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SMPlayer is a free media player for Windows and Linux with built-in codecs that can play virtually all video and audio formats. It doesn't need any external codecs. Just install SMPlayer and you'll be able to play all formats without the hassle to find and install codec packs. One of the most interesting features of SMPlayer: it remembers the settings of all files you play. So you start to watch a movie but you have to leave... don't worry, when you open that movie again it will be resumed at the same point you left it, and with the same settings: audio track, subtitles, volume...

Free software
OS:Windows Linux
Version:17.3.0 / Unstable
Released:Mar 16,2017
File size:40.6MB
9 votes

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Latest version

17.3.0 / Unstable (March 16, 2017)


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Download SMPlayer 17.3.0  [40.6MB]  [Win]

Download SMPlayer 17.3.0 64-bit  [36.1MB]  [Win64]

Download beta, portable, Linux and other versions

Download SMPlayer 17.3.0 portable  [38.0MB]  [Win]  [Portable]

Download SMPlayer 17.3.0 portable 64-bit  [31.1MB]  [Win64]  [Portable]

Download SMPlayer Unstable 64-bit  [36.1MB]  [Win64]

Download SMPlayer Linux version  [4.3MB]  [Linux]

Download old versions

Download SMPlayer old versions

Supported operating systems

WinWindows LinuxLinux


Free software

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Version 17.3
* Add experimental support for subtitles for Chromecast.
* Bug fixes.

Version 17.2

* Fix for YouTube.
* The option to delete files from the disk in the playlist is back but it's disabled by default (you can enable it in Preferences -> Playlist -> Misc.
* On Linux SMPlayer now uses a different web server, included in the packages, to serve files for Chromecast. If you installed the package webfs you can uninstall it now since SMPlayer won't use it anymore.
* New translation: Norwegian Bokmål.

Version 17.2 ( Unstable )

* Fix for YouTube.
* The option to delete files from the disk in the playlist is back but it's disabled by default (you can enable it in Preferences -> Playlist -> Misc.
* On Linux SMPlayer now uses a different web server, included in the packages, to serve files for Chromecast. If you installed the package webfs you can uninstall it now since SMPlayer won't use it anymore.
* New translation: Norwegian Bokmål.

Version 17.1

* Experimental support to play videos on Chromecast.
* Support for some of the #EXTVLCOPT options in m3u/m3u8 playlists. This may help to play online streams from playlists intended for VLC.
* New options in the context menu of the playlist: "copy URL to clipboard", "open source folder" and "play on Chromecast".
* Option to display bitrate information in the status bar.
* Possibility to display the playback time with milliseconds in the status bar.
* The option to add black borders on fullscreen is back (preferences -> general -> video).
* The option to delete files from the disk in the playlist's context menu has been removed.

Version 16.11:

* More options in Preferences -> Playlist to better control the behaviour of the playlist. Changing some of the options makes easier to use the playlist for bookmarks.
* New option 'Show info on OSD' in View -> OSD (shortcut Shift + I). It displays info about the current media (resolution, bitrate...) on the OSD.
* Bug fixes.

Version 16.9:

* New option to send the audio to the specified audio device. It can be useful to send the audio to a TV via a HDMI cable or wireless headphones via bluetooth.
* Some improvements on the playlist. Now it's possible to hide any column (right click to see the options). The search field is also hidden by default, a new search button shows/hides it. This changes are intended to prevent the playlist window to be too wide. * Due to bugs and problems with Qt 5, the packages for Ubuntu are now built again with Qt 4 by default.
* Bug fixes.

Version 16.8

* The playlist has been improved. Now it's possible to sort by any column. There's a new column, with the path of the file (or URL) (this allows you to sort the list by folder). Now it's possible to search (actually filter) in the playlist. And finally there's a new option to load a playlist from internet. As example, you can enter this URL: It will download a playlist with some online TV streams.
* Bug fixes.Version 16.7

* Fix for YouTube.
* Some bug fixes mainly for Qt 5.

