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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for VideoStudio Pro

What’s new in VideoStudio 2021?

Instant Project Templates
Save time and energy by re-creating popular video styles in minutes! Reproduce trending viral clips or easily edit eye-grabbing social media posts with new Instant Templates and add theme intros, turn portrait video into landscape, replicate marketing promo templates, and more. Unlock your creativity by combining ready-to-use templates and effects with your unique customizations and achieve incredible results!

AR Stickers
Add instant fun and flair to your next project with new AR Stickers to enhance emotions and introduce playful moments to your videos. These face tracking stickers are the perfect way to emphasize reactions and add personality to gaming videos, reaction videos, and tutorials!

More premium effects
Achieve remarkable creative transformations with optimized effects packs from NewBlueFX and more than 100 new VitaScene effects from proDAD. Make real-time corrections to shaky hand-held footage with the enhanced proDAD Mercalli video stabilization tool. Go beyond basic editing with this expanded collection of exclusive premium effects from industry leaders.

Enhanced video stabilization
Make real-time corrections to shaky hand-held footage more quickly and efficiently than ever with the enhanced proDAD Mercalli video stabilization tool. Turn wobbly handheld videos and bumpy action shots into usable footage with this quick fix!

Enhanced performance
Enjoy a faster, smoother editing process with major performance improvements across the product. VideoStudio Pro 2021 is optimized for the latest video hardware acceleration technologies from Intel, AMD, and nVidia, which dramatically improves previewing and speeds up rendering to popular file formats. Reliable performance, improved rendering, and our fastest interface responses to date make VideoStudio 2021 our best editor yet.

Improved tools & features
ENHANCED Split Screen editing
ENHANCED Customize Motion controls
NEW Auto Motion blur

Features fueling your video editing software
Get the exact results you want with VideoStudio’s wide selection of handy, innovative, tools and features. Enjoy a fun, feature-packed video editor that helps you create just about anything with ease!

Essential tools for video editing
Crop, Trim, Rotate, Resize
Easily crop, trim, and split video directly on the timeline. Rotate or change the aspect ratio with just a few clicks.
Correct Imperfections
Use Templates, Titles and Transitions
User Guide
Get creative with color

Color Correction
Correct or fine-tune the color in your projects with intuitive controls. Adjust hue, saturation, and white balance or apply instant auto-tune adjustments.

Color Enhancements
Boost colors, brighten scenes and play with unique color filters to introduce accent colors to add mood and fantasy—your projects to make them feel one-of-a-kind.

LUT Profiles
LUT (look up table) profiles make it easy to turn day into night, recreate the color schemes of iconic movies, and instantly apply advanced cinematic color effects to your projects.

Filters, effects, and other creative tools to make your videos impressive and inspiring
Filters and effects

Graphics & Overlays

NEW AR Stickers

Add an artistic touch to your project by tapping into more than 1500 creative drag-and-drop effects and  filters. Enrich your video with new textures, gradients, reflections, and so much more.

Instant slideshows and movies
NEW Instant Project Templates
Save time with newly added Instant Project Templates. Select a template, then drag and drop a video to replace the generic placeholder that auto-populates to the timeline, and you're ready for export.

Highlight Reel
Explore AI-powered facial recognition with Highlight Reel, a smart movie and slideshow creator that automatically selects your best shots and clips and bypasses those with imperfections.

Create slideshows and movies in minutes! Just select a template and add your media for a quick, easy slideshow.

Animation tools at your fingertips
Stop Motion Animation
Plug in your camera or use your webcam to create a stop motion animation! Leverage automatic capture settings and on-screen guides that make it easier to create smooth, natural-looking motion.
Custom Motion Paths
Painting Creator
Play with motion, add dynamics to your video
Fast and Slow-Motion Videos
Play with speed using Time Remapping to easily create a slow motion video, add high-speed effects, freeze the frame, or reverse and replay scenes.
Pan and Zoom
Motion Tracking
360° editor to show your uniqueness from all angles

360° Video editing
Go full circle with a complete suite of 360° degree video editing tools to trim, enhance, add titles or music, and edit your 360° video on the timeline.

Tiny Planet and Rabbit Hole effects
Give your audience a fun perspective and transform your 360° footage with Tiny Planet or Rabbit Hole effects (spherical panoramas) using easy controls.

Convert Formats
Convert single or dual fisheye footage to equirectangular or spherical panorama. Even control the viewing angle and convert to standard flat video for playback on TVs and standard video players.

Export 360° Videos
Export your 360° video to view on your VR headset, 360 player, or upload directly to YouTube to easily share with your audience!

Capture & edit video across multiple cameras
Screen Recording Software
Record your screen and webcam simultaneously and create engaging videos with MultiCam Capture Lite. Easily record video and audio in a single click and seamlessly edit them together with multi-camera editing.

Multi-camera editing
Easily combine, sync, and edit footage from multiple cameras*, then select the angle you want to show as your video plays. Add picture-in-picture effects to present your best perspectives simultaneously, and edit further on the timeline. Combine up to 4 angles with VideoStudio Pro (6 angles in Ultimate).

