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VideoReDo TVSuite is the perfect tool to edit your video files. Whether you create digital video by capturing off-the-air programs, convert analog (VHS) tapes, HDTV, DigitalTV, DVB, TivO, ReplayTV, DVR-MS/WTV or extract chapters from DVDs, VideoReDo makes fast work of trimming, cutting, and/or joining your MPEG1/MPEG compressed digital images. Repair/fix MPEG streams. Convert to DVR-MS, WTV. Videoredo TVSuite/H264 can also author DVDs. Version 5 TVSuite/H264 supports H264/AVC/MTS/M2TS/-AVCHD/MP4/MKV editing.

Trialware $96
OS: Win
File size: 36MB
Version history
68 votes
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Latest version (September 14, 2019)


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Download VideoReDo TVSuite  36MB  Win

Software License

Shareware (Free download but time limited software. Full version from $96)

Supported operating systems


Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Version - Release date: 2019-09-13
•New: Version 6 - Initial release
•New: HEVC support
•New: Unicode file name support
•New: Smooth video and audio transitions
•New: AC3 encoding
•New: NVidia GPU encoding support

TVSuite V6 - (Released 2019-08-30)
[Enhancement] NVidia encoder: Added NVidia surface type selection (auto, cuda, dx11) to Tools>Options>GPU encoders.
[Enhancement] NVidia encoder: Added support for Cuda surfaces (in addition to DX11) allowing NVEnc to work on Win 7.
[Enhancement] Output Profile: Advanced audio, added optional language code to each output audio stream.
[Enhancement] Output Profile: Simplified setting of audio level processing into 3 functions: Normalize, Auto gain, raise/lower level.
[Change] GUI: Removed "Apply VRD Version to Log" from Tools>Options>Manual.
[Change] GUI: Removed "User Batch Command" from shift+Tools>Options. Hasn't been used since TVSuite V4.
[Change] GUI: Warn user if VRDPro styled key entered into TVSuite.
[Change] HEVC: If opening 10-bit HEVC file, warn user that output will be transcoded to 8-bit. (Until 10bit encoder is working)
[Change] HEVC: If opening HEVC 4:2:2 file in TVSuite V6 warn that this is a VRD Pro function.
[Change] Tools>Options: Changed old category label "Hardware encoding" to new label: "GPU encoders"
[Fix] HEVC: Error if opening file that didn't have frame rate in the header or video stream (such as converting from MP4 to TS)
[Fix] HEVC: If doing 2 pass audio such as normalization and smart editing, output could hang.
[Fix] HEVC: SEI pict_struct values not being cleared on new NALs causing frame timing to possibly be wrong.
[Fix] TS muxer not passing through language code

TVSuite V6 - (Released 2019-08-14)
[Enhancement] File save dialog: Now saves "Favorites Only" option even if you Cancel dialog
[Change] MKV: Remove extra data block from MKV files to better support multiple parameter sets.
[Change] MP4/HEVC: If saving HEVC to MP4 the first output GOP will ALWAYS be recoded in order to create a unique parameter set.
[Change] Output Profile: Lower minimum AC3 bit rate for 5.1 audio to be 192 Kbps instead of 384 Kbps.
[Change] Stream internals: (VRDPro) In NAL viewer holding down the shift key and clicking previous/next frame does a GOP jump.
[Fix] Default profiles: Various iPhone & Android profiles listed in the install wizard were missing.
[Fix] GDI: GDI driver wouldn't correctly display 4:2:2 video content.
[Fix] H.264 output: Fade in could cause crash if first frame after fade-in occurs before I-frame in decoding order.
[Fix] HEVC source: Save error if source is HEVC without AUD and container is MKV or MP4.
[Fix] Install wizard: Fixed selection of allowed default profiles. Added some older Apple and Android profile options.
[Fix] MKV: HEVC encoder could error out if level_idc in profile was too low. Now checks and bumps level_idc if necessary.
[Fix] MKV: On some files, first GOP would not be displayed or saved.
[Fix] MKV: Saving MKV to MP4 wouldn't play on iOS. Changed hev1 to hvc1.
[Fix] Output Profile: Some settings not sticking: Encoding type, Flip, Audio channel mode, and Normalize.
[Fix] Profile: In TVSuite, can't persist dual pass or CRF output 'Encoder mode:' settings.
[Fix] Project files: V6 project files have a BOM at the beginning and shouldn't.
[Fix] Tools>Options>Startup: Prevent settings files from Version 5 from being imported. Only Version 6 settings can be imported.
[Documentation] COM documenation: Program Duration as reported by FileGetProgramInfo is in 90KHz ticks, NOT seconds.