Version 16.6

* Support for 2 in 1 computers with touch screens. SMPlayer includes now a 'tablet mode', available in the menu Options. When the option is turned on it makes some changes in the interface so that it would be easier to control SMPlayer by touching the screen. When the user changes the tablet mode in the Windows 10 action center, SMPlayer will detect it and ask if it should switch to the SMPlayer's tablet mode as well.
* Option to send video to an external screen. Now it's possible to send the video to a second screen connected to the computer, while controlling the application in the computer's screen.
* Support for high DPI screens. On high DPI (dots per inch) screens SMPlayer looked very tiny. Now the interface is automatically scaled so it looks correctly. There are also settings in Preferences -> Interface -> High DPI where you can adjust manually the scale factor or turn off this feature.
* Global shortcuts. Now it's possible to use the media keys (play/pause, stop, volume+/-, etc.) as global shortcuts. That means that those keys will work even when SMPlayer is in the background. You can activate this option in Preferences -> Keyboard and mouse.
* Settings are remembered for online streams too. This means that, for example, SMPlayer can resume playback or set bookmarks on YouTube videos or other online streams (as long as they are seekable).
* SMPlayer is now built with Qt 5 by default.

Version 16.4

* The Windows installer now includes mpv as well.
* Now it's easier to switch between mplayer and mpv (Preferences -> General,
select either mplayer or mpv as multimedia engine).
* The extrastereo filter works again when using mpv.
* Possibility to use the VLC shortcuts. (Preferences -> Keyboard and
mouse, click the load button, select vlc.keys)
* Possibility to enable mouse gestures (when the mouse is dragged up or down
in the video window the volume changes. If dragged left or right it
changes the time position).
You can enable this option in Preferences -> Keyboard and
mouse -> Mouse -> Drag function: seek and volume.
* A fix for saving bookmarks.
* The option for streaming sites in Preferences -> Network is
different now, and allows these values:
Disabled: support for video sites is turned off
Auto: enables the internal support for YouTube and uses mpv + youtube-dl
for the rest of sites
YouTube: only the internal support for YouTube will be used
mpv + youtube-dl: uses mpv + youtube-dl for all sites
* An animated icon has been added in the status bar to indicate when the player
is buffering.
* A new layout is used to display the media information (Options -> View info and

Version 16.1

* Fix for YouTube.
* The screenshots work again with older versions of mplayer/mpv.
* Possibility to add bookmarks (menu Browse), which allows to mark your favorite parts of the video for a quick access.
* New option 'Prevent window to get outside of screen' in Preferences -> Interface.

Version 15.11

* Fix for YouTube.
* (Experimental) Support for YouTube live streams.
* The thumbnail generator is much faster now.
* New options to seek to the previous or next subtitle (mpv only).
* New option (Preferences -> General) to select the image format for screenshots (mpv only).
* Fix a crash when changing the GUI.
* New option (Preferences -> Interface) to center the window automatically.
* Display a tooltip in the time slider with the corresponding time of the mouse position.
* Now there's an option in the configuration of the find subtitles window which allows to specify if the language code should be appended to the subtitle filename.
* (Fix for Windows) The main window will be centered if it's partially outside of the desktop after an auto resize.
* When adding files to the playlist the first item is moved to its correct place in the list.
* (Experimental) New action to start/stop capturing the playback stream. The captured stream will be saved to the folder specified in the smplayer.ini option "capture_directory" with the name capture_NNNN.dump. It only works correctly with mpeg. With other formats the dumped stream won't play back.
* Disable the extrastereo and karaoke filters when using mpv.