Record, edit & mix audio
Add sound effects and royalty-free music
Choose from hundreds of sound effects to emphasize key moments on-screen! It’s easy to import your own music, or choose a track from Scorefitter, our royalty-free music library, that automatically adjusts to fit the length of your project.
Master your sound
Fade and layer audio with Audio Ducking
Record voiceover
Captivate and grow your audience

Export to popular formats and devices

Share directly to YouTube or Vimeo

Burn to disc with more than 50 menu templates

VideoStudio Pro 2020

VideoStudio 2020 adds new tools and content, plus editing shortcuts and enhancements that streamline your workflow, bringing you a smarter, more creative editing experience.

New titles and creative content
Streamlined editing tools and shortcuts
New smart slideshow and video tools
Optimized 4k display
Enhanced video masking, more blending modes and new premium effects—exclusive to Ultimate!

Highlight Reel
Create quick videos and show off the highlights of your latest adventure with VideoStudio’s new smart movie creator—Highlight Reel. Simply import your photos/videos, and Highlight Reel will analyze and extract the best parts of each and create a video for you, following the beat of the music.

Painting Creator
Painting Creator
Create unique custom animated overlays with a wide selection of brushes from Corel Painter® and PaintShop® Pro and empower your inner artist with the enhanced Painting Creator. This tool records your brush strokes as you work, enabling you to add your completed piece to your video as a static graphic, or as a live painting!

User Interface
User Interface
VideoStudio 2020 empowers you to work smarter with new shortcuts and library enhancements that streamline your editing workflow. Quickly access the redesigned editor panel to customize the effects, make color corrections, or add motions to your clip, directly from the timeline. Explore new creative possibilities by applying up to 10 filters on a single clip!

New creative content
Animated Overlays
Sound Effects
LUT Profiles
New innovative tools & features
New 4K Display
With added compatibility for Ultra HD (4K) displays, you’ll enjoy editing in an interface that is just as crisp as your video projects.

ULTIMATE ONLYNew Color Grading Color Wheel
Quickly shift the color scheme of your entire video—all at once or individually— across highlights and shadows.

ULTIMATE ONLYMore Overlay Blending Options
Explore new blending options to combine layered tracks more creatively than ever before.

Updated Export Settings
Your project now automatically selects default export parameters to match the project properties of your timeline.

New Trim/Edit Tools
Work smarter directly in the timeline with new roll, stretch, and slide tools to intuitively adjust the content in your clips and the duration.

ULTIMATE ONLYNew Premium Effects
Enjoy new textures, gradients, and improved quality from Boris FX, and new title templates from NewBlueFX.

ULTIMATE ONLYImproved Video Masking
Enjoy new shape options for more creative possibilities, and create higher quality masks with improved rendering.

Improved Title Rendering Quality
Improved performance enables your titles to render with higher quality, improving clarity around edges and reducing pixelation.

Optimized for Intel and nVidia
Improved efficiency and performance dramatically speeds up rendering to popular file formats.

VideoStudio Pro 2019

NEW Color correction controls
NEW Morph and Seamless transitions
NEW Video and screen recorder
NEW Tiny planet and rabbit hole effects
ENHANCED Title editor and custom motions

VideoStudio X10.5 Update

Update X10.5 is now available for Corel VideoStudio X10 Pro and Ultimate. This update includes:
New native support for videos captured in portrait
orientation—vertical videos can be edited without converting to landscape orientation.
New 360-degree video format and conversion support: Single fisheye, dual fisheye, and monoscopic equirectangular. Right-click your 360 video in the Timeline, choose 360 Video, and choose a format from the menu. Output 360 videos for YouTube or other 360 players.
New 360-degree video editing: Add and edit 360-degree titles and objects in your 360 video projects. Right-click a title or object in the Timeline, choose 360 Video > Insert as 360, and use keyframes to edit in the 360 Editing window.
New Stop Motion Grid options that serve as a reference for object movement.
Enhanced video trimming and frame selection in Time Remapping.
Enhanced MXF support extends compatibility to MPEG-2.
Released: 2017-08-22

Service Pack 1 is now available for VideoStudio X10 Pro and Ultimate. This important update includes fixes for a number of reported issues.

Triple Scoop Music or Muserk sound effects: Resolved a loading delay in the Library (app remained unresponsive for an extended period of time)
Mask Creator: Resolved a crash that occured when applying a mask to a photo
Mercalli effect: Removed "X" watermark from preview
Resolved issues that prevented users from restoring all purchases, including the Blu-ray plugin
Released: 2017-04-04

VideoStudio Pro X10
Video Editing Software

NEW Layer effects for unique results
NEW Play with speed and reverse clips
NEW 360° video controls
ENHANCED support for the latest formats & technologies

Corel VideoStudio X9 Service Pack 4

Service Pack 4 is now available for VideoStudio X9 Pro and Ultimate and we highly recommend you install it.
This service pack resolves a critical issue affecting the product start in some circumstances. It also addresses a YouTube upload error and the XAVC S audio rendering issue.
Note: VideoStudio X9.5 must be installed before you install Service Pack 4.
Released: 2017-01-24

VideoStudio Pro X9.5

NEW 4 angle Multi-Camera Video Editor
ENHANCED Audio balancing and controls
NEW Multi-Point Motion Tracking
NEW HEVC (H.265) support
NEW Optimized for 6th Generation Intel chips

Corel VideoStudio X9 Service Pack 3

Service Pack 3 is now available for VideoStudio X9 Pro and Ultimate.
This service pack improves the overall stability of the application and resolves a multi-select issue in the Library.
Released: 2016-06-08

Service Pack 2 is now available for VideoStudio X9 Pro and Ultimate.

