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LiVES is the Linux Video Editing System. It is designed to be simple to use, yet powerful. LiVES is part editor, part VJ tool. LiVES lets you start editing & making video right away, without having to worry about formats, frame sizes, or framerates.

Free software
OS: Linux
File size: 4MB
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Latest version

3.0.2 (September 7, 2019)


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Download LiVES 3.0.2  4MB  Linux

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Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Version 3.0.2 (7 Sep 2019)
Fix regression in okbutton handling which prevents encoding from actioning.
Display splash screen as early as possibley in startup.
Code correctness fixes.
Updated translations for Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese (Nany Cavalcante)

Version 3.0.1 (13 Aug 2019)
Update package-config for libweed.
Fix hang after setting parameters with combo boxes for realtime effects.
Fix crashes in frei0r and ladspa wrappers.
Fix undefined values on startup and in swscale.
Improve "quick transcode" functionality.

Version 3.0.0 (7 Aug 2019)
Fix for "Delete Set" not removing files from disk.
Fix crash when selecting project directory with new install.
Fix crash when starting playback with some generators (e.g. plasma) [regression].
Fix to prevent spurious file removal when checking for plugins in a non-existent directory.
Fix occasional crash with audio driven video generators.
Load theme correctly on fresh installs.
Render silence to end of video if necessary during rendering.
Improvements to openGL playback plugin, including much smoother playback.
Re-enable Advanced options for the openGL playback plugin.
Allow "Enough" in VJ / Pre-decode all frames
Refactor code for timebase calculations during playback (better a/v synch).
Overhaul external audio and audio recording to improve accuracy and use fewer CPU cycles.
Auto switch to internal audio when entering multitack mode.
Show correct effects state (on / off) when reshowing effect mapper window.
Eliminate some race conditions between the audio and video threads.
Implemented reference counting for realtime effect instances.
Extensively rewrote the main interface, cleaning up the code and making many visual improvements.
Improvements to online video downloader, clip size and format can now be selected, added an update option.
Optimised recording when video generators are running.
Bugfixes for pulseaudio and jack audio players.
Improvements to the projectM filter wrapper, including SDL2 support.
Eliminate race conditions when applying rendered effects.
Record audio looping correctly.
Fixes for moved files during crash recovery.
Optimisations for libweed.
Added an option to invert the Z-order in multitrack compositor (rear layers can now overlay front ones).
Added support for musl libc (jorgenatz)
Updated translations for Ukranian (Yuri Chornoivan) and Portuguese (Nany Cavalcante)
Numerous other optimisations and minor bugfixes.

Version 2.10.2
Fix serious bug in lives_popen() - may prevent saving of new sets.
Add in part of the fix for multi_encoder3 which was overlooked in 2.10.1
Fix regression in get_extension().
Fix regression in get_frame_count().
Add new icons.
Update copyright years.
Correctly reset video playback plugin after cancelling quick transcode.
Improved youtube downloading.

Version 2.10.1 (22 Dec 2018)
Fix regressions in rendering of internal audio.
Fix frame rate when rendering after recording from generator plugins.
Fixes for showing time remaining in progress dialog (partial regression from 2.10.0)
Fix invisible window pre external window capture (regression).
Fix regression in some preview displays in the clip editor.
Fix preview for Compositor effect in multitrack.
Fixes for Record External Audio.
Fix regression in sending audio to audio triggered video generators (milkdrop, libvisual).
Sort plugins alphabetically within packages.
Ensure playback does not stop too soon in autolives mode.
Fix audio fade in / out, using smaller chunk sizes.
Allow effect output parameters to feed to internal macros, similar to MIDI / joystick controller.
Improve effect previews in multitrack mode.
Make the display mask colour/opacity configurable in Trim Frames / Add Border tool.
When an original clip is not found, allow the user to retry as well as browse - to allow for unmounted disks, etc.
Add menu option: VJ / Pre-decode all frames.
Improve pulse audio sync when recording / playing from external audio.
Create set lock file in correct location during crash recovery.
Improve timing accuracy of realtime recording.
Fix crash in subtitle rendering.
Fix syntax problems with multi_encoder3 for python3.
Fix some problems with jack audio playback.

Version 2.10.0
Fix regression issues with youtube download.
Ensure audio waveform is redrawn after running fade audio.
Fix crash when adjusting cross-linked real time effect parameters (e.g LADSPA effects).
Fix an instability caused by NULL messages in the message cache (regression).
Fix possible crash when the real time effect parameters window is open during rendering.
Fix hang when clearing matches in the MIDI / JS learner window (GUI issue).
Improve the MIDI / JS tab in Preferences.
Add pref for creating a dummy alsa MIDI output port.
Add "OMC notify" to MIDI / JS mapper (MIDI -> OSC, sends USER1 notify event to all listeners).
Code cleanup. Standard checkbuttons and check menuitems now have their state set in the creation function.
Remove "use_mnemonic" parameter for widget functions. Use widget_opts.mnemonic_labels instead.
Amend the autolives toy so it can be triggered via OSC (and move to vj menu, add startup options).
MIDI channel can now used as a filter instead of a parameter to be matched.
Device mappings can now be shipped with builds.
Improved a/v synch with pulse audio.
Correct some minor GUI issues.
-noset startup option now has a permanent effect.
Add -asource [internal | external] startup option.
Fix bug in setting loop mode via OSC.
Fix broken framerate after pause / unpause during realtime playback.
Updated translation to Czech (thanks to Pavel Borecki).

Version 2.8.9 (15 March 2018)
Fix dataloss and crash issues from 2.8.8

Version 2.8.8
Fix "undo render to same clip" after rendering to selection.
Add new libav_stream playback plugin (WIP).
Set openGL playback plugin (if present) as the default for new installs.
(Multi monitor support) always show dialog windows on the gui monitor.
Re-enable audio recording from external sources (was inadvertantly disabled).
Fix possible problems with layout reloading (regression).
Reset to correct playback position when stop is pressed during / after pause (multitrack),
Increase size of playback area in multitrack mode.
Increase preview window size for video part open.
Add quick transcode menu option (beta).
Keep showing framebar when not playing (can be overriden in prefs).
Show audio source in framebar (overridden by pref).
Optimise redrawing of audio waveforms in clip editor.
Implement external audio trigger for recording.
Theme fixes for buttons.
Various optimisations.
Scale many widget sizes based on screen resolution.
Fix crash in multitrack parameter adjustment for effects with repeated channels.
Ctrl + mouse scroll can be used to zoom in / out in multitrack.
Disable ctrl-q (quit) accelerator during playback to prevent accidental triggering.
Updates for libav 3.5.
Updated Ukrainian translation (Yuri Chernovian).

Version 2.8.7 (29 June 2017)
Remove glad.h dependence on khr.
Prompt for clip name when rendering to new clip.
Fix autolives toy.
Increase default frame size to 1024x768 for new installs.
Allow override of frame size when encoding to ffmpeg / h264 format.
Fix breakage in the threaded progress window.
Updated Ukrainian translation (Yuri).

Version 2.8.6 (24 May 2017)
Remove dependency on (deprecated) GLee.
Show audio as volume levels in Clip Editor.
Performance improvements for multitrack playback.
Ensure that timeline track backgrounds are painted in multitrack (regression).
Properly expand text width in the message info window.
Improve zoom in multitrack (zooms around cursor rather than screen center).
Prevent annyoing focus stealing when mt is backed up in the background.
Fix broken audio fade in/out (regression).
Fix external window capture (regression).
Fix crash in palette conversions.
Fix compilation issues with liblives scripting engine.
Fix for keys being in multitrack fullscreen preview.
Code reformatting and tidying (W.I.P)

Version 2.8.5 (27 April 2017)
Fix audio loss when inserting without audio in clip editor (regression).
Fix compiler error and warnings for gcc 7 (
Fix regression in mkv_decoder.
Fix compiler warnings for openGL plugin.
Change max seek allowed from 1 second to 2 seconds in avformat decoder.
Update css state selectors for gtk 3.18+
Experimental support for Wayland.
Updated translation to Ukranian (thaks Yuri).

Version 2.8.4
Fix error in Insert Silence (regression).
Fix minor issue with Undo Insert Silence.
Minor GUI updates for Insert Silence dialog.

Version 2.8.3
Correct errors in cance Insert fix from 2.8.2
Fix some minor issues with alarm timers.
Fix trivial focus issue with Insert dialog in Clip Editor.

Version 2.8.2 (27 November 2016)
Fix loss of audio when cancelling Insert operation in Clip Editor.
Minor compilation fix for Toonz plugins.
Updated translation to Ukranian (Yuri Chornoivan).

Vesion 2.8.1 (23 October 2016)
Fix various security issues on multi-user systems - see:

Fix audio length encoding bug:

Fix some compilation issues.

