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Lightworks, an Academy and Emmy award winning professional-grade editor with over 20 years of history in the film and broadcast industry. Having cut hundreds of films such as Pulp Fiction, The Departed, Centurion and Shutter Island, it includes a full feature set of editorial tools -- from advanced trimming and media management, to stereoscopic support and realtime effects including multiple secondary colour correctors. Lightworks has an advanced effects pipeline, utilizing the power of your GPU. And with support for up to 2K workflows with realtime effects, it is the most advanced editing application available. Lightworks Pro costs $120/year, more features, see version comparison.

Freeware Trialware $120
OS: Win Mac Linux
File size: 77MB
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Lightworks screenshot

Lightworks screenshot 2
Latest version

2021.3 (July 10, 2021)


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Download Lightworks 2021.3 Windows 64-bit  77MB  Win64

Download Lightworks 2021.3 Mac  77MB  Mac

Download Lightworks 2021.3 Linux  77MB  Linux

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Software License

Freeware/Trialware (Free download but some features are limited to pro/premium version $120)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS LinuxLinux

Version history / Release notes / Changelog

New Features and Fixes in Version 2021.3

This section summarizes the fixes, enhancements, and features that have been implemented in this
release of Lightworks.
Cross Platform New Features and Fixes
This section describes the cross-platform new features and fixes contained in this release.
New Features:
• Added ability to add Cloud storage providers as import locations under 'Libraries'
o Added support for Google Drive
o Added support for Google Photos
o Added support for Dropbox
o Added support for Box
o Added support for OneDrive
o Added support for PCloud
• Added ability to upload exported content to Cloud storage providers from the export panel
o Added support for Google Drive
o Added support for Google Photos
o Added support for Dropbox
o Added support for Box
o Added support for OneDrive
o Added support for PCloud
• Added new startup wizard
o Sign in panel has been reworked
o Choose the language from the list of available languages
o Choose the keyboard shortcut layout (Blackmagic Resolve and Adobe Premiere now
o Choose the application layout (Fixed or Flexible)
o Choose to watch the Quick Start Video
o New projects now default to opening on the EDIT tab rather than the LOG tab (Fixed
• Added new import panel design, layout and usability
o Adds new treeview layout
o Adds new tiles view option (similar to bins)
o Adds the ability to filter import contents
o Adds the ability to configure column headers (similar to bins)
• Improved the behaviour and look of 'Hints' throughout the application
o Hints now include an 'OK' button in order to not see the hint again
o Hints no longer stack on top of one another
o Hints now appear in a different colour (changeable within the Appearance panel)
o Hints are now positioned relative to the area requiring explanation
o Hints now allows users to "Take the tour" of the application
• Added new keyboard shortcut functionality
o Make new sequence (current settings) - Creates a new empty sequence using the
settings that have been defined by the user
o Make new sequence (choose settings) - Opens the new sequence settings panel allowing
the user to decide the new sequence settings
o Make sequence copy - Makes a copy of the current sequence that is in record mode, or
the sequence that has focus
o Select all segments - Selects all the segments in a sequence (yellow border) (This should
open the sequence timeline if not already visible in Flexible layout)
o Deselect all segments - Deselects all the segments that are currently selected (yellow
border) in a sequence
o Speed - Opens the varispeed panel to change the speed of a sequence segment
o Mark all selected clips - Marks all selected clips in a bin (start to end)
o Clear In - Removes the In mark on the viewer or tile that has focus
o Clear Out - Removed the Out mark on the viewer or tile that has focus
o Go to next cue marker - Jump to the next cue marker in the viewer or tile that has focus
o Go to previous cue marker - Jump to the previous cue marker in the viewer or tile that
has focus
o Clear all cue markers - Removes all the cue markers on the selected source
o Minimise all tracks - Minimises all the tracks in the sequence with focus
o Thumbnail size - Change the thumbnail image size for clips in the bin (At least one tile in
the bin should have focus)
• Added further improvements to third party libraries
o Added a better workflow for sign in/registration
o Added ‘Sign in’ button to the vendors splash screen
o Added the ability to get back to the vendors splash screen (by clicking the ‘Back’ arrow)
o Added settings icons (three dots) to each of the vendors libraries
• Restored the ability to append the sequence frame rate to the sequence name when making a
o If you leave the name unchanged and select a new frame rate, then the rate is appended
to the new name (instead of ‘copy’)
o If you specify a new sequence name, there will be no suffix
o If you apply multiple conversions (frame rate change, trace etc) the name will be
appended with each option
• Added new startup progress bar (welcome back Lucy)
• Added improvements to the Amazing Music Tracks integration
• Added settings menu icons back to each panel (Fixed Layout)
