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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server is now available in the beta update channel


(Library) Add language override as advanced setting for new Plex Movie items (#11752)

(Collections) It was possible for collections to get into a state where you could no longer edit them.
(DVR) Server would attempt to clean up files that were already removed (#11234).
(DVR) Server would attempt to move recordings that were already moved (#11070).
(Library) Certain rules in .plexignore files would not always work as expected (#11770)
(Library) Having multiple movies and subtitles in the same folder would not work correctly with the Plex Movie agent (#11789)
(Library) Summaries from existing collections could be removed during a movie library upgrade (#11770)
(QNAP) Allow PlexData network share permissions to be edited in QTS.
(QNAP) Improve PlexData network share creation when system has multiple volumes.
(QNAP) Improve handling of GPU detection on various models.

Plex Media Server is now available in the beta update channel


(Library) Certain TV libraries could incorrectly be upgraded to a new Plex Movie library. (#11774)

Plex Media Server is now available in the beta update channel


New improved movie agent. (More info here 40)
(API) Add path parameter in scanning endpoint to allow partial scan via API.
(Library) Add sort option for Audience Rating in movie libraries.
(Library) Improve music searching by allowing artist in album searches, and artist and album in track searches.
(Web) Updated to 4.34.4

(DVR) Manually added DVRs or those that do not respond to SSDP searches may disappear in Server DVR Settings. (#11650)
(DVR) No content would be returned under ‘Live TV & DVR -> Browse’ when filtered by Episode -> Sport for XMLTV content (#11268).
(DVR) Server would sometimes mark a DVR device as dead, even when it is available.
(DVR) server would display incorrect times under “Limit Airing Times To” advance recording option. (#11362)
(DVR) server would sometimes not seek to the desired playback position. (#11397)
(Library) Don’t return track results with an artist search match.
(Library) External music hubs could be slow to load.
(Library) Refresh media analysis for music items.
(Library) Shuffling some playlists could fail.
(Library) Some smart playlists didn’t have composite image.
(Library) The ‘Albu Artist’ letter jump list could jump to the wrong place (#11493)
(Library) When adding new albums, the entire artist isn’t refreshed.

Plex Media Server is now available in the beta update channel


(Stability) Rare crash when shared servers have custom connection URLs

Plex Media Server is now available in the beta update channel


(DVR) Server would fail to load program data for certain XMLTV guide sources.

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone


(DVR) XMLTV users can now specify categories for Kids content. (#11267)
(DVR) XMLTV users can specify a custom guide refresh rate. (#10787)
(Debian) Add host information to bottom of installer log for diagnosing problems.

(Butler) Periodic music refreshes didn’t refresh albums and tracks (#11475)
(DVR) Episodes may end up with 1900-01-01 dates with certain XMLTV EPG files that provide date instead of original-air-date. (#10973)
(DVR) Server could crash while updating its DVR lineup data.
(DVR) Server would not invoke “Plex Commercial Skipper” under certain circumstances.
(DVR) Unable to record a new release of a movie if an older release is in the library. (#11504)
(Debian) SYSV override variables not being evaluated and used correctly during PMS startup.
(Background transcodes) Intro detection / Video preview generation / Optimizer tasks were excessively throttled when “Disable video stream transcoding” was selected
(Intro Detection) Reduce size of temporaries
(Intro Detection) Store temporary files in the transcode temp directory
(Intro Detection) Clean up old files on SHIELD (and use cache storage by default)
(Jobs) Generation of video preview thumbnails would continue even after disabling the global preference.
(Music) Items added from TIDAL have duplicate source filters (#11439)
(Redhat) PMS would not restart automatically after package upgrade.
(Remote Access) Status may initially show as unavailable on server settings web page. (#5114)
(Synology) Plex share permissions not correct after upgrading, re-installating, or attempting repair.
(Transcoder) Very low-bitrate music transcodes could fail (#11481)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(DVR) Commercial skip log file was still sometimes improperly copied into user library directories

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(DVR) XMLTV sometimes did not refresh
(DVR) Commercial skip log file was sometimes improperly copied into user library directories

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(DVR) Server could crash while updating its DVR lineup data.

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(DVR) XMLTV users can now specify categories for Kids content. (#11267)
(DVR) XMLTV users can specify a custom guide refresh rate. (#10787)
(Debian) Add host information to bottom of installer log for diagnosing problems.

(Butler) Periodic music refreshes didn’t refresh albums and tracks (#11475)
(DVR) Episodes may end up with 1900-01-01 dates with certain XMLTV EPG files that provide date instead of original-air-date. (#10973)
(DVR) Server would not invoke Plex Commercial Skipper under certain cases.
(DVR) Unable to record a new release of a movie if an older release is in the library. (#11504)
(Debian) SYSV override variables not being evaluated and used correctly during PMS startup.
(Jobs) Generation of video preview thumbnails would continue even after disabling the global preference.
(Music) Items added from TIDAL have duplicate source filters (#11439)
(Redhat) PMS would not restart automatically after package upgrade.
(Remote Access) Status may initially show as unavailable on server settings web page. (#5114)
(Synology) Plex share permissions not correct after upgrading, re-installating, or attempting repair.
(Transcoder) Very low-bitrate music transcodes could fail (#11481)

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone


Intro Detection
(Web) Updated to 4.30.2

(DVR) Server would not invoke Plex Commercial Skipper under certain cases.
(DVR) Server would sometimes fail to consume EPG data from certain XMLTV data files. (#11368)
(First Run) Music libraries added during setup wizard could fail to be created (#11432)
(IntroDetector) Crash on Windows when using older CPUs
(Library) Video preview thumbnail generation could fail
(Playlists) Adding an item to a playlist from a remote server didn’t work (#11305)
(PostPlay) Post play could show the item that was just played (#11374)

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone


Intro detection
(Web) Updated to 4.30.2

(Intro Detection) A rare crash on old windows hardware
(DVR) Server would not invoke Plex Commercial Skipper under certain cases.
(DVR) Server would sometimes fail to consume EPG data from certain XMLTV data files. (#11368)
(First Run) Music libraries added during setup wizard could fail to be created (#11432)
(Playlists) Adding an item to a playlist from a remote server didn’t work (#11305)
(PostPlay) Post play could show the item that was just played (#11374)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(Web) Updated to 4.30.2

(DVR) Postprocessing scripts must now be located inside APPDATA/Scripts. Old scripts will continue to work
(DVR) Server would sometimes fail to consume EPG data from certain XMLTV data files. (#11368)
(First Run) Music libraries added during setup wizard could fail to be created (#11432)
(Playlists) Adding an item to a playlist from a remote server didn’t work (#11305)
(Security) Remove the Windows AppData path preference from the web app (#11355)
(PostPlay) Post play could show the item that was just played (#11374)
(Activities) Tweak percentages

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(Web) Updated to 4.30.2

(DVR) Postprocessing scripts must now be located inside APPDATA/Scripts. Old scripts will continue to work
(DVR) Server would sometimes fail to consume EPG data from certain XMLTV data files. (#11368)
(First Run) Music libraries added during setup wizard could fail to be created (#11432)
(Playlists) Adding an item to a playlist from a remote server didn’t work (#11305)
(Security) Remove the Windows AppData path preference from the web app (#11355)
(PostPlay) Post play could show the item that was just played (#11374)

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone


(Web) Updated to 4.30.2

(DVR) Postprocessing scripts must now be located inside APPDATA/Scripts. Old scripts will continue to work
(DVR) Server would sometimes fail to consume EPG data from certain XMLTV data files. (#11368)
(First Run) Music libraries added during setup wizard could fail to be created (#11432)
(Playlists) Adding an item to a playlist from a remote server didn’t work (#11305)
(Security) Remove the Windows AppData path preference from the web app (#11355)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(Playlists) Adding an item to a playlist from a remote server didn’t work (#11305)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(Web) Updated to 4.30.2

(DVR) Postprocessing scripts must now be located inside APPDATA/Scripts. Old scripts will continue to work
(DVR) Server would sometimes fail to consume EPG data from certain XMLTV data files. (#11368)
(First Run) Music libraries added during setup wizard could fail to be created (#11432)
(Security) Remove the Windows AppData path preference from the web app (#11355)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(Remote Access) Online status in the web client could erroneously show it as offline (#11449)

Plex Media Server is now availe in the Beta update channel


The legacy Samsung app failed to connect.

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone

Plex Media Server is now availe in the Beta update channel

(Updater) Hardening (security)

Plex Media Server is now available to in the Beta update channel.


(Library) New visibility preference to control library visibility in home screen hubs / search

(DVR) EPG data may not completely get refreshed if there is cached data from earlier recent refresh. (#11287)
(DVR) Server would not load internet hosted XMLTV guide data that was over 16MB in size. (#11266)
(Debian/Ubuntu) Sysvinit service would fail to start in some cases.
(Scanner) Partial scans would not work correctly on photo and new music libraries (#10877)

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone.


FreeBSD package re-added.

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(Debian/Ubuntu) Sysvinit service would fail to start in some cases.

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel

What’s changed:
Addressed issue with commercial removal preference not being set when removing and adding DVR.

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(DVR) Added What’s On Now and What’s On Later hubs (#11135).
(Sync) Support for syncing FLAC music without transcoding on iOS devices (requires Plex for iOS version 5.7 or greater) (#10933)
(Ubuntu/Debian) IPA / LDAP environments now supported for User and Group names
(Ubuntu/Debian) Improved detection when installing in a container environment (Docker, LXC, or other container methods)
snap packages are now built for armv7hf (armhf) and aarch64 (arm64)
(Library) Add a preference for smart shuffles.
(Library) When deleting items, try to maintain playlists (e.g. in the case of album upgrades).
(Library) When re-adding a show, compute more realistic date added based on play history.
(Library) When upgrading an album, maintain the date added.

(Debian/Ubuntu) Close potential privilege escalation vulnerability for a local, non-root computer account during install/upgrade (#11222)
(Debian/Ubuntu) Sysvinit service auto-restart during package upgrade could fail on older systems.
(Library) Locked similar artists field would still get overwritten by refreshes.
(Ubuntu/Debian) Avoid triggering udevadm bug when installing in a LXC
(Ubuntu/Debian) Be tolerant of non-POSIX environments which allow spaces in User / Group names
(Ubuntu/Debian) Do not falsely detect transcoding hardware during installation on systems which cannot support it
(Ubuntu/Debian) Installing in an environment where an UNKNOWN user owns the Application Support directory would fail
(Ubuntu/Debian) Multiple service override files no longer fail installation.
(Ubuntu/Debian) Respect autostart after upgrade for all versions 1.18.5 and above
Watch From Start option was sometimes not presented when attempting to watch a recording in progress. (#10482)
(Connections) Clients repeatedly early-terminating poll requests could lead to resource exhaustion (#11183)
(DVR) Removed outdated hub “Starting Soon”. (#11246)
(Library) Don’t include search results on home screen for libraries which don’t have “include in dashboard” enabled.
(Library) Don’t try to fetch lyrics for unmatched albums.
(Library) Guard against invalid future times sent for playback.
(Library) Guard against invalid future times sent for ratings.
(Library) Prevent some cases in which duplicate plays could be recorded.
(Metadata) Movie background art with words was being preferred incorrectly.
(Network) X-Forwarded-For would not be respected when sending ipv6 IPs

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone.


(Live TV) Live playback could stutter and stall unexpectedly in certain regions
(Live TV) Tuning could fail the first time the feature is used in certain regions (#11307)

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone.


(Web) Updated to 4.22.3
Make Live TV available to free users.

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(DVR) Channels mapped to two different numbers in a lineup could fail to tune. (#11225)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel

(DVR) Server would incorrectly add On-Now and On-Later hubs to the home screen (#11204).

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(DVR) ‘New Episodes Tonight’ hub renamed to ‘New Shows On Tonight’ (#10818).
(DVR) ‘Upcoming News’ hub renamed to ‘News On Later’ (#10818).
(DVR) Added ‘Movies On Now’ Hub (#10816).
(DVR) Added ‘News On Now’ Hub (#10818).
(DVR) Added Kids On Later Hub (#11072)
(DVR) Added Movies On Later Hub (#11073).
(Library) Add custom filter fields for sharing Labels (#8711)

(Collections) When a collection was renamed, its tag kept the old name (#10446)
(DLNA) Don’t start DLNA server after leaving Plex Home (#11061)
(DVR) Ensure there is no loss of existing metadata when the Enhanced Guide option is selected and some metadata is not available and add extra logging. (#10942)
(DVR) Pref to delete watched episodes On next refresh would result in not deleting episodes for 100 days (#10985)
(DVR) Preserve EPG metadata when assimilating all recordings except XMLTV Movies & Shows. (#10972)
(Dashboard) Transcodes to a lossless audio codec would display bitrate of 10Gbps (#10341)
(Hubs) Invalidate user’s cached hubs on account update. (#8176)
(Live TV) Fix for crash when stopping Live TV session. (#11172)
(Scanning) Speed up repeat scans of large music libraries (#11077)
(Windows) Increase timeout period for Windows Auto update to guard against premature launch on slower PCs (#10060)
Certain clients could make a request that would crash the server (#11154)

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone.


(Stability) PMS could hang when using iTunes plugins (#11187)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel.


(Web) Updated to 4.22.2

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel.

Certain clients could make a request that would crash the server (#11154)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel.


(DVR) Added “Kids On Now” hub (#10817).

(DVR) Content may be presented out of order for Shows On Now, Kids On Now, and Sports On Now Hub (#11107).
(DVR) Only require 100 MB of disk space per recording for the transcode session directory. (nvidia-shield-issues#236)
(DVR) Server would fail to display all shows under “Shows On Now” section in Web client (#11014).
(DVR) Server would fail to provide “Shows On Now” view for iOS (#11014).
(DVR) Server would not display “On Right Now” and “Upcoming Sports”, when XMLTV was the datasource (#10997).
(DVR) Server would present very long running sports programs at front of “Sports On Now” Hub (#11004).
(Hubs) Starting a playqueue from Recently Added movies could contain items which are not accessible or playable (#10669)
(Library) Improve quality of shuffled music playback order in certain cases.
(Library) Sort order of episodes without air date could be incorrect.
(Transcoder) Hardware decoding could produce corrupt video when burning subtitles on Apollo Lake-based processors. (#10753)
(Transcoder) Hardware encoding on older Intel processors could produce very low-quality output in some cases. (#10863)
(Transcoder) Transcoder request for session segment would hang if we killed the transcoder job and OS fails to complete the process kill (#10886)
(Transcoder) Transcodes could fail in some cases due to thread scheduling conditions (#10831)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel.


(Ubuntu/Debian) The service may not have automatically started after upgrading an existing install.
The server could become unresponsive after navigating many preplay screens.

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel.


(Web) Updated to 4.20.2

(Butler) Auto deletion of old update directories would fail on Windows. (#7759)
(DVR) Fix for in-progress recordings being deleted by another server that records to the same directory. (#10929)
(DVR) Server would not display future scheduled recordings when Limit To Airing Time advanced setting was selected (#10950).
(EPG) Improve XMLTV episode info parsing.
(EPG) Only allow Enhanced Guide option for XMLTV, and disable by default. (#10969)
(FreeBSD) Fixes for database problems when syncing
(Library) In some cases, playbacks would be registered when quickly skipping over items.
(Library) Scrobble offline plays to Last.FM.
(Library) Switching between types may show the incorrect default sort order (#10806)
(Library) The Studio/Record Label custom filter would not work as expected (#10900)
(Library) The scheduled task to generate video preview thumbnails didn’t always work.
(Metadata) Movies with 8 digit IMDB ids would not be imported (#10937)
(Performance) Speed up connectivity tests and library discovery (#10930)
(Photos) Some items may show under 1 Jan 1900 in the timeline view (#10917)
(Preferences) The dropdown options for the preferred network interface were missing (#10975)
(Radio) Don’t show library radios for empty libraries (#9192)
(Scanning) Linux automatic library change detection setup could crash when filesystem experiences I/O errors (#10890)
Shuffling a smart music playlist with an item limit would ignore the limit. (#10774)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel.


(Ubuntu/Debian) Improve Docker / Container detection
(Ubuntu/Debian) Use host’s IPA services if available (e.g. LDAP)
(Ubuntu/Debian) Reduce fatal ERROR to non-fatal WARNING if the Plex user does not own the Application Support directory at installation time.
There still exists an issue with non-standard / specialized containers. These will be resolved in the upcoming release(s).

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel.


(Networking) Added prefrence to allow disabling of the relay (#8514)
(Photos) Support WebP image format in photo libraries (#1082)
(Prefs) Exposed an advanced preference to disable video transcoding (#10891)
(Ubuntu/Debian) Add support for SysVinit. 24
(Ubuntu/Debian) Improve installation in non-standard environments. 24

(Camera Upload) Very large video files could fail to upload (#6880)
(Collections) Collections were sorted incorrectly in some cases
(Language) Changes to shared user’s audio/subtitle language preferences were not respected. (#10910)
(Library) Crash scanning single track albums. (#10941)
(PlayQueue) Deleting the currently playing item in a queue could result in undefined behaviour (#10450)
(Synology) Improve process of stopping PMS when device is busy.
(TerraMaster) Libraries created during initial setup could be lost in rare cases.Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(DVR) “Upcoming Sports” renamed to “Sports On Later”; filter refined to only have sport events (#10554).
(DVR) Added new “Sports On Now” hub (#10554).
(DVR) Enhanced “TV Shows” Hub, now named “Shows On Now”. (#10815)
(Library) Add an “in progress” filter for movies and episodes.
(Library) Added a release date filter for albums.
(Library) Allow using Musicbrainz IDs when manually matching artists and albums.
(Library) Keep track of when items are rated, add filter.
(Preferences) Added more bitrate options to limiting remote per-stream bandwidth (#10778)
(Preferences) Enable “Use hardware-accelerated video encoding” by default.

(DVR) Programs listed under “Recommended” Hub would not sort by airing start datetime (#10554).
(EPG) Allow filtering of EPG data by content rating.
(Library) Fix manual searches for old music album agents.
(Library) Huge speedup to history view in dashboard.
(Library) Read MusicBrainz tags from files to help match the correct release.
(Library) Stop showing recommendations from shared libraries which don’t exist anymore.
(Library) Use track filenames as last-ditch track titles. (#10740)
(Music) Read track artist tags in more cases.
(PMS) Server would sometimes return HTTP 404 when scanner was traversing folders. (#10800)
(Transcoder) The server could crash when attempting hardware transcodes on certain Windows systems (#10736)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


Fix crash on Windows with Intel graphics adapter and hardware acceleration enabled (#10736)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(DVR) Fix for crash when accessing Live TV & DVR.

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(Dashboard) Add CPU and memory graphs to some new linux-based platforms (#10080)
(Library) Don’t add duplicate files to the PlayQueue. This could occur when a single file contains multiple episodes. (#1340)
(Library) Track watch status accross multiple episodes when they share the same underlying file. (#1340)
(NAS) QNAP packages are now signed. (required for QTS 4.4.0 and newer)
(Web) Updated to 4.12.3

(Apple) Disable iPhoto and Aperture channels. They can be re-enabled in settings. (#7189)
(DVR) Change India to require an XMLTV guide since our provider is dropping support. (#10659)
(DVR) Re-enable signal strength updates for Hauppauge tuners. (#9746)
(DVR) Recording options “Show Advanced” -> “Limit To Airing Time” would sometimes display incorrect airing times, that were off by 1 hour. (#10536)
(DVR) Reduce the likelihood of a national lineup being selected by default during setup. (#10211)
(DVR) Return proper error when recording is skipped because airing is in progress. (#9688)
(DVR) Support moving multiple files during assimilation. (#9996)
(Playqueue) Shared users would not see subsequent episodes in playqueues (#10838)
(Scanner) Some pre-defined directories weren’t ignored when scanning (#10671)

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone


(DVR) Ability to browse upcoming airings in a library style view (#10556)
(DVR) Added explanation for partial recording (#10167).
(DVR) Added smarter logic for detecting existing recordings (#9669).
(Dashboard) FreeBSD CPU and memory graphs (#10611)

(Agents) Make the Framework use modern HTTP libs, fixes certain TheTVDB requests failing among others.
(Butler) Some butler tasks would not run.
(Camera Upload) Don’t allow shared users to enable Camera Upload if they don’t have access to any photo libraries. (#8787)
(DVR) Preserve EPG metadata when assimilating Sports and News recordings. (#10544)
(Library) Add album critic rating as a field.
(Library) Add track mood back as filter/field.
(Library) Allow sorting on user ratings of artists, there are no artist critic ratings.
(Library) Plex Music libraries have critic ratings, allow sorting on them.
(Music) Related TIDAL hubs could sometimes stop showing (#10738)
(Music) Shared users using artist shuffles could get unavailable items in the play queue (#9827)
(Playlists) Recently added playlists were not sorted correctly
(Startup) The server would hang when the application support directory was not writable. (#7492)
Improve movie and TV show matching in some cases (#10641)

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone


(DVR) Ability to browse upcoming airings in a library style view (#10556)
(DVR) Added explanation for partial recording (#10167).
(DVR) Added smarter logic for detecting existing recordings (#9669).
(Dashboard) FreeBSD CPU and memory graphs (#10611)

(Butler) Some butler tasks would not run.
(Camera Upload) Don’t allow shared users to enable Camera Upload if they don’t have access to any photo libraries. (#8787)
(DVR) Preserve EPG metadata when assimilating Sports and News recordings. (#10544)
(Library) Add album critic rating as a field.
(Library) Add track mood back as filter/field.
(Library) Allow sorting on user ratings of artists, there are no artist critic ratings.
(Library) Plex Music libraries have critic ratings, allow sorting on them.
(Music) Related TIDAL hubs could sometimes stop showing (#10738)
(Music) Shared users using artist shuffles could get unavailable items in the play queue (#9827)
(Playlists) Recently added playlists were not sorted correctly
(Startup) The server would hang when the application support directory was not writable. (#7492)
Improve movie and TV show matching in some cases (#10641)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(DVR) Preserve EPG metadata when assimilating Sports and News recordings. (#10544)
(Playlists) Recently added playlists were not sorted correctly

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone

• (LiveTV) Hubs and Grid may not load for shared users (or may take a long time to do so)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel**


(DVR) Ability to browse upcoming airings in a library style view (#10556)
(DVR) Added explanation for partial recording (#10167).
(DVR) Added smarter logic for detecting existing recordings (#9669).
(Dashboard) FreeBSD CPU and memory graphs (#10611)

(Butler) Some butler tasks would not run.
(Camera Upload) Don’t allow shared users to enable Camera Upload if they don’t have access to any photo libraries. (#8787)
(Library) Add album critic rating as a field.
(Library) Add track mood back as filter/field.
(Library) Allow sorting on user ratings of artists, there are no artist critic ratings.
(Library) Plex Music libraries have critic ratings, allow sorting on them.
(Music) Related TIDAL hubs could sometimes stop showing (#10738)
(Music) Shared users using artist shuffles could get unavailable items in the play queue (#9827)
(Startup) The server would hang when the application support directory was not writable. (#7492)
Improve movie and TV show matching in some cases (#10641)

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel


(Localization) Updated translations
Add an HDR filter for movies (#9652)
Improve detection of udevadm on newer debian-based distros.
Set the DLNA server feature to be turned off by default. It can be manually re-enabled if required in Plex Web’s server settings (#10530)
(Linux) Improved quality and performance of hardware transcoding on Linux systems with 8th-generation or later GPUs
(Linux) Improved automatic detection of Intel GPUs on systems that also have other graphics

(Library) Some portrait videos could return the incorrect resolution value (#10586)
(Linux) An internal system directory could be displayed unexpectedly in the directory browser on certain NAS platforms (#10630)
(Transcoder) Hardware transcoding could fail on systems with recent systemd versions (#10723)
(Transcoder) Fixed hardware decoding of VC1
(Transcoder) Output streams could be corrupted in certain cases (#10709)
(Metadata) Improved reliability of music lookups

Plex Media Server is now available in the Beta update channel

• (LiveTV) A regression in 1.18.0 could cause pixellation / stuttering in LiveTV/DVR playback

Plex Media Server is available to PlexPass users in the Beta update channel

• (Library) Music could fail to scan when added to a new or upgraded music library on Nvidia SHIELD devices.
• (NAS) Permissions issues resulting in a failures to start

Plex Media Server is available to PlexPass users in the Beta update channel


(NAS) Permissions issues resulting in a failures to start
(Butler) Failures to complete all tasks when a music library exists

Plex Media Server is available to PlexPass users in the Beta update channel

Starting with this Plex Media Server release, we’re introducing new and improved features for music libraries: better matching, improved metadata, better artwork, and more! There are no longer “basic” vs “premium” music libraries; there is just a single type of music library. Plex Pass subscribers will continue having access to premium music-related features (automatic lyrics, Sweet Fades, loudness leveling, visualizers, etc.) just like before.

