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Lightworks, an Academy and Emmy award winning professional-grade editor with over 20 years of history in the film and broadcast industry. Having cut hundreds of films such as Pulp Fiction, The Departed, Centurion and Shutter Island, it includes a full feature set of editorial tools -- from advanced trimming and media management, to stereoscopic support and realtime effects including multiple secondary colour correctors. Lightworks has an advanced effects pipeline, utilizing the power of your GPU. And with support for up to 2K workflows with realtime effects, it is the most advanced editing application available. Lightworks Pro costs $120/year, more features, see version comparison.

Trialware ($120)
OS:Windows Mac Linux
Version:14.0 / 14.1 Beta
Released:Jan 12,2018
File size:64.4MB
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Latest version

14.0 / 14.1 Beta (January 12, 2018)


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Download Lightworks 14.0  [64.4MB]  [Win]

Download Lightworks 14.0 64-bit  [ca 64.4MB]  [Win64]

Download Beta, Mac, Linux and other versions

Download Lightworks 14.1 Beta  [Win]

Download Lightworks 14.0 Mac  [Mac]

Download Lightworks 14.0 Linux  [Linux]

Download old versions

Download Lightworks old versions

Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS LinuxLinux


Shareware ($120)

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

14.1 revision 101109 PDF Icon

Welcome to the Version 14.1 Beta page.
Here you will be able to view the list of fixes/changes between Beta builds. Please pay particular attention to the "Limitations and Known problems" list, as this will change with each new build.

To submit feedback on issues you find in the Beta versions:

If your issue is not repeatable or you are unsure about how the application should be working, please first discuss the issue in the relevant category on the Lightworks Beta Forum sections:, and
Cross Platform Fixes and Features Since revision 93145 Release

Added export option to Reaper (Lightworks Pro only)
Added Histogram graph to the Video Tools panel
Added Frame Rate search criteria to the Content Manager
Added ability to "slide" an effect crossfade trim so that the trim can be moved up/down the timeline without damaging the sequence as it currently does
Added ability to drag a dissolve up off removing it like when right clicking and selecting "Remove"
Added support for Quicktimes with Alpha Channels on Mac, Linux and Windows 64bit
Added new Italians wording file to the installer (Courtesy of Carmelo Batagglia)
Added new config entry: "stripv_insert_dropped_tiles 1" for changing Replace to Insert, when dragging tiles from a bin to a sequence
Added ability to scroll the sequence timeline without changing the current timeline marker position
Added ability to adjust RED R3D RAW metadata parameters (.rmd)
Added individual clip R3D decode settings panel next to the Metadata panel in Log view
Added project wide R3D Decode settings to the Video tab of the project card
Added 16-bit GPU precision replacing 10-bit
Added ability to acknowledge project wide LUT setting on export
Added ability to set a Ranged Cue Marker (Start and End point) Add a Mark/Park region then click the Cue Marker icon to create one
Added ability to restore deleted clips from Milestones (which restores the entire clip with media link)
Added support for media structures:
Added support for XDCAM HD folder structure
Added support for AVCHD folder structure
Added support for GFCAM folder structure
Added support for JVC folder structure
Added support for IkegamiFieldPak
Added support for GOPRO/FlipVideo/Canon folder structures
Added support for chunked Canon XF clips
Added 'Reveal > Media files' on timeline segments
Added support for creating proxies from 60fps media
Added right click "Render" option for clips in the sequence timeline in both layouts. Render button has been removed from the timeline in Flexible layout
Added keyboard shortcut commands for 'clipboard insert/replace & next'
Added new trimming functionality to prevent a trim being extended beyond the media available at the head or tail
Added support for Quicktime MOV files with Alpha Channels on Mac, Linux and Windows 64bit
Added an "Alignment" option on the BITC panel to prevent text appear in the wrong area
Added ability for title effect text to appear as a comment in EDL's (32 character limit)
Added ability to export a bin of contents to XML and JSON
Enhanced the Media tab of the Project Card
Added ability to set Proxy creation settings
Added abilility to set Transcode settings (Now removed from the Import cogs menu)
Fullscreen-preview can now be inhibited with the config.dat entry "doubleclickfor_fullscreen 0"
Increased the limit of undo/redo's in a project to a default of 20
Resurrected the timeline sync function in Fixed layout
Audio Effects can now be added to the Favourites list (Flexible layout)
Adding video tracks now respects stereoscopic sequences
Fixed various issues surrounding media management
Media files are now moved correctly
Proxy files are now moved and not deleted
Index files are now moved
Audio waveform files are no longer deleted when moving files
Fixed potential crash clicking Undo multiple times after deleting all the keyframes on a Curves effect
Fixed AAF export potentially failing if the sequence contains a dissolve at the very start
Fixed potential crash importing an AAF containing dissolves
Fixed Blend effect not removing the Alpha channel on clips that contain one
Fixed colour shift when playing back DPX sequences
Fixed invalid hyperlinks in the export log when the filename contains an '=' character
Fixed copy/paste on Clipboard timeline not always work as expected
Fixed potential crash moving mouse over tile
Fixed incorrect display of 960x720 anamorphic MP4 media
Fixed Effects nodes not always reconnecting correctly after removing a node
Fixed P2 AVC-Intra 'CONTENTS' folder causing all other media files alongside it to be hidden
Fixed Find clip to fill sequence not working if the clip has 32 or more characters as the Reel ID
Fixed deformed image and/or black frames on a clip after cancelling a transcode during file import
Fixed The 'Make subclip' key assignment not working on Prints
Fixed Lightworks.archive restores not restoring all the media links
Fixed Clipboard .ed5 growing very large over time affecting project performance
Fixed Unicode text copied from a Lightworks text-entry box not being correct when pasted
Fixed potential crash clicking undo after adding and grouping video tracks
Fixed Unicode BITC text not showing correctly
Fixed crash making an audio only Kemroll from audio only files
Fixed potential crash deleting a project with a corrupt .odb file
Fixed Incorrect duration/speed for image-sequences in 25fps projects
Fixed auto switching from Edit to VFW tab when dragging out an inline effect to it's own FX track (Fixed layout)
Fixed crash after using 'Make source into sequence' (Flexible layout)
Fixed creating a sequence of matches from the find matching clips panel from removing crossfades
Fixed archives containing multiple copies of the same file
Fixed floating Bins appearing in Fixed layout when dragging them outside the interface window
Fixed drag and drop of a Stereoscopic clip to an edit sequence not creating a stereoscopic sequence with a V1/2
Fixed create-link imports requiring forcible extraction not being revealed in the interface
Fixed odd behaviour importing a folder of clips more than once
Fixed AAF from AVID Media Composer not importing with the correct start timecode for V1 clips
Fixed potential crash changing the "Fullscreen preview monitor" setting
Fixed dropped frames on playback and audio drifting out of sync
Fixed the 'Make subclip' command not working for syncs
Fixed user interface not fitting correctly on 1366x768 monitors in Fixed layout
Fixed Fullscreen display not displaying a video when first entering a project
Fixed incorrect clip length in mixed rate projects, resulting in distorted audio and incorrect clip lengths and waveforms
Fixed misleading error message when exporting an archive to a location that is no longer available
Fixed black frames at the end of XDCAM MXF files
Fixed timecode not being continuous on .MP3 audio imports
Fixed Drag/drop of transition to head of sequence not always working
Fixed Vectorscope YCrCb tab showing the incorrect information when giving focus to a tile in a bin
Fixed the appearance of the out-point on the timeline for new sequences (with no defined length)
Fixed appearance of image-matte thumbnails on the routing panel (for non-matching aspect-ratios)
Fixed video routing panel not coming to the front when clicked on
Fixed incorrect colour on exported AVCHD files
Fixed incorrect sequence created when popping a tile out of a sequence viewer
Fixed alpha value resetting hue/saturation on colour effects
Fixed inconsistent menu lists appearing through other panels
Fixed Key assignments panel not updating correctly after adding a macro
Fixed "Cue Marker' shortcut not working from inside a macro
Fixed Offline audio-only clips not showing as 'Offline'
Fixed Lightworks Pro features requiring a software restart after upgrading from Lightworks Free to Lightworks Pro
Fixed align marks when more than one track is unjoined
Fixed bin modification handling in shared projects
Fixed timecode not appearing when inserting a clip into a new empty sequence (flexible layout)
Fixed out-point calculation error when generating Fusion comp files from multi-segment timelines
Fixed Clipboard Source keyboard shortcut key not working as expected
Fixed AAF exports with embedded audio
Fixed reading of PCM audio on AVI sample files
Fixed issues dragging the record sequence to the source viewer
Fixed incorrect image on Fullscreen output after closing and re opening after moving the timeline marker
Fixed incorrect number of frames reported for still images on the list of sources on Assistant Applications
Fixed the import panel opening larger than the screen
Now respect the PGUP keyboard shortcut in fixed layout mode
The list of available Fonts is not sorted correctly
Resurrected the "Fix sync" functionality ( now 'Align > Video and audio' )
Resurrected the Render functionality in the (Fixed layout)
Avoided creating shared media paths with double slashes in them
Ensured that it's possible to transfer sequence ownership from one user to another (using classic project sharing)
Don't allow sequence metadata to be changed when locked by another user
Don't try to enter an occupied room when double-clicking a project
Make sure that repeated nudging does not cause current - time to be incorrect
Use smallest size when duplicating image - should be the same
Make sure that it's possible to click cues which are coincident with the current-time
Fixed possible crash deleting the last cue in an edit / clip
Swap function now works as expected if you have an 'Out' mark
Fixed sequence cues in 24 fps project
Fixed additional added V track breaking multicam syncing on sequences
Fixed potential hang changing the video output format
Fixed decoding of 16bit DPX files
Recognise more compression formats( divx, xvid, mvc )
Fixed and tidied Play Quality settings( proxy usage )
Fixed Search panel on the content manager jumping up the screen when switching between Logs and Bins tabs
Fixed Clip References panel LEDs showing as dimmed
Better handling of partially fulfilled metadata requests
Fix channel enumeration( crash ) if calling verifyClipLength() for a clip that has levels tracks
Fixed audio level adjustment using the mouse scroll wheel in the sequence timeline
Holding SHIFT then dragging a selection box now adds additional selected items to the selection
Holding CTRL/CMD then dragging over a selected group of files now removes the box selection
Pop out original function now gives the tile source focus
Removed the "(PRO)" text on the "Create a Macro" function in the Key Assignments panel
Prevented milestone edits being created during drag and drop functions on sequences
Bins now correctly scroll to show the newly imported/created item
Lightworks.archives now import as a background task from the project browser
Mac OS X Specific Fixes and Features Since revision 93145 Release

Added support for Fusion 8
Fixed incorrect image on 4k DPX media
Fixed potential crash importing a folder of files
Fixed Mackie mixer taking a very long time to initialise on startup
Fixed AJA I/O output not working correctly
Re-implemented the Mac OS layer without QT
Windows Specific Fixes and Features Since revision 93145 Release

Fixed crash changing the Genlock option on the Record panel with Matrox hardware
Fixed SDI Recording failing with Matrox hardware
Fixed crash analysing .MOV sample file on the import panel
Linux Specific Fixes and Features Since revision 93145 Release

