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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for WinFF

WinFF 1.5.5 is mostly just a cleaned up and repacked winff 1.5.4 for possibly the final version.

Issue 209:

2 Bugs:
1 on drag drop, numfiles was not initialised. Could countain random
number, not actual files dragged and dropped
max number of jobs was not being incremented on dragdrop.
now, if you dragdrop and the file list goes > max number of jobs, we add
50 more rows to filelist.
note: file list is initially limited to 100 jobs because of the memory
overhead of maintaining arrays of the filenames, command lines, options
settings, etc
enhancement: added hint for file list showing number of files in queue
when cursor not over a filename

Issue 211
Use of double quotes replaced by single quote. Cosmetic, done

fixed isuue 10 & 120 with European and Cyrillic Chacters
Fixed Apply changes Panel showing when not in multipreset mode
added 720p and 1080p mpeg4 presets (about time;)

updated ffmpeg-readme. issue 201
Ability to execute command before and after script
Save Displaycmdline state issue 163
fixed preview button not inserting '-t' and '-s'
moved '-t' from input to output as per ffmpeg warning
added ability to revert to 1.4 behavior

Add Restore Defaults to the edit menu. It deletes the .winff folder in linux or the appdata/winff folder in windows
Update and addition of several languages
Open destfolder button
Changed preset name to preset label on save to preset dialog
Fixed bug in replaceVfParam that didn't replace a vf param on the very start of the preset's params
Added menu item, "Save options to preset" in the preset. It save the codec related options, -r:v, -aspect, -b:v, -b:a, -r:a, -ac,
Updated about box to include Kyle Schwarz
swapped order of apply buttons
Added apply to all button. It should cut down on the learning curve for previous version users.
Update presets; fixes issue 195: fix ambiguous warnings on -b and -profile and limit wmav2 presets to two audio channels
Rename License.txt to COPYING
Preset file for ffmpeg version using the 54 version of libavcodec.
Fixed an access violation with apply and cancel buttons when the file list is empty

Usability: A lot of work has gone into making the application more friendly to users with visual impairments. Ability to accommodate larger fonts, resizing the application, screen layouts have had much tweaking. Itís clearly not perfect, but we are hoping that it results in a better experience for some of our users. Special mention to Paul Gevers for striving to make this feature work and work well in Linux and Windows.

Rotation: Video can be rotated using the ffmpeg Rotate Feature. 90 degree left and right rotation as well as vertical flip is included.
MultiFormat output: A massive change is that every file in the queue can have a different output codecs. You can add the same file multiple times to encode to different formats. More info to follow on the website.

Advanced Options per file: Every file can have different output options. Now, when you make changes to advanced options, it gets saved per file in the queue.

Advanced Options: Extra Tab showing command lines to be used per file. You can tweak them before executing.

Previews: Only previews the highlighted file in the queue.
Added ctrl-A to the filelist and "select all" popup menu.

Much code clean-ups. Removed dead code.
Windows version built with Lazarus 1.0

Fix issue 158: two bitrate settings in MP4 *screen
Fix issue 136 (preferences stores content) by calling createForm function on entry
also check for avconv when checking executables
Fixed: use source folders

Usability Changes
Add scrollBox to Presets form to allow all items to always stay reachable
Add scrollBoxes to Preferences form to allow all items to always stay reachable
Update language files for rework of Preferences
Rework preferences form - Renamed most items to give it names you can find back - Make sure that it behaves better when you start using different fonts - Fix for issue 136 needs prioritybox.Clear
Make all buttons honor the font size of the system

Updated Translations

Update presets to avoid using ffmpeg presets (problem with Windows ffmpeg)
Update several translations
Fix issue 150 where o_ was appended to all output files with the same extension i.s.o. only when source directory and target directory are the same
By default, create debugging symbols (might be unwanted for Windows build)
Remove win32 as default TargetOS
Prevent unnecessary linking

Fixed several preset issues
Fix issue 146 where cropping was performed on the output stream size instead of the input stream size
Updated several translations
Drag and drop multiple files only showed the first file. Thanks Francois Collard
Improve file selection by possibly filtering specific extensions

Fix for time selection in preview and "time" tab for newer ffmpeg
Fixes for Ubuntu screen layout - still bug with screen widths, hardcoded constraint 1600x1200 for now
Removed tnotebook and replaced with tpagecontrol
Fixed several preset issues
Prepare for new functionality
Lots of additional translations
When reviewing the destination filename is randomly generated so that in the case of accidentaly choosing the destination directory equal to the source directory, the source file is not deleted.

