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VideoStudio Pro kicks the movie making process into high gear, giving you the ultimate playground for creativity. Your complete HD video-editing program, it gives you a rapid head start with professionally designed templates, real-time, studio-quality effects, polished titles and smooth transitions. Super-charge your workflow with GPU acceleration and multi-core Intel® CPU support for faster editing and rendering. Quickly assemble video clips in new Express Edit mode or go deep with advanced video-editing tools. Then share your videos on You-Tube, Facebook®, Vimeo®, DVD, AVCHD™ and Blu-ray discs™, iPod®, PSP® and more.

Trialware $80
OS: Win
File size: 10.5MB
Version history
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VideoStudio Pro screenshot

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Latest version

2021 (February 22, 2021)


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Download VideoStudio Pro 2021  10.5MB  Win

Software License

Shareware (Free download but time limited software. Full version from $80)

Supported operating systems


Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New

What’s new in VideoStudio 2021?

Instant Project Templates
Save time and energy by re-creating popular video styles in minutes! Reproduce trending viral clips or easily edit eye-grabbing social media posts with new Instant Templates and add theme intros, turn portrait video into landscape, replicate marketing promo templates, and more. Unlock your creativity by combining ready-to-use templates and effects with your unique customizations and achieve incredible results!

AR Stickers
Add instant fun and flair to your next project with new AR Stickers to enhance emotions and introduce playful moments to your videos. These face tracking stickers are the perfect way to emphasize reactions and add personality to gaming videos, reaction videos, and tutorials!

More premium effects
Achieve remarkable creative transformations with optimized effects packs from NewBlueFX and more than 100 new VitaScene effects from proDAD. Make real-time corrections to shaky hand-held footage with the enhanced proDAD Mercalli video stabilization tool. Go beyond basic editing with this expanded collection of exclusive premium effects from industry leaders.

Enhanced video stabilization
Make real-time corrections to shaky hand-held footage more quickly and efficiently than ever with the enhanced proDAD Mercalli video stabilization tool. Turn wobbly handheld videos and bumpy action shots into usable footage with this quick fix!

Enhanced performance
Enjoy a faster, smoother editing process with major performance improvements across the product. VideoStudio Pro 2021 is optimized for the latest video hardware acceleration technologies from Intel, AMD, and nVidia, which dramatically improves previewing and speeds up rendering to popular file formats. Reliable performance, improved rendering, and our fastest interface responses to date make VideoStudio 2021 our best editor yet.

Improved tools & features
ENHANCED Split Screen editing
ENHANCED Customize Motion controls
NEW Auto Motion blur

Features fueling your video editing software
Get the exact results you want with VideoStudio’s wide selection of handy, innovative, tools and features. Enjoy a fun, feature-packed video editor that helps you create just about anything with ease!

Essential tools for video editing
Crop, Trim, Rotate, Resize
Easily crop, trim, and split video directly on the timeline. Rotate or change the aspect ratio with just a few clicks.
Correct Imperfections
Use Templates, Titles and Transitions
User Guide
Get creative with color

Color Correction
Correct or fine-tune the color in your projects with intuitive controls. Adjust hue, saturation, and white balance or apply instant auto-tune adjustments.

Color Enhancements
Boost colors, brighten scenes and play with unique color filters to introduce accent colors to add mood and fantasy—your projects to make them feel one-of-a-kind.

LUT Profiles
LUT (look up table) profiles make it easy to turn day into night, recreate the color schemes of iconic movies, and instantly apply advanced cinematic color effects to your projects.

Filters, effects, and other creative tools to make your videos impressive and inspiring
Filters and effects
Graphics & Overlays
NEW AR Stickers

Add an artistic touch to your project by tapping into more than 1500 creative drag-and-drop effects and  filters. Enrich your video with new textures, gradients, reflections, and so much more.

Instant slideshows and movies
NEW Instant Project Templates
Save time with newly added Instant Project Templates. Select a template, then drag and drop a video to replace the generic placeholder that auto-populates to the timeline, and you're ready for export.

Highlight Reel
Explore AI-powered facial recognition with Highlight Reel, a smart movie and slideshow creator that automatically selects your best shots and clips and bypasses those with imperfections.

Create slideshows and movies in minutes! Just select a template and add your media for a quick, easy slideshow.

Animation tools at your fingertips
Stop Motion Animation
Plug in your camera or use your webcam to create a stop motion animation! Leverage automatic capture settings and on-screen guides that make it easier to create smooth, natural-looking motion.
Custom Motion Paths
Painting Creator
Play with motion, add dynamics to your video
Fast and Slow-Motion Videos
Play with speed using Time Remapping to easily create a slow motion video, add high-speed effects, freeze the frame, or reverse and replay scenes.
Pan and Zoom
Motion Tracking
360° editor to show your uniqueness from all angles

360° Video editing
Go full circle with a complete suite of 360° degree video editing tools to trim, enhance, add titles or music, and edit your 360° video on the timeline.

Tiny Planet and Rabbit Hole effects
Give your audience a fun perspective and transform your 360° footage with Tiny Planet or Rabbit Hole effects (spherical panoramas) using easy controls.

Convert Formats
Convert single or dual fisheye footage to equirectangular or spherical panorama. Even control the viewing angle and convert to standard flat video for playback on TVs and standard video players.

Export 360° Videos
Export your 360° video to view on your VR headset, 360 player, or upload directly to YouTube to easily share with your audience!

Capture & edit video across multiple cameras
Screen Recording Software
Record your screen and webcam simultaneously and create engaging videos with MultiCam Capture Lite. Easily record video and audio in a single click and seamlessly edit them together with multi-camera editing.