Visit our Upgrading Plex Music Libraries 6 forum topic to get started!


(Library) Brand new music scanner and metadata system! More details at 8
(BIF) Improved performance when generating media indexes (#10455)
(DVR) Now supports team and sport tags in XMLTV guide data (#6272).
(Library) Add an “Unmatched” filter.
(Library) Allow artist/album title override during fix match.
(Library) Improved music library preferences.
(Library) Magic shuffle heuristics now employed in many more scenarios (e.g. smart playlists).
(Library) Maximum number of On Deck items is now a preference.
(Library) Mood now works for artists and albums, and add new style tag.
(Library) Support for reading OGG tags.
(Transcoder) Support for zero-copy hardware transcoding on Windows with Intel GPUs
(Web) Updated to 4.8.3

(Companion) Some companion apps would not be available to control from the Web player (#10522)
(DVR) Rarely would crash while extending a rolling subscription (#10535)
(EPG) Change to daily full guide refresh instead of incremental refreshes multiple times a day. (#9403)
(EPG) On Windows, XMLTV guide would fail to refresh (#10624).
(Library) An issue on macOS where media with non-ASCII characters could be removed and added during scans.
(Library) Disable popular tracks for Various Artists.
(Library) Ignore a few more prefix characters when generating sort titles.
(Library) In some cases, cast members could be shown in the wrong order.
(Library) More fields are read from music file tags during refresh.
(Library) Newer locations are now scanned before older ones.
(Library) Refreshing Various Artists now refreshes all its albums.
(Library) Slight speedup for database writes.
(Music) Albums added from TIDAL would not match correctly with the new Plex Music libraries.
(Networking) The server could become inaccessible when IPv6 is configured on Android (#10426)
(Transcoder) Fixed H263 hardware decoding (#10580)
(Transcoder) Hardware encoding wasn’t used in some situations when hardware decoding was unavailable for HEVC Main 10 (#7897)
(Transcoder) Hardware transcoding could fail on input with ATSC closed captions on Windows systems with Intel GPUs (#8509) (#9840) (#10517)
(Transcoder) Individual subtitle lines could fail to display in some clients when there are no subtitle lines for a long period afterwards
(Transcoder) Individual subtitle lines could randomly fail to appear in certain clients
(Transcoder) Playback could fail after a long period between subtitle lines in certain circumstances (#10582)
(Transcoder) Reduced the amount of I/O load when streaming subtitles
(Transcoder) Some packets could randomly be skipped in certain clients, resulting in a “skipping” effect (#10401)
(Transcoder) Subtitles could vanish after a random period after seeking in certain clients (#10573)
(Transcoder) Transcoding HEVC Main 10 content could fail on hardware without built-in support (#10590)
A rare crash during scanning.
Fix for empty/missing “Shows you might like” hub. (#10375)
Long-standing issue which could lead to lack of recommended media in some cases.
The blob database was not cleaned up during periodic maintenance.
When analyzing tracks, menu item would never re-enable (#8477)
When fixing match for an album, the year could disappear temporarily.

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone


(EPG) On Windows, XMLTV guide would fail to refresh (#10624)

Plex Media Server is available in the Beta update channel

Note: due to an issue with hardware decoding HEVC causing a green bar in output, support for zero-copy hardware transcoding on Windows for Intel GPUs is not enabled in this release. This issue has since been resolved internally and zero-copy for intel GPUs will be enabled in 1.17.1


(Transcoder) Update to current upstream ffmpeg
(Transcoder) Support for hardware transcoding on Linux with Intel 9th-gen processors
(Transcoder) Support for VC-1 hardware decoding on supported platforms
(Transcoder) Support for hardware decoding on Linux with Nvidia GPUs
(Transcoder) Support for zero-copy hardware transcoding on Linux with Nvidia GPUs
(Transcoder) Support for zero-copy hardware transcoding of interlaced media

(DVR) Comskip was not available in recording options on FreeBSD.
(DVR) Enhanced Plex Media Server’s performance by skipping reads of previously processed XMLTV guide data. (#9846)
(Transcoder) The server could become unresponsive after certain precisely-timed client interactions.
Corrects Live TV playback error when tuning to channel that contains space(s) in it.
(Transcoder) The server could use large amounts of CPU time when converting subtitles (#10478)

Plex Media Server is available in the Beta update channel


Resolved an issue loading Plex Web settings page on various Linux/NAS platforms.

Plex Media Server is available in the Beta update channel


Enhance the loudness leveling to reflect recent research.

(EPG) Make episode detection more robust when using XMLTV guide data (#10390)
(Library) Sorting a Show by Oldest first didn’t work correctly (#7800)
(Music) Items added from TIDAL would not show up in collection hubs (#10306)
Plex Relay could fail to start on Netgear R9000 devices. (#10395)
Read track titles from embedded tags in audio files.
Repair trailing slashes which could appear in audio metadata.

Plex Media Server is available in the Beta update channel


(Web) Updated to 3.108.2

(DVR) Re-enable signal strength updates for all tuners except Hauppauge. (#10352)
(Library) The Track Last Skipped filter could return the incorrect results (#10309)
(Live) In some circumstances, new recordings could use an additional tuner, rather than sharing one already tuning the same channel. This could manifest as a missing “watch from start” option (#9736)
Watching a trailer could mark the corresponding movie watched in some cases (#9481)
(DVR) Live session buffer data could be pruned prematurely, resulting in live TV being unable to seek back as far as expected (#10430)
(Playback) Certain clients could receive corrupted data in media requests, leading to corruption during playback (#10436)

Plex Media Server is available in the Beta update channel


(Web) Updated to 3.108.2

(DVR) Re-enable signal strength updates for all tuners except Hauppauge. (#10352)
(Library) The Track Last Skipped filter could return the incorrect results (#10309)
(Live) In some circumstances, new recordings could use an additional tuner, rather than sharing one already tuning the same channel (#9736)
Watching a trailer could mark the corresponding movie watched in some cases (#9481)

Plex Media Server is available in the Beta update channel

(Web) Updated to 3.104.2
(DVR) Improve selection of default lineup during setup. (#10211)
(Filters) Track source filter would not work. Renamed to Album Source.
(Music) Tracks added from TIDAL would not show up in Popular Tracks (#10319)
(Notifications) A large number of new item notifications would arrive after enabling the preference
(Playlists) Shuffling a playlist containing items from mixed sources could cause unexpected results (#10222)
(Playlists) Smart playlist generated from Add to Library content would not play back (#10244)
(Scanner) PlexIgnore file exclusion would not work in Photo libraries (#9818)
(Subtitles) Issues with automatic selection when default subtitle and audio languages differ (#10241)
Fix for deadlock when deleting DVR that could not be upgraded to Cloud EPG. (#10358)
(Transcoder) The transcoder process could leak memory on the Nvidia SHIELD (#9291)

Plex Media Server is available in the Beta update channel


(LiveTV) Temporarily disable signal strength updates. This reduces pixelation with some tuners.

Plex Media Server is now available for all users in the Public channel.

Corrects an internal publishing / deployment problem.
Release notes for apply, repeated below, are:

(Web) Updated to 3.99.2

(Add to Library) Hi-fi quality was limited if TIDAL account was not managed through (#10155)
(Localization) Translated strings were not returned (#10168)
(NAS) Ensure transcoder temp directory is present at startup on Synology devices (#10213)
(NAS) The server might not automatically start after system reboot on Synology devices (#10236)
Greatly speed up partial scan operation (#10171)
On macOS, if a network interface had multiple IPv4 addresses, they could fail to publish to (#1778)
Shows in “Shows you might like” were missing season counts (#10162)
The scanner or transcoder could crash when processing files containing big-endian DTS audio streams (#10135)
The server could use large amounts of CPU time when running on a network with certain routers with UPnP enabled (#9610)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(Web) Updated to 3.104.1
Add translations for Afrikaans, Finnish and Polish and update existing ones.

(Library) Filtering shows by audio or subtitle language would fail (#10189)
(Metadata) Posters could fail to load on Nvidia Shield servers (#10036)
Collection hubs would only display a maximum of six items.
Fix Hungarian translations.
In single-core systems, loudness analysis might not occur on audio files (10049)
Published addresses could fail to update after network interface state changed on macOS (#10192)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(Web) Updated to 3.99.2

(Add to Library) Hi-fi quality was limited if TIDAL account was not managed through (#10155)
(Localization) Translated strings were not returned (#10168)
(NAS) Ensure transcoder temp directory is present at startup on Synology devices (#10213)
(NAS) The server might not automatically start after system reboot on Synology devices (#10236)
Greatly speed up partial scan operation (#10171)
On macOS, if a network interface had multiple IPv4 addresses, they could fail to publish to (#1778)
Shows in “Shows you might like” were missing season counts (#10162)
The scanner or transcoder could crash when processing files containing big-endian DTS audio streams (#10135)
The server could use large amounts of CPU when running on a network with certain routers with UPnP enabled (#9610)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(DVR) Some shows without season & episode info were displaying the wrong date. (#10233)
(DVR) In some cases subscriptions were not scheduled automatically after upgrade to new EPG provider. (#10215)
(EPG) End of guide would not populate without a full refresh. (#10220)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(DVR) Don’t default to Episode 1. (#10207)
(DVR) Users in Canada can now set up a new DVR, using a space in the postal code. (#10204)
(DVR) Users in Ireland can now set up a new DVR.
(DVR) Additionally show channel title in DVR setup where only an internal channel identifier is present.

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

Live TV & DVR - Beginning on June 30, 2019 Plex will require Plex Media Server version 1.16.1 to maintain EPG data and overall Live TV & DVR functionality. Users in unsupported countries will have to switch to an XMLTV based EPG solution to maintain overall Live TV & DVR functionality. Users that don’t upgrade by the above date will begin losing guide data starting July 1, 2019. Since part of this process involves matching your current channel lineup to a new channel lineup, as well as matching any recordings that you may already have scheduled, we strongly encourage all users to refresh their program guide after updating Plex Media Server and then review their channel lineup and scheduled recordings.

SHIELD - Please note that the creation of new “Premium Music” libraries on the SHIELD is currently unsupported and all existing Premium Music libraries will gracefully fall back to using standard library matching. Improvements are actively being worked on and are coming soon (within the next few months at the latest)!


New EPG provider for Live TV & DVR.

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


Updated translations

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

SHIELD - Please note that the creation of new “Premium Music” libraries on the SHIELD is currently unsupported and all existing Premium Music libraries will gracefully fall back to using standard library matching. Improvements are actively being worked on and are coming soon (within the next few months at the latest)!


(HTTP) Addressed network efficiency issues which could lead to slow Live TV tunes (#10151)
(HTTP) Responses to requests on keep-alive connections could be delayed, potentially resulting in slow transcoder startups (#10118)
(Live TV) The transcoder could take a very long time to start on streams from certain broadcasters or service providers (#10065)
(Playback) The server could crash when a transcode session finished. These manifested as heap corruptions or double-frees (#9801 #9883 #9938 #9940 #9950)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

SHIELD - Please note that the creation of new “Premium Music” libraries on the SHIELD is currently unsupported and all existing Premium Music libraries will gracefully fall back to using standard library matching. Improvements are actively being worked on and are coming soon (within the next few months at the latest)!

This release contains the fixes in version, and additionally:

Server settings could become unavailable on the Nvidia SHIELD after certain upgrade sequences (#10125)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

SHIELD - Please note that the creation of new “Premium Music” libraries on the SHIELD is currently unsupported and all existing Premium Music libraries will gracefully fall back to using standard library matching. Improvements are actively being worked on and are coming soon (within the next few months at the latest)!


(Database) Scheduled database backup job could cause a crash (#9993)
(Hubs) Invalidate cached hubs when watch state or library preferences are updated. (#8401)
(Music) Don’t try to run loudness analysis on non-local files (#9999)
Certain clients (third party Samsung and OpenPHT) would fail to resume video.
The server could crash when interacting with a video item with no audio streams (#10007)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

SHIELD - This is the first 1.15.x series release on Nvidia SHIELD.
Please Note: The creation of new “Premium Music” libraries is currently unsupported and all existing Premium Music libraries will gracefully fall back to using standard library matching. Improvements are actively being worked on and are Coming Soon (within the next few months, latest)!


(DVR) Add Resolution, Replace lower resolution items, and Allow partial airings at DVR level with option to override at recording level.

(Analysis) Corrected chapters not being imported again
(DVR) Prefer HD airings when both HD and SD are available. (#9641)
Docker host addresses were published unnecessarily (#9576)
IP addresses from interfacing starting with a “v” weren’t published (#9576)
Sync or Optimize could fail to fallback to software transcoding if hardware transcoding failed (#9455)

Plex Media Server hotfix is now available to everyone


Allow all users with linked TIDAL accounts to access Add to Library features.

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(Analysis) A data structure was freed twice (#9865)
(DVR) Shows with a title ending in a special character would sometimes fail to record on Windows. (#9763)
(Music) Local artist music videos were unintentionally hidden for all users (#9923)
(Music) Local artist music videos would not have thumbnails
(Photos) Place tags could get duplicated (#9884)
(Transcoder) The server could crash if an HLS subtitle segment was requested while the session was terminating (#9927)
Transcoded sparse subtitle streams in HLS could take too long to respond (#9921)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(Web) Updated to 3.95.2

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(DVR) Ability to give Home Users DVR access. (#8794)
(Playback) Assume unknown audio to be foreign if the preferred audio language is not english (#6126)
(Streaming Brain) Preference to allow automatically terminating playbacks which have been paused for an hour (#9700)
(Subtitles) Auto select forced subtitles when not listening to foreign audio (#6126)
When transcoding for supported clients, automatically select media based on supported resolution and dynamic range (#9490)

(Analysis) Chapters were not being imported for new media (#9843)
(Dashboard) Respect user preferences for local / remote bandwidth (#9562)
(Dashboard) Respect user preferences when showing streams as local / remote (#9562)
(Metadata) Asking to refresh metadata still used cache for movies and TV shows (#1566)
(Metadata) Related collections were not paginated (#9844)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


Analysis could fail to set media item attributes

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(Analysis) Chapters for multi-part media was not correctly imported (#9554)
(DVR) Don’t schedule in progress airings if sub doesn’t allow partials. (#9688)
(DVR) Fix a long-standing but rare crash when starting a live tune (#7790)
(Dashboard) User counts in Top Played could be inaccurate (#9730)
(Transcoder) A few seconds of audio could be missing after seeking while Direct Streaming both audio and video (#9658)
(Transcoder) Seeking could be unreliable with some DASH clients (#9137)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

This build has the following changes on top of the prior 1.15.1 releases.


(HTTP) Server could become unavailable when using the Samsung app (#9784)
(Metadata) Lockouts when scanning / refreshing metadata (#9704)
(Windows) Crashes as a result of database contention (#9663)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

This build has the following changes on top of the prior 1.15.1 releases.


Support for hardware transcoding on Windows has been restored
The Donator build of comskip is now included.

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel.


(On Deck) Added preference for showing season premiers in On Deck
(Web) Updated to 3.83.1

(DVR) Better support for the dd_progid field in XMLTV. Adds handling of SH and MV tags. (#9680)
(DVR) Display a better error message when there is a duplicate channel mapping when configuring a DVR (#9606)
(DVR) Don’t let DVR content refreshes take place simultaneously.
(DVR) Fix for Live TV session not getting stopped when a recording needs the tuner
(DVR) Handle original-air-date field in XMLTV correctly if it doesn’t include a time (#9593)
(DVR) Recording files with non-ASCII characters in filename could fail on macOS.
(DVR) Scheduler would use large amounts of memory with many recordings scheduled. (#9050)
(Dashboard) Some playback sessions were not displayed (#9705)
(HTTP) Connections could become unresponsive after a long-poll response (#9713)
(Library) “Scan library automatically” did not work on MacOS (#9695)
(Library) Smart playlists with multiple tags (e.g. genre and genre) didn’t work correctly.
(Library) When rematching an item, preserve any uploaded media.
(Live TV) Fix for sessions not ending after tune failure. (#9465)
(Playlists) Playlist items would fail to load given certain parameters (#8963)
(Transcoder) Segments near the end of a session could be dropped (#9702)
Avoid crash at startup when scanning remote media servers (#9664)
Pull in episode ratings from TMDB.

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

This version contains the following fixes in addition to the changes in

Fixed an issue with hardware transcoding on Windows
Fixed an issue where comskip donor features were inactive
Fixed an issue with NetGear and RPM packages
Fixed an issue where Western Digital devices would offer an update to an old version (Requires a vendor-side change we are still working on)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

This version contains numerous changes and a lot of invisible behind the curtains stuff. There a few caveats and some missing builds at this point:


Thecus Builds for Thecus devices will not be available at this time. Thecus is working on a firmware update that allows the new PMS to run on their devices.
Docker If you are running our PMS docker container (or 19’s container) you will need to ensure the container is up-to-date before PMS 1.15.0 will run.
Nvidia SHIELD builds are slightly delayed and will be available on Google Play store once QA testing has completed.
RedHat/CentOS/Fedora These platforms now only support running on systemd-based distros.
Ubuntu We now have official ARMv7 and ARMv8 deb packages.

(Linux) Support for Ubuntu/Debian ARMv7 and ARMv8 platforms.
(NAS) Support for ASUSTOR, Synology, and QNAP ARMv8 devices.
(NAS) Support for hardware encoding on QNAP Intel/AMD 64-bit devices with a discrete Nvidia GPU.
(NAS) Support for volume selection, and app migration on QNAP devices.

(DVR) Avoid a few crashes around parsing bad JSON from OnConnect (#8889)
(DVR) Avoid caching EPG HTTP cache requests for longer than the refresh time (#9629)
(DVR) Avoid downloading XMLTV files to disk before parsing (#9272)
(DVR) Certain scheduled recordings would incorrectly show an error. (#9325)
(DVR) Change the way Plex Tuner Service returns keys for TVButler devices, especially on macOS, to properly handle using multiple TVButlers on the same system. N.B. This is a breaking change for users of TVButler devices. Those users will need to delete and recreate their DVR to use the new device information. (#8760)
(DVR) Disk space checking underestimates the necessary amount of space when starting recordings (#8807)
(DVR) Ensure grab operations get destroyed after a tune fails (#9465)
(DVR) Fixed a bug where changing recording priority would not update the schedule. (#9035)
(DVR) Log which device we’re allocating a tuner from
(DVR) Output signal strength/quality information into log periodically during tunes (#9503)
(DVR) Plex Tuner Service now properly detects when a transcode session exited due to signal failure and releases the tuner (#9174)
(DVR) Revert timeout changes, should help with timeouts during tune startup (#9473,
(DVR) Translate Guide header for clients to display (#8698)
(Library) Library summary endpoint should report the correct duration for large music libraries (#9223)
(Live TV) Fix for intermittent tune failures. (#9412)
(Live) Avoid delaying video playback while leading audio plays (#9343)
(Music) Restricting music libraries with labels could prevent them from loading. (#8935)
(Scanner) Add support for reading Opus metadata (#5974)
(Transcoder) Seeking in DASH streams could be unreliable (#9137)
Corrected rare crash involving accessing User data (#9464)
Removed some remaining uses of plaintext HTTP (#8958)
The server could crash when TV media was being deleted. (#9350)
Updated translations

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(Web) Updated to 3.77.4
(DVR) New DVR scheduler

(DLNA) DLNA clients would not report timeline states for Now Playing (#9347)
(DVR) Don’t return an error message when shutting down a live TV session in a normal way (#9277)
(DVR) Fixed bug that prevented scheduling of recordings with HD only setting. (#9226)
(DVR) Properly parse episode number from dd_progid field in XMLTV data (#9419)
(DVR) Revert timeout changes, should help with timeouts during tune startup (#9473,
(HTTP) Enabling IPv6 support could prevent IPv4 connections from being accepted on some FreeBSD systems (#9405)
(Radio) Only expose Discovery Radio if there is a linked TIDAL account (#9428)
(Relay) The relay service may not function when server support for IPv6 is enabled on some systems (#9399)
(SSDP) Better checking for invalid IP addresses in location field of SSDP XML
(Streaming Brain) More exact accounting of bandwidth buckets to reduce bandwidth going unused (#9273)
(Subtitles) Some subtitles could not be downloaded by shared users (#9323)
(Subtitles) Subtitles aquired by the OpenSubtitle agent could cause playback failures on Nvidia SHIELD
Improve robustness when routers fail to respond to port-mapping refresh requests in time (#9107)
The server could crash when using network interface aliases on macOS (#9344; rdar://46083980)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(Web) Updated to 3.77.4

(DLNA) DLNA clients would not report timeline states for Now Playing (#9347)
(DVR) Don’t return an error message when shutting down a live TV session in a normal way (#9277)
(DVR) Recordings could be missed when the ‘HD only’ setting was selected (#9226)
(DVR) Properly parse episode number from dd_progid field in XMLTV data (#9419)
(DVR) Wait longer to detect duration during live TV transcoder startup (#9437)
(HTTP) Enabling IPv6 support could prevent IPv4 connections from being accepted on some FreeBSD systems (#9405)
(Radio) Only expose Discovery Radio if there is a linked TIDAL account (#9428)
(Relay) The relay service may not function when server support for IPv6 is enabled on some systems (#9399)
(SSDP) Better checking for invalid IP addresses in location field of SSDP XML
(Streaming Brain) More exact accounting of bandwidth buckets to reduce bandwidth going unused (#9273)
(Subtitles) Some subtitles could not be downloaded by shared users (#9323)
(Subtitles) Subtitles aquired by the OpenSubtitle agent could cause playback failures on Nvidia SHIELD
Improve robustness when routers fail to respond to port-mapping refresh requests in time (#9107)
The server could crash when using network interface aliases on macOS (#9344; rdar://46083980)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel.

Additional changes after above release notes:


(Transcoder) Resolved a rare deadlock (#9332)
Automatic port mapping could fail with some older routers (#9335)
Fix for Server Unreachable and Remote Access issues (#9228)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel.


(Butler) Reduce the amount of temp memory in processing items in certain butler tasks.
(DVR) Avoid timeouts when retrieving the best lineup during DVR setup (#9161)
(DVR) Display better error messages when tunes fail because of antenna signal issues (#7049)
(DVR) Recordings would sometimes fail at the start with “Error 3 (The recording was aborted)”. (#8871)
(Live TV) Make sure conflict dialog is always shown if Live TV session will be cancelled when recordings start. (#7659)
(Metadata) Chapters and respective images were out of order (issues#195)
Deletion policy for unwatched TV episodes will now use addedAt rather than originallyAvailableAt to calculate the time period of episodes to keep. (ux#440)
Incorrect network addresses could be displayed in systems with multiple interfaces (#9109)
Updated TV deletion policy text for clarity. (#7249)

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone.

Additional changes after above release notes:


(DVR) Extend initial timeout value for live TV tunes to avoid giving up on a tune too early (#9211)
Fix for recorded TV libraries failing to load on iOS. (#9227)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel.


(NAS) Support for hardware transcoding on TerraMaster devices. (#8762)
(Web) Updated to 3.69.1
Improved functionality around selecting a preferred network interface (#9110)

(Discovery) Expire movie genre/actor/director discovery hubs once/day.
(Live TV) Hubs would intermittently contain incorrect airings. (#8943)
(Radio) Only allow shared content for owners.
(Scanner) Ignore @Recently-Snapshot folders. (#9177)
(Subtitle Search) Flag hearing impaired subtitles in the pre-play
(Sync) Garbage collect sync transcodes on start (#9094)
(Sync) Playlists consisting of music videos would not sync (#8821)
(Transcoder) Hardware transcode job on Shield occasionally never completed (#8690)
(Transcoder, Analysis) Some poorly-muxed 4K files could fail to analyze or transcode (#9139)
Directory browsing showed no mount-points on FreeBSD (#9032)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel.

Bugfix for an unreleased feature

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel.


