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YT-DLP is a fork of Youtube-DLC which in turn is a fork of Youtube-DL. Command line software.

Free software
OS: Win Linux
File size: 10MB
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Latest version

2021.10.10 (October 10, 2021)


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Download yt-dlp 2021.10.10 Windows 64-bit  12MB  Win64

Download yt-dlp 2021.10.10 Windows  10MB  Win

Download yt-dlp 2021.10.10 Linux  Linux

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Download yt-dlp old versions

Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows LinuxLinux

Version history / Release notes / Changelog

yt-dlp 2021.10.10

There was a couple of serious bugs in last release (#1215, #1211)
So here's a hotfix


[downloader/ffmpeg] Fix bug in initializing FFmpegPostProcessor
[minicurses] Fix when printing to file
[downloader] Fix throttledratelimit
[francetv] Fix extractor by fstirlitz, sarnoud
[NovaPlay] Add extractor by Bojidarist
[ffmpeg] Revert "Set max probesize" - No longer needed
[docs] Remove incorrect dependency on VC++10
[build] Allow to release without changelog

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All features

The major new features from the latest release of blackjack4494/yt-dlc are:

SponsorBlock Integration: You can mark/remove sponsor sections in youtube videos by utilizing the SponsorBlock API

Format Sorting: The default format sorting options have been changed so that higher resolution and better codecs will be now preferred instead of simply using larger bitrate. Furthermore, you can now specify the sort order using -S. This allows for much easier format selection than what is possible by simply using --format (examples)

Merged with youtube-dl commit/379f52a: (v2021.06.06) You get all the latest features and patches of youtube-dl in addition to all the features of youtube-dlc

Merged with animelover1984/youtube-dl: You get most of the features and improvements from animelover1984/youtube-dl including --write-comments, BiliBiliSearch, BilibiliChannel, Embedding thumbnail in mp4/ogg/opus, playlist infojson etc. Note that the NicoNico improvements are not available. See #31 for details.

Youtube improvements:

All Feeds (:ytfav, :ytwatchlater, :ytsubs, :ythistory, :ytrec) and private playlists supports downloading multiple pages of content
Search (ytsearch:, ytsearchdate:), search URLs and in-channel search works
Mixes supports downloading multiple pages of content
Most (but not all) age-gated content can be downloaded without cookies
Partial workaround for throttling issue
Redirect channel's home URL automatically to /video to preserve the old behaviour
255kbps audio is extracted (if available) from youtube music when premium cookies are given
Youtube music Albums, channels etc can be downloaded (except self-uploaded music)
Cookies from browser: Cookies can be automatically extracted from all major web browsers using --cookies-from-browser BROWSER[:PROFILE]

Split video by chapters: Videos can be split into multiple files based on chapters using --split-chapters

Multi-threaded fragment downloads: Download multiple fragments of m3u8/mpd videos in parallel. Use --concurrent-fragments (-N) option to set the number of threads used

Aria2c with HLS/DASH: You can use aria2c as the external downloader for DASH(mpd) and HLS(m3u8) formats

New extractors: AnimeLab, Philo MSO, Spectrum MSO, SlingTV MSO, Cablevision MSO, Rcs, Gedi,, mildom, audius, zee5,, wimtv,, niconico users,, mediathek, NFHSNetwork, nebula, ukcolumn, whowatch, MxplayerShow, parlview (au), YoutubeWebArchive, fancode, Saitosan, ShemarooMe, telemundo, VootSeries, SonyLIVSeries, HotstarSeries, VidioPremier, VidioLive, RCTIPlus, TBS Live, douyin, pornflip, ParamountPlusSeries, ScienceChannel, Utreon, OpenRec, BandcampMusic, blackboardcollaborate, eroprofile albums, mirrativ, BannedVideo, bilibili categories, Epicon, filmmodu, GabTV, HungamaAlbum, ManotoTV, Niconico search, Patreon User, peloton, ProjectVeritas, radiko, StarTV, tiktok user, Tokentube, voicy, TV2HuSeries, biliintl, 17live, NewgroundsUser, peertube channel/playlist, ZenYandex, CAM4, CGTN, damtomo, gotostage, Koo, Mediaite, Mediaklikk, MuseScore, nzherald, Olympics replay, radlive, SovietsCloset, Streamanity, Theta, Chingari