This service pack includes enhancements to stability, addressing crash problems related to Intel HD Graphics and disc menu customizations.

Service Pack 1 is now available for VideoStudio X9 Pro and Ultimate.

This service pack includes enhancements to the Multi-Camera Editor, enables users to multi-select by dragging in the Library, addresses localization issues, and improves the overall performance and stability of the application.
Released: 2016-02-16

VideoStudio Pro X9

NEW 4 angle Multi-Camera Editor
ENHANCED Audio balancing and controls
NEW Multi-Point Motion Tracking
NEW HEVC (H.265) support
NEW Optimized for 6th Generation Intel chips

VideoStudio Pro X8.5

NEW Balance dialog & background sound automatically with Audio Ducking
NEW Effects and features for breakthrough creativity
NEW Easy authoring with VideoStudio MyDVD
NEW Includes FREE training from
Enhanced performance and XAVC S support
NEW NewBlue TitlerEX*

Corel VideoStudio Pro X8

Clearer Audio
Balance dialog, narration with background sound for pro-quality audio. With Audio Ducking, VideoStudio Pro X8 detects audio or narration and automatically lowers the volume of background sound. Adjust the Ducking Level and Sensitivity if you wish for even more control.
Faster multi-track rendering
Work with XAVC S, a new standard for video cameras based on MP4-AVC/H.264, and get support for resolutions up to 4K 3840 x 2160.
More creative options
More creative options
Enjoy a variety of effects options by adjusting how overlay objects blend with the background. With new Add, Multiple and Grey Key options, you can create unique semi-transparent and color blend results. Use a video mask to hide or reveal different parts of your video for interesting special effects or title sequences.
Freeze frame
Freeze frame
Whether it’s a beautiful smile, your child scoring a goal or stunning scenery, sometimes you want to add extra impact by temporarily stopping the action to focus on a single frame. The new Freeze Frame feature makes it easy to select the frame and set the duration to get the effect you want.
Convert titles to Alpha channel files
Convert titles to Alpha channel files
Create stylish, professional-looking titles by converting them to alpha channel images or animations.
NewBlue FX Video Essentials II
NewBlue FX Video Essentials II
Create incredible special effects with bonus tools from industry leader, NewBlue. Video Essentials II offers over 100 presets in 10 plugins to create vignettes, enhance and adjust color, and much more.
Smart features make projects easier
Smart features make projects easier
Easily keep track of the clips you’ve used in your video. Thumbnails in the Library show a check mark when the clip has been used to help you avoid reusing the same footage. Re-use your existing video projects thanks to Multiple Projects Editing. Easily save and re-use your customized Filters or Transitions in future projects.
No movie is complete without a soundtrack. Add music with the included Scorefitter library of royalty-free sounds and songs—they even automatically adjust to fit the length of your movies.
Triple Scoop Music
Triple Scoop Music
Capture the mood of your movie with the perfect soundtrack. Get 17 royalty-free music tracks from Triple Scoop Music.
Storyboard/timeline editing
Motion tracking settings
More mosaic types and better size control let you perfectly blur a face or car plate in your clip. Easy motion tracking also lets you target and track moving objects on screen and connect them to elements such as text and graphics.
Screen Capture
Screen Capture
Recording directly from your screen is a great way to add custom content to presentations, demos or training videos. With enhanced Screen Capture, you can easily capture both system audio and microphone sound. Snap View Capture works in Windows 8 to let you record Windows apps in action.
Media Library management
Media Library management
Easily bring your existing organized media folders into the intuitive Media Library. Plus, the enhanced list view in the library helps you edit faster with easy access to more information, including resolution, frame rate and start/end times.
Powerful titles and overlays
4K hardware acceleration
4K hardware acceleration is optimized for upcoming Intel 5th Generation processors, delivering over over 400% faster performance than VideoStudio Pro X7. Overall playback performance in full HD is also enhanced and more tracks can be played in real time.
More formats supported
More formats supported
Enjoy more compatibility with import support for MKV files, which act as multimedia containers that can hold video, audio and subtitles in a file. New support for MOV (H.264 format) has been added to VideoStudio’s variety of export options, which include AVI, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, WebM, Windows Media Format, HTML5 and more.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 Service Pack 1

Program crash while importing some specific MPEG-4 files
Problem crash while modifying the output file path in FastFlick in Traditional Chinese version
Program crash while importing GPS Photos
Program crash while enabling smart proxy in a project with cusotm motion settings
Fail to change menu template with 4K projects
Preview error while playing some specific MOV files
Program crash while importing some specific WTV files

Corel VideoStudio Pro X7

Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 Service Pack 1

YouTube and Facebook – fixed upload issues
MPEG-4 files – improved compatibility and quality
MPEG-2 file output– fixed stability issue that occurred when rendering DVD videos with subtitles
Toshiba Camileo A35 AVI files – resolved playback distortion issue
Audio – fixed audio fade issue (audio missing during transitions)
Intel Quick Sync Video – improved encoding quality
Motion Tracking – improved the Mosaic effect
DSLR support – added new camera support and enhanced existing support
Rendering issue resolved -- output file disappeared at the end of the rendering process

VideoStudio Pro X6

What's New

NEW! Motion Tracking
Target and track moving objects on screen and connect them to elements such as text and graphics. Attach a thought bubble to someone walking down the street or place security mosaics over moving license plates and faces.