Version 15.9

* Support for the 3D stereo filter.
* We added support for mpv, which is a player based on MPlayer with new features and bug fixes.
* Now it's possible to select a secondary subtitle track which is displayed on top of the screen (mpv only).
* New option to set a template for screenshots (mpv only).
* Now it's possible to play videos from streaming sites (besides Youtube) like DailyMotion, Vimeo, Vevo and many more (mpv only).
* Option to step back one frame (mpv only).
* The Windows installer now allows to choose the playback engine to install: mplayer or mpv.
* Better support for YouTube (VEVO videos).
* Possibility to set a proxy.
* Allow duplicate items in the playlist.
* New action (assigned by default to key "I") shows the current playback time, total time and percentage, for 2 seconds on the OSD.
* Add the possibility to use the mouse buttons for "next chapter" and "previous chapter".
* New option to delete a file in the playlist from the filesystem.
* Add support for MPRIS2.
* Possibility to compile SMPlayer without mplayer or mpv support.
* The new H2O theme is now the default theme.


* We added support for mpv, which is a player based on MPlayer with new features and bug fixes.
* Now it's possible to select a secondary subtitle track which is displayed on top of the screen (mpv only).
* New option to set a template for screenshots (mpv only).
* Now it's possible to play videos from streaming sites (besides Youtube) like DailyMotion, Vimeo, Vevo and many more (mpv only).
* Option to step back one frame (mpv only).
* The Windows installer now allows to choose the playback engine to install: mplayer or mpv.
* Fix for Youtube.
* Possibility to set a proxy.

Version 14.9.0

* Fix for Youtube.
* New option to shut down the computer when playback has finished.
* The themes and skin icons are loaded from resource files (*.rcc).
* New fix for searching subtitles from that should return more results.

Version 14.3.0

* Possibility to play (non-protected) blu-ray discs.
* The control for fullscreen mode has been rewritten and improved.
Now it is displayed over the video.
* (Windows) New option in Preferences -> Subtitles to enable or
disable the use of the Windows font directory. Disabling this option
prevents the annoying font scanning.
* Some presets have been added to the audio equalizer.
* Better support for multimedia keys. This can help control SMPlayer with
a remote control.
* The option "Move the window when the video area is dragged" has been fixed.
* (Windows) Now it's possible to open Windows shortcuts (symlinks).
* Better support for Youtube encrypted signatures.
* (Windows) Better screensaver disabling.
* Many bugfixes.
* Possibility to compile with Qt 5.

Version 0.8.6.

* SMPlayer can now update its internal Youtube code so it's not necessary to update smplayer everytime Youtube makes a change.
* A section "Updates" has been added to the preferences dialog, where it's possible to configure or disable the update checker.
* SMPlayer could still fail to find some subtitles from Hopefully this is fixed.
* (Windows) The autoload of subtitles with non latin1 filenames has been fixed.
* The Windows installer gives the possibility to delete most of the configuration files of smplayer. This can be useful if the configuration files have been corrupted or smplayer has been misconfigured. Linux users can use the command "smplayer -delete-config".
* Several other bugfixes. See the Changelog for details.

Version 0.8.5.

* Due to changes in, smplayer couldn't find subtitles anymore. This has been fixed.
* The interface with support for skins is now the default.
* An option to enter url(s) in the playlist has been added.
* The options to change the size of the main window work now even if the autoresize is set to never.
* Two new options for Audio -> Stereo mode: Mono and Reverse.
* The option "Move the window when the video area is dragged" is now disabled by default because it has some issues that need to be addressed.
* (Linux) The problem with mplayer2 and the -fontconfig option has been fixed (sort of).
* New translation: Malay.
* Some configuration options are changed to new defaults after installation to ease upgrade from old versions.

Version 0.8.4.

* New option to select the fps for external subtitles.
* The video equalizer dialog has been rewritten.
* Now smplayer checks for updates automatically and notifies the user if a new version is found.
* Support for encoding ISO-8859-16 for subtitles.
* New translations: Thai and Hebrew.
* Some bugfixes.

Version 0.8.3.

* Fix for youtube playback.

Version 0.8.2.

* A skinnable interface has been added. Several skins are included.
* Support for 6.1 and 7.1 audio output.
* A "Privacy" section in the preferences dialog has been added. You can disable saving the recent files or URLs.
* The main window can be moved by dragging the video area.
* Fix for a freeze that may happen on Windows XP.
* (Windows) The font cache is created before showing the GUI.