Now build PortAudio ourselves giving more compatibility to other Linux Distros

Fixes and Features in Version 14.0

New Features
* Added new user interface options:
* Added new project browser layout
* Choose between Fixed and Flexible (Historic Lightworks) layouts on the project
* Added access to Pond5 media repository from within the application:
* Browse the entire Pond5 database by entering search criteria
* Play the clip direct from the import panel
* Play the clip back in full screen mode
* Import the clip into the project and use it as local media (Lo-Res watermarked
* Sign into your Pond5 account, to add clips to the cart for purchase4 TP-00307-01
Lightworks v14.0 Release Notes
* Added access to Audio Network audio repository from within the application
* Browse the entire Audio Network database by entering search criteria
* Play the clip direct from the import panel
* Play the clip back directly over your sequence
* Added new Cues panel and renamed to Cue Markers
* Added the ability to change the colors of Cue Markers
* Added the ability to search for Cue Markers
* Added quick pop up of Cue Marker information
* Added new import panel functionality
* Clips can now be played on the import panel the same as a tile in a bin
* Clips can now be marked/parked on the import panel the same as a tile in a bin
* Clips can now be inserted/replaced directly from the import panel to the edit
* Full Screen display can now be activated on any selected tile on the import
* You can now use Ctrl and mouse wheel to change the size of the tiles on the
import panel
* Improved Voice Over tool functionality and made it available with the Free license
* Allowed Voice over recordings at all frame rates and formats
* Added Voice over functionality to Mac OS X
* Removed the functionality from the record tool and added to a right click menu
(Flexible mode)
* Improved VU audio meters on the Voice Over tool
* Allowed Voice Over recording with the Free version
* Added new Effects panel combining Adding, Settings, Graphs and Routing
* Added new auto effect capability to the Effects panel
* Added proxy workflow (create proxies directly from a clip or bin)
* Added full screen playback preview controls (play, mark, cue marker, switch clip in
the bin)
* Added Avid DNxHD MOV encoding to the import, render and export panels
(Separate Avid DNxHD license required)
* Added ability to right click an empty area of the timeline and close the gap
* Added ability to Play, Scrub and Mark clips in List view bins
* Added improved RED R3D playback to utilize OpenCL
* Added ability to rename a grouped track
* Added ability to automatically sync chunked Panasonic P2 files on import
* Added keybinds for adding a video track and/or audio track
* Added 'Make > Bin of sources not used' to the edit menu
* Added 'Remove > Redundant cuts' and 'Remove > Gaps' menu options, and
removed ‘simplify’ menu option.
* Added 'make subclip' keybindable commandTP-00307-01 5
Fixes and Features in Version 14.0
* Added 'Find > Bins' for edits
* Added better FX node removal logic
* Added Faster effects thumbnails (avoid regenerating the temp/preview edit for
every time change)
* Added ability to input hex values in color gradient dialogs
* Added ability to create user defined sub category for Effects
* Added new sequence timeline menu category ’Segment Commands’
* Added system-settings menu ’Full Screen preview monitor’ for when there are
multiple monitors attached (with choices 1,2,3,etc)
* Added 'Make > Video Black' to bin menus
* Added better support for dual monitor setups with the new project browser
* Added key shortcut assignment for 'Tidy' (Flexible layout)
* Added support for Intel ADPCM audio types
* Added project backup functionality to the Project Card (removed from export panel)
* Added RGB video waveform analysis
* Added video-routing orientation toggle to the cogs menu (Fixed layout)
* Added a ’Clear’ option as a way of removing ’Recent’ locations from the Import panel
Places menu
* Added a right-click 'Rename' option for bin groups
* Added ability to Shift-click the Content Manager '+' icon to create an empty bin
* Added 'AltG+ί' handling for German keyboards
* Added skin-tone line on vectorscope (Thanks to khaver)
* Added num_projects_across/down to config.dat
* Added support for uncompressed RGBA QuickTimes with alpha channel
* Added YouTube/Vimeo export at 48 fps
* Resurrected on-viewer image scaling for 2D DVEs
* Fixed Timecode labels do not appear correctly
* Fixed 1080p50/720p50 MOV UYVY incorrect renders when set to 10-bit
* Fixed being able to drag and drop a source clip to an edit that has grouped audio
* Fixed appearance of text under the Lightworks Logo on the project browser screen
* Fixed license activation failing if an expired Shark.e2c file is present
* Fixed incorrect timecodes on Panasonic P2 chunked files
* Fixed effect node de-orphaning (when reconnecting a non-topmost orphan)
* Fixed video routing after doing unfold then undo
* Fixed exports failing with a sensible error message when the stored export directory
for a preset no longer exists6 TP-00307-01
Lightworks v14.0 Release Notes
* Fixed making a print of a marked edit always making a subclip regardless of the
choice made on the 'Make Copy' dialog
* Fixed making a print of an unmarked edit always making a subclip from the point at
which you are parked
* Fixed Groups not dragging out of the content manager if any part of the dragged
name overlays another panel
* Fixed error in timeline track Sync/loss number
* Fixed audio levels being ignored during JKL trimming
* Prevented Audio mixer panel being opened on the project browser screen using the
keyboard shortcut key
* Export presets now start immediately when selecting them
* Reworded some of the menu clip/edit menu items
* Reorganized track-related clip/edit menu items
* Do not provide 'Remove selected items' for Filters
* Modified AAF export to deal with clip sections that have been extended beyond the
clip boundaries
* Ignored hidden files during media relinking
* Fixed incorrect pixelation on edge of Image Key effects
* Improved appearance of the BITC panel
* Relink missing media option now remembers the last location used
* Correctly transfer focus when closing a record edit viewer
* You can now use Ctrl and mouse wheel to zoom when over the routing panel
* You can now use Ctrl+wheel to zoom when over the edit timeline
* Removed password protection from projects
* Updated the Dream Glow Color Correction Preset to use the new color correction
* Mark/Park renders now create a history when marking one segment
* Increased buffer size when reading uncompressed audio (to take account of sector
size) and retry with larger buffer in the case of failure
* Introduced the ability for new users to run Lightworks without having to register or
sign in on the first attempt
* Improved ’Align Marks’ functionality in a much simpler and easier way
* Removed debug error messages related to LwImageDefs.cpp line 391
* Ensured that 'Fit to fill' option is always available
* Fixed multiple copies of the delete panel being opened
* Fixed audio corruption on MP4 sample file
* Fixed sequence viewers jumping to a new position when double clicking a viewer
after double clicking to enable full screen playback (Flexible layout)
* Fixed tiles turning black in bins with letterboxing enabled
* Fixed crash when encountering logs with invalid audio mix settings (Fixed layout)
* Fixed crash deleting a file with the import panel open on the file that was just
deleted (Flexible layout)TP-00307-01 7
Fixes and Features in Version 14.0
* Fixed Effects panel jumping position after double clicking an effect to add it then
clicking back to select another (Flexible layout)
* Fixed media unarchiving
* Fixed timeline marker not returning to the correct position after a trim
* Fixed multiple Preferences panels being opened in Flexible layout
* Fixed import of multiple media folders at a time
* Updated Boris FX and Graffiti links on the licensing panels
* Fixed multiple copies of the Playout tool being opened in Flexible layout
* Fixed the 'Effects Creation Panel' key command (F9)
* Fixed incorrect room name after creating a new room
* Fixed bin-name editability
* Fixed track-name copying
* Fixed shark hotspot
* Fixed ’Pop out original’ function on sequences not working correctly on Subclips
* Fixed potential crash importing MP4 sample file
* Fixed Audio Replay Rate not updating in List view bins when changing the output
* Fixed potential crash during playing (with the vectorscope visible)
* Fixed subclips incorrectly showing ’Compression’ text option on sequences as
* Fixed hang playing back MP4 sample files
* Fixed image sequences not being coalesced together when importing the parent
* Fixed panel positioning on multi-monitor setups
* Fixed incorrectly positioned search text-entry widget
* Fixed crash encountering corrupt project thumbnail file
* Fixed crash shift+clicking the pop-out icon
* Fixed MXF media coalescing
* Fixed AAC audio playback not working
* Fixed issues with duplicate media spaces appearing on the Media tab of the project
* Removed MPEG 422 AVI codec from the import, render and export panels
* Limited Vimeo export to 720p with a Free license (upload now optional) due to end
of Vimeo agreement
* Prevented the 'close' icon being clickable on the full screen preview when it's not
* Prevented multiple magnifier panels being created
* Generated the correct menu when right-clicking on the key-assignments panel
* Updated sequence viewers after relinking missing media
* Updated FX graph time indicators when necessary
* Improved visibility of grouped track indicators8 TP-00307-01
Lightworks v14.0 Release Notes
* Make sure that the shark (and other tools) respect explicitly-set default positions
* Make clip selections similar in bins between List and Tiles view
* Issued a sensible message if a recent folder no longer exists
* Improved the sequence/clip restore function on the project browser
* Improved playback responsiveness by keeping playfile references open
* Restored click and drag trim to that of traditional style trims
* Now show the correct frame when 'revealing' a viewer from a varispeed segment
* Now trim the correct number of frames when jumping to the end of a sequence with
unjoined cuts
* Clicking the 'Effects' button when parked at the end of a sequence now causes the
effects panel to appear anyway
* Fixed Media page drawing on top of tasks page when starting an export
* Fixed image sequence export failing when ’Create folders for clips’ option is ticked
* Fixed crash deleting the last item in a table-view bin
* Fixed potential crash importing H.264 MOV sample
* Fixed crash setting Blackmagic output to an unsupported mode
* Fixed audio distortion playing back audio at 48 fps
* Fixed crash clicking the new sequence tool in Flexible layout with an unjoined cut
open on an existing sequence
* Fixed crash repeatedly pressing F4 on the Log tab with no source loaded in the
source viewer
* Fixed Audio Mixer layout issue when new tracks are added
* Fixed Fit to fill affecting only the first track of grouped track pairs
* Fixed playback issues with material that takes a long time to open/analyze - e.g.
120 fps MP4 sample files
* Fixed incorrect size of the Bins search panel
* Fixed Matrox YUYV 1080i AVI renders being black
* Fixed batch import tagging
* Fixed macro parsing when repeat-count is zero
* Fixed crash due to video standard not being set when changing hardware device
* Fixed potential hang switching between output formats with Full Screen preview
* Fixed incorrect Primary TC value when stepping off the start of a sequence
* Trimming changes are not saved when rejoining a trim after using SHIFT and Jump
* Clicking (and holding) a mark on the viewer now behaves the same as the mark on
the timeline (ie. immediate picture redisplay before mouse-move)
* Updated to latest licensing server compliance
* Enabled RED R3D decode with Free version
* Automatically move the current-time to the start of newly added transitions
* Improved appearance and performance of Title Effects with keyframed sizeTP-00307-01 9
Fixes and Features in Version 14.0
* Fixed drag/drop of tiles onto the content-manager icon
* Fixed full screen preview when there are multiple monitors with differing sizes
* Fixed EDL format display confusion
* Fixed muted audio tracks setting being ignored when trimming
* Fixed error failing to add a dissolve to the very end of a sequence
* Fixed import panel file analysis causing delayed exit from the project
* Fixed batch import panel Format column setting being ignored
* Fixed import panel redraw after changing multiple formats in one go
* Fixed timeline time strip mouse behavior
* Fixed shared project spaces not working correctly
* Fixed crash exiting a shared project space with the configuration panel open
* Fixed inaccurate timeline marker position after trimming the end of the last clip in a
* Fixed EDL generation for clips whose reel ID was originally read from a media file
* Fixed subsequent imports appearing as ’Sound’ only files
* Fixed reading of uncompressed QuickTime audio
* Fixed erroneous 'missing log' warnings in EDLs
* Fixed inability to search for wordings reliably
* Fixed ’Pre-ingest sync’ import option for audio only files
* Fixed 'Full SD frames' output setting not working
* The marked region on viewer timestrips is now more obvious
* Prevented empty folders from being imported (via drag/drop)
* Prevented clip cuts being unjoined on the clip timeline
* Prevented stripping trailing punctuation characters from filenames when
generating clip names for imports
* Prevented hang when clicking on stacked time-markers
* Prevented crash displaying images when inserting from a sequence into another
* Dragging a transition now automatically closes the gap 'underneath' the effect (so
that you can move it left/right)
* When revealing the full screen preview, re-render the current frame if it's at
thumbnail resolution
* Avoided 'severe warning' messages in error.log (when assigning an audio mix to an
empty edit)
* Now always use the first frame of a media file for preview purposes (on the import
* Now treat Ctrl+Alt+click the same as Alt+click when unjoining
* Now keep menu panels open allowing for multiple option changes
* Now continue creating proxies even if one of them fails (and log the failure)
* Now use Ctrl+right click for timeline 'Insert black' (Ctrl+left click for 'replace black')
* Made Cue Marker tagging/highlighting more intuitive
* Made sure there's always an audio levels line drawn for tracks in new sequences10 TP-00307-01
Lightworks v14.0 Release Notes
* No longer consider the ' character to be illegal in filenames
* The 'make subclip' key assignment now optionally makes subclips from cues if
there's no mark
* Flush audio sample cache playfile references when deleting media files - which
might fail otherwise
* Fixed drag and drop of a clip off the start of a sequence shifting the rest of the track
* Fixed incorrect audio on MP4 sample files
* Fixed hang generating titles (which have been shrunk to nothing)
* Fixed 'Reveal imports in search filter' setting on the import panel
* Fixed 'media offline' after copying/moving clips between projects
* Fixed failure to restore focus to a viewer when re-entering a room (if that viewer was
created from a tile dragged from a viewer 'pop out' icon)
* Fixed viewer title after swapping contents
* Fixed record tool persistence
* Fixed segment resizing with grouped tracks
* Fixed the Recent/Current filter
* Fixed item renaming in Content Manager
* Fixed scrubbing through interlaced material showing fields in random order on the
Blackmagic hardware output
* Removed outstanding floating windows before project entry
* Removed audio speed option on WAV exports in 30 fps projects
* Avoided making empty edits whenever a viewer's contents are popped out
* Avoided unexpected clipboard message
* Allowed click/drag trim when other tracks already have unjoined cuts
* Allowed removal of all segment texts
* Prevented full screen preview from being displayed when double-clicking a tile's
viewer icon (if the resultant viewer would appear over the clicked tile)
* Prevented endless 'scan_add_trans: index too big' messages on the status window
* Prevented erroneously showing clip effects in sequences
* Prevented crash encountering corrupt ED5s
* Project-browser preview images are now correct for 4:3 clips
* Now handle archives contained inside folders with .archive extensions
* Now inhibit tear-off timecode for effects duration widget
* No longer reveal the tasks page if a new background task has already completed
* Use the most up-to-date sequence image for project thumbnails
* Updated FX graphs correctly in response to editing operations
* Updated table-view bins correctly after deleting multiple items in one go
* Revealed image-sequences directly, rather than revealing their containing folder
* Fixed intermittent black audio waveformsTP-00307-01 11
Fixes and Features in Version 14.0
* Fixed still images showing as Media Offline with drag and drop
* Fixed bin search/replace crash
* Fixed Effects starting on the incorrect frame
* Fixed key 'up' handling which could lead to the full screen preview appearing
* Fixed bin drag/drop within nested groups
* Fixed hang on playback with certain media
* Improved handling of m4v files
* Reinstated the ability to drag transition effects to the marked region
* Avoided hang generating title effects
* Preserved tagged items correctly when switching bin views
* Save/restore minimized effect component states
* Fixed Timecode being displayed as ??? when only an FX track is enabled
* Fixed Key Assignments panel not updating when loading keyboard Preferences
* Fixed editing of search criteria (date/tracks/media)
* Fixed menu update when toggling an option but not moving the mouse
* Fixed full screen preview for SD media
* Fixed group highlighting in the content manager
* Fixed speed-change for grouped tracks when 'auto track sync' is disabled
* Fixed automatic re-categorization of custom effect templates
* Fixed incorrect playback MP4 samples when set to an interlaced output format
* Fixed clip sound level adjustment not working on first frame
* Fixed errors in Status Window and error.log when importing Pond5 media
* Fixed issues with renaming/reordering bins in groups
* Fixed bin deletion in the content manager
* Fixed undo handling for effects
* Fixed 48 fps timecode on sequence viewers in 48 fps projects
* Fixed text display for dragged audio levels
* Fixed sorting of column headers in the Content Manager List view
* Fixed creation-date discovery when metadata is missing (but backup is available)
* Fixed missing audio metadata
* Fixed crash dragging a tile to a viewer whilst the viewer is playing
* Prevented stretching 4:3 SD media on the full screen preview
* Prevented shifting current-time when adjusting effects settings
* Improved handling of folders containing large image sequences
* Removed dates from project tooltips
* Removed orphaned dialogues
* Right clicking an unselected project on the project browser now highlights that
project12 TP-00307-01
Lightworks v14.0 Release Notes
* Better width calculation for file-browser 'date' column
* Fixed 'switch' when the source viewer is linked to a bin tile
* Fixed room names
* Fixed analysis of some MP3 sample files
* Fixed handling of the last keyframe on a clip in a sequence
* Fixed export panel compression button
* Fixed kemroll generation
* Fixed viewer track button update
* Fixed timeline redraw when unjoining cuts at minimum size
* Fixed drag/drop of unimported clips to bins
* Fixed bin table-view scrolling
* Fixed GPU memory error with DVE on 4K media
* Fixed effects splitting (when there are multiple effects on the same segment)
* Fixed incorrect display of SD image sequences
* Preserved defaults for new edits when switching layout mode
* The 'clipboard source' command now reveals the clipboard if it's not already visible
* Updated viewer image correctly when jumping between keyframes whilst in (static)
play mode
* Fixed potential crash clicking on MXF sample file (HDCAM-SR not supported)
* Fixed incorrect keyframing after making a cut on a sequence with complex effects
* Fixed crash entering project regarding the Clipboard being the Record sequence
* Fixed timeline redraw error when Trim curl is enabled
* Fixed crash pressing F7 when the effects panel is not visible
* Fixed labels-panel track selection
* Fixed keyframe-graph updating issues when jumping between keyframes that span
an effect on a different track
* Fixed potential crash right clicking a playing sequence viewer
* Fixed Copy local not working for image sequences
* Fixed AIFF file staying locked at the OS level after clip is deleted from a project
* Fixed export of stereoscopic image-sequences
* Restored the last used effects category correctly
* Now show the correct effects settings panel when moving to a new time where the
effects are on a different track to the previous time
* Prevented failures of queued exports (when the first export causes a low memory
condition to occur)
* Improved behaviour of EQ effects with grouped tracks
* Fixed crash double clicking an effect in the routing panel if opened using F7
* Fixed potential crash changing output format with Full Screen enabled
* Fixed transition between slow-shuttle and hitting play-speed on interlaced outputTP-00307-01 13
Fixes and Features in Version 14.0
* Fixed 'To here' transitions added at the start of a sequence causing audio sync loss
* Fixed media appearing offline after creating a new media space and then importing
directly to it
* Fixed crash showing stills for malformed sync
* Fixed export error failure ’Cannot find the file specified’
* Fixed crash clicking on a table-view field after changing the column layout
* Ensured that 'hoover' retains mark positions
* Inhibited stills on project exit (possibly fix/address occasional hang)
* Automatically adjust the duration of transitions for which there is insufficient media,
if possible
* Do not attempt to read timecode from PTS - gives incorrect results,
* Improved message when adding transitions to clips with insufficient media
* Fixed room names when switching rooms with shortcut key
* Fixed Cue Markers with custom colors are lost when a sequence copy is made
Windows Fixes and Features
* Added support for the latest AJA drivers (Adds KONA 4G Support)
* Removed DV 1394 capture support
* Ensured the correct Boris plug-in effect name is displayed for the currently installed
* Fixed incorrect 3D LUT playback when set to 10-bit precision on the project card
* Fixed crash tearing off a source viewer timecode label highlighting one of the
numbers then closing the label
* Now use the correct number of audio outputs set by the sound card which prevents
the audio being attenuated by -6dB
* Avoided generating 'couldn't set owner' messages in error.log file
* Enabled D3D surface and texture cache management, preventing all GPU memory
being consumed
* Fixed Boris FX/Graffiti plug-ins not appearing in the Plug-ins category on the Effects
* Fixed dropped frames on playback on AJA hardware output14 TP-00307-01
Lightworks v14.0 Release Notes
Linux Fixes and Features
* Fixed Italic titles being cropped incorrectly
* Fixed SSL segmentation fault on Ubuntu 15.10
* Fixed Image Key effect not working correctly with latest NVIDIA Drivers
* Fixed crash on startup on Fedora 25 (Please see Limitations and Known Issues)
* Fixed high memory usage with multiple opened files
* Fixed multi-monitor full screen preview
* Fixed hang after applying image-key
* Made sure that floating windows can appear over video windows
* Prevented hang moving DVEs using the viewer controls
* Fixed viewer controls not appearing for DVEs
* Arranged for stack traces to appear in error.log for occurrences of
* Avoided displaying multiple OS file-browser windows
* Prevented crash exporting to P2 AVC-Intra
* Fixed potential crash enabling full screen display (F12)
* Fixed installation of user LUTs
* Removed debugging code that would cause a potential crash switching rooms
Mac OS Fixes and Features
* Added support for the latest AJA drivers (Adds KONA 4G Support)
* Fixed Italic titles being cropped incorrectly
* Fixed crash when encountering a zero-length JPEG file
* Fixed potential random crash due to OpenGL
* Fixed render preview window getting stuck to the mouse cursor when moving it
* Fixed signing by unidentified developer
* Added automatic resolution selection for ProRes
* Fixed Boris FX/Graffiti plug-ins not appearing in the Plug-ins category on the Effects
panel (clean installs)
* Fixed potential crash altering a Boris effect and saving it back to the timeline
* Fixed dropped frames on playback on AJA hardware output
* Prevented crash exporting to P2 AVC-Intra

Fixes and Features in Version 12.6

New Features
• Added Export to Vimeo at up to 1080p in the Free version.
• Added ability to right click a Group within the Content Manager and Copy/Move it to
another project.
• Added backwards compatibility for future versions of Lightworks.
• Added missing text from the Wordings file (Localization).
• Improved handling of incompatible projects with future versions of Lightworks.
• Improved handling of edit notifications to make them safer.
• Added new keyboard .prefs file compatible with Contour Shuttle Pro drivers.
• Added additional license panel on sign up that refers to existing tutorial material.
4 TP-00255-01
Fixes and Features in Version 12.6
• Fixed "Find bins" function not working if the bin is contained within a Group.
• Fixed timeline marker jumping to the start of the sequence when un-compacting a
multicam bin.
• Fixed missing [F1] Import key assignment entry in the key assignment panel.
• Fixed only one clip being registered in direct to Bin Imports for Copy Local and
• Fixed crash removing the last entry in the Key Assignments panel.
• Fixed XML exports not containing the transition type information.
• Fixed incorrect import of FCP7 XML containing subclips.
• Fixed potential crash importing multiple files at once.
• Fixed crash importing multiple frame rate files into an Auto frame rate project using
Copy local or Transcode.
• Fixed export presets being saved when closing the Preset panel and not actually
clicking Save.
• Fixed sorting order on the Bin list that appears when copying the contents of one bin
to another.
• Fixed export presets being created with the same name as an existing preset.
• Fixed incorrect audio playback on RED R3D files.
• Fixed Prints not playing video content after being inserted into an edit.
• Fixed FX settings panel not seeing the correct tracks on room entry.
• Fixed potential crash dragging a tile to an empty viewer.
• Fixed potential crash tracing an edit that contains subclips (Export of: AAF, OMF, EDL,
• Fixed Playhead jumping off screen when rejoining after a trim with an FX track
• Fixed incorrect frame rate being identified on .MOV sample files.
• Fixed bin names not being overwritten correctly when copying groups from one
project to another.
• Fixed ability to copy a group containing an empty bin to another project.
• Fixed incorrect display of Image Key effect when set to interlaced output.
• Fixed incorrect clip being opened when dragging and dropping from a bin set to List
• Fixed potential crash changing the varispeed setting on an edit that is not in Record
• Fixed incorrect "Audio rate" when importing multiple files into an "Auto" frame rate
• Fixed keyboard buffering overflow with nudging shortcuts.
• Fixed unfolded FX tracks on edits preventing multicam AutoSync working.
• Show progressive SD formats using allow_progressive_sd_export 1 config.dat
• Renamed YouTube export options on the Export panel.
TP-00255-01 5
Lightworks v12.6 Release Notes
• Fixed Console Play command keyboard shortcut returning the wrong play speed.
• Fixed viewer transport control buttons not working correctly.
• Fixed track shift on XML sequence imports from FCP7 containing FX.
• Fixed audio sync issues with 25 / 30 fps exports from a 24 fps project.
• Fixed potential crash changing tile sizes on compacted Multicam Bins.
• Fixed potential crash repeatedly right clicking the project browser.
Windows Fixes and Features
• Added support for Blackmagic Fusion 8.
• Fixed Matrox driver copy error on systems with UAC enabled (error message when
copy fails).
• Fixed issues with typing certain characters into input boxes.
• Fixed incorrect playback on 3D LUTs when set to 10-bit precision on the project card.
• Fixed appearance of Korean text within the application.
Linux Fixes and Features
• Added full compatibility support for Ubuntu 15.10.
• Fixed potential crash browsing to a location containing a corrupt JPEG file.
• Fixed segmentation Fault with OpenSSL 1.0.2 (caused a crash on sign in to the
• Fixed PNG image sequence exports being incorrect from an edit containing an image
Mac OS Fixes and Features
• Added full compatibility support for Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
• Added improved error logging to catch potential crash.
• Fixed startup failure due to AJA hardware being present.
• Fixed Tiles/Viewers getting stuck to the mouse cursor when pressing Stop during
• Fixed corrupt JPEG files causing crashes opening the import panel.
• Fixed panels appearing behind the video image within a viewer.
• Fixed panels appearing behind the video image after frame stepping using the
• Fixed Matrix wipe effect not working.

Lightworks v12.5 Release Notes

New Features
• Added UltraHD video output format option to the Video tab of the Project Card (Lightworks Pro only)
• Export option improvements (Lightworks Pro Only)
• Added H.264/MP4 export format (level 5.2) for more export options including 4K
• Added WebM export option, includes 4K
• Added XAVC-Intra export option, includes 4K
• Added support for XML export (Version 5 only)
• Added further improvements to AAF Avid Media Composer export option to allow media relinking to the original file if one exists
• Added support for LUTs .3dl, .looks, .cube, .davlut, and .mga filesFixed pop-out crash (in the unlikely event of a source having a missing track)
• Added support for applying a LUT at the project level (Video tab of the project card)
• Added support for the import of CinemaDNG files
• Added a config entry for turning off the automatic edit creation when Inserting/ Replacing (’create_edit_on_demand 0’)
• Added menu entry to the Search tool to show bin search results in racks
• Added consistency for the term ’Reel ID’ within the application
• Changed wording of ’Auto configure new effects’ to ’Show settings panel for new effects’
• Make 'copy marked section' work when there are deselected/unmarked tracks
• Improved timeline segment drag/drop:
• Do not automatically change the zoom level unless neither end of the grabbed segment is visible
• Do not move current-time when dropping a segment if it would mean changing the current visible region
• Respect waveform/levels visibility when dragging audio segments
• Timeline now scrolls left/right when moving clips/FX using drag and drop
• Allowed drag/drop FX highlights to pass behind the red time-marker
• Allowed drag/drop timeline segments to pass behind the red time-marker
• ALT dragging an EQ on an audio segment that does not have audio levels always drags the EQ
• ALT dragging an audio only segment that does not have EQ always drags the audio levels
• ALT dragging an audio only segment that has audio levels AND EQ, then levels are dragged if you're in 'Advanced' mode, EQ in non-advanced mode
• New Content Manager improvements:
• Added a scroll bar to torn off groups
• Added the ability to scroll bin tabs in a torn off group
• Added the ability to right click a tab in a torn off group to display the bin list
• Added the ability to resize a torn off group
• Added the ability to add a Bin to more than one Group
• Improved the color of Group names within the content manager
• Improved tab display of bins on torn off groups
• Improved the Bin search within the content manager
• Improved the behavior of hoovered clips
• Removed the number limit of bins available in a group
• Fixed inability to drag torn off bins into Groups within the content manager
• Fixed bins being incorrectly merged when dragging and dropping a bin to a group
• Added new menu item to the Content Manager icon: ‘Default tile positioning’. The default value is 'inherit' (ie, inherit the positioning setting from the source bin), and the other values are 'manual' and 'automatic'. Therefore, choose 'Manual' to force new bins to be created with automatic positioning disabled.
• Added improvements to ’H.264/MP4’ ’WebM’ and ’WMV’ export options (Lightworks Pro Only):
• Added ability to change the Compression settings
• Added option for Constant bitrate compression
• Added option for Variable bitrate compression
• Added 1440p (2K) and 2160p (4K) size options to YouTube export option (Lightworks Pro Only)
• Improved compression settings between different YouTube H.264/MP4 size options:
• 2160p (4K) 35-45 Mbps
• 1440p (2K) 16 Mbps
• 1080p 8 Mbps
• 720p 5 Mbps
• 480p 2.5 Mbps
• 360p 1 Mbps
• Changed wording of ’relink existing/new media’ setting on the import panel to ’Search for media’ and added new functionality options:
• ’No’ = No media scanning relinking at all
• ’Simple’ = Will look in the folder in which the AAF/XML resides to find media
• ’Thorough’ = Will look in the folder in which the AAF/XML resides to find media along with all child folders in the tree
• Added ’Original Audio Timecode’ and ’Orig Audio Reel’ to AAF exports
• Added support for import of XAVC long-GOP files
• Added more functionality to the AAF/XML import ability to scan subfolders of a directory containing an AAF/XML
• Added support for reading Markers contained in AAFs generated from Avid Media Composer
• Added 'Save current frame' key assignable command (which grabs the current record edit frame, saves it in 'My Pictures' and then reveals it in your file manager)
• Added shortcut key assignable command for muting audio tracks (’Toggle Mute A1-A16’)
• Added shortcut key assignable command for soloing audio tracks (’Toggle Solo A1-A16’)
• Added new Italian Wordings file. Translated from English by Carmelo Battaglia