NEW! Customizable Motion
Customize the movement of graphics, titles, objects and video clips. It's the perfect way to create dynamic videos featuring picture-in-picture and other pro-quality effects. Plus, save your customizable motion to a Path library for quick and easy reuse.

NEW! DSLR Stop Motion
Now you can create full-HD stop motion videos using your DSLR camera. Bring the processing power and unique lense capabilities of your DSLR to life and create stop motion films your audience won't soon forget.

NEW! DSLR Enlarged Mode
Mimic your DSLR camera's controls on your PC or Windows tablet. Just set up and shoot the frames you want—all without jostling your camera!

NEW! Ultra High-Definition (4K) video support
Go beyond high definition with support for new Ultra HD (4K) video. Work with high-res photos and take maximum advantage of your DSLR camera's capabilities, or import and edit videos with resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 to create movies in stunning Ultra HD.

NEW! AVCHD 2.0 support
Take your videos further with AVCHD, one of the leading formats for high-definition video. Work with AVCHD 2.0, AVCHD 3D, AVCHD Progressive and AVCHD 3D/Progressive formats. Additional AVCHD features let you add menu navigation, subtitles and more. Plus, save AVCHD content to an SD card for instant viewing on SD-compatible devices.

ENHANCED! Variable Speed
Evoke drama in a video using slow motion, or speed things up for unique time-lapse effects. With enhanced Variable Speed controls, it's faster than ever to alter the speed in any part of your video without having to work with multiple video clips.

ENHANCED! Screen capture
Record whatever you're doing on screen and then edit, save and share it as a video. It's the fast and easy way to create how-to and tech support videos, as well as in-depth presentations. Choose from multiple frame rates to get the look you want. Plus, guide your audience more effectively with new animated mouse clicks.

NEW! Subtitle Editor
Add text to accompany the audio in your videos or to interpret another language on screen. The new Subtitle Editor saves time and effort by using new voice detection technology to instantly match subtitles to the dialogue in your video.

NEW! Track Swapping
Organize and work with tracks more effectively. With a few simple clicks you can swap overlay tracks without losing any information. All of a track's associated effects, contents and attributes will instantly be copied over.

NEW! Customizable random transition effects
Experiment and add a unique look to your videos and photo slideshows with your favorite transition effects. Select only the transition effects you want and add them to the Random Effects category.

NEW! QuickTime Alpha channels
Import animated sequences with transparent backgrounds using new built-in support for QuickTime movies containing alpha channels. Now you can make animations and video effects in popular 2D and 3D animation packages and then use them directly in VideoStudio Pro X6.

VideoStudio Pro X5 - Service Pack 1

New resolution support for stop motion capture
Fix for memory leak error while converting Blu-ray files
Improved compatibility with multiple video file formats, including Mpeg2, Mpeg4, Mov and H.264
Fix for audio relink error
Fix for file extension error for HTML5 projects
Fix for the repaint error in library
Improved the capability to add more Time Lapse images
Fix for capture error occurring in some webcams and cameras

VideoStudio® Pro X5

What's New

NEW! Screen recording
Create screen recordings for less than one-third of the cost of the leading screen recording software. Record slideshows, tutorials, product demonstrations, gameplay, how-to videos and more directly from your screen in one easy-capture interface.

NEW! HTML5 support
Create interactive video with onscreen graphics, integrated hyperlinks and titles directly in VideoStudio® Pro X5 thanks to built-in HTML5 support and HTML5 Instant Projects.

Enhanced! Faster performance
Harness the full power of your PC with GPU and multi-core acceleration. VideoStudio® Pro X5 runs more processes simultaneously for faster rendering than ever.

NEW! Import multi-layer graphics
Support for Corel® PaintShop™ Pro layers means you can now import individual layers of a multi-layer image file on to individual tracks, so you can layer clips to create effects that wow your audience.

NEW! Template library
Drag a template directly from the library to the Timeline to jumpstart your production. Make your own templates, download them from the Corel Guide or from the free community (English only).

Enhanced! Workspace scalability
Now you can scale VideoStudio® Pro X5 on the main screen. Undock, drag and place your interface any way you want.

Enhanced! DVD authoring
Dramatic improvements in DVD and Blu-ray™ authoring in VideoStudio Pro X5 mean you can edit and create DVD subtitles to show or hide, burn from an ISO disc image and more.

Enhanced! Download and trade templates, plus get free tutorials
Sign in to the enhanced Corel Guide to download movie templates, free tutorial content, graphics and much more. Plus, offers a blog and free template trading, along with affordable premium templates and effects.

Enhanced! Support for more cameras
VideoStudio® Pro X5 works with your footage from a huge variety of cameras, from camcorders to mobile phones, to iPod® and iPad®, and advanced HD cameras. This version includes 3D camcorder support, along with support for Canon DSLRs that shoot stop motion. VideoStudio® Pro X5 also supports the frame rates found in newer HD camcorders, so you can edit in 50 or 60fps mode, which is ideal for higher quality and slow motion effects in sports footage.

NEW! 21 multimedia tracks
Make content-rich videos with 21 tracks for media, graphics and titles. Plus, use new Track Visibility controls to hide or show tracks when editing or outputting, which is especially useful for adding subtitles in multiple languages.

