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Panasonic DVD-S700

12 user region code comments

April 29, 2021 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by LordCarpsalot, March 04 2015:

Requires DVD player remote plus an alternate Panasonic remote with a pause button

1.Power on
2.Open tray
3.DVD Remote: Audio-1-9-8-2-Subtitle
4.Alternate Remote: Pause
5.DVD Remote: 0

PostRegion code posted by Bob, December 26 2018:

The posted hack doesn't work.

PostRegion code hack posted by JIM, December 29 2018:

please give a new hack for panasonic S700 , the hack given doesn't work with new model.

PostRegion code hack posted by pb300mm, March 28 2019:

hack does work on American Pana for use in Australia..stay cool

PostRegion code hack posted by Mick1, December 30 2019:

This hack works brilliantly. Bought the latest version (2019 model in brochure) of DVD-S700 region 2 only. Put in region
1 DVD and nothing. Followed the hack exactly as described. Put in region 1 DVD and viola!

PostRegion code hack posted by Sarteco, May 30 2020:

The hack posted worded like a charm.
I used a samsung tv remote for the other remote.
When you type the hack it says « operationnot available » but it works well.

PostRegion code hack posted by dma, July 21 2020:

For information, the hack posted here by LordCarpsalot also works perfectly when using the remote of a Sony TV connected to the player through "Bravia Sync" as alternate remote (yes, the Samsung DVD player activate Bravia Sync!).

PostRegion code posted by micarne, December 29 2020:

I just purchased the DVD-S700EG-K version and the hack posted does not work. I want to to convert it to zone 0. One
comment is that thé hack works éven though thé screen shows that this operation does not work. I am unable to get any
accèss to région codes. Any ideas for this modèl?

PostRegion code hack posted by Mungo G, December 30 2020:

I have used this hack successfully with two TVs. I used the Panasonic TV remote as the 'Alternative
Remote' when plugged into a Panasonic TV. On the second DVD player, the Panasonic remote would not
work when connected to a Sony TV, so I used the Sony TV remote and it the worked! The make of the
'Alternative Remote' may be the answer of the hack not working.

PostRegion code posted by Ron, March 30 2021:

My model is Panasonic S700GT-k.
The code didn't work at first. Enter the code as quickly as possible for several time. Then the
hack works smoothly.
(use Panasonic TV remote as alternate remote)

PostRegion code hack posted by shin, March 31 2021:

3.DVD遙控器:依照順序點擊 Audio-1-9-8-2-Subtitle
4.電視遙控器: 按 暫停
5.DVD遙控器:按 0


PostRegion code hack posted by dp, April 29 2021:

Following the mentioned procedure on a Panasonic s700EG-K I can get to the "CUSTOM PAGE":
1.Power on
2.Open tray
3.DVD Remote: Audio-1-9-8-2-Subtitle
4.Alternate Remote: Pause
5.DVD Remote: 0

In there I can see the current region on top (here's what is written: "S700EG-K REGION 2 Y17 V14" but
I can only move through 3 options with the scroll button:
Exit setup

And cannot change anything.
Any suggestion on how to move on, pls?

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