(Live TV) If a tuner stops sending data or disconnects mid-stream, attempt to reconnect (#8989)
(Web) Updated to 3.67.1
Added tuner icons for HDHomeRun CONNECT Quatro and CONNECT Duo (#9029)

(DVR) Avoid rare crash involving updating status from HDHomeRun tuners (#9045)
(DVR) Modifying start/end time of in-progress recording will now correctly adjust the duration. (#7247)
(Library) Playlists generated from custom filters would sometimes not show the correct items (#8017)
(Sync) Smart playlists would not sync if all items were already synced (#7329)
Fix for duplicate EventSource event processing that may have affected remote access availability. (#8853)

Plex Media Server is now available Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel.


(DVR) Keep the entire contents of programs currently being recorded or played in the live seek buffer (#8224)
(Photos) Update Autotagging API. This server version or greater is now required for Autotagging (#8526) [Previous versions will continue to work until the end of September 2018]

(DVR) Avoid crashing in certain situations due to outdated tuner information (#9045)
(DVR) Changing destination library from one with mulitple paths to one with a single path for a DVR recording no longer causes a recording failure (#7551)
(DVR) Episode subscriptions for existing episodes were not deleted (#8709)
(DVR) Give better error message if recording attempts to use a library that doesn’t exist (#7278)
(DVR) Users in Czech Republic should be able to create DVRs again (#8939)
(Preferences) The pref to hide seasons was missing the value Hide for single-season series (#8982)
(Transcoder) Anamorphic video could be converted incorrectly on the Nvidia SHIELD (#8432)
(Transcoder) The transcoder’s memory consumption increased over time on Android or when decoding certain audio codecs (#8830) (#8814)

Plex Media Server is now available for everyone

We backported the security fix in for those who run public builds


(Security) Updated libxml2 to fix CVE-2018-13415 (#8805)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel.


(DVR) Added incremental loading for EPG guide data (#7981)
(Web) Updated to 3.63.1

(Security) Updated libxml2 to fix CVE-2018-13415
(Analysis) Loudness data could be reported incorrectly for some DTS files (#8719)
(DVR) Avoid crash when using negative start/end time adjustment that is equal to the duration of the grab. (#8346)
(DVR) Avoid rare crash when starting up a recording (#8657)
(DVR) Fix for 11pm UTC airings not getting recorded during Daylight Savings Time. (#8803)
(DVR) Whitelisting for DVB-T scanners for non-European/ISDB-T countries was not working correctly (#7615)
(Streaming Brain) Debug log for media with unknown bandwidth was giving a value of 10.5Gbps (#8335)
(Transcoder) Chinese and Korean subtitles could render using Japanese character variants (#8713)
(Transcoder) Fixed case where crash could occur while parsing segment list (#8886)
Update localization strings
Webhooks using some newer TLS roots would fail (#8884)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel.


(Streaming Brain) Added preference to treat WAN IP Address as on the LAN for bandwidth Limits (#8037)
(Transcoder) Support 4K hardware decoding on macOS (#8806)
(Web) Updated to 3.57.1

(DVR) Support network tuner icons (#7552)
(DVR) Users that no longer have a Plex Pass should no longer have access to the Recording Schedule and Guide (#8672)
Allow picking a specific network address to bind to (#8492)
Seek thumbnail timestamps could be off by a few seconds (#2569)
Split Live TV quick links into two hubs.
When remote access is disabled, don’t publish non-private addresses (#8751)

Plex Media Server hotfix release is now available to everyone.


(Synology) prevent 32-bit version from being installed on 64-bit NAS models (#8851)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel.


(Library) Episodes could show duplicate roles for actors (#6117)
(Metadata) An issue with TheMovieDb agent contributing to TheTVDB agent for TV shows (#8645)
(Photos) Improve the extraction of Place names from geotagged items in photo libraries (#8683)
(Playback) Rare deadlock with stopping sessions (#8659)
(Streaming Brain) Rare deadlock involving bandwidth limits (#8498)
Attempt to find better channel numbers in XMLTV files (#8744)
Shrunk the excessive memory usage when serializing large JSON trees (#8579)
Update localization strings

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(DVR) Check for the correct postal code format for Switzerland (#8646)

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone.

(Web) Updated to 3.53.7

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(Web) Updated to 3.53.6
(Analysis) Channel layouts could be reported incorrectly for some DTS streams (#8549)
(Transcoder) Conversion of remote content could fail on some x86_64 Linux systems (#8662)
(Metadata) Missing artwork for some TV shows (#8473)
Database backups could fail if the database contained certain sets of strings (#8655)
Punctuation and non-ASCII strings sorted incorrectly in some cases (#8668)
N.B. This will be released on Nvidia shield in the coming days.

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(Web) Updated to 3.49.1
(DVR) Avoid a crash when creating subscriptions with conflicts. (#8622)
(Hubs) Hubs would occasionally not refresh as expected. (#8538)
(Hubs) Make Continue Watching follow On Deck window. (#8546)
(Linux) systemd service could start before network was online. (#8542)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(Library) Per-collection collapse settings. (#7998)
(Library) Sort items using a natural sort
(Autoupdate) Skipping a signle version could prevent updates automatically installing (#8027) (#8009)
(DVR) Don't subtract start offset when checking for valid airing time (#7928)
(DVR) Rename Program Guide/EPG to Guide in various places (#8522,
(DVR) Stop timer for a recording should never be negative (#8136)
(DVR) US postal codes in the 5-4 format should return the correct lineups (#8283)
(DVR) Various rare crashes (#7575)
(Hubs) Pilots (S1 E1) could show up in On Deck.
(NAS) udev rules would not survive Synology DSM updates. (#8402)
Reduced logging related to time normalization with dates earlier than 1970. (#8373)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(Transcoder) Media with EAC3 audio could fail to transcode in some cases on Windows. (#8547)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(Transcoder) Update to latest upstream ffmpeg (#7634)
(Analysis) Identify certain Live and DVR-recorded streams that failed to play back on iOS and tvOS devices (#5308)
(Live) Add support for switching subtitle and audio streams, in supported clients (#8353)
(Web) Updated to 3.44.1
(Analysis) A scanner crash when performing loudness analysis on certain file formats (#8018)
(Analysis) Some files weren't detected as anamorphic when they should've been (#8446)
(DLNA) A crash on older Macs (#6602)
(DVR) Update tuner make/model information in the database if it changes from the device (#8214)
(DVR) Write EPG data that fails to parse into temporary files to aid in diagnostics. (#8149)
(Filters) Content rating filters would sometimes fail to load (#8350)
(Filters) The advanced "is not empty" filter for ratings wouldn't return the expected results (#8361)
(Live TV) Transcodes could fail on channels with multiple audio streams with different codecs (#8195)
(Metadata) Don't rematch things which have been unsuccessfully matched (#8394)
(Streaming Brain) Some legacy clients were given incorrect workarounds (#8348)
(Streaming Brain) Transcode start could deadlock in some rare cases (#8385)
(Transcoder) Soft subtitles were desynchronized when streaming HEVC to iOS (#8388)
(Transcoder) Sparse subtitles failed to display in some cases on iOS and tvOS (#8415)
(Transcoder) Transcodes to AC3 in MP4 played with incorrect channel mapping on Apple devices (#8306)
(Transcoder) Transcodes to EAC3 in MP4 for Apple devices did not play audio (#8312)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(DVR) Keep airings in US primetime from disappearing from the schedule on each refresh (#8448)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(Web) Updated to 3.41.2
(DVR) HTTP request cache should properly check for file expiration when requesting celeb/series data. (#8405)
(DVR) Recordings that fail due to permissions issues shouldn't disappear from the schedule after a server restart (#8020)
(DVR) Shows shouldn't disappear from the Program Guide for shared users if they're not shared certain library types (#8100)
Plugged memory leak with starting and stopping jobs on Windows (#7618)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(DVR) Certain DVB-T providers should not show up in non-European and non-ISDBT countries (#7615)
(DVR) Display placeholder items in Watch Now if there's no guide data for a channel (#7587)
(DVR) Don't display disabled channels in the Program Guide when loading initial EPG data (#7587)
(DVR) When more frequent EPG refreshing is enabled, spread the refresh times around some to avoid all refreshes occurring on an hour mark (#8281)
(DVR) Icons from OnConnect EPG guides shouldn't disappear (#8366)
(DVR) More fixes around recording multiple airings of a show on the same day (#6668)
(OnDeck) Restore ability to disable OnDeck when setting 'Weeks to consider for OnDeck' to 0 (#8279)
(Photos) Various improvements to filters for photo libraries (#8305)
(Transcoder) Hardware video decoding sometimes wasn't reported, even when it was being used (#7670)
(Transcoder) The server could erroneously attempt to mux DVB teletext into Matroska (#8213)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

There are no user-facing changes since the previous build.

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(Movies) Improve matching with filenames containing recent things like "UHD".
(Photos) New "Folder" sort type for photo libraries - will sort by name but keep folders and photo items separate.
(Playback) Don't select teletext streams as subtitles automatically (#7739)
(Web) Updated to 3.39.5
Season premieres show up in On Deck even when they're outside the window (#8229)
(Library) Library scans subsequent to first would not attempt to match unmatched items (#8282)
(Photos) Filters with greater-than or less-than filters would not work properly on some libraries (#8258)
(Photos) The "Name" sort for photo libraries was returning the incorrect parameters (#8165)
(Type First) Fix TV Shows library hub ordering (#8260)
(Windows) Files could fail to be deleted due to child processes inheriting duplicate handles (#7830)
The server could become unresponsive in certain complex scenarios (#8220)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(Analysis) Detect ATSC closed captions in video files (#7110)
(Analysis) Distinguish HEVC codec tags to work around iOS platform limitation (#7882)
(Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.37.2
(Companion) Resolve a rare crash
(Hubs) "On Deck" and "Continue Watching" could appear empty when the "Weeks to Consider for On Deck" preference was set (#7305)
(Photos) Re-scanning a photo section which had a significant amount of files renamed could lead to database lockups (#7653)
(Photos) The folder structure in the photos view could sometimes become flattened (#8206)
(Transcoder) The server could become unresponsive when playing via DASH (#8166)
Avoid generating invalid XML when media contains invalid metadata (#8192).
Certain ID3 tags in audio files resulted in titles with trailing "///" characters (#6577)
Collections could appear in grid even when disabled in library (#8103)
Fix an issue where loudness analysis was performed simultaneously on the same library (#8021)
Fix loudness analysis on libraries taking up large amounts of memory (#8071)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(Photos) Show recently favorited items in discovery hub (#8101)

(DVR) Back-to-back recordings would sometimes lose the second recording (#8168)
(DVR) Cancelling a recording when comskip is enabled shouldn't result in an error (#7926)
(DVR) Episodes of the same show that air on the same day now record correctly (#6668)
(DVR) Parsing of dates in EyeQ data could potentially fail if format changed (#8209)
(Filters) Dates before Jan 1st 1970 would not work properly in some filter fields (#8077)
(LiveTV) Crash when stopping LiveTV (#8169)
(Photos) Autotagging for some items could become stuck in a throttled state (#8068)
(Photos) Changes to EXIF date fields edited in certain applications would not get picked up correctly (#8125)
(Photos) Photo albums in folder view will now show thumbs for Posters and Backgrounds when editing and will correctly retain changes between scans (#7947)
(Photos) Show video items in Recently Added hub for photo sections (#8101)
(Photos) Timeline entries before Jan 1 1970 would not be displayed consistently (#8152)
(Streaming Brain) Could deadlock in certain circumstances when ABR was in use (#8124)
(Transcoder) Playback could fail or behave erratically near the end of videos when Direct Streaming to certain clients (#8042)
(Transcoder) Soft subtitles could sometimes fail to play on iOS/tvOS (#8022)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(Photos) Show recently favorited items in discovery hub (#8101)

(DVR) Cancelling a recording when comskip is enabled shouldn't result in an error (#7926)
(DVR) Episodes of the same show that air on the same day now record correctly (#6668)
(Filters) Dates before Jan 1st 1970 would not work properly in some filter fields (#8077)
(Photos) Autotagging for some items could become stuck in a throttled state (#8068)
(Photos) Changes to EXIF date fields edited in certain applications would not get picked up correctly (#8125)
(Photos) Photo albums in folder view will now show thumbs for Posters and Backgrounds when editing and will correctly retain changes between scans (#7947)
(Photos) Show video items in Recently Added hub for photo sections (#8101)
(Photos) Timeline entries before Jan 1 1970 would not be displayed consistently (#8152)
(Streaming Brain) Could deadlock in certain circumstances when ABR was in use (#8124)
(Transcoder) Playback could fail or behave erratically near the end of videos when Direct Streaming to certain clients (#8042)
(Transcoder) Soft subtitles could sometimes fail to play on iOS/tvOS (#8022)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(WebTV) Tizen WebVTT subtitle compatibility changes

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(Hubs) Recently Added TV hub failed to load for managed users with content restrictions. (#8123)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(LiveTV) 'Timeout' failures when watching live (#8140) (#8116)
(DVR) Recordings could fail under some circumstances (#8140) (#8116)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(DVR) Recordings could become "stuck" in some cases (#7606)
(DVR) Recordings could terminate prematurely in some cases (#7623)
(Transcoder) Playback could cause deadlocks in certain situations (#8079)
(Transcoder) Videos could fail to play when started at an offset on iOS with soft subtitles (#8082)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(Photos) Extract title and image description from photo metadata when available (#7770)

(Analysis) MP2 audio in MP4 could be mis-detected as MP3
(DVR) Prefer subscription comskip preferences over global pref (#7968)
(DVR) Updated transponder frequencies for DVB-T (#7473)
(Hubs) Improved the performance of the Recently Added TV hub (#7656)
(Hubs) The (per-show) setting to show/hide TV seasons was being ignored by Recently Added TV (#7656)
(Photos) Browsing the timeline view could have a negative impact on performance of other operations (#8078)
(Photos) Improve metadata extraction for camera lens info (#7770)
(Photos) Opening related items for photos could sometimes cause the server to crash (#8078)
(Transcoder) Playing back HEVC on Apple TV or iOS could cause the server to crash (#8032)
(Transcoder) Improved resilience of the Matroska demuxer when seeking in corrupted files (#7682)
(Transcoder) Soft subtitles could sometimes fail to play on iOS/tvOS (#8022)
(Transcoder) Transcodes of mov_text streams for PMP could fail (#7951)
A crash could occur on Windows after a library scan (#8029)
Collections from related libraries the user didn't have permission could appear (but were not accessible)
The scanner could crash during loudness analysis
Updated string translations

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

No user-visible changes. Updated support for as-yet-unreleased functionality. Stay tuned!!

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel


(Transcoder) Support HDMI frame rate and dynamic range switching on the Apple TV 4K (#7778)
(Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.31.1

(Analysis) Not all data was reported on Opus streams
(DVR) Fix a crash on start. (#7953)
(Hubs) Photo albums could show up in recent playlists hubs (#7944)
(Transcoder) Sidecar subtitles could disappear when using direct stream (#7931)
Crash when requesting play queue (#7997).

Plex Media Server is now available to everyone

(Photos) The timeline view could become inconsistent when dates are altered on items in the section (#7955)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(Codecs) Previously downloaded codecs were not always automatically downloaded at server upgrade time (#7643)
(DVR) Add some extra safety around loading EPG data to avoid a couple of crashes (#7883)
(DVR) Recordings could hang if the tuner lost its signal lock (#7606)
(Hubs) Starting playback from certain hubs may fail (#7777)
(Photos) Videos added via Camera Upload have the wrong date on iOS (#7517).
(Streaming Brain) Playback involving transcodes of some channel content failed with bandwidth error (#7911)
(Streaming Brain) Subtitles could disappear at the end of the file while transcoding (#7922)
(Transcoder) Subtitles could be unnecessarily transcoded when streaming to Plex Media Player (#7598)
(MediaInspector) Not all date information was getting saved correctly after re-analysis (#7934)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(DVR) Commercial removal was enabled by default for recording schedules in some cases (#7898)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.27.1
(DVR) Added functionality to remove commercials from recorded content (#5633)
(Live) Added the ability to seek within an active recording, with client support (#7270)
(Transcoder) Support for hardware decoding of 10-bit HEVC (#7738)
(DVR) A server's first recording of LATM-packetized AAC could fail (#7875)
(DVR) An issue where poor-quality signal could cause recordings to "stick", reporting as 100% complete (#7606)
(DVR) New Episodes Tonight hub now correctly starts at 7pm local time (#7614)
(DVR) Recordings could hang if the tuner lost its signal lock (#7606)
(DVR) Some DVB subtitles weren't recorded (#7700)
(Extras) Fixed extras regression in previous release (#7821)
(Hubs) Speed up music and TV hubs.
(Metadata) Add support for absolute ordering in TV episode filenames (#7159)
(On Deck) Fix a fairly large slowdown introduced recently (#7824)
(Streaming Brain) Correct bitrate restricted playback of some channel content (#7452)
(Streaming Brain) Corrected playback when ABR is requested but server limits streams to 320kbps (#7706)
(Transcoder) Fixed soft subs not appearing in some cases (#7597)
(Transcoder) Hardware encoding had reduced quality on Windows with Intel GPUs in some cases (#7887)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(Playback) Playback would end early on some devices

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(Transcoder) Support pruning old segments to reduce disk usage in DASH and HTTP transcodes (#7484)
(Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.26.2
(Android) Add missing library to the installer (#7716)
(Android) Fix green artifacts when transcoding to DASH (#7578)
(Diagnostics) Downloaded logs/databases now have correct timestamps (#5177)
(Diagnostics) The log file zip will now resepct the LogNumFiles preference (#7239)
(DVR) Deadlock when tuning live (#7684)
(DVR) Exclude duplicate/past airings on other channels in EPG data so they show in the timeline correctly. (#7699)
(DVR) Fix an issue that led to missing video streams in some cases (#7637)
(DVR) Keep Certain channel data from causing EPG to fail entirely for all channels (#7728)
(DVR) When changing folders in a library, recordings could fail (#6203)
(Extras) Use the right bitrate for extras. (#7678)
(Filters) Add ability to filter on audio/subtitle languages (#6401)
(Filters) Add writer/producer filters for movie libraries (#6401)
(Filters) Director, writer, and producer custom filters for TV libraries now work correctly (#6401)
(Hubs) A rare case where episodes from other libraries could be suggested on postplay screen. (#7703)
(Hubs) Don't show hubs with just one thing in them on show screens (#6353)
(Hubs) When changing the "include in dashboard" setting, dashboard wouldn't update (#7726)
(Hubs) When creating a playlist, ensure it shows up in RECENT PLAYLISTS even before playing.
(Hubs) When deleting a playlist, it could remain in the RECENT PLAYLISTS hub. (#7701)
(iOS) Crash restarting the server. (#7231)
(Library) Crash when attempting to download extras (#7713)
(Library) Crash when getting children of an unparented season (#7677)
(Library) When changing airing order, shows refresh automatically and thumb are correctly reset (#6465)
(Photos) Items in photo timelines will reflect the correct date now if the original date is altered and re-analyzed (#7557)
(Scanner) Corrected thumbnail generation on a section (#7764)
(Scheduled tasks) Sometimes nightly EPG refreshing task and others wouldn't run (#7719)
(Security) Library section information could be leaked to shared users (#6954)
(Stream Ready) Don't crash when falling back from a hardware encoding failure (#7568)
(Streaming Brain) Preserve soft subtitles in DASH Auto-Quality (#7597)
(Transcoder) A crash on certain FreeBSD configurations
(Transcoder) A crash when trying to use hardware transcoding in macOS 10.10 (#7692)
(Transcoder) A crash with certain subtitles in files with embedded fonts (#7436)
(Transcoder) Do not disable hardware decoding if hardware encoding fails on unsupported resolutions (#7646)
(Transcoder) Make dangerous transcoder prefs 'hidden' (#7536)
(Transcoder) Rare deadlock during playback (#7710)
(Transcoder) Video quality improvements when hardware encoding on Broadwell and Braswell devices (#6914)

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(Transcoder) Fixed soft subs not appearing in some cases (#7597)
(Playback) Crashes when finishing playback

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

N.B. We will start using full build numbers (Major.Minor.Patch.Build) for all releases. Beta updates will keep the existing patch number (i.e. until we release it into the Public update stream.
(DVR) Video streams that were getting lost during recording have been found again (#7637)
(Android) Fix green artifacts when transcoding to DASH (#7578)
(DVR) Keep Certain channel data from causing EPG to fail entirely for all channels (#7728)
(DVR) Exclude duplicate/past airings on other channels in EPG data so they show in the timeline correctly. (#7699)
(DVR) Deadlock when tuning live (#7684)
(Transcoder) Deadlock during playback (#7710)

Plex Media Server 1.9.6 is now available to Plex Pass users in the Beta update channel

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.23.1
(Statistics) Add database fixup to cleanup statistics tables (#7520)
(DVR) Resolve crash when recording radio channels or channels without video stream (#7229)
(Search) Duplicate albums/tracks could be returned in search.
(Photos) Videos added via Camera Upload might have the wrong date (#7517).
(Sync) Clients wouldn't account for files bigger than 2GB when calculating the used space. (#7664)
(Companion) A crash could occur when using companion (#7689)
(Transcoder) Playback could fail near the end of a video, most often when using automatic quality. (#7691)

Plex Media Server 1.9.5 is now available to Plex Pass users
( this will not get auto-update notification please update manually )

- (Trailers) Allow specifying preroll with a file path.
- (Trailers) Allow specifying alternate prerolls with file paths separated by semicolon.
- (Trailers) Allow specifying sequential prerolls with file paths separated by comma.
- (Update Channels) New release channels names. "PlexPass" channel is now named "Beta".
- (Streaming Brain) Rare deadlock that could occur when seeking (#7590)
- (Photos) Photo timestamps read from EXIF tags were recorded incorrectly when Daylight Saving Time is in effect (#7577)
- (DVR) Properly set all images for EyeQ channels (#7428)
- (Transcoder) Seeks may not be processed under rare circumstances (#7599)
- (Linux) Add Apollolake support for Synology x86_64 (#7550)
- (Streaming Brain) Temporarily burn subtitles in for DASH Auto-Quality, in cases where the subs could be lost on a quality change (#7597)

Plex Media Server 1.9.4 is now available to Plex Pass users

(Hubs) Opening a photo discovery hub may cause the server to crash (#7624)
(DVR) A rare crash when using DVR or Live TV (#7632)
(DVR) Radio channels should no longer crash PMS (#7229)
(DVR) Video streams that were getting lost during recording have been found again (#7637)

Plex Media Server 1.9.3 is now available to Plex Pass users

(Hubs) Massive speedup to discovery hubs via caching system
(iOS) Allow syncing ALAC music without conversion.
(Transcoder) Portrait videos would be stretched out when being transcoded (#7287)
(Music) Artist album sorting was sometimes overridden incorrectly (#7349)
(Network) Fallback to IPv4 only if IPv6 networking fails to setup (#7382)
(Transcoder) Extracting chapter thumbnails could use significant memory (#7397)
(Scanner) Some plexignore rules were not being applied for photo libraries (#5866)
(DVR) Setups with multiple HDHomeRun tuners now properly tune on both (#7417)
(Relay) Don't attempt to load ~/.ssh/config on macOS/Linux (#7528)

Plex Media Server 1.9.2 is now available to everyone

- (Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.20.8

Plex Media Server 1.9.1 is now available to Plex Pass users

(Crash Reporting) Preference to opt out of crash reporting
(Privacy) Updates for new privacy policy
(Transcoder) Deadlocks when performing concurrent static and streaming transcodes (#7554)

Plex Media Server 1.9.0 is now available to Plex Pass users

(Streaming Brain) ABR streams will now balance their BW usage among each other (#7414)
(DVR) Sort by release date more sensibly in the Program Guide - Movies view (#6981)
(DVR) Fixed intermittent crash when tuning live TV (#7383)
(DVR) Recorded shows were occasionally mistagged based on show year (#7328)
(DVR) In certain cases, tuners could be shared inappropriately, leading to bad behavior (#7170)
(Streaming Brain) Reduced wasted segments during quality change (#6623)
(Transcoder) Portrait videos would be stretched out when being transcoded (#7287)
(Music) Artist album sorting was sometimes overridden incorrectly (#7349)
(DVR) Parse timestamps out of XMLTV orignial air date fields (#7379)
(Hubs) Crashes when getting hubs (#7419)
(Transcoder) Potential deadlock with static and streaming transcodes (#7410)

Plex Media Server 1.8.4 is now available to everyone

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.20.5
(NAS) Asustor ARM builds would fail to start

Plex Media Server 1.8.3 is now available to everyone

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.20.4

Plex Media Server 1.8.2 is now available to PlexPass users

(LiveTV) Stability improvements

Plex Media Server 1.8.1 is now available to PlexPass users

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.14.1
(Play Queues) Skipping to the same item in a play queue would not update the id accordingly (#7248)
(Preferences) Hide auto-update preference on platforms that don't support it (#7332)
(Streaming Brain) Allow clients to buffer more when at max quality (#6624)
(Serialization) /status/sessions endpoint for playbacks with multiple Media elements wasn't serialized to JSON correctly (#7344)
(DVR) Log tuner make/model and support status when media grabs start (#7167)
(DVR) Tuning could fail on some channels (#7313)
(DVR) Analysis could incorrectly report 9000fps. Please re-analyse problematic files
(Photos) Bad data saved inside Exposure EXIF tags could cause analysis to crash (#6822)
(Serialization) Requesting /media/providers as JSON no longer crashes PMS (#7354)
(Android) Green tint in software-decoded video (#7385)
(Transcoder) Crashes when playing VP8 content (#7281) (#7359)

Plex Media Server 1.8.0 is now available to PlexPass users

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.11.0
(DVR) Various rare crashes
(Photos) Missing date attribute on home videos leads to incorrect timeline view. (#6791)
(DVR) Stop blacklisting infomercials in EyeQ program guide data (#7188)
(DVR) Avoid crash with when loading program guide data for certain channels in Denmark (#7274)
(Playback) Deadlocks could occur during playback (#7201)
(Transcoder) Some AVI files would fail to transcode (#7164)
(Analysis) Rare crashes during analysis (#7190)
(Transcoder) HLS segment durations could be incorrectly calculated (#7266)

Plex Media Server 1.7.6 is now available to PlexPass users

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.10.0
(Local Media Agent) Add support for ietf subtitle language extensions
(DVR) Use MPEGTS for all DVR recordings
(Photos) Support dates before 1970 for photos (#5926)
(DVR) Failed to find paths to XMLTV files in Windows (#6776)

Plex Media Server 1.7.5 is now available to PlexPass users

(Linux) Ubuntu package would not install unless udev was installed (#7205)

Plex Media Server 1.7.4 is now available to PlexPass users

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.9.1
(DVR) Support for WinTV-HVR-22XX PCIe tuners
(DVR) Support for timeshift in live streams (requires upcoming iOS v4.14 and Android TV v6.2 app releases)
(Butler) Allow server updates triggered from client apps to occur during nightly maintenance (#6246)
(Windows) Failures when transcoding with EAE
(Windows) Cygwin1.dll reported as insecure by Secunia PSI, updated to 2.8.0
(Windows) Failures transcoding AAC on older versions of Windows when using the Media Foundation AAC Encoder (#7132)
(Butler) Clean up previous updaters during maintenance. PMS will keep the previous three updates (#4510)
(Photos) Moving files between folders inside the same section may result in the timeline view becoming inconsistent.
(Xbox 360) Videos with MP3 audio could go out-of-sync. (#6989)
(Discovery) Improve quality of related media on movie/show pages.
(DVR) Under certain circumstances, duplicate recordings could occur (#7144)
(DVR) Some supported WinTV models were not detected
(DVR) TVButler was not detected on Ubuntu/CentOS/Fedora/Synology (#7162)
(SHEILD) Transcoded videos were incorrectly cropped

Plex Media Server 1.5.7 is now available for everyone.

