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Panasonic DVD-S75

11 user region code comments

January 17, 2007 Post region code/hack comment
PostOther hack posted by Gibbah, August 27 2003:

I have a Region 2 Panasonic S75 aswell and I can confirm that Paus + Open/Close + 6 gives 2P6143 what ever that would help :-)

I talked with a Panasonic servicetech and he said they used a special remote to upgrade/change the DVD-player (as someone said in the S35-thread) :-(

PostRegion code hack posted by Anthony, October 05 2003:

With the Region 4 DVD player, it comes standard for allowing multi-region.
Just bought it and tested it with my Region 1 Sports Night DVDs.

PostRegion code hack posted by vitatalij, November 11 2003:

I have a Region 2 Panasonic S75 aswell and I can confirm that Paus + Open/Close + 6 gives 2P6143 what ever that would help :-)

PostRegion code posted by Nick, December 03 2003:


I am in Australia and all Panasonic payers are now sold alreayd multizoned. I have a s75 and great machine. What I don't know is the hack if any for turning off macrovision. Anybody shed any light on this!


PostRegion code posted by Assy, December 04 2003:

Regarding the macrovision. In moscow it's cured only by installing a chip into the player. no other way is possible I guess. cost is around USD50.

PostRegion code hack posted by flushman, May 25 2004:

Yes! I have region 4 DVD Player (Panasonic S75) and It has multi-region playback function. I tested with region number 1 DVD movie and plays well~ No problem found!!!! Great Player!!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by dizz, July 07 2006:

Panasonic S75

PostRegion code hack posted by Tom, July 16 2006:

Panasonic generic regional code IR sequence

0082 0015 0089 0004 00F2 0033 0017 0010 0091 0013

You can enter these codes with a PocketPC using TV Remote Controller and making a CCF file with these codes. Or use a Palm with Omniremote. Make sure no disc in the player when entering this code.

PostRegion code hack posted by Kyo, September 01 2006: ... p;catid=10

In this link you will found modded firmware to change regional code and make the player region-free. Simply burn (with finalization) the FRM file on a straight CD-R/CD-RW ISO9660 Mode1 (no joliet) and voila'. Regional changing is possible via the unit remote.

PostRegion code posted by kk, November 23 2006:

I have tried that firmware and it didn't work, now I have no picture just sound and it is still not multi-region, so be aware.

PostRegion code hack posted by Lir, January 17 2007:

The firmware from that link is working greate. Now my player is region free. Thanks Kyo :D

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