Version 2.8.0 (3 Sep 2016)
Correct blank frame fix from 2.6.8 (add one to last frame).
Fix coding error when centering windows.
Correctly parse the path variables for frei0r, libvisual and ladspa.
Set nicer defaults for RGBDelay effect.

Version 2.6.8 (27 Aug 2016)
Fix bug which could result in blank frames / hang after deleting frames.
Fix some internal issues with image types.
Fix a crash after recording a generator and cancelling.
Correctly remove layouts directory if the clips in a set are deleted.
Print info text if libav decoder cannot find a usable pixel format.

Version 2.6.7 (18 Aug 2016)
Fix breakage in single image loader (regression).
Alter icon location to comply with LSB.
Fix for older libav.

Version 2.6.6 (16 Aug 2016)
Remove debugging and test code.
Allow closure of dialog boxes clicking on 'X'.

Version 2.6.5
Fix bug with multitrack startup not showing clip editor on switch (regression).
Fix crash when statring in headless (nogui) mode (regression).
Remove some debugging output from 2.6.4
Update rte window after mapping effects via OSC.
Add OSC commands /audio/source/set and /audio/source/get.

Version 2.6.4 (7 Aug 2016)
Fix bugs with opening new audio (regression).
Fix bug with yuv420p -> rgb palette conversions (regression).
Better centering of dialogs in some window managers.
Fix error with setting / resetting midi raw in Preferences.
Fix crash when opening clips with older versions of libav.
Minor compilation fixes.
Updated translations to French and Ukranian.

Version 2.6.3
Fix bug which caused error moving sets with no layouts (regression).
Optimise recording of generated frames.
Fixes for recording audio from external pulse audio.
Fix incorrect recognition of single jpeg/png as video (regression).
Fix "Open Location" (regression).
Use png rather than jpeg internally whenever possible.
Improved support for mpv instead of mplayer.
Add a few new effects ported from Toonz.

Version 2.6.2 (28 March 2016)
Fix bug which causes crash on new installs.

Version 2.6.1 (27 March 2016)
Fix flickering in multi threaded palette conversion.
Improved YUV / RGB palette conversions.
Play selections should function even after switching clips, restarting playback.
Add encoded files to global "recently used files".
Implement new theming engine, allow custom themes / colours in Preferences.
Fix bug with layout reloading after crash.
Fix bugs in setting in/out points in multitrack.
Fix showing of textbuffer parameters in effect windows (regression).
Fix possible minor memory leak when applying inplace effects (regression).
Fix crash / bug in MIDI / joystick learner.
Fix bug which prevented OSC clip changes during recording.
Rewrite keyboard handler, fixing keyboard repeat for ctrl-arrow keys.
Allow for slightly longer strings in LiVES libOSC.
Improvements to edge detect and onedTV filters.
Compatibility updates for ffmpeg 2.9+
Add qtrle format and quality settings to ffmpeg_encoder.
Add new VJ keys: ctrl-alt-space (change direction of background clip), ctrl-alt-page-up/down (adjust speed of background clip)
Major code cleanup and optimisations.
Minor compilation fixes for gtk+ 2.x
Fix bug in finding of "Next filter map" in multitrack.
Updated translation to Ukranian (thanks Yuri Churnoivan).
Updated translation to Brazilian Portuguese.

Version 2.6.0 (1 Feb 2016)
Fix crash when applying rendered effects to virtual clips.
Add h264/aac, wmv2, ffv1 and mjpeg encodings to ffmpeg_encoder.
Fix memory leak in new style gdkpixbuf converter.
Fix frame seek bug in avformat decoder with non-zero start time.
Autoscroll "Show details" when encoding.
Work around a gtk+ crash bug in GtkTextView with lots of text.
Show missing libraries in ffmpeg_encoder.
Show time remaining estimate for encoding for most encoder formats.
OK / Cancel in the file chooser should immediately cancel any preview (regression).
Add "Use current clip values" button when entering multitrack.
Fix memory leak in pulseaudio input analysis.
Minor GUI improvements.

Version 2.4.8 (24 Jan 2016)
Fix hang in merge in Clip Editor (regression).
Fix rendering error in multitrack (wrong clip number).

Version 2.4.7 (18 Jan 2016)
Fix regression in "Insert Silence".
Fix background colour for notebook tabs in multitack (gtk+ 3.x)
Fix crash when entering Preferences dialog (GType error).
Reshow timeline after hiding it.
Update current time when clicking on timeline header in Multitrack (regression).
Tested support for SDL 2.x (does not work)
Trivial compiler fix for gtk+ 2.x

Version 2.4.6 (19 December 2015)
Fix crashes and compatibility issues with gtk+ >= 3.16
Fix a bug with missing clips when reloading layouts.
Minor GUI improvements.
Minor compilation fixes.
Updates to French translation (thanks Jean-Marc).

Version 2.4.5 (2 December 2015)
Fix for undo after downsampling video (regression).
Fix regression in resizing when encoding.
Set default encoder to multi_encoder3 if python version >= 3.
Fix some message translation issues in dialog windows.
Fix missing audio issue after loading new audio for a clip.
mplayer2 compatibility fix for ffmpeg_encoder.
Minor fix for compiling without OSC.
Remove support for transcode_encoder.

Version 2.4.4 (22 November 2015)
Fix regression in audio resampling with sox.
GUI improvements to joystick / midi learner for gtk+ 3.x
GUI improvements for Events window.
Add support for joystick analog stick control.
Add improved warnings for letterboxing with missing imageMagick.
Fix overwide Clip Info windows.

Version 2.4.3 (15 November 2015)
Fix occasional hang when inserting frames in clips.
Fix possible dataloss (effects applied) when re-entering multitrack mode.
Work around a GTK+ bug where menu items with submenus can no longer be set insensitive.
Fix for setting cdplayer device in Preferences.
Fix gtk critical in clip info window.
Fix window sizing errors in rfxbuilder.
Fix for encoding with sox version 14.4.2
Theming updates for darker themes with gtk+ 3.x
Add icedax as altname for cdda2wav.
Make better use of missing CD device warning.
Remove some spurious effect reinitialisations for webcams.
Allow application of audio effects to the backing audio track in multitrack mode.
Minor GUI improvements.
Prepend current directory to filenames in startup options when necessary.

Version 2.4.2 (12 September 2015)
Fix crash after recording with pulseaudio external audio.
Fix possible crash when converting from YUV420 to UYVY / YUYV.
Fix memory issue in audio triggered video generators.
Fix buttons issue in the progress dialog (regression).
Fix occasional hang in shutdown via OSC.
Minor fixes for headless (nogui, noplaywin) modes.
Increase size of debug output window when encoding (Regression).
Fix for compiling without jack.
Fix crash in mask_overlay effect.
Fix some threading problems when running audio and video effects together.
Improve OSC responsiveness during playback.
Fixes for beat_detector, edge, vector_visualiser, and kaleidoscope plugins.
Fix latency issue with pulseaudio external input.
Fix for opening unicap device during playback.
Work around gtk+ bug for clips menu.
Implement OSC commands /audio/mute/set, /audio/mute/get, /audio/volume/set, /audio/volume/get and /clip/open/unicap.
Fixes / refactoring for firewire grabbing.
Re-enable button icons (via preference) and clean up stock button code.

Version 2.4.1 (9 Aug 2015)
NOTE: the LiVES homepage has moved to

General compilation fixes.
Compilation fixes for libav.
Minor fixes for BSD compilation.
Minor fix for initialisation of "alien_overlay" effect.
Fix image file previews within File Open dialog (regression).

Version 2.4.0 (3 May 2015)
Implement workaround for expose event problems in gtk+ 3.10.
Fix threading crash in multitrack.
Fix invalid saving of layouts in multitrack.
Fix sizes of scrolled windows inside dialog boxes (regression).
Fix timeline start position for gtkgrid widget in multitrack.
Fix "fade background mode" (b) so it looks nice again.
Stability fix for expose event during startup.
Stability fix for mkv_decoder with broken end frames.
Implement C++ language bindings (liblives).
Fixes for several smaller issues (Thomas Berger).
Code cleanup / reformat.
Updated translations to UK English, French, Galician, German, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

Version 2.2.8 (8 Feb 2015)
Fix crash in Insert Frames (regression).
Compilation fix for gtk+ 2.x
Compilation fixes for freeBSD
Add check for avformat_close_input in libav
Fix crash in projectM plugin.
Fix regression in x264_encoder.
Fix audio codec bug in mencoder_encoder.
Fix crash in "Show Details" after encoding failure.
Fix regression in "Insert Silence" for clips with no existing audio.
Check for avconv properly for Ubuntu in ffmpeg_encoder.
Update dirac / multi_encoder to encode to dirac/vorbis/mkv.
Add lossless dirac encoding.
Updates to fix lives_mkv_encoder.