(Cloud Sync) Using Cloud Sync with Dropbox would have failed after June 28th (#7152)

Plex Media Server 1.7.3 is now available to PlexPass users

(DVR) Support of extra versions of the WinTV QuadHD
(Linux) RPM package would overwrite repo files on upgrades. (#7078)
(Chromecast) Multi-channel audio would not play back on updated devices (#7089)
(Companion) Remote control could be unreliable in some cases (e.g. Xbox One) (#3635)
(Sync) Shared users would not see sync updates in the web UI
(Hubs) Disabled upcoming movie trailer hub (#7099)

Plex Media Server 1.7.2 is now available to PlexPass users (and to all SHIELD users)

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.7.0
(Metadata) Use 16x9 aspect ratios for 480p and 576p resolution limits. (#6795)
(MDE) Corrected codec decision to prefer AAC over MP3 when on windows (#6737)
(DVR) Stutter during playback of remuxed DVR recordings (#7070)
(Tags) Tags including numbers were sorted incorrectly (#7027)
(DVR) Multiple concurrent recordings could not be made with the HDHR Dual (#6934)

Plex Media Server 1.7.1 is now available to PlexPass users.

(Streaming Brain) Incorrectly chose to Direct Stream audio under certain circumstances

Plex Media Server 1.7.0 is now available to PlexPass users.

(Transcoder) Updated transcoder
(Library) Enable the 'Allow media deletion' preference on new and default installations (#6753)
(NAS) Added Synology multivolume support (#6782)
(Camera Upload) Trying to upload files larger than 4GB would fail.
(Linux) Install issue if user has a systemd override.conf in place for PMS. (#6904)
(Linux) Install error on Ubuntu 17.04 (#6783)
(Music) Albums were incorrectly sorted (#6537 #6043)
(Streaming Brain) Rare deadlock when transcoding DASH
(Scannner) Cancelling a photo section scan could take a significant amount of time (#6663 #6699)

Plex Media Server 1.6.1 is now available for Plex Pass members.

This release is not currently flagged for auto-updating. You can grab the version from our Downloads page and update manually in the meantime.
(Transcoder) Fix an issue with transcodes failing with long Windows user names. (#6709)

Plex Media Server 1.6.0 is now available for Plex Pass members.

This release is not currently flagged for auto-updating. You can grab the version from our Downloads page and update manually in the meantime.
- (Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.4.1
- (Localization) Updated server translations
- (NAS) Synology x86_64 package support
- (NAS) Use /shares as the library root for WD MyCloud (#6678)
- (Playlists) 'Play All' may not play in the expected order (#5035 #5071)
- (Playlists) Thumnails may not be generated for smart playlists (#6459)
- (Search) Searches including an apostrophe would fail (#6585)
- (DVR) Recording timeslot preference could be off by one hour during DST (#5671)
- (DVR) End-padded recordings can terminate prematurely (#6284)
- (Metadata) TMDB API errors could cause PlexMovie agent failures
- (Network) Crashes when diagnosing with the connections endpoint (#5713)
- (Linux) Ubuntu/Fedora/CentOS systemd startup warnings (#6741)
- (Smart TV) Playback could fail when servers were not signed in (#6715)

Plex Media Server 1.5.6 is now available to everyone.
(Windows) Installer improvements

Plex Media Server 1.5.5 is now available to everyone

(Transcoder) Fix an issue with transcodes failing with long Windows user names. (#6709)

Plex Media Server 1.5.4 is now available to everyone

- (Transcoder) A/V sync issues when transcoding TrueHD audio
- (Transcoder) Transcodes could fail if the transcoder cache directory did not support filesystem change notifications (This is a fix for the known issue in 1.5.3, the workaround described above should no longer be necessary).

Plex Media Server 1.5.3 is now available to everyone.

Note: Some FreeNAS/BSD users using the Docker issues may experience issues with audio-transcoding. We are working on a fix, but a workaround is available at:

Plex Media Server 1.5.3 is now available for Plex Pass members.
- (Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.2.1.
- (Photos) Large libraries could be slow to load under some circumstances

Plex Media Server 1.5.2 is now available for Plex Pass members.
- (Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.2.0.
- (Network) Slower than expected streaming over fast connections with high latency. (#6548)
- (Transcoder) Playback failures during concurrent sessions (#6590)
- (DVR) Older SiliconDust HDHomerun tuners weren't being detected on FreeBSD.
- (Localization) Updated server translation text.

Plex Media Server 1.5.1 is now available for Plex Pass members.
(Transcoder) Changed codecs for AC3, EAC3 and TrueHD.
(DVR) Channel scans in non-US regions could return invalid options during DVR setup. (#6552)
(Scanner) Crashes during scanner shutdown. (#6463)

Plex Media Server 1.5.0 is now available for Plex Pass members.

(DVR) Support all SiliconDust HDHomerun tuners, including older generations.
(Media Flags) Updated bundle to 2017-02-27.
(TV) Add "Hide for single-season series" preference to library-level season settings. (#6349)
(DVR) Crash reading null data from OnConnect EPG. (#6516)
(DVR) Missing language name for Luba-Katanga. (#6402)
(TV) Playback issues with date-based episodes. (#6488)
(Updates) An update could be presented as being available, while being downloaded or installed. (#6374)
(Metadata) Improved classification of video resolution as 720p, 1080p, 4k, and 8k. (#2639)
(Metadata) Posters might be unnecessarily refreshed during local media agent refresh. (#6356)
(Transcoder) Don't use sampling rates above 48kHz when transcoding audio. (#6302)
(Database) Deadlocks optimizing databases under certain conditions. (#6461)
(Extras) Manually refreshing a movie could duplicate extras. (#6310)

Plex Media Server 1.4.4 is now available for everyone.

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.1.1.
(DVR) Deadlock scheduling recordings. (#6468)
(DVR) Deadlock recording while scanning photo libraries. (#6405)
(DVR) Deadlock downloading EPG data. (#6504)
(DVR) Issues recording content when remuxing to MKV from DVB-T/T2 sources. (#6498)
(Streaming Brain) Rare deadlock estimating client bandwidth. (#6505)
(DLNA) DLNA Server might start even when the setting was disabled. (#6469)
(On Deck) On Deck episodes weren't showing for managed users with restrictions. (#6387)
(Transcoder) Matroska streams were missing duration metadata (causing playback issues on Chrome and some LG TVs). (#6462)
(Media Analysis) Audio format in MP4/M4V containers was incorrectly detected (causing playback issues on the Roku). (#6439)
(Media Analysis) Excessive logging analyzing certain files. (#6339)
(Media Analysis) Restore detection of header compression in Matroska containers. (#6460)

Plex Media Server 1.4.3 is now available for everyone.

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 3.0.1.
(macOS) Automatic updates from 1.4.2 were failing. (#6435)
(Streaming Brain) Occasional crashes when per-user bandwidth limits were enabled. (#6427)
(Subtitles) Issues playing soft subtitles with certain clients. (#6386)
(Database) Performance issues or deadlocks optimizing the database while scanning photo libraries. (#6358)
(Metadata) Preserve customized text fields when unmatching. (#4999)
(Metadata) Display issues with cast members for certain shows. (#6117)
(DLNA) Crash setting preferences when preference string in settings was corrupt. (#6421)

Plex Media Server 1.4.2 is now available for Plex Pass members.

(Search) Include matching collections in search results. (Requires performing an Optimize Database on the server before it can be used the first time.) (#6006)
(Media Flags) Updated bundle to 2017-02-15.
(macOS) Code-signing issues on macOS 10.9.x and 10.10.x. (#6318)
(macOS) Unexpected requests for firewall access when launching the server. (#6315)
(Linux) RPM installation failures. (#6314)
(Chromecast) Some H.264-specific limitations were being applied to all codecs. (#6342)
(Metadata) Issues obtaining artwork from third party agents. (#6326)
(Streaming Brain) Crash transcoding video file with no video stream. (#6334)
(Music) Crash parsing invalid GraceNote album data. (#6332)
(Photos) Crash generating composite image with invalid parameters. (#6329)
(Media Analysis) Crash generating thumbnails from media with over a hundred parts. (#6327)
(Media Analysis) Rare crash performing deep media analysis. (#6335)
(Media Optimizer) Rare crash optimizing media. (#6305)
(DVR) Rare crash pruning old airings. (#6316)
(Windows) Rare crash after disabling automatic library updates. (#6346)
(Home) Crash viewing movie libraries with content filters with certain clients. (#6370)

Plex Media Server 1.4.1 is now available for Plex Pass members.

(DVR) Plex DVR beta 5.
(macOS) macOS version 10.8 is no longer supported. (#6155)
(Movies) Add related and post-play hubs for a movie's collections. (#6005) (#6011)
(Music) Improved performance of music hubs with large libraries (#6060)
(Music) Removed 'Music Videos For Recent Artists' hub. (#6075)
(Photos) Added same-day and same-month hubs for photos. (#5666)
(Metadata) Added hidden 'ArticleStrings' preference, a comma-separated list of words considered to be grammatical articles when sorting titles in a library. (#6110)
(Windows) Work around crash on startup on some Windows 10 installations. (#5719)
(Web) Transcode multi-channel audio to stereo, when transcoding audio. (#5588)
(Music) MP3 files with certain ID3v2 tag patterns were being ignored. (#5093)
(Music) Local lyrics weren't displayed in certain cases. (#6153)
(Music) Transcoding lossless audio at 'original' quality to a lossy codec could result in low-bitrate output. (#5858)
(Music) Issues with Plex Mixes on NVIDIA SHIELD. (#5724)
(Metadata) Sort cast entries from TVDB correctly. (#5744)
(Metadata) Posters and art were unnecessarily re-downloaded on every refresh. (#6001)
(Metadata) Score matches similarly for TMDB and IMDB results. (#6027)
(Metadata) Issues downloading metadata from TVDB over TLS. (#5986)
(Scanner) Improve performance refreshing album metadata. (#3894)
(Scanner) Fixed intermittent crash on startup, particularly for FreeBSD users. (#6026)
(Network) Server would transiently deny access to apps that hadn't run for a while. (#5443)
(Network) Server might become unresponsive under load. (#5558)
(Network) Incorrect Remote Access status reported in some cases. (#5834) (#6105)
(Subtitles) Prefer embedded subtitles, over agent-provided sidecar subtitles in bundles. (#5848)
(Database) Improve database backup performance. (#5839)
(Transcoder) Improve streaming MKV output, improving seek performance with conformant clients. (#2495)
(Hubs) Adding many episodes from a single show could swamp Recently Added hubs. (#5687)
(Sync) Sync items in a failure state might not be cleared on next successful sync. (#6078)
(Sync) Improved performance when garbage-collecting (#6077)
(Sync) Empty sync items might not be marked as completed. (#6194)
(NAS) Rare installation failures on Synology devices. (#6045)
(Channels) Issues on Windows for some channels, e.g. ExportTools. (#6127)
(DVR) Fix for post-processing sometimes not moving files into library (#6087)
(DVR) Fix a rare crash while processing recording schedule (#6050)
(DVR) When adding or removing a device, make sure we re-run scheduling (#6177)
(DVR) Support for logical channels in XMLTV, may require remapping.
(DVR) Support for previously-shown element in XMLTV.
(DVR) A recording with pre-padding could be cancelled prematurely (#6256)
The default sort order for albums was alphabetical (#6255)
A rare crash when computing recently added TV shows.

Plex Media Server 1.3.4 is now available for everyone.

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 2.13.0
(Media Flags) Updated bundle to 2016-12-22 (#6033)
(DLNA) Crash browsing to certain photo library sections. (#5874)
(Streaming Brain) Certain videos might transcode instead even when enough bandwidth was available to direct play. (#6085) (#6216)

Plex Media Server 1.3.3 is now available for everyone.

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 2.12.5.
(DLNA) Transcoded videos weren't showing up on older Sony TVs and Blu-ray players. (#5902)
(Photos) Video clips in photo sections might have incorrect dates. (#5924)
(Media Optimizer) Version file names would replace non-ASCII characters with underscores. (#5944)
(Transcoder) Issues playing some MPEG-TS videos. (#5977)
(Transcoder) Issues burning PGS subtitles on Western Digital PR devices. (#6013)
(Transcoder) Issues encoding H.264 on the NVIDIA SHIELD. (#5921)
(TV) Episodes without season and episode numbers were sorting ahead of all others. (#5777)
(TV) Scanning a show with a new episode could leave the episode unlinked to its series until a library refresh. (#5939)
(Search) Better disambiguation of matching search results. (#5785)
(Search) Searches might return other users' playlists. (#5972)
(Scanner) Changing the case of a filename would completely recreate the item on case-insensitive filesystems. (#5935)
(Media Analysis) Pre-play pages weren't always triggering a media analysis refresh when needed.
A number of user-reported crashes. (#5788) (#5981) (#5894) (#5991) (#5993) (#5994) (#5995) (#5997) (#5999)

Plex Media Server 1.3.2 is now available for everyone.

(NAS) Improve support for Western Digital MyCloud PR2100 and PR4100 devices.
(Localization) Updated server translation text. (#5908)

Plex Media Server 1.3.1 is now available for Plex Pass members.

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 2.12.3.
(Transcoder) Improved performance and stability.
(Transcoder) Use platform-provided fonts when burning subtitles on Windows and OS X. Reduces application package size.
(Media Analysis) Updated video and music media analysis to be more stable and consistent across platforms.
(Photos) Avoid occasional duplicate tagging of images during scan. (#5836)
(Media Analysis) Deep analysis data was being erased under some circumstances. (#5898)
(Windows) Crashes when running Resource Monitor. (#5832)
(DLNA) Crashes browsing photos library sections. (#5874)
(Relay) Relayed connections weren't always working with shared users. (#5869)
(Linux) Issues with Premium Music on some Linux/NAS x86 platforms. (#5897)
(Linux) Install issues on CentOS/Fedora/Ubuntu. (#5903) (#5905)
(Scanner) Clean up show names obtained from file names.
A number of user-reported server crashes. (#5850) (#5871) (#5873) (#5855)

Plex Media Server 1.3.0 is now available for Plex Pass members.

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 2.11.0.
(Photos) Optional automatic tagging of photos in Photo libraries. (Requires a Plex Pass.)
(Photos) Massively improved performance of photo library scans.
(Music) Improve matching of local album art. (#5654)
(Apple TV) Improve seeking behavior. (#5029)
(Sync) Issues syncing photo sync items on folders with lots of subfolders. (#5284)
(Sync) Occasional issues syncing from multiple sync clients. (#5767)
(Sync) Errors syncing playlists inside folders. (#5780)
(Transcoder) Boost audio using a rematrix adjustment, instead of simply increasing volume. (#4594)
(Scanner) Music scanner fails to scan in files with replaygain_seratogain_gain. (#4352)
(Scanner) Issues refreshing libraries when library locations contained trailing slashes. (#5396)
(Scanner) Issues scanning certain Hawaii Five-O episodes.
(Scanner) Duplicate status alerts generated for Camera Uploads. (#5150)
(Metadata) Adding an album to Various Artists was causing other albums to be refreshed. (#4418)
(Metadata) Preserve user edited text fields when unmatching and rematching a media file. (#4999)
(Video) Improve performance when direct streaming video on some TV apps. (#5532)
(Music) The music library created during setup wasn't premium for Plex Pass users. (#5775)
(Music) Support local per-track music videos, stored globally. (#5564)
(Music) Replace 'Popular New Music Videos' hub with 'Recently Added Music Videos'. (#5564)
(Relay) Cache host keys to improve relay startup performance. (#5516)
(DLNA) Issues with TV show watched status on DLNA clients and LG Medialink. (#5609)
(DLNA) Crash generating DIDL for videos with no video streams. (#5731)
(Sharing) Issues with content rating restrictions containing diacritics and other non-ASCII characters. (#5565)
(HTTP) Return 503 errors when server is overloaded. (#5530)
(Search) Duplicate search results in certain cases. (#5657)
(Safari) Downloads weren't resuming correctly. (#5548)
(iTunes) Importing iTunes playlist from a non-default location wasn't working on Windows. (#5755)
Artwork and images might not display in certain clients when the server wasn't signed in. (#5748)
A number of user-reported server crashes. (#5465) (#5773) (#5788) (#5804)

Plex Media Server 1.2.7 is now available for everyone.

- (Web) Updated Plex Web to 2.10.10.
- (Media Flags) Updated bundle.
- Playback issues on Roku, iOS and other platforms. (#5715)
- Occasional server hangs during video playback. (#5505) (#5658)

Plex Media Server 1.2.6 is now available for everyone.

- (TV) Issues playing transcoded music on the PlayStation 4 and other TV and Web apps. (#5703)

Plex Media Server 1.2.5 is now available for everyone.

- (Music) Issues scanning premium music libraries. (#5684)
- (Metadata) Issues obtaining preview images from (#5665)

Plex Media Server 1.2.4 is now available for Plex Pass members.

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 2.10.7.
(PS4) Crash starting music playback from a PS4. (#5620)
(Scanner) Issues handling non-ASCII characters in path names on certain platforms. (#5129) (#5231)
(Linux) Crashes adding or removing libraries on some platforms. (#5615)
(Linux) Don't override the default Python install on Centos/Fedora. (5651)
(NVIDIA SHIELD) Issues with premium music libraries. (#5643)
(OS X) Exclude *.photoslibrary from default photos library. (#4910)
A number of user-reported server crashes. (#5598) (#5644) (#5647)

Plex Media Server 1.2.3 is now available for Plex Pass members.

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 2.10.5.
(Media Flags) Update bundle.
(Localization) Updated server translations.
(Network) Clients might incorrectly report a server as unclaimed or remote access as unavailable after network timeouts. (#4994)
(Streaming Brain) In some cases the server could unexpectedly reserve any remaining bandwidth. (#5447)
(Streaming Brain) Playback failures on Android. (#5537 #5589)
(Streaming Brain) Issues starting transcode sessions with OpenPHT. (#5546)
(Streaming Brain) Issues transcoding sidecar subtitles while Direct Playing a video. (#5540)
(Scanner) Library section analysis wasn't always working. (#5536)
(Scanner) Issues scanning TV series with numeric names. (#5547)
(Camera Upload) Duplicate photos could be uploaded in some cases on case-sensitive filesystems. (#5509)
(Camera Upload) Uploads were failing if the target library path didn't already exist. (#5553)
(Music) Unplayable music videos might show up after refreshing certain albums. (#5559)
(Metadata) Issues obtaining preview images from (#5524)
(Linux) Transcoder errors caused by an invalid locale configuration on certain systems. (#4717)
(NAS) Crashes on ReadyNAS 6.6. (#5567)
(NAS) Issues scanning when paths contained non-ASCII characters. (#5618)

Plex Media Server 1.2.2 is now available for Plex Pass members.

(Web) Updated Plex Web 2.9.3, which was missing from the previous release

Plex Media Server 1.2.1 is now available for Plex Pass members.

Blog Post:
New Feature - Streaming Brain.
(Streaming Brain) Preference for limiting bandwidth on WAN uploads. Limits can be per-stream and total.
(Streaming Brain) Playback session termination reasons are sent to the client and displayed to the user. This may require an updated client.
(Streaming Brain) Removed 'Prioritize streaming transcodes' preference. Background transcodes such as Sync, Media Optimizer, and video preview thumbnail generation are always prioritized behind streaming transcodes, and will pause completely if the simultaneous transcode limit is reached.
(Streaming Brain) Removed 'Cloud Sync upload speed limit' preference. Sync traffic automatically scales based on streaming WAN usage, and uses whatever bandwidth is left unused.
(Web) Updated Plex Web to 2.9.3.
(Relay) Allow multiple connections from PMS to relay servers. (#4894)
(Windows) Localize installer for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese locales. (#5189)
(Linux) QNAP x64 packages for the new QTS 4.3 64bit firmware.
(NVIDIA SHIELD) Support premium Plex music libraries. (#4991)
(NVIDIA SHIELD) Relay was crashing on startup. (#5419)
(Transcoder) Failures transcoding video files that lack a video stream. (#4503)
(Transcoder) Stuttering video transcoding HE-AAC on macOS. (#5376)
(Transcoder) Completed transcodes might continue to block static transcodes. (#5423)
(Subtitles) Inconsistent automatic subtitle selection for media containing multiple embedded subtitles. (#5011)
(On Deck) Handle specials and episodes without a known air date better in On Deck. (#4661)
(Camera Upload) Fix a couple of edge case scenarios when resuming uploads. (#5152) (#5218)
(Pub-Sub) Better load distribution selecting servers. (#4915)
(Relay) Relay process might not be killed when the media server shuts down on certain Unix platforms. (#5173)
(Butler) Issues deleting old files in cache directory.
(Media Analysis) Scanner crashes analyzing mp4 files lacking moov atoms. (#5373)
(Media Analysis) Some 1080i media wasn't being recognized as being interlaced. (#5279)
(Media Analysis) Crashes analyzing certain photos with malformed metadata tags. (#5461)
(Metadata) Issues recognizing episodes of shows whose names contain multiple numeric digits. (#5377)
(Search) Duplicate results from different libraries now indicate the library of origin. (#4949)
(Search) Treat searches using a single non-ASCII character the same as a single ASCII character. (#5319)
(Linux) Local Media Agent errors when paths/files contained non-ASCII characters. (#5470)
(Linux) Fixed Readynas RN2xx build to work on ReadyNAS OS Firmware 6.6.0 (#5512)
A number of user-reported server crashes. (#5042) (#5459)

Plex Media Server 1.1.4 is now available for everyone.

