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Jul 25

StaxRip is a multiformat video encoding application.
VirtualDub FilterMod

VirtualDub FilterMod 16 update 5 NEW VERSION
Jul 25

VirtualDub FilterMod has all features of original VirtualDub, plus built-in encode/decode of H264 and other formats; open and s...

AviSynth+ r2508 NEW VERSION
Jul 25

AviSynth+ is a fork of the well-known frameserver featuring new functionality and optimizations not available in mainline.

Jul 25

Xvid4PSP is an easy to use and high quality all-in-one program for converting videos for PSP, PS3, iPod, BlackBerry, Iphone, Ni...
XMedia Recode

Jul 25

XMedia Recode is a free All-In-One video converter, audio converter and video editor.
DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve 12.5.6 / 14 Beta 5 NEW COMMENT
Jul 25

The free DaVinci Resolve is a full professional editing and color grading system that is suitable for independent users working...

PlayOn 4.3.28 NEW VERSION
Jul 25

PlayOn Desktop is a PC app built for the new way you watch TV.

Jul 25

DVDFab DVD Copy is the most powerful and flexible DVD copying/burning software.

cdrtfe 1.5.7 NEW COMMENT
Jul 25

cdrtfe is an open source CD/DVD/BD burning application for Microsoft Windows.

AviDemux 2.6.21 / 2.7.0 Nightly NEW COMMENT
Jul 25

Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks.

PotPlayer 1.7.2710 / 1.7.3266 Beta NEW VERSION
Jul 25

PotPlayer is a free multimedia player with plenty of features and rich customization.
Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter 6.1.6 NEW VERSION
Jul 25

Any Video Converter is a simple video converter which can convert video files from various formats with fast converting speed a...
DVDFab Passkey

Jul 25

DVDFab Passkey, works as a DVD Decrypter, Blu-ray decrypter, is a simple combination of Passkey for DVD and Passkey for Blu-ray.

ffmpeg 3.3.2 / Nightly 20170724 NEW VERSION
Jul 24

FFmpeg is a complete solution to record, convert, edit and stream audio and video.
Simple x264/x265 Lau

Simple x264/x265 Lau 2.84 NEW COMMENT
Jul 24

Simple x264/x265 Launcher is a very simple GUI for x264 encoder and x265 encoder that (not only) allows using 64-Bit x264 with ...

ocenaudio 3.2.13 NEW VERSION
Jul 24

ocenaudio is a cross-platform, easy to use, fast and functional audio editor.
H264 Patcher and BDT

H264 Patcher and BDT 2.10 NEW VERSION
Jul 24

H.264 Patcher is a utility for H.264 stream modification (frame-rate and aspect-ratio) without re-encoding(!).

CDex 1.89 / 1.77 Adfree NEW VERSION
Jul 24

CDex can extract the data directly (digital) from an Audio CD, which is generally called a CD Ripper or a CDDA utility.

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