• Added ability to remember the current time/position of tiles in filters (when exiting the project
and re entering)
• Added the ability to adjust timeline segment font-size (independently of the main UI font)
• Added an alert for users when starting an export but some high-resolution media is not available
• Added a system setting to disable/enable Lightworks Console support (off by default)
• Added ability to 'Reveal' a project location on the project browser
• Added support for future versions that do not have separate media link files
• Added ability to SHIFT click the file-browser 'Up' icon to jump directly to the root of the drive
• Added 'File size' column to cloud storage provider libraries (r)
• Added a warning on export to report if the cloud service is unavailable (r)
• Added ability to multi-select Groups from the Content Manager list
• Added a config to disable automatic marking of popped-out tiles (auto_mark_tiles 0)
• Added keyboard shortcut commands ('Toggle FX1' and up to FX8) for toggling FX track selection
• Added warning to alert users if starting a sequence archive but some high-resolution media is not
• Added 'Adobe Premiere Pro' and 'Blackmagic Resolve' as AAF export targets (Lightworks Pro Only)
• Added new keyboard shortcut functionality within the 'Adobe Premiere Pro' and 'Blackmagic
Resolve' prefs files
• Added 'Frame rate' information to the export task log
• Ignored 'Auto' frame rate sequences when dragging and dropping selections from bins to
• Improved handling of bin/table column resizing and visibility
• Improved the appearance of the license activation panel
• Improved AAF/XML import and export foundations
• Improved handling of opening projects created with earlier versions of Lightworks
• Improved the column headers panel on Bins and Libraries
o Column headers can now be repositioned on the panel directly
o Removed the ‘Customise’ panel as no longer required
• Split the project creation panel into Simple and Advanced tab settings
• Removed the 'guest' Free license, all systems now require an active and verified account in order
to access the Free version
• Removed WebM and WMV as export formats (Lightworks Pro only)
• Removed analysis of OFX plugins (could cause hang starting/exiting)
• Removed clickable media location link on files imported from cloud storage providers
• Changed 24fps timecodes written to marker text files to use ':' instead of '+'
• Fixed tile sizes changing automatically when switching between user created bins that have
different position settings
• Fixed missing icons on sequence viewers when creating a new empty sequence that has a zero
length (Flexible layout)
• Fixed OMF export never actually progressing on the Tasks panel
• Fixed incorrect playback with Apple QTRLE sample files
• Fixed crash double clicking in an empty text box
• Fixed MKV files importing with the incorrect duration
• Fixed missing AAC audio on .MKV sample files
• Fixed incorrect audio playback on sample .mp3 file
• Fixed Timecode calculator AC and CE buttons
• Fixed 'Local files' library column menu panel losing the top of the panel after scrolling
• Fixed desktop tiles created by older versions of Lightworks not having viewer/filecard/timeline
icons when you move the mouse over them (Flexible layout)
• Fixed the import panel not showing 'Local Files' by default if the language is not English (Flexible
• Fixed potential missing 'Close' icon from the drop-down Rooms list
• Fixed title on 'System Settings' panel not updating when changing the language
• Fixed no audio (AAC) being present on some .MKV files
• Fixed failure message when attempting to 'Localise' cloud storage media
• Fixed image in sequence viewer switching to a different frame when clicking the Unjoin/Join
• Fixed missing timecode when making a marked section copy from a sequence
• Fixed crash unjoining the lower audio track from a stereo track
• Fixed H.265/HEVC and .MKV files being limited to one hour duration maximum
• Fixed renamed audio tracks causing exported files to be missing audio
• Fixed sequences created from 1.001 clips having the wrong playback-format rate
• Fixed no audio being present on sample .MKV file
• Fixed incorrect video playback on sample .MKV file
• Sequence frame-rates are no longer limited to integer rates
• Fixed Subclips made from a Sync showing the incorrect timecode on a viewer to what is shown in a
• Fixed potential crash zooming into reverse varispeeded audio
• Fixed black frames appearing at the end of HEVC media causing frame skip errors
• Fixed crash consuming memory with icons when the UI is scaled
• Fixed varispeed widgets from being drawn for every UI update whilst playing
• Fixed distorted audio on the sequence timeline with higher frame rate media
• Fixed appearance of cloud storage images looking poor quality on 4K displays
• Fixed missing waveform thumbnails for Audio Network and Amazing Music Tracks
• Fixed Cart panel for third party libraries having no minimum size
• Fixed missing thumbnails in the Cart from third party libraries
• Fixed Syncs not appearing after being created from a sequence when the 'Syncs' filter is hidden
• Fixed incorrect appearance of the default wallpaper at 4k resolutions
• Fixed timecode labels panel appearing through the edge of the viewer when pinned (Flexible
layout only)
• Fixed incorrect 'Modified date' being shown on the Clipboard
• Fixed timecode label panel showing '???' issue on subclips created from from syncs in earlier
• Fixed incorrect aspect ratio causing redraw issues on the Clipboard
• Fixed inc...