VideoStudio® Pro X4 Service Pack 2

VideoStudio Pro X4 Service Pack 2 is now available. This free update delivers a variety of new performance updates, feature enhancements and bug fixes, including:

Improved quality of transitions in project output
Improved compatibility with multiple video file formats, including Mpeg2, Mpeg4, AVI and H.264
Fix for crashes occurring when importing certain files with Chinese Traditional file names
Fix for incorrect placement and numbering of disc menu thumbnails
Chapter menu changes can now be saved
Fix for crashes occurring while previewing Corel MotionStudio 3D files (.C3D) in the filter customization page
Improved stability when enabling/disabling hardware acceleration
Improved stability when enabling Smart Proxy and hardware acceleration
Improved stability when importing AVCHD folders

VideoStudio Pro X4 SP 1

Service Pack 1 Fixes and Enhancements

Increases H.264 file conversion quality
Enhances support for Digital 8 and Hi8 cameras
Resolves intermittent issues with disc playback on PlayStation® 3
Improves MPEG-4 quality
Fixes intermittent crackling over m4a-format audio
Resolves burning error when there is no background audio and motion menu in place
Corrects regional settings in some German and French areas
Updates burn module to allow users to set burning speed
Resolves launch failure related to presence of a large number of fonts

VideoStudio Pro X4
What's New

Power, speed and creativity in video editing is what VideoStudio Pro X4 is all about. Combining outstanding performance with amazing new creative options, in a workspace that's even easier to use, VideoStudio Pro X4 is your number one choice when you want to make great-looking movies fast.

Here are some of the most exciting new features in this release:
New! Stop Motion Animation

Create your own animated movie featuring people, toys, clay figures or any object. The VideoStudio® Pro X4 Stop Motion module is the ideal video and animation play-place for kids and adults alike!

New! Time-Lapse photography

With the VideoStudio® Pro X4 Time-Lapse feature, you can make the sun set in seconds or show a day in the life of your neighborhood in just minutes. Start with a video clip and speed it up or remove frames. Or use a series of photos taken at regular intervals and play them in sequence as a movie. A cool effect, made easy.

New! Flexible workspace

Make more room to work and get better control over your tools—just drag to resize and position panels where you want them, even across two monitors.

Flexible workspace
Enhanced! Integrated HD authoring and burning

Easily author HD movies to DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ with the new integrated burning tools.

Enhanced! Enhanced Library and Timeline

Quickly organize and find your content—including video and audio clips, photos, filters, graphics and transitions—with the streamlined Navigation panel. Then use the enhanced Timeline to place titles on any track, put transitions at the beginning and end of clips on overlay tracks, and apply settings and filters to multiple clips and batches of images.

Enhanced! Instant Projects

Create, import and export movie templates! Make a template of cool title sequences, effects or complete movies, then reuse or share with others.

Enhanced! Speed and Performance

Why wait for results? VideoStudio® Pro X4 is optimized for the new 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors to let you edit and render faster. Plus, check the enhanced Corel Guide regularly for new content and product enhancements—VideoStudio Pro X4 is going keep getting faster!

New! Advanced upscaling

VideoStudio® Pro X4 lets you make regular video outstanding. Enhance the quality of standard definition video and upscale it to fit your HD display with new high-performance upscaling technology. You can also take advantage of cutting-edge GPU acceleration technology to take standard definition video to near-HD quality in the blink of an eye.
New! 3D movies—glasses included!

Save your 2D movies in 3D or upload them to YouTube™ 3D, then watch them with your free 3D glasses! (Glasses in box version only)

3D movies
New! Take it with you

Use Smart Package, now with integrated WinZip® technology, to combine all the video, photos and audio related to a project in one package, making it easy to move your project to another PC.

Enhanced! Corel Guide

Watch bonus training videos, download new movie content, product updates and much more through the enhanced Corel Guide.

VideoStudio Pro X3 Service Pack 2

Service Pack 2 includes the following fixes and enhancements to improve the performance of VideoStudio Pro X3:

* Better stability when working with NewBlue® effects and filters
* Better stability and performance when working with AVCHD™, QuickTime® MOV and MP4 files
* Available YouTube™ upload time extended to 15 minutes
* Improved compatibility for newer Adobe® Flash® players
* New iPad™ HD profile added
* New support for OpenType® fonts

VideoStudio Pro X3

What's New

Create, edit, render and share faster than ever with VideoStudio Pro X3—the best video-editing software for making HD movies. Now two times faster, it simplifies your entire workflow so you can focus on the creative aspects of movie making, without your software getting in the way.
Dramatically enhanced speed and performance

* New! Hardware acceleration for Intel® Core™i7, NVIDIA® CUDA™ and AMD
* New! Launcher – quick access to express or advanced editing modes
* New! Express Edit mode – make movies in minutes!
* Enhanced! Smart Proxy for faster previewing and more responsive HD editing
* Enhanced! All-new interface for a faster video-editing workflow

Studio-quality effects and templates

* New! Professionally designed templates from RevoStock®—worth over $500 US!
* New! Real-time effects, including NewBlue®FX filters with key framing
* New! Effects for compositing and video animation, including RotoSketch and AutoSketch
* New! Multi-track filters that let you add effects to each of your tracks
* New! GPU-accelerated high-speed filters with real-time preview
* New! Customizable, royalty-free audio tracks from SmartSound®
* Enhanced! Title effects for easy compositing

