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Video Pro X revolutionizes video editing and delivers an impressive range of professional tools that are at the cutting edge of technology. Everything you need is included to create a finished movie faster and more easily than with any other video editing software.

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15 (June 12, 2023)


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NEW DESIGN, OPTIMIZED WORKFLOW Sleeker, more organized, and easier to understand. Video Pro X has a new look and is more intuitive than ever before. Revamped program interface The streamlined design ensures more clarity while working. Fonts & icons are even clearer and easier to read thanks to higher contrast. New zoom feature Zoom in with the mouse and use the tracker to work more precisely in the preview monitor and view details better. Edit in the preview window Select objects in the video preview and adjust them instantly without first having to find them in the Timeline. MAGIX Hub – now completely integrated Subscription users gain access to their user profile, MAGIX content, and the new online help directly from the Media Pool. AV1 codec: Compression without loss of quality Save massive amounts of disk space without sacrificing your movies' quality thanks to revolutionary AV1 encoding. The improved INFUSION Engine 3 provides even more stability and performance for every step of video editing and helps you finish your work faster than ever. The most stable video engine to date The enhanced INFUSION Engine 3 offers more stability and performance in all steps of video editing and gets you there blazing fast. BCC Chroma Key Studio The all-in-one suite for color-based clipping! It combines 8 effects in a single plug-in for maximum convenience. NEW SINCE MAY 2022 MAGIX Content: Exclusively included with a subscription You're sure to find the right clips and sounds for your movies. Download up to 20 files every month for permanent use. The all-in-one suite for color-based masking! It combines eight effects in one plug-in for maximum convenience. Learn more about usage rights HIGHLIGHTS FROM RECENT VERSIONS NEW SINCE MAY 2022 MAGIX Travel Maps Turn your dream getaway into a dazzling animated itinerary with the help of innovative tools. NEW SINCE MAY 2022 Vertical video Import and edit vertical recordings from your smartphone and easily create videos for social media. Easy to switch to and get started with the new version Watch a demonstration of the new version's features when you first open the program. Good to know: You can easily continue editing your Movie Studio projects in Video Pro X!

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CUT Workflow and user interface | Image editing | Import and export | Audio editing Split and trim With the new "split and trim" tool including dynamic preview, previewing and cutting video footage is easier than ever before. Simply move the tool along the timeline and click to make edits using the realtime preview in the video monitor. For precise, direct trimming of video clips. Full track handling Tracks can now be reordered, deleted and copied – even retroactively. Using the active target track, you can import media such as video or music with absolute precision to the position you want on the timeline. New track and object color schemes provide a clearer overview of items. J and L cuts Audio and video can be independently trimmed using shortcuts. Documentaries and interviews are now easier than ever before to edit thanks to a fluid workflow and overlapping objects. Find and close gaps The new split and trim tool locates all gaps on the timeline – you can then simply close them with a single click. All clips merge correctly without leaving any black frames. "Move object content" mouse mode Video object contents can now be easily selected in a manner which maintains the editing rhythm. Multi-track & multi-format timeline The multi-track & multi-format timeline enables you to import and edit different video formats in SD, HD and UHD resolution without having to convert files into a proprietary intermediate format. Precision editing with three- and four-point cuts Precisely inserting video clips into the timeline using the three and four-point editing features is easy. You can define start and end positions by placing in and out points in the video monitor and timeline. Time stretching In MAGIX Video Pro X, you can change the length of your video and audio objects simply by stretching and contracting the object in the timeline. Audio objects maintain their original pitch. Beat-based editing Using the new snap markers, you can now cut music to perfectly fit the scenes in your movie. Advanced search for gaps MAGIX Video Pro X features a special tool that searches for any unwanted black areas between clips. Simply start a search and the program will list all gaps in the arrangement. These can then be individually selected and edited if necessary. Nested Sequences Save time so you can focus on what matters most. With nested sequences, you can add finished sequences to your movie as entire objects. Effects are then applied to the entire object and no longer need to be carried over to each scene in the sequence. Multicam editing Multicam mode allows image control in real time on up to nine tracks, depending on system performance. Clicking on the preview videos let you change perspective live and mark all edits precisely and organically. By analyzing the audio material, multicam recordings can be automatically synchronized and added before editing. Action templates Discover a large selection of movie and editing templates in Video Pro X. Templates are an efficient way to create great movies in just a short space of time and without too much effort. Complete package for 360° video With its new, fully automatic 360 image stabilization feature, special 360 transitions and integrated stitching, Video Pro X is your all-in-one solution for 360 editing. Video Pro X can handle 360 videos from all standard 360 cameras in up to 4K quality. WORKFLOW AND USER INTERFACE Cutting | Image editing | Import and export | Audio editing HiDPI interface Experience the Video Pro X interface: Razor-sharp, sleek and intuitive – even on 4K monitors. Redesigned start dialog The new start dialog offers significantly improved overview and orientation. Project templates are organized into various categories with clear names. The range of special templates for upright videos and social media platforms has