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WACUP (Winamp Community Update Project) is an audio player based on Winamp. WACUP (which can be pronounced as wakeup or wac-up or however you prefer it in your native tongue) is designed to work only with the patched Winamp 5.666 release to provide bug fixes, updates of existing features and most importantly new features with the goal to eventually become it's own highly Winamp compatible media player. WACUP makes use of the benefits of Winamp being heavily based on a plug-in system so new plug-ins can add additional features as well as allowing replacements to be created which provide better implementations over the plug-ins natively included with Winamp. If none of that makes sense, a good way to think about WACUP is that it is like a video game mod where you initially use the original game but then files related to it are added to or edited in-order to provide a better experience.

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Latest version Preview (July 23, 2020)


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Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Preview Version:
Released: 23 July 2020

Added a new initial view for the replacement Local Library plug-in (ml_ll.dll) to make it easier to get media added into it from a legacy local libary database or the main playlist or a folder along with making it easier to disable the plug-in (or the whole media library) if required if you really don't want / need it & just kept clicking next when installing WACUP :)
Added a Lyrics window (via the gen_lyric.dll plug-in so you can easily disable this!) which initially will show lyrics from embedded, LRC or TXT files from the current file but will hopefully be able to do online lookup for lyrics later on (this plug-in & internal changes will need more work as well as I need more example lyric files to ensure I'm supporting all of the types out there correctly)
Added a basic 'Lyrics' tab on the Alt+3 File Info dialog to display (if found) the raw lyrics (embedded / LRC / txt) though more will be done as the features are expanded
Added an initial updated build of the official Musepack plug-in based on the r495 revision (SV7 & SV8 support along with basic transcoding support)
Added an initial updated build of the Highly Experimental PSF Player plug-in (in_psf.dll) based on the v2.0.8 source code from Neill Corlett for Playstation Sound Format (PSF / PSF2) playback support which improves integration with WACUP (e.g. transcoding support & using the common alt+3 dialog instead of it's own)
Added reading of embedded artwork from Musepack files to the shared metadata service (as the compatible input plug-ins don't support this anyway)
Added additional checks when WACUP is started to try to better deal with broken / incomplete installs (e.g. 5.666 installed over WACUP or 3rd party plug-ins replacing required dlls)
Added a new option on the Podcast preferences page to allow for updating the basic metadata tags with the podcast feed information always instead of only if it's found to be missing (too many podcasts don't actually tag their files correctly which is why this option has been added as a means to help with the metadata quality before the newly downloaded podcast files are added into the local library database)
Added the time taken to load the main config file & main playlist editor file into the profiling options when enabled (this might be interesting to some but was mainly to help determine a slow config / playlist loading issue seen)
Added some additional responses for IPC_GET_HMENU API related to the bookmarks submenus to help reduce the code needed by the Library Bookmarks plug-in
Added the ability to open the preferences window when clicking on the main window logo (e.g. lightning bolt) in addition to the prior behaviour
Added initial support for retrieving & displaying artwork for Audio CDs subject to getting a match from the Cover Art Archive (other options will be looked into along with support for local files)
Added a temporary workaround for allowing basic playback of incorrectly named Opus files with an OGG file extension when a 3rd party Opus input plug-in already exists (this will mean some playlist entries don't display the appropriate title information but that's more a limitation with trying to force an input plug-in to do something it wasn't coded to cope with)
Added a 'Add' button to the replacement local library (ml_ll) views so it's more obvious some of the means to get additional media added into the local library from feedback
Added a 'Save as' button to the replacement local library (ml_ll) views so it's possible to save the current viewed smart view results to (for the moment) a playlist file
Added a 'Send to' button to the replacement local library (ml_ll) views to complement the style of the library playlists view & to make accessing the send to action easier
Added an 'auto' mode to Milkdrop for the Fullscreen & Windowed/Embedded handling so the window when put into fullscreen &/or created will work against the current monitor the Milkdrop window is found on (e.g. running in windowed mode on a second monitor & double-clicking it to go into Fullscreen mode will run it on the second monitor instead of the default of going to the primary monitor unless you've manually told the plug-in via the plug-in preferences to use the second monitor)
Added a new option to the 'Now Playing' logging so the currently found artwork (if available) can be saved to a specified file for external tools to make use off in addition to the existing metadata to file logging
Added a new option on the Classic Skin preferences page to allow for always using a skinned font in the playlist editor status area if the option to use a skinned font is enabled (this effectively emulates the 5.666 & earlier behaviour which may be better for some classic skins vs how it might look with the non-skinned font handling that WACUP implements)
Added a %playlist_length% to the additional ATF values recognised by the custom Taskbar Text ATF handling