HD enhancements

* New! Blu-ray authoring with Hollywood-style menus, titles, transitions and effects
* New! HD authoring to standard DVD media
* New! Web-ready files – save HD MPEG-4 files for the Web with H.264 compression

More sharing options

* New! Upload directly to Vimeo®, Facebook®, YouTube™ and Flickr® in standard or HD
* Enhanced! DVD authoring – output to CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc™
* Enhanced! Save to more file formats, including AVI, FLV, MP3 encode, AC3 5.1, AVCHD™, HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
* Enhanced! Send to more devices, including iPod®, iPhone® and PSP®

VideoStudio Pro X2

What's New
Easier & more intuitive editing

* Create video/audio cross-fades by simply dragging clips over each other
* Resize interface windows to suit your needs
* Apply effects more easily and accurately with larger dialog boxes and controls.
* Trim clips quickly directly in the library

Top video-editing software – VideoStudio Pro X2
More creative options

* Draw, paint or write freehand on video with the unique new Painting Creator. For example, trace a family vacation on the map
* Add transitions to overlay tracks for sophisticated picture-in-picture effects
* Apply auto pan & zoom to photos individually or in groups
* Add background shapes to titles to make them stand out more
* Recreate the appealing look of true cinema and old film with NewBlue Film Effects

More content

* Jumpstart your creativity with new templates for movies and DVD menus
* Movie Wizard and disc menu templates have been added in standard and high-definition formats
* Make your movies pop with new overlay objects, frames and Flash animations

Top video-editing software – VideoStudio Pro X2
More sharing

* Uploading to YouTube ™ is easier, faster and more powerful. Sign in to your YouTube account directly and encode your movies in FLV for the best quality
* Create high-definition AVCHD ™ discs using standard DVDs and burners
* Take your videos to new places with support for Apple ® iPhone®

Top video-editing software – VideoStudio Pro X2
Next-generation HD

* Capture and import from AVCHD, Blu-ray Disc® and JVC® HD camcorders
* Edit HD video quickly and smoothly with enhanced Smart Proxy editing
* Render faster with improved MPEG encoding performance
* Enjoy enhanced performance with support for Intel® quad-core technology

Ulead VideoStudio 11/11Plus Hot Fix 01 (Release Date: 2007/12/5)
Issues resolved

*Installation failed. In some cases, during installation of VideoStudio 11/11Plus the error message "A fatal error has occured during installation" after the message "AVControl SDK will be installed" appears.

Ulead VideoStudio 11 Plus Power Pack (Release Date: 2007/11/8)

* Blu-ray Disc™ (BDMV) Authoring
Edit your HD videos and author Blu-ray Discs complete with motion menus
* Create AVCHD discs
Author HD content on standard DVD discs in the AVCHD format. Play your discs on Blu-ray Disc set top players and Sony® PlayStation® 3.
* Upload directly to YouTube™
Encode and upload videos directly to YouTube™ from within the VideoStudio 11 program.
* M2TS File Import
Use the “Insert Video” function to import m2ts files directly from your AVCHD disc, hard drive, or memory card camcorder.
* H.264 High Profile (HD) Encoding
Create HD videos using the H.264 video format. Enjoy optimized encoding for multi-core processors, such as the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Quad.
* Native .TOD format (JVC HD Camcorder) Import and Editing
Import and edit TOD video files in its native form.
* HD DVD on standard DVD
Create HD DVD productions with motion menus and burn onto standard DVDs using an improved workflow.
* New Menus, Templates and Overlay Graphics
* VideoStudio 11 offers a fresh set of menus, templates and graphics, with over 50 additional items to choose from.

Ulead VideoStudio 11 Update Pack (Release Date: 2007/11/6)

Issues resolved:

* Playing H.264/mp4 file in a project sometimes caused a malfunction.
* After deleting a clip from a project, selecting “Create Disc” would sometimes cause a malfunction .
* Inserting a video with a long file name will cause the program to close.
* Sometimes when attempting to render a large AVI file to NTSC 720x480 with Dolby Digital 2.0 audio will result in a malfunction.
* After capturing from Sony HC-7, switching to "Edit" step will sometimes cause a malfunction.
* Sometimes writing back to the Sony HC-7 will fail.
* Sometimes importing folders from the AVCHD SR-7 camcorder will cause a malfunction.
* Sometimes in the “Create video file” step, when image pan & zoom is applied, a message “Failed to encode the video” will appear.
* Sometimes when creating an HD DVD clip in PAL or NTSC, a message “Failed to encode the video” will appear.
* When Overlay Options are applied, sometimes the “Split audio” button will not function.
* During video capture, scene names will be incorrect for scenes over 100 in number.
* Sometimes a “Capture failed” message will appear 10 sec after video capture starts.
* When Overlay Options are applied, sometimes the “Split audio” button will not function.
* Input Japanese text would sometimes cause issues.
* Input Italian text would sometimes cause issues.
* Sometimes when generating proxy files, trimming and then burning to a disc will result in poor quality.
* Sometimes SmartRendering will not work if the same file is created twice.
* After converting .Mov format to H.264, the clip will exhibit flicker on playback.
* In the Disc label box doesn’t accept Chinese characters.
* When importing clips from the Sony DCR-505, the date will automatically be added.