Fixed/improved extractors:,, skyit, instagram, itv, SouthparkDe, spreaker, Vlive, akamai, ina, rumble, tennistv, amcnetworks, la7 podcasts, linuxacadamy, nitter, twitcasting, viu, crackle, curiositystream, mediasite, rmcdecouverte, sonyliv, tubi, tenplay, patreon, videa, yahoo, BravoTV, crunchyroll playlist, RTP, viki, Hotstar, vidio, vimeo, mediaset, Mxplayer, nbcolympics, ParamountPlus, Newgrounds, SAML Verizon login, Hungama, afreecatv, aljazeera, ATV, bitchute, camtube, CDA, eroprofile, facebook, HearThisAtIE, iwara, kakao, Motherless, Nova, peertube, pornhub, reddit, tiktok, TV2, TV2Hu, tv5mondeplus, VH1, Viafree, XHamster, 9Now, AnimalPlanet, Arte, CBC, Chingari, comedycentral, DIYNetwork, niconico, dw, funimation, globo, HiDive, NDR, Nuvid, Oreilly, pbs, plutotv, reddit, redtube, soundcloud, SpankBang, VrtNU

Subtitle extraction from manifests: Subtitles can be extracted from streaming media manifests. See commit/be6202f for details

Multiple paths and output templates: You can give different output templates and download paths for different types of files. You can also set a temporary path where intermediary files are downloaded to using --paths (-P)

Portable Configuration: Configuration files are automatically loaded from the home and root directories. See configuration for details

Output template improvements: Output templates can now have date-time formatting, numeric offsets, object traversal etc. See output template for details. Even more advanced operations can also be done with the help of --parse-metadata and --replace-in-metadata

Other new options: --print, --sleep-requests, --convert-thumbnails, --write-link, --force-download-archive, --force-overwrites, --break-on-reject etc

Improvements: Regex and other operators in --match-filter, multiple --postprocessor-args and --downloader-args, faster archive checking, more format selection options etc

Plugin extractors: Extractors can be loaded from an external file. See plugins for details

Self-updater: The releases can be updated using yt-dlp -U

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youtube-dlp, youtubedlp

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3 reviews, Showing 1 to 3 reviews

I'm thankful for yt-dlp, it's a really useful tool, with the assistance of a gui or console app it's really easy to get just about any video from just about any site.

BTW, don't blame yt-dlp, yt-dl, or any other such utility when it quits working, every site that has videos wants you to watch them on their site - not download them, so they go out of their way to prohibit it, which in turn forces the devs to constantly tweak the code.

Thanks to all the devs for your hard work.

BTW, to the previous commenter - I think you have the previous release (10-09-2021), VideoHelp is behind as of my post - Github has 10-10-2021.

Review by MikeIsMe on Oct 13, 2021 Version: 10.10.2021 OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Rating by Romsryu on Jun 1, 2021 Version: 2021.06.01 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

I give the score of 8 for the concept of Youtube-DL as a whole. This version of the software is ridiculous. A differing version of a differing version of an original software. At least DLC made sense in that at the time it looked like DL was going to disappear due to Github being forced to remove it. Since then DL has made a big comeback and is constantly being updated. DLC has not been updated since Nov. 2020. The authors of DLP should simply become Contributors to DL. I have zero knowledge of the circumstances but it smells of someone (the authors of DLP) not getting their way (with the authors of DL) and they decided to take their ball and go home. I could be wrong about that but it's happened plenty of times in history. The world does not need 3 or more versions of Youtube-DL. The authors should swallow their pride and all contribute to DL.

Review by Gripweed on Mar 5, 2021 Version: 2021.03.03.2 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 8/10

3 reviews, Showing 1 to 3 reviews

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