View full changelog

All features


* Resolution, format and codec independent timeline
* Edit at 23.976, true 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, or 60 fps
* Advanced Multicam editing with unlimited sources
* Source/Record three-point editing
* Insert and Overwrite editing
* Replace, t to ll, backfill
* Drag-and-drop replace editing
* Extend and Split edits
* A/V Sync indicators on timeline
* Single-click re-sync of whole timeline
* Multi-colored markers for edits and clips
* Matchframe for clips and subclips


* Ripple
* Roll
* Slip and Slide
* Remove and Delete
* Asymmetric, multitrack trimming
* Dynamic trimming during playback
* JKL trimming
* Trim window
* Timeline trimming
* Keyboard and numeric moving and trimming
* Close Gap


* Third Party Plugin Support
* Alpha Channel Matte Transitions
* Global Transitions adds effects between In and Out points
* Real-time effects in SD, HD and 2K
* Speed Tool for varispeed changes
* Keyframe graphs
* Transitions, effects, and filters included
* Unlimited effects user templates
* Copy and paste effect attributes to multiple clips
* Effects layers with node-based compositing tool
* Bezier curves with movable motion paths
* Numeric control and keyframe capabilities


* Real-time, hardware accurate video vectorscopes and waveform monitors
* Multitrack Audio Mixer with full bus routing and multiple mixes
* Keyboard and user interface customization tool with templates for Avid and FCP keyboard mappings
* On-screen console controls
* Voice Over tool for adding narration directly to timeline
* Multi-split screen Viewer for original shot comparison
* Shot Sync - sync two sources for playback comparison
* Customisable BITC timecode and film footage overlays in Viewer

Colour Correction

* Real time Primary color correctors
* Real time Secondary color correctors
* Image control filters


* Subframe audio keyframing
* Real-time audio adjustments during playback
* OMF audio export with pan and volume levels
* Real-time, software-based audio normalization
* Onscreen multitrack mixing console
* External Mackie control surface support
* Real time fader automation
* Real-time audio filters and effects
* Mixed bit-rates and samples on timeline
* Audio level meters per track
* Pan controls
* Mute and solo controls
* Pre and Post Audio waveform display with realtime update


* Full-screen, real-time SD, HD, and 2K preview on single or secondary display
* Multiple timelines open simultaneously
* Unlimited undo levels
* Unlimited video and FX tracks
* User preferences that can be moved from system to system
* Customizable keyboard and user interface buttons
* Customizable real-time effects settings
* Customizable render settings
* Customizable layouts
* Customizable track layouts
* Full Unicode support


* Import RED media and DPX image sequences directly
* Include timecode and keycode in the same list
* Support for 35mm 3-perf, 35mm 4-perf, and 16mm-20 and mixed film formats
* View feet and frames in edit
* View keycode and ink number overlays on video
* 24-fps EDL import and export
* 24-fps EDL conversion to and from 29.97 fps
* Import ALE, FLX, and CSV files
* Track key numbers, ink numbers, video and audio timecode
* Output Cut list, Change list, Optical list, Pull list, Dupe list, Audio EDL

Media Management

* Media management tools for moving, copying, and consolidating media at edit or project level
* Powerful search capabilities
* Rename Clips to match media and vice versa
* Maintain master clips across multiple projects
* Clip colors in edit (match by source, reel or timecode)
* Custom comment fields
* Automatic reconnect to high-resolution media
* EDL and AAF import and export for metadata exchange
* Instant Save – no need to save project
* Batch export

3rd Party Support

* Inscriber Titlemotion
* Boris
* Combustion
* After Effects
* Premiere Plugins
* Digital Fusion
* Sapphire

I/O Support

* MXF Op1a, MXF OpAtom, Quicktime and AVI
* MPEG-2 I-Frame SD and HD
* Uncompressed SD and HD at 8 bit and 10 bit
* Avid DNxHD*
* Apple ProRes*
* AVC-Intra*
* RED R3D*
* DPX 10 bit* and 16 bit*
* Sony IMX
* Sony XDCAM HD*
* Sony XDCAM EX*
* Sony XDCAM HD422*
* Panasonic P2
* Image Import and Export as stills or sequences (DPX, BMP, TARGA, JPEG, GIF, PSD, TIFF, DPX, JPEG2000, PICT, QT Image, SGI, and PNG)
* Export presets for Apple TV, iPhone, iPod
* Broadcast Wave Format with drop and non-drop frame timecode options
* Import and Export OMF I and OMF II
* Import and Export AAF
* MDA support for Edit While Capture with Geevs servers
* Telecine 29.97i to 24p pulldown removal
* 30fps and 25fps import to 24fps project
* Frame-accurate capture tool with support for batch, clip, and on-the-fly capturing
* Frame-accurate insert and assemble edit-to-tape
* Serial device control (RS-422, RS-232)
* FireWire device control

* available separately at extra cost

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Fraps screencast transcoded to Lightworks with EyeFrame Converter

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Lightworks video tutorials

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Acronyms / Also Known As

Lightworks Pro, Editshare Lightworks,Lwks

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La versiσn free requiere registrarse cada 7 dias, no permite renderizar lo editado en el timeline y la exportaciσn sσlo puede hacerse a una resoluciσn mαxima de 720p. Como opciσn freemium es por lejos una de las peores.

Review by Paulus on Oct 11, 2018 Version: 14.0 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 2/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

I installed LightWorks 11.5.1 in Linux Mint 16 x64. It runs great and is a very feature rich NLE. Using the free version, you can only export to YouTube ready 720p h.264/aac mp4. Very good editor overall for free and works great in Linux....

Review by racer-x on Apr 6, 2014 Version: 11.5.1 OS: Linux Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

2 reviews, Showing 1 to 2 reviews

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