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Adobe Photoshop software, the professional image-editing standard, helps you work more efficiently, explore new creative options, and produce the highest quality images for print, the Web, and anywhere else. Price $10/month or $50/month for all Adobe products.

Trialware $600
OS: Win Mac
File size: 980MB
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Latest version

23.4.1 / CS2 9.0 Free (June 16, 2022)


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Download Adobe Photoshop 23.4.1 Windows  980MB  Win

Download Adobe Photoshop 23.4.1 Mac  Mac

Download Beta and other versions

Download Adobe Photoshop CS2 9.0 Free Windows  340MB  Win

Download old versions

Download Adobe Photoshop old versions

Software License

Shareware (Free download but time limited software. Full version from $600)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS

More information and other downloads

Download the old PhotoShop CS2(9.0) for free here

Use this serial keys for Photoshop CS2 9.0 Free:
Windows Serial number: 1045-1412-5685-1654-6343-1431
Mac OS X Serial number: 1045-0410-5403-3188-5429-0639

Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New

June 2022 (version 23.4.1) release

Photoshop 23.4 causes file corruption
June 2022 release (version 23.4)

Transform warp cylindrical
Cylindrical Transform Warp

Time to rejoice, packaging designers! With the Cylindrical Transform Warp capability, you can easily curve flat artwork and even wrap a Text layer around your rounded cylindrical surface.
Preserve hair details
Preserve your hair details

Use an improved selection mask obtained by applying the Object Selection tool on human portraits. Also, enjoy enhanced Refine Hair capability to improve results while working on animal images.
Enhancements for Guides
Enhancements for Guides

Make identification and visual isolation of guides easier with the customizable Layout Guides and Guides in Photoshop. Easily color and edit guides and guide layouts; multi-select and move guides together on canvas at an individual document level.
Emoji shorthand support
Emoji shorthand support for in-app commenting

The wait is over! Easily access a list of emojis while adding in-app comments for your cloud documents.

Other enhancements

Boost your creative workflows with support added for video editing and playback on Apple Silicon M1 machines. Also, use the improved Save As preference and spring-loaded keyboard shortcuts for tools.

June 2022 (version 23.4) release

Several crash reports fixed through Photoshop beta usage
Photoshop crashes when using Replace Color in indexed color mode
Photoshop crashes when pasting text with M1 processors
Photoshop crashes in OpenCL when resizing images
Photoshop crashes when using "TT Norms" font
[Win] Photoshop crashes using Object Selection
Photoshop document window is empty/blank if the Precise Color Management for HDR Display technology preview is enabled on an SDR display
Black, White Gradient Preset and Perceptual Interpolation creates cool/blue cast
Photoshop lagging on large documents when using the Clone tool, especially when sampling an area to clone
macOS: Export for After Effects(.vpe) in Vanishing point filter results in error, "this operation can't be completed"
Spring loaded keyboard shortcuts get stuck and don't return to the previous tool
Sky Replacement: Jagged edges when using Fade Edge
Mixer Brush incorrectly loads foreground color
'Match Fonts' not showing fonts available to activate from Adobe Fonts
macOS: Save button disabled in Save As dialog box
Incorrect z-order after using color picker
Paint bucket paints with wrong color
Gradient fills shift when exporting artboards with shapes and gradient fills
Lag while zooming and painting with Native Canvas Rulers enabled
Keyboard focus is lost when working with individual channels in Curves
‌‌Using tool preset for the Type tool with Kerning set to optical doesn't get applied to new layers
Layers with Drop Shadow content disappears depending on Zoom level and Spread size
‌‌Slow preview performance in Liquify
Photoshop freezes when changing Grid via Actions
Clicking in Artboard with the Move tool causes the document to pan
Artifacts or noise while using Unsharp Mask filter
Keyboard shortcut for hiding/showing guides doesn't work in Photoshop (German version)

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5 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Rating by PU User on Dec 10, 2021 Version: 23.0.2 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 7/10 Overall: 10/10

Some things it seems you can only do in P/Shop -- it can really help with DVD menus in some authoring programs, in fact DVDA makes it harder on you if you don't use it.

Unfortunately Adobe is going downhill... the DVD for CS4 doesn't even include a PDF manual, & there's no book included. Customer Svc is almost non-existent. CS4 installation problems are common enough that Adobe has set aside a section of their site just for that, & their forum search, where I eventually found an answer, is ridiculous -- filtering doesn't work correctly, so I had to wade thru pages of post headings, reading anything that sounded promising before I found the cure. To add insult, the problem was caused by registry keys under ie's User Agent key, had to be put back for ie7 to work properly after install, & was reported with DreamWeaver CS4 Beta, yet Adobe neither fixed it or included it in the list of known problems. They did however remove the original, DreamWeaver post -- lucky for me someone remembered & posted about it.

Problems running P/Shop CS4 are rampant in the Adobe forums, but loads of users like myself were forced to upgrade or lose eligibility -- Adobe limits how old your version can be to qualify. While CS4 is supposed to work in Windows 64, the ReadMe file on the DVD says XP 64 is untested -- use at your own risk. P/Shop now uses the GPU for some display manipulation, but again loads of user complaints. The good news is that as of 12/11/08 you can still pick up the CS3 Upgrade for ~$120. You ***might*** even get a free upgrade to CS4 from Adobe, for buying CS3 after the CS4 announcement, though some folks have had to email & call for over a month. A free copy of CS4 might even come in handy, assuming Adobe fixes it.

Review by mikiem on Dec 11, 2008 Version: CS4 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 6/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 5/10 Overall: 8/10

One possible perspective is that Photoshop is a large integrated collection of very useful graphic utilities. If I imagine each utility that I commonly use as a stand-alone, then I'm paying much less than $50 for each. Although the learning curve can be steep, there is always at least one good and easy to find tutorial somewhere on the web that explains most any PS feature.

Review by oldsalt on Dec 9, 2006 Version: CS2 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 8/10 Overall: 9/10

Photoshop is an incredible piece of software. It can and will do anything you want, providing you know how to perform with it. Which is the problem. PS is so powerful that it is sometimes overwhelming. Unfortunately, this can disuade newer users from working in it.

Otherwise, it's fantastic. Perhaps not as user friendly as I'd like to see (Adobe take a hint), but I'll use it until the day I die!

Review by theleetbeagle on Feb 6, 2004 Version: 6.5 OS: MacOSX Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 8/10

What can i say that you allready didnīt heard?
Adobe Photoshop is as important as windows itself If youīre into raster graphic design. There ainīt and wonīt be a tool that comes close to Photoshop. You can do ANYTHING you want. And if you canīt, just get a plugin. Every plugin out there is designed to work on Photoshop.
If youīre into video and DVD creation, Photoshop will perform perfectly all the tasks for completing your production: DVD menus, titles, can even add FX to a Film Strip exported from premiere.

If you got the cash...get this! you wonīt regreat it.

Review by haznut on Oct 9, 2003 Version: 7 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

5 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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