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Goldstar GBV441

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December 29, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by jame_s, January 02 2005:

hack is exactly the same as the 5000 series LG playes, so i've just copied & pasted.

Step 1

Download the file by clicking on the link:

Step 2

Unzip the file It will create a directory folder called RMTM0000.

Step 3

You need a CD Writer to write a new disk with the files you've just unziped (RMTM0000 folder).

Step 4

You need a CD burning software (like Easy CD Creator, Nero, CD Clone, HP RecordNow, etc....) to make a Data disc.

Step 5

I've read not to use a 700mb capacity CD-R, but mine worked just fine! For information, I used a Memorex CD-R 700MB 24x. This speed (24x) I think is the key to success, not the capacity or size of the CD-R.

Step 6

Using the CD burning software, create a Data disc and add the directory folder RMTM0000. That's all you need !
*** When burning the disc do not use DirectCD ***

Step 7

Switch "On" your DVD player and TV and insert the newly burned disc. When prompted select "0" for multiregion and then ENTER. Power off and... it's done!

Good Luck!

PostRegion code hack posted by lacali, January 03 2005:

the same hack posted above for Goldstar ABV441 also works for brand Allegro ABV441. just follow the same steps above to have a region free DVD/VCR Allegro ABV441 combo player.

PostOther hack posted by thesoulsthealer, December 29 2005:

TYPE: Region Code & VCD & (possibly) Macrovision
How: Firmware CD (for region) & EEPROM via remote control


After a lot of searchs on the LG, Goldstar and Zenith DVDPlayers (bassically tested hacks from all models) those hacks worked for me.

To get the model of the player:
"Setup - TV Aspect - 16:9 - 1397139 - enter"

Mine was:

Model. KV80000010
Chip ID MT1379 C
SUB VER. 0003

I forgot my original eeprom...

For region free, the only one that works is:

(Those LG5000 didn't work for me)

VCD works using this eeprom:
55 53 00 47 14 55 FE FF

Other hack posted by Shagey, May 16 2003:
VCD (tested) and Macrovision(not tested)hacks

1) Power up with NO cd in the drive
2) Press PAUSE
3) Press 1472
4) At the EEPROM screen write down the code for backup (Mine was 55 53 00 45 14 55 64 FF)

**Use the left and right arrows on the remote to move
**Press the number keys on the remote for number entry
**Press and hold numbers 1 thru 6 for letter entry

5a)If you want to enable VCD AND disable Macrovision:
Enter: 55 53 00 47 14 55 FE FF
OR: 55 53 00 46 14 55 FE FF

5b)If you want to enable VCD without messing with Macrovision:
Enter: 55 53 00 47 14 55 64 FF
OR: 55 53 00 46 14 55 64 FF

6) Press PAUSE to exit the EEPROM screen
7) Press POWER to turn the unit off
8) Press POWER to turn the unit on
9) Insert VCD disk
10)Press PLAY when ready

I hope that help =]

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