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 2.8.1.
(Nvidia Shield) Enable DLNA server. (#5013)
(Security) Allow http requests using the server's machine name to authenticate using the "networks allowed without auth" preference. (#5270)
Improved crash reporting infrastructure. (#4669)
(LG) Connectivity problems when older LG MediaLink TVs connect to signed-in servers with whitelisted IP addresses. (#5271)
(Ubuntu) Installation failures on certain VPS systems lacking /proc/1/comm. (#5300)
(QNAP) Issues restarting PMS after unclean shutdown. (#5309)
(Trailers) Plex Movie agent 'Use red band (restricted audiences) trailers when available' preference was being ignored when downloading trailers. (#5298)
Enabling network logging in clients could cause the server to hang. (#5277)
Spurious "Streaming session doesn't exist" errors when playing synced content on certain clients. (#5264)

Plex Media Server 1.1.3 is now available for everyone.

IMPORTANT: With the security changes in version 1.1.0, if your Plex Media Server is signed in to a account, then all of the apps you use must also be signed-in. If you use older apps that cannot authenticate (e.g. LG's MediaLink app), you can add the IP address of the device to the following advanced preference: Settings > Server > Network > List of IP addresses and networks that are allowed without auth. (We strongly encourage apps to be signed in for improved security and enhanced functionality.)
(Media Flags) Update bundle.
(NAS) Non-ASCII characters were being encoded to XML incorrectly on certain ARM devices. (#5255)
(Android) Enforce h264 profile limitations correctly. (#5233)

Plex Media Server 1.1.2 is now available for Plex Pass members.

(Security) Devices authorized with the "networks allowed without auth" preference were unable to render images and play media when the server was signed in.
(OS X) Fix issue with automatic updates. (Upgrades from 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 will require manual installation.)

Plex Media Server 1.1.1 is now available for Plex Pass members.

(Web) Updated Plex Web to 2.7.10
(Security) "Networks allowed without auth" preference now also works when server is signed in.
(Security) "Networks allowed without auth" preference can be used with IP addresses, as well as netmask filters.
(Network) Browsers denied access to the server's root path are now redirected to Plex Web. (#5100)
(Subtitles) Subtitle auto selection didn't quite match the specification. (#4565)
(Relay) Issues starting relay on certain NAS devices. (#5126)
(Metadata) Show theme music wasn't downloaded when using third party TVDB DVD order agent. (#5159)
(Metadata) Occasional issues getting metadata from TVDB. (#5199)
(Shows) Fixed viewing seasons with the unwatched filter enabled on older and third party clients. (#5182)
(Thumbnails) Failures running scheduled task for thumbnail generation. (#5195)
(Extras) Cloud trailers might not be downloaded on startup on faster systems. (#5188)
(Channels) Only offer iTunes, iPhoto, and Aperture channel preferences on supported platforms. (#5157)
(Windows) Disable iTunes channel by default. (#5157)
(Windows) Issues loading Plex Web on IE11 (#5181)
(OS X) Fix auto-update not working in some cases. (#5212)
(Now Playing) Issues with play queues containing mixed photos and videos. (#5164)
Some rare server crashes. (#4951)

Plex Media Server 1.1.0 is now available for Plex Pass members.

Support videos in photo libraries. (#3928)
Support uploading videos to photo libraries. (#3522)
(Web) Updated Plex Web to 2.7.8.
(Security) When server is signed in, clients must be signed in as well, even if they are on the LAN or on localhost. (#3819)
(Preferences) New pref to enable/disable deep media analysis.
(Windows) Updating the server from Plex Web no longer requires user intervention. (#4136)
(Sync) Items present in multiple synced playlists would only appear in the first synced playlist. (#4967)
(Media Optimizer) Unexpected behavior when version jobs overlap to include the same videos. (#4840)
(Media Optimizer) Reprocess item when original processing decided a media item was compatible, but the media item was deleted. (#4840)
(Transcoder) Playback failures with pcm_dvd audio. (#4980)
(Transcoder) Use faster AAC encoder on slower NAS systems. (#5058)
(Media Analysis) Scanner hangs with early AAC files from iTunes. (#5041)
(Media Analysis) Detect DTS-HD MA audio streams again. (#4766)
(Media Analysis) Improve performance of deep media analysis. (#5068)
(Media Analysis) Issues generating video preview thumbnails for certain HEVC videos on windows. (#5139)
(Butler) Long-running Butler tasks could starve others from executing (#4873)
(Chapters) Chapter thumbnail generation could fail repeatedly with invalid media. (#5043)
(Metadata) Improve TVDB agent performance by not using TMDb information. (#5110)
(Metadata) Changing title could overwrite sort title. (#3971)
(Metadata) Fall back to release dates from TMDB when IMDB has no data. (#4978)
(Metadata) Fall back to English-language fields when metadata is unavailable in desired language. (#5015)
(Metadata) Show durations in minutes could be incorrectly interpreted as milliseconds (#5012)
(Metadata) Handle empty movie release dates from TMDb. (#5096)
(Photos) Photos might play back in wrong order. (#5035)
(Nvidia Shield) Enable DLNA server. (#5013)
(Windows) Install Media Feature Pack on Windows Anniversary Update N and KN (#5064)
(Windows) Plex Relay process wasn't starting up in some configurations. (#5118)
(OS X) Plex Relay executable wasn't correctly signed.
(OS X) Occasional crashes on some older versions of MacOS. (#5028)
(Android) Improve H.264 limitations in profile. (#4930)
(iOS) 'Go to Show' from episode context menu wasn't working. (#4811)
(Xbox One) Improve reliability when proxying Plex Companion commands. (#4002)
Improve localization of certain error messages. (#4587)

Plex Media Server 1.0.3 is now available for everyone.

Crash handling certain requests from PS4 clients. (#4984)
(OS X) Don't prevent the display from going to sleep.
(Metadata) Issues obtaining data from TVDB, requiring server restart.
(Metadata) Fallback to English TVDB searches when searching with another language fails. (#4933)
(Metadata) Tracks and disc numbers in premium music libraries could be affected by bad tag data. (#4437)

Plex Media Server 1.0.2 is now available for Plex Pass members.

Save track offsets in music libraries that have opted in. (#3370)
Updated Media Flags bundle.
(OS X) Startup failures on some older versions of MacOS. (#4969)
(Windows) DLNA server process might not have a firewall exemption. (#4136)
(Claiming) Better error message if server claiming fails (#4907)
(Linux) Fix migration script for users with custom app data directories. (#4808)
(Linux) Improve Fedora/Ubuntu SELinux support. (#4808)
(Metadata) Issues fetching metadata for Pokémon TV series. (#4966)
(Metadata) Handle multiple directors returned from TVDB. (#4960)
(Metadata) Fetch localized titles correctly using Plex Movie Agent. (#4963)

Plex Media Server 1.0.1 is now available for Plex Pass members.

Update Plex Web to 2.7.4.
Updated Media Flags bundle.
(Preferences) Advanced preference to run the scanner at low priority (intended for low-powered devices). (#4845)
(Metadata) Rename Freebase Agent to Plex Movie Agent.
(Metadata) Plex Movie Agent combines the best possible metadata from multiple sources (IMDb, The Movie Database, and Rotten Tomatoes).
(Metadata) Added preferences to Plex Movie Agent and TheTVDB Agent to control metadata source of rating, cast info, and summary.
(Metadata) Allow TheTVDB agent to use The Movie DB's HD episode images, so you can have the best of both worlds.
(Metadata) Upgrade to TheTVDB API v2.
(Transcoder) Playback failures playing subtitles on iOS with a Windows server. (#4828)
(Transcoder) Crashes with unreliable internet connections. (#4827)
(Transcoder) Playback issues with AAC audio containing more than six channels on Windows (#4830, #4843)
(Transcoder) Crashes in certain error cases. (#4881)
(Transcoder) Errors transcoding source audio with negative timestamps on Windows. (#4833)
(Transcoder) Errors transcoding subtitles. (#4862)
(Transcoder) Errors decoding MSMPEG4v3 video on certain platforms. (#4919)
(Transcoder) Server hangs while transcoding in certain rare cases. (#4943)
(Media Analysis) Scanner could hang with 100% CPU usage when analyzing videos with invalid packets. (#4821)
(Metadata) Remove broken Google search for matching movies and TV shows.
(Now Playing) Channel content wasn't showing up in Now Playing. (#4893)
(Security) Refresh TLS certificate after signing out multiple times. (#4817)
(Network) Respect X-Forwarded-For headers sent from local or loopback addresses. (#4682)
(Network) Crashes unpublishing the server in certain rare cases. (#4885)
(Framework) Noisy 'HTTPError' object has no attribute 'read' errors in logs. (#4449)
(FreeBSD) Update checks weren't working correctly. (#4844)
(OS X) In some cases, lyrics would not display (#4872)
(Web) Playback failures when media has unselected subtitles. (#4939)
(PHT) Compatibility issues with version 1.0.0 (#4831)
Chapters from ChapterDB might not load under some circumstances. (#4814)
Crashes in deep media analysis. (#4886)

Plex Media Server 1.0.0 is now available for everyone.

Blog Post:
Please Note: Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and OS X 10.6/10.7 are no longer supported in PMS