Version 0.8.1.

* Fix youtube.
* Other minor changes.

Version 0.8.0.

* A toolbar editor has been added. Now it's possible to select the buttons and controls that want to appear in the toolbars.
* New video filters: gradfun, blur and sharpen.
* Now it's possible to change the GUI (default, mini, mpc) at runtime, no restart required.
* sub files from opensubtitles should work again.
* (Youtube) Recognize short urls (like this one:
* Better support for chapters in video files.
* Bug fix: remote m3u files work from the favorites menu or command line.
* Internal changes in the single instance option (switch to QtSingleApplication).

Version 0.7.1.

This version include some bug fixes, some of them important. It's highly
recommended to update.

* SMPlayer took more than 10 seconds to show when running for the very first time.
* The links to download subtitles from Opensubtitles were wrong.
* SMPlayer crashed in the favorite editor when trying to select a file if the KDE open dialog was used.
* Some translations were missing in the Windows package.

* By default the screenshots are saved in the user's pictures folder instead of the SMPlayer's config folder.
* Now it's possible to change the opensubtitles server.
* Youtube: seeking is slow with flv videos, so now flv videos have the lowest priority.
* Youtube: now it's possible to search and download videos from youtube. This is provided by an external application (in linux you have to install an independent package: smtube).

Version 0.7.0.

Most important changes since 0.6.10:

* New favorite menu, where you can add your favorite videos, music, streams, youtube videos... It's also possible to add submenus.
* Support for youtube. Now you can open urls like using the Open -> URL dialog or dragging a link from a browser to the smplayer window.
* Support for mplayer2 ( It's a fork of mplayer with interesting features like precise seeking, ordered chapters in mkv videos and better pause handling (e.g. seek works while the video is paused).
* New translation: croatian.

0.6.11 pre 3

(2012-01-13 - 2012-01-21)
* New favorite menu, where you can add your favorite videos, music, streams, youtube videos... It's also possible to add submenus.

* Use QtLockedFile instead of QxtFileLock, so we can get rid of the libqxt dependency on windows. The QtLockedFile is under the BSD license.

* The title of youtube videos is displayed correctly. And the stream url is replaced by the url of the youtube page.

* Added the Croatian translation, by jk.

* Detect asx, m3u, pls, and ram streams and pass -playlist to mplayer, so the user doesn't have to indicate if a url is a playlist.

* Added an option in preferences -> performance to select the desired quality for youtube videos.

* Added a very basic support for youtube. Now you can open urls like in smplayer (Open -> URL)

* New option "Hide video window when playing audio files" in preferences -> interface.

Most important changes since 0.6.9:

* New vdpau configuration dialog, which allow to select the vdpau codecs to use.
* Port for OS/2 (by Silvan Scherrer).
* New menu to select the closed caption channel (requires mplayer >= r32607).
* Possibility to select the seeking method (absolute or relative).
* Possibility to sort the items of the playlist.

Version experimental

This installer has multiple MPlayer builds available, as opposed to just one:
Generic (Utilizes runtime CPU detection)
FFmpeg-mt, multithreaded builds for both AMD and Intel processors to take advantage of more than one core.

This installer is also experimental, may be buggy. Please provide feedback to the following thread: to iron out any bugs or imporve the installer.

Version 0.6.9.

Most important changes since 0.6.8:

* A serious bug has been fixed: sometimes smplayer failed to find subtitles in
* Implemented the possibility to mark an A-B section, to play a part of the file only.
* (Linux) smplayer doesn't use alsa as default audio driver anymore. It should fix freezing problems on Ubuntu.
* Possibility to display the video resolution and frames per second in the status bar.
* Audio: selection of left or right channel does work now.
* (Linux) Improved support for vdpau.


New package:

Still has MPlayer r30369.