• Fixed vertical frame jumping on varispeed interlaced material played as progressive
• Fixed audio levels in AAF exports potentially being incorrect when imported to Protools
• Fixed a number of problems with the import of 23.98 audio-only MXFs reporting bad shot-lengths and shot in/out point accuracy
• Fixed Bin contents not displaying after moving clips from the clip filter
• Fixed crash entering a negative value into the Blur effect amount
• Fixed display of stills when dragging the timeline - we now see every field for interlaced non-film originated material when set to interlaced output
• Fixed audio sample-rate factor independent of film-rate (correct audio speed playback in 60/50 projects)
• Fixed edit name not appearing correctly in the Content Manager after creating an edit of matches
• Fixed foreign Wordings files showing some text incorrectly
• Fixed timecode labels on source clips showing as ??? in new projects
• Fixed audio waveforms not being displayed correctly on smaller MOV files
• Show correct error message when user account hasn't been activated during software activation: ’Account has not been activated’
• Removed ’insufficient media’ message warnings on AAF export. Error was due to invalid shot-lengths created at import time
• Handled text field focus switching in a better way to avoid keyboard shortcuts obliterating text field information
• Added keybinds for adding a video track and/or audio track
• Added a keybind for ’Align Marks’
• Fixed potential crash clicking a tile in the content manager 'current' tab whilst playing back the record edit
• Fixed pasting text using the right mouse paste submenu option not work correctly
• Fixed accuracy of varispeed value calculation (e.g. 50% being imported as 48% etc) with AAF imports
• Fixed negative varispeed not working correctly with AAF imports
• Fixed incorrect In/Out points when a varispeeded segment followed a transition with AAF imports
• Fixed varispeed representation in AAF exports (it was incorrect when imported to Avid)
• Fixed varispeed in AAF imports from Avid
• Fixed potential crash marking and parking an effect and deleting it
• Fixed potential crash double clicking text in a text field of a bin and then dragging
• Fixed playhead jumping on multicam edits after pressing Stop
• Fixed inactive transport controls after clicking a tile into a viewer that has played to the end
• Fixed video wipe transitions in AAF exports to be recognized by Avid
• Fixed jump in displayed still on hardware output when play stops
• Fixed viewer/output sync with Blackmagic Decklink hardware
• Disabled the automatic full screen mode on new installations
• Fixed Film Cut List exports failing
• Fixed Auto frame rate projects incorrectly setting the in-camera speed option to 24fps when importing 50/60fps files
• Added keybind for dumping memory/iReclaimable usage to error.log
• Fixed exporting to a file path that includes special characters such as ’δφε’ not working correctly
• Fixed crash copying more than one group to another project
• Fixed uninitialized data affecting TapeMob, Timecode and Editrate in AAF exports
• Fixed Mark/Previous Cut behavior requiring two presses when using a console
• BITC panel now refreshes when another tile is clicked into the open viewer and the BITC panel is left open
• Avoided potential hang when two threads attempt to create the clipboard edit at the same time
• Tear off timecode is now always topmost. This avoids errors when the timecode label appeared behind the viewer
• Prevented pop out original function opening the files in the content manager with the config entry present
• Changed warning message of 'missing filemob' to more informative message on AAF import
• Fixed Empty Cut shortcut keybind (C) not working
• Fixed tear off timecode no longer being editable
• Fixed crash using ’Pop out tile’ shortcut keybind
• Fixed drag and drop Insert
• Fixed new bins not being listed in the Content Manager when right-clicking the bin tool and choosing 'make new bin'
• Fixed potential hang clicking undo after adding BITC
• Replaced JPEG background images with new PNG images
• Fixed audio WAV files potentially not playing despite files being online and accessible
• Fixed double clicking a tile to a viewer not working properly if ’Link bin tiles to viewers’ is set to ’No’
• Fixed potential crash handling lines greater then 32k in length
• Fixed ProRes MOV files created by Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC) importing as audio only
• Removed obsolete ’Permissions’ menu item on edits in shared projects
• Fixed crash editing Wordings file in the System Settings panel
• Fix crash double-clicking a tile after enabling record mode for a source edit
• Fixed ’Use marked section’ option being ignored when saving an export preset
• Brightened the color of the ’Marked duration’ timecode label
• Removed 44.1 kHz and 32 kHz audio setting options on Blu-ray and AVCHD export options
• Removed the column size restriction between bin lists and bin content in the content manager
• Bin names are now one font size when resizing the column divider between bin lists and bin content
• Added sensible mouse cursors when hovering over editable fields on the search panel
• Added config entry for more contrast/pronounced appearance on column edges: column_edge_color_adjust 0.2 (Default value is 0.2. Larger values (eg. 0.5 will make it look brighter))
• Fixed error in timeline track Sync/loss number (Bug#399)
• Added keybind for ‘Show project everything’
• Automatically correct the frame rate on newly created edits in an Auto frame rate project
• Fixed Keyframe jump button not working after changing a keyframe parameter
• Fixed presence of ’Original-audio timecode’ and ’Take’ in AAF exports
• Fixed Video Output setting affecting the audio replay rate of MXF audio imports
• Fixed failure to import all tracks of some compound MXFs in AAF imports
• Fixed Drag and Drop of tiles from one bin to another not showing the tiles until the bin is resized
• Fixed manual bin reordering on torn off groups reflecting in the content manager list
• Fixed crash switching bins (when leaving the mouse over a tile which occurs in the next bin in the same position)
• Fixed Next/Previous Bin Tile shortcut key not working correctly on bins set to manual positioning
• Fixed Export/Render failures to MOV on drives with 16k sector size
• Search tabs in the content manager now correctly disappear rather than showing an empty tab
• Revamped the config.dat file and included common entries by default
• Added keybinds ’Bin : Next in group’ and ’Bin : Previous in group’
• Added config.dat entry ’sorted_racks 0’ This allows users to manually reorder torn off groups which reflects in the Content Manager list
• Prevent a closed group from opening when dragging a bin into it that is not currently open
• Fixed Export/Render failure to AVI on drives with a 16k sector size
• Fixed incorrect varispeed value on clip inserted using Fit to Fill
• Fixed tear off timecodes not working correctly after changing the start timecode
• AAF export: sub-clips are now assigned a persistent Mob ID to improve Avid linking
• Automatically enabled text editing for newly created bin names
• Respect Content Manager sort-order in 'Bin : next/prev' keybinds
• Do not show Content Manager bins as tagged when they aren't
• Added keybind ’Make source into edit’, which inserts the source clip into a new record edit, closes the source and opens the new edit in the same position
• Fixed very large image sequences not importing correctly
• Fixed audio mixer panel still referring to subclips/syncs as Ghosts
• Fixed crash exporting embedded AAFs
• Fixed consolidation of audio correctly in OMF/AAF exports
• Fixed image-sequence exports failing for edits with names containing path characters
• Fixed ALE-import MXF file-coalescing independent of project output video format
• Fixed ALE-import Strict setting failing to import media
• Fixed problems with ALE-import MXF-coalescing
• Fixed Timecode incorrect when modifying an edit timecode using a torn off label
• Fixed potential crash importing 29.97fps and 23.98fps files into an ’Auto’ frame rate project
• Updated the .Room file in the ’Coffee’ demo project to remove pinned items
• Fixed missing Effects Favorites icon when thumbnails are turned off on the Effects settings panel
• Fixed Clipboard not updating correctly after an edit operation if the timeline marker has been moved on the Clipboard
• Fixed panels jumping to a new position after a chord click operation
• Prevented inline effects from being created where they are not valid
• Fixed crash with overlapping crop values on the image key effect
• Fixed source viewers getting linked together incorrectly when dragging tiles to viewers
• Fixed Auto frame rate projects incorrectly setting the in-camera film speed to 24fps when importing using Copy Local or Transcode
• Fixed incorrect audio speed on DVD 29.97 exports in a 24fps project
• Fixed export panel incorrectly remembering the wrong audio export setting
• Fixed Subclips not being found when searching for both Edits and Subclips
• Fixed version 11 projects preventing application startup
• Fixed effects generated by versions of the software in different installation folders
• Fixed invalid DVCPro100 MOV exports
• Fixed groups torn off from the content manager list failing to display
• Fixed timeline marker moving to a new position after dragging and dropping an unfolded Effect
• Fixed incorrect image scaling on Sony XAVC sample files
• Fixed timeline marker and In/Out points persisting when moving to bins
• Added new tab appearance to the settings panel for Wipe effects
• Fixed incorrect behavior of Jog Right/Left which would affect ShuttlePro use
• Fixed inability to rename a Group from within the content manager
• Fixed Bins not being copied successfully from one group to another
• Fixed potential crash exporting to AAF if the edit contains clips from a multicam bin
• Fixed crash using ’Find clips to fill edit’ when selecting from a target bin
• Fixed missing ’ICG’ error messages
• Fixed potential crash exporting an embedded AAF
• Fixed crash importing an AAF with associated media in the same folder
• Report an error if WAV exports would exceed maximum size limit
• Changed Lightworks target on AAF export to be the only target that exports the full alternate clip list from the multicam bin.
• Added 'Freeze frame' keybind (which holds the first frame of the marked region until the end of the region, or the next segment, whichever comes first. If there are no marks, it holds the current frame until the end of the segment)
• Fixed AAF export failing with ’Error Code 1’ on some edits
• Fixed incorrect video image when using Blend effect on image sequence
• Fixed potential crash clicking the ’Video only’ tab in the ’Clips’ filter of the Content Manager
• Fixed import of steroscopic files V1L/V1R failing to output any 3D option (reimport is necessary)
• Fixed potential crash scrubbing the edit timeline with multiple V tracks and a multi tabbed effects panel open
• Prevented project unarchive rejection on frame rate grounds
• Removed MDA creation from exports with separate WAV files
• Resolved missing primary timecodes for shots in AAF imports
• Fixed handling of unsupported/badly-formed constructs in AAF imports to report errors to the error.log
• Fixed Unfolded effects not being removed from the effect settings panel when clicking the ’X’ icon
• Fixed potential crash enabling Keyframes on color gradients and matte Effects
• Fixed incorrect ordering of multiple V tracks in AAF exports
• Fixed Keyframe points not appearing on the Effect Settings panel
• Fixed EDL Track Mapping and Advanced Options not persisting correctly on user presets
• Fixed AAF problems with export of offline clips. These problems were manifesting as missing primary timecodes
• Fixed incorrect XML standard being exported (was exporting LWXML instead of FCP Version 5)
• Fixed incorrect handling of offline media when importing XML files
• Fixed thumbnail appearance of CinemaDNG files on the import panel
• Fixed XML export causing a duplicate edit to be created in the project
• Fixed crash making Kemrolls from a bin
• Fixed Multi V track edits with effects not playing back correctly
• Fixed Automatic naming on XML exports to append a number when encountering the same export name
• Fixed particular Avid DNxHD MXF sample not playing back correctly
• Fixed incorrect analysis of files during import (1080p files importing as 1080i)
• Enabled audio level drag and drop in the edit timeline even when segment_drag_size is set to 0 in the config.dat file
• Added pagination to XMLs generated from Lightworks
• Added support for reading of Merged clips from FCP7 in an XML
• Added information to XML export option to show which format is being exported (FCP7 version 5)
• Fixed XML exports failing to import into Blackmagic Resolve
• Fixed user defined background images not persisting when exiting and restarting the application
• Fixed audio track on A1 disappearing when dragging the corresponding A2 track of a clip on the edit timeline with ’Drag/drop track sync’ turned on
• Fixed audio pop during playback and exports on sections of an edit containing audio levels fading to mute
• Added option to XML export to use the original filename from the .ED5 in the XML for clips that have been copied locally or transcoded on import
• Fixed AVI, MOV and MXF Compression options not updating correctly when switching between SD and HD Formats
• Fixed Alpha channel and color not being registered correctly on BITC overlays
• Fixed incorrect black frame at the beginning of reverse varispeeded segments
• Updated initial Licensing/Welcome panel
• Prevented application lock out when a corrupt room .TGA fails to load
• Fixed 'Awaiting rendered media' appearance for assistant applications
• Fixed incorrect effect overlay if the Start/End of an edit is marked when dragging an dropping an effect
• Fixed incorrect image appearing on the record edit viewer when trimmed beyond the clip bounds
• Fixed jitters starting playback with higher resolution material (XAVC)
• Fixed pop out original function not working correctly on a bin set to List view
• Fixed incorrect aspect ratio on ProRes 4K DCI MOV sample
• Fixed duplicate entries appearing in the Macro list
• Fixed ALT Gr keyboard shortcuts not working with French (Belgium) keyboard setups
• Fixed playhead jumping to the incorrect position when pressing stop after reverse playback (Multicam edits only)
• Fixed incorrect black rectangle on DVE fade to black
• Fixed incorrect display of Sync timecodes in List view bins
• Fixed failure to import and play MXF files with unusual edit index rate
• Fixed potential crash importing MXF files with ’Detect split MXF files’ is set to ’Yes’ on the import panel
• Fixed linking to coalesced A-only clips with AAF imports
• Fixed audio effects turning red in an edit after adding an audio crossfade
• Renamed the ’Manage licenses’ button on the System Settings panel to ’Activate license(s)’
• Updated the message users receive when they attempt to activate a license from within the application
• Updated the copy logs message to include ’Skip all’ option
• Ensured that source logs are unchanged when copying logs between projects
• Changed default setting of ’Detect split MXF files’ from ’Yes’ to ’No’ on the import panel
• Fail XML export gracefully when encountering illegal characters within the Reel ID column and identify the offending clip
• Fixed tiles in bins losing their Mark/Park when exiting and re entering the project
• Fixed tiles showing the incorrect position in the content manager when searching by timecode
• ’Auto sync with record edit’ setting is now remembered when jumping between different multicam bins

Windows Fixes and Features
• Added further improvements to DirectX handling on new Windows installations
• Fixed potential crash creating/deleting a 50/60fps project
• Fixed potential crash exiting the application with the Mackie audio mixer connected
• Fixed startup issues on Windows XP (Windows XP officially not supported)
• Fixed installation errors when new Visual C++ libraries are installed
• Suppressed restart option for Visual Studio Redistributables
• Updated background images again to allow compatibility on Windows XP
• Updated to MainConcept SDK 9.11
• Updated to MainConcept Transcoding SDK 3.5
• Fixed inability to add a Boris effect to a V2 track if V1 is deselected
• Fixed crash on startup with 4K Blackmagic card (with serial port)
• Fixed Boris FX becoming unrecoverable if applied in the 64bit version then opened in the 32bit version of Lightworks without the plugin installed
• Fixed AJA Kona 3 I/O devices not outputting correctly on Windows 7 64bit
• Fixed potential crash importing an AAF into the 64bit Windows version
• Fixed crash on exit when After Effects plugins are installed
• Improved the anti-aliasing on the Lightworks Title effect
• Fixed Material/Sound folders not being recognized when present in the root of drives
• Added multiple Boris FX Effects templates
• Added multiple Boris Graffiti Effects templates
• Fixed Matrix Wipes shifting the image Up and Left

Linux Fixes and Features
• Fixed large error.log files causing slow application starts
• Fixed incorrect memory handling on Linux systems without a Swap partition
• Fixed tiles snapping to the incorrect position in Bins set to manual positioning
• Fixed possible crash when restoring the normal mouse cursor after displaying the hourglass/busy cursor
• Fixed UI redraw issue on startup
• Fixed color correction and 3D-DVE effect not displaying the video image correctly
• Fixed arrow key release for frame stepping event not being handled correctly
• Fixed memory handling which could result in very poor playback
• Fixed audio buffer memory leak if Linux audio isn't working
• Fixed Wipe effect not appearing correctly during playback after having first being applied
• Fixed text appearing truncated on the Lightworks Title effect
• Fixed Matrix wipe effect not working

Mac OS Fixes and Features
• Fixed potential crash exiting the application with the Mackie audio mixer connected
• Fixed large error.log files causing slow application starts
• Fixed application error with developer signing on startup
• Fixed Lightworks Console failing to initialize correctly on application startup
• Ensured Console com port is closed regardless of whether com port thread is running (resource busy error?)
• Fixed window positioning not being remembered when closing the application
• Fixed tiles snapping to the incorrect position in Bins set to manual positioning
• Fixed possible crash when restoring the normal mouse cursor after displaying the hourglass/busy cursor
• Fixed crash moving the render preview window, closing it, then opening it again
• Added missing mc_fhg_enc_aac.framework Transcoding SDK
• Added Extra OpenGL safety to stop potential random crashes
• Fixed uninitialized data causing video to export as black frames on clips with Boris FX/Graffiti added
• Fixed Fit to Fill shortcut not working (ALT V) Re-import of the .Prefs file will be required
• Fixed potential crash on exit
• Prevented being able to bind a shortcut key to ’Command + Q’
• Fixed color correction and 3D-DVE effect not displaying the video image correctly
• Fixed potential crash opening and closing the toolbox
• Fixed inability to unfold an inline effect Limitations and Known Problems in Version 12.5
• Fixed crash attempting to import Cineform AVI files
• Fixed crash exporting to WebM Format on OS X 10.8
• Fixed incorrect audio output from Blackmagic I/O devices on Mac OS X 10.9
• Fixed AJA Kona 3 I/O devices not outputting correctly on Mac OS X 10.9
• Fixed AAF automatic media relinking for media in the same folder as the AAF/XML
• Fixed Wipe effect not appearing correctly during playback after having first being applied
• Fixed potential random crash pressing play either immediately after application start or playing in trimview
• Fixed panels appearing behind the video portion of viewers
• Added multiple Boris FX Effects templates
• Added multiple Boris Graffiti Effects templates
• Added correct version numbers to the error.log for 10.10 (Yosemite) and 10.11 (El Capitan)
• Improved OpenGL handling to help with Boris integration
• Fixed Matrix wipe effect not working