Update Plex Web to 2.7.0.
(Chromecast) Use opus instead of mp3 when transcoding music. (#4805)
(Sync) Changed Sync database format. Downgrading to older Plex Media Server builds may cause Sync problems. (#3959)
(Sync) Synced content wouldn't show up on iOS in some rare cases. See (#3959)
(Media Analysis) Crashes analyzing certain .wtv files. (#4789)
(Network) Update server information when port mapping fails. (#4758)
(Metadata) Speed up album refreshes in some cases when using agent.
(Transcoder) Playback failures skipping to near end of video. (#4803)
(Transcoder) Rare crashes with unreliable internet connections. (#4803)
Jun 22, 2016
Get concert information from Songkick service. (#4664)
(Sync, Media Optimizer) Unthrottle background transcodes when all streaming transcodes are throttled. (#4621)
(Sync) Time out if upload to cloud storage provider stalls. (#4772)
(Network) Respect X-Forwarded-For headers when determining remote address. (#4682)
(Security) Corrected some edge cases parsing the allowed networks preference. (#730)
(Security) Don't re-enable server publishing on sign-in, if it was disabled. (#4118)
(Security) Refresh TLS certificate at most once per process. (#4765)
(Transcoder) Run background transcodes at normal priority when preference to prefer streaming transcodes is disabled. (#4625)
(Transcoder) Unthrottle background transcodes when streaming transcodes throttle. (#1901)
(Transcoder) Don't store files in <AppData>/Plex directory (#4718)
(Media Analysis) Incorrect duration in certain rare cases. (#4703)
(Media Optimizer) Defer in-progress directory creation until transcode begins. (#4709)
(Metadata) Missing metadata with non-English locales. (#4712)
(Metadata) Failures getting metadata from TMDb metadata. (#4738,
(Linux) Invalid locale crashes with certain startup scripts. (#4717)
(NAS) Crashes on some Synology devices. (#4737)
After splitting two merged home movies, editing one would affect the other. (#4524)
Jun 10, 2016
(Transcoder) Prune HLS and DASH segments when disk space is low, instead of failing transcodes with insufficient space. (#3918)
(Preferences) Preference to control chapter thumbnail generation. (#4232)
(Metadata) Add director and writer images for supported clients. (#3863)
(Metadata) Cast/director/writer information is now saved in a new format. (You'll need to refresh content if you downgrade to a previous version of the server.)
(Search) Quick Search now searches across all libraries of the same type. (#4153)
Services bundle auto-updates independently of media server installations again. (#4272)
Updated Media Flags bundle.
Use CineMaterial instead of MoviePosterDB.
Updated Media Flags.
Updated client profiles for a number of platforms.
(OS X) Mac OS versions 10.6 and 10.7 are no longer supported.
(Windows) Windows Vista is no longer supported.
(Windows) Install Media Feature Packs during setup on Windows N and KN SKUs.
(Linux) ARMv5, PowerPC, ROS4 and unRAID 32-bit NAS devices are no longer supported (see complete list at
(Sync) Reprocess items if necessary when original media is removed. (#3800)
(Sync) Sync v1 items were including redundant subtitle streams. (#1704)
(Sync) Show a clear error message when a user's sync item is no longer authorized. (#4453)
(Sync) Rare case where transcodes could fail when transcoding to an empty directory. (#4589)
(Sync) Unable to sync global On Deck to Sync v1 clients. (#4652)
(Security) Reload server's TLS certificate if cached copy doesn't work. (#4235)
(Security) Reuse certificate when secure connections are disabled, then re-enabled. (#4007)
(Thumbnails) Don't re-attempt failed thumbnail generation using the same version of the transcoder. (#3973)
(Media Optimizer) Optimization jobs might fail on some NAS devices when the optimization folder was kept open. (#4446)
(Chapters) Ignore lone video chapters near start position (#4399)
(Now Playing) Missing show and artist data and artwork (#4042)
(Security) Servers using custom certificates could fail to publish secure addresses to (#4601)
(On Deck) Episodes could display out of order. (#4680)
(Hubs) 'Start Watching' hub no longer includes shows with partially watched episodes. (#4015)
(Hubs) 'Continue Watching' hub for TV libraries was missing progress bars. (#3524)
(Hubs) Music hubs for restricted users could be slow in certain cases. (#3958)
(Hubs) Improve performance of play queues created from 'Recently Added' hubs (#4238)
(Postplay) Postplay screen for managed users displayed results for admin account. (#4344)
(Agents) Use HTTPS where possible when talking to external services. (#4148)
(Transcoder) Errors transcoding photos when localhost is not (#4008)
(Transcoder) Setting the throttle buffer to zero wasn't disabling throttling. (#4556)
(Transcoder) Failures transcoding some RTMP channel content. (#4684)
(Transcoder) Failures seeking inside some transcoded videos containg remuxed AAC audio.
(Remote Access) Incorrect internal IP address displayed on server mapping page. (#3908)
(OS X) Improve idle sleep prevention. (#3930)
(OS X) Unnecessary "Allow Incoming Connections" prompt on server startup. (#3923)
(OS X) Bundle wasn't signed correctly. (#4626)
(Windows) Better tray icon. (#4314)
(Windows) Don't open iTunes app when iTunes channel is disabled. (#4328)
(Windows) Install Media Foundation prerequisite on Windows Server 2008 R2.
(Windows) Always request a reboot after installing Media Foundation on Windows Server.
(Composites) Make composite image generation more random. (#2153)
(Composites) Failures generating composite images for certain playlists. (#4021)
(Scanner) Import genre, year and image from WMA music files. (#4364)
(Scanner) Don't merge music albums which were wrongly identified as the same album. (#3629)
(Scanner) Tolerate errors reading corrupt FLAC file tags. (#4076)
(Scanner) Don't stop scanning when a single file is corrupt or has other issues. (#4432)
(Scanner) Improve matching by recognizing reversed filenames. (#4358)
(Scanner) DC Comics movies are no longer scanned as director's cuts. (#4302)
(Metadata) Failures connecting to
(Metadata) Issues with search results from The Movie DB.
(Preferences) Hide plugin time-out preference, ensure it's always at least fifteen seconds. (#4406)
(Network) Process Accept-Language headers correctly. (#4367)
(Network) Process HTTP headers as case-insensitive (#3735)
(Network) Rare cases where HTTP requests might be received, but never processed (#4248)
(Network) Rare HTTP 401 responses when server is starting up (#4376)
(Bundles) Be more resilient installing unrelated bundles when one fails. (#4612)
(Plex Media Player) Transcodes using unusual channel layouts might fail.
Remove hard-coded limit on number of Recently Added items. (#3966)
Music videos for Recent Artists were being randomized incorrectly. (#4041)
Incorrect filters were being displayed with unwatched only filter. (#4252)
When editing metadata, the year field wasn't respecting its lock status on refresh (#4560)
Hide music video extras for albums which have user restrictions. (#3121)
Device names with non-latin characters weren't being handled correctly. (#4028)
Slow performance accessing item details. (#1761)
Detect process launch failures more accurately on Unix systems (#3738)
Improve stability with premium music libraries. (#4159)
Improve stability of TMDb agent.
Improve media analysis for non-H.264 video.
View state from the wrong user could be displayed in certain cases. (#4074)
Auto-update downloads could stall without timing out.
Crashes with invalid HTTP requests. (#4403)
Crashes playing transcoded content with older versions of Firefox. (#4630)
Occasional crashes playing video. (#4616)
Crashes logging certain string patterns (#4438)
Apr 22, 2016
Various updates to Services and Media Flags.
Apr 15, 2016
Update Plex/Web to 2.6.1.
Various updates to Services and Media Flags.
(Windows) Localized tray icon to German, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese.
(Metadata) Improve TVDB matching of newly added shows.
(Metadata) Prevent movie sort titles getting reverted to default values. (#3817)
(Metadata) Detect forced flag in external idx/sub subtitles file name. (#4196)
(Transcoder) Client profile limitations could be applied incorrectly in rare cases. (#4292)
(HTTP) Respect case-insensitivity of HTTP headers. (#3735)
(Web) Save "Include in dashboard" library setting correctly with Chrome. (#4295)
(Windows) Crashes transcoding large numbers of srt files. (#4276)
Subtitles might not be automatically selected when an audio stream was forced. (#4271)
Apr 5, 2016
Update Plex/Web to 2.6.0
(Media Optimizer) Episodes from shows whose titles have trailing periods might be repeatedly reprocessed (on Windows).
(Media Optimizer) Transcoded special episodes weren't following the naming convention.
(Media Optimizer) Optimized versions could be automatically deleted while being watched.
(Transcoder) Transcoder process crashes weren't being reliably detected on non-Windows platforms.
(Transcoder) Issues transcoding music files with high sampling rates.
(Transcoder) The highest quality audio encoder wasn't always selected with Direct Streaming disabled.
(DLNA) Crashes entering movie sections with Samsung Smart TV DLNA client.
(Windows) Show tray icon on recent Windows Insider Preview builds.
(Windows) Overwrite older files more reliably during setup.
(Metadata) Download higher quality artist posters from
(Metadata) Fix top tracks for music libraries.
(Metadata) Missing Rotten Tomatoes metadata when movie has no trailers and language is not set to English
(PS4) Certain images weren't being cached while browsing.
(Web) Plex Pass privileges weren't being recognized on first sign-in.
Issues with .plexignore files.
Issues with playback from some unofficial Plex Channels.
Mar 21, 2016
Update Plex/Web to 2.5.9
New installs weren't offering a simple way to sign into
Transcoded music playback was failing on Playstation 3 and 4 apps.
Mar 17, 2016
(NAS) Support Synology DS414j, DS416j and DSM 6.0 Beta
(Windows) Occasional HTTP 500 errors when playing media.
(NAS) Warn if the Synology DSM version is too old.
(Transcoder) In rare cases, clients might see partial files when downloading segmented WebVTT subtitles.
(Transcoder) Failures transcoding online content with limited media analysis info.
(Transcoder) Don't select an unavailable media item for playback when another one is available.
Mar 12, 2016
Update Plex/Web to 2.5.8
(Sync) Errors deleting transcoded media after client download.
(Sync) Prioritize sync and media optimizer transcodes above generating video preview thumbnails.
(Cloud Sync) Reduce maximum h264 level to 4.0.
(Media Optimizer) Preserve forced subtitle attribute.
(Transcoder) Some edge cases around MPEG4 video handling.
(Transcoder) Cleanly stop transcode sessions when writing to disk fails.
(Transcoder) Segmented WebVTT subtitles might be displayed incorrectly before long periods of silence.
(Lyrics) Handle deleted sidecar lyrics correctly.
(Relay) Issues starting relay service when account name contains spaces.
(Relay) Improve logging of error conditions.
(Relay) Kill relay service process during shutdown.
(Windows) Delete files when moving to recycle bin fails.
(Windows) Launch as incorrect user when automatic update was installed using different account.
(Windows) Automatic update installs are no longer unattended (due to the issue above).
(Linux) Issues using the PLEX_MEDIA_SERVER_USE_SYSLOG environment.
(QNAP) Ignore @Recycle folders.
When sorting shows by date added, the last-added episode date should be used.
Change .plexignore behavior to use glob matching for directories, while filtering subdirectories correctly.
Ensure all log traces are written before process shutdown.
Feb 29, 2016
(Metadata) Support local artist posters and fanart.
(Metadata) Support local album fanart.
(Metadata) Support 'short', 'featurette' and 'other' sidecar movie extras.
Log files are now versioned as .X.log instead of .log.X.
(OS X) Log files are now stored in a dedicated "~/Library/Logs/Plex Media Server" directory
(PMP) Support remuxing FLAC audio for video transcodes.
(Prefs) Move advanced Update Channel pref to non-advanced section.
Improved startup times on multi-core systems.
(Lyrics) Handle lyrics files with CR linebreaks.
(Media Optimizer) Improved default sorting of items for Media Optimizer, Playlists, and Sync.
(Metadata) Show correct release date for MP3 music files.
(Metadata) Read metadata from MP4 movie files without audio track.
(Metadata) Don't strip dots from song titles.
(Metadata) Artists with trailing dots weren't showing album metadata in music libraries using the agent.
Generate thumbnails with correct aspect ratios for anamorphic content.
Reliably find local assets for multi-disc music albums.
Improve reliability of .plexignore handling.
Improve reliability of library cleanup during scanning.
Incorrect playlist durations when items have multiple versions.
Prevent scheduled tasks from starting and ending at the same time.
Don't label media items as "Original" when there's only one.
Enable uninstalling manually installed plugins.
(Transcoder) Improve performance transcoding video to MP4 containers.
(Transcoder) Prefer transcodes of stereo sources to AAC over other multi-channel codecs.
(Transcoder) Improve compatibility of HLS transcodes with some older Samsung TVs.
(Transcoder) Failures transcoding audio with low sampling rates for the Roku.
(Transcoder) Failures copying invalid chapters when transcoding to streaming MKV.
(Transcoder) Failures burning DVB subtitles.
(Transcoder) Incorrect name and language attributes when transcoding subtitles to WebVTT.
(Transcoder) Online content requiring a specific user agent wasn't transcoding correctly.
(Prefs) Removed obsolete "Offer higher bitrates over 3G connections" preference.
(Prefs) Removed obsolete "Enable Dolby Digital on Apple TV" preference.
(Playlists) Sorting playlists by duration wasn't working.
(Windows) Failures installing when Windows Firewall service is disabled.
(Windows) Automatically launch the server after auto update.
(Windows) Incorrect Windows version listed in installer logs.
(iOS) Failures playing MP4 video with MP3 audio.
(DLNA) Connect to remote media servers securely.
(DLNA) Crashes when video has no audio stream.
(Roku) TV play queues weren't advancing
(Bundles) A number of small service fixes.
Feb 23, 2016
Multiple subtitles in a single file could be lost after a metadata update.
Auto-update could require a manual install in some cases.
(Roku) Improve stability resuming video over HLS.
(Windows) Simplify auto-update experience.
(Windows) Never reboot after a media server auto-update.
(Windows) Fix license link in 'about' dialog.
Feb 20, 2016
(UI) Easily secure insecure media servers on the local network.
Update Plex/Web to 2.5.6
(Transcoder) Respect profile limitations around VBR audio.
Feb 16, 2016
Recognize JPEG 2000 files as photos.
Recognize WebVTT files as external subtitles.
(PS3, PS4) Incorrect aspect ratios transcoding anamorphic video.
(Chromecast) Remove 12Mbps video bitrate limit.
Remove folder view from library sections when user has restrictions.
Support unicode attributes scanning WMA files.
Recently Added hub items weren't always sorted correctly.
Feb 3, 2016
(Transcoder) Improve performance transcoding video to MP4 containers.
(Media Optimizer) Crash after video transcode with certain subtitle configurations.
(Sync)(Windows) Issues ensuring transcode directory is writable.
(Sync)(iOS) Improve accuracy of synced resolution and bitrate metadata.
Jan 22, 2016
(iOS) Sync soft subtitles to iOS clients.
Advanced preference to set the x264 preset used with background transcodes.
(Windows) Plex Media Server now requires the latest service pack or update, when installed on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.
(Windows) Address installation errors on systems missing a required service pack or operating system update.
(Media Optimizer) Processing wouldn't always restart to handle newly-added library content.
(Sync) Sync item configuration changes weren't being picked up immediately.
(Sync) Watched items weren't being immediately removed from unwatched-only sync items.
(Sync) Unwatched-only sync items might not include specific unwatched items in some rare cases.
(Sync) Run Cloud Sync every 24 hours, in order to sync view counts to the cloud.
Popular tracks list for artists wasn't respecting sharing restrictions.
Netgear RN21x package no longer overwrites Preferences.xml on startup.
Incorrect auto-update download links in some rare cases.
Playback could fail to start on LG TVs in some rare cases.
Subtitles in 'mov_text' format might not transcode correctly.
Crash during episode post-play.
Jan 7, 2016
(Sync) Transcodes for iOS now include all audio streams from the source file.
(iOS/Apple TV) Support Direct Play for HLS streams from channels.
Support Synology DiskStation DS216play and DS716+ devices
(Windows) Resolved installer error "Another version of this product is already installed".
(Windows) Allow host PC to go to sleep.
(Windows) Transcoder errors with non-ASCII user names.
(Media Optimizer) Update default target max bitrates to 1080p/8Mbps (TV) and 720p/4Mbps (Mobile).
(Sync) Original item order wasn't preserved when processing items.
(Sync) Unwatched-only policies weren't working as expected for some sync items.
(Sync) Unwatched-only and limit policies weren't being applied to synced playlists.
(Sync) Cloud Sync stability improvements.
Improved accuracy and reliability of PubSub server selection.
In some cases, movie year was incorrectly being set to the file's creation time.
Playlist duration and item count could be incorrect in some cases.
Fixed a case where optimizing the database could hang the server.
Fixed crash on WD ARMv7 devices
Fixed favicon requests.
Dec 23, 2015
Allow overriding log file location using an environment variable, on non-Windows platforms.
Apple TV could display subtitle streams as English instead of the actual language.
(Media Optimizer) Display correct set of optimized videos for unwatched-only optimizations.
(Media Optimizer) Don't fail if the file system doesn't support creating a dot-prefixed directory.
Update information when secure connections preference changes.
Browse errors in some clients after restricting music library sharing by album label.
In rare cases, newly added episodes might not receive correct metadata.
(Windows) Crash on startup if iTunes registry key is corrupted.
(Windows) Show DTS-HD media flag correctly.
Improved scrobble support.
Remove an unused file that could trigger false positives from anti-virus scanners.
Dec 23, 2015
(Sync) Stability improvements
(Windows) Improve handling of library sections pointed at the root of a volume
Occasional failures detecting Internet connectivity
Signing out didn't always work
Dec 17, 2015
(Sync) Sync and Cloud Sync stability improvements
(Sync) Update cloud automatically when Cloud Sync items are deleted.
(Sync) Subtitles would not be burned in unless manually selected.
Crashes using the legacy transcoder.
Crashes signing out of server.
Playback could end early when subtitles were enabled.
WebVTT subtitles could cause playback to fail.
(OS X) Incomplete or invalid media analysis results for some streams.
Nov 25, 2015
Improve reliability of free disk space check.
Fix broken playback on PlayStation and possibly the iOS v3.5 app.
Resolved subtitle issues in files without audio.
(Sync) Subtitles were sometimes not enabled when they should have been.
Nov 24, 2015
Media Optimizer - stream the best version of your media to any device
Playback issues on servers with small temp partitions.
Playback issues with videos with non-standard orientations.
Fixed an issue with Cloud Sync reliability.
Embedded metadata in video files wasn't being read correctly.
Media analysis could crash on PPC NAS devices when media contained embedded artwork.
Nov 17, 2015
Allow client profiles to prefer MP3 over AAC audio when transcoding stereo sources.
Allow client profiles to specify a protocol when declaring Direct Play support.
Write server and operating system version info to every log file.
Advise clients when HTTPS is configured to be required.
(Sync) Sync v1 clients wouldn't download new files until server restart.
(Sync) Fix composite images for photo albums.
Fix iTunes channel playback issues
Fix filter requests with studio names containing commas.
Refresh cached transcoded thumbs when underlying photo changes.
Don't show older unwatched episodes in OnDeck after watching a newer one.
Media analysis could generate duplicated streams in some rare cases.
Media analysis could crash on PPC NAS devices when media contained embedded artwork.
Sort Artist metadata could be overwritten when updating other metadata.
Fix a socket leak that could cause the server to become unresponsive.
Fix an issue with transcoded subtitles on Firefox
Disallow transcoding online content for non-owners unless channels are shared.
Don't start streaming transcode sessions when disk space is too low.
Nov 12, 2015
Xbox 360 playback issues
Apple TV playback issues with MP4 videos containing MP3 audio
Prefer MP3 to AAC when transcoding for Apple TV
Occasional failures moving items within a play queue
Nov 7, 2015
Translations for Estonian, Japanese, Romanian and Russian.
Rich support for "soft" subtitles, including WebVTT.
Upgraded transcoder.
Allow user to install a custom SSL certificate.
(Windows) Partial directory scanning support added.
Improvements when Direct Streaming high-quality files for Roku devices.
Support for OCSP stapling.
Add support for flagging "sidecar" subtitles as forced or default.
Add support for compressed responses to the HTTP client.
(API) Support for recursive play queue generation (useful for photos).
(API) Add repeat=1 to play queue endpoint.
(API) Add count parameter to search endpoint.
Get all genres for album and artist from tracks.
Increase maximum available video quality
Add support for generating chapter thumbnails.
Use language settings from for server owner.
Support transcoding of theme music.
A number of transcode and analysis crashes on Windows.
A transcoder crash involving large WTV files.
Fix a crash during multiple simultaneous calls to /prefs endpoint.
Some issues around MPEG-DASH playback.
Improved reporting of bandwidth in HLS manifests.
When enabling remote access failed, the web UI might not show the error.
Album artwork could go missing in searches.
Fix incorrect reporting of transcoding in the web activity page.
When otherwise equal, prefer sidecar subtitles.
When signing out having enabled "only secure connections", you could become locked out.
Support "original" quality for audio.
Searches including an apostrophe character would fail.
Restricting music by sharing label didn't allow access to tracks.
Refresh "Recently Added" discovery areas more often.
Make sure Plex Mix doesn't duplicate the first (seed) track.
Search also looks in original title field.
When changing fields and artwork in quick succession, sometimes a change would be lost.
After resetting password, plugins could stop working.
Return similar artists in related discovery items.
(Windows) Don't prompt during install of autoupdates.
Audio languages now include "Uncoded Languages" and "English (Unlocalized)".
If SSL certificate doesn't match cloud's fingerprint, request a new one.
Home video discovery area didn't work with restricted accounts.
(iOS) Fix an issue where (i) button on a track doesn't work.
Improve auto-selection of multi-channel audio streams.
Videos inside discovery areas could incorrectly report being multi-part.
Set year when setting air/release date.
Prefer albumartistsort tag above artistsort for m4v music files (same as mp3).
Only use iTunes-style metadata for movies when not empty (fixes blank writers/directors/actors).
iTunes channel might not work with non-default iTunes library location.
For albums with tracks from different years, use highest for album year.
Fix for artist names in flac music files.
Fix for TheMovieDB season and episode images.
Make "respect tag" preference work for basic music library.
Clearing an originally available date could reset the year to 1900.
Detect when index files are manually deleted.
A case where composites for photo albums didn't display correctly.
Fix for resuming video on an unreleased app for an unreleased fruit-themed device.
Nov 6, 2015
Improved subtitle handling on Apple TV
Improved Direct Play support on Apple TV
Oct 29, 2015
Impove remote control reliability in certain cases.
Improved audio codec handling for an unreleased app for an unreleased fruit-themed device.
Check non-primary languages in OpenSubtitles agent.
Oct 26, 2015
A case where composites for photo albums didn't display correctly.
Fix for resuming video on an unreleased app for an unreleased fruit-themed device.
Oct 22, 2015
Premium music libraries could lose track titles on library refresh
Oct 21, 2015
TV libraries might display a blank screen on Xbox One
Oct 19, 2015
Improved Sync stability
Fix a crash during multiple simultaneous calls to /prefs endpoint.
Fix a transcoder crash on transcode session shutdown.
Turn on HTTP caching for photo transcoder endpoint.
Sep 24, 2015
Fix a new issue where background artwork wasn't returned correctly in some cases.
Sync: Fix an issue where sync item status wasn't updated.
In some cases, extras weren't downloaded for movies.
Sep 11, 2015
Upgraded the iLife channels (iTunes, iPhoto, and Aperture) so the new iOS app can use them.
Add support for videos in iPhoto channel.
A handful of fixes for Plex Companion (remote control) proxy for big-screen apps.
Sync: Fix a large memory leak when syncing (thanks, sa2000!)
Sync: Fix an issue when content synced but then the libraries weren't visible.
Sync: Fix an issue when certain items failed to sync and got stuck at 50% (i.e. didn't download).
Aug 23, 2015
- Fix the local media agent not starting correctly.
- Fix a possible crash when updating premium music libraries.
- Fix an issue that caused remuxing and audio conversion on some ARMv7 and PPC platforms to fail.
Aug 17, 2015
Fixes for low-powered NAS devices to assist new iOS app Direct Play compatible files.
Only report media deletability for owners.
Fix Mobile Sync syncing the wrong/first streams instead of using language preferences.
(API) The new excludeFields option was flattening photo libraries.
Aug 2, 2015
Fixed some regressions in Linux and NAS packaging in
(OS X) Fix a case where deleting a media file failed.
Fix for remote access in certain cases involving proxies.
Jul 30, 2015
- (Web) Restore the player on launch if the app was playing when page was reloaded/closed.
- (Web) Added shuffle and repeat modes to the music player.
- (Web) Added an "Allow Channels" restriction for shared users.
- Deleting media files moves them to trash (restoring old behavior).
- Manually specfied ports for remote access are sent to the cloud correctly.
- Upgrades work properly for Drobo, Thecus, Ubunutu and other platforms.
- Fixed a case where hitting APPLY button showed no remote access incorrectly.
- In some rare cases, multiple versions of a plugin could be started at once.
- (Web) Prefer AAC by default in Microsoft Edge.
- (Web) Better expose the enable / disable buttons in Remote Access.
Jul 24, 2015
Some packages were missing critical system bundles (e.g. Asustor, CentOS, Ubuntu i386, and others).
Disabled an expensive database migration which caused high CPU on start.
Jul 23, 2015
Support for moods in album view.
Last.FM scrobbling!
Allow filtering shows by Network.
Allow filtering episodes for duplicates.
Allow publishing arbitrary connections for servers.
Support for shared users' language and subtitle preferences from
All plugins/agents now bundled with and locked to server releases. Should be the end of having to delete System/Framework.
(Web) Remove AAC bitrate limitations.
(Sync) Assorted fixes and improvements.
(Sync) Fix an issue when syncing back play status.
(Transcoder) Fix a few deadlocks.
(Transcoder) Some videos play in slow motion.
(Transcoder) Improve video quality when converting from HEVC, VP9, and 10-bit H.264.
(Transcoder) Fixed an issue involving VOBSUB subtitles on interlaced video.
Improvements to NAT traversal, especially using UPnP.
Potential fix for an rare issue resolving EventSource server.
If Internet access comes back after outage, make sure NAT port is still mapped (thanks, sa2000!)
For unmatched media, the Local Media Agent data wasn't properly loaded.
When signing out and in again, make sure we properly publish TLS availability (thanks, sa2000!)
(Local Media) Read sort titles from MP4 files.
(Local Media) Fix a bug where album art wasn't getting cleared out.
(Plex Music) Improved artwork downloading.
(Plex Music) Fix "None" genre preference for artists.
(Plex Music) Don't add data/posters for Soundtrack and other such generic artists.
Better analysis of MP3 files for duration.
Improve quality of downscaled images.
Fix an issue where cached tags could get out of sync with full tag set.
Fix a regression where every play was showing as Direct Play in the web app.
Improve ID3v2-skipping code.
Don't move deleted bundles to Trash, delete them right away.
During analysis, make sure we check the existance (or lack thereof) of media index files.
Season posters weren't always showing up in season editor.
On Deck wasn't working for users with restrictions.
(FreeBSD) Fix to work.
Optimize the library after deleting a library.
Make sure selected artwork is downloaded locally, fixes cases where selected posters can be reset.
(Linux) Further improvements to filesystem-watching code.
Make sure we update when disabling remote access.
(Windows) Adding/removing a library doesn't cause it to scan all other other ones.
Revamped iOS device profiles to provide better quality streams to newest (and unreleased) devices.
Publish connections to when connected directly to the Internet.
Jun 11, 2015
Enable remux on PPC plaforms.
Tweak for HTTP request timer (thanks, sa2000!)
Improvements to filesystem watching functionality.
A rare issue where the transcoded video became extremely low resolution.
More improvements to search with non-latin characters.
Improved sorting by duration.
(Linux) Fix for Ubuntu wuth Kernel earlier than 2.6.33
(Sync) Various bug fixes.
Jun 4, 2015
Let there be HTTPS!
An issue editing tags with commas and other special characters.
Track mood editing issue.
Don't create duplicate playlists when importing from iTunes during first scan.
Localization on Linux wasn't working.
Improve reliablity of online presence detection.
Crash on startup due to corrupted cache file (thanks, sa2000!)
An issue where DASH streaming would fail if certain audio streams were selected.
(Windows) User installs of Python could interfere.
(Western Digital) Package improvements.
(Ubuntu) Fix config path issue.
(Ubuntu) Do not run systemctl on non systemd installs.
(Sync) Logging improvements.
(Sync) Analyze media items on-the-fly if needed.
May 21, 2015
Allow agents to provide sort titles.
Read sort titles from ID3 tags in local media agent.
Allow seasons to have artwork.
If you reparent items to a new artist, kick off a match/refresh automatically.
Replace "zero star" filter with "not rated".
Improvements to searching (ignore diacritics, word-start matching).
Don't make media bundles for tracks (saves 10 directories per track). Empty bundles to fix.
Fix a case in which partial scanning could make media go missing until the next scan.
Fix occasional duplicate seasons in Recently Added hubs.
Similar artists were ordered incorrectly.
(OS X) Code-signing issue on 10.10.4.
(Linux) Lots of fixes for scanning libraries based on filesystem changes.
(Transcoder) Specify correct H.264 level.
Fix randomness on New Music Videos hub.
(Sync) Don't sync the wrong (not selected) audio streams.
Don't allow bogus formatted dates to make their way into the database.
Recently Added seasons often didn't show up in top-level hubs, they were ordered wrong.
(DLNA) Fix broken artwork on PS3 and other issues (since
Change request time logging to wallclock time (thanks, sa2000!)
Fix files on OS X with "" characters always showing up in Recently Added.
A few crashes.
(Scanner) Fixes and improvments when "respecting tags".
(Scanner) A few more multi-disc fixes.
(Scanner) Fixed a few exceptions which could prevent removed tracks from disappearing.
(Agents) Improvments getting metadata for bands with few listeners on Last.FM.
May 4, 2015
Enable iTunes importing code for UNIX; set advanced preference with path to library XML.
Support for decade-based filtering for movies and albums.
Add a hidden preference for sorting albums (AlbumSort, with default value "year:desc").
Add a new library preference to tell scanner to respect media tags (for new libraries).
A crash shortly after startup.
(Linux) Crash on start.
(Windows) Scanner might not pick up new media, or might stop in the middle.
A few other crashes and minor stability issues.
Apr 30, 2015
Korean and Hungarian translations.
Massive speedups for HTTP server.
Keep music in the library automatically refreshed via scheduled task.
Added Similar Artists feature.
Match and download metadata as we scan for movies and music.
Added Recently Viewed Episodes hub.
Add upcoming concert dates for artists.
Music videos for tracks and artists. Vevo videos for Plex Pass.
Plex Mix (Plex Pass only).
Capture album year, and artwork (Plex Pass music scanner only) during scan.
Added Continue Watching hub for home videos.
Add sorting for TV shows based on number of unwatched episodes.
Added multi-disc support in music libraries.
Add two music video hubs for music libraries.
Add a "throwback" hub for artists you haven’t listened to in X.
Add track filter for moods (Plex Pass only).
Add Track rating filter.
Support for PS3/4 audio transcoding.
Allow artists to have countries, allow filtering by country.
Allow filtering albums by studio.
Scan new media first.
Improve background on-the-fly media analysis. Analyze albums on-the-fly.
Add sorting by "Played At and "Play Count" for artists and albums.
Strip diacriticals and macrons from sort titles and use for searching.
Use filesystem times for “added at” during first scan.
Import play counts during iTunes import.
(API) Add director search provider to global search results.
(API) Add group=X feature to the filtering language.
(API) Support for batch editing, field autocompletion.
(API) Support for deleting composite types (e.g. albums).
(API) Support for computing common fields between multiple items.
Be smarter about when to merge identical albums and when to separate.
Fix recently played hubs to not return things with zero play count.
(OS X) Fix an issue where App Nap could affect server performance.
(Windows) iTunes latest 64-bit release was broken.
Improve searching to start at word boundaries.
Clear playlist composite when clearing playlist.
Order various artists albums by name, other artists by year descending.
Speed up various endpoints, including play queue creation.
Fix a few hubs crashes.
Don’t scan right away on filesystem changes when starting up.
Delete unused tags and taggings during database maintenance.
Many performance and stability improvements.
Mar 28, 2015
Improve preferences around video thumbnail (BIF) files. Allow per-library enabling.
Improve the scheduled task to account for BIF files which were manually deleted.
Fix a few cases in which tokens could end up in logs.
SD filtering was broken.
Speed up backup of large databases in the scheduled task.
A crash analyzing certain photos.
An issue where multiple TV libraries weren't browsable on the XB360.
Massive reduction in memory when scanning or refreshing large libraries.
Photo albums could end up without thumbnails in some cases.
A few fixes for stream selection and play queues for remote control.
Various other improvements to stability.
Dec 22, 2014
Added translations for Swedish, Croatian, Chinese.
Some translations weren't enabled correctly.
In some cases, duplicate "hubs" could be returned.
(Windows) Subtitle fonts weren't loaded correctly.
Dec 17, 2014
Added a sort option for "release date" for albums.
An issue which prevented upgrading from very old version of the media server.
Improved reliability around publishing public IP to the cloud.
Allow partial matching on locales.
Occasionally extras could come back with width/height of -1.
Fixes for unRAID distribution.
FLAC files were not playing on iOS.
Improved quality of Arabic and Hebrew subtitle rendering.
Improve cloud Cinema Trailer selection.
Dec 3, 2014
Serbian translation.
Multiuser wasn't working correctly without a Plex Pass (e.g. duplicate On Deck).
A few issues upgrading from very old media servers.
Numeric share labels didn't in Plex Home.
Some packaging fixes for Thecus NAS.
Many search requests in parallel could hang the server.
Don't restart plugins as aggressively.
Cloud Sync didn't work when in a Plex Home.
Fixed an issue where Cloud Sync files over 2GB may fail to upload.
Nov 20, 2014
Plex Home!
Translations for Lithuanian, Brazilian, Danish.
Multiuser and Now Playing available for everyone.
Workaround an issue with LG TVs rebooting.
When viewing "More from" content, don't include original item.
Fix a crash on start when upgrading from a much older version.
Cleanup unused tags in the database.
DLNA server setting takes effect immediately.
Improved reliability around publishing server to the cloud.
When setting On Deck window to 0 weeks, all the Recently Added hubs disappeared.
Some AAC audio was not working with ChromeCast.
Unassociated directories with similar names could get scanned.
Issues with by-letter browsing when multibyte titles are present.
Playlist from albums has tracks ordered by track index, not album.
QNAP ARM builds supported again.
Oct 15, 2014
Added Hebrew translation.
(Linux) A crash on Linux when media directory permissions were wrong.
Rapid seeking could lead to video playback stopping.
Improved reliabilty around publishing network connections.
Use TLS instead of SSLv3 when talking to
(DASH) More reliable seeking.
(ReadyNAS) Fix logo not appearing.
Oct 11, 2014
New translations for Dutch, French, German, Arabic, Norweigan, Italian, Czech, Belgian and Spanish.
Improved connection publishing when network changes.
(Synology) DSM 5.0 is now the mimumum version required.
Theme music was not working.
Transcoder throttling was broken.
(ReadyNAS) Transcoding could fail on a clean install.
(unRAID) The 32-bit package was broken.
(Synology) Require DSM 5.0.
(XB1) Prefer AC3 to AAC for multichannel audio.
Sometimes trailers for already watched movies could be shown.
Sometimes trailers for the main feature could be shown.
An issue where upgrade from a much older version could result in the server not working.
Playing an album and then queueing an album would interleave track.
A case where some media wouldn't be detected as anamorphic.
Fix a case where we were returning invalid redirects.
In some cases where metadata bundles were missing, refresh could go into a loop.
Custom library icons were broken.
Detect and disallow adding duplicates to play queues.
(Windows) Fix icon in about dialog.
Transcoder statistics weren't being sent up (speed, progress).
Oct 6, 2014
Media server is now localized ~
An issue shuffling all episodes.
Improve Cinema Trailer selection when video has unknown content rating.
After a network issue, the server could become unresponsive.
The media analysis scheduled task could make the server unresponsive.
When shuffling a play queue, ensure current item is at the start.
Transcoding subtitles which didn't exist could cause a crash.
Some files were not getting thumbnails during media analysis.
Fix transcoder to handle some MPEG files properly.
An issue affecting video streaming to the Android TV.
Some cases in which graphics (posters, art) could end up partially downloaded.
Make sure selected graphics are stored (could result in missing locked graphics).
An issue where missing metadata could result in low-resolution graphics.
An issue where the transcoded video could show "technicolor snow".
Inconsistent unwatched episode count in some cases.
(Windows) Fix the icon.
Sep 12, 2014
A crash related to some network operations.
A (long-standing) port-mapping related crash on OS X (due to a bug in system libraries).
Repeatedly moving playlist items to the top could fail.
If the server did an on-the-fly refresh, extras wouldn't show up (would work second time).
Recently viewed shows weren't updated if episodes where only partially watched (thanks, ClunkClunk!)
Recently Added (in iOS, e.g) was missing things compared to the display in the web app.
Videos with colorspaces other than YUV420p might have playback issues.
Sep 8, 2014
Improved reliability in media analysis and transcoding.
Improved quality in video transcoding.
Improved speed in video transcoding, especially when starting new sessions and when seeking.
Support for transcoding a number of new formats, including H.265/HEVC.
Much-improved support for styled Advanced SubStation subtitles (primarily used in anime).
Improved support for SRT subtitles, especially those including bidirectional text and Unicode characters.
Support for 64-bit UnRAID systems.
Support for PPC Thecus systems.
An improved default subtitle font, now used across all platforms.
Support for HTTPS channel content.
Removed support for legacy Flash and Silverlight channels.
Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are no longer supported.
The legacy transcoder, which is available as an option in some Plex clients, will be removed soon. Please be sure to report specific cases where you still see better results when using it.
Ratings no longer display floating point weirdness.
Handle file I/O failures gracefully when streaming media.
Fix and speed up for Recently Viewed Shows.
Fix a rare case in which play queues could repeat items.
Playlists with TV shows might not have a duration or item count.
Shutdown the database cleanly on exit, so we don't have -wal/shm files left around.
Run library analysis in the background so request isn't long-running.
Issues with menu icon on Yosemite.
Fix jaggies with Windows icon.
Aug 16, 2014
(Linux/FreeBSD) Cloud trailer options now work.
(Playlists) Allow creating playlist with multiple selected items.
Correctly limit Cinema Trailers, we'd occasionally display more than requested.
Fix flaky behavior when adding multiple items to a collection.
Make sure we set size when ingesting media (e.g. Camera Upload).
Servers trancoding sync files wouldn't sleep when finished.
Fix an issue which could incorrectly mark videos as unwatched during migration.
Make sure extras are sorted by index (trailer is always first).
Improved "by first letter" organization, fixes issue on Windows Phone.
Aug 13, 2014
Pass up language for better cloud trailer matching.
Pass up "redband trailers" agent preference for cloud trailers.
Allow specifying a specific video to be used as "pre-roll" during Cinema Trailers.
Allow per-library enabling of Cinema Trailers.
Read in artist collections in case agent fills them in.
Track album/artist/season/show view & skip counts.
Much improved "similar" Cinema Trailers selection with content rating taken into account.
Make sure we only extra-prefix movies, not episodes.
Improve sorting for "Recently Added" TV (use episode add time).
Import artist/album plays/skips as part of iTunes import.
(Sync) Fix an issue where converted files could be left around on disk.
Hugely better default sorts for episode, album, and track listings.
(Roku) Fixed an issue with subsetted BIF files.
Fixed a regression where filtering by SD resolution didn't work.
Music track with thumbnail could lead to crash in media decision engine.
Fix an issue where some view counts (for content played with older PHT releases) were too high.
Large 3-5x speedup in displaying unwatched shows.
Shuffling a play queue created from playlist empties the play queue.
Fix "dumb" playlist importing on Windows.
Support for displaying playlist durations > 555 hours.
(Mac) Fix a rare issue which prevented the server from starting up properly.
Fix a crash in the iTunes channel.
Fix a hang which could occur during media analysis.
Aug 13, 2014

