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FFmpeg is a complete solution to record, convert, edit and stream audio and video. It is a command line video software for Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports converting between most video and audio formats. It supports grabbing and encoding in real time from streaming media, capture cards, etc. Multiplex(join) and demultipex(split) video and audio tracks from all video formats. Edit(cut,join) all video formats. Advanced video and audio filters. Subtitle support. ffplay(basic video player) and ffprobe(video identifier) are also included. Several frontEnds/GUIs are available like FFmpeg Batch Converter, Avanti.

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Latest version

4.3.2 (February 21, 2021)


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Download ffmpeg 4.3.2 Windows 64-bit  35MB  Win64  Portable

Download ffmpeg 4.3.2 Mac 64-bit  22MB  Mac64

Download ffmpeg 4.3.2 Linux  9MB  Linux

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Download ffmpeg latest Beta/Nightly Portable Windows 64-bit  35MB  Win64  Portable

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Download ffmpeg latest Beta/Nightly Linux  35MB  Linux

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Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS LinuxLinux

Version history / Release notes / Changelog

version 4.3.2:
avcodec/hapdec: Change compressed_offset to unsigned 32bit
avformat/rmdec: Check codec_length without overflow
avformat/mov: Check element count in mov_metadata_hmmt()
avcodec/vp8: Move end check into MB loop in vp78_decode_mv_mb_modes()
avcodec/fits: Check gcount and pcount being non negative
avformat/nutdec: Check timebase count against main header length
avformat/electronicarts: Clear partial_packet on error
avformat/r3d: Check samples before computing duration
avcodec/pnm_parser: Check av_image_get_buffer_size() for failure
avformat/wavdec: Consider AV_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE in set_spdif()
avformat/rmdec: Check remaining space in debug av_log() loop
avformat/flvdec: Treat high ts byte as unsigned
avformat/samidec: Sanity check pts
avcodec/jpeg2000dec: Check atom_size in jp2_find_codestream()
avformat/avidec: Use 64bit in get_duration()
avformat/mov: Check for duplicate st3d
avformat/mvdec: Check for EOF in read_index()
avcodec/jpeglsdec: Fix k=16 in ls_get_code_regular()
avformat/id3v2: Check the return from avio_get_str()
avcodec/hevc_sei: Check payload size in decode_nal_sei_message()
libavutil/eval: Remove CONFIG_TRAPV special handling
avformat/wtvdec: Check len in parse_chunks() to avoid overflow
avformat/asfdec_f: Add an additional check for the extradata size
avformat/3dostr: Check sample_rate
avformat/4xm: Make audio_frame_count 64bit
avformat/mov: Use av_mul_q() to avoid integer overflows
avcodec/vp9dsp_template: Fix integer overflows in itxfm_wrapper
avformat/rmdec: Reorder operations to avoid overflow
avcodec/mxpegdec: fix SOF counting
avcodec/rscc: Check inflated_buf size whan it is used
avformat/mvdec: Sanity check SAMPLE_WIDTH
avcodec/nvenc: fix timestamp offset ticks logic
avformat/rmdec: Fix codecdata_length overflow check
avcodec/simple_idct: Fix undefined integer overflow in idct4row()
avformat/wavdec: Check block_align vs. channels before combining them
avformat/tta: Use 64bit intermediate for index
avformat/soxdec: Check channels to be positive
avformat/smacker: Check for too small pts_inc
avformat/sbgdec: Use av_sat_add64() in str_to_time()
avcodec/cscd: Check output len in zlib as in lzo
avcodec/vp3: Check input amount in theora_decode_header()
avformat/wavdec: Check avio_get_str16le() for failure
avformat/flvdec: Check for EOF in amf_skip_tag()
avformat/aiffdec: Check size before subtraction in get_aiff_header()
avformat/electronicarts: More chunk_size checks
avcodec/cfhd: check peak.offset
avformat/tedcaptionsdec: Check for overflow in parse_int()
avformat/nuv: Check channels
avcodec/siren: Increase noise category 5 and 6
avformat/mpc8: Check size before implicitly converting to int
avformat/nutdec: Fix integer overflow in count computation
avformat/mvi: Use 64bit for testing dimensions
avformat/utils: Check dts in update_initial_timestamps() more
avformat/mpsubdec: Use av_sat_add/sub64() in fracval handling
avformat/flvdec: Check for avio_read() failure in amf_get_string()
avformat/flvdec: Check for nesting depth in amf_skip_tag()
avformat/flvdec: Check for nesting depth in amf_parse_object()
avformat/asfdec_o: Check for EOF in asf_read_marker()
avformat/flvdec: Use av_sat_add64() for pts computation
avformat/utils: Check dts - (1<<pts_wrap_bits) overflow
avformat/bfi: Check chunk_header
avformat/ads: Check size
avformat/iff: Check block align also for ID_MAUD
avcodec/utils: Check for integer overflow in get_audio_frame_duration() for ADPCM_DTK
avformat/fitsdec: Better size checks
avformat/mxfdec: Fix integer overflow in next position in mxf_read_local_tags()
avformat/avidec: dv does not support palettes
avformat/dhav: Break out of infinite dhav search loop
libavformat/utils: consider avio_size() failure in ffio_limit()
avformat/nistspheredec: Check bits_per_coded_sample and channels
avformat/asfdec_o: Check size vs. offset in detect_unknown_subobject()
avformat/utils: check for integer overflow in av_get_frame_filename2()
avutil/timecode: Avoid undefined behavior with large framenum
avformat/mov: Check a.size before computing next_root_atom
avformat/sbgdec: Reduce the amount of floating point in str_to_time()
avformat/mxfdec: Free all types for both Descriptors