Limitations and Known Problems in Version 12.5
The following limitations and known problems have been identified in this release: “Cross Platform” on page 15 “Windows 64-bit” on page 15 “Windows 64-bit” on page 15 “Linux 64-bit” on page 16 “Mac 10.9 and 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion)” on page 17 “Matrox Hardware I/O” on page 17 “Blackmagic Hardware I/O” on page 17 “AJA Hardware I/O” on page 18 TP-00236-01 15 Lightworks v12.5 Release Notes Cross Platform
• Lightworks Bins generated in 11.5 and higher, may show duplicate entries when the project is opened in version 12.
• AVCHD files imported into version 12 will be black in previous versions (11.5.2) This is due to the indexing files. You should delete any .vix/.lvix files
• Some MTS files will show pixelation on the start frames.
• There is currently no way of searching for Groups
• MTS files with two video streams (3D) will cause the MainConcept decoder to crash and Lightworks to close. This issue has been raised with MainConcept
• Duplicate log entries on the export panel when an edit viewer and timeline are open
• The screen capture function is not currently working
• CDDA ripping is no longer available
• Potential crash importing QTRef files
• Video analysis tool appears through the FX configuration panel when configuring a color correction effect
• Potential crash importing WMV files
• Audio monitor delay setting will not be accounted for during export
• Cannot record SD/HDV through Firewire
• Avid DNxHD 10bit encode is not possible
• Make sure any other applications are closed before attempting to install Lightworks
• Video track can turn red after removing certain FX
• .VOB files appear as ’Sound’ only on the import panel, but yet import with picture. Performance will be slow
• Image quality on playback may be poor when project card set to NTSC Fields
• You will not be able to transcode 1080p 60fps files on import to Avid DNxHD (MPEG AVI works correctly)
• Blu-ray VC1 export does not generate a valid file. It imports back as Sound only
• Audio on exported AVCHD files cannot be played by Windows Media Player it is just mute
• The Record panel format must match the output format for successful recording to take place Windows 64-bit
• There is no QuickTime Movie/MPEG4 import/export via Apple SDK
• After Effects plugins are not supported
• Audio content analysis is disabled Windows 32-bit
• If the Matrox VFW codecs are installed on a Windows 8/8.1 system then you will not be able to open the export panel. These codecs may also prevent Lightworks from starting. You should uninstall the VFW codecs for the time being
• Audio VU meters may display incorrect levels when in Standby mode on Voice Over recordings. Recordings will be correct
• Error during startup when Matrox MTX utils installed ’error copying Matrox DSX driver’. You need to turn off User Account Control (UAC) in Windows
• Image on viewers and SDI output may look very poor on old ATI graphics card when set to 10-bit precision Linux 64-bit Tested distros (Other distributions may work, but have not been tested):
• Debian Distros:
• Ubuntu/Lubuntu/Xbuntu 14.04 and higher
• Mint 17 and higher
• RPM Distros:
• Fedora 20 and higher
• There is no Firewire support
• There is no QuickTime Movie/MPEG4 export option
• There is no Mackie Audio Mixer support
• There is no .WMV import
• ATI and Nvidia cards are supported. EditShare recommends Nvidia for the best performance
• Blackmagic AVIs will not import
• Cineform AVIs will not import
• Fraps AVIs will not import
• There is no FX plugin support
• Files will be not highlighted in a folder when clicking the Location links on filecards or bins
• You have to use 'Alt+Ctrl' (for Linux) in place of 'Alt' (for Windows) modifier for keyboard short-cuts.
• No audio imported from OMFs (that do have embedded audio)
• Image Sequences are slow to export
• AAF exports will import with audio off-line
• Relaunch button does not work after the application crashes
• Audio may not be present on some Uncompressed AVIs
• Do not use linux default GFX driver. If you experience the viewer playing at a reduced size then the Linux default graphics driver is installed. Make sure the Nvidia driver is loaded an the system is restarted Mac 10.9 and 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion)
• Any users running Macbook Pro systems MUST disable ’Automatic graphics switching’ under ’Energy Saver’ in the ’System Preferences’
• Lightworks will only run and 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion) and above
• There is no H.264 MOV export
• There is no QuickTime/MPEG4 export option
• There is no Voice Over functionality
• There is no .WMV import
• There is no Apple ProRes 4444 export option
• There is no MPEG AVI option on Record/Render/Transcode/Export panels
• There is no support for Matrox I/O hardware
• The shared project feature is not currently working
• Video overlay may change brightness on playback when running dual monitor setups
• Full screen preview is scaled incorrectly for the secondary monitor (when the primary monitor is retina display) This is a QT issue. Matrox Hardware I/O
• If your system is not fast enough or does not have enough memory, the captures using MXO2 will stop with a ’dropped-frame’ message
• If the drives you are recording to are not fast enough the captures using MXO2 will stop with a ’dropped-frame’ message Blackmagic Hardware I/O
• Input or Output only devices cannot be used. Lightworks requires both an Input and an Output to be present on the device.
• USB 3.0 devices may not work correctly on a Mac running Windows Bootcamp
• Audio monitor level control has no effect on Blackmagic recordings
• You will not be able to view video on the Blackmagic output if Precision is set to 10bit. Change to 8bit
• You will not be able to view video from Boris Red via the Blackmagic Output when Lightworks is running
• SDI Output does not playback smoothly if a title has been applied to the material
• A video signal must be present in order to record an audio signal AJA Hardware I/O
• Audio monitor level control has no effect on AJA recording
• There is no E-E when using the KONA LHi during recording
• You may need to restart the AJA service if the I/O is not working correctly. Start > Services > Restart AJA Device Service
• If your system is not fast enough or does not have enough memory, the captures using AJA devices will stop with a ‘dropped-frame’ message
• If the drives you are recording to are not fast enough, the captures using AJA devices will stop with a ‘dropped-frame’ message
• AJA/BMD SDI Output does not playback smoothly if a title has been applied to the clip
• Kona 4G I/O cards are not currently supported

Version 12.0.2 Release on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is now available to download!

This latest version of Lightworks is purely a maintenance release for version 12. The 12.0.2 release includes support for Blackmagic Fusion 7.5 and addresses two very long standing issues of sending audio levels in an AAF to a Protools session, along with support for Boris FX plugins within the 64bit Windows version. The full list of fixes and features can be found in the Release Notes document page.

Accompanying the new version are several new tutorial videos: Working with the Video Routing panel, Working with the Audio Mixer Panel and Working with Effect keyframes

Users running 12.0.2.x Beta builds will need to update to this release build. It is strongly recommended that users backup their project folder before installing any new build of Lightworks.

To celebrate this latest release we are offering the Lightworks Pro Yearly license with an extra 6 months free until the 2nd January 2015.

Version 12 of Lightworks introduces some incredible new features to the application. Primarily the Content Manager which is a very useful way of managing all your media, edits and bins in a sensible way so that you can always find your media or your bins easily.

To help bring users up to speed with the latest changes in version 12 we have produced several tutorial videos including a Quickstart Video which we recommend users watch to get up to speed with version 12 of Lightworks.

Some of the exciting new features in version 12 can be seen below:

Added new Content Manager structure
Bins and Groups (previously racks) are now all visible within the content manager
Multicam Bins (previously Sync groups) are now all visible within the content manager
The Search function has been incorporated into the content manager (click the magnifying glass)
Added Clips, Subclips, Prints, Syncs, Edits, Searches, Everything and Recent filters to the content manager
Added ability to create and edit Filters
Added ability to create Filters based on search criteria and manage them
Added the ability to drag/drop files from the OS directly into an open bin (cannot import to Filters)
Added the ability to import directly into an existing bin (cannot import to Filters)
And much more!
Optimised the drawing pipeline. Any/All UI elements are now drawn more efficiently (less laggy)
Rewritten the Lightworks Play engine to remove the need for the Display Optimisation Field/Frame button
Added improvements to the export panel to make it easier to select a format for export
Added entirely new Blur effect to the Effects panel
Added powerful new Colour Correction
Added powerful new Selective Colour Correction
Added support for Blackmagic Fusion 7.5
Added import of FCP7 XMLs
Improved responsiveness for image display when moving the timeline marker
The full list of fixes and other improvements in version 12 can be found in the Release Notes document

Version 12.0.1 Release on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is now available to download!

This latest version of Lightworks is purely a maintenance release to address several issues that were raised over the last few weeks. The most important of these issues were performance problems with Linux Kernels 3.14 (and higher) plus sync output issues using Blackmagic hardware. The full list of fixes and features can be found on the Changelog page.

With this latest release we have also included new Colour Correction Preset effects along with 12 new sound EQ presets. Accompanying these presets are new tutorial videos covering all the FX improvements in version 12, including how to get the best out of the new presets, with detailed descriptions of how and when to use them: (Videos will be live shortly)

The Lightworks Forum is an important resource for new and experienced users and it has finally received a much needed makeover: The whole look and feel has been changed to bring it more up to date and to give users a better experience, making it feel cleaner and less cluttered. We have also renamed two of the buttons on the menu bar for clearer explanation "Learning" -> "Tutorials" and "Support" -> "Help"

Users running 12.0.1.x Beta builds will need to update to this release build. It is strongly recommended that users backup their project folder before installing any new build of Lightworks.

Version 12 of Lightworks introduces some incredible new features to the application. Primarily the Content Manager which is a very useful way of managing all your media, edits and bins in a sensible way so that you can always find your media or your bins easily.

To help bring users up to speed with the latest changes in version 12 we have produced several tutorial videos including a Quickstart Video which we recommend users watch to get up to speed with version 12 of Lightworks.

Some of the exciting new features in version 12 can be seen below:
Added new Content Manager structure
Bins and Groups (previously racks) are now all visible within the content manager
Multicam Bins (previously Sync groups) are now all visible within the content manager
The Search function has been incorporated into the content manager (click the magnifying glass)
Added Clips, Subclips, Prints, Syncs, Edits, Searches, Everything and Recent filters to the content manager
Added ability to create and edit Filters
Added ability to create Filters based on search criteria and manage them
Added the ability to drag/drop files from the OS directly into an open bin (cannot import to Filters)
Added the ability to import directly into an existing bin (cannot import to Filters)
And much more!
Optimised the drawing pipeline. Any/All UI elements are now drawn more efficiently (less laggy)
Rewritten the Lightworks Play engine to remove the need for the Display Optimisation Field/Frame button
Added improvements to the export panel to make it easier to select a format for export
Added entirely new Blur effect to the Effects panel
Added powerful new Colour Correction
Added powerful new Selective Colour Correction
Added import of FCP7 XMLs
Improved responsiveness for image display when moving the timeline marker
The full list of fixes and other improvements in version 12 can be found in the Release Notes document