Pass up language for better cloud trailer matching.
Pass up "redband trailers" agent preference for cloud trailers.
Allow specifying a specific video to be used as "pre-roll" during Cinema Trailers.
Allow per-library enabling of Cinema Trailers.
Read in artist collections in case agent fills them in.
Track album/artist/season/show view & skip counts.
Much improved "similar" Cinema Trailers selection with content rating taken into account.
Make sure we only extra-prefix movies, not episodes.
Improve sorting for "Recently Added" TV (use episode add time).
Import artist/album plays/skips as part of iTunes import.
(Sync) Fix an issue where converted files could be left around on disk.
Hugely better default sorts for episode, album, and track listings.
(Roku) Fixed an issue with subsetted BIF files.
Fixed a regression where filtering by SD resolution didn't work.
Music track with thumbnail could lead to crash in media decision engine.
Fix an issue where some view counts (for content played with older PHT releases) were too high.
Large 3-5x speedup in displaying unwatched shows.
Shuffling a play queue created from playlist empties the play queue.
Fix "dumb" playlist importing on Windows.
Support for displaying playlist durations > 555 hours.
(Mac) Fix a rare issue which prevented the server from starting up properly.
Fix a crash in the iTunes channel.
Fix a hang which could occur during media analysis.
Aug 2, 2014

An issue with high CPU in windowserver on Yosemite and Mavericks.
Jul 31, 2014

Import from iTunes feature for libraries including smart playlist import.
(API) Support for blur, saturation, and alpha blending on image transcode endpoint.
(API) Support for rich "composite" images.
(API) Support for "starts with" and "ends with" operators in filters.
(API) Allow null values for ID fields.
(API) Add support for "limit=X" in filters.
Support for skip count and skip date.
Hey! A brand new sexy application icon.
Added a new preference to limit Cloud Sync upload speed.
Default account to english as opposed to nothing at all.
An issue with continuous play on items with same air date.
Massive (like 50x) speedup for global Recently Added endpoint.
Items inserted into the past in a play queue when adding to 'up next' after playing through.
Failure transcoding some channel content.
Sometimes we generated invalid JSON.
Fix an issue where sometimes sync items would fail to process or upload.
Much better audio boost.
On occasion, transcodeer would transcode audio when it should remux.
An ordering bug getting background art from all libraries.
A bug where an item could end up in a refresh loop.
Server could end up hanging during nighly DB optimization task.
Selected art could be reset on refresh if it was generated art.
Tweaks for menubar icon on Yosemite.
Speed up deleting transcode temporary directories.
Play queues were returning all available alternate media for items.
Various crashes.
Jun 17, 2014

Crash handling concurrent HTTP connections.
Crash uploading CloudSync files.
Other miscellaneous crashes.
Jun 4, 2014

Massive speedup for paged queries (50-100x faster per page for larger libraries).
(API) Support for upcoming features.
(API) Support for composite thumbs.
(API) Return season count for shows.
(Transcoder) Handle all orientations for video.
(Transcoder) Fix for files with low audio sample rates.
(Transcoder) An issue where iPhone tall-screen videos weren't rotated correctly.
(Chromecast) 720p files with >4 ref frames now Direct Stream.
(API) Minor fixes for play queue functionality.
Take extra care to compute H.264 level during analysis.
(Roku) In some cases, channels could take a long time to buffer.
A case where the server would hang consuming CPU, related to Roku and media index files.
HTTP server times out when sending/receiving data too slowly, which could result in the server hanging.
Only send play notifications to admin user over websocket.
An issue where setting multiple artwork types quickly could fail.
Default TheMovieDB to being above Freebase.
Fixed a case where authentication sometimes didn't work correctly for IPv6 addresses.
(Windows) Fix a case where Camera Upload processor would fail to delete temp files.
On first run, sometimes server wouldn't end up signed in.
Be more careful detecting duplicates for Camera Upload.
In some cases, subtitle stream languages aren't displayed correctly.
(Sync) Fix an issue with missing channel thumbs.
(Sync) Fix an issue where files sometimes never get processed.
(DLNA) Fix access to shared severs.
Apr 10, 2014

High CPU and failure to load agents on ARM NAS devices.
Apr 8, 2014

Improve throughput of streaming transcodes (DLNA, Chromecast).
(Windows) Fix an issue where a second streamed transcode could make the first one fail.
Crashes in media analysis (usually around music) which could prevent files being analyzed.
(Roku) Fix an issue with HTTP responses.
(Synology, unRAID) Crash on first run.
A media analysis issue when video files have thumbnail streams.
(Sync) Make sure we pass back item-level durations.
Optimize the JPEGs we create.
Fixed an issue where on some ARM platforms, server was unable to sign into
Updated ReadyNAS OS 6 and Synology packages.
A few crashes on start with bad path permissions.
A few field-reported crashes.
Mar 25, 2014

Do a better job cleaning up old transcode session files.
Add a (hidden) preference to specify x264 options which override all others.
A few crashes around play queues.
A reported crash around photo uploads.
Syncing a few manually selected items (in web app) didn't work.
Flinging play queues to Roku or Chromecast could cause issues.
Add a description for the "Include in global" library preference.
An issue where the server gave incorrect information about ability to sync.
When scanning photos in the web app, thumbnails failed to appear without refresh.
When ingesting a photo which had a different timestamp, don't overwrite existing file.
An issue where /servers only returned
(OS X) Kill orphaned transcoder processes when starting up.
An issue when creating playqueues with unwatched filter could result in weird behavior.
Roku didn't like some of our HTTP replies.
Make sure we refresh file size when media is re-analyzed.
(Sync) A few minor issues fixed.

Plex Media Server is now available for Plex Pass members Everyone!

- (Synology) Fixed installation on DSM 5.0
- Fixed an issue where non-direct played Roku video took a long time to start.
- Fixed syncing RAW photos (for real).

Plex Media Server is now available for Plex Pass members

Brand new build of the media server for your weekend pleasure!

- (Mac) Add a preference to control whether we show notifications.
- (API) Added /library/section/prefs?type=X for library preferences.
- Report back product so that web app can show icon for DLNA plays.
- Support for enhanced streaming when using Chrome.
- Support sharing even when connecting to fails because of NAT.

- Fix a crash in the scheduled task for media analysis.
- Fix a few cases where web's Now Playing information was out of date.
- (Windows) Fix a case where spaces in the filename caused the transcoder to fail.
- Fix a crash when cleaning bundles.
- Fix a potential crash when uploading to Bitcasa.
- Fix an issue when using the new "Disc Image" scanners.
- Fix an issue syncing large RAW images.
- Increase number of database sessions, should improve performance.
- Fix a few miscellaneous field-reported crashes.

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass holders.

Now with a few more fixes.

- Fix a possible source of sleep prevention.
- Fix for playback of some channels with Chromecast.
- Transcoder fix for Chromecast.

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass holders.

Added a new scheduled task to re-scan (refresh) all libraries.
Added an advanced preference to specify backup location for database.

A crash performing database backups scheduled task (ironic, no?)
Media index files scheduled task indexes from newest media to oldest.
Stop listing 3am twice in scheduled task list, even though it's an awesome KLF song.
Fix the media analysis scheduled task to operate only on items which really need it.
Workaround a common crash seen in the wild around NAT-PMP.
Fix an issue when transcoding media from another server.
(CloudSync) Fix an issue around syncing media with subtitles.

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass holders.

- Scheduled tasks! A new way to keep your server running quickly (Plex Pass only).
- Supported for HTTP chunked responses when doing streaming transcodes.
- Don't save progress under a minute for videos (5 seconds was annoyingly short).
- (API) Add filters support to /arts endpoints, and pass back title.

- Setting per-library preferences was broken.
- Profile improvements for ATV, Chromecast, Roku, Windows, and iOS.
- Speed up transcoder access to source media.
- Increase size of request pool, limit on simultaneous transcodes.
- Fixed an issue transcoding files with MJPEG video streams.
- Fixed a crash when transcoding a file without audio stream.
- Fixed a few cases where server could become unresponsive.
- Respect profile's bitrate limit when trasncoding.
- (Windows) Fix a crash during simultaneous photo transcodes.
- Fix a rare crash when transcoder sessions ended.
- Fixed an issue where photos got analyzed over and over again.
- Fix a crash when threads couldn't be added to the pool.
- (Linux) Possible fix for high CPU when detecting changes in directories.
- (Windows) Deleting files on via the web app was unreliable.
- Noisy log when multiple network interfaces are active.
- A few very important security fixes (thanks to Stefan Viehböck from the SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab).
- (Windows) Fix an issue where seeking could end up in an endless loop.
- Fix an issue where shared users could affect admin's view state.
- (DLNA) Photos were displaying at low resolution.
- (DLNA) Playback shows up in Now Playing area.
- (DLNA) Fix for some Panasonic TVs.
- Massive improvements to media index file generation (throttles, doesn't block scanning).
- (Sync) Cancelling a transcode didn't work.
- (Sync) A few fixes around item status and size reporting.
- (Cloud Sync) Track upload progress.
- (Cloud Sync) Fix an issue where too many file descriptors could be open.
- An issue where empty media index files could cause an out-of-memory crash on Android.

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass holders.

Fixes for duplicates and missing files during partial scans.
A few fixes for media which wouldn't play remuxed on a Chromecast.
Web app wouldn't launch on Synology boxes with bonded Ethernet.
Some entries in Now Playing incorrectly wouldn't show a transcode session.
Fix a crash deleting old transcode directories.
Allow albums to have background art too.
Greatly speed up recently viewed shows computation.
Remove thumbnail streams during media analysis.
Don't limit bitrate when video has no metadata, fixes low-quality channel transcodes.
(Roku) Tweak profile to remove PAL framerate limitation.
(Windows Phone) Downmix to stereo, improves playback.
(DLNA) Photos were displayed at a low resolution on the PS3.

Plex Media Server is now available to Plex Pass holders.

Add ability to perform a partial scan of a library underneath a specific path (--directory).
When refreshing a show, do a partial scan as well of that show's folder.
Add ability to do partial scans based on folder changing (enabled by advanced preference).
(API) Allow stack=0 to be passsed to global recentlyAdded endpoint.
(API) Add audio and sub stream language as possible filters.
(API) Return "duplicate" as an advanced filter. Add includeAdvanced=1 parameter to /filters.
(API) Add library section prefs endpoints (/library/sections/X/prefs).
Added a new "includeInGlobal" library section preference.
Support for Synology DS214Play (download the Intel Synology build).
Fixed up packaging for ReadyNAS OS 6.
Support for FreeBSD 9 & 10.
(DLNA) Updated profiles for Roku.
Tweak for 4k video resolution detection.
(Chromecast) All builds include fix for 5.1 audio.
A crash in the experimental "Quicksilver" transcoder.
(Synology/Intel) Issues with transcoder and video files not thumbnailing.

Plex Media Server is now available to PlexPass holders.

Cache information from in case of downtime.
Some other interesting stuff...
(Windows) Fix for analysis failing on files > 4GB (e.g. MP4 files failing).
(Windows 8/Phone) Updated profiles.
An issue where .plexignore files weren't working correctly.
The system bundle could show up in recently used channels.
(Cloud Sync) Use the newer Bitcasa API.
If media streams aren't present, perform on-the-fly analysis.
Fix for rear channels being silent with Chromecast and 5.1 audio.
(PowerPC) Fix for media analysis not working.
Tweaks for universal profile to operate even without media analysis (fixes some iOS playback issues).
(Samsung) Profile tweaks and improvements.
Fixes for media index files for Roku.
Don't log tokens.

Plex Media Server

An issue where video played with Chromecast would freeze.
Media analysis wouldn't work right on files with chapter tracks and subtitles.
(FreeBSD) Crashing of transcoder with subtitles.
Include Popcorn Hour profile.

Plex Media Server (PlexPass only)

Add 4k / 8k video resolution detection.

Don't allow anamorphic video or Hi10P on the Chromecast when transcoding
Disable stream title parsing, fixes invalid XML problems.
Fixed a issue where items didn't show up in the Manager while scanning
Fixed uploading issues with Bitcasa

Plex Media Server (PlexPass only)

We've included a super cool new option for tuning the transcoder (seen below in the screenshot). The selection influences how much CPU the transcodes use, and the resulting file size. If your system has over 6 cores (including hyper-threading) the Auto setting picks the higher quality profiles. Make sure you have a beefy CPU if you're going to pick the highest option!

- Add a setting for controlling transcoder quality.
- (API) Add minSize=1 option to image transcoder for "outer" bounding box.
- Added missing transcoder profiles for a few new iPad mini models.

- HTTP redirects now respect scheme.
- Large increase in CPU used by transcoder.
- Scanning is faster on OS X in directories with non-latin characters.
- An issue where track titles could become blank.
- (DLNA) Switch back to multicast.
- (OS X) An issue where stream titles could result in invalid XML.

Plex Media Server (Public!)

- Updated ffmpeg used in media analysis, should help in many ways.
- Track stream titles and codec ID in media analysis.

- Improve connectivity to myPlex.
- Massive improvements to Universal Transcoder quality. Fixes issues with artifacts.
- Increase audio bitrate at higher qualities.
- Failure to re-publish server after connectivity issue.
- Don't log passwords. For real.
- Subtitle encoding detection improved for eastern European languages.
- (DLNA) Improve photo rendering.
- (Sync) An issue with a bogus resource path.
- (Windows) Eliminate a number of crashes.

Plex Media Server (PlexPass only)

- Rotated videos have correctly oriented thumbs...and video! (When transcoded). Thanks to Jon C. for the help!


- Orientation analysis on rotated videos was incorrect.
- When the scanner generates thumbs, they're always updated in the UI.
- Sync transcodes sometimes ended up larger than original file.
- (OS X) Bundles weren't included with package.
- (DLNA) Icon sometimes wouldn't appear.
- (DLNA) Transcode images for Sony Bravia television with 4:2:2 chroma subsampling (part 2).
- (DLNA) Add profile option controlling how many photo resolutions we offer.
- (Windows) Crash when logging fails.

Plex Media Server (PlexPass only)

A bunch of fixes for your Plexing pleasure this weekend! Thanks very much to everyone who helped out in the forums with reproducing, diagnosing and testing these fixes, we really appreciate it!

- Plex Media XML is now locale-invariant
- Added profiles for new iPhones and iPads
- (Transcoder) Improve output quality with universal transcoder.
- (Transcoder) Improve resume/seek behavior on iOS7.
- (Transcoder) Fix an issue where transcoded file was much bigger than source.
- (DLNA) Fix playback of video from myPlex queue
- (DLNA) Don't show myPlex folders in media tree when server is not signed in
- (DLNA) Spec compliance around random access data models and video metadata
- (DLNA) Spec compliance around some HTTP responses
- (DLNA) Expire cached metadata within a number of seconds
- (DLNA) Create dedicated and greatly improved Sony Blu-Ray 2013 profile
- (DLNA) Fix Direct Play of MP4 videos on Sony Blu-Ray 2012 devices
- (DLNA) Improve automatic detection of Sony Bravia televisions
- (DLNA) Support Direct Play of MPEG-1 video for Sony Bravia televisions
- (DLNA) Don't remux AAC audio with 2010 and 2011 Sony Bravia televisions
- (DLNA) Force transcode of HE-AAC audio with 2010 and 2011 Sony Bravia televisions
- (DLNA) Transcode images for Sony Bravia television with 4:2:2 chroma subsampling
- (DLNA) Make description icons configurable for devices that can't render PNG images
- (DLNA) Broadcast SSDP announcements instead of multicasting
- (DLNA) Make SSDP announcement lease times configurable
- (HTTP) Close connections correctly when issuing a redirect response
- (Windows) Image transcode works correctly when username contains unicode characters
- (Windows) Don't write to the log every few seconds when tray icon cannot be created on startup
- (Windows) Show a dialog box instead of crashing when the CPU is too old
- (Windows) Show a dialog box instead of crashing when the database is corrupt
- (Windows) Show a dialog box instead of crashing when the log directory is inaccessible
- Fix a number of automatically reported crashes and server errors

Plex Media Server (PlexPass only)

- HLS playback errors with some Android devices.
- Fix scenario where myPlex connection failure could lead to re-transcoding Sync items.
- Fix a couple of Cloud Sync crashes.
- Delete all Cloud Sync files after all sync lists are removed.
- Delete 0-byte files in Google Drive after failed uploads.
- Improved Cloud Sync error handling and logging.
- (OS X) Fix codesigning on Mavericks.

Plex Media Server (Public!)

In some cases (transient network glitches) the server could re-transcode all synced content, which could lead to iOS not being able to play it.
An issue where the new fast scans could miss files when "multi-episode" files were present.
An issue where the new fast scan wouldn't skip a directory it should.
Crashes when streaming RTMP content.

Plex Media Server (PlexPass only)

- (API) Allow passing back some parent data in recently added endpoint.
- Add a new profile for the Samsung app.

- Unwatched episodes filter was pathologically slow.
- iTunes playlists weren't being read in.
- (OS X) Fix super slow loading of iTunes data on Mavericks.
- (OS X) Fix a common crash in the media server.
- (Windows) Fix a common crash in the scanner.
- Tweak the Web and Wii U profiles to disallow 5.1 audio.
- (Windows) Fix a crash with certain network configurations.
- (Windows) Default configuration URL to localhost for Windows 8.1.

Plex Media Server (PlexPass only)

Massive improvements to the scanner side of things.
Just to give a sense, from scratch, scanning 1400 movies went from over four hours to just 50 minutes :)

- Turbo scan and deep scan have been combined into a single fast and reliable scan.
- The matching process of scanning has been parallelized, is up to 4 times faster.
- Media analysis has been pushed back to the last thing done, and is more highly paralellized.

- Recognize "der" as a German article when title processing.
- Video playback could end prematurely on ATV 6.0 in some cases.
- (OS X) Make sure we convert titles to precomposed UTF-8 in all cases.
- Qualities have been increased with the new "universal" transcoder.
- The "WebKit Window Visible" pref has been restored.
- A green fringing issue with burned subtitles has been fixed (many thanks to Rodger Combs!)
- (API) Usernames in /status/sessions/history/all were wrong.

Plex Media Server (plexpass only)

(OSX) Now fully 64bit (dropped support for Core Duo processors).
(OSX) Now uses a bundled Python, updated to 2.7
(OSX) Publish mediaserver via Bonjour, to help wake on lan
(OSX) Application asks to move to /Applications when started from other directory
(API) Role tags are now exposed for shows and episodes
(Transcoder) Enable CABAC for Roku

Fixes some issues when a myPlex-connected Roku talks to a myPlex-less Media Server
(OSX) Fix codesigning
(OSX) Better use of notification center
Fix a crash bug in image resizing
(SYNC) Fix a rare deadlock

Plex Media Server (public)

- Transcoder support for the Plex Chrome app.
- Media index files are now available for all users, not just PlexPass members.

- Speed up scanning with database optimizations.
- Another fix for "Recently Viewed Shows".
- View settings are now stored per-account.
- Much less memory used when loading iTunes XML.
- Fix a few field-reported crashes.
- (Windows) Make sure taskbar icon is created.
- (Mac) Fix menu spinner not showing during a scan.
- (DLNA) Use correct MIME types for AAC.
- (DLNA) Update profiles for Bravia 2010 and 2012 models.
- Speed up remuxing H.264 from WTV files.
- (API) Media items on details endpoints weren't sorted correctly.

Plex Media Server (public)

- Recently viewed shows was returning incorrect information.
- Scan subfolders in sorted order.
- Get rid of some annoying errors in the log.
- Sections that weren't shared could show up as shared.
- Allow stream selection for shared users on the Roku.
- Track view settings changes correctly from Plex Home Theater.
- A handful of field-reported crashes.

Plex Media Server – public release
August 12th, 2013 | Category: Release | Author: elan

The 0.9.8 series has been brewing for a while now, like any fine brew of malted barley, hops, and media. (Autocorrect took my atrocious late-night typing and suggested “malted barkley, hopes, and media” which I would imagine is a very different drink.)

First released two months ago, it was followed up with,, and You can click the links for detailed changes, but the summary is:

Multi-user mode. All the users you share media with (inside and outside the house) get their own view of it (e.g. On Deck, view history) , and can select custom audio/subtitles. You can use it with children to restrict their access to certain parts of your library (this is only the first baby step towards parental controls). This feature is PlexPass only.
Now Playing: A “control room” for your server, where you can see what everyone is watching. If you enable media index files, you can even see a super cool animation of fading thumbnails. This feature is also PlexPass only.
Media Index Files: This option indexes your media and allows for graphical seeking. The Roku and Android apps make use of it. Also PlexPass only. Might make lesser computers cry while it’s actually indexing the files.
Screenshot 2013 08 13 08 37 42
HTTPS support: The media server listens on port 32443 for HTTPS connections.
Prettier photo albums: We now auto-select a “cover” photo for your photo albums.
DLNA fixes: There have been a large number of fixes to DLNA. It’s mo betta.
Other random goodness: Tons of fixes. Copious performance improvements.
Drobo 5N support: Got one of these beautiful new devices? Get your Plex on.

Plex Media Server 0.9.8 ~ A giant step towards 1.0
June 04th, 2013 | Category: Holy Cow,Release,Wow | Author: elan

It’s been a long road to v1.0 for the Plex Media Server, and the fact that we’re not there yet shows all the big plans we have for it. To all of you who have been here from the start, thanks for sticking with us; to all the recent arrivals, welcome!

(Of course, one could also argue that when engineering is allowed to pick version numbers, they asymptotically approach 1.0, and when marketing gets to pick, you hit v20.0 in no time).

As you may know, one of the things available to PlexPass members is a forum in which people vote on their favorite feature requests. It’s a great way for us to see what the community wants, and – let’s face it – it’s especially valuable data coming from those who support us financially.

That data, combined with our own roadmap, drives what we work on. In general, the priorities of our community are very well aligned with our own, and nothing better shows than the fact that this new release includes the top two requested features. Without further ado, let’s jump in and explore.

Multiuser Support

Since the inception of the media server, we’ve actually had the concept of multiple users internally, it’s just never been fleshed out or exposed. With this release, we’re changing that. As you know, we already have flexible sharing policies via myPlex (entire library, single section), but those shared users have never gotten their own view state (which drives On Deck, Unwatched, Recently Viewed, etc.) or the ability to select audio stream and subtitles. In this new release, every user gets their very own view state. This applies to people inside the home too, of course. You can create a myPlex account for your kids, and only give them access to certain sections, which is a first baby step towards our vision of rich parental controls.

Client-side changes to enable multiuser mode have been silently made in recent updates, so multiuser works today with Plex/Web, iOS, Android and Roku apps. Updates for our other apps will be coming soon.

This feature is only enabled for servers run by PlexPass holders. Also, because of legacy apps, the permissions for a local client which isn’t signed in or hasn’t been multiuser enabled yet (e.g. Plex Home Theater) are currently “everything”. As the 0.9.8 series progresses, we’ll finish locking things down!

Lastly, if you decide to move back to an earlier release without multiuser support, that works fine, but all users other than the user owning the server will lose their view state.

Now Playing

The other feature that is requested more than any other is the ability to see who is playing what from a server. This is especially important when multiple users are accessing the server. We’ve added rich functionality to allow monitoring your server, which is available in Plex/Web (or of course via API). When your server starts streaming, you’ll immediately see a notification in your Plex/Web dashboard which tells you what’s playing, and if it’s from a shared user, who’s playing it.