Changed a lot of the internal workings of the library History plug-in to better deal with the stability issues some have been experiencing with it
Changed how generic archives (ZIP, RAR & 7Z) are handled by the playlist manager core to be ignored from expanasion if the Archive Playback input plug-in is disabled (this should make it easier to prevent such files from being added to the local library or the main playlist editor when not wanted by simply disabling the input plug-in if it's been installed)
Changed how the Library History plug-in deals with tracking of playback in relation to seeking changes which should improve the playback tracking reliability when using the percentage / end of file modes
Changed the way forced titles updates in the main playlist editor are done to try to minise the risk of the OS deciding the process has stopped responding on long running updates (e.g. ATF formatting string changes or refreshing selected items)
Changed the NDE (Nullsoft Database Engine) dll provided to now be a VS2017 compile which based on testing provides a reduction in query times (how much & whether its noticeable depends on the size of the database & the complexity of the query being run)
Changed how updating the playcount information from the Library History plug-in when using the replacement Local Library plug-in (ml_ll.dll) to be done asynchronously to avoid some ui hangs (subject to the skin & the size of the local library database to be updated)
Changed how newly downloaded (or recently found) podcasts are added when using the replacement Local Library plug-in (ml_ll.dll) to be done asynchronously to avoid some ui hangs (similar to the aim of the above change)
Changed how newly downloaded podcasts are processed for metadata updating (if configured to do so) to be done asynchronously to avoid some ui hangs (similar to the aim of the above change)
Changed some of the loading handling to remove some of the existing hooking to instead do more directly (this is part of the general transition work from using the Winamp core over to just the WACUP core)
Changed how the main playlist editor file (winamp.m3u8/m3u) is processed on start-up to deal with an odd issue of it trying to parse a streaming url playlist that's the actual stream url to be played (attention to detail is not a thing a lot of stream broadcasts sadly have) that was causing up to a 6 second delay for the rest of WACUP to continue to load (the fix drops it down to ~2ms for my test setup)
Changed the majority of the Audio CD playback handling to only be done by the input plug-in instead of a mis-match between the Winamp & WACUP cores (this makes things cleaner in that not installing / disabling the Audio CD input plug-in does entirely remove any related code from being run)
Changed the MP3 encoder plug-in to now show the LAME patch revision (e.g. 3.100.2 instead of the main version as just 3.100)
Changed the option for clicking on the main window logo to toggle the media library window to now be on the General preferences page instead of being on the Media Library preferences page (this is related to the addition of that action now allowing for the preferences window to be opened)
Changed the internet related options on the General preferences page to now be provided on their own Internet preferences page
Changed the wording on the Discord preferences page header to better reflect what is now needed instead of the older information
Changed 'Read extended info on selection' to now be 'Rebuild titles on selection' in the main playlist editor which matches the Library Playlists & better conveys what is actually being done
Changed a number of ways that the Library Podcasts plug-in works to better minimise the potential for it to cause ui hangs & to reduce the amount of disk related access it might do (helpful with media stored on slower / remote drives)
Changed how the main playlist is restored between sessions to reduce the impact of some internal processing overhead (e.g. a test 58K entry playlist of various formats went from 1.5s down to 170ms to be fully loaded)
Changed the SID (Commodore 64) file handled when sub-songs are present to now be done as though the SID file is a playlist instead of waiting for the plug-in to manually add them when viewed / played (this might irk some but it makes the loading experience much cleaner & the sub-songs will actually be created in the correct position within the playlist instead of often appearing at the start of the playlist which isn't correct)
Changed the information area in the classic skin playlist editor window to not clip the text shown as much when using a normal font compared to the fixed size when using the skinned font
Changed some aspects of how the Podcast plug-in works to reduce when the background timers it uses for updating the naviagation tree icons related to it to only be done when actually needed
Changed some of the dll delay load handling to be done via a shared meth...

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2 reviews, Showing 1 to 2 reviews

which languages supported , and is that 64 bit and portable ?

Review by handsome on Aug 20, 2020 Version: OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 9/10 Overall: 9/10

Hi. I just found out about this great project. You are doing a great job guys. One thing I noticed was the double size in classic skin mode. The resizable windows should not be double sized just like in winamp classic. It's unnecessary and it's causing weird behavior (windows not docking properly, disappearing borders, items on playlist not loading titles, etc.). For example in the playlist, I usually just resize it and increase the font size.
I only use classic mode though.

Anyway, keep it up and thank you!

Review by ken zi on Oct 8, 2019 Version: 1.0.4264 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

2 reviews, Showing 1 to 2 reviews

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