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LiVES is the Linux Video Editing System. It is designed to be simple to use, yet powerful. LiVES is part editor, part VJ tool. LiVES lets you start editing & making video right away, without having to worry about formats, frame sizes, or framerates.

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OS: Linux
File size: 5MB
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Latest version

3.2.0 (November 8, 2020)


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Download LiVES 3.2.0  5MB  Linux

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Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New

Version 3.2.0 (08 nov 2020)
Rewrote inital startup, streamlining it and making it more robust.
Updated gtk+ support to 3.24, fixing numerous interface / threading issues.
Interface element updates, including a total rewrite of buttons, a new font chooser element based on gtkfontchooser.
for example, interface buttons can now be properly resized and alter their background colours.
Configuration directory can now be specified from the commandline (-configdir), the default is now ~/.config/lives
Implemented a thread pool with generic worker threads, eliminating time consumed by thread thread startup / shutdown. The threadpool size is increased dynamically to ensure that there always suffcient thread resources available.
Introduced the idea of lives_proc_threads. Literally any function can now run as a background thread, with monitoring, cancellation points, and collection of typesafe return results.
Code from rpmalloc heap allocator is now included, enabling optimised memory handling in some specific cases.
Disk space quota can be set for the application, and it will warn if the limit is close to being full. This is in addition to the low diskspace warning / critical levels.
Implemented auto gamma correction, (sRGB, Linear, bt.709). Conversion is done via the threadpool.
Implemented threading for swscale; also using the threadpool.
Added a predictive caching mechanism to the player,
Updated the plugin architecture (libweed) to version 2.0, updated the specs. for Weed, Weed Effects, Weed Audio Effects. libweed is now totally threadsafe.
Some performance critical parameters are now tuned automatically using a cost minimisation function.
Use a variable block size for buffered read / writes, optimisations for reading files in reverse order, and the read buffer sizes are now set using the auto tuning system.
Optimised memory functions, colourspace conversions and frame decoding.
Optimised communication with commandline plugins using popen() wherever possible
'Clean up diskspace' now also checks for and can optionally recover missing clips. The system will report what it intends to do before deleting anything, giving the user a chance to amend default actions.
The actions are fully logged before and after deletion.
The playback engine now implements an intelligent predictive caching systen, ensuring smooth playback at any size / framerate.
Preview quality can now be set to "adaptive", allowing the playback quality to adjust itself in real time depending on the player engine load.
A / V sync drift has been reduced to around .01 second, the fps play rate (jitter) is accurate to within
0.002 % in most cases.
Fixed several screen / window sizing issues.
Start and end frames are now cached for each clip, preventing multiple reloads in the GUI. Clip
thumbnails are also cached in multitrack mode.
The renderer now uses a separate thread for saving frames to disk, making rendering much faster.
The openGL playback plugin can now handle letterboxing itself, reducing the overhead when playing fullscreen with letterboxing.
Audio caching for multitrack is now done via a separate dedicated,
thread, eliminating bottlenecks during playback.
Audio effects now have automatic clipping prevention, using a dynamic volume adjustment.
Fix data connections window so it shows the correct out parameter.
Corrected several bugs with letterboxing, allowing it to be used as the default player mode.
Fix new crashes with rendered effects generators, streamline their code and API.
Fixed multi_encoder3 looking for wrong (python2) sub encoders.
Crash recovery now recovers performance recording if LiVES crashes before or during rendering.
Crash recovery now restores the config file from backup if the original is damaged / missing.
Clicking on the timeline during playback in Clip Editor now sets the current playback position in realtime.
The playback start position for each clip is now reained between sessions.
Improvements were made to RFX script builder tool.
Improvements were made to Fileselector preview / Selection opener.
Improvements to rendered effects previews (running in a background thread).
LiVES can now complement the default theme colours with automatically generated "harmonious" colours.
Improvements to "targeted_zoom" effect in multitrack; add "scaledpoint" layout element in RFX windows,
in addition the mouse wheel can now be used to zoom in and out.
New intelligent "auto-layout" mode to improve the appearance of all parameter windows.
Visual tweaks for Preferences window.
Fixed mkv_decoder so it can decode webm clips.
Decoder plugins can now free their internal buffers when not in use, resulting in lower memory consumption.
Subcategorise and sort all effects menus by package and type. All menus are sorted alphabetically now.
Allow choice of "solo" or non solo mode when editing effect parameters in multitrack.