uavformat/rsd: check for EOF in extradata
avcodec/wmaprodec: Check packet size
avformat/dhav: Check position for overflow
avcodec/rasc: Check frame before clearing
avformat/vividas: Check number of audio channels
avcodec/alsdec: Fix integer overflow with quant_cof
avformat/mpegts: Fix argument type for av_log
avformat/cafdec: clip sample rate
avcodec/ffv1dec: Fix off by 1 error with quant tables
avformat/mpegts: Increase pcr_incr width to 64bit
avcodec/utils: Check bitrate for overflow in get_bit_rate()
avformat/mov: Check if hoov is at the end
avcodec/hevc_ps: check scaling_list_dc_coef
avformat/iff: Check data_size
avformat/matroskadec: Sanity check codec_id/track type
avformat/rpl: Check the number of streams
avformat/vividas: Check sample_rate
avformat/vividas: Make len signed
avcodec/h264idct_template: Fix integer overflow in ff_h264_chroma422_dc_dequant_idct()
avformat/dsfdec: Check block_align more completely
avformat/mpc8: Check remaining space in mpc8_parse_seektable()
avformat/id3v2: Sanity check tlen before alloc and uncompress
avformat/vqf: Check len for COMM chunks
avformat/mov: Avoid overflow in end computation in mov_read_custom()
avcodec/hevc_cabac: Limit value in coeff_abs_level_remaining_decode() tighter
avformat/cafdec: Check the return code from av_add_index_entry()
avformat/cafdec: Check for EOF in index read loop
avformat/cafdec: Check that bytes_per_packet and frames_per_packet are non negative
avformat/mpc8: correct integer overflow in mpc8_parse_seektable()
avformat/mpc8: correct 32bit timestamp truncation
avcodec/exr: Check ymin vs. h
avformat/avs: Use 64bit for the avio_tell() output
avformat/wavdec: More complete size check in find_guid()
avcodec/mv30: Use unsigned in idct_1d()
avformat/iff: Check size before skip
avformat/rmdec: Check for EOF in index packet reading
avcodec/vp3dsp: Use unsigned constant to avoid undefined integer overflow in ff_vp3dsp_set_bounding_values()
avformat/icodec: Check for zero streams and stream creation failure
avformat/icodec: Factor failure code out in read_header()
avformat/bintext: Check width
avformat/sbgdec: Check that end is not before start
avformat/lvfdec: Check stream_index before use
avformat/au: cleanup on EOF return in au_read_annotation()
avformat/mpegts: Limit copied data to space
avformat/bintext: Check width in idf_read_header()
avformat/iff: check size against INT64_MAX
avformat/vividas: improve extradata packing checks in track_header()
avformat/paf: Check for EOF in read_table()
avformat/gxf: Check pkt_len
avformat/aiffdec: Check packet size
avformat/concatdec: use av_strstart()
avformat/wavdec: Refuse to read chunks bigger than the filesize in w64_read_header()
avformat/rsd: Check size and start before computing duration
avformat/vividas: better check of current_sb_entry
avformat/iff: More completely check body_size
avformat/vividas use avpriv_set_pts_info()
avformat/xwma: Check for EOF in dpds_table read code
avcodec/utils: Check sample rate before use for AV_CODEC_ID_BINKAUDIO_DCT in get_audio_frame_duration()
avcodec/dirac_parser: do not offset AV_NOPTS_OFFSET
avformat/rmdec: Make expected_len 64bit
avformat/pcm: Check block_align
avformat/lrcdec: Clip timestamps
avutil/mathematics: Use av_sat_add64() for the last addition in av_add_stable()
avformat/electronicarts: Check for EOF in each iteration of the loop in ea_read_packet()
avformat/ifv: Check that total frames do not overflow
avcodec/vp9dsp_template: Fix some overflows in iadst8_1d()
avcodec/fits: Check bscale
avformat/nistspheredec: Check bps
avformat/jacosubdec: Use 64bit inside get_shift()
avformat/genh: Check block_align
avformat/mvi: Check count for overflow
avcodec/magicyuv: Check slice size before reading flags and pred
avformat/asfdec_f: Check for negative ext_len
avformat/bethsoftvid: Check image dimensions before use
avformat/genh: Check block_align for how it will be used in SDX2_DPCM
avformat/au: Check for EOF in au_read_annotation()
avformat/vividas: Check for zero v_size
avformat/segafilm: Do not assume AV_CODEC_ID_NONE is 0
avformat/segafilm: Check that there is a stream
avformat/wtvdec: Check dir_length
avformat/ffmetadec: finalize AVBPrint on errors
avcodec/decode/ff_get_buffer: Check for overflow in FFALIGN()
avcodec/exr: Check limits to avoid overflow in delta computation
avformat/boadec: Check that channels and block_align are set
avformat/asfdec_f: Check name_len for overflow
avcodec/h264idct_template: Fix integer overflow in ff_h264_chroma422_dc_dequant_idct()
avformat/sbgdec: Check for timestamp overflow in parse_time_sequence()
avcodec/aacdec_fixed: Limit index in vector_pow43()
avformat/kvag: Fix integer overflow in bitrate computation
avcodec/h264_slice: fix undefined integer overflow with POC in error concealment
avformat/rmdec: sanity check coded_framesize
avformat/flvdec: Check for EOF in amf_parse_object()
avcodec/mv30: Fix multiple integer overflows
avcodec/smacker: Check remaining bits in SMK_BLK_FULL
avcodec/cook: Check subpacket index against max
avcodec/utils: Check for overflow with ATRAC* in get_audio_frame_duration()
avcodec/hevcpred_template: Fix diagonal chroma availability in 4:2:2 edge case in intra_pred
avformat/icodec: Change order of operations to avoid NULL dereference
avcodec/exr: Fix overflow with many blocks
avcodec/vp9dsp_template: Fix integer overflows in idct16_1d()
avcodec/ansi: Check initial dimensions
avcodec/hevcdec: Check slice_cb_qp_offset / slice_cr_qp_offset
avcodec/sonic: Check for overread
avformat/subviewerdec: fail on AV_NOPTS_VALUE
avcodec/exr: Check line size for overflow
avcodec/exr: Check xdelta, ydelta