Version 2.2.7 (21 Dec 2014)
Add support for audio triggered generators.
Add support for projectM (milkdrop) generators.
Improvements to openGL playback plugin.
Add permanent inputs in jack and pulse audio when handling external audio.
Fix bug in chroma_blend transition.
Further code cleanup.
Fix text width for "show VJ keys" window.
Remove unnecessary deinterlacing from threaded player.
Added OSC commands /clip/selection/rte_apply, /clip/undo and /clip/redo.
Add libvisual plugins to correct submenu (regression).
Minor fixes for the rfx builder window.
Minor fixes for merge in clip editor.

Version 2.2.6 (16 Aug 2014)
Fix startup bug (regression) creating config file incorrectly.
Libav compatibility fixes.
Updates for gtk+ >= 3.10.0
Show warning when configured with gtk+ 3.10.x
Add support for freenect camera.
Minor code cleanups.

Version 2.2.5 (30 June 2014)
Fix crash (regression) in mpegts decoder.
Add support for mplayer2.

Version 2.2.4 (19 April 2014)
Fix compiler errors from 2.2.3
Fix GUI regression with gtk+ 3.0 < 3.8.0

Version 2.2.3 (13 April 2014)
Run data processing plugins in both video and audio threads.
Fix crash when loading device map (regression).
Fix bug which prevented audio changes from being recorded when audio analysers are running.
Updates for gtk+ >= 3.8.
Workaround for missing av_set_pts_info() in libav.
Fix to handle changed option order in ffmpeg.
Updated translations to Russian, Piemontese, Uk English, Spanish and Ukranian.

Version 2.2.2 (10 December 2013)
Fix crash in new multithreaded renderer.

Version 2.2.1 (10 December 2013)
Fix major error introduced in 2.2.0 which can break files when inserting frames.
Fix audio insert/encode problems for some non-standard frame rates.
Optimisations for copy/insert.

Version 2.2.0 (30 Nov 2013)
Add new avformat_decoder.
Optimisations for handling larger clips.
Use threading for pulling frames from video clips.
Much faster loading/saving of layouts in multitrack.
Fix crash in swscale when frame width is not multiple of 4.
Fix crash (regression) setting parameters in multitrack.
Fix breakage in multiple image loading.
Fix opening preview for quick opening clips.
Fix bug in "delete frames" for virtual clips.
Fix audio encoding in "Encode Selection"
Fixes for letterbox mode playback.
Compilation fixes for Debian Sid.
Various improvements to rte window.
Add "randomiser" data processing plugin.
Improvements to colour correction and tvpic effects.
Fix jack transport during playback (regression).
Fix for saving data connection mappings.
Implement multiple inputs per output in the data connector.
Optimised thread locking between audio and video effects threads.
Fix problems with setting defaults for colour values.
Decoder plugin fixes for ffmpeg 2.2 (needs further testing).
Preserve clip comments and renamed clip names between restarts (bugfix).
Small fixes for rfx_builder window.
Minor GUI improvements.
Add initial translation to Piemontese. (Simon Uslengh).
Updated translations to UK English, German, Russian and Ukranian.

Version 2.0.6 (6 Oct 2013)
Add new "clip thumbnails window" for dual head mode.
Add "Activated" and "Activate" pseudo-parameters in data connection mapper (in progress).
Fix bug (regression) with "clear" button in rte mapping window.
Fix possible issue with OSC constants lookups.
Add "kaleidoscope" realtime effect.
Fix crash when resetting playback speed and no audio is playing.
Enable "wrap" for relevant parameters when using keyboard control.
Fix vertical spacing error for radiobuttons in parameter windows.
Updated translation to Ukranian.

Version 2.0.5
Fix regression in "load new audio"
Clean up some minor compilation issues.
Improved support for dual monitors.

Version 2.0.4 (4 May 2013)
Fix regressions in Paste as New, Fade Audio In/Out, load images
Fix occasional crash in load new audio.
Fix bug affecting resizing some webcam frames.
Fix rowstride errors in effecTV plugins.
Add revTV effect.

Version 2.0.3 (10 April 2013)
Fix rounding error in multitrack audio insert.
Uncomment URL line in ogg_decoder.c

Version 2.0.2 (07 April 2013)
Fix compilation error in widget-helper.h
Fix compilation error in composite.c

Version 2.0.1 (07 April 2013)
Fix compilation error.

Version 2.0.0 (07 April 2013)
Fix crash in recording external audio with pulse player (regression).
Minor widget fixes with startup dialogs and labels (regression).
Refactor timeline drawing in multitrack.
Enable compilation with gtk+ 3.
Implement new timeline widget for gtk+ 3.
Prevent some audio being dropped when re-entering multitrack.
Fixes for beat_detector plugin.
Various optimisations and minor bugfixes.
Updates to all language translations (added translator credits).

Version 1.8.2 (27 January 2013)
Add (another) fix for double tyedef compilation error.
Allow renaming of tracks in multitrack window.
Fix weed_plugin_utils lib versioning issue.

Version 1.8.1 (26 January 2013)
Fix various bugs with the RFX builder menus.
Fix compilation error (double typedef).
Fix compilation for GTK+ < 2.24
Fix regression error in Resize All Frames.
Fix regression in Append Audio.
Fix crash in audio previews (open/append new audio).
Fix regression in encoding (after resample).
Add experimental neural_net compound effect.
Add motion_analyser compound effect.
Add mini tracker player in LiVES (fourKlives).
Various widget updates.
Make preview in fileselector more responsive.
Add new interface in RTE window for making/showing data connections.
Updated translations for German, Russian and Ukranian.

Version 1.8.0 (15 December 2012)
Fix breakage in multitrack effects (regression).
Fix crash when re-entering multitrack mode (regression).
Fix a crash in text parameter entry (regression).
Add support for compound filters.
Add new realtime effect - shift.
Add new data processing filters: alpha_means, data_processing.
Add new compound effect - image_stabilizer (requires openCV).

Version 1.6.4 (21 October 2012)
Updates to decoder plugins to work with current libav.
Fix crash in paramwindow textbuffers.
Add preference for internal/external audio.
Render audio with audio effects.
Allow use of audio effects in multitrack.
Fix crash after adding a new track with an existing event list.
Update youtube downloader to recognise links.
Fix regression for number of channels dropdown box in audio resampling.
Fix possible crash when remapping a filter with key defaults set.
Fix flickering preferences dialog on some window managers.
Updates to Spanish and German translations.

Version 1.6.3 (15 August 2012)
Fix regression in file open/enough.
Fix installation problem when pulseaudio is not installed.
Fix GUI exposure crash in multitrack window.
Prevent truncation of longer filenames in plugin interfaces.
Add support for audio analyser plugins.
Add support for audio processing plugins.
Add support for LADSPA plugins.
Add beat detector plugin.
Fixes for rare crashes/bugs in plugin interface windows.
Group effects by package in the effect mapper window and defaults menu.
Add OSC commands for out channels, out parameters and data chaining.

Version 1.6.2 (24 June 2012)
Clean up timer code.
Show more accurate progress for rendering after recording.
Call init triggers for rendered transitions.
Fix triggers for rendered effects (regression).
Fix regression in file open preview.
Add workaround for breakage in mplayer/ffmpeg (see
Fix hang in Preferences open when image type is set to jpeg (regression).
Fix regression in undo cut.
Fix regression for pad audio.
Quick opening of mpegts files.
Faster backup/restore.
Enable exchange of layouts between 32 bit and 64 bit systems.
Add support for video analyser plugins.
Add support for data processing plugins.
Add support for audio generator plugins.

Version 1.6.1
Optimise playback by tweaking audio settings.
Fix regression in backup.
Fix floating point fps bug for mkv decoder. *
Fix external window capture to work with Compiz.
Add (experimental) openGL playback plugins. (Thanks to Antti Silvast).
Minor GUI fixes.
Implement recording of external audio during playback.
Prevent clip names getting squashed in sets. *
Further code cleanup.
Updated translations to Ukranian, Finnish and UK English.

Version 1.6.0 (14 January 2012)
Handle reconnection to pulse / jack more robustly.
Clean up diskspace properly on exit. *
Improved handling of split audio blocks.
Allow setting of playback start and end times via OSC.
Implement "autolives" toy.
Fix several annoying GUI issues.
Fix threaded palette conversion uyvy -> rgb. *
Fix warning text in vloopback2 playback plugin. *
Fix audio encoding for webm format. *
Fix encoding when up sampling with letterbox. *
Fix remaining compilation issue in mkv_decoder.c *
Robustness changes part 1. (check for read/write errors in front end)
Robustness changes part 2. (check for system errors in front end)
Robustness changes part 3. (check for read/write/system errors in the back end)
Major code cleanup for 1.6.0
Updated translations to UK English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Finnish, Ukranian, Uzbek and Telugu.

Version 1.3.12 (10 Dec 2011)
Stop PAL formats changing to NTSC in x264 encoder.
Fix bug to add fewer blank lines to ~/.lives file.
Do not show "Loaded subtitles" message when subtitles are not loaded.
Move correct pointer (start or end) when the timeline is clicked in longer files.