Ulead VideoStudio 11

What's New

Plus End-to-end HD DVD

* Burn HD DVD authored projects or folders to HD DVD-R or DVD discs.
* AVCHD Camcorder Support - Import high definition video from hard drive and disc-based AVCHD camcorders.
* Real-time HD Editing without proxies on high-spec systems.

Plus Enhanced Movie Wizard Templates

* Automatically create exciting movie-style openings using your video clips in multiple animated frames, which you can personalize later.
* Capture, edit and output full-resolution HD movies and discs.

New Auto Features

* Auto Subtitles in DV-to-DVD Wizard
Automatically add DV date and timestamp as you capture your videos, to instantly identify when it was shot.
* Smart Project Package
Free up disc space by exporting your trimmed and edited project to a new folder, for efficient archiving of only the clips that you have used in your final movie.

More Flexible User Interface

* Preview Window for overlays shows original overlay image, making it easier to adjust chroma key settings.
* PlusExpandable Timeline
Expand the timeline at a click of a button, so that you can conveniently see all your overlay tracks.
* Place cue marks on the timeline to easily mark where you want a title to start, or perhaps some music to come in.
* "My Favorites" folder in Transitions Folder makes it easier to find the most-used transitions quickly.

New Encoding Options

* MPEG Optimizer analyzes the bitrates of all clips on the timeline, and suggests encoding settings to ensure the least re-rendering for the best quality and speed.
* Safely Pause rendering at any time when you need to do something that requires more PC resources.

Expanded Title and Subtitle Support

* Multi-language titles such as double-byte Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters supported.
* Unicode character set supported to simplify multi-language titles.
* Rotate titles directly in the preview window to any angle you like.
* DVD Sub-Title Import lets you Import a subtitle set in the language of your choice together with the video from a DVD.
* Sync subtitles to downloaded movies, which often have subtitle files available in .srt format that will automatically synch to the video when burning a DVD.

More Filters and Effects

* Corrective Video Filters
o Auto Color & Tone will auto-correct the color and tone of videos that were recorded in low light or less than perfect white balance conditions.
o DeBlock Filter cleans up video with blocky compression artifacts, such as movies copied from VCD.
o DeSnow Filter removes digital noise from your videos shot in low light.
* Combine transparency and mask or chroma key effects for more striking overlays.

Enhanced DVD Menus and Authoring

* Lots More Content.Flash Animations, Movie Wizard Video & Slideshow Style Templates, and HD DVD* menus.
* Distort menu objects like buttons and overlays for creative effects.

The Most Complete Solution

* Create Quality Movies for Mobile Devices and show them on the go.Works with virtually any handheld device with MPEG-4*, H.264* and WMV templates for:
o Apple iPod*
o Sony PSP™*
o Zune™
o Nokia® mobile phones* – including import from videophones
o Smartphones (Windows Mobile 5.0), PDAs and other portable devices.
* Windows Vista™ Support for the latest-generation systems.
* Intel® Core 2 Duo™ support – enjoy improved performance from dual-core CPUs.

Bonus Software

Plus InterVideo® WinDVD® 8 Silver is a great software DVD player that plays back any video and audio files, including AVCHD.

Ulead VideoStudio 10 Vista Pack (Release Date: 2006/12/22)

* This patch is 42 MB in size and should take about 15 minutes to download.
* The patch will not work on PCs that do not have Windows Vista installed.
* You will be required to sign in (register) before downloading the patch.
* After signing in and downloading the update, you will receive a message and a 10% discount coupon, courtesy of Ulead!

Ulead VideoStudio 10 Plus Canon HV10 Support Pack(Release Date: 2006/11/07)


* Capture video from and write back to the Canon HV10 HDV camcorder.

Ulead VideoStudio 10 Service Pack 1 (Release Date: 2006/09/18 )


* Write back to HDV camcorders
VideoStudio 10 Plus now allows you to write HDV content back to Sony® HDR-HC1 and HC3 HDV camcorders.
* Support for Sony® DCR-SR100
Both VideoStudio 10 and VideoStudio 10 Plus are now compatible with the Sony® DCR-SR100 hard drive camcorder.VideoStudio 10 supports capture from the camcorder via the “Import from Mobile Device” feature found in the VideoStudio Editor Capture step and the VideoStudio Movie Wizard.
* Optimization for Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU
VideoStudio 10 Plus is now optimized for Intel® Core™ Duo 2 and Core™ 2 Extreme processors.With the new processors, you can experience up to 50% faster video transcoding and rendering of video projects.

Bugs fixed

* Incorrect file extension display in the Open Subtitle File dialog box.Importing subtitles from SRT format files failed to import all subtitle frames.
* The Open Subtitle File dialog box did not display *.SRT format subtitle files, though they could still be imported.When importing subtitles from SRT files, not all subtitles were correctly imported.
* Fixed the DVD menu problem when burning 16:9 video in DV-to-DVD mode.
* VideoStudio 10 generated incorrectly-formatted menus when creating DVDs from 16:9 source video in the DV-to-DVD Wizard.
* Fixed instability problems after applying Menu in / Menu out effects in the Create Disc step.
* The VideoStudio 10 Video Editor became unstable after applying Menu in / Menu out effects in the Create Disc module and using Escape key to return to the Video Editor.
* Fixed the crash problem when ignoring re-link messages
* VideoStudio 10 crashed with projects requiring source file re-linking when users skipped or cancelled the re-linking of project elements.
* Fixed track allocation problem when opening project files.
* The VideoStudio 10 editor placed clips in the wrong overlay track when opening projects containing multiple overlay tracks.
* Fixed the crash problem when playback the 5.1 channel video which was import from hard disk camcorder.
* VideoStudio 10 crashed when playing video files from hard drive camcorders with 5.1-channel audio.