Fixes and Features in Version 12

This section summarizes the Fixes and Features that have been implemented in
Lightworks 12. See the following topics:
• “Cross Platform Fixes and Features” on page 3
• “Windows Fixes and Features” on page 13
• “Linux Fixes and Features” on page 14
Cross Platform Fixes and Features
New Content Manager Structure
• Bins and Groups (previously racks) are now all visible within the Content Manager
• Multicam Bins (previously Sync groups) are now all visible within the Content
• The Search function has been incorporated into the Content Manager (click the
magnifying glass)
• Added Clips, Subclips, Prints, Syncs, Edits, Searches, Everything and Recent filters to
the Content Manager
• Added ability to create Filters
• Added ability to create Filters based on search criteria
• Added ability to manage Filters. To show/hide their visibility based on content
• Added ability to create new bins with the click of a button
• Added ability to create an empty Group
• Added ability to group bins together by highlighting them, right clicking and
selecting Make group
• Added ability to copy/move bins/groups to another project simply by right clicking
• Added ability to move between previous and last bins with the arrows (top left of the
Content Manager)
• Added ability to show Current items from the edit timeline (Recent Filter)
• Added ability to sort Bins by Date, Name or Type (Bin or Group)4 TP-00216-01
Fixes and Features in Version 12
• Added ability to view Bin in a new browser window
• Added ability to open Edits/Syncs/Prints made in the application in the Content
Manager recent filter
• Added the ability to hide the Content Manager Filter/Bin list
• Added the ability to tear off a Bin to the desktop
• Added the ability to create a Group Shortcut by tearing off a Group from the Content
Manager to the desktop (Appears like the old style Racks)
• Added the ability to see the contents of a selected Group as tabs along the top, when
the Filter/Bin list is hidden
• Added the ability to edit a user created Filter in the Content Manager
• Added the ability to drag/drop files from the OS directly into an open bin (cannot
import to Filters)
• Added the ability to import directly into an existing bin (cannot import to Filters)
• Added the ability for users to choose where to reveal new imports, in the Recent filter
or in the Searches filter (Import->cogs menu)
• Bins opened from the Group Shortcut open automatically with the Filter/Bin list
• Bin sizes are now remembered by the Content Manager (Automatic Positioning must
be set to No)
• Allowed multiple bins to be dragged from the Content Manger to a rack on the
Bin Modifications
• Creation Date will now always be the Lightworks creation date ie. import date, or
date of creation within lightworks
• Added 'Media Date' This will now show the actual creation date of the media itself
(when it's available)
• Added Frame rate bin column header
• Added aspect ratio bin column header
• Added Modified date bin column header (which you can also search by)
• Added Take bin column header
• Added the ability to create an empty edit from a bin
• Added "Loading" text to tiles in bins
• Added a message box when you create an edit or a bin to say the contents have been
saved automatically
• Added support for Alacrity-style bins
• Added Move/Copy labels to clips when dragging and dropping clips from one bin to
• Renamed Source Format column header to Media Format
• Renamed Location column header to Media Location (which you can also search by)TP-00216-01 5
Lightworks v12 Release Notes
Multicam Bin Modifications
• No longer automatically enter 'compact' mode when selecting 'Display viewers' You
can now highlight some tiles then just click 'compact' to replicate the old behaviour)
• We now store the size/positions of viewers, based on the number of viewers that are
visible - If you have 4 viewers visible we store that layout, if you have 3 viewers visible,
we store that layout separately -
• Added hide viewers function
• Added the ability for multicam viewers to appear when opening a multicam bin. Set
"Automatically restore viewers" to yes on the cogs menu
Improved Delete Panels on Bins
• The delete panels will now be the same whether selecting multiple bins, individual
bins or a selection of entries inside the bin
• Changed the wording on the delete panel to explain more clearly what will happen
with the deleted items
• Changed the options on the delete panel to explain more clearly what is being
• Included the number of Bin/Log/Media files that will be deleted
• Prevented users from deleting Logs only resulting in orphaned media
• Prevented users from being able to delete a bin when tagged entries are selected
• Renamed "Destroy" to "Delete"
FX Panel Enhancements
• Added tabs to the effects settings panel for multiple tracks
• Combined the effects sliders panel and keyframes panel into one
• Cleaned up the effects parameter appearance
• New effects can now be added from the effects settings panel
• Allowed effects to be dragged/dropped from the effects browser window to the
effect settings panel
• Some effects parameters are now collapsed/hidden by default
• Used F6 for revealing the effects settings panel (Lightworks.prefs file will need to be
Search Panel Improvements
• Search fields can now be reordered
• Search panel can now be resized vertically
• Restored the ability to keep the search card open after a search6 TP-00216-01
Fixes and Features in Version 12
New XML Interchange
• Import FCP7 generated XMLs
• All XML imports will automatically link to existing media or import missing media
• All XML imports will use the media files in the same location as the XML if the path to
the media contained in the XML is not accessible
• Transitions are not currently supported
• FX are not currently supported
• Limited XML import to FCP7 version 5 XMLs only
General Fixes
• Rewritten Lightworks Play engine to remove the need for the Display Optimization
Field/Frame button
• Moved Clip references function from the Searchcard to a right click function on edits.
Find -> Clip references
• Renamed Sync Groups to Multicam Bins throughout the application
• Renamed Racks to Groups throughout the application
• Renamed Find Groups function to Find Bins throughout the application
• Renamed Groups on the searchcards to Bins
• Added Filename as a comment to EDL generation
• Added Auto-reveal for submenus (ie. hovering over a menu item for a short period
will now cause its submenu to appear)
• Changed keyboard shortcut F5 & F6 to show/hide the Content Manager
• Changed Drag and Drop import to automatically import the dragged file. Batch
import is still accessible by right clicking the import tool
• Changed Clipboard behaviour. When the Clipboard opens users can decide whether
the Clipboard automatically opens again next time or not
• Bin view option is now a toggle switch
• Improved background import to populate imported files in a bin as they become
available (Copy Local and Transcode only)
• Improved Make edit function from the Bin now opens the Recent filter in the Content
• Used 'Classic' console speed toggling behaviour by default
• Optimized the drawing pipeline. Any/All UI elements are now drawn more efficiently
(less laggy)
• Improved the low-level threading efficiency which helps to reduce the amount of
CPU time spent whilst idling (and at all other times)
• Removed any historic mention of Groups from within the application
• Render panel now pops to the top when it is hidden and the render button is pressed
• Fixed appearance of compression options on the transcode options of the batch
import panel
• Fixed Content Manager Filter>Bin boundary incorrectly scaling the bin width. You
can still force the old behaviour by holding down 'shift'
• Fixed Auto-reveal for submenus not working correctly after clicking a submenu item
• Fixed potential crash enabling and disabling Standby on the record panel repeatedlyTP-00216-01 7
Lightworks v12 Release Notes
• Fixed no image appearing on RAW .MOV sample files
• Fixed not being able to enter a project due to room lock without a name
• Fixed media folders not being created when changing the local project space
• Fixed viewer showing incorrect image for an offline file
• Changed Bin group key assignment to bring the current Content Manager to the
front and to open a Content Manager if one is not currently open
• Reordered the bin settings menu
• Used the background tasks mechanism to compile pixel shaders at startup
• Fixed crash using the find material function if "original audio filename" is ticked
• Fixed timeline size not being remembered correctly after closing and opening if the
individual tracks have been resized
• Fixed incorrect image when rendering 1080i as 1080p
• Fixed Reset all function on key assignments panel
• Fixed incorrect image on Image Sequence exports
• Fixed crash cancelling a transcode on import
• Fixed outline parameter on Titling effect not fading out correctly
• Fixed bin columns (audio rate/duration) not changing when project output-format is
• Added Changelists panel to the key assignments
• Added "(H.264/MP4)" to the YouTube export option
• Added further improvements for entering a locked room
• Added the ability to cancel an ALE import
• Added ALE config.dat entries to import cogs menu
• Added WMV option to the export panel
• Added descriptions for many of the key assignable console functions
• Removed Reset Selected Category option from key assignments panel
• Removed Reset Selected Command option from key assignments panel
• Changed 'Mark all' key assignment to 'mark segment end'
• Updated the AVID and FCP keyboard .prefs files with the CMD functions on Mac
• ALT keyboard functions are now replaced by CMD functions on Mac
• Fixed timeline track size being remembered when closing and reopening a timeline
• Fixed concurrent players setting not working on multicam bins
• Fixed 1080p 23.98 exports being incorrect length if the audio sample rate is anything
other than 48khz
• Fixed incorrect image on UYVY AVI exports being (video pink and green)
• Fixed column resizing on the Cue panel
• Fixed drag and drop segment preview being incorrectly aligned prior to drop
• Fixed title text updating slowly during playback
• Fixed alphanumeric cue sorting
• Fixed cue panel redraw bug
• Fixed redraw error when renaming bins8 TP-00216-01
Fixes and Features in Version 12
• Fixed tooltip for empty edit
• Fixed Pop out original function so that tiles now open in the Recent filter Current tab
• Fixed deleting tagged cues from a sorted cue list failing
• Fixed potential crash playing a viewer with AJA or Blackmagic hardware
• Added the ability to drag out a tile from the Pop out original button
• Added improvements to the export panel to make it easier to select a format for
• Added entirely new Blur effect to the Effects panel
• Improved responsiveness for image display when moving the timeline marker
• New edit viewers now open next to source viewer
• Changed the ordering of the menu items when right clicking an effect on the
• Restored desired clipboard pop-out behaviour
• Prevented the Clipboard popping out in response to a cue addition
• Prevented the Clipboard popping out in response to an edit deletion
• Removed the FX Interval Update button on the Video tab of the project card. All
Effects are now Frame based
• Removed the Project Update button on the Details tab of the project card. Duration
and Audio Reply Rate now update on the fly
• The import panel is now larger by default on completely new installations
• Fixed potential crash mixing grouped audio levels
• Fixed potential crash playing viewers or tiles
• Fixed thumbnail images displaying incorrectly in bins
• Fixed fullscreen preview not working correctly for source/record viewer focus
• Fixed the incoming shot not updating during a trim if the previous outgoing shot is
• Fixed crash inserting too much text into the Description section of the Cues panel
• Fixed crash deleting a clip after playing it
• Fixed moved cut trim to the left leaving incorrect image behind on the right hand
side of the viewer
• Fixed image frame flashing on viewer when pressing Stop
• Show 'Offline'/'Sound'/'Empty' correctly on all viewers/tiles
• Fixed long timeout with too much text in the description field of the Cue panel
• Fixed flash frames when pressing stop during a trim operation and general playback
if the vectorscope is open
• Fixed audio levels not being duplicated on grouped audio tracks when ungrouping
• Fixed redraw errors on the project card when a background task is present
• Fixed potential crash clicking the cogs icon on a bin
• Fixed crash selecting files in a bin and right clicking whilst an export is taking place
• Fixed image sequences not being detected correctly when dragging and dropping
into the application
• Fixed potential crash removing an effect during playback
• Fixed picture update when selecting/deselecting video tracksTP-00216-01 9
Lightworks v12 Release Notes
• Fixed thumbnail image not appearing on tile when dragging segment/range from
timeline to bin
• Fixed 75% white level in the color bars effect
• Fixed button width of restore button the restore edits panel
• Fixed undo/redo not redrawing the edit timeline correctly
• Fixed ProRes 4K MOV files importing as audio only
• Fixed 30fps being available for DVCPROHD exports (must be 29.97)
• Fixed EDL export failing due to Clipname/Filename Comments being enabled
• Disabled the import panel from being opened on the project browser screen
• Added the ability to choose thumbnail type to the project browser
• Ignored empty transient bins created in version 11
• Prevented unrelated viewers from popping to front when a another tile/viewer is
• Fixed Rendering/Exporting a clip with a Title effect defaulting to original text
• Fixed EDL advanced panel scaling
• Fixed clicking undo redrawing the edit timeline correctly after mixing audio levels
• Fixed duplicated MXF clips being detected as stereoscopic on import
• Fixed AIFF samples failing to import
• Fixed potential crash scanning for network drives
• Changed ALE media-matching logic
• Avoided checking media offline status so often (drawing tiles/viewers)
• Don't do media offline checks when drawing the edit timeline in network projects
• Fixed crash dragging an audio effect from the effects panel to the edit timeline
• Fixed incorrect number of channels appearing on MXF audio imports
• Fixed macro renaming not updating in the key assignments list
• Fixed crash exporting as XDCAM EX 1080p 25fps Anamorphic
• Fixed crash on startup if a project .odb is missing but a .backup is present
• Fixed items not being removed from the batch import panel after starting import
• Fixed audio waveforms not being displayed correctly when zoomed in part way
through a file
• Fixed crash changing the project output format during playback
• Fixed image sequences not being detected correctly on the second import attempt
after a restart
• Fixed viewer image not updating on edit viewer when undoing an effect
• Fixed metadata added to Subclips in the Subclips filter of the content manger not
• Make YouTube exports suitable for streaming
• Added the ability to duplicate existing effects from the effects settings panel
• Added a 'Reset' function on the effects settings panel
• Upgraded to Main Concept 9.9 SDK on Windows, Mac and Linux
• Upgraded to Main Concept 3.4 Transcoding SDK on Windows, Mac and Linux
• Removed 720i format from Camera Formats export options list10 TP-00216-01
Fixes and Features in Version 12
• Explicitly save the project-database immediately after it's generated (as opposed to
when exiting the room/project)
• Removed Normalization and Grouping options from the audio tab of the project card
(To be reinstated at a later date)
• Fixed key assignment search
• Fixed being able to clear marks with the viewer 'clear marks' on a previously
deselected track
• Fixed TIF/JPG export failing with an empty V track
• Fixed Format selection from the drop down list on the import panel
• Fixed bin creation in search filters
• Fixed redraw error in timeline indicator area when resizing a viewer/timeline if a
mark/park is present
• Fixed dragging tiles out from a bin set to List view with the audio mixer panel open
• Fixed pop out original function not work correctly with Syncs
• Fixed 1280x1080 stills aspect ratio incorrectly detected
• Fixed crash viewing clipboard timeline if FX tracks are present with no V tracks
• Improved XDCAM EX MOV playback using up all available memory
• Ensure that mouse events are not passed to custom stills providers unless in the
picture area
• Paused background shader compilation if a shader is synchronously requested from
another thread
• Changed behaviour of the Replace button on edit/clip viewers (Now does Replace
and Next same as the on-screen console)
• Changed appearance of BITC feet/frames to show a "+" sign and not a "." between
footage and frames
• Changed appearance of BITC feet/frames to show two digits for frames
• Fixed crash exporting a bin of media as an AAF
• Fixed DPX thumbnails appearing incorrectly on the import panel
• Fixed XDCAM EX file structure showing an empty folder for some XDCAM EX folders
on the import panel
• Fixed Media format column showing no data for Blackmagic Cinema camera files
• Fixed incorrect aspect ratio on Blackmagic Cinema camera files
• Fixed waveforms not being drawn correctly on Syncs in an edit after making an
empty cut
• Fixed MP3 files failing to import due to uppercase extension (.MP3)
• Fixed potential crash during an export
• Fixed mouse grabbing of color ranges
• Fixed incorrect audio playing at a cut point if the audio monitor delay setting has
been enabled with hardware I/O
• Don't attempt to set a valid Blackmagic output if the display mode is not supported
• Make sure that routing-panel thumbnails update in response to time changes
• Ensure that the FX panel can be revealed (eg. via F6) when positioned on a segment
that refers to a sync/subclip
• Enhanced AAF import/export to include metadata: Shot, Who, Description, Notes,
Cam Roll, Lab Roll, Orig Audio Reel, Orig Audio Start, Sound TC and TakeTP-00216-01 11
Lightworks v12 Release Notes
• Fixed XDCAM 422 50Mb CBR MOVs importing as Video only
• Fixed crash cancelling a current effect render
• Fixed rendering a dissolve as a marked section resulting in a black clip
• Fixed scrolling in the Wordings panel not working correctly
• Fixed crash ungrouping source clip audio channels
• Fixed intermittent crash due to thread safety issue opening/playing audio
• Fixed Bin names losing their name highlight after using the Find bin function on a
• Fixed Sort by options on the project browser
• Fixed the 'copy marked section' keyboard shortcut (so that it creates a subclip, not a
• Fixed incorrect pixel aspect ratio on DVCProHD MOV export/renders/transcodes
• Fixed incorrect audio output on Blackmagic I/O when set to 720p 24/23.98/30fps
• Disabled odd framerate options for YouTube exporter in 48fps projects
• Transcoded batch imports now silently populate bins after the first file completes
• Removed any mention of "Permanent" or old style "Groups" from the application
• Fixed 'Scene' metadata for AAF export and import
• Fixed potential audio drop outs and stuttering during playback
• Fixed crash entering the lobby (if in shared projects another station has a project
database open, or if the .ODB is open in an editor)
• Fixed .ED5s not being exported/restored from Lightworks Archives correctly
resulting in "Media Offline" and "Missing Logs"
• Fixed missing items in Lightworks Archive summary .ODB and add them back. Old
incorrect archives will now also be restored correctly
• Fixed reading the correct "Orig audio reel" data correctly from an AVID AAF
• Fixed audio clicking when playing back WAV files
• Fixed Color picker tool missing from Chromakey panels
• Fixed Pro Res 444 with alpha channel not revealing after applying Blend effect
• Fixed AAF export to include "original audio timecode" when generating an AVID AAF
• Fixed incorrect "original audio timecode" imported from AVID generated AAFs
• Fixed audio-only EDL exports to use the "original audio Reel ID" if "Original audio
timecode" is selected
• Fixed potential crash when generating EDLs from clips with very long names
("Clipname/Filename comment" enabled)
• Fixed potential crash making a sync from audio and picture clips in a bin
• Fixed incorrect label on edit timeline when deselecting a track
• Fixed pop out original function on source edits if a record edit is not present
• Fixed decoding of GV MOV samples (ai56 and ai5p)
• Added ALE track matching configuration
• Fixed audio checkerboarding on grouped audio tracks. Grouped tracks will now be
ungrouped automatically
• Fixed Toolbar appearing underneath other panels
• Fixed crash generating the bins cache file12 TP-00216-01
Fixes and Features in Version 12
• Fixed incorrect audio pop at the end of WAV imports in 24/30fps projects
• Fixed CTRL/CMD A in text fields including the Title effect
• Fixed mouse wheel no longer working on effects sliders
• Fixed DVD export failing in 24fps and 30fps projects
• Fixed missing options from DVD export
• Fixed edits being saved with erroneous levels-track metadata
• Changed the suffix for new bin names (based on the number of selected source bin
• Prevented text disappearing when you have one very long line of text
• Subclips now inherit all metadata of the original take. This only works for newly
created subclips
• Syncs now inherit all text metadata of the original take. Timecode still to be done.
This only works for newly created syncs
• Restore projects function on the project browser now remembers the last used
• Automatically make transient bins from previous versions of Lightworks permanent
when running up version 12.0
• Show thumbnails for Lightworks archives when possible
• Show the correct Type for Subclips/Syncs in bins set to List view
• Repair edits with a surplus of levels tracks (rather than marking them as 'CORRUPT')
• Amended text on the expired licensing panel to account for users with subscriptions
• Changed the color of the Subclip flags from beige to blue
• Changed "Mark all" keyboard shortcut to "]"on all keyboard preference files
(Previously "Mark segment")
• Improved the tear off timecode feature. Left click and drag the timecode label, then
drag and drop it onto another label
• Fixed crash clicking the color picker tool
• Fixed hang using the search function in the Wording panel
• Fixed "Enter" key handling in the key assignments panel
• Fixed incorrect resizing on the Transcode Settings panel
• Fixed assistant-app panel border style
• Fixed crash clicking the Flatten Sources button on Assistant Applications
• Changed bin column entry from "Projstd" to "Default" in the Bin columns list
• Amended ALE duration comparisons when importing ALEs
• Added new keybindable 'Insert' variants which guarantee to preserve track sync
even when destination tracks are deselected
• Added an additional licensing panel that explains the licensing limitations when
activating Lightworks Pro
• Fixed potential crash clicking undo after making an effect modification
• Fixed Color dropper tool not working correctly on the Title effect
• Fixed crash clicking Mark when in Standby on the database record panel
• Fixed crash entering a project after adding a new effect and exiting
• Fixed output monitor not updating when clicking between tiles and viewersTP-00216-01 13
Lightworks v12 Release Notes
• Fixed potential crash recording from a database
• Fixed corrupted text in the Notes field of Filecards
• Fixed open effect panel not refreshing correctly after reconfiguring a render
• Fixed out of sync audio on exported files when exporting 25fps files in a 24fps project
• Edit timeline now opens by default when opening an edit from a bin
• Renamed the AAF media import linking option on the import panel settings menu
• Renamed "Make copy" on source viewers to "Make Subclip"
• Hide 'Output' option on the System Settings panel if Matrox hardware is not detected
• Fixed incorrect wording when closing the Clipboard
• Fixed incorrect AAF exports not exporting the audio data in the edit correctly
• Fixed Bin tiles appearing on top of one another when moving them from one bin to
another (Tiles view, auto positioning = No)
• Fixed Bin name highlighting not working correctly when dragging and dropping
• Added a setting for a default edit timeline that includes a set amount of system black
(To change the settings, right click the new edit tool, select "New edit settings")
• Added MJPEG decode (MOV/AVI) using FFMPEG for all platforms including Windows
64bit. This fixes various playback issues
• Edits created from bins now populate in that bin rather than a filter
• Fixed Focus is not transferred from text fields when right clicking
• Dragging a clip out from the "Make Subclip" icon on a source now makes a subclip
not an edit
Windows Fixes and Features
• Fixed Group creation/renaming in shared projects
• Fixed Incorrect image on thumbnail preview for QuickTime exports with marked
range selected
• Make sure that 'Occupied by ..' appears correctly for shared projects/rooms
• Fixed newly created Filters not appearing in shared projects
• Ensure that room thumbnails generated on Windows are opaque
• Fixed Cineform UHD files importing with the incorrect aspect ratio
• Fixed audio missing in A2 channel when transcoding Quicktime H264 .MOVs with
AAC audio on import
• Updated application with the new Lightworks Icon
• Enabled minidump creation for Windows 64bit
• Fixed edit containers not updating correctly in shared projects
• Fixed PNG image sequences being created when exporting as PSD
• Fixed potential crash mixing audio levels with a Mackie
• Changed OpenCL handling to allow Lightworks to start
• Use separate locations for system and user effect-templates
• Fixed crash if Matrox device driver doesn't match installed version
• Fixed 1080i output using AJA devices14 TP-00216-01
Limitations and Known Problems in Version 12
• Fixed crash recording ProRes MOV using Blackmagic or AJA hardware
• Fixed 1080i SDI images on the record panel through AJA showing horizontal tearing
Linux Fixes and Features
• Reinstated P2 AVCintra export option (no longer crashes due to new Main Concept
• Reinstated RP2027 AVCintra export option (no longer crashes due to new Main
Concept SDK)
• Fixed DPX image sequence exports
• Updated application with the new Lightworks Icon
• Fixed track selection on viewers not working correctly
• Added a message on startup to tell users that they need to install the manufacturers
graphics card drivers in order to run Lightworks
• Fixed potential crash with vectorscope open

Fixes and Features in Version 11.5.2

Cross Platform Fixes and Features
• Fixed AltGr keyboard functionality on European keyboards
• Fixed wording on the licensing panels to show username instead of name
• Fixed inability to preview stereoscopic material on the full screen display (without
separate I/O)
• Fixed Avid DNxHD MXF exports not importing to Avid Media Composer via AMA or
Avid Media Tool scanning
• Fixed selecting multiple tiles in a bin after scrolling
• Fixed automatic updates in preparation for version 12
• Fixed potential crash recording using AJA, Matrox or Blackmagic hardware
• Fixed being able to modify/add effects on a read-only edit on a shared project edit
by right clicking a clip
• Added filename comments attached to EDL events
• Fixed ALE import to ignore looking at hidden files
• Fixed ALE import to ignore .mxf link files
• Fixed embedded AAFs no longer importing with audio
• Fixed potential crash mixing audio levels (with Mackie or mouse)
• Fixed incorrect audio output during audio mixing on grouped audio tracks
• Fixed EDL export failing due to Clipname/Filename Comments being enabled
• Fixed Lightworks task log panel not opening to display details of a failed ALE import
• Fixed moving bins between projects local/shared
• Added awareness of version 12.0 effect-data to version 11.5
• List bin names when doing inter-project copies/moves
• AAF exports now default to the edit name rather than a random cookie name
• Ignored link files and hidden files when scanning for candidate MXF files (for ALE
import), thus preventing potential crashes
• Prevented media offline checks when drawing the edit timeline in network projects
• Avoided checking media offline status so often (drawing tiles/viewers)
• Improved the ALE import procedure
• Fixed incorrect number of channels on audio MXF imports
• Fixed crash on startup if a project .odb is missing but a .backup file is present
• Fixed crash exporting a bin of media as an AAF
• Fixed incorrect audio playing at a cut point if the audio monitor delay setting has
been enabled with hardware I/O
• Enhanced AAF import/export function to include the following metadata:
• Shot
• Who
• Description
• Notes
• Cam Roll
• Lab Roll
• Orig Audio Reel
• Orig Audio Start
• Sound TC
• Take
• Enhanced AAF import function to default to using media stored in the same folder as
the AAF - if media in the AAF media locator cannot be found
• Fixed rendering a dissolve as a marked section resulting in a black clip
• Fixed intermittent crash due to thread safety issue when opening or playing audio
• Fixed crash entering the lobby (if in shared projects another station has a project
database open, or if the .ODB is open in an editor)
• Fixed .ED5s not being exported/restored from Lightworks Archives correctly
resulting in "Media Offline" and "Missing Logs"
• Fixed missing items in Lightworks Archive summary .ODB and add them back. Old
incorrect archives will now also be restored correctly
• Fixed reading the correct "Orig audio reel" data correctly from an AVID AAF
• Fixed potential audio drop outs and stuttering during playback
• Fixed incorrect "original audio timecode" imported from AVID generated AAFs
• Fixed audio-only EDL exports to use the "original audio Reel ID" if "Original audio
timecode" is selected
• Fixed potential crash when generating EDLs from clips with very long names
("Clipname/Filename comment" enabled)
• Added ALE track matching configuration
• Disabled error.log debug related to Mackie connections
Windows Fixes and Features
• Fixed audio not being imported when the file path contained non ASCII characters
• Improved Bin scrolling performance when using the Shared Project feature
• Fixed Undo/Redo not working in shared projects if the project space is a local hard
• Fixed Cineform UHD files importing with the incorrect aspect ratio
• Enabled minidump creation for Windows 64-bit
Linux Fixes and Features
• Added libtiff5 dependency to support Ubuntu 14.04 - earlier versions of Ubuntu
(12.04) may no longer work

Fixed in Version 11.5.1

Cross Platform Fixes
• Fixed ProRes sample stuttering during playback
• Fixed potential crash returning to the project browser when there are outstanding
Thumbnail render tasks
• Fixed potential crash in release builds (primarily debug builds only)
• Fixed Rendering/Exporting not working correctly with multi level video tracks and FX
• Fixed stereoscopic 3D exports failing right at the end (when a few extra frames are
generated past the end of the item being exported)
• Fixed export of stereoscopic 3D edits always being left eye only
• Fixed potential crash adding audio tracks as stereo pairs
• Fixed 'balance' wording on the Color Correction effect panel
• Fixed being able to add effects from the "Mixes" category when right-clicking a
• Fixed audio clicks when decoding AC3 audio (44.1 kHz)
• Fixed material vanishing from an open bin when moved from another bin
• Fixed potential crash rendering a rendered section
• Fixed copied local still images not being restored from an archive
• Fixed potential crash when the number of effects on a segment exceeds the height
of the track in pixels
• Fixed Matrox AVIs from After Effects displaying as black
• Fixed potential crash switching rooms with open bins
• Fixed Selective CC 'Color Picker' icon
• Fixed Alexa ProRes 4444 .MOV files importing with the incorrect aspect ratio
• Fixed 64bit version hanging with large amounts of MTS (H.264) media
• Fixed potential crash opening video preview window from background task list
• Fixed 'Auto' frame rate projects importing media with the incorrect Transfer method
• Added limited ALT-GR key mapping support
• Added 'Remove' option to audio transition timeline menu
• Added config for avoiding silence with certain kinds of trim
• Fixed potential crash using CTRL Z shortcut in text fields
• Fixed FX removal (when effect is on an FX track and it has a transition as in input)
• Fixed potential crash opening lots of small files containing AC3 audio
• Fixed Titling effect appearing on the list of licensed features
• Fixed ERROR 610, Corrupted MI and Invalid response from Licensing Server due to
invalid XML
• Fixed tiles in sync groups not updating after shuttling with the console
• Fixed AAF imports (with sub-clip compositions with no video track) to get incorrect
• Fixed potential crash importing AVID AAFs
• Fixed AAF import to deal with multiple nested V-tracks (or indeed A-tracks)
• Added more detailed reporting of missing Composition Usage Code and associated
illegal sequence references in AAFs
• Added Save/Restore position of the video-analysis panel in room files
• Audio waveforms are now On by default
• Fixed audio pops and glitches in AC3 audio imports
• Fixed potential "License Expired" error due to timezones east from Greenwich
• Fixed audio not playing during an audio only trim
• Fixed timeline marker jumping to the wrong end of a clip when entering audio only
trim slip/slide mode
• Fixed YouTube export options when using non-standard wordings
• Fail to return a valid frame-rate on an AAF if an error occurs
• Removed 1080p60 and 1080p50 options from the YouTube export list, as they are
not supported by MainConcept
• Fixed Insert and Replace buttons not working correctly on edits used as sources
• Changed Remove/Delete buttons to Insert/Replace when taking an edit out of
record and vice versa
• Fixed templates created from effects on tracks other than the topmost track being
saved incorrectly
• Fixed sync groups showing out of sync with record edit when moving the timeline
• Fixed crash importing OMFs
• Fixed folder creation when clicking Do it on the add media folder location on the
Media tab of the project card
• Fixed ability to save audio effect templates
• Fixed crash exporting WAV files from a bin of MP4 files
• Prevented multiple AAFs being opened at the same time when browsing to a
location that contains more than one
• Prevented the Record edit from simultaneously becoming the Source as well
• Fixed incorrect duration reported on .m4a audio samples
• Fixed tiles in bins potentially turning black randomly
• Fixed Undo/Redo buttons on the video routing panel
• Fixed incorrect wording on hover-over tip for timeline zoom buttons
• Fixed Tooltips set to Never reverting back to Fast after playing a viewer
• Fixed audio not importing from file paths containing unicode characters
• Fixed Syncs in sync groups not syncing to A1 timecode
• AAF import composition mobs with missing Usage Code are now defaulted to Edits
• Fixed hang calculating sync errors during certain trim operations
• Fixed 'Add >' effects for FX segments
• Fixed rendering being incorrect on varispeed samples resulting in a flash frame
• Prevented crash deleting edit tracks with an invalid audio mix
• Stopped repeated attempts to generate waveforms for missing files