Fix important bug with audio shifting when leaving/re-entering multitrack mode.
Fix antialias option in Preferences (regression).
Fix buttons in Frame Calculator (regression).
Fix updating of parameters with fileread textfields.
Restore missing rte plugins which were omitted from the last release.
Fix device listing for vloopback output plugin.
Add new omc commands: /lives/constant/value/get, /video/loop/set,
/video/loop/get, /video/pingpong/set,
Try to force showing of vpp advanced and parameter dialogs on GUI screen.
Fix bugs in append_audio (regression).
Fix undo/redo effect in multitrack (regression)
Fix broken opening of float and reverse endian audio.
Fix hang when applying effect to a single frame in a virtual clip.

Version 1.4.9 (8 December 2011)
Add support for v4l2loopback output.
Implement instant opening of webm / matroska clips.
Implement a Youtube download tool.
Fix crash recovery for virtual clips.
Fix crash when showing preview frame in multitrack (regression).
Optimise memory for multiplanar images.
Fix compilation problem (not finding weed-palettes.h)

Version 1.4.8 (26 Nov 2011)
Optimise resizing for virtual clips.
Implement letterbox mode for fullscreen playback.
Implement letterbox mode for encoding.
Playback start may now be triggered by joystick or MIDI.
Implement threading for some palette conversions.
Load pngs directly using libpng.
Use libswscale for internal scaling if possible.
Fix bugs in append_audio (regression). *
Fix undo/redo effect in multitrack (regression) *
Set default back to "loop video to fit audio".
Add new encoder formats flv and wmv2/wma to mencoder_encoder.
Fix missing audio for kvcd encoding.
Various minor fixes.
Initial language support for Uyghur [Gheyret T. Kenji]
Updated translations for Chinese (Simplified), Finnish, Japanese, Slovak, Spanish, Telugu, Ukranian and Uzbek.

Version 1.4.7 (15 Oct 2011)
Instant opening of asf (wmv) files.
Fix broken opening of float and reverse endian audio. *
Implement enable/disable of individual decoder plugins in Preferences.
Complete translation to Japanese (Takashi Sakamoto, Shunshi Kurose and others).
Updated translations to Ukranian, Spanish and Polish.

Version 1.4.6 (27 Aug 2011)
Fix hang when applying effect to a single frame in a virtual clip. *
Fix decoding for some ogg/theora files with broken keyframes.
Add several new OMC commands.
Compatibility fixes for frei0r 1.2.
Various minor fixes.

Version 1.4.5 (23 July 2011)
Add -tmpdir startup option.
Stop PAL formats reverting to NTSC in x264 encoder. *
Fix bug to add fewer blank lines to ~/.lives file. *
Do not show "Loaded subtitles" message when subtitles are not loaded. *
Instant opening of some .flv files.
Move correct pointer (start or end) when the timeline is clicked in longer files. *
Add video fade in/out effect.
Fix frames being cut after applying effects in virtual clips. *
Clean up code for rendered effects post-processing. *
Clean up code for dynamic menu building.
Front end stability fixes.
Mouse scroll now switches clips in the play window too.

Version 1.4.4 (13 June 2011)
Fix compilation problem for missing linux/videodev.h

Version 1.4.3 (11 June 2011)
Fix important bug with audio shifting when leaving/re-entering multitrack mode. *
Add support for spacial multithreading in effects plugins.
Fix antialias option in Preferences (regression). *
Fix buttons in Frame Calculator (regression). *
Fix updating of parameters with fileread textfields. *
Add new oggstream playback plugin.
Add new realtime effects: RGB_delay, YUV_delay and mask_overlay.
Updated translations to Brazilian Portuguese, German, Japanese and Ukranian.
* = backported to 1.3.12 (stable version)

Version 1.4.2 (26 Mar 2011)
Restore missing rte plugins which were omitted from the last release. *
Fix device listing for vloopback output plugin. *
Add new omc commands: /lives/constant/value/get, /video/loop/set,
/video/loop/get, /video/pingpong/set,
/video/pingpong/get *
Handle saving and restoring of alternate video playback plugin settings.
Try to force showing of vpp advanced and parameter dialogs on GUI screen. *
Update libweed to 0.5.0
Updated translations to Simplified Chinese and Hungarian.
* = backported to 1.3.12 (stable version)

Version 1.4.1 (try 2) (21 Feb 2011) - aka 1.3.11
Fix compilation error *properly*
Fixes for gen blank frames and gen title frames with png format.

Version 1.4.1 (20 Feb 2011)
Fix compilation error when system Weed not present.
Fix missing return value in one function.

Version 1.4.0 (17 Feb 2011) - a.k.a 1.3.11
Added new encoder formats to x264_encoder (h264/aac/mp4 super high quality) and DivX Plus HD.
Implemented autotransition in multitrack.
Added unicap device support.
Implemented drag and drop of media files into gui.
Updates to x264/blu-ray format.
Added audio caching to jack audio player.
Fixed a possible crash when loading the default keymap.
Fixed crash when recording parameters set from a parameter window.
Removed startup warning for xmms not found.
Set fps default to 25.0 for frei0r sources, use default_fps for others.
Added several new OSC commands.
Minor improvements for non-local playback plugins.
Updates for vloopback output plugin.
Fix crash after encoding fails (regression).
Updates for breakage in ffmpeg_encoder and transcode_encoder.
Add pkg-config files for libweed, add weed_setup() prototype, and bump version number to 0.4.0.
Started adding doxygen documentation.
Add startup option "-fxmodesmax"
Add support for FREIOR_PATH environment variable.
Fix -debug mode.
Increase gtk+ recommended version to 2.16 or higher.
Various minor fixes and updates.
Updated translations to Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

Version 1.0.10 (15 October 2010)
Backported fixes from development branch.

Version 1.3.10 (19 Sep 2010)
Fix regression in multitrack effects rendering.
Updated translation to Ukranian.

Version 1.0.9
Various fixes backported from 1.2.0

Version 1.2.1 (27 Feb 2010)
Fix crash when opening ogg/theora files (regression).
Updated translations to Catalan, Finnish, Hungarian, and Spanish.

Version 1.2.0 (21 Feb 2010)
GUI updates for multitrack mode.
Implement drag and drop effects in multitrack mode.
Allow continuous mouse movement on multitrack timeline.
Allow timecode to be edited in multitrack mode.
Switching to->from multitrack mode maintains the layout in memory.
Allow startup in mt mode.
Better scrolling of tracks in multitrack.
Implement progressive image loading.
Change multitrack "snap mode" to "gravity left" / "gravity normal"
Allow jack transport to set play start position.
Add option of resizing frames to fit in clip editor interface.
Removed "File/Encode" ("File/Encode as" is safer)
New startup wizard for first time users.
Added Help/Troubleshoot.
Faster frame generation for realtime generators.
Add python 3 support to multi_encoder.
Add OSC commands /clip/close,/clip/copy,/clip/selection/copy,/clip/selection/cut,/clip/selection/delete,/clipboard/paste,/clipboard/insert_before,/clipboard/insert_after.
Fixed a possible bootstrap issue with weed plugins. *
Fixed an encoder/png problem. *
Fixed image loading (regression).
Fixed problem with crash recovery restoring a file twice. *
Fixed some minor memory leaks. *
Handle SIGABRT correctly. *

Initial translations to Telugu, Ukranian and Romanian. Updated translations to Arabic, Catalan, Simplified Chinese, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, Galician, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Turkish, Uzbek and others.

* Backported to 1.0.9

Version 1.0.8 (28 Dec 2009)
Fix minor multitrack compositor issue.

Version 1.1.8
Fix regression with encoding with audio.
Fix minor multitrack compositor issue.

Version 1.0.7 (27 Dec 2009)
Set encoder output format correctly on first startup.
Fix problems when mt compositor/transition has 0 input frames.
Minor compilation updates for OSX and others.
Resample/undo resample was leaving extra frames in clip.
Fix some very rare crash conditions.

Version 1.1.7 (27 Dec 2009)
Set encoder output format correctly on first startup. *
Fix problems when mt compositor/transition has 0 input frames. *
Add sox to startup button group.
Allow use of png for internal image format.
Optimise frame pump for virtual clips/rendered effects.
Fix some audio conversion inaccuracies.
Update all encoders to current versions of externals.
Resample/undo resample was leaving extra frames in clip. *
Minor compilation updates for OSX and others. *
Fix some very rare crash conditions. *

Initial translations to Arabic, Catalan, Estonian, Galician and Uzbek.