TVSuite V6 - (Released 2019-07-30)
[Change] H.264 output: Moderate speed on some files when outputting with transitions.
[Change] GUI: Warn user if diagnostic is set to advanced and let them reset it to medium.
[Fix] MP4/MKV muxing: MP4/MKV output of some files can trigger pixelated playback in MPC-HC & VLC.
[Fix] HEVC: Fixed problem parsing HRD parameters which prevented file from opening.

TVSuite V6 - (Released 2019-07-13)
[Fix] GUI: Output profile editing: there were missing translations in the drop-down control.
[Fix] GUI: Shortcuts/hotkeys not recognized on Chinese language systems. Can also crash when creating new hot key mappings.
[Fix] GUI: Entering a UNC output path in file save, QSF save, or ES save shows "Invalid output file" message.
[Fix] HEVC: Incorrect frame rate due to overflow error if vui_time_scale or vps_time_scale has a large value.
[Fix] Joiner: Joiner list sometimes has an extra 0:00-0:00 segment as first item. Introduced with build 797.
[Fix] Output Profile: False "unable to set output options" if NVEnc is the default encoder.
[Fix] Transport stream: If "ignore transport stream map" enabled, stream detector could interpret MPEG2 as HEVC.

TVSuite V6 - (Released 2019-06-30)
** Updated Beta Expiration Date **
[Enhancement] GUI: Support for registration names with unicode characters.
[Enhancement] Joiner: Adding a project to the joiner adds the title and each scene separately rather than as one project.
[Change] H.264 & HEVC: Added support to detect and report colorPrimaries, TransferMatrix, etc.
[Change] NVidia encoder: Automatically adjust NVEnc encoder settings by polling encoder for capabilities such as interlace, chroma, etc.
[Fix] Titling: Adding title to source video with 24 bit audio adds incorrect number of silent audio fr
[Fix] Profiles: Max bitrate didn't always cause recode if the source file didn't have a max bit rate. Mostly affected HEVC & H.264
[Fix] GUI: Disable internal frame cache used to display thumbnails for MPEG2 files. Similar to V5 behavior.
[Fix] Joiner: Loading a joiner project without having an open video could crash application on save. (Project files won't work).
[Fix] Batch: Added "default settings" and "Current settings" to AdScan profile list.
[Fix] GUI: Tools>Options>Playback, Widen dialog box and some strings.
[Fix] HEVC: Unable to open file is it contained "filler data" (FD) NALs.
[Fix] HEVC: Unable to open transport stream file if first frame in the file didn't have VPS, SPS, PPS.
[Fix] H264: Sync error when saving when there are missing POC but GOP otherwise plays OK.
[Fix] GUI: Hotkeys wouldn't work if language other than English is selected.
[Fix] GUI: Selecting Czech as the language code wouldn't stick and TVSuite would revert back to English.

TVSuite V6 - (Released 2019-06-13)
** Updated Beta Expiration Date **
[Enhancement] GUI: Support for language translations. Set via Tools>Options>Start up.
[Fix] Joiner save: Throws codec ASSERT in DoesContainerSupportVideoCodec if saving from joiner list with no open file.
[Fix] DVD authoring: Should force audio recode if audio is AC3 and bit rate greater than 448Kbps.
[Fix] DVD: DVDs should automatically auto rotate videos.
[Fix] Save dialog: Changed Video codec from H264 to HEVC and output container changed from MP4 to Elementary streams.
[Fix] Container changes when changing the codec
[Fix] Audio transitions: If audio transitions enabled, saving AC3 file to TS converts audio to AAC rather than recoding to AC3.
[Fix] HEVC: Fixed transport stream reader to support HEVC files when the PMT isn't present or is incorrect.
[Fix] HEVC: Fixed problem parsing HRD parameters in a UDH file which could cause a crash.
[Fix] NVidia encoder: Encoding to H.264 interlaced would create two images of the frame on the output.
[Fix] Tivo: Trying to open a Tivo file with bad MAK gives "out of memory" error rather than proper error message.
[Fix] HEVC: Frame rate is incorrect due to rounding error when vps_time_scale and vps_num_units_in_tick are large values.
[Fix] Output Profile: (VRDPro) When creating new output profile from Save Video dialog, changed name not retained.
[Fix] Profile grid: (VRDPro) "Enable Audio Transitions" should be gray if video transitions set to "None".