Windows Fixes
• Added D3Dcompiler_43.DLL to our install directory to help avoid DirectX issues
• Added warning on startup that Shaders have failed to compile due to out of date
• Fixed certain XDCAM MOVs importing as green images into 32bit version
• Fixed issues with Combustion workflow
• Fixed no audio channels when importing a file with non-ascii characters in its name
or path
• Launched plugins in a separate thread as require different COM threading (This fixes
timeline issues within Boris Red/FX)
• Fixed plug-in panel appearance when plug-in fails to load

Linux Fixes
• Fixed launching for ‘http’ document types

New Lightworks Release 11.5 Now Available

We are proud to announce the next release of Lightworks 11.5 is now available to download on Windows and Linux (.deb and .rpm)

This is the next major release of Lightworks following on strongly from the success of 11.1.1 only a few months ago. This latest release has some incredible new features including:

Support for AJA I/O devices (Kona and Io XT) (Windows, Pro version only)
Import, Render and Export as background tasks
YouTube export option including direct upload
AC3 audio decode support removing the need for third party decoders
Fully customisable user interface
Smarter menus with fast access Export and FX favourites
Powerful new Multicam improvements
Playback controls added to source and edit viewers
And many more! The full list can be found here

New Features in Version 11.1.1

The following features have been implemented in this version:
- Offline activation option when internet is not present
- Offline activation to the ‘manage licenses‘ button for offline-reactivation
- Improved offline activation to generate aC2E ?le when using the Manage licenses option
- Added chord-click solo-select behavior to viewer track buttons (ie. same as timeli ne buttons)
- Simpler sign-in when the only available license is a Pro Trial
- Added 24-bit audio export option to the export panel. Primarily for XDCAM HD SOMbps exports
- Added recognition of large tile sins in preparation for Lightworks 11.5 (previously called I 12)
- Added ‘Master’ scale slider to the image key effect
- Added BITC option for ‘top-level sub-dip‘ name (on the ‘edit texts‘ tab)

The following fixes have been implemented in this version:
- Fixed corrupted Ml issue (causing "internal error" during sign in)
- Fixed sign-in issues related to available network connections
- Prevented possible crash launching Premiere FX plugi ns
- Fixed failure to start due to osprivate.dll
- Fixed Prints showing media offline when inserted into a new edit
- Fixed linking to audio ?les on MetaSan 4k sector size drives (which appear as local drives)
- Fixed system analysis to prevent "internal Error" during activation
- Fixed audio files not being copied to the Sound folder when restoring from an archive
- Fixed ‘Doesn't contain‘ function on the References tab of the Searchcard
- Fixed incorrect audio on Sony IMX PCM ?les
- Treat de-interlaced progressive material as ?rst ?eld top
- Transfer focus to the source viewer following a double-click
- Fixed potential crash/crash on exitwith WAV ?lesthat have less audio than expected
- Fixed Add Effect ‘Category’ menu missing on the FX panel
- Fixed incorrect audio replay rate when importing 29.97fps clip into 24fps project
- Fixed Sync Groups potentially losing sync under particular circumstances
- Fixed potential crash using Offline activations
- Fixed truncated effect names (when they contain dots)
- Fixed showing black for plugin FX that have never been configured
- Fixed internal Error during activation when only a USB internet dongle is available
- Fixed audio corruption and sync drift on I080p23.98 XDCAM HD ?les when using copy local
- Fixed potential crash related to memory in the 32-bit version
- improved memory allocation
- Fixed AES audio in IMX ?les when using copy local
- Ensure that rack name changes are respected when using the cogs menu to set permanence (shared projects)
- improved rack updates/changes (shared projects)
- Avoid writing out bin data whilst it is being read on another system (shared projects)
- Fixed Blackmagic16."9 PAL recordings being recorded as4:3
- Fixed incorrect interpretation of MP4 material containing AES audio streams
- Fixed fatal heap memory corruption during recording with Matrox I/O
- Fixed incorrect timecodes on audio ?les when using batch imports
- Fixed XDCAM HD images turning pink and split screen due to MPEG422+Alpha images being present
- Do not attempt to save dirty edits in the case of a crash (eg. if crashing because of insuffcient memory, writing edits may be dangerous)
- Fixed byte-ordering in DPX timecodes
- Fixed cached reads of uncompressed AVls. Could cause a potential crash playing WAVs or Avis
- Fixed imported MP3 files having a duration of '77?‘
- Fixed license expiry-time display (1-day late expiring)
- Fixed memory fragmentation issues causing random crashing
- Fixed material being incorrectly deleted if a dip is imported from the Material folder and then deleted
- Fixed potential crash managing licenses
- Fixed incorrect ?eld order on interlaced imports (incorrect files will need to be re-imported into this version)
- Fixed reading of scan mode from Quicktime DV files (usually second ?eld top)
- Fixed frame delay between Lig htworks viewer and SDI output
- Fixed rendersof interlaced material in 1080Psf projects to Matrox YUW showing two images one on top of the other
- Fixed hang when pressing Stop on a sync group
- Allocated large object heap above 2Gb as an attempt to resolve randomly failing pixel shader compilation
- Fixed incorrect aspect ratio being read on 4:3 MP4 files
- Fixed MP4 ?les with AAC audio not importing
- Fixed 64»bit version running out of memory
- Clip audio levels to 12dB for all exports (Primarily AAFs to AVID)
- Fixed playout tool appearing incorrectly during playout
- Fixed Omneon ?les failing to import
- Fixed potential crash importing MXFXDCAMHD422 FFMBC sample
- Fixed being able to search for clips based on the hard drive location on the Search card
- Fixed potential crash undoing an effect in the video routing
- Fixed playback of image sequences
- Fixed potential crash if codec initialisation fails
- Fixed source surfaces being held after pixel shader is ?nished (using unnecessary GPU memory)
- Fixled potential crash entering projects (when encountering a subclip with an emptyG )
- Further improvements to 64»bit memory handling, including a con?g entry for memory to be reserved
- Introduced linking to material which had been previously imported using ‘copy-local‘ or 'transcode' for AAF import
- Fixed only one audio track being decoded on MP4 imports
- Fixed linking of imported AAF to shots imported with ‘create-Ii nk'
- Added ‘Clip name‘ option to Find Material function
- Fixed video image on the record panel flashing when in Standby using Blackmagic Codec (UYVY)
- Fixed H.264 .mov and MP4 ?les appearing incorrectly
- Updated to Main Concept Transcoding SDK 3.2 and LL SDK 9.7
- Fixed MXF audio (created by AVID) not playing back correctly
- Fixed media potentially disappearing and showing offline
- Fixed issue of two ?le readers competing for the same file metadata
- Fixed output on SDI when using the playout tool
- Fixed incorrect audio on multi channel MP4 sample
- Translate media links in AVID AAFs when referencing the "Avid MediaHles" folder
- Fixed user de?ned names for media locations
- Fixed potential crash using shared projects
- Fixed potential crash with empty project name
- Fixed playback of XDCAM SR MXF ?les
- Fixed potential crash leaving a project after disconnecting FX nodes
- Fixed loading of ?les with .jpeg extension
- Fixed potential crash opening the FX panel
- Fixed import of Mulitpage Tiff sample
- Fixed crash when dragging a timeline FX segment (whilst the edit is playing)
- Fixed SDI output being incorrect when doing live editing from a sync group
- Fixed import of four channel EDLs
- Fixed image key effect not scaling correctly
- Fixed import of Omneon MXF sample file
- Fixed Keyframe scale graph not working correctly
- Fixed FX losing their routing when dragging and dropping
- Fixed batch import panel defaulting to Copy Local on fresh installs
- Fixed Clipboard stripview Timecode track showing 7?? for Timecode
- Fixed Clipboard not working correctly when using the Replace function
- Fixed XDCAM 422 8-ch exports with information only on channel I
- Fixed Subclips not syncing byTimecode in Sync Groups
- Fixed in points being added incorrectly at the start of an edit when using undo
- Changed ?le reader for RAW .MOV ?les
- Changed All Avid-target AAFs to contain only one locator which is always in URL-format
- Added automatic backup of clip .EDS ?les when they are deleted
- Added awareness of new master scale para meter on image Key effect
- Fixed keyframes on Image Key scale to respect Linear/Non Linear setting
- Fixed image key effect not scaling correctly when exporting/renderi ng to differentresolutions
- Fixed ‘suppress re-link’ on AAF-import
- Fixed incorrect ‘audio replay rate‘ du ring AAF import (especial ly with 23.98/24)
- Fixed slight inaccuracies in shot-length, cut-point positions, cue-positions, and timecode-length when importing AAFs
- Changed AAF file locators on export for interchange with Blackmagic Resolve V10 Beta (local media only)
- Fixed incorrect audio replay rates when clips are imported during ?le import from AAF
- Changed EDL export to limit Reel IDs to 8 characters. Adding (edl_limit_reel_length 0) to the con? g.dat file disables this behavior
- Changed Reel IDs and 24P Reel IDs to default to the clip name if they're missi ng on nle import (rather than assigning a random cookie name)
- Fixed potential failure/crash on startup when unusual disks/devices are attached (RAMdisk)
- Fixed inability to change the Reel ID on the clip labels panel
- Fixed potential crash trimming video only track in 64bit build
- Fixed potential crash using Live Edit function with Matrox I/O hardware
- Fixed audio being out of sync during Live cutting (only audio from the first selected clip in the sync group will be heard during live cutting now)
- Changed LW.‘i'i' F in preparation for the next version of Lightworks 11.5
- Removed render option from the video routing panel
- Respect track selections when making a copy
- Ensure that items added to a project after the export tool was opened are exported as expected
- Prevent potential crash copying new logs from one project to another
- Fixed projects on shared workspace incorrectly receiving messageswhen deleting or updating logs
- Fixed incorrect ?eld ordering on interlaced material that has varispeed added
- Fixed issue where a project could lose its output format setting
- Fixed startup on Windows 8.1 using the 64»bit version
- Improved indexing on Long GOP ?les (MP4 and H264 MOVs) to reduce import time
- Fixed XDCAM EX sample importing with the incorrect audio
- Fixed frame repeats/skips when playing 30p/29.97p material in 30-frame projects
- Fixed pixelation and image breakup when scrubbing through and reverse playing XDCAM HD samples
- Fixed aspect ratio on M2TS samples when browsing on the import panel
- Fixed playback stuttering on XDCAM EX samples
- Removed the "possible corruption" message when exporting AAF with embedded audio (hitting the 2GB limit)
- Fixed pixelation and image breakup on Canon XF MXF samples
- Fixed sync on 30’29.97/25 material imported to 24»frame projects with NO telecine-transfer setting
- Fixed audio only clips not being restored from archives
- Link ?les are now included in Backup Archives regardless of options selected

New Features in Version 11.1.0

Added support for linking to audio rather than copying it locally
Added support for automatic re-linking to subclips when importing an AAF
Added outlining support for the titling effect
Added ability to enable/disable detection of split MXF files
Added support for subclips without V tracks on AAF import/export
Added ability to automatically flatten multi-level subclips to one level when exporting an AAF to Avid
Added ability to read and interpret Avid markers as cue points in Avid AAFs
Allow MP4/AVCHD (MTS/M2TS) media to be imported into the Free version as transcode only
Added User definable project/media locations to the licensing panel
Added import option to suppress material linking when importing AAFs
Changed Lightworks archiving. User now selects whether to include local media or linked to media
Added preliminary support for native H.264 MOV handling without Quicktime (work in progress)
Allowed compression format and destination disk changes when record panel is in standby
Added 'Don't fill sub-edits' selection box to the Find Material to fill edit panel
Added initial 48fps file support
Added 1080PsF 48fps as an output format
Re-structured AAF import to utilise existing material import mechanism when clips reference in the AAF do not exist in the project
Updated to RED 4.4 SDK
Added support for multiple decode qualities when using RED Rocket cards (previously limited by earlier SDK)
Added better RED R3D file decode performance using RED Rocket card
Added further improvements for R3D playback (4-5k images)
Added warning message when switching between versions that states that a project was created in a later version
The mouse-wheel now adjusts either a pair of FX keyframes (if the mouse is positioned between 2 keyframes) or one keyframe (if sufficiently close to it)
The mouse-wheel now adjusts all selected FX keyframes (if there are any)
Added the ability to search for wildcards ('')On bin search/replace Added support for Matrox 9.2 SP1 drivers
Added support for Matrox DSXLE3 range
Added Matrox End User driver support
Added ability to move FX nodes using the left mouse button on the video routing panel
Added ability to restore Milestones from the project browser Restore edit(s) function
Added ability to resize the Restore edit(s) panel
Milestones are now generated automatically when an edit is deleted
Added ability to drag a tile from out of the viewer copy icon (left click and drag) Added ability to drag single tiles to the New Edit, Bin and Sync Group tools
Added ability to auto unjoin all clips when unjoining a cut point using the mouse. This is now the default behavior, click the cogs icon and and set 'Auto unjoin' to 'No' to disable
Added ability to bypass auto unjoin by holding down ALT before clicking a cut point
Added indexing for MP4/H.264 MOV files to help with shuttling and reverse play of Long GOP files (creates lvix files)

ALE Import
Added support for linking to files through ALE Import. The ALE must reside in the parent folder of the media
The following enhancements have been made to ALE Import (Pro version only):
File location/Name is no longer required under the Filepath heading. The ALE just needs to be in the same folder as the media
Related Video and Audio tracks are now automatically synced together upon import to Lightworks
ALE must be stored in parent directory of media it is referring to for import to analyse the media
Creates auto-grouped audio-only clips. Primarily multichannel BVVAVs that have been extracted as separate .MXF files in the AVID MediaFiles folder
Included better logging during the import process to indicate why certain files cannot be imported
Included better logging during the import process to indicate which folders are being scanned
Avoid any subfolders starting with V
Ignore 'Mac OSX' subfolders during media scanning
Ignore 'resource.frk'subfolders during media scanning
Show ALE frame rate on the import panel
Respect Reel IDs when pairing media files

Added right-mouse click menu on Bin icon to display 'All Contents' from a project
Added ability to save local projects where ever a user decides (Pro version required)
Enhanced Mange Project Spaces panel on the project browser
Added new padlock icons to show the state of an edit when using shared projects (Green = Owned by you. Yellow = No owner. Red = Owned by another user)
Improved edit ownership list when using shared projects

Added entirely new EditShare Licensing System (ELS) which replaces Sentinel HASP
Change licensing so that the user is not required to activate the free version if there is a network Pro-license available
Added ALE licensing option to the licensing panel
Merge Avid DNxHD codec into main Lightvvorks installer (Separate Avid DNxHD installer no longer required. A valid Avid DNxHD License is still required)
Ask user to go online if Internet Explorer is set to offline mode during Lightworks startup

Pro Version
Added support for Blackmagic I/O devices. Drivers v9.5 or higher are required. (Pro version required)
Added 64-bit Windows support. Please view the Limitations and Known Issues on Page 13. (Pro version required)
Media space management is now done using the disk tool. Users can specify any location for the Material and Sound folders (Pro version required)

Fixed in Version 11.1.0
The following fixes have been implemented in this version:
Fixed audio on 23.981080p MXF Avid DNxHD exports importing back in and playing at twice the speed
Fixed Avid DNxHD-TR MXF export not working correctly
Fixed a number of changes to the way we link to clips when re-importing
Prevent any attempts to 'copy-local' audio dips on AAF import
Fixed errors causing 'heap corruption' in a number of AAF functions
Fixed erroneous folders being created when creating a new project space
Fixed Pref file import when encountering empty lines
Fixed audio levels not moving when using ALT S shortcut
Fixed solo/mute functions from Mackie to be remembered after a trim
Fixed solo/mute functions from Mackie to be remembered when switching focus to another edit/shot
Fixed audio linking when using shared projects
Fixed Mackie Solo/Mute functions when audio mixer panel is not open
Fixed audio drag in fades from incorrectly appearing when inserting from a source that contains fades
Prevent import panel showing frame rate or other metadata if it has not been read from the file
Fixed all channels displaying the same information when linking to multichannel WAV file
Fixed audio corruption when transcoding a multichannel WAV file on import
Fixed record panel only allowing one audio connection option
Fixed crash opening recording panel when using Matrox I/O
Fixed audio on transcoded H.264 Mov files
Fixed sync issue importing from an ALE
Fixed audio replay rate on WAV samples
Fixed memory handle leak (handles continuing to increase)
Fixed crash opening an edit that contains 32 audio tracks
Fixed playback of 24-bit audio masquerading as 16
Fixed reading of audio files that have multiple single channel streams
Fixed potential crash resizing a viewer during playback
Fixed image on SDI output of Blackmagic when set to NTSC
Fixed 23.98fps Quicktime exports showing up as 24fps
Fixed panels jumping around after a right/left click operation
Fixed Rack behavior when adding bin to a rack within a rack
Fixed incorrect audio replay rate for 23.98 .MXF audio samples
Fixed incorrect filename showing on BWAV imports
Fixed reading of Reel ID from MXF files on import
Fixed issue with playback stopping on the fullscreen output when moving the mouse
Fixed exit icon not appearing on full screen playback
Fixed Alpha setting not persisting on 4 corner gradient effect
Fixed 1 frame timecode discrepancy on BWAV imports
Fixed incorrect image on MTS files transcoded to Matrox YUYV
Fixed timeline marker not moving during playback after adding an effect and changing a keyframe parameter
Fixed drag and drop behavior of FX when V tracks are disabled
Fixed reading of media locators on AAF import
Fixed media locations disappearing when switching between project spaces
Fixed playback of audio imported to the system drive in 11.0.3
Fixed displayof Matrix wipes on FX panel
Fixed display of ProRes sample on the import panel (previously black)
Fixed reading of Reel ID from file imports
Fixed black Renders/Recordings/Exports using 1080i Blackmagic uncompressed MOV setting
Fixed connection settings on the record panel using Blackmagic I/O
Fixed Matrox Mpeg422P@HL's bit rate setting on the export/render/record panels
Fixed a memory leak related to reading audio-file locators in AAF import
Fixed encoding/decoding URL strings in AAF locators with regard to real unicode characters
Fixed re-linking to sound files on AAF import (on a material drive) that do not have 1.WAV'extensions
Fixed AAF import of video file metadata (wrong aspect ratio etc)
Fixed failure to transcode 30fps .MP4 sample to MPEG422 AVI
Fixed potential issue with shared projects not updating correctly when importing files
Fixed audio links in .archive not being restored to the Sound folder when restoring the .archive
Fixed media appearing offline after using the move function of the media tool
Fixed link on Filecard to show all media being linked to
Fixed audio playback on AIFF sample
Prevent two instances of Lightworks being run at the same time
Fixed potential crash clicking the Location field in a bin after moving media using the Manage Media tool
Fixed typewriter titling effect progression with overlapping non-coincident effects
Fixed archiving progress bar from reporting invalid time (when including linked media)
Fixed potential crash due to empty buffers being sent for capture
Fixed timecode display on audio imports (AIFF/MP3)
Fixed display of The 'Elapsed and 'Total Duration' fields in the edit label tab of the BITC panel when set to feet and frames (including 16mm & 35mm 3-perf.)
Fixed playback of Avid DNxHD files produced by Atomos Samurai
Fixed scroll bar on Notes section of Filecards
Fixed mouse-drag selection when clicking below the last valid line on multi line text entries
Fixed cut/paste logic on multi line text entries (notes not being saved when closing the Filecard)
Fixed 3D DVE edge softness & shadow setting not working correctly
Fixed crash using tab function in record database
Fixed slight image shift when using certain effects (Wipe etc)
Fixed potential crash opening/closing the vectorscope tool during playback
Fixed RED R3D audio playback (for linked audio)
Fixed RED R3D playback when using Red Rocket cards
Fixed potential crash zooming out on the video routing panel
Fixed Switch command not working correctly when tiles are linked to viewers Fixed multi-line selection on text fields (fixes upwards selection)
Fixed reverse word selection in text fields
Fixed potential crash when pasting text in to text fields
Fixed potential issue where the Lightworks Archive would back up an edit rather than the selected whole project
Fixed incorrect ordering on racks
Fixed potential crash using the search and replace function on bins
Fixed tabbing between fields (on the search/replace panel)
Removed obsolete Matrox drivers (5.5/6/6.1/7)
Fixed tiles not repositioning automatically in bin after clip is deleted in tile view
Ensure that the whole of the viewer/tile is kept onscreen following a change in output video format
Fixed import of AVCHD material in the Free version (when using Create Link)
Fixed missing audio on MPEG4 exports
Fixed ProRes sample failing to import with video
Fixed ability to type the timecode into the labels panel
Fixed crash clicking Standby when setup to record Voice over on the record panel
Fixed AAF import from Avid showing black clips in the edit
Fixed project name not appearing when creating a new room to a project from the project browser screen
Fixed ability to remove an EQ effect from an audio clip by right clicking and selecting remove
Fixed alpha channel not being removed when applying a 3D DVE to a clip Fixed edit sync warnings not appearing when making a copy of an edit
Fixed ability to use non-writable drives if they have a Material/Sound folder on them
Fixed Atornos Samurai_Avid DNx HD .rnov audio playback being incorrect
Fixed ProRes sample not importing with Picture
Fixed potential crash importing file from Pentax k30
Fixed multiple bins being created when importing new media
Fixed import of AC3 audio on AVCHD files
Fixed import of 32-bit WAV sample (previously failed to import)
Fixed crash rendering/exporting Avid DNxHD MXF 1080p25
Fixed deselected tracks on popped out tiles
Fixed potential crash unjoining FX nodes in the video routing panel
Fixed FX getting lost when using the video routing panel
Fixed potential crash on exit after opening the Effects panel
Fixed Mark Out being ignored when doing four point editing
Fixed potential crash scrolling and resizing bins
Fixed Batch Import Tool transcode settings not persisting when tool is re-opened
Fixed Frame rate and Size options on the export panel from moving
Fixed recordings and imported files appearing offline when using shared projects
Fixed creation of Prints and Subclips
Fixed still images transcoded on import to DVCPro100 MOV displaying incorrectly
Fixed MPEG422 SD AV's displaying incorrectly
Fixed audio clicks on Voice Over recordings
Fixed potential crash entering a project containing Avid DNxHD media without the codec being installed
Fixed invalid characters appearing on the Filter Type options menu of the Audio EQ effect
Fixed newly imported files being created in a new Imports bin despite one already being open
Fixed being able to resize a timeline track using the left mouse button
Fixed audio not playing in 11.1 if imported into 11.0.3 to an NTFS 4096b/sec drive
Fixed potential crash rendering thumbnails in bins when using shared projects
Fixed potential crash right clicking a tool in the Toolbox
Fixed default position setting to remember viewer positions
Fixed clicking in resizeable area (but not dragging) of track selection boxes on edit timeline
Fixed incorrect aspect ratio appearing on Fullscreen and I/O output
Fixed resizeable 'Add tracks' panel
Fixed timecode entry on labels panel
Fixed make 'Bin of Material function from rack setting menu
Fixed Colour Correction values not being identified correctly when typing them in
Newly created projects now default to 1080p rather than PAL
Fixed incorrect audio on MPEG4 exports
Fixed deletion of transcoded material
Fixed analogue audio being recorded at the incorrect speed using Matrox I/O
Fixed trimming shorctut keys not unjoining FX tracks
Fixed sync groups losing sync under certain circumstances
Fixed being able to record PAL from 1080i SDI input signal
Fixed colourspace conversion which would show purple tiles/viewers randomly
Fixed H.264 MOV files appearing considerably darker when compared with Quicktime
Fixed lengthy delay waiting for pixels shaders to load when entering projects
Fixed potential crash entering projects
Fixed crash loading column layouts on bins
Fixed Find material function failing when selecting permanent bins Fixed sync on 23.98 pulled down WAV exports
Fixed audio on MP3 samples being garbled in the 64bit version
Fixed archiving from an export tool that was restored from a room file
Fixed restoring archives with linked media paths failing to reconnect audio streams
Fixed memory issue on 32bit version
Fixed automatically acquiring an AVID DNxHD network license
Fixed FX nodes disappearing on the video routing panel
Fixed media relinking not available/possible after unarchiving? Fixed Lightworks archive import to unarchive all the files correctly? Fixed MP3 files failing to import
Fixed 720p 30fps MJPEG sample not importing into a 30fps project in the 32bit version
Sources-list.txt now created in Lightvvorks project folder to avoid Windows permissions issues
Fixed crash using arrow keys for navigation in timecode labels
Fixed display of Fraps files in the 32bit version
Fixed FX nodes disappearing on the video routing panel
Fixed 24fps Quicktime samples being identified as 23.98fps on the import panel
Fixed Copy local import option not working correctly (creating large audio files)
Fixed deletion of material that has been restored from an archive when deleting a project
Fixed potential memory crash in the 32bit version
Fixed relinked media not reappearing until after restarting the application
Fixed video only being relinked by 'relink missing media function
Ensure that material/sound folders are created when restoring a project from an archive
Fixed Timeline marker moving position after using ALT M
Fixed audio not being present on MP4 samples in 32bit version
Stop media file import browser from analyzing Lightworks link files
Fixed audio cutting out after 14 minutes on exports
Fixed DVCPROHD .MOV files created on Mac not working Fixed potential timeline sizing/moving crash
Fixed entire clips appearing offline in shared projects when only part of the file (audio or stereoscopic eye) was offline
Fixed audio mixer track selection
Fixed AAF settings for Protools target
Fixed AVC-Intra50 files importing as green image
Fixed DVD/Bluray export aspect ratio setting