If you dive into the Now Playing screen, you can see even more details. And with a click of the play button, you can start playing the media locally, starting exactly where the other person is.

This feature is also only available to PlexPass members.

Media Index Files

Here’s a feature we’ve been meaning to add for a while, but have only now gotten around to. When we add files to your library, we do sophisticated media analysis, in order to optimize transcoding and other such things. In this new release, we optionally index the entire video file, creating an index file which contains little frame grabs across the entire video. Why on earth would we want to do that? Well, for starters, on the Roku, it now means that seeking now allows “trick mode”, which displays a graphical preview as you seek. Super cool.

Also, if you have created index files for media, the Now Playing feature in Plex/Web comes to life, and actually shows you a graphical representation of where the playback is, with time-appropriate thumbnails cross-fading.

This index file support is PlexPass only, and considered somewhat experimental. It takes a long time to create an index file, so by default they’re disabled. You can generate them on the command line (using the new –index action), or else go into Library advanced settings and enable it there.

HTTPS support

We’ve taken the first step here, the media server now also listens on port 32433 for HTTPS connections. We’ll be allowing publishing the HTTPS connection to myPlex as soon as we update the clients, and then all communication between client and server will be encrypted.

Full set of changes:


Multiuser mode.
Now Playing.
Media index files.
Use new write ahead log in database, speeds up lots of things.
Tear out Bonjour.
Tear out the old Cocoa UI.

Don’t let past timeline updates override future ones. Helps Plex/Sync.
Improved notifications for sync, makes Plex/Web activity view faster.
Fix titles in Plex/Web showing “item xxx” during a scan.
Improved granularity of transactions in database access.

Plex Media Server

(You think we rest on Easter Sunday? Think again.)

This release can be downloaded here.
FIX: Explicitly close HTTP connections, fixes some issues with Android and PlexSync (e.g. Kindle Fire HD).
FIX: Send back correct video size in HLS playlist, should fix (most) aspect ratio issues in Plex/Web.
FIX: (Linux) Don't crash if PID file is corrupt.
FIX: (Windows) Fix a possible issue running on older processors.
FIX: (Transcoder) More resiliency to corrupt H.264 streams.
FIX: (Transcoder) Fix some issues transcoding AVI files with H.264 video.
FIX: (Synology) Fixed startup issue.

Plex Media Server (PlexPass only)

Another new preview release. More sync and transcoder fixes. We are working hard on getting that experimental transcoder into best possible shape, please continue to test the experimental transcoder and report any transcoding errors or oddities.

Track whether H.264 has scaling matrixes during analysis, fixes playback failing on some High Profile files. Requires re-analysis.
Capture MKV header compression during media analysis.
(Transcoder) Support for burning TX3G subtitles.
(Transcoder) Improve media analysis for PCM audio files.
(Roku) Limit AAC to 256kbps, makes high bitrate files play.
(Sync) Fix an issue which could result in clients (like Kepler) not downloading image resources when syncing.
(Sync) Sync lists weren't getting downloaded on startup.
(Sync) Fix sync breaking when items in single-item sync entries were deleted from the library.
(Windows) Fix when moving database to a UNC path.
Media analysis failed to capture MJPEG stream of chapter images.
Fix for bogus bitrate on Media elements.
Fix for new transcoder not working channels requiring headers.
(Transcoder) Another major speedup, up to 2x or so, should be faster than old transcoder in nearly all cases.
(Transcoder) Strip out metadata, fixes some files not playing when synced to Android devices.
(Transcoder) Fix for seeking with external VOBSUBs.
(Transcoder) Fix for resuming/seeking with external subtitles.
(Transcoder) Fix for PGS subs not working on Windows.
(Transcoder) Fix for audio never remuxing.
(Transcoder) Transcode choosing AC3 for stereo rather than AAC.
(Transcoder) Fix when transcoding DTS 5.1 to AAC 5.1.

Plex Media Server v0.9.7.17

March 12th, 2013 | Category: Release,Wow | Author: elan
We have an awesome media server update for you today. One of the last in the 0.9.7 series, as we inch ever closer to that mythical one-dot-oh. (There’s some amazing stuff coming in the 0.9.8 series, already in active development!)

One of the most notable things about this release are all the changes in the new transcoder. This transcoder can burn image-based subtitles (PGS and VOBSUB), it’s much faster than the old one, resolves many issues the old one had (including quite a few issues with Roku, like the infamous AC3 issue), and we’re in the process of updating all the clients to use it.

The new transcoder is used by default with the new Plex for Android app, the latest version of Plex/Web, and by PlexSync, of course. The next release of iOS (out shortly) can be used with it, as will the next release of Plex for Roku, and we’ll be updating the DLNA server to use it as well.

Let’s get into the details; lots of stuff, as it’s been baking in PlexPass for a while. As you might expect, the majority of the changes are fixes, as we work to get 0.9.7 rock solid. You can pick up the update directly from the usual place, or wait for autoupdate to kick in shortly.

NEW: Auto-select forced subtitles. I don’t speak alien either.
NEW: (API) More information passed back at root level to aid PlexSync clients.
NEW: (API) Final transcode resolution passed back for transcode session endpoint.
NEW: (API) Add a “transcoderVideo” flag at root if we support transcoding video.
NEW: (API) Allow callers to specify a background color when transcoding to JPEG.
NEW: (API) Add viewStateUpdatedAt for global OnDeck to allow sorting.
NEW: (API) export library section UUIDs for PlexSync.
NEW: (Android) Add FLAC as a direct play profile (syncing at less than “highest” will convert to MP3).
NEW: Added device notifications for sync (in progress, item complete). Mostly helps Kepler.
NEW: (PlexSync) Support for syncing show banners.
FIX: (New transcoder) Massive speedups for the new transcoder in many scenarios (sync, streaming, seeking). It should be 2x to 3x faster (around 2x faster than the old transcoder), and will resolve many issues of stuttering and buffering some have seen.
FIX: A bug where timed library updates might only happen every other interval.
FIX: A major regression with subtitles causing transcoder to exit on certain OS X systems.
FIX: A case where we didn’t allow the host system to sleep.
FIX: Improvements to audio stream picking heuristics.
FIX: A hang when WebKit transcodes failed.
FIX: Some EAC3 streams showed up as “EC-3&#8243;.
FIX: Use media analysis duration instead of likely meaningless metadata duration when possible.
FIX: Improved elastic thread pool behavior, less pressure on thread creation/destruction.
FIX: Fixed an issue where background color wasn’t correct in the image transcoder (fixes section icons on Roku).
FIX: (OS X) Fix auto-update library failing under certain conditions.
FIX: (OS X) Show Plex/Web preferences by default, option-click shows old Cocoa prefs.
FIX: Improve Kepler transcoder profile, add Plex/Web profile.
FIX: (ReadyNAS) Update packaging, fix temp folder path.
FIX: (Ubuntu) Upstart fix.
FIX: (Fedora) Fixes in scripts.
FIX: (Roku) Improve profile, disable anamorphic video.
FIX: (Kepler) Limit AAC to two channel, so 5.1 gets mixed down when streaming on mobile devices.
FIX: (Kepler) Fix for anamorphic video displaying incorrectly.
FIX: (Windows) Don’t let PYTHONPATH interfere with our Python. Fixes some startup issues.
FIX: (New transcoder) Upgrade to ffmpeg 1.1.2
FIX: (New transcoder) Allow specifying max bitrate.
FIX: (New transcoder) MPEG4 inside AVI files didn’t work.
FIX: (New transcoder) Allow for faster seeking for clients that support it.
FIX: (New transcoder) Don’t send back blank segments when transcoder dies.
FIX: (New transcoder) Allow other users access to transcode session information.
FIX: (New transcoder) Use higher bitrate when converting other codecs to AAC.
FIX: (New transcoder) Improve quality when transcoding interlaced content.
FIX: (New transcoder) Greatly improved AAC audio quality.
FIX: (New transcoder) Remove MP3 from iOS HLS transcode target.
FIX: (New transcoder) Improved support for remuxing with multichannel audio.
FIX: (New transcoder) Support transcoding between multi-channel formats.
FIX: (New transcoder) We failed with some content due to scaling bug (Vimeo, TED).
FIX: (New transcoder) Send more logs up to the media server to help diagnosing issues.
FIX: (New transcoder) Fix an issue when remuxed videos failed or acted weirdly.
FIX: (New transcoder) Fix issue with last character being missing in SRT subs.
FIX: (New transcoder) Fix SRT subs showing <font> tags.
FIX: (New transcoder) Improve accuracy of bitrate in M3U8, helps Roku.
FIX: (New transcoder) Improve bandwidth estimates for HLS.
FIX: (New transcoder) Some indirect videos failed to play.
FIX: (New transcoder) We were generating MPEGTS streams which occasionally made the Roku crash.
FIX: (New transcoder) Improve reliability of new transcoder when resuming.
FIX: (New transcoder) Some VOBSUB subtitles inside MKV files weren’t burned.
FIX: (New transcoder) Some high bitrate stereo content failed to transcode.

Plex Media Server v0.9.7.12

Release updates – Plex Media Server, Plex for Win8 and Plex/Web
February 05th, 2013 | Category: Release,Status | Author: elan
Ah, the inexorable march of progress. We have three more releases to talk about today, with lots of goodies. And if you’re getting bored of hearing about the media server, Win8 app, and Plex/Web, you’re in for a treat, because the next blog post is going to be about something new, and very exciting. Promise.

That’s not to say that these updates themselves aren’t exciting. We’ve been doing a lot of work on the next-generation transcoder in the media server lately. Currently in use for PlexSync and the Win8 app, it’ll soon be available for iOS and Android and Plex/Web as well, as it offers many advantages over the old transcoder. For starters, the new version supports burning PGS and VOBSUB subtitle formats, which has been requested for – literally – years. Secondly, it should offer much better performance, stability, compatibility with codecs, should fix issues with A/V sync, and many other things. Last, but not least, it leverages a powerful server-side profile mechanism which will soon be used universally for DLNA, PlexSync, and “live” transcoding. We’re building the most advanced media server on the planet here, and the new transcoder is at the heart of it!

Here’s a full list of changes in the latest Plex Media Server, available from here:

NEW: Greatly improved (Sync and Win8) transcoder subtitle burning: support SSA and SMI, fix crashes, fix subtitle sync when resuming video.
FIX: Scanning TV shows near the root directory of a volume didn’t work reliably.
FIX: Send Accept-Ranges: bytes HTTP header when answering requests for media. Fixes Win8 seeking in media.
FIX: DTS audio inside MP4 container could be incorrectly identified as mp4a during media analysis.
FIX: Transcoding certain media files could be pathologically slow. Thanks to Rodger for helping us diagnose the issue!
FIX: Transcoding video audio from MP3 to AAC would fail in some rare cases.
FIX: A/V sync issues transcoding Smooth Streaming to Windows 8 Store app.
FIX: Actor thumbnails weren’t being offered correctly to sync clients.
FIX: Removed unnecessary logging when running transcoder.
FIX: Add more logging when Win8 app loopback exemption can’t be added.
FIX: When a media asset is uploaded, it becomes the default.
FIX: Sync item status could be prematurely reported as complete.
FIX: Added iPad mini sync profile.
NEW: (API) Allow converting SMI to SRT (format=srt).
FIX: (Windows) Large log files when number of library paths exceeded 64.
FIX: (Sync) A few issues with sync status not being reported correctly.
FIX: (Transcoder) An A/V sync issue affecting Win8 app.
Leveraging the new transcoder, and all these other fixes, is the latest update of Plex for Windows 8. It’s taken us a few releases, but at this point media playback support on the app is really super good, and it’s able to play lots of content with remuxing, which (given our support for throttling on the server side), means awesome quality video with minimal CPU usage. Lots of other new stuff, including more keyboard navigation and a cool media information popup, and many bug-fixes.

Plex/Web also got a massive update. A giant, thundering, epic update, featuring a redesigned home screen, greatly simplified navigation, and lots of other goodies. Look at this beautiful new dashboard!

Plex Media Server v0.9.7.11

Two trinities make a half-dozen
January 13th, 2013 | Category: Release,Status | Author: elan
Can you tell this is going to be a great year for everything Plex? Not two weeks into 2013 and we have another three releases for you.

First up, let’s have a look at a really cool new feature in the Plex/Web release that you all should already have, thanks to the magic of auto-update. As many of you already know, PlexSync is cloud and server-based, and thanks to that, you can now queue up media to be converted for any of your devices from the convenience of a browser, no matter where in the world you are.

So you might be at work, and between designing spacecraft or performing open-heart surgery, you’re busy getting your iPad (sitting at home) ready for your upcoming vacation. Not that we at Plex condone ever doing anything other than work, at work. Really.

This also means that you can now use the advanced filters available in Plex/Web and send the results to one of your devices. So you could select “unwatched movies rated PG and released in the last three years”, for example, and this smart filter would continually watch for movies matching that criteria and convert them for your device. Pretty cool, right?

There’s also a cool new “activity” view which shows what your server is working on (yes, we will be enhancing it in the future to show more activity, which many of you have been asking for).

As you probably already know, PlexSync is a premium feature which we bundle with PlexPass.

Switching topics, there’s also a brand new release of Plex for Windows 8 in the store, with a bunch of new things including theme music! Direct play of AVI and MP4 files! PlayTo support! Support for Window Media Center remote controls! And lots more, you can read the full release notes here.

Last, but not least, there’s a new Plex Media Server release, which addresses some issues, including a reboot problem with LG TVs. We’ve spoken with LG, and they say a firmware update is coming which will fix the bug, but we have a workaround for you in the meantime. You can download the new release in the usual place.

FIX: Workaround for LG TVs rebooting.
FIX: (Windows) Lots of CPU, giants logs in some cases.
FIX: An issue scanning sections where the paths had trailing slashes (e.g. W:).
FIX: MP4 files with DTS streams had them incorrectly identified as MP4a.
FIX: (Sync) A few issues with sync status not being reported correctly.
FIX: (Transcoder) An A/V sync issue affecting Windows 8 Plex app.

Plex Media Server v0.9.7.9

A trinity of releases
January 02nd, 2013 | Category: Ho, Ho, Ho,Release,Status | Author: elan
Happy New Year! We hope you had a festive and safe celebration. I personally spent the minutes before midnight in fear, as our neighborhood apparently considers launching illegal fireworks as the island equivalent of having the greenest lawn or largest snowblower. Explosions which sounded like mortars shook the house, and rockets clearly on par with the best commercial fireworks shot overhead, one nearly setting a palm tree on fire. Add the staccato of long chains of firecrackers and clouds of acrid smoke wafting over the entire neighborhood, and it was probably the closest I’ve even been to a war zone. And where, might you ask, was Barkley during all this action? Tucked in, completely unfazed by all the antics.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, our triad of releases to greet the new year, as a harbinger of much awesomeness to come.

First up, we have a major update to the Windows 8 Plex app with a bunch of bug fixes, much improved support for keyboard navigation, audio/subtitle stream selection, universal search, a lovely interface to the channel store, and a new high quality (but experimental) option for video playback which allows re-muxing most H.264 video. It’s available in the Windows 8 store right now.

Next up, Plex/Web is kicking it Gangnam style with an awesome new release, including the much requested ability to upload custom posters, with drag and drop, no less (or from a URL), some sexy tag completion in the editor, support for retina-quality posters on retina devices, and lots of bug fixes. You’ll get the update automatically within the next few hours, or you can force an update, as usual.

You know it’s going to be a big year when we have two photos of Barkley gracing a release post! The second one of course celebrates the new new release of the media server, which has the usual bag of goodies and fixes. You can download it right now from the usual place.

NEW: Music sections support searching by album.
NEW: Massive performance improvements for some DLNA streaming scenarios.
NEW: Allow players to specify a protocol and respect their port.
NEW: (API) Support for filtering movies by studio.
NEW: (API) Support for sorting by last view date.
NEW: (API) Added endpoints for uploading custom media assets (e.g. posters). Used by Plex/Web.
FIX: Some cache control header updates.
FIX: A few crashes.
FIX: (Windows) Workaround for Win 8 security model preventing Plex for Windows 8 from connecting on same machine.
FIX: (Windows) Crash on start.
FIX: (Windows) 100% CPU when Plex for Windows 8 is running.
FIX: (Transcoder) External SRT files with BOM marker weren’t getting rendered.
FIX: (Transcoder) Faster startup.
FIX: (PlexSync) Transcoder now handles anamorphic video properly.
FIX: (PlexSync) Sometimes converted files could be bigger than source files.
FIX: (PlexSync) Ratings directory was missing.
FIX: (API) New /channels/arts endpoint which returns channel background art.
FIX: (API) Resolutions filter can be itself filtered.
FIX: (API) Don’t return empty studios.
FIX: (API) Global on deck has mixed parents.
FIX: (API) Make sure recently viewed channels have identifiers.
FIX: (API) Fix incorrectly escaping JSON.
FIX: (API) Fixes for media asset uploads, and select/lock upload.
FIX: (API) Fix alphanumeric paging with non-alphanumeric characters.
FIX: (DLNA) Hopeful fix for some heap corruption.
FIX: Fixed a few (very) rare deadlocks.
FIX: Fixed iTunes channel for iTunes 11.
FIX: (Sync) iPad 4s weren’t using the right profile.
FIX: (Transcoder) Faster starting for transcoded audio.
FIX: (Transcoder) Fixes for RTMP with new transcoder.
FIX: (Transcoder) Speed up WebKit transcoder starts.
FIX: (Transcoder) Fix for some remuxing cases with Win8.
We’re incredibly excited to be spending 2013 with you. Lots of really great stuff in the works!

Plex Media Server v0.9.7.7 – Fixes…
December 04th, 2012 | Category: Release | Author: elan
My, it’s been a busy two weeks in Plexville, since the Plex/Sync launch. We are super happy with how the launch went; after working on it for literally months, in secret, in a damp basement (with Internet access), it was honestly hard not to have a bit of anxiety when we finally released it. But people seem to love it, and – normal first-release bugs aside – it seems to be working really well. We released three more media server updates over the last two weeks to address the most pressing issues, and now we’re pushing a new release out to everyone with all the collected fixes and a few more.

As usual, our beloved community sums it up better than we ever could:

A note for all you Android lovers, we’re closing in on releasing the first preview of PlexSync for Android. We know there are lots of you eager to sync your media to your droidy devices, and you’ll be able to do so in short order. Short. Like the dwarf guy from Game of Thrones. Winter is…almost here.

Plex/Web also continues to progress at an amazing pace. In the past two weeks we pushed couple of updates which added all sort of cool stuff like alphanumeric paging, which makes it even easier to browse giant media libraries:

And we’re also added some social features; you can manage your list of friends, and share to Facebook and recommend videos to your friends right from Plex/Web.

The other big news is that Samsung finally (finally!) approved the update of the Plex for Samsung app, which supports 2012 models. There’s an emoticon for that and it’s something like this: &#65533;/

The new media server release is out, and can be downloaded from the usual spot. Here’s a list of the fixes contained within:

(Non OS X) Automatically merge movies when appropriate.
Fix a crash if there are any unexpected files in the transcode directory.
Fix a crash when scanning photos with certain EXIF data.
(OS X) Fixed an evil crash which occurred roughly once every day.
Don’t allow clients to cache segments, fixes IE10 video playback issue.
A few crashes that could be caused by proxies getting in the middle between server and myPlex.
(PlexSync) Added iPad 4 profile, fixed iPad 3 profile.
(PlexSync) Sync transcoder now works on 32-bit CPUs on Snow Leopard.
(PlexSync) Allow DirectPlay sync with subtitles (e.g. MP4/TTXT).
(PlexSync) Scrobble and library media addition/deletion kicks off sync worker. Fixes sync of recently added items.
(PlexSync) We skip over any invalid sync items instead of completely failing.
(PlexSync) Fix failed downloads of art/posters in some cases.
(PlexSync) Synced media subsections weren’t always in the right order.
(PlexSync) Video bitrate limit on ‘highest’ quality was removed.
(PlexSync) Fixed broken XML in some sync profiles
(PlexSync) Fixed an issue where the sync profile name was not constructed correctly.
(PlexSync) Work-around that the client sent the wrong model name
(PlexSync) Some sync profiles contained invalid transcoder options
(Linux) Pass along LANG variable, to assist agents who need to read filesystem.
(Linux) Crash signing out of myPlex or un-publishing server.
(Linux) Add the photo transcoder in for ARM architectures.
(Linux) Fixes for start-up scripts on Fedora and ReadyNAS
(Linux) Upgrade Sync Transcoder to support progress information.
(API) Fixes to /firstCharacter filters
(API) Allow filtering filters by resolution/unwatched, fixes filter issue.
(API) Don’t limit tag queries by metadata type if we have condition passed in.
(API) Fix when filtering on unwatched in /firstCharacter endpoint.
(API) Allow filter endpoints to use type in queries (e.g. album genres).

Plex Media Server v0.9.7.3 with Plex/Web
November 19th, 2012 | Category: Release,Wow | Author: elan
We’ve been talking about Plex/Web for a while now. Making you drool with lots of juicy screen shots. PlexPass holders have been tweeting about it. And now, my friends, we’re making it available for everyone.

tl;dr ~ To get Plex/Web, follow these easy steps:

Download and run the new Plex Media Server.
If you’re a myPlex user, hit this link.
Otherwise, hit http://x.x.x.x:32400/web
Prosper, and be merry.
We’re super excited about Plex/Web, and we suspect you will be too. It’s the fastest and richest Plex client that exists today for managing, browsing and playing your content. No, it’s not a replacement for the gorgeous Plex Media Center, but you can run Plex/Web from anywhere in the world in any (reasonably modern) web browser.

Also, this is the first release of the media server which has run the PlexPass gauntlet. We made three releases, each of which was tested thoroughly. Bugs were reported, suggestions were made, and as such, we’re confident that this is a better release than it would otherwise be.

Update: The Plex/Web forum is now open for everyone! Join the fun!

I’ll also note that with Plex/Web leaving PlexPass, this means that there will be a new MYSTERY FEATURE making its PlexPass debut tomorrow. It’ll be great with Thanksgiving coming up, and no, it’s not a turkey.

The new Plex Media Server has some really nice new stuff in it too, which I’ll go over quickly. To kick it off, we’ve made a number of improvements around photos. Scanning them in is much quicker, and we read in lots of EXIF data and allow rich filtering.

Secondly, and this is pretty much my favorite feature ever, we’ve made the media server manage the transcoder much more intelligently, so that it doesn’t use all your precious CPUs and warm up your laptop to the point where it fries eggs and prevents you from having offspring. Up until now, we’ve run the transcoding as quickly as possible, using all your CPU. It got even worse when you had multiple mobile devices streaming video.

With this new smart management, you’ll find your CPU is used only when actually needed (which always makes Al Gore happy), your machine will run cooler, and your server will be able to stream to more devices simultaneously.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also taken a baby step towards supporting subtitles in DLNA and made it work on some devices (e.g. the PS3). Any device which uses MPEGTS as a transcode target now gets subtitle support.

There are lots of other juicy bits, like support for more administrative tasks (such as cleaning out unused bundles) and a ton of additions to the API, for all those writing Plex clients.

Here’s the full list of changes, below the Barkley, who’s tired after an hour of swimming.

NEW: Read some EXIF data for photos and allow filtering on it.
NEW: Add support for filtering videos by resolution.
NEW: Improve filtering/sorting options for specific types.
NEW: Transcoder now goes idle when it gets ahead, saves CPU, helps multiple sessions coexist.
NEW: (DLNA) MPEGTS target supports transcode throttling (lower CPU usage).
NEW: (DLNA) MPEGTS target supports audio stream picking and subtitle burning.
NEW: Use Plex/Web for the default manager now across platforms (option + click uses old Cocoa manager).
NEW: Added Sony 2011 DLNA profile from (thanks to yardco & tcviper).
NEW: (API) Add /library/metadata/X/split and /library/metadata/X/merge?ids=a,b,c endpoints.
NEW: (API) Add /library/clean/media to delete unused media bundles.
NEW: (API) Add /library/clean/bundles to delete unused bundles.
NEW: (API) Add ?checkFiles=1 parameter to /library/metadata/X endpoint to check for existence/access for files.
NEW: (API) Add /library/metadata/X/<tag class>/[add|remove] endpoints to allow adding/removing tags from items.
NEW: (API) Add new unviewedLeafCount/unwatched/unwatchedLeaves filter fields.