Multi-camera editing
Easily combine, sync, and edit footage from multiple cameras*, then select the angle you want to show as your video plays. Add picture-in-picture effects to present your best perspectives simultaneously, and edit further on the timeline. Combine up to 4 angles with VideoStudio Pro (6 angles in Ultimate).

Record, edit & mix audio
Add sound effects and royalty-free music
Choose from hundreds of sound effects to emphasize key moments on-screen! It’s easy to import your own music, or choose a track from Scorefitter, our royalty-free music library, that automatically adjusts to fit the length of your project.
Master your sound
Fade and layer audio with Audio Ducking
Record voiceover
Captivate and grow your audience

Export to popular formats and devices

Share directly to YouTube or Vimeo

Burn to disc with more than 50 menu templates

View full changelog

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Guides and How to's

DV Video How To: Making DVD Home Videos

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Joining MPEGs to AVIs, AVIs to AVIs, etc. Using Frameserving

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The Ken Burns Effect with VS 7

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VideoStudio Pro video tutorials

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Acronyms / Also Known As

Corel Video Studio, Corel VideoStudio, Videostudio, VideoStudio Pro, Ulead VideoStudio

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58 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Bought this software 6months ago still could not edit a single video..Always crashing reinstalled 20 times.Tried all tricks and advices.No chance
My PC is powerful with a Amd Reyzen combined with nvidia .My old Powerdirector 15 has no issues.I have Ulead before and they were okay.

Review by Suresh on Aug 19, 2021 Version: VS Ultimate 2020 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 2/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

This software and the company's website look very pretty, and that may entice you to try it. Do not fall for this marketing seduction.

Both the Videostudio software and the add-on Multicam Capture software crash incessantly. Just for a little perspective, I am running Windows 10 Pro on a Core i7 8700 computer with 32GB RAM. There are more powerful computers on the planet, but this should be more than enough for this prosumer software - especially since they indicate a Core i3 with 4GB as the minimum. Secondly I have run other video editing software on my computer without problems; third, I have tried this software on three other computers and it crashes on those as well.

To make matters worse, the technical support consistently does not read what is sent to them. Just plain dense, I can't explain it any other way. Even When I request a refund... Here is a sample:

Chat started: 2020-12-07 11:16 PM UTC
(11:16:43 PM) LS Allen: Hello, please issue a refund for the following products:
- Corel VideoStudio Pro 2020
- Upgrade to Full-Featured MultiCam Capture

1. They both crash constantly
2. Neither MultiCam Capture Lite nor Full-Featured MultiCam Capture is capable of detecting two UVC webcams on the same USB bus
3. Technical support is unresponsive
4. These probems have existed for months with no resolution

Corel VideoStudio Pro 2020 Information:
Cleverbridge reference number: [XXXXXX]
Email Address: [XXXXXXX]
Purchaser Name: LS Allen
Serial Number: [XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX]

Full-Featured MultiCam Capture Information:
Order Number: [PW-XXXXXX]
Purchase Date: [xx/xx/xx, hhmm]
Email Address: [XXXXXXXX]
Purchaser Name: LS Allen

(11:16:45 PM) Corel Customer Support: This chat will be recorded for quality purposes. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy

(11:16:58 PM) *** Karthik joined the chat ***

[three and a half minutes later...]

(11:20:17 PM) Lee Allen: Hello??

[25 seconds later...]

(11:20:42 PM) Karthik: Welcome to Corel, My name is Karthik.
(11:21:08 PM) Lee Allen: Hello Karthik, my name is Lee Allen.
(11:21:36 PM) Karthik: May I know what software are you referring to?

... it went downhill from there...

In another case, they sent me a version of software with a higher (later) version number in response to a problem I reported. Then I noticed that the website still gives the earlier version to purchasers. THEN the later software did not fix the problem. THEN when I reported this (with a different support person), they sent the earlier version as a "fix". !!!

You would probably do much better just staying away from Corel Videostudio, and for Heaven's sake don't even think about Pinnacle Studio, which was acquired and is still marketed by Corel. Pinnacle, one of the oldest video-editing packages, has a long-standing reputation for flakiness and instability -- even more so than Videostudio. I am just trying to spare you from my painful experiences of the past six months.

Review by LS Allen on Jan 31, 2021 Version: 64 bit OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

Do not blame the Beta Testers for issues with the program, most of the problems you are experiencing, were found and reported to Corel during the Beta test program, we are not responsible if Corel ignore our reports, like all the other NLEs available, marketing deadlines takes precedence over ensuring bugs are fixed prior to release.

Review by RobertOZ on Dec 23, 2020 Version: Corel VS2020 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 7/10 Value for money: 7/10 Overall: 6/10

Junk of software. Abominable support. Do not buy Corel VS!
I have never seen another software product with such a good GUI design and such abominable implementation. Corel developers and testers do not perform their job properly. It looks like they do not have any idea about ABC of development process. Obviously, VS 2020 never has passed a comprehensive testing. The product in its current state is useless: it crashes and hangs up permanently. Simple operations (scaling, export, tab switching) cannot be performed. I had a long correspondence history with technical support. They could not resolve any of the problems during two months. They just kept sending me some old texts without any connection with current issues. All my requests for escalating to the development staff or to the management have been ignored.

Review by Alex Rudkevich on Dec 20, 2020 Version: OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 3/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

Coral Video Studio Ultimate 2020
Cannot render anything, crashes every time. Support poor, after many hours of trying suggested fixes still not working.
Re install software was their last fix. Still does not work
A total waste of time and money, Will not even discuss a refund.
Shame as I had been using x5 for a long time without any issues.

Review by Mjww on Oct 15, 2020 Version: VSpro Ultimate OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

58 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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