Fix changing last option in preset via additional options (issue 63)
Fixed issue47: Large fonts or long translations can extend
Code cleanup and renames
Much better translations, uses Lazarus' new translatiion system
Improved window behavior

volume working
async tip updated
removed obselete code
general code cleanup

cropping is applied to the input file instead of output
added ability to edit/copy/save script before executing
added 'seek to' and 'time to record' to cropping options
added 'volume' and 'async' to audio options
added Galician translation
added Arabic translation
high quality google android presets

Added preview
Added cropping
Checks for and escape quotes in filenames (issue 38)
Add /usr/local/bin for FFplay executable search (issue 56)
added tool tips (issue 60)
More room for translated strings

New Icons and Logo
Remember each preset's last destination directory
fixed importing presets from command line
updated chinese
New preset for Google Andriod, Nokia, Sony Walkman, more
windows installer updated with ffmpeg r18709


Check to use gnome-terminal in linux

added hashbang #!/bin/sh to linux scripts
Hebrew, Greek, Updated Spanish

cleaned up source

Added Priority for the conversion script to the general preferences
The Document menu now looks for translated docs (WinFF.xx.pdf, where xx is the language code)
Majorily Revised and New Presets
Uses the sensible-browser command on Debian/Ubuntu based systems
New Documentation
The doc and website menus don't tie up the main window after launching the brwoser/pdfreader
Added file association for preset files in windows installer

V1.0 pre
Added Priority for the conversion script to the general preferences
The Document menu now looks for translated docs (WinFF.xx.pdf, where xx is the language code)
Majorily Revised Presets
Use the sensible-browser command on Debian/Ubuntu based systems
New Documentation
The doc and website menus don't tie up the main window

Import/Export multiple presets in one file
Presets updated for FFmpeg SVN R15824

Resizable window (issue 24)
Added menu links to the homepage, docs, forums (issue 25)
Remembers window state on next instace
tabs for additional options
category selection for presets editor
Doesn't encode audio on first of two passes
restructed menus
fixed window not showing on dual monitors (issue 20)
Serbian translation

Add files dialog return value fixed.
Uses tprocess instead of shell and winexec to launch command line.
3 character file extension limit removed.
CHCP in windows script made optional
Delete and Backspace keys delete files from the file list
Updated license readmes
Preset for ffmpeg revision 13712

New FFmpeg in windows installer
Sunday, 27 July 2008 18:07

I upgraded the windows installer to FFmpeg r13712

Brazilian Portuguese
fixed options not being inserted into commandline when they don't exist already
fixed space needed between title command in win32 script
updated Italian
Traditional Chinese

fixed access violation in newer gtk2 releases
fixed category name appearing in parameters in the preset editor
fixed Add button not translating
French, Polish translations
translated windows installer
Fixed Duplicate Messages in winff.po
Updated dvd presets

better command line processing
catergorized presets
multilingual - German, Bulgarian, Italian, and more to come.
fixed: chcp command crashing vista/xp
shutdown on exit
pause on finished more accesible
added audio channels option: AC's

Drag and Drop Files

Window 95/98/ME now supported
Windows codepage support for international filenames
fixed: Linux preferences labels not showing
fixed: bugs in finding the presets.xml file
Added the current number of the video converting to terminal window "Convert Test.avi (1/7)"
Elimanated some IFDEF's

pretty icons
terminal title changes to current movie being converted
2-pass encoding only creates 1 file
Fixed: About box doesn't crash in Linux
X264 Widescreen Preset

Improved user interface
Majorily revised presets
Remember last preset used
2 pass encoding
Config/presets stored in user's app data directory on winxp/vista
Fixed: Play button not working on Ubuntu 7.04
Fixed: Pause at end of encoding not working on linux
Pause at end of script otional.
Win32/Linux specific preferences don't show on each other
Better window behaviors
Additional options hide/show with button/menu
Import preset from command line and file menu
Major code cleanup
Win32 batch files/presets stored in the user's application data folder
Multithreading for dual core processors (Linux only)
Deinterlace option
Due to increases in quality some presets are slower than before
This is a major revision. So there will be new bugs too

Not all presets work with multithreading on windows. Namely mpeg formats such as DVD and VCD.

v0.291 changes
Debian package built on Debian 4.0 Etch for GTK2
New and revised Presets
Newer FFmpeg for WinXP
No Code Changes

For compatibility reasons Linux binaries are now compiled for GTK1
Fixed: starting multiple instances of ffmpeg
Fixed: Tab order
Fixed: a couple linux prefernces bugs
Added: checkbox to display the ffmpeg command to be used
Added: Presets for Ipod, AMR Audio, h264, 3g2

Added ability to import/export presets to files
Remove button now removes multiple files at one time
If only one file is present in the file list, the play button plays it without being selected
More compact window for lower screen resolutions
Updated windows installer with ffmpeg svn 7760


Source is completely crossplatform for WinXP/Linix/Unix
Added some preferences for specifying the path to ffmpeg and ffplay
Better detection of ffmpeg under linux/unix
Debian Package for GTK2/I386 Available
I wrote a good amount of code, so there's going to be some bugs.
Contact me when you find one.

Fixed a lot of bugs in presets editing
can now start multiple instances of ffmpeg
added 3gp preset for most phones

Seperated video size to x and y edit boxes.

Updated to FFmpeg SVN Revison 7215

Corrected video bitrate. Now always specified KB/s.

This is version 0.21

Fixed Filenames with spaces won't play.
Fixed additional command line params not always working.
Added a few presets.
Update to FFMPEG SVN Revision 6900.

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