Fixes and Features in 11.0.3

Fixed imports failing from SAN disks that appear as local disks
Fixed crash rendering an SD Boris effect as HD
Fixed import of PCM audio on 60fps MTS samples
Fixed crash playing back an HD YUYV AVI rendered/exported by Lightworks
Fixed poor playback of AVCIntra files
Fixed performance issue on playback using shared projects (introduced in 11.0.2)
Fixed system memory not being read correctly on some systems (primarily bootcamped Macs)
Add ability to automatically restart the Sentinel License Manager Service when starting Lightworks, if the service is stopped
Fixed undo function not working correctly
Fixed dissolves showing unusual black rectangle on viewer
Fixed display of frame rate and format of XDCAM EX material on import panel
Improve memory handling for .MTS and .M2TS files to prevent crashing with large numbers of files open
Fixed reading of malformed Blackmagic DNxHD MXF file
Fixed potential crash reading .MXF audio on import

Fixes and Features in Version 11.0.2

The following fixes and features have been implemented in this version:
• Fixed display of RGB Uncompressed AVI files.
• Fixed crash importing files from a network drive that appears as a local drive.
• Fixed large AVI files not importing with the correct length.
• Fixed large AVI repeating image two thirds of the way through.
• Fixed display of RED R3D 4.5k full native frame files.
• Fixed potential crash importing H.264 MOV sample using drag and drop.
• Fixed crash transcoding PNG image sequence on import.
• Fixed audio on Avid DNxHD MOV sample.
• Fixed SD/HD MOV exports not playing in Quicktime Player.
• Added ability to right click a text field and copy/paste/cut text.
• Fixed loading Matrox DSX Utils
• Fixed embedded OMF export.
• Fixed AAF import of top-level sequences. They now show as edits rather than shots.
• Fixed export of consolidated audio on OMF/AAF.
• Improvements for memory issues importing large numbers of files.
• Fixed AVI files exported from Adobe After Effects going black halfway through.
• Fixed crash with AVI files exported from Adobe After Effects.
• Fixed AVCIntra files not displaying correctly.
• Fixed decoding of Canon XF Media.
• Added Multi-channel embedded audio export.
• Fixed transcode PNG to YUYV AVI.
• Fixed audio import for H.264 Quicktime.
• Fixed "Performing an empty cut on a clip with effects results in the keyframes of the clip before the empty cut changing to smooth if set to linear”.
• Fixed not being able to tab to the last keyframe on an effect.
• Fixed "Black frame flashes on exported files when memory usage is high."
• Renamed GPU tests to system tests and add memory report (can be used to check memory available to Lightworks is as expected).
• Base memory usage limit on physical memory available (fix crashes opening large numbers of MTS files?).
• Fixed audio mixer configuration changes not being saved when loading a new configuration from file.
• Fixed for import of top-level AAF sequences (they were showing up as original shots).
• Added informative message if incorrect Matrox hardware utils found.
• Fixed error registering DirectShow filter on installation.
• Fixed progress reporting on import.
• Disabled ability to get thumbnails for link files when browsing material folders. This causes problems with FsysResolveLink with files residing on a drive used as a material drive, which is a more common case.
• Fixed crash with unrenderable audio.
• Fixed reading of VFW codecs (huffyuv, lagarith, UT etc).
• Fixed display of Uncompressed AVI sample from Aurora 3D.
• Fixed potential random crash.
• Updated to latest Sentinel RTE (6.25).
• Fixed reading of timecode from BWAV sample.
• Fixed export failing on last frame of export.
• Fixed Cue Panel and Project shortcuts within the Lightworks.prefs file. You will need to import the Lightworks.prefs file again to see the change.
• Fixed Undo not working when dragging and dropping multiple tiles from a bin to the timeline.
• Further improvements to memory handling.


New in this Version
The following features are new in this version:
•You can now view your system status, and upgrade from the Free version of Lightworks to Lightworks Pro using a code that activates your license. See "Upgrading to Lightworks Pro" on page 2.
•Lightworks now includes an automatic backup facility for edits, as well as the ability to restore backups. See "Automatic Backups" on page 5 and "Restoring from a Backup" on page 6.

•You can now drag in black at the start or end of a clip as a Replace or as an Insert. See "Dragging in Black" on page 7.
•You can now share projects and Media Spaces. See "Sharing Projects" on page 7.
•A number of changes have been made to Import and Export. See "Import and Export Changes" on page 14.
•Lightworks now ships physical keyboards customized for several languages. See "Customized Keyboards" on page 19.
•Bins have new functionality. See "New Bin Features" on page 19.
•You can now add titles using a native Lightworks title effect. See "Titles" on page 21.
•Drag-and-drop has new functionality. See "Drag-and-Drop" on page 23.
•The way you trim using the numeric keypad has changed. See "Trimming with the Numeric Keypad" on page 23.
•You can now click on any edge of a viewer and drag it to resize. The size of the viewer appears in the upper left corner while you drag it.
•You can now define a Mark Clip keyboard shortcut that adds marks at the head and tail of the current segment.
•If you imported media using the Create Link option, you can now relink missing media using the Relink option in the bin menu or the clip menu.
•All subsystems have been redesigned to facilitate cross-platform functionality.
•Still image import has been improved. Media that is one frame in duration is now automatically extended to 60 seconds, enabling shots with speeds other than 100%.
•The following Matrox function isnow supported: Retail drivers and DSX OEM drivers (v5.5.0.40 and v8.0.0.108)

New Lightworks Beta Release:

The updated Beta version is now available from the Downloads page. This version has an extended license and includes several small fixes and updates which can be seen below:

Modify AVI+WAV export option to include audio mixer settings (same as WAV export)
Fix import of certain DNxHD MXF files that were not recognised correctly
Fix import of DNxHD MXF files that had been split up
Fix AES recording (any card with single AES channel)
Fix hang exiting standby on the record panel when no valid input is present
Fix exporting never completing with invalid events on the audio tracks
Restore audio monitor delay setting on project card
Change Record panel behaviour. Users must now enable Standby mode in order to start a record, this resolves an issue of V/O recordings not appearing in the timeline
Fix crash displaying DNxHD MOV material
Fix crash playing back DNxHD MOV material with DVEs added
Fix Voiceover recording to continue to the end of the edit when latency has been set
Add support for the latest RED SDK
Fix 1080p DNxHD MOV files appearing as 1080i on the import panel
Fix handling of audio on DNxHD MOV sample
Fix crash importing split MXF DNxHD files
Fix AVI+WAV export to generate an AVI without embedded audio
Fix DNxHD MOV samples that imported with incorrect audio

29/11/11 - Version (beta)

Fixes and Features:
Fix Bin archiving to support odd characters.
Fix crash resizing viewers during playback
Fix crash moving viewers during playback
Fix crash and screen corruption after applying BITC
Fix WAV export on edits with more than 31 audio tracks
Updated to RED SDK 4.0 (requirements for 4.0 RED SDK: Rocket Driver and Firmware or later) No longer require two installers of Lightworks to work with and without a RED Rocket card. (Full version only)
Fix importing 24p Quicktimes from FCP
Fix import of audio on certain Quicktime files (was previously white noise)
Fix reading of timecode on consolidated AVID audio files
First attempt at fixing timecode from Quicktimes on systems with DSX Utils installed (Full version only)
Fix transcode of Quicktimes on import to DVCPro50
Fix naming on Archive exports
Fix reading of timecode from 24p MOVs on systems with DSX Utils installed (Full version only)
Fix audio on Quicktime/AVI exports with DSX Utils installed (Full version only)
Fix crash moving a sound only edit viewer during playback
Fix crash running out of GDI handles (random crashing)
Added ability to export AAF with audio handles (Full version only)
Added automatic Trace function when exporting AAF (Full version only)
Added check on AAF generation to check all channel events (Full version only)
Added pre-processor check to scan all segment IN/OUT points, allowing for transitions, and report the position of any segments that are beyond the bounds of the source-clip. The AAF export will abort if any are found. (Full version only)
Added ability to copy audio nodes from one section to another (Hold down ALT left click and drag the clip to a new section and release the left mouse button)
Fix shot timecodes on exported AAFs (Full version only)
Fix focus issues after dragging tiles out of bins
Fix DNXHD decoding (Full version only)
Change Use undo edits function to use the next available undo
AAF export now continues with a warning message if a source clip is missing, rather than terminating. (Full version only)
Fix save/restore of AAF-export options panel settings (Full version only)
Fix P2 imports on systems with DSX Utils to sync with audio and show correct timecodes (Full version only)
Fix playback problems with natively imported HD P2 material
Restore Uncompressed option back to Record/Render/Export compression panels
Add support for Matrox DSX Utils Release Candidate 8.0 (Full version only)
Add support for Matrox DSX Utils (Retail drivers) (Full version only)
Fix Tiles not appearing in Bin set to Tiles view when recording from a database
Fix crash closing a rack after recording from a database
Fix potential crash when clicking undo
Fix issue with undo files not working correctly
Removed the 32,000 record limitation of projects (projects over this size produced updating problems)
Fix creation of .ed5 files beginning with "P" in the project folder
Fix performance problems adding and playing back effects
Fix poor image playback when set to Frames in certain projects
Restore option back to export panel to allow for AVI creation with separate audio files (AVI+WAV)
Fix keyboard shortcuts not appearing correctly
Fix crash exporting MOVs and MXFs from systems without hardware I/O installed
Fix AVI+WAV export from generating an unknown file
Change ‘target’ options on AAF-export to separate Avid and Protools. The ‘default’ option is now explicitly called ‘Lightworks’. (Full version only)
Fix AAF export with track-levels and clip-gain to import to Avid. (Full version only)
Fix AAF import to import all audio-levels data from any format of AAF – Avid, Protools or Lightworks format. (Full version only)
Fix AAF export concerning the specification of ‘edit-rate’ as applied to the exported SOURCE-clips and their timecodes. (Full version only)
Change AAF export to default to WAV if exporting to Avid or Protools (Full version only)
Fix AAF export issues concerning the start/end nodes of segments of the edit (Full version only)
Fix audio speed on OMF imports
Fix audio speed on AAF imports (Full version only)
Fix various updating issues with edits causing timeouts and delays
Reduce the number of calls to fileExists which would occur for missing ed5s
Fix delay opening consolidate panel in large shared projects
Fix crash exporting to PTV (Full version only)
Fix crash on notification of network delete of a missing edit
Added support for the recent full releases of Matrox retail drivers and DSX OEM drivers ( and (Full version only)
Fix newly created edits not appearing in bins in shared projects
Fix labels panel to be editable after dropping a tile into a source viewer with the labels panel open
Fix potential crash displaying imported shot in a new bin
Fix potential crash creating and modifying new projects in shared projects on Windows 7 systems
Fix project name getting lost
Fix reading of timecode on Quicktime imports
Fix OMF import to playback audio at the correct speed
Fix inability to add crossfades and dissolves
Add support for of Geevs on PTV export (previous versions of Geevs will no longer work) (Full version only)
Fix decoding of certain DNxHD MXF files (Full version only)
Fix E-E recording on interlace formats
Fix crash entering a room where an edit referenced by a viewer has been deleted
Fix crash opening Effects panel with thumbnails enabled
Fix OMF export to give correct audio speed when selecting "keep original" as sample rate
Fix crash searching for newly imported shots in shared projects
Fix "What source-reelID for audio-only EDL" option on EDL export to respect user changes
Fix crash changing bin view after deleting a shot
Fix analogue audio recording using DSXLE2 card (Full version only)
Fix import of ProRes files from KiPro (Full version only)
Fix audio import of Quicktime wrapped DNxHD. (Full version only)
Fix V/O recordings which now copes with source regions which are longer than the source (at the head AND tail)
Fix possible memory leak if you keep the effects panel open with thumbnail display on all the time. (Performance improvement)
Prevent trimming crash
Disable MSinfo check (annoying CPU usage on Windows 7) (Full version only)
Fix media relinking in network projects
Modify AVI+WAV export option to include audio mixer settings (same as WAV export)
Fix import of certain DNxHD MXF files that were not recognised correctly (Full version only)
Fix audio levels being lost when moving an audio clip to another area of the edit