Updated translations to Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

Version 1.0.6 (15 Nov 2009)
Fix crash when recording with audio gets activated during silent clip.
Fix compilation with ENABLE_JACK undefined. (thanks Holgero).
Fix warnings from gcc 4.4

Version 1.1.6 (15 Nov 2009)
Make keyboard more responsive in fs mode.
Fix hang/crash in pulse audio player with pa 0.9.19.
Fix -aplayer startup opts (regression).
Stop blocks from moving when they are double clicked in mt window.
Fix audio channel mismatch when reloading mt auto backup.
Allow setting of start and end frames for clips in the mt window.
Fix warnings from gcc 4.4 *
Fix crash when recording with audio gets activated during silent clip. *
Fix compilation with ENABLE_JACK undefined. (thanks Holgero and others). *
Add new realtime transitions: iris rectangle, iris circle, 4 way split, dissolve.
Add -debug startup option to help analyse crash situations.
Updated translations for Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish.

Version 1.0.5 (27 Oct 2009)
Fix libvisual startup crash (regression).
Fix multitrack effects breakage (regression).
Fix set locking with symlinked executable.
Fix handling of characters " andin string parameters.
Always show Tools->Generators submenu.
Fix memory leak in rendered effect preview.
Plug some minor memory leaks.
Fixes for Darwin compilation.

Version 1.1.5 (27 Oct 2009)
Fix libvisual startup crash (regression) *
Fix memory leak in pulse audio player.
Fix memory leak in rendered effect preview. *
Fix handling of characters " andin string parameters. *
Fix set locking with symlinked executable. *
Fix rt effect to key mapping (regression).
Fix jack startup for new users.
New aspect/blocksize algorithm for more succesful encoding.
Show encoder debugging info within the application.
Add multi core support for mjpegtools_encoder.
Always show Tools->Generators submenu. *
Plug some minor memory leaks. *
Fixes for Darwin compilation. *
Updates for Finnish, German and Spanish translations.

Version 1.0.4 (16th October 2009)
Fade audio out was skipping last frame in selection.
Fix some minor memory leaks.
libweed: add missing weed_deinit_f to weed.h
libweed: fix for free and copy 0 length data
Fix a crash when autoreloading layouts.
Set correct filename in "File -> Save..." (regression).
Fade audio in/out should not be active with no file loaded.
Do not remove recovery files for other users.

Version 1.1.4 (15th October 2009)
Auto backup of multitrack layouts.
Allow mouse scroll to switch clips.
Allow selection of aspect ratio for custom mjpegtools format. (Thanks Doug).
Fix for solaris patch.
Transfer focus between clip editor and multitrack.
Fade audio out was skipping last frame in selection. *
Fix several small memory leaks. *
Improved handling of locale filenames.
Call weed_desetup() when unloading weed plugins.
libweed: add missing weed_deinit_f to weed.h *
libweed: fix for free and copy 0 length data *
Fix a crash when autoreloading layouts. *
Do not remove recovery files for other users. *
Set correct filename in "File -> Save..." (regression). *
Fade audio in/out should not be active with no file loaded. *
Updated translations to Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Slovak, and Spanish.

Version 1.0.3 (27th September 2009)
Fix a bug relating to reloading of multitrack audio tracks.
Fix radix issue in mjpegtools encoder (thanks Doug).
Fix multitrack audio mixer (regression).
Undoing load new audio should restore original audio.
Fix build error for BSD.

Version 1.1.3 (27th September 2009) development
Increase gtk+ level to gtk+ 2.14 or higher.
Add support for pulse audio.
Improve the help menu.
Make disk cleanup more vigorous.
Show list of sets in File -> Reload clip set.
Show event list for selected time only.
Fix a bug relating to reloading of multitrack audio tracks. *
Fix radix issue in mjpegtools encoder (thanks Doug). *
Fix multitrack audio mixer (regression). *
Fixes for building on solaris (thanks Milan Jurik).
Undoing load new audio should restore original audio. *
Fix build error for BSD. *
Initial translation to Finnish (thanks Jussi Aalto and Mika Filpus).
Updated translations for Brazilian Portuguese, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
* backported to 1.0.3

Version 1.0.2
Fix startup crash when loading frei0r plugins.
Fix hang/crash in rfx builder rebuild.
Fix strange error message when cancelling "load device map".

Version 1.1.2 (12th September 2009) development
Fix startup crash when loading frei0r plugins. *
Fix hang/crash in rfx builder rebuild. *
Increase gtk+ level to gtk+ 2.12 or higher.
Update "about" dialog.
Update volume button.
Fix strange error message when cancelling "load device map". *
* backported to 1.0.2

Version 1.0.1 (9th September 2009)
Fix crash when loop continuous is pressed with no file loaded.
Fix MIDI/js device load/save for 64 bits.
Fix possible crash in MIDI/js learner.
Fix controller matching bug in MIDI/js learner.
Fix oversized constants in jack connection timeout.
Fix occasional freeze in background clip.
Encoder pixel block size bugfix.
Fix broken audio in encode selection.
Fix some file open checks in omc-learn.c
Correctly show effect keys > 10 in effect mapper.
Remove ancient debian and redhat files.
Updated translations for Brazilian Portuguese, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Version 1.1.1 (9th Sept 2009) development
Fix crash when loop continuous is pressed with no file loaded. *
Fix MIDI/js device load/save for 64 bits. *
Reduce external control latency to 4 ms.
Fix possible crash in MIDI/js learner. *
Add alsa-midi support. (thanks ORL)
Fix MIDI note on/note off (were swapped).
Allow cycling of effect key mode via MIDI/js.
Add startup option -devicemap. (thanks ORL)
Fix controller matching bug in MIDI/js learner. *
Fix oversized constants in jack connection timeout. *
Fix occasional freeze in background clip. *
Encoder pixel block size bugfix. *
Fix broken audio in encode selection. *
Fix some file open checks in omc-learn.c *
Correctly show effect keys > 10 in effect mapper. *
Updated config.guess and
Updated gettext to 0.17
Remove ancient debian and redhat files.
Initial translation to en_GB (thanks Harry Rickards and Helen McCall).
Updated translations for Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
* backported to 1.0.1 (stable branch)

Version 1.0 (22 July 2009)
Fixes for joystick/MIDI learner.
Fixed crash after recording audio for selection.
Fixed crash after deleting then replacing audio.
Fix breakage in encoding a selection.
Mt GUI and theme refinements.
Initial translation to Hebrew (thanks Lielf).
Updated translations to Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Japanese and Slovak.

Version 1.0-pre2 (7 July 2009)
Fix Tools/Resize (regression).
Fix crash when clicking anchor in multitrack (regression).
Allow opening of dv files > 2GB.
Fix for a/v sync problem in large dv files.
Add preference to create symlinks only in /tmp (required for dynebolic).
Fix encoding error in mencoder_encoder (regression).
Fix layout memory estimation error (was causing crash in mt undo/redo).
New theme (crayons) for 1.0
Suppress error when no theme is selected (regression)
Complete fix for non-C locale encoding.
Initial translation to Slovak (thanks Milboy).
Updated Japanese, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, and Italian translations.

Version 1.0-pre1 (15 June 2009)
Fix resampling bug (regression).
Fix some problems with inserting selections in mt, and with inserting audio
after playback.
Fix potential crash in multitrack playback.
Fixed numerous layout loading bugs.
Trim frames/add border should resize to the border size.
Play back at correct speed when switching between files (regression) (relnote).
Allow mixing of background and foreground generators.
Allow setting of generator target fps.
More robust gtk+ startup.
Splash screen.
Many minor fixes and updates.
Initial translation to Simplified Chinese (thanks Yinghua Wang)
Updated translations to Italian, Japanese and Polish.

Version (1 Jun 2009)
Implement realtime mixing of audio in multitrack mode.
Fix rendering of frames on layers >0 (regression).
Correct various bugs with realtime audio recording/rendering.
Fix incorrect reporting of affected layout frames.
Add initial Russian translation (thanks to Andrey Staravoitov and Xen).
Much improved Italian translation (thanks to Guybrush88).

Version (30 Apr 2009)
Fix track visibility when on video track > 0 (regression).
Right click in separate window will save frame (regression).
Improved usability of audio_transition.
Fix crash in text parameters (regression).
Improved handling of jack startup problems.
Fix mt time selection with mouse mode select.
Implement several new OMC commands for the background clip.
Audio fade in/out can now be applied to the selection.
Remove redundant "bgcolour" preference.
Add initial Turkish translation (thanks to "gamer").

Version (26/03/07)
Fix random crash in multitrack playback.
Fix compilation with --disable-osc (regression)
Faster resampling when inserting multiple times from the clipboard into
the same target clip.
Add RFX special widget "framedraw|singlepoint"
Fix crash in "compositor" effect (regression)
Fix visual interpolation of floats in the mt window.
Add "targetted zoom" realtime effect.
Make it more obvious when the user can draw on the frame preview.
GUI improvements for the multitrack window.
Updated Czech translation (thanks to Martin Svoboda).
Correct Czech language code to "cs" instead of "cz" (thanks to Martin Svoboda).
Add multitrack "expanded" view.
Add time scrollbar in multitrack.
Add multitrack options "follow playback" and "center on cursor".
Improved checks when setting a target encoder.
Show a warning before viewing a very large event list.