Ulead VideoStudio 9 and MediaS tudio Pro 8 Flash Update Pack (Release Date: 2006/1/26 )

Bugs fixed:

* Fixes a problem where, after installing or upgrading Flash Player ActiveX to version 8, VideoStudio 9 and MediaStudio Pro 8 crash when playing SWF files.

Ulead VideoStudio 9 MPEG4 iPod Update Pack (Release Date: 2005/12/23 )


* Add Apple® iPod® and SONY® PSP™ template.

Ulead VideoStudio 9 3GP Plug-in Update Pack (Release Date: 2005/12/23


* Add new dimension support for 3GP file.

Ulead VideoStudio 9 Update Pack (Release Date: 2005/08/12 )


* DVD-R Dual layer support

Bugs fixed:

* Fixed problem when rotating and reversing a Ulead Cool3D file on a Windows 98 SE system.
* Fixed “memory insufficient” problem when adding video filters and customizing.
* Fixed a problem when using Fit to Background Music and Auto Analyze Video Content when user imports MPEG4 file.
* Fixed DVD player problem after installing VideoStudio 9.
* Fixed behavior problem when inserting a 720*480 avi to be the first video on the timeline.

Ulead VideoStudio 9 Hauppauge hardware devices support pack (Release Date: 2005/06/13 )
Ulead VideoStudio 9 Terratec hardware devices support pack (Release Date: 2005/06/13)

VideoStudio 9

VideoStudio 8 Daylight Savings Time Patch (Release Date: 2004/12/10)

Bugs Fixed

* Fixed the project re-link problem found in the Daylight Savings Time setting applied for VideoStudio 8 Editor and Movie Wizard
* If you change the Computer Time Zone without this patch installed, the Movie Wizard will be unavailable

VideoStudio 8 VTB2 Update Pack (Release Date: 2004/11/22 )


* The patch allows Video ToolBox MPEG4, 3GPP, and Dolby Digital Audio codecs to work on Ulead VideoStudio 8.

VideoStudio 8 SE Update Pack (Build Number: 8.01, Release Date: 2004/10/22 )


* A warning message will pop up if the sound card driver is not installed

Bugs Fixed

* Fixed the Multi-Trim problem when the selection mode is changed
* Fixed the crash problems in the audio view mode
* Fixed the problem when the program was not able to keep the preference settings of "Limit hard disk usage to"
* The "Show title" option would change to be unchecked in the title zoom animation settings
* Fixed the crash problem when applying multiple titles with animation

VideoStudio 8 Update Pack (Build Number: 8.01, Release Date: 2004/09/06)


* Supports double layer DVD-Video import and burning
* Added Undo/Redo icons on the user interface
* Enhanced SmartSound Quick Track performance

Bugs Fixed

* Fixed the old update pack published on 2004/8/24 can’t recognize the Upgrade version while installing
* Fixed the problem that the sound is gone after the DV clips are recorded back to the DV camcorder
* Fixed the re-load library presets problem after daylight savings time adjustment
* Fixed audio fade in/out between the transition effects, the fade out effect is gone when previewing
* Fixed the program crashing problem when working in the Title stage
* Fixed the problem when the program was not able to keep the capture settings
* Fixed the incorrect behavior problem when more than 5 video filters are applied

Video Editing Made Even Easier with the VideoStudio Movie Wizard
Simply choose a preset style to quickly create a complete movie.
Work with the Latest Formats
VideoStudio now supports MPEG-4 and 16:9 widescreen formats.
Compose Your Own Soundtrack in a Flash
The auto music maker uses award-winning SmartSound™ technology for original tunes that perfectly fit each scene's mood and duration.
Superior Sound Adjustments
Precisely match volume with particular scenes in the movie with either the Audio Mixer or the Rubber Banding Timeline. Repair tracks or add special effects with professional Audio Filters.

Improved Usability
Powerful features save on valuable editing time: the Shuttle Control, digital Duration Window, Full Screen Aspect Ratio Preview, and Batch Convert.
More Video Filters, Objects and Frames, Effects and Transitions
The Duotone Filter is perfect for creating scene flashbacks. While the new Diffuse Glow Filter is ideal for a dream-like appearance. You'll feel just like you are turning a book filled with memories with the Album Transition.
Enhanced Overlay Step
Apply filters and special effects on overlays. Move and resize them directly on the screen.
Stylish Slideshows
Add Pan and Zoom effects on images in your slideshows to highlight certain photos and give them a more personal feel.

New Title Animations and Real-time Text
Make text dance on the screen using the latest animations such as Drop, Swing, and Title Animation on Path. Add Solid and Gradient Bars behind Titles for more visibility. See instantly how the edits look with In-place Text Editing. Move and Resize Titles directly anywhere on your screen.
More DVD Menu Templates
Choose from a wider choice of DVD menu templates for more variety and customization in layout and design.

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