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WACUP (Winamp Community Update Project) is an audio player based on Winamp. WACUP (which can be pronounced as wakeup or wac-up or however you prefer it in your native tongue) is designed to work only with the patched Winamp 5.666 release to provide bug fixes, updates of existing features and most importantly new features with the goal to eventually become it's own highly Winamp compatible media player. WACUP makes use of the benefits of Winamp being heavily based on a plug-in system so new plug-ins can add additional features as well as allowing replacements to be created which provide better implementations over the plug-ins natively included with Winamp. If none of that makes sense, a good way to think about WACUP is that it is like a video game mod where you initially use the original game but then files related to it are added to or edited in-order to provide a better experience.

OS: Windows
File size: 9.2MB
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Latest version Preview (January 28, 2019)


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Download WACUP Preview  9.2MB  Win

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Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Preview Version:
Released: 28 January 2019

Added an initial Streaming Source plug-in (aka replacement Source DSP) to help validate it's usage for personal streaming in combination with the WACUP provided Streaming Server (if also installed)
Added some additional internal handling & hooks for the Streaming Source plug-in (aka replacement Source DSP) to simplify how it can get now playing information from the Winamp core without hooks & subclassing as DSP often require (not what we want to be doing to keep things cleaner)
Added initial support to allow the shuffle table to persist between sessions to help resolve one of the big complaints related to shuffle (this means it won't try to play files that have already been played as often - this is experimental so it may need some edge cases to be fixed)
Added a 'shuffle' diagnostics preference page (under the 'advanced' preferences group) to help visually inspect the in-memory shuffle table
Added initial support to deal with enter & double-click actions in the main playlist editor not updating the shuffle table to prevent playing the played file again (reported by a beta tester & confirmed with the shuffle table inspector above :) )
Added initial 'Raw Metadata' tab implemenatation to the File Info (Alt + 3) dialog to aid in testing the taglib integration (this is the start of potentially moving away from the input plug-ins handling most of the common tag formats to instead be done more consistently as a core service)
Added an ASIO output plug-in based on the source code by Otachan which makes it portable install compatible & adds an experimental volume control option (this works on the global master volume if enabled) & some other minor clean-up to work better within the needs of a WACUP install
Added the ability to single-click in the video window to pause/un-pause the currently playing item (this matches expected control methods for video playback though there is a bit of a lag due to having to determine if its a single or double-click from how Windows provides such events)
Added initial support to specify proxy connection modes (e.g. SOCKS4, SOCKS5) on the General preferences page (not all plug-ins & features use this which will be improved over time as more of the original Winamp plug-ins & features are replaced with WACUP versions)
Added logging now playing only to a specified file via the Yule Log plug-in (see the Play Tracking -> Now Playing preferences tab) which might be useful for streamers using the likes of OBS / SLOBS as it doesn't keep all of the playing history in the log file as the original handling does
Added new Mikdrop presets by En D from the 'MD Episode 1 - New Millenium' & 'MD Episode 2 - Out of Da Club into Da Head' packs (more visual goodness for you to enjoy)
Added new Milkdrop presets by Fumbling_Foo (more visual goodness for you to enjoy)

Changed the WACUP provided library plug-ins to hide the clear search button if there is no search & to use an 'X' instead of 'clear search' to give more space & a slightly less cluttered library view (more to come when other things related to skinning are finally replaced)
Changed mpg123 to now be a shared dll (mpg123.dll) instead of just used by the OpenMPT (in_mod.dll) based input plug-in (this relates to the vgmstream change where supporting dlls were not being installed)
Changed vgmstream (in_vgmstream.dll) to be built with VS2017 instead of VS2008 to resolve some playback handling issues with the older compiler
Changed the installer to default to a more appropriate folder when selecting the portable install mode (setting a custom path via the command-line should still be honoured for those doing such things)
Changed how the new default mode to use the spacebar to play/pause the currently playing item in the main playlist editor incorrectly blocking a number of actions that would otherwise scroll the currently playing item into view (a bit of a compromise but it should be less jarring in usage)
Changed the skin preferences page when using the Skin Manager plug-in to make the skin information area more prominent & show more at once
Changed the naming of the Yule Log preference tabs to better fit with the additional logging mode added into this build
Changed the installer to wait a bit longer if it needs to close an already running WACUP instance to better avoid an installer error
Changed the default setting for WM_APPCOMMAND hotkey handling (aka default multimedia key handling) for new / un-modified installs to now be enabled
Changed the Internet Radio plug-in & the new Streaming Source plug-in to make use of a shared genre list to reduce duplication
Changed some of the internals & build system for how beta vs preview/final builds are built to make the overall process quicker
Changed the installer to preserve AVS (vis_avs.dll) if present (e.g. when updating over an existing install - which still is not recommended)