I've just created a package for windows with the latest version of smplayer (svn r3403) and mplayer-mt r29319 (from This is the multithreaded version of mplayer, which could improve performance of HD videos on multi-core processors. (Select at least 2 threads for decoding in preferences -> performance). smplayer 0.6.9 will be released soon.

Version 0.6.8.

Most important changes since 0.6.7:

* Added support for TV (more info in Watching_TV.txt).
* New option to enable a global volume.
* (Linux) Support for vdpau.
* New option to take consecutive screenshots.
* Possibility to add some of the submenus to the toolbars.
* Better support for *.ts files (requires mplayer >= r29381).
* Added the Vietnamese translation.
* Added the Estonian translation.
* (Windows) New options to try to disable the screensaver.

Version 0.6.7.

Most important changes since 0.6.6:

* Added experimental (and uncomplete) support for dvd menus. Requires a mplayer build compiled with dvdnav support. Please read dvdmenus.txt to know how to enable it.
* Now loading an external subtitle file doesn't require to restart the mplayer process (except for idx/sub subtitles).
* (Playlist) When a file is added to the playlist, if it was already in the list, it's moved to the end of the list.
* Options for mplayer: finally spaces in arguments between quotes are handled properly.
* Added two options (in the audio and subtitle menus) to allow the user to enter the audio and subtitle delay (in milliseconds).
* (ASS subtitles) The outline and shadow options now accept values with decimals.
* (ASS subtitles) Possibility to change the color of the border and shadow.
* Now the default value for the "correct pts" option is auto.
* (Windows) Now the screensaver is allowed to turn on if the file is paused or it's an audio file.
* (Windows) The direct3d video output is now the default for Windows Vista.

Release Name: 0.6.6

Most important changes since 0.6.5:

* Added an option to generate a preview (thumbnails) of the video.
* Added a new gui (mpcgui, a media player classic clone) developed by Matthias Petri.
* Added some auto zoom options, to display the video without black borders.
* Implemented a new (and optional) method to save the file settings. This method uses an ini file per each played file. It's faster than the old one.
* Added a new option in Preferences->Video: add black borders on fullscreen. If this option is enabled, black borders will be added to the image in fullscreen mode. This allows subtitles to be displayed on the black borders.
* Increased the resolution of the seekbar. Allows a more accurate seeking.
* Added 3 modes for the stay on top option: always, never and while playing.
* Added a history to the open URL dialog.
* Added new action to cycle through all aspect ratios. Assigned by default to key "A".
* It's possible to run some specified actions every time a file is loaded.
* Possibility to set up a proxy for internet connections (used for subtitle downloading).

Version 0.6.5.

Most important changes since 0.6.4:

* The subtitles when using the SSA/ASS library can now be further customized. It's possible to select the font, size, colors, bold, italic, outline, shadow...
* (Linux) Now smplayer tries to follow the XDG Base Directory Specification for the config files. That means the now the configuration files will be saved under the directory $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/smplayer (or $HOME/.config/smplayer if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not defined). If you want to keep your preferences, copy or move the files from $HOME/.smplayer to the new location.
* Added some options in Preferences->Interface to configure the floating control.
* The commandline option -ini-path has been removed and replaced with -config-path, which specifies the directory where smplayer will store its data (not only smplayer.ini).

Version 0.6.4.

Most important changes since 0.6.3:

* Now the dialog to find subtitles can also download the subtitle file and
load it in smplayer automatically.
* (Linux) The black screen problem when using Compiz should really be fixed now.
* Added support for encoding autodetection for subtitle files. Requires a
mplayer compiled with enca support.
* (Linux) Now it's possible to choose the audio device to be used with alsa
(needs the application "aplay").
* (Windows) Now it's possible to choose the audio device to be used with
* (Windows) The menu Video->Screen displays now the actual available screens
with their names.
* Added the possibility to add consecutive files (video_01.avi, video_02.avi..)
automatically to the playlist.
* Bugfix: logout is not cancelled by smplayer.
* Now the options in preferences display a tooltip with a help message.
* Now it's possible to change the video track.
* Added the Galician translation.