Version (15/03/07)
Code cleanup.
Add many startup options and help text.
Simplify LiVES OSC startup.
Updates to videojack sender/receiver.
Fix threading problem when saving a set.
Optimise some realtime effects.
Configuration fixes.
Add "slide over" realtime transition.
OSC improvements.
Show pointers on all tracks during playback.
Fix erroneous deletion of filter maps when loading layouts.
Allow "mark" (using "m" key) during playback in multitrack mode.
Multitrack stability fixes.
Fix bug where layouts could not be loaded after a crash recovery.
Allow playback from any position in the multitrack timeline.
Implement rewind in multitrack.
Fix crash when converting palette for frames with width not divisible by 4.

Version (19/12/06)
Fix broken "header_version" in clip headers (backported to 0.9.8 on
Fix broken downsampling of video and reloading (backported to 0.9.8 on

Add experimental 3gp encoding support in ffmpeg_encoder (needs testing).
Check for memory errors when quantising.
Update Czech and Portuguese translations.

Version 0.9.8 (16/12/06)
Added effect "bumpmap".
Fix crash in "textfun" effect.
Fix "alien_overlay" (again).
Compilation updates for IRIX platform.
Updates for video jack.
Fix crash when stopping a generator with no files loaded (regression).
Set more reasonable defaults for generator framerates.
Fix snap to overlap with mouse mode select.
Fixes for encoder/format selection boxes.
Fully updated Czech translation (thanks to Martin Svobodicz).

Version 0.9.8-test1
Add "plasma" generator.
Fix crash when editing effects by double clicking.
Faster startup, set loading and set saving.
Allow optional saving/loading of width, height and audio values when saving/loading a layout.
Allow adjustment of width, height and audio values in mt.
Audio volume and pan effect in mt.
Show audio volume parameters in mt.
Fix reverse audio playback in multitrack (regression).
Fix audio resampling signed/unsigned bug (regression).
Faster audio rendering in multitrack.
Add Fade audio in/out feature for clips in clip editor.
Option to render only audio or only video.
Finalise Weed audio spec. version 1.0
Finalise Weed event spec. version 1.0
Code cleanup.
Add optional support for liboil.
More accurate opening of file selections (remove workarounds for buggy
older versions of mplayer).
Fixed alien overlay effect (regression).
Improve realtime generator performance.
Only set parameter node values for parameters which are changed.
Add volume slider when using jack audio player.
Improve menubar transport buttons.
Record audio to new clip.
Record new audio for selection.
Option to grab audio when recording external window.
Set maximum record time and framerate when recording external window.
Add new fonts to textfun effect.
Update Weed effects spec to 1.1.
Finalise LiVES clip header specification 1.0.

Version 0.9.8-pre2 (19/11/06)
Fix compilation errors when compiling without jack.
Show a warning message when compiling without jack.
Update to jack >= 1.0
Show/hide audio track(s) from View menu.
Show/hide context box from View menu.
Add multitrack menu option Edit|Ignore selection limits when inserting audio.
Fix crash in interpolation of boolean parameters.
Fixes for jack audio pause/unpause.
Fix crash if Preferences are opened with no clip loaded.
Fix compilation on OSX/Darwin.
Adjust audio block start/end points and velocity.

Version 0.9.8-pre1
Add audio track and audio preferences to multitrack window.
Fix a layout save/load bug.
Fix trim_frame/add border (so it adds a border again)
Allow recording of audio events.
Fix undo cut after speed-changed audio has been deleted.

Version 0.9.7
Multitrack effect fixes.
Show effects at frame
Edit effect
Delete effect
Allow deletion of parameter change at time 0.
Reorder effects
Adjust region using spinbuttons
Further file loading improvements.
Fix memory errors affecting some systems (gdk-pixbuf hack).
Copy selection -> timecode and vice-versa.

Version 0.9.7-pre2
Make switching audio players easier.
Fixed a few crash bugs.
Multitrack improvements:
Dragging a clip to before start will insert it at time 0.
Shift-left-arrow and shift-right-arrow move left and right 1 frame
Zoom in/zoom out in multitrack.
Jump to boundary now uses 2 keys
Implement auto effect preview option
Implement autoreload clip set, and autoreload layout
Fix for exporting projects which are not in a set.
Keep disk cleaner (remove empty sets).

Version 0.9.7-pre1 (29/08/06)
Fix for appending clips to an existing set
Add realtime deinterlace filter
Fix some bugs with setting filter parameters in multitrack
Add "apply effect to region" in multitrack
Add support for applying transitions in multitrack
Add support for loading files with "strange" audio values
Improved file opening
Add support for compositors in multitrack
Add multirect special widget

Version 0.9.6
Add drag'n'drop in the multitrack window.
Prompt to save layout on multitrack exit.
Double click on clip opens it in clip editor
Add multi-level "undo"/"redo" in multitrack window.
Multitrack preferences : prompt for encoder or use a default
Multitrack preferences : memory for undo/redo
Multitrack preferences : return to clip editor after rendering
Move block, split block
Toggle for "Move effects with blocks"

Prompt to save clip set on exit
Move load_set, add close all clips

Export/Import Project
Add lives-dvgrab
If jack is present on first startup, it will be set as default audio player

Mouse mode: select
Remove all gaps in selection
Remove first gap in selection
Snap on/off
Select to end time
Select from zero time

Fix regression with saving/loading effect defaults.
Add "auto" audio listener for libvisual plugins.

Version 0.9.6-pre4 (11/06/06)
Further improvements to image opening
Fix hang when switching audio player to jack if jack is not started
Code cleanup
Multitrack improvements (apply effect to selected block; save layout;
load layout; set parameter nodes in effects)
Add multi_blends realtime transition pack.
Prevent spurious double messages from being shown in the message area.
Rationalise clip headers and sets.
Implement set locking while set in use.
Add crash recovery feature.
Optimise "delete all audio".
Allow recording of effect parameter changes.
Provide interpolation of effect parameter changes for rendering and
Show time estimates on most operations.
Pre-encode bugfixes.
Prompt for encoder settings when saving a clip.

Version 0.9.6-pre3
Begin moving up to gtk+-2.4
Add colourkey and vertigo realtime effects
Add initial jack audio support
Fix resampling problem (mono/stereo)
Updates to encoder plugins (thanks Marco !)
Fix image opening regression
Fix gcc-4 crash with colour parameters
Allow longer "filenames" for streams

Version 0.9.6-pre2 (28/02/06)
Bugfix opening video with no audio (regression)
Bugfix opening when LiVES is running in the background (mplayer issue)
Bugfix opening preview hanging at end (regression)
Add "layout_blends" realtime effect.
Improve RFX layout (add more sliders).
Suggest frame size and fps depending on target encoder when going into
multitrack mode.

Version 0.9.6-pre1 (16/02/06)
Allow setting and saving of parameter defaults for realtime effects.
Allow setting of default sizes for generators
Add package files for redhat and debian (thanks to contributors !)
Throttle CPU usage during playback
Add "Jack integration" tab in preferences
Some fixes for gcc 4.
Allow up to 64 "virtual" real time effect keys
Updates to RFX spec and RFX builder to better integrate with realtime effects
Fix for buggy opening of mono clips (finally)
Support more colorspace conversions, fix some palette conversion errors
Add colour correction filter
Preview when applying rendered effects

Version 0.9.5 (30/12/05)
Switched from livido to Weed effects/events framework
Fixed crash in error dialog
Added support for Frei0r effects
Added effect/clip-switch recording to default record mode.
Compiler fixes for AMD64.
Added support for automatic palette conversion/resizing.
Fixes for recording/rendering from generators.
Added Portuguese translation (thanks to VJ pixel).

Version 0.9.5-pre6 (09/12/05)
Add initial multitrack window.
Add jack transport support.
Experimental video jack support.
Changed timing format again, now internal format is int64_t, in 100ths
of a microsecond.
Added -fPIC to compile options for livido-plugins (for AMD64 and PPC)
Fix to mencoder_encoder (improves quality for mjpeg encoding).
Fix to transcode encoder (update to transcode 1.0.1)
Fix to qtutils encoder (add undocumented -l)
Fixed crash in text_overlay and other effects.

Version 0.9.5-pre5
Add in "mplayer -identify" fix (was accidentally omitted in release).
Fix 2 more stability bugs for VJ mode.
Add more realtime effects.
Fix DISTDIR for for icons and RFXScripts.
Show progress when resampling/reordering.
Use "long" for timing, instead of "long double".
Improve realtime recording.
Updates to multi_encoder/subencoders (thanks Marco).
Made realtime effects and clip switches recordable.
Added "event_list" to LiVES.
Created internal architecture for multi-track rendering.