Bookmark keys (F1 - F11) now record / set the frame position as well as the clip.
Increased the size of the "recent files" list from 4 to to 16.
Multitrack parameter window now also has a "Reset to Defaults" button.
Stop multitrack parameters from getting reset after an autobackup, or when switching channels, e.g. in the compositor.
Reduced pulseaudio underflows by using a slightly larger block size.
Smooth out ctr-up, ctrl-down, ctrl-left and ctrl-right (Trickplay) keys during playback.
ctrl-alt-space now performs loop locking in clip editor (trickplay).
Add keys a / A (audio track lock / unlock) for clip editor playback.
Added two more keyboard effect keys (ctrl-minus and ctrl-equals). Effects on these keys are NOT affected by ctrl-0 (all effects off).
Ensure audio is always rendered when it should be after recording.
Audio can now be normalised after rendering.
Added the option to produce a quick transcode preview of recordings, eliminating the need to
render them first (with options to normalise audio, and auto fade in / out).
Fix minor error in YUV unclamped -> RGB palette conversions.
Fix rowstrides error in YUV(A) non-planar to planar conversions.
Fix rowstride alignment issues for YUV420 frames.
Improvements to chroma supersampling e.g yuv420 - > rgb or yuv420 - > yuv444
Workaround since swscale cannot handle YUV888 or YUVA8888 palettes (pretend they are RGB / RGBA).
Optimised RGB <-> BGR, and RGBA <-> BGRA <-> ARGB palette conversions.
Permit switching audio source (internal / external) with no clips loaded (bugfix).
Rewrote the event_list quantizer, resulting in smoother rendering of recorded clips.
- several optional tweaks can be applied to make rendering even smoother (SuperFluid) :
Ignore seek differences below a predefined limit (default 1.0 / fps seconds) when rendering recorded audio,
resulting in almost flawless rendering of audio at variable velocities. In addition the quantiser will attempt to smooth out audio rate changes.
Fixed refcounting bugs with realtime effect parameter windows, and with generators which trigger playback.
Fixed recursive mutex issues with the audio buffer fill mutex.
Removed mutex deadlocks on shutdown (was blocking pulseaudio player on a crash) and create a new main loop for pulse on each startup (was also causing hangs on startup).
Separate velocity adjustment (ctrl-up / ctrl-down) from fx parameter adjustment (ctrl-alt-up / ctrl-alt-down)
Prevent audio rate from changing erroneously when the audio player is not playing the same clip as the video player.
Optimise combo boxes with long lists; categorise filter types in rte window.
Master audio volume is now maintained between sessions, and the value is calculated using a power function rather than linear.
Added "audio bleedthru" mode in multitrack.
Added warning mini-icons for gui widgets.
Added tooltips mini-icons for gui widgets.
Individual clip volume levels can now be adjusted during playback (temporary)
and non-playback (permanent).
Added a new "normalize audio" function.
Volume level of previews in file open dialog is now set depending on master volume.
Fix label layouts for RFX windows.
When selecting an existing clipset to open, the contents details can now be viewed before opening.
Added an option to clean up garbage files on startup and shutdown.
Add more preferences to the prefs window.
Fix breakage in realtime audio effects.
"Paste as new" now has an 'Enough' button when pullling frames from the clipboard, so it can be partially pasted, in addition, virtual frames are retained as virtual frames when pasting, making the operation much more rapid.
When switching clips with an active transition, if the background clip is a non-normal clip (e.g generator or webcam), the foreground clip will be switched as if there were no transition active
'Double' size viewing in separate window now expands as much as comfortably possible.
Scale size is always shown now in separate window (except during playback).
Frame number now defaults to pointer position when opening the seperate window.
Seperate window in multitrack can now appear undecorated.
Enable colour selection for 'blurzoom' effect, improve the effect appearance.
Improved appearance for 'fireTV' effect.
'ffprobe' may be used to get file details if present. 'file' may also be used to aid in identifying filetypes.
Changed the 'RGBDelay' and 'YUVDelay' effects to use less memory.
Video effect plugins can now "ease out" rather than switching off immediately
Improved a/v sync when changing playback direction / swicthing clips.
Add preference to disable / enable tooltips in the interface windows.
Add option to overlay the timecode when previewing in multitrack (on by default).
Add ability to overlay critical messages on the playback window (on screen display).
Add menu options jump to next mark / jump to previous mark in multitrack.
Fix mouse selections so it selects right to the final frame.
The playback pointer can also be set to to the final frame rat...

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2 reviews, Showing 1 to 2 reviews

Rating by Tom Peterson on Aug 12, 2019 Version: 3.0.0 OS: Linux Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Quite good program - Excellent Affects !! - but little slow - overall very good program! tried avidemix but could not get sound on cropped mpegs - avis were ok??


Review by bf109 on May 19, 2005 Version: LiVES OS: Linux Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 7/10

2 reviews, Showing 1 to 2 reviews

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