Release Name:

This release includes a fix for an important bug in 0.6.3 which affected the version for Windows: the video window would be black on the first video played, or always if the user opened the preferences dialog before playing a video. In those cases "directx," was used as video driver but the -colorkey option was not passed to mplayer producing the problem. Windows Vista probably wasn't affected by this bug, as it uses a different video driver as default.

Version 0.6.3.

Most important changes since 0.6.2 (see the Changelog for the whole list):

* Two fixes for Windows Vista. Now IPv4 is used by default (connection to networks are faster). And now it really uses "gl:yuv=2:force-pbo:ati-hack" as the default video output driver. Note: this mode could give problems with some graphic cards (specially ATI), if you experience any, try the other gl variants, or just directx.
* (Linux) Added a fix for a black screen problem when using Compiz.
* Added an option to select the number of threads that mplayer will use for decoding (only works for MPEG-1/2 and some H.264 videos).
* Added the possibility to disable the audio equalizer. Seems to be necessary to use the S/PDIF output.
* Added some options to increase/decrease the speed by 1% and 4%. This allows to play 24 fps movies at 25 fps speed and vice versa.
* Fix: sometimes the playlist is not shown. Added a workaround for the problem.
* Added some checks to avoid crashes when selecting subtitle tracks.
* (Windows) Added a new submenu Video->Screen to select the screen which will display the video when using directx.
* The settings in smplayer.ini have been reorganized in several sections. (This also means most of your preferences will be lost and you will have to reconfigure smplayer again).
* Added an option to mirror the video. And now it's also possible to flip and rotate the subtitles along with the image.
* Added a new shortcut set (sda.keys) which can be loaded in the shortcut editor in preferences.
* Added two new translations: Arabic and Kurdish.

Version 0.6.2.

Most important changes since 0.6.1:

* Added an audio equalizer (please read Audio_equalizer.txt).
* Added a dialog to search and download subtitles from (See Finding_subtitles.txt).
* The toolbars can be configured. The user can remove, add or change the order of the buttons. Right now it can only be done by editing manuallythe configuration file. A graphical editor will be added in the next version. See Configuring_the_toolbars.txt.
* The single instance port can now be chosen automatically by the application.
* Possibility to compile a portable version which (by default) won't write anything outside the smplayer's folder. It won't write either anything in the Windows registry. See Portable_Edition.txt for details.
* Added the Slovenian translation.

Version 0.6.1.

Most important changes since 0.6.0 final:

* Now compact mode resizes the window, instead of leaving black borders.
* Added an option in Preferences->Interface which allows the user to select his/her preferred GUI. This way it's easier to use the mini GUI, for those who prefer a simpler interface with few buttons.
* One more fix for Qt 4.4. The option FAQ in the Help menu didn't work.
* (Windows) Fix: zoom didn't work well (black blocks appeared) if using directx.
* Added the Catalan translation.
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9 comments, Showing 1 to 5 comments

" One of the most interesting features of SMPlayer: it remembers the settings of all files you play. So you start to watch a movie but you have to leave... don't worry, when you open that movie again it will resume at the same point you left it"
This feature was not working, i mean only the time resuming one, but just found the solution,
to have the the time resume you must uncheck -Interface-Seeking-"Pressing the stop button once resets time position"

Dec 25, 2014 Version: 14.9 OS: WinXP Ease: 7/10 Functionality: 7/10 Value: 10/10 Overall: 7/10

Saying it "won't play mp4" is stupid and misleading. Mp4 files can contain a lot of different formats and if you don't even know that you aren't qualified to review ANY video software. What you did was download a video that was incompetently encoded and probably by someone who had stupid incompatible codec packs.

VLC and smplayer are the best players for throwing anything at them. Contrary to popular opinion, smplayer is better at that than vlc. I've only rarely used vlc for videos for several years, in case smplayer doesn't work with it properly. That's rare. Usually smplayer plays it better than vlc. But they're both good at that.

