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This site will help you to make your own DVD, Blu-ray, AVI, MKV, MP4 that can be played on your mobile, standalone DVD player, Blu-ray player, media center or portable device from any video sources like online video, DVD, AVCHD, VHS, DV or downloaded movies like MKV, MP4, WMV, AVI.

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Dec 14

AVSMeter is a CLI (command line interface) tool that "runs" an Avisynth script with virtually no overhead, displays clip info, ...

Dec 14

NextPVR (former GB-PVR) is a popular free personal video recorder application for Microsoft Windows, making it easy to watch or...

chapterEditor 0.51 / 1.00 Beta 6 NEW VERSION
Dec 14

ChapterEditor is a chapter editor and menu editor for OGG, XML, TTXT, m.AVCHD, m.editions-mkv, Matroska Menu.

BDInfo 0.5.8 / 0.5.10 NEW COMMENT
Dec 14

The BDInfo tool was designed to collect video and audio technical specifications from Blu-ray movie discs, including disc size,...

Dec 14

ALLPlayer is a multimedia player with subtitles downloader.
Format Factory

Format Factory NEW COMMENT
Dec 14

Format Factory is a free multifunctional media converter. Provides functions below: All to MP4/3GP/MPG/AVI/ WMV/FLV/SWF/MKV/WEBM.
Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper 7.1.1 NEW VERSION
Dec 14

Video DownloadHelper is a Firefox addon. Using DownloadHelper, you can easily save videos from most of the popular video sites.

youtube-dl 2017.12.14 NEW VERSION
Dec 13

youtube-dl is a small command-line program to download videos from YouTube and a several more sites(like Facebook, Twitter, Vim...
Daemon Tools Lite

Daemon Tools Lite 10.7.0 NEW VERSION
Dec 13

Daemon Tools is a virtual Blu-ray/CD/DVD-ROM emulator.
Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server 1.10.1 NEW VERSION
Dec 13

Plex Media Center bridges the gap between your Mac/Windows and your home theater, doing so with a visually appealing user inter...

Reaper 5.70 NEW VERSION
Dec 13

REAPER is a powerful Windows application for multitrack recording and editing of audio.
Internet Friendly Me

Internet Friendly Me 7.6 NEW VERSION
Dec 13

Internet Friendly Media Encoder is a powerful video encoder that use H.265/HEVC standard by using x265.

TS-Doctor 2.0.104 NEW VERSION
Dec 13

Cypheros TS-Doctor is designed for recorded DVB transport stream to check for errors and, if possible, make it as compatible as...

ocenaudio 3.3.7 NEW VERSION
Dec 13

ocenaudio is a cross-platform, easy to use, fast and functional audio editor.
JRiver Media Center

JRiver Media Center 23.0.91 NEW VERSION
Dec 13

J River Media Center is an All Media Center, Connect with MEDIA CENTER, Add a digital camera, Connect a handheld player, iPod s...

Mp3tag 2.85 / 2.85h Beta NEW VERSION
Dec 13

Mp3tag is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of common audio formats where it supports ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.
LAV Filters Megamix

LAV Filters Megamix 13 December NEW VERSION
Dec 13

LAV Filters Megamix is a codec pack with video players.

PotPlayer 1.7.5545 / 1.7.7044 Beta NEW VERSION
Dec 13

PotPlayer is a free multimedia player with plenty of features and rich customization.

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