Fixed most of the supporting dlls vgmstream requires not being correctly installed (this is now handled via a download during install if required)
Fixed loading of the FFmpeg supporting dlls from the vgmstream_dlls folder due to a quirk of delay loading and sub-dependency resolution
Fixed the installer incorrectly removing the Pluginsvgmstream_dlls folder when it didn't need to (found with the changes above causing downloads to occur when they should not have been happening)
Fixed the modern skin engine not correctly showing the time remaining for hh:mm:ss formatted time display strings (the minus sign would only show for times under an hour for some odd reason which broke the expected longer time remaining display so that check was thankfully able to be patched out)
Fixed the clear button not always working in the Internet Radio library view
Fixed opening the notification area preferences tab breaking using the keyboard to move up/down in the preferences tree
Fixed clipping of the skin name from modern skins on the skin preferences page information area
Fixed the send-to menus not working in the original local library plug-in (ml_local.dll) due to enforced enqueue & play menu items which do not work (prior changes removed the hackish work arounds to try to get that support working - this is why we have a replacement plug-in to do it cleanly!)
Fixed the splash screen window not being cancelled when clicking on it (as the native version would do)
Fixed the play & enqueue+play actions not working correctly in the podcast items list
Fixed the currently playing item not being correctly updated in the podcast download views when new podcasts are added with the list open
Fixed the failure to load of some WACUP & 3rd party plug-ins related to a change in how dll dependencies are loaded to fix other loading failures
Fixed slow column sorting issues with the filename related values in the replacement Local Library plug-in views (more so with decreasing sorts)
Fixed some multi-line comment tags not being correctly displayed on the File Info (Alt + 3) dialog
Fixed the preferences window being on top of all windows even when WACUP was not the active program
Fixed the preferences window now being re-sized to the skinned frame (if that mode is enabled) to deal with OS text scaling quirks
Fixed a crash when trying to use the 'Remove Duplicates' main playlist editor action (a JTFE bug)
Fixed restoring the shuffle table sometimes causing a crash on load
Fixed the shuffle table being incorrectly re-read on closing which could lead to potential corruption of the file (found whilst fixing above)
Fixed slow loading of the shuffle diagnostics preferences page
Fixed some possible causes of the crashes seen in the NDE database (this seems to affect more the Internet Radio view)
Fixed trying to drag & drop items on the naviagtion causing a crash if the replacement library bookmarks plug-in was enabled
Fixed dropping an item on a library bookmarks category node not having the newly added item assigned to that category
Fixed some stability issues found working on the replacement Media Library Core plug-in (gen_ml) with the existing library plug-ins if features are not present &/or working as expected (this shouldn't be needed when things are feature complete but it's better to prevent against crashes, etc)
Fixed some occassional text corruption issues on the 'basic info' tab of the File Info dialog

Updated cacert.pem to latest (23 Jan 2019)
Updated libnghttp2 (libcurl.dll) to 1.36.0 (18 Jan 2019)
Updated libopenmpt (in_mod.dll) to (22 Jan 2019)
Updated minizip to 2.8.3 (27 Jan 2019)
Updated vgmstream (in_vgmstream.dll) to the latest Git commit from 28 Jan 2019 (first re-sync in over 5 months, oops)

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