducing PGMX, a next generation original Pegasys file format that can store menu, video data and more in a single file. Create DVD / Blu-ray styled navigation menus, add a photo slideshow, subtitles, multiple audio streams and more without the limitations of physical media discs. TMPGEnc PGMX CREATOR allows you to do it all with an easy to use interface that allows you to create custom menus or use pre-made templates. Smart rendering (lossless editing) and support for many types of video files make it easy to start creating PGMX files.

Trialware $32
OS: Win
Released: Jul 30,2015
File size: 313MB

3 votes


Toast is the comprehensive, all-in-one Blu-ray, DVD and CD burner software that enables you to create, organize, share and store all of your digital content on CDs or DVDs or Blu-Rays on your MAC. Turn DivX files into DVDs. Create stunning multi-image HD slideshows with collages, motion effects, titles and background soundtracks.

Payware $100
OS: Mac
Version: 18
Released: Jul 17,2019

More info

3 votes

Toast screenshot

Varsha is a GUI based DVD authoring tool for Linux. You can make DVDs from your mpeg files as well as digital still pictures (Slideshow DVD). You can even combine slideshows with regular video and make them accessible through menus. Requires Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE).

Free software
OS: Linux
Version: 0.75
Released: Jan 9,2005
File size: 0.4MB

1 vote

Varsha screenshot

VCD Menu Lite is a free Video CD menu / title page generation program for Windows. Add this utility to your video toolkit and quickly produce simple but attractive menus as front-ends for your VCD / SVCD movie and slideshow presentations.

OS: Win
Version: 2.01
Released: Feb 27,2009
File size: 0.6MB

4 votes

VCD Menu Lite screenshot

Movie Maker is the easy, fast way to turn photos and videos into great-looking movies and slideshows you can share—on the Web or on DVD. AutoMovie automatically turns your videos, photos, and music into a great movie! You provide the raw materials, and MovieMaker fits it all together, including titles and transitions. Share your videos on DVD and on You-Tube in just a few clicks! You can even transfer your movie to your mobile to take it on the go. It’s easy to transfer your photos and videos from your camera and onto your PC! MovieMaker offers HD support and works with video formats from most cameras and camcorders. Windows Essentials 2012 suite reached end of support on January 10, 2017.

OS: Win
Version: 2012 (16.4.3528.0331)
Released: Mar 31,2014
File size: 131.3MB

27 votes

Windows Movie Maker screenshot

17 tool hits, Showing 1 to 17 tools

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