been expanded. Simply pick a template to get started on your project even faster. Vertical videos Video Pro X offers vertical project and export templates, which are especially useful for smartphone recordings and social media posts. Videos filmed in portrait mode are automatically recognized and adjusted in Video Pro X. Color picker Pick the perfect color nuance with a single click. The color picker contains a wide spectrum of colors and works in realtime, so finding the exact shade you need is a cinch. You can now also use it for color design directly within the OFX effect plug-ins and title editor. It's easy and saves a ton of time. Chapter export Chapters can now be exported individually using batch conversion instead of having to export the entire film, as was previously the case. Redesigned transition menu Click the transition symbol on the arranger to open an object and to display the transition symbols from the "Templates" area. The menu changes dynamically as you use the transitions, saving transitions you've applied or marked as favorites to the list. This way, you can easily find your preferred transitions the next time you use the program. Integrate your own camera and effect LUTs Video Pro X enables you to integrate your own lookup table collections into the effects area, so they can be used just as easily as the LUTs supplied by the program. Modernized effects pool & workflow The Media Pool from previous versions has been modernized and customized for the workflow. The plug-in dialogs have also been updated using the latest GUI technology. Individual content purchase in the in-app Store Purchase only the specific content you need, rather than an entire pack, in the program's in-app Store. New Media Pool and in-app store The latest in effects versatility from Video Pro X. Effects purchased for MAGIX Movie Edit Pro can also be used in Video Pro X. Lookup tables Lookup table handling — now available in Video Pro X! Import camera LUTs, create a particular look with predefined LUTs or design and save your own LUTs using the shot match feature. Snap markers The new snap markers let you mark special points in video objects. Snap markers can be applied to playback and stop positions, to object edges and to each other. This is useful when trimming, moving and synchronizing objects. UX optimizations Custom program window arrangements can now be saved. The "Speed" effect is now located under movement effects to optimize the workflow. IMAGE EDITING Cutting | Workflow and user interface | Import and export | Audio editing 8K Ultra HD support for AVC and HEVC videos Video Pro X offers full 8K support. AVC or HEVC videos can be played back in realtime using INTEL, NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.* This spares you the time-consuming task of converting recordings to proxy files. For images even higher in resolution. * Dependent on the graphics card used. For more information, contact the card manufacturer. Broadcast-ready color effects More vibrant. More powerful. More intense. In one word: brilliant. Optimize the colors in your movie with our new color value correction tool, broadcast coloring and LAB color space coloring. Achieve maximally sharp edges and lines with the high-quality "unsharp mask" feature and get a retro film look with the grain effect. HDR support With HDR10, Video Pro X supports the latest standards and color gamut BT.2020 and 10-bit color depth in HEVC codec. HDR maintains natural contrasts and accurately reproduces the original variations in brightness, even for very bright or dark footage. Impressive color extraction lets you make every detail shine and create a lasting impression. 360 image stabilization Shaky 360 footage can be corrected fully automatically. You can also apply 360 stabilization to stereoscopic videos. 360° transitions Experience specially designed 360 transition effects that completely surround the viewer. 360° editing With the addition of two new features, our 360 editing package is now complete: take advantage of 360 image stabilization, plus a set of breathtaking 360 transitions. And now even stereoscopic videos can be processed by Video Pro X. Don't own a 360° camera? You don't know what you're missing! 1-click video stabilization For stabilizing your videos automatically, Video Pro X contains 1-click editing functions. This lets you fix choppy footage quickly and with precision. HDR preview and color space handling You can now select a specific color space that works with your project and source material. Video Pro X supports all standards such as BT.601 (SD), BT.709 and BT.2020 (HD/UHD) as well as the professional standard DCI P3. This allows for greater visual control and precision in your color correction workflow. Layer masks Mask video and title objects in no time at all. A wide range of alpha masks are available for you to use in the templates area. Have video borders gradually fade out to transparent, or title objects appear in a specific way. Precise color grading with 16-bit deep color For the first time, important internal color grading workflow processes have been switched from 8-bit to 16-bit deep color. 16-bit deep color processing allows for detailed color grading and even more freedom for correcting color. Effect masks Simply select parts of the image using alpha masks, then apply the desired effect to these areas. This tool makes it possible to use more detailed effect editing and selective blurring. OFX: Plug-in performance The enhanced performance of the OFX interface allows for multiple video effects to be played in realtime. Thanks to optimization, more computing power is now assigned to each individual video effect, with smoother playback the result. Advanced exposure features with curves Detailed color and tonal value correction enables you to edit luminance and individual RGB channels precisely with Bézier curves. Contrasts can be adjusted with non-linear editing and flat or log profiles can be used manually to achieve the final look for your video. Reduced Moiré effects in Full HD output Visibly reduced sparkle and fewer Moiré patterns in exported Full HD videos. Shot match You can now apply the look of a video to other footage. The program matches the colors and tonal values of two separate videos fully automatically. Image border effects You can now use portrait format recordings from your smartphone without compromising your video's look. The new image border effects ensure perfect integration. LUT: The chameleon effect Your movies can now take on any desired