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Firstline FLAV20

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June 02, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Flavio, January 03 2003:

Press OPEN from the Remote Control.
Press INTRO on the remote control.
Type 2, 0, 1, 1, 0.
The TV svreen will show "Set OK"

It is the same as the latest new Bluesky 8315.

Tried it on both players and it is working O.K.

P.S. When you enter the number the small hand appears on the left top corner. Do not take any notice.

For Macrovision:
Press OPEN from the remote control.

Press INTRO.
Type 0, 7, 1, 2, 1 or 0, 7, 1, 2, 0 on some models.
The TV svreen will show "Set OK".
I have not tried theis yet.

PostOther hack posted by Stavros, January 14 2003:

I own a Firstline FLAV20. Bought it from Carrefour/ Athens and the regionfree crack with intro, then 2, 0, 1, 1, 0 does not work.

PostRegion code hack posted by jim99, January 15 2003:

The region hack with the keyword INTRO + 2110 worked fine with my flav 20 dvdplayer and also i don't see macrovision turned on (i can copy to vhs )

Piraeus - Greece

PostRegion code hack posted by bill anas, January 17 2003:

I tried the hack listed below and it worked..
intro 2,0,1,1,0 all from the remote with the dvd door opened from the remote control as well
I purchased my Firstline dvd player model flav 20 from carffuer athens
Bill from athens greece

PostRegion code hack posted by Evangelos Tripolitakis, February 05 2003:

Well I tried the first hack @ my firstline flav20 (open,intro,20110) and said "SET OK"

I tried the second one and said type error .

I tried to copy from a dvd to vhs and didn't work (macrovision was on)

Unfortunately I don't frequently use dvds from regions other than 2 ...

Vaggelis (Crete/Greece)

PostRegion code hack posted by Jason, March 22 2003:

Got my Flav20 from Cerrefour, Spain. Tried the 2,0,1,1,0 code and it didnīt work.

Switched off, went through the process again and there it was! Up and running.

If you have a problem (like our friend from Greece) make sure that when you hit INTRO and punch in the code, the display on the player reads OPEN or it will not accept the code.


PostRegion code posted by Elias Alexiou, October 09 2003:

Own a FLAV20 bought from Carrefour Greece.

Hack for region codes worked fine.

Macrovision showed error when punching the 3rd digit.

PostRegion code hack posted by dodo, October 28 2003:

make 8 4 1 0 ith he remote control with dvd door open
and choose the number 0 with "OK" or "valider" if you are in a French speaking country. close the dvd door and put a region 1 or 2 dvd it depends where you live and enjoy your movie.
this code also works for Flav10.

PostOther hack posted by wekurtz, November 24 2004:

I've discovered two new remote control codes. As you know, to enter a code you must previously open the disc tray and press "intro"...

1,2,3,4,5 - Screen will show the A/V card version. In my unit, value provided is "VERSION 5375-E-1".

3,1,1,1,1 - Screen will show another version value (perhaps the firmware version?) In my unit, value provided is "VERSION 31111".

I've spotted these codes simply trying random sequences on my remote!! And I'm sure there are much more...



PostRegion code hack posted by Ray, June 02 2005:

my flav20s remote control is in french and i cant find the buton INTRO i know is a stupid problem but i cant use any hack because of that little problem...

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