TVSuite V6 - (Released 2019-05-24)
** Updated Beta Expiration Date **
[Enhancement] Chapters: Add option to Tools>Options>Chapters to create a chapter marker at start of each joiner project.
[Enhancement] GUI: Add option to rotate the video being displayed (0, 90, 180, 270) for when the rotation metadata isn't set in the file.
[Enhancement] Output Profiles: Frame rate change algorithm on the advanced tab. Options: Fractional or Blend.
[Enhancement] Profile: Add new output option drop down, frame rate method. Needs to flow into the outputOptionsBase
[Enhancement] Transitions: Added new checkbox to T>O>Transitions, Enable audio transitions.
[Enhancement] GUI: Option to rotate the video during playback.
[Change] Output Profile: TVSuite profile dialog, change label "Encoding type:" to "Encoding codec:" or "Output codec".
[Change] Profiles: Change the default intelligent bit rate percentages to from HEVC.
[Fix] EAC3 audio: Switching from 5.1 to 2.0 channels during playback can cause an application crash.
[Fix] H.264 MXF: (VRDPro) Time code and number of frames reported in the info box too high by 1.
[Fix] H.264 output: Fade out at last cut of file not working.
[Fix] H.264 output: Very long sections of missing audio can trigger a video buffer overflow and hang output.
[Fix] H.264 playback: Missing source file audio during playback could trigger navigation and playback issues.
[Fix] H.264: Smart encoding with transitions could create pixelation at cut start after transition completes.
[Fix] HEVC: Limit maximum number of decoding threads to 16 to prevent random crashes while editing.
[Fix] HEVC: SPS parsing error on st_ref_pic_sets could cause crash.
[Fix] HEVC: When transc...

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68 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Exactly my problem too! Audio comes out buzzing after editing segments of a video whatever the source. I also installed this in XP thinking it was a Win10 issue and heard the same issue. I used a trial so wont be buying this thankyou.

Review by Gill on Jan 30, 2019 Version: 5.4.84771a OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 3/10 Functionality: 5/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 2/10

Tried this in both XP and Win7,and it does an excellent job at editing out scenes losslessly you don't want(no need to rely on a keyframe), so you can edit out single frames), but the resultant audio always has terrible buzzing in parts of the track. It has this error outputting either mpeg or h264. I tried a mkv as a source, terrible audio again!

Why it screws up the audio I'm at a loss, hence my 1/10 value for money, glad it was a trial as I would have hated to pay my dosh for something which doesn't work as expected! Also it is very over complicated. Guess it's back using Machete, but programs like that depend on a key frame, so back to the drawing board and recoding.

Review by Tim on Jan 28, 2019 Version: OS: WinXP Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 5/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 5/10

Oddly enough I got an Avast! virus popup for "VRDTVSuiteCheck.exe" as infected with Win32:Vitro.

Review by mail2tom on Feb 23, 2018 Version: OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

No comments. Rating it only.

Review by Hlušina on Nov 18, 2017 Version: 5.1.3 OS: Windows 1010 6464-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Paid the one time fee (for the full version) in mid 2000s. Buy it.... you won't regret it. Worth every cent/$. Used to use it for editing out the ads from my snapstream TV files before I bought a used TIVO with lifetime subscription ($200 at a garage sale). Now i use it for converting DVD movie files to MPEG before using avi.NET to convert to DIVX format. Why the multi-steps? Because IMO it gives the highest quality/smallest size files for adding to my home library. Plus it's really not a big deal when most of it is automated. I just let each process run overnight on my PC.

Review by lainys on Sep 3, 2014 Version: OS: Windows 8 Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

68 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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