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43 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Superb project but 99% of users won't have a clue how to use it or know what a command line is! Pazera MP4 Converter is my recommended GUI for that group of folks. My quibble is Ffmeg can deinterlace, but there must be an easier way to ivtc an NTSC based single Bob file source. Anyway I will master it someday using decimate in my script.
For those wanting one which will work in XP, link below.

Review by Rod on Sep 2, 2020 Version: 4.3.1 OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

ffmpeg 4.3 was updated in original site (date and size changed). 29-Jun-2020 04:06 71M

Review by waldomiro on Jun 30, 2020 Version: 4.3 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

That's it!

Review by youxiaogang on Jan 18, 2020 Version: 3.2.4 OS: Windows 10 Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Superb project as usual. Do anyone know where I can find unofficial builds that include ALL the codecs? (non-free stuff, libfdk_acc, VAAPI/GPU encoding, etc etc) Can be Linux or Windows version, doesn't matter (Wine can run EXE's just fine)

Review by FrancisGo on Nov 10, 2019 Version: 4.2.1 OS: Linux Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Just tried to update ffmpeg.exe 4.1.4 x64 static executable in myFFpmeg 3.6.2 x64 and get the error "The found file is not a FFmpeg.exe file" and I'm not sure what that means, whether it's an ffmpeg or myFFmpeg issue.

Review by mail2tom on Jul 20, 2019 Version: 4.1.4 x64 static OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 9/10 Overall: 9/10

43 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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