Features and Fixes in Beta 10.0.4

* Fix crash when resizing video-routing panel
* Fix Exported DVCPro100 Quicktime playing correctly in FCP (Hardware I/O only)
* Fix crash trimming a single clip in a timeline
* Fix tools not returning correctly if toolbox is unpinned
* Fix audio only EDL Export
* Fix crash during OMF export with invalid shot
* Fix audio not being heard on audio tracks 17 and above (Hardware I/O only)
* Modify Mackie protocol to support edits with more than 16 audio tracks
* Fix SDI output not appearing when first entering a project (Hardware I/O only)
* Audio nodes can now be added by right clicking on the yellow line
* Fix output setting being reset when returning to the Project Browser
* Fix crash in notes section of Bin in Both view
* Fix WAV export failure
* Fix OMF WAV generation failure
* Fix sync errors incorrectly appearing when no V track is present
* Fix flashing black frames during DNXHD playback
* Fix tile distortion when dropping a tile into a gallery
* Fix colour not being displayed on colour correction wheels
* Fix odd behaviour clicking the Matrox screwdriver icon
* Fix 'make bin of clip-references' function
* Fix keyboard shortcuts getting lost randomly
* Fix OMF export panel distortion
* Restore audio level check box on OMF export panel
* Fix project browser when clicking in name section then changing to restore not letting you create a new project
* Added support for IMX decode (full version only)
* Fix EDL track mapping to support more than 4 audio tracks
* Fix two lists being created when searching for bins
* Add ability to turn off drag and drop behaviour (add config entry: stripv_accept_tiles 0 to the config.dat file)
* Fix automatic positioning option on bins
* Fix Solo button on audio mixer panel when audio is panned left/right
* Fix audio fade out line remaining on timeline when audio is removed
* Fix viewers distorting when changing size during playback
* Fix pinned viewers appearing on top when right-left clicking
* Fix EDL creation to correctly handle illegal characters in the filename
* Fix panel still on old colour scheme (add audio tracks in between)
* Fix 'right + left clicking' bringing bins to the top on the first click
* Fix horizontal scrolling on bins in List view
* Fix rendering of first effect in timeline removing additional effects
* Fix audio WAV export issue repeating the last section at the end of edit
* Fix crash when inserting from a sync-group using "Live cut source" shortcut
* Fix panels disappearing if toolbox is unpinned
* Fix tools staying in position when toolbox is unpinned
* Added keyboard shortcut for Next room and Previous room
* Fix crash clicking cutlist tool after sharking searchcard
* Fix black at end of edit being removed after clicking sync button
* Change user-generated black to a subclip
* Added keyboard shortcuts for next and previous audio node
* Stop network project notifications from being sent or received when not using shared projects
* Fix project output setting being saved per room (Shared projects only)
* Fix recording from MXO2
* Added ability to open file location from the Filecard
* Fix setting of aspect ratio when writing 16:9 using Gee file writer (MXF/MOV)
* Fix hang exporting OMF
* Fix audio playback stopping after a short time
* Fix consolidation to recognise all audio tracks correctly
* Tighten check for valid sequence numbers on OMF Export so we don't create unreadable OMFs
* Fix setting of filename when create new sound files on OMF import
* Fix infinite loop in OMF toolkit with invalid film frame sequence numbers
* Fix crash previewing audio only file on import panel
* Fix crash reading AVI audio using Gee file reader
* Fix reading of bits per component from Matrox YUV uncompressed files.
* Fix crash on exit
* Fix memory leaks and crashes on exit, generally when file requests fail for some reason.
* Fix shot length calculation (1 frame out)
* Improve audio file I/O efficiency
* Fix hang on shutdown of DirectShow audio interrupt when changing project standards
* Fix rounding of sample rate on OMF import
* Fix hang leaving room
* Keep logger window open for OMF imports (as well as AAF)
* Fix timecode from imported OMF not being displayed in 23.98 project
* Fix shot length calculation (1 frame out) on OMF import
* Fix problems with OMFs sometimes having no shot timecode, no reel etc.
* Fix crash during consolidate
* Fix video consolidation, log errors to error.log as well as console window
* Fix consolidate when there is insufficient audio or video samples in the original material, consolidate will continue without errors and the new material will resemble the original material in being longer than the actual material
* Fix crash on exit due to image cache not being empty.
* Add option to disable loading of Matrox codes for Vfw and DirectShow
* Fix crash importing Quicktime sample from forum (southpawami), Expand frame rates accepted as 30fps up to 31fps.
* Fix reading of MJPG_B movs, add reading of field presentation order, fix memory leak.
* Fix Consolidate not working correctly on BWAVs
* Fix several issues causing slow rendering.
* Fix crash previewing YUV images that need flipping on import
* Log Vfw codecs present to error.log
* Fix interleaving when creating new frames from 2 different input frames (pulldown) when the source image scan mode is not as expected (e.g. PAL material in an NTSC project).
* Added the ability to make multiple subclips at once from a clip with two or more cues
* Allow non-integral varispeeds
* Redraw existing tiles correctly following a change to project letterboxing
* Clicking the project location (on the project card) now causes the project folder to be revealed in Windows Explorer
* Fix crash applying effects via the routing panel (to non-visible parts of the graph)
* Fix crash starting playback (if you'd previously left a project having been in twin-play mode)
* Console trimming keys and keyboard trimming keys now do the same thing
* Added media relinking facility (bin->cogs-> Relink Missing Media)
* Fix crash after turning a clip into an edit (which is linked to a tile in a gallery)
* Fix crash trimming edit that has no video tracks
* Fix clipboard update bug
* Fix crash clicking on bin Notes fields
* Prevent graphical corruption on the consolidate panel
* Persist the advanced EDL export options (and restore for subsequent usages)
* Right mouse button now only moves the zoom window if zoomed in AND the mouse is over the white area
* Keep menus topmost
* Fix bin scrolling after drag/drop receipt of timeline section
* Claim focus when clicking 'all' button on timeline
* Fix insertion of single-frame clips when empty
* Rewrote the window manager
* Fix crash dragging and dropping a tile into a bin with no free space
* Added Vs_redist to the Full installer
* Fix error during install with vs-redist on Windows 7
* Fix Playout tool not resizing correctly when playout starts
* Fix EDL export ignoring audio tracks set to None
* Fix defaults button on logging databases
* Fix images not updating when trimming
* Fix Crash adding FX from simple effects panel when no V track selected
* Fix audio being moved correctly using disk manager tool
* Fix import panel disappearing if toolbox is unpinned
* Fix search and replace working on selections in Bins and logging databases
* Fix crash playing back 16bit DPX files
* Added support for up to 32 audio tracks
* Fix audio playback on NTSC AVI exports
* Fix v track being lost when unwiring FX
* Fix export panel remembering last image sequence setting
* Fix audio not getting moved when using disk manager tool
* Fix tile distortion when moving a tile that is partially covered in a bin
* Fix crash scrolling through bin in Both view
* Added ability to make subclips based on cue points
* Fix crash entering project if Fullscreen feature was enabled
* Fix decimal values being recognised on varispeed
* Fix certain keyboard shorctuts still appearing when they have been removed
* Fix search and replace can now replace text with empty field
* Fix yellow audio line being left behind when moving audio
* Fix crash importing AVI that has audio streams before the video streams
* Fix crash adding wipe effect in video routing panel
* Fix image sequence export creating a black frame at the end
* Fix tiles reparenting to what they were dropped on
* Fix crash after adding user defined effect
* Add support for Type 1 AVI files
* Fix MJPEG imports showing correct
* Fix crash exporting an EDL when there are less audio tracks in the edit than go in the EDL
* Fix crash scrolling bin contents (in list/both view)
* Reinstated memory reclaiming, now automatically frees the contents of the stills and edit caches
* Fix right eye EDL to show the correct track number
* Fix audio pop that can occur at cutpoints
* Fix varispeed disappearing when resizing V track on a pinned timeline
* Fix destination drive appearing correctly in the list on render/export panels
* Fix stripview jumping to a different position after clicking Join
* Fix audio levels changing when adjacent to black in the timeline
* Fix audio levels changing when black section is extended
* Fix AAF imports having incorrect audio levels
* Fix audio levelling to respect cut points
* Fix viewer focus when dragging and dropping a tile into a viewer
* Fix crash due to notes field hitting the character limit during consolidation
* Fix toolbox behaviour to not open when moving the mouse above or below toolbox area
* Fix toobox unpinned behaviour to close immediately when moving mouse away
* Change Solo button on mixer panel to unmute track if it is muted when clicking the Solo button
* Fix drag and dropping selected tracks from an edit to a bin
* Add memory check on startup
* Disabled AAF export in free Beta
* Fix LR and Mix 1-3 muting on the audio mixer panel
* Fix audio level line to move with the mouse wheel
* Fix varispeed to show as inactive when parked at the end of the edit
* Restore concurrent viewers setting to sync groups
* Fix sync-group 'when timecode, sync by' menu item
* Fix crash adding FX plugins
* Added ability to export audio track levels with AAF export (Full version only)
* Added ability to export audio clip gain with AAF export (Full version only)
* Added ability to export audio handles with AAF export (still under development)
* Added stereoscopic FX toolset (Full version only)
* Fix Bin archiving to support odd characters.
* Fix crash resizing viewers during playback
* Fix crash moving viewers during playback
* Fix crash and screen corruption after applying BITC

26/01/11 - Version 10.0.3 (beta)

Fixes and Features:

* Make sure that the export formats button appears correctly
* Fix crash importing MXF exported from Lightworks
* Tools are now always top most
* Fix clips opening from bins when tiles are linked to viewers
* Fix video disappearing when clicking inline effect
* Fix audio track jumping to next cut point when zoomed
* Fix export panel distortion when chord clicking export tool onto edit/clip
* Fix crash opening export panel if an invalid compression was selected
* Fix timecode label showing no timecode
* Added 720p 25fps setting to project card and export panel
* Fix rendering 720p material
* Fix folders Created on the export panel not appearing after creation
* Make sure that the export formats button appears correctly
* Fix crash when the number of effects in a particular segment exceeds the vertical height of the strip
* Drag/drop of effects on FX tracks now behaves the same way as for regular clips
* Choose a sensible default codec for Quicktime exports
* Keep the timeline context-menu visible after changing the transition length
* Fix crash importing an AAF with sound tracks but no media
* Added explicit keybindable commands for live cutting
* Hide TimeBlur.aex from the plug-ins list (since it crashes)
* Always highlight the last used effect when showing the effects list
* Preserve marked regions (defined by explicit in/outs) when clicking on one of the marks in the white position strip
* Fix compact sync-group size on room re-entry
* Racks contents are no longer reordered incorrectly when clicking on one of the contained items
* Make the preferences panel topmost (and completely within the bounds of the screen) when clicking the thumbprint icon (and the preferences panel is already on screen)
* Fix timeouts and black frames with RED material
* Fix / tidy audio metadata setting (incorrect stride specified, add debug checks to reveal errors)
* Fix hangs (crashes) when trying to transcode to an unsupported image size on import
* Fix image sequence exports not working at all and not giving any error message when the filename contains invalid characters (e.g. from those in the edit name)
* Remove DNxHD, LW RLE, MJPG from export/render formats
* Fix audio import from RED
* Fix colour shift with RED material
* Add both keycode and primary timecodes from RED files
* Fix 1/8 res 4K playback stuttering
* Fix export from 16bit DPX to MOV dropping frames
* Keep the toolbox topmost
* Prevent the effect panel title from obscuring the cogs/close icons (when the edit name is long)
* Clicking on a table-view bin item makes it editable immediately
* Delete temporary edits created during AAF export
* Restore 'align kemrolls'
* Correctly restore source/record/focus when re-entering a room
* Minimising a record viewer now transfers play focus correctly if there is a pre-existing source viewer
* Fix crash undoing deletion of an assistant app
* Remember/restore the last timecode type chosen via the labels panel (for edits)
* Fix crash displaying the clipboard stripview (if no video tracks)
* Respect V track selections when dragging/dropping FX segments
* Prevent the record-tool cogs menu from appearing when in standby
* Add flag icons to tiles in bin 'both' view
* Pass keyboard focus to viewer when maximising a tile
* Remember the last-used timecode type for edits (when changing via the mouse-wheel)
* Show 'Media Offline' for offline clips within edits
* Update the clipboard timeline/viewer correctly following timeline drag/drop
* Don't display the clipboard following editing operations that did not actually use it (eg. insert)
* Claim console/keyboard focus when clicking timeline track buttons
* Fix NTSC Quicktime export
* Fix memory heap corruption after import
* Redisplay bin thumbnails correctly after changing output format
* Importing now pays attention to which items are tagged
* Prevent possible hang scrolling through a gallery of subclips / syncs
* Fix effect folding bug
* Prevent crash displaying two (or more) edits with BITC enabled
* Removed Geevs export format
* MXF export now give user an explicit Op1a (XDCAM) / OpAtom (P2) choice
* Added cogs menu (right-click) to the import icon so you can change 'sync using filenames' etc before starting an import
* Don't make a bin AND show the permanent list when chord-clicking the bin tool
* Added MiniDV to the device list
* The size of an export is now calculated asynchronously so you don't have to wait on room entry, etc
* Implicitly export two EDLs at a time for stereoscopic edits for Left and Right eyes
* Fix possible crash entering a room after having previously left another room
* Ensure that edit order always matches visible tile order when creating an edit from a bin
* Use the correct colour for inactive FX panels
* Don't apply EQ if the effect has been bypassed
* Ensure that effect LEDs are in the correct state when the panel first appears, especially when effect components are disabled
* Fix drag and drop of tiles to stripview when tile has fewer audio tracks than are selected on the destination edit
* Shift+backspace is now no different to backspace
* It is now not necessary to have 'sync using filenames' enabled to auto-detect P2 structures
* Rewording – the stripview is now called ‘timeline’
* Fix crash entering invalid keystrokes into logging-database timecode field
* Preserve audio levels when trimming grouped audio tracks that have concurrent black/non-black segments
* Adding video effects is improved
* Added 10-bit YUV DPX support for licensed systems
* The edit viewer / timeline no longer obscures the export progress details after an export
* Disallow DPX saving for unlicensed systems
* Don't list TGA twice on the render panel
* Preserve the auto-positioning information when duplicating bins
* Stereo-3d export options are disabled on unlicensed systems
* Fix reading of AVI files with audio - probably the cause of a lot of failures to read AVI reported by forum users
* Clean up any dangling BITC definitions in the project edit caused by unpacking user definitions, which was causing the project edit to grow in size and take longer and longer to read
* Stop project edit always being saved twice (and notifying the shared project twice for every modification
* Lightworks no longer crashes when you import MXF files that are of a length the application does not expect.
* D3D surface caching is now deselected by default.
* Apple H264 is now described correctly.
* If your AAF import fails, you now see a more helpful error message.
* When you import, more types of transcode options are now available.
* Uninitialized data might have interfered with importing. This has been fixed.
* Transcoding on import now works when the input image has an Apple codec identifier (fourcc) and appears to have a different compression format but is the same as one of the Windows formats.
* A bad memory leak that occurred when you changed projects has been fixed.
* Lightworks no longer crashes when you try to play audio when the audio is missing, for example, when material is offline.
* Memory usage is now reduced during surface pooling.
* The name you type for an Assistant Application is no longer ignored.
* When you delete an Assistant Application, associated effect templates are now also deleted.
* Irrelevant effects options are no longer available.
* If a memory allocation fails, cached images and logs are now automatically freed, and then the application tries again.
* You can now move on-viewer effects controls (for example, DVE position) with either mouse button.
* You can now adjust numeric effects parameters with the mouse wheel.
* You can now adjust Timeline zoom with the mouse wheel when you position it over the white length-indicator strip.
* You can now create effect templates from .FX files (for example, HLSL pixel shader files) on the fly.
* You can now have more than 10,000 events in an edit track.
* Handling is improved for After-Effects plug-ins that use custom parameter types (for example, Red Giant ‘Looks’).
* Lightworks no longer crashes when you preview After-Effects plug-ins.
* Lightworks no longer crashes when you display the BITC Overlay dialog box while letterboxing is enabled.
* You can now successfully import audio-only MXF files.
* You can now successfully import Aaton 23.98 WAV files.
* QuickTime export formats are now restricted (to avoid problems with using the QuickTime SDK for simultaneous decompression and recompression).
* Unjoined cuts are now rejoined after an undo or redo. You can unjoin them again by clicking the Unjoin button.
* Empty shots or edits no longer display the Material Offline message.
* The application might have crashed when you unarchived the same archive more than once without having closed the bin from the first import. This has been fixed.
* When you import, an image sequence is now automatically detected only if you select the first image from the file browser.
* Image sequences without zero-padded numerics (for example, file1.jpg, file2.jpg as opposed to, file0002.jpg, and so on) are now imported successfully.
* You can now drag and drop tiles onto the Generate Film Lists tool.
* When you use Avid key assignments, pressing the J or L key repeatedly now increases play speed up to 4x.
* EDL imports that generate warnings now continue to import successfully.
* You can now specify on which drives you want your Material/Sound folders created.
* Lightworks no longer crashes when you try to import an EDL without having exported one first.
* After you double-click bin items, the correct number of track buttons now display on the source viewer.
* Lightworks might have crashed when it tried to display tool tips over non-opaque windows that did not have explicit alpha channels. This has been fixed.
* You can now drag tiles out of bins in either the List view or the Both view.
* You can now drag tiles onto a Timeline. Clicking a tile and dragging it into the Timeline performs an Insert edit. Shift-dragging performs a Replace edit.
* When you change the output aspect ratio, the full-screen display now appears correctly.
* Detection of secondary displays for full-screen preview is improved.
* When the primary display is on the right monitor, the mouse now behaves correctly on the secondary monitor.
* Permanent racks now behave like permanent bins, that is, you have to explicitly remove items from them.
* When you create a Cues dialog box, it now always appears on the screen.
* A Cues dialog box is now saved in a room and can be restored from a room.
* You can now bypass or enable an individual effect parameter by clicking the red button next to its name.
* When the Windows taskbar is positioned on the right edge of the Lightworks screen, the size of the main window is improved.
* The Only Show Metadata option has been removed from the Import/Export Commands list.
Hide changelog

All features


* Resolution, format and codec independent timeline
* Edit at 23.976, true 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, or 60 fps
* Advanced Multicam editing with unlimited sources
* Source/Record three-point editing
* Insert and Overwrite editing
* Replace, t to ll, backfill
* Drag-and-drop replace editing
* Extend and Split edits
* A/V Sync indicators on timeline
* Single-click re-sync of whole timeline
* Multi-colored markers for edits and clips
* Matchframe for clips and subclips


* Ripple
* Roll
* Slip and Slide
* Remove and Delete
* Asymmetric, multitrack trimming
* Dynamic trimming during playback
* JKL trimming
* Trim window
* Timeline trimming
* Keyboard and numeric moving and trimming
* Close Gap


* Third Party Plugin Support
* Alpha Channel Matte Transitions
* Global Transitions adds effects between In and Out points
* Real-time effects in SD, HD and 2K
* Speed Tool for varispeed changes
* Keyframe graphs
* Transitions, effects, and filters included
* Unlimited effects user templates
* Copy and paste effect attributes to multiple clips
* Effects layers with node-based compositing tool
* Bezier curves with movable motion paths
* Numeric control and keyframe capabilities


* Real-time, hardware accurate video vectorscopes and waveform monitors
* Multitrack Audio Mixer with full bus routing and multiple mixes
* Keyboard and user interface customization tool with templates for Avid and FCP keyboard mappings
* On-screen console controls
* Voice Over tool for adding narration directly to timeline
* Multi-split screen Viewer for original shot comparison
* Shot Sync - sync two sources for playback comparison
* Customisable BITC timecode and film footage overlays in Viewer

Colour Correction

* Real time Primary color correctors
* Real time Secondary color correctors
* Image control filters


* Subframe audio keyframing
* Real-time audio adjustments during playback
* OMF audio export with pan and volume levels
* Real-time, software-based audio normalization
* Onscreen multitrack mixing console
* External Mackie control surface support
* Real time fader automation
* Real-time audio filters and effects
* Mixed bit-rates and samples on timeline
* Audio level meters per track
* Pan controls
* Mute and solo controls
* Pre and Post Audio waveform display with realtime update


* Full-screen, real-time SD, HD, and 2K preview on single or secondary display
* Multiple timelines open simultaneously
* Unlimited undo levels
* Unlimited video and FX tracks
* User preferences that can be moved from system to system
* Customizable keyboard and user interface buttons
* Customizable real-time effects settings
* Customizable render settings
* Customizable layouts
* Customizable track layouts
* Full Unicode support


* Import RED media and DPX image sequences directly
* Include timecode and keycode in the same list
* Support for 35mm 3-perf, 35mm 4-perf, and 16mm-20 and mixed film formats
* View feet and frames in edit
* View keycode and ink number overlays on video
* 24-fps EDL import and export
* 24-fps EDL conversion to and from 29.97 fps
* Import ALE, FLX, and CSV files
* Track key numbers, ink numbers, video and audio timecode
* Output Cut list, Change list, Optical list, Pull list, Dupe list, Audio EDL

Media Management

* Media management tools for moving, copying, and consolidating media at edit or project level
* Powerful search capabilities
* Rename Clips to match media and vice versa
* Maintain master clips across multiple projects
* Clip colors in edit (match by source, reel or timecode)
* Custom comment fields
* Automatic reconnect to high-resolution media
* EDL and AAF import and export for metadata exchange
* Instant Save – no need to save project
* Batch export

3rd Party Support

* Inscriber Titlemotion
* Boris
* Combustion
* After Effects
* Premiere Plugins
* Digital Fusion
* Sapphire

I/O Support

* MXF Op1a, MXF OpAtom, Quicktime and AVI
* MPEG-2 I-Frame SD and HD
* Uncompressed SD and HD at 8 bit and 10 bit
* Avid DNxHD*
* Apple ProRes*
* AVC-Intra*
* RED R3D*
* DPX 10 bit* and 16 bit*
* Sony IMX
* Sony XDCAM HD*
* Sony XDCAM EX*
* Sony XDCAM HD422*
* Panasonic P2
* Image Import and Export as stills or sequences (DPX, BMP, TARGA, JPEG, GIF, PSD, TIFF, DPX, JPEG2000, PICT, QT Image, SGI, and PNG)
* Export presets for Apple TV, iPhone, iPod
* Broadcast Wave Format with drop and non-drop frame timecode options
* Import and Export OMF I and OMF II
* Import and Export AAF
* MDA support for Edit While Capture with Geevs servers
* Telecine 29.97i to 24p pulldown removal
* 30fps and 25fps import to 24fps project
* Frame-accurate capture tool with support for batch, clip, and on-the-fly capturing
* Frame-accurate insert and assemble edit-to-tape
* Serial device control (RS-422, RS-232)
* FireWire device control

* available separately at extra cost

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I installed LightWorks 11.5.1 in Linux Mint 16 x64. It runs great and is a very feature rich NLE. Using the free version, you can only export to YouTube ready 720p h.264/aac mp4. Very good editor overall for free and works great in Linux....

Apr 6, 2014 Version: 11.5.1 OS: Linux Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

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