Version 0.9.5-pre4
Added Japanese translation (thanks to Jun Iio).
Fixed fullscreen mode when there are no playback plugins.
Removed support for gtk+2.0, now only gtk+2.2+ supported.
Added real time effects window, fixed some livido init/deinit bugs.
Bring livido support up to April 2005 spec.
Fixed audio resampling bug when LiVES does an auto resample before saving.
Updated frame rates in mjpegtools encoder to use ratio fps.
Output from "mplayer -identify" changed. Fix smogrify to support new
output format.
Begin work to bring livido support up to June 2005 spec.
Add support for colourspace rgb32.
Begin porting effecTV effects to Livido.
Fix bug: when all frames are deleted, and then this is undone, restore
the old frame size.
Fix regression: undo_delete should put back deleted audio.
Wrote new realtime effect: textfun.
Added a "Files/cleanup diskspace" menu option.

Version 0.9.5-pre3
Updated encoders, python versions >=2.3.4 now supported. (Marco)
Add noisify effect (Marco)
Fix "export custom RFX" (salsaman)
Added string_list type to RFX.

Version 0.9.5-pre2.2 (released 26/03/05)
Add pdf_encoder to CVS (ommited by accident)
Layout fix for trim frames/add border
Build fixes for packagers
Fix bug in smogrify when upgrading from 0.9.1

Version 0.9.5-pre2 (released 25/03/05)
Run RFX post-loop code on a cancel/keep.
Fixed "open new audio" and "append audio" (regression).
Add avi_encoder which was accidentally omitted.
Theora aspect ratio fix (thanks Marco).
Add text_overlay and transition_checkerboard RFX effects.
Add libvisual_020 wrapper for libvisual 0.2.0. Fixes most libvisual memory leaks, adds gforce randomisation,
and adds a new visual (corona).
Fix and improve encodedv_encoder plugin.
Add more audio rates to the multi_encoder (Marco).
Fix hang at end of opening preview.
Allow direct opening of .mod and .xm audio files (with mplayer compile options).
Put parameter windows in a scrolled window.
Put i18n translations back in Preferences (regression).
Add pdf_encoder.

Version 0.9.5-pre1 (released 24/01/05)
Fix locale language regression (thanks to Insomniak for help testing)
Update to build system to allow build from non-source dir (thanks to
Mike Castle)
Remove all dependencies on mplayer (patch for debian)
Misc build fixes, including *BSD fixes.
Support for RFX string parameters
Added 7 new RFX rendered effects: photo/still, posterize, brightness_change, hue_change, saturation_change,
pixilate and modulate.
Updates to encoders (thanks Marco) - support for Snow, h264 and xvid.
Fixes for easier compilation/running on *BSD (thanks to gunnut and NicM).
LC_NUMERIC fix for plugins.

Version 0.9.1 (released 07/12/04)
Encoder updates, many fixes.

Version 0.9.1-pre7
Finished livido generator handling - integrated with libvisual plugins
Bug fixes/improvements for encoder plugins.
- Aspect ratio is now correctly calculated.
- Audio codec is updated when the output format changes.
- updates to multi encoder; added support for encoding to theora, MNG, animated gif and dirac formats (Marco)
- made livido default system for realtime effects
- fix bug where audio codec of "none" would crash LiVES
- added initial OSC/OMC support (configure --enable-OSC)
- livido updates
- fixes for ppc
- fixes for gentoo
- updated build system (make install now works, SDL and mjpegtools autodetected all plugins built from source where possible)

Version 0.9.1-pre6 (Salsaman)
Keyboard fixes for some window managers.
Improved livido support, added libvisual hooks (still in development).

Version 0.9.1-pre5 (Salsaman, with help from nelburg)
Improved performance of SDL playback plugin.
Added yuv4mpeg streaming playback plugin.
Added support for yuv420 input and mixing.
Check encoder restrictions before prompting for file save name.
Fixed a bug with audio codec not being remembered.
Project save directory bug is now fixed.

Version 0.9.1-pre4 (Salsaman, Laurent Lalanne, Ales Zemene, and Marco de la Cruz)
Fixed locale support in LiVES, initial support for fr_FR (French) translation was
added. Thanks to Laurent Lalanne, lead French translator.
A new theme, camera, was added - also contributed by Laurent Lalanne.
Czech language support was added, thanks to Ales Zemene.
Some minor RFX fixes - active widget is remembered between calls to effects.
Fixed some build errors in build-lives-rfx-plugin
Made the init trigger a "heavyweight" trigger, i.e. it can call subroutines in
smogrify. Fixed error handling in pre/loop/post/init_trigger and documented same.
Fixed various trigger problems in RFX builder. Added move up/down for parameter
window hints.
Some changes were made to handle non-Perl encoder plugins. Added support for the
multi_encoder (contributed by Marco). LiVES can now encode to ogg/mp4 and Matroska mp4.
Many minor fixes in RFX scripts.
Added RFX rendered transitions.

Version 0.9.1-pre3 (salsaman)
Implemented the new RFX (rendered effect plugins) system:
Made a command line routine (build-plugin) which can build rendered
effect plugins from scripts.
Converted all LiVES rendered effects and some tools to plugins. Optimised the
rendered effects, and fixed a few minor glitches in them.
Added new effects : deinterlace, blur, spread, adjust contrast,
despeckle, emboss, remove subtitles (thanks Marco; requires python2.3)
Added frame calculator and the kruler custom plugin.
Small optimisation for image directory loading.
Split encoding/effects tabs in Preferences. Added a new pref
Removed 'effects command' from preferences and ~/.lives as it is no
longer necessary.
Internally: added new lives_rendered_effect_t and lives_param_t
structures. Created functions to generate parameter windows from a
lives_rendered_effect_t and g_list's of window hints and triggers.
Started implementing the new 'Advanced' menu.
Made the effects/tools/advanced|run test rfx menu entry be dynamically
Created RFX builder window (still some rough edges...)
Fixed some file close ommisions (oops) !

Version 0.9.1-pre1 (salsaman)
Added preliminary support for LiViDO effect plugins. (See: LiVES will fully support this new architecture.
Add initial support for rendered effect plugins and plugin generation from script- (still in progress).
Added 'Decoding' tab in Preferences.
Use internal key polling function during playback. No more crazy cursor keys in
other applications :-) Removed 'disable fast key repeat' pref.
Important fix in smogrify to ensure that images are all opened in RGB24 format.
Change tooltips for play buttons, they should now change from 'Play All' to
'Preview' appropriately.
Allow cancel after recording external window.
Do not show error dialogs in 'capture' mode.
Fixed a hang when 'capture external window' gets no images (regression).
Removed dependency on jpeg (thanks for the testing Marco !). Allow png to be used
Fixed a bug where fixed horizontal shift would not wrap.
Don't show 'resize' menu option if 'convert' is not present.
Allow undo of 'Load new audio'.
Remove all dependencies on 'mogrify'; use 'convert' everywhere instead.
Changed the mplayer interface code so that mplayer player works again. If anyone
from mplayer ever reads this, please can you stop changing your $%*@#$!@ -mf
format !! Thanks :-)
Only check encoder audio restrictions if we are encoding with audio.
Add an mjpegtools encoder for encoding to mpeg.
Add extra encoding restrictions for mpeg encoding (aspect ratio, pixel block
Calculate best combination of aspect and block size for encoding.
Add button on menu bar for 'Show Play Window'
Hitting return in most spinbuttons should now activate 'OK'.

Version 0.9.0pre1
Make the default focus be on the slider when play window is opened.
Allow 'Escape' key to cancel effects/etc.
Show 'Mono' in GUI for mono sound (regression).
When the key realtime effect is a transition, and the transition is on, and LiVES is playing,
next_clip (ctrl-page-down), previous_clip (ctrl-page-up) and store_clip (Fn key)
will change the background (blend_file) instead of foreground (current_file). [notify]
If a set is loaded, it will be preserved on a segfault.
'Trim audio to play start' now works in audio only files, thus giving a crude wav file trimmer.
Fixed bug with backup/restore of audio only clips.
Stop playback when 'Quit' is activated (was causing problems in fs mode).
Add support for swf encoding, including audio rate restrictions.
Allow preview for 'append audio'.
Made some small fixes so the code compiles under gcc 2.9.x again.
Set frame size to 0x0 when all frames are deleted.
Changed the menu entry 'Trim Audio' to 'Trim/Pad Audio' to make its function clearer.
Fixed a problem where padding with silence could sometimes end mid-sample.
Optimised directory loading a little.
Fixed a streaming problem by allowing 'do not send bandwidth' in open location.
Fix use of 'enough' when opening an image directory.
Fixed code to compile with gcc 2.9.x (thanks Clay).

