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Emby (former Media Browser), beginning with version 3, is no longer a single program. It encompasses a large suite of applications all communicating with a central server that manages your library. No longer locked inside Windows Media Center, Emby can now bring your entire media library to not only all of the computers on your network, but also many of your portable devices. Whether it's the Roku in the living room, or your tablet on the back porch, Emby will bring your media right to you. Requires .NET Framwork 4+.

Freeware Trialware
OS: Win Mac Linux
File size: 0.5MB
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Portable version
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Emby Server screenshot

Emby Server screenshot 2
Latest version / Beta (April 20, 2021)


Visit developer's site

Download Emby Server Windows  0.5MB  Win

Download Emby Server Mac 64-bit  0.5MB  Mac64

Download Emby Server Linux  Linux

Download Beta, Portable and other versions

Download Emby Server Portable Windows 64-bit  0.5MB  Win64  Portable

Download Emby Server Portable Windows  0.5MB  Win  Portable

Download Emby Server Beta Windows  0.5MB  Win

Download Emby Server Beta Portable Windows 64-bit  0.5MB  Win64  Portable

Download Emby Server Beta Portable Windows  0.5MB  Win  Portable

Software License

Freeware/Trialware (Free download but some features are limited to pro/premium version )

Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS LinuxLinux

Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Fix distorted library refresh indicator
Fix subtitles always being burned in with conversions
Cumulative changes since stable release:

Improve database/user interface performance in all Emby apps
Rework storage model for Collections
Support reading Collections from movie nfo files
Merge AutoBoxSets plugin features into the server as movie library options
Improve Linux QuickSync support
Add more field options for display in lists
Support HDR tone mapping when transcoding
Group programs in live tv suggestions and search
Add Other Showings section to live tv program detail screens
Add LIVE button to live tv guide
Adjust extracted images for HDR videos
Add favorites to context menu
Add mark played to context menu
Run sqlite optimize on server shutdown
Fix rare case of tuner being left open following a recording with a series whose name ends in a dot
Fix episode images being saved with incorrect file name
Fix custom collection images reverting to default auto-generated images
Improve detection of supported formats for Dlna devices
Support multi-select in list views
Support drag and drop backdrop reordering
Support setting an image from a URL
Improve single channel program list display
Include all subtitle streams with conversion and download features, when possible
Prefer D3D11 QuickSync codecs by priority
Add h264_mmal decoder
Improve performance of Live TV Guide refresh
Improve 3D detection from file names
Support SXXEXX episode numbers in xml tv guide data
Ensure proper handling of yuv422p10 color format
Improve Dlna device detection
Significantly reduce Dlna message chatter with devices on the network
Support series-id tags from xmltv
Fix genre screen occasionally being empty depending on where you came from
Support discnumber audio tag in addition to disc
Fix odd, alternating behavior when refreshing metadata while replacing images
Make determination of series recording path a little smarter about finding existing series in the library
Fix incorrect conversion job status being reported when converting
Restore death date on person detail screen
Default folder browsing to list when all items are audio tracks
Improve dynamic data refreshing on detail screen
Fix key presses affecting video OSD while popup dialogs are open and have focus
Fix remote control restarting playback in some cases
Add adult metadata library option
Move option to save metadata as hidden files to per-library option
Fix custom genre images being replaced
Sanitize data from metadata editor to prevent accidental user error such as trailing spaces
Support special episodes in Continue Watching & Play All
Update scheduled task logging to try and avoid preventing Synology NAS servers from being able to sleep
Improve MMAL codec support
Improve Roku remote control support
Rework device access with new user permission to hide users from login screens on devices they've never signed into before
Support episode backdrops in season folder
Support extras in playlists
Add additional fixes for downloading txt format subtitles
Add user profile options to control if audio & subtitle track selections are remembered per video
Add buttons in user profile options to clear all existing saved audio and subtitle track selections
Add HDR info to video stream titles
Have realtime monitor ignore .DS_Store
Support downloading live tv channel logos in multiple colors to allow Emby apps to choose the most appropriate logo depending on the user's chosen color theme.
Prefer Artist tag over Artists when there is only one artist
Improve handling of invalid content-type header when downloading images
Support Live TV channel groups by adding channels to Collections
Support reading live tv channel group information from m3u tuners
Add multi-select filtering support
Merge next up into continue watching
Support remove from continue watching
Add home videos landing screen option
Support clicking individual text items in list items
Support add to play queue with drag and drop
Support add to playlists and collections with drag and drop
Add profile checking for MP2Video hardware decoders
Add title and image to context menus
Support playback speed control during audio playback
Add button to clear filters when no results are returned
Add Nvidia NVDEC decoder variant for HEVC
VAAPI: Use color formats from detection
Prevent ffmpeg hw processing of 10bit when device doesn't support it
Fix play all/shuffle on collections comprised of folders
Support EP.01 episode naming
Resolve slow file read/write performance on Windows
Fix successful audio conversions misinterpreted as failures
Various fixes for codec level detection
Improve detail screen backdrop display
Fix Nvidia HEVC level detection
Make media info visible accessible in TV display mode
Reduce messaging from server to android and iOS apps causing the app background processes to run
Fix interlaced video being incorrectly stream copied with HLS
Fix remote play of playlists being sorted by name
Show songs on artist detail screen
Add delete, download and preview functions to external subtitle tracks in media info section
Support downloading subtitles during video playback
Support manipulating the play queue of remote controlled players
Fix webp image support not being used in certain cases
Update same time recording threshold to 15 minutes
Improve local network address detection
Block windows 8 & 2012 from using http2
Fix repeated subtitle downloads of .sub format
Add http version to server log
Improve subtitle track selection when always show subtitles is selected
Expand artist split whitelist
Fix undefined dlna display name
Improve ability of other devices to discover emby server
New search interface for mobile and desktop
Add top results section to search
Improve searching for songs using album name
Fix channel logos intermittently disappearing while scrolling the guide in Firefox
Fix incorrect iOS scroll after cancelling context menu
Fix artists added to collections not showing

View full changelog

All features

Your Media on Any Device
Emby Server automatically converts and streams your personal media on the fly to play on any device.

Easy Access
Emby Connect makes it easy to enjoy your personal media while away from home. Just sign in and play.

Live TV
Stream Live TV to any device, manage your DVR, and enjoy your library of recordings.

Mobile Sync
Sync your personal media to smart phones and tablets for easy offline access. Automatically sync new content as you add it.

Manage Your Home
Easily control content access for your children. Monitor and remote control their sessions as you need to.

Send videos, music, photos, and Live TV to Chromecast with ease.

Beautiful Displays
Emby organizes your content into easy and elegant presentations. Your personal media will never look the same.

Parental Controls
Specify parental restrictions for your children, create access schedules, time limits, and more.

Cloud Sync
Sync your personal media to the cloud for easy backup, archiving, and converting. Store your content in multiple resolutions to enable direct streaming from any device.

Manage Your Media
Easy web-based tools help you edit metadata and images, search for subtitles, and more.

Emby automatically detects Dlna devices on your network so that you can easily send content, remote control, and more.

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Plex Media Server

TVersity Media Server

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Acronyms / Also Known As

MediaBrowser3, Emby

Download Emby Server Portable download from the Download links under Download and Download other versions!

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Rating by cybergrimes on Oct 23, 2020 Version: OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Rating by disco_stu on Dec 18, 2019 Version: OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

2 reviews, Showing 1 to 2 reviews

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