appearance. Lookup tables (LUTs) simulate color temperature, gamma, brightness & contrast from famous films or other footage. Video Pro X includes several LUTs. Additional tables are available for free online, and you can create and save your own. Fast and efficient editing – even on demanding projects. MAGIX Travel Maps The MAGIX Travel Maps module offers a wide range of creative options for displaying your travel routes as a captivating animation. Import your own maps and choose from the huge array of waypoints and vehicles included to show the different stages of your trip. Little slideshows can also be created within the route animation by simply placing photos on the travel path. New fonts and title templates Title templates can be combined with brand new titles and fonts to create captivating visual effects. The new standard title presets also offer a clear overview and access to all the new fonts. Have individual letters or words appear anywhere onscreen to add a special touch to opening and closing credits. For impressive videos from start to finish. Object tracking Video Pro X includes a professional object tracking feature which you can use to track titles, text and graphics. You can pin elements to moving people or objects in a film. If you are concerned about privacy issues, you can also pixelate faces or license plates so that they are unrecognizable. Dynamic slow motion effects The slow motion feature allows you to create slow motion with smooth transitions and control speed precisely using keyframes. And frame interpolation provides the best image quality. 4K/Section animation For high-quality editing of picture sections in 4K movies. For instance, you can switch between different zoom levels in a 4K recording to make the final result even more dynamic. This is also ideal for correcting picture sections which don't turn out 100% due to quick movements (e.g. sports videos or theatrical performances). Cinematic intros and outros With new templates for intros and outros, you can create the perfect start and end for your film in no time at all. Get creative and captivate your audience right from the start! Redesigned chroma key effect Equipped with antispill and an improved extraction algorithm, the green/blue screen preset delivers high-quality results. True color space handling for professional results The new true color space handling in Video Pro X guarantees color-true processing of your material from preview to export and in all important professional formats including HEVC, AVC and MPEG-2. IMPORT AND EXPORT Cutting | Workflow and user interface | Image editing | Audio editing INFUSION Engine 3 INFUSION Engine 3 now lets users experience a seamless GPU workflow for all current graphics cards by Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. In addition to high-performance playback even of complex projects with 8K material, it also now delivers accelerated export form AVC and HEVC formats. Watch video 8K support The film, project & export presets now include special templates for 8K video. And dedicated import support for the GH5 camera is also available. 10/12-bit support for professional formats Video Pro X also supports output for professional formats like HEVC and AVC with 10 and 12-bit color depth. Thanks to higher color depth, your video material can now benefit from more variation in light and shadow areas and colors that are rich in contrast. New image format HEIF Apple's latest image format HEIF can now be imported into Video Pro X. Together with HEVC import, Video Pro X provides comprehensive support for media from Apple's iPhone 8. AVX-optimized algorithms Video Pro X's AVX optimizations for internal image processing and 3-way color correction make image processing much faster, deliver much more precise output quality on color conversions and free up resources for the use of additional effects. OFX interface multithreading support The OFX plug-in interface supports plug-ins requiring the use of more than one processor core. Disc authoring Create your own DVDs and Blu-ray Discs with professional authoring functions. Select from a range of animated templates for menus or create your own custom template. Store templates you've created for future projects or use them for further editing in other programs such as Xara Designer Pro X. AUDIO EDITING Cutting | Workflow and user interface | Image editing | Import and export Broadcast-ready quality Crystal clear sound and clean frequencies — made possible by smart automated features and high-quality audio cleaning tools. Easily apply high-end audio effects at channel level via the integrated effects track. Includes EBU R 128 standard loudness normalization for television. 5.1 Surround Sound The 5.1 Surround Sound Creator allows you to produce real Surround Sound that can then be mixed in real time using the audio mixer, complete with full channel control. Real-time audio mixer In addition to effect editing for individual audio objects in real time, every channel strip can be equipped with separate track effects such as equalizer, compressor, and delay. VST2 interface Use third-party provider audio plug-ins with VST standard for mixing, mastering and audio restoration. You can expand your plug-in library at any time. Integrated audio cleaning Precisely remove hissing, crackling and wind noise with only a few clicks. Noise reduction Compressor Equalizer StereoFX HIGHLIGHTS IN VIDEO PRO X: INTUITIVE VIDEO PRODUCTION. REDEFINED. Time-saving professional editing tools including 3-point edits Multi-track & multi-format timeline, including nested sequences Professional color grading with 3-way color correction, HDR color spaces, LUTs & curves 1,500 creative content, HDR/blur, and shot match Multicam editing for up to 9 cameras including direction monitor HiDPI supported user interface for 4k displays 8K UHD-2 workflow with 360 degree editing VEGAS video stabilization INFUSION Engine 3: Hardware support for the latest GPUs by Intel, NVIDIA and AMD Multi-GPU support: Use multiple graphics cards simultaneously New! Optimized Intel® Hyper Encode technology New! MAGIX Travel Maps: Create custom travel route animations New! High-speed timeline offers the perfect setup for large-scale video projects New! NewBlue TotalFX – MAGIX Edition*: around 100 effect plug-ins * NewBlue TotalFX – MAGIX Edition is included upon purchase of new software, or when you upgrade Video Pro X. This Edition is supplied without stabilizer and transitions.

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