Version 0.8.5
Improved playback performance, particularly when playing in a separate window.
Fixed occasional hangs with the 'enough' and 'preview' buttons when loading.
Re-enabled backspace key for start/end selectors.
Implemented first playback plugin (SDL).
Allow multiple realtime effects, and rendering of realtime effects.
Changed wording on menu toggles to make them clearer (hopefully).
Added play buttons on the main menu.
Show selection length and time in the GUI.
Split interface.c into interface.c and gui.c
Switch back to previous clip when open/restore/capture is cancelled.
Put frame preview in play window.
Check that file exists after saving.
Allow performance recording when 'loop continuous' is on.
Allow 'none' theme to be selected again (regression).
Added 'delete selected audio','delete all audio' and 'insert silence' menu options.
Added support for resampling variable fps--->fixed fps.
Turned 'shrink' effect into 'shrink/expand'
Improved performance of 'random zoom'
Added 'colour filter' effect.
Give a warning and clean up if backup runs out of disk space.
Trim bottom blank row from captured windows.
Show length of selection in main window.
Show previews for images in the fileselector.
Correct some memory errors in rgb2uyvy conversion.
Make backup/restore more efficient
Improve trim frames dialog (part 1)
Make new framedraw widget (framedraw.c)
Clear up some disk space issues.
Add basic support for grabbing from firewire (using dvgrab)
Make 'cancel' more robust.
Allow realtime effects to grab keyboard 'k'
Fix some GUI glitches
Use a glist index in menu order for switching/closing clips.
Change 'loop video to fit audio' to '(auto)loop video to fit audio' and make the
default setting on.
Added 'debug mode' for encoder plugins.

Version 0.8.1
Fixed cancel in insert
Fixed record (was playing at double speed)
Made some fixes for receiving audio streams.
Rewrote some buggy code for switching to/from separate window.
Fixed a bug in the resampling code.
Allow recording with ping-pong loops on.

Version 0.8.0
Fixed an image loading bug in the back end.
Made sure that the play pointer is always redrawn after play.
Made selection with mouse a little more accurate.
Fixed 'jumble' effect so it only jumbles frames in the selection.
Allow cancel during copy to clipboard.
Added a new tool: 'trim frame size'.
Made a fix for gnome so that the 'processing' window has a border.
Made non-fatal startup errors be non-fatal again.
Fixed a crash when merging a still image with a clip.
Fixed a regression where undo after a merge would not always undo frames.
Fixed a bug where fps changes could be wrong when recording a selection.
Implemented clip switching (ctrl-pageup, ctrl-pagedn) and freeze (ctrl-backspace)
Added save_vj_set and load_vj_set
Added the 'shrink', 'shift' effects.
Added some nice real-time effects (accessed by ctrl-1 ctrl-2 etc,).
Improved directory loading so it loads in alpha order.
Added realtime effects : nervous, alien, noise, negate, posterize
Use default fps when opening a single frame.
Allow antialiasing on/off via a .lives pref.

Version 0.7.5
Improved playback for faster frame rates.
Video and audio can now be previewed during open.
Quantisation of frames has been made smoother - recording looks much better now.
Added ability to switch to another clip whilst opening.
Fixed a bug where backups would only save to selection end (backported to 0.7.1-2)
Fixed an audio bug when opening files with mplayer as the audio player.
Allow recording of performances even in clips with no audio.
Freeze smogrify API (in progress).
Fixed a problem with merge (frame-in-frame).
Added new effects 'jumble frames' and 'tunnel'.
Video length is now calculated properly after fps changes are recorded.
Eliminated extremely long backup/restore times for larger files.
Fixed an overflow issue in the player code.
Added a basic timeline.
Option to maintain aspect when opening directories of images.
Added a preference to disable fast key repeat on playback.
Fixed 'export audio' so that it doesn't append silence at the end.
Added an option 'trim audio from beginning to play start'
Made encoders be plugins.
Added a 'continuous loop' option.
Fixed external window so it _really_ doesn't crash.
Made some updates to work with mplayer1.0pre1

Version 0.7.1
Implemented encoding with ffmpeg - 4 new output formats, including divx !
Added three new options to the audio menu 'export selected audio', 'append audio'
and 'trim audio to selection'.
Cut/copy/insert/delete/paste now all work with sound as well as video.
Improved visibility of the playback cursors.
Added a function to resample video at a new framerate.
Added a function to resample audio at new rate/channels/sample size.
Audio is now auto-resampled between clips.
Added a preference to auto-resample video between clips ("insert_resample").
Fixed a bug where frames merged before a selection would sometimes 'jump'.
File size is now updated properly after backup/restore.
Subdirectories no longer prevent image directories from loading.
Fixed a freeze when the temp. directory does not end in '/'.
Added preview when opening file selection. Improved the responsiveness of file
Audio files can now be loaded without video.
Added 'sticky' mode for playing in a separate window.
Improved 'colorize' effect and 'dream' effect.
Improved stability and performance.
LiVES should now respect 'configure --prefix' when looking for themes, etc.

Version 0.6.5
Mainly a bugfix and stability release.
Fixed some menu bugs. Underscores in recent files are now handled correctly.
Fixed the crash in audio preview.
Fixed the problem with file names getting lost after saving.
Fixed a bug in loading of WAV files.
Fixed a bug with selection start and end after merge.
Fixed some minor audio issues for Save Selection

One new feature: midi synch - if this is checked, then a midi start
will be sent when playback starts, and a midi stop when playback
stops. By default, /dev/midi is used, this can be changed by editing
the files '/usr/bin/midistart' and '/usr/bin/midistop'

Version 0.6.0
Added lossless backup/restore function.
Implemented basic events and recording of performances.
Reordering of frames is now possible after recording.
Made preview frame invisible again on blank background (regression).
Allow video to play backwards (using ctrl-down during playback).
Added a 'reverse direction' key, (ctrl-space during playback).
Fixed the bugs in external capture. It no longer crashes !
Fixed a bug to do with file extensions becoming corrupted.
Optimised the player code, playback is now much smoother.
Allow transparent to white; fixed frame-in-frame transparency.
Fixed some bugs to do with merging, and undoing pre-inserted frames.
Tidied up the undo/redo system - it should now work properly now even after switching clips.
Allow use of 'themes' to change the look of the app (3 builtin themes are available).
Added xmms random play feature. Added 'Recent Files' to the Files menu.
Many improvements to the GUI; numerous other stability and performance fixes.

Version 0.5.5
Merge now supports two types of variable transparency.
Added support for opening file selections, and opening remote locations.
Added previews on file open operations.
It is now possible to save individual frames to disk (right click on the frame).
A possible bug with blank file save names was fixed.
Updated the colorize effect to work with the latest imagemagick (5.5.4)
Added an option to load files without sound.
Numerous small fixes/cleanups.

Version 0.5.0
Added basic merge function.
Allow single images or directories of images to be opened.
(Just open an image or a directory as you would a video file.)
Fixed a bug where the config file would not be updated for users
of older versions. Ooops...
Fixed a bug to prevent a crash with video streams.
Added flip and wave effects.

Version 0.4.5
The internal player can now play in a separate window.
Mouse pointer is hidden in the playback window.
Improved selection menu.
Timer bars are now clickable/draggable.
Audio tracks can be loaded from CD (requires cdda2wav).
Ctrl keys during pb.
LiVES can now capture the output of (almost) any other window.

Version 0.4.0
Added (experimental) internal player.
New features of the internal player include:
- more accurate A/V sync
- variable speed playback
- tracking of playback position
- instant switch to fullscreen/double
- looping of selections
- smooth looping, even in fullscreen mode

Added 'normalize' effect
Many minor bugfixes

Version 0.3.5
Play video double size.
Implemented preferences.
Added solarize function, improved rotation and colorization.
Improved 'insert' to allow multiple insertion/insert to end of audio.
Added 'random zoom' effect.
Save without sound.
Allow pause/preview during effect processing.
Added basic timer bars.
Allowed LiVES to handle more types of video.
Upgrade to mogrify 5.4.8 (older versions should still work).

Version 0.3.0
Upgraded to use mplayer 0.9.0rc1
Implemented cut/delete/close/paste functions.
Show clipboard info/play clipboard.
Fixed some bugs with spin buttons.
Fixed a regression where video without sound would not stop properly.
Added 'resize' function, and autoresize of inserted frames.
Prevent flicker during playback.
Fixed a problem with saving audio.
Added 'strobe' effect (via 'negate')
Added 'change playback speed' option.

Version 0.2.5
Vastly improved audio/visual sync.
Allowed multiple files to be opened.
Implemented copy/insert.
Added experimental 'black background' option.
Auto detection of sound players.
Turned off debugging output.
Numerous small bug fixes.

Version 0.2
Fix major A/V sync error.
Show an error dialog when save fails.
Show preview in main window.
Added Help|About.
Fixed scrolling in info area.
Implemented cancel during file load.
Added 'undo'/'redo' functions.
Improved load speed.

Version 0.1.5
Added basic audio sync
Fixed memory leaks
Implemented progress bars
Made smogrify run in background mode, allowed lives-exe to run in bg
Added first frame and last frame controls.
Added file info window.
Change main window title when file is loaded.

Version 0.1
First public release
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Review by bf109 on May 19, 2005 Version: LiVES OS: Linux Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 7/10

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