Smplayer gives me better quality video rendering performance than any other one I've ever tried. And I've tried a lot of them. The difference is extremely noticeable even on a smaller screen. Just set the local file stream cache to 8192Kb ... a setting that isn't in vlc as of v. 2.0. Stupid.

The video settings are excellent. Extremely intuitive. They're so well designed that the fact that documentation is very sparse has never bothered me at all. Most other player's settings (esp vlc and mpc-hc) are just ridiculously poor. Don't these people understand that you put the most commonly used settings first?

The only area where vlc is better than smplayer is for playing music because vlc's playlist works better for me. When I was more of a windows user vlc was my favorite for audio. But I have specific needs for music. I have to have a good directory based playlist structure because of the way I organize my music and very, very few music players have it.

This doesn't mean I like smplayer less. I have absolutely no problem with using a different program for video and audio.

Jan 25, 2014 Version: 0.8.3 OS: Linux Ease: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

I downloaded the SM Player, because when I played mp4 movies in VLC the image stuttered. I can still watch the movie and the sound is ok but it is not much fun. I was told the SM player could play mp4.
Unfortunately, not so. Mp4 did not play at all, the timer jumped in sequences of 5 to 8 seconds but no image. Mkv at least showed an image but it was jumpy. Same with avi. The same movies mkv and avi played with no problems in VCL.
Once a movie was loaded, the player responded very slowly (about 5 secs) to pause or stop. I could only exit via ctrl, alt, delete.

Oct 19, 2013 Version: 0.8.6 OS: WinXP Ease: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

The main program appears to work fine and offers a lot of functionality. I haven't really tested it enough to make an overall comparison to VLC or MPC. One problem I had, though, was when I tied to run the smtube.exe program. Norton antivirus immediately picked it up as a security danger and removed it from my computer! It's not a feature I really need, but it sort of made me wonder. Is it a false positive?

Dec 23, 2012 Version: 0.8.3 OS: WinXP Ease: 8/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

This is somewhat preliminary ... I haven't been using it that long. But so far I really like it. It handles a ton of formats, in fact it'[s as good as vlc that way, and doesn't load weird codecs that'll conflict.

There are probably some quirks, like many Linux to Windows ports, but I haven't seen many of that yet. Despite quirks I've had very good results in general with Linux ports.

One quirk is that it doesn't handle DVD menus well. But it certainly doesn't seem as buggy as vlc. And I can still use mpchc for DVDs.

I've been using vlc (mostly) and mpchc. The latter really just for DVDs because vlc doesn't play them properly. The docs for vlc are much better than mpchc, though that's damning with faint praise. But vlc is just too buggy for me. The more I use it the less I like it.

However, the one thing vlc has for me is that it's much more forgiving with pixelated videos.

Except for this. SMPlayer has an option under Filters for adding noise to the signal. That's exactly the thing I wanted ... just like dithering in digital audio, which adds noise to mask quantization distortion. Which is pretty much analagous to pixelated video. It works very well. Why can't those other players put something like this into the mass of poorly documented (if at all) video options? And make it easy to find like with this?

In other words, I really like this interface. It's very intuitive and well designed. So few of these freeware coders understand that, yes, some tasks are inherently complex, but there are almost always certain things you're going to be using 80% of the time. And a properly designed interface with at least put those things at the top of the menu or just make them more prominent.

In fact, the interface is good enough that I don't mind the relative lack of documentation.

The video rendering quality is excellent too. It seems to use many of the same filters as avidemux, which is a good thing. I watched some video that is a good quality rip as far as the use of transcoding software is concerned but the bit rate is somewhat too low so it's definitely pixelated. Even with no filtering the pixelation was only really obvious in one scene, and that scene's a torture test.

The other thing, and the main reason I wanted to try this really, is that if you close the program before you finish watching a video it remembers the time and other settings. This is a great and, really, obvious feature.

I guess I like this program. I've had vlc set as my default player for videos other than dvd source for a while. That will probably change.

Feb 4, 2012 Version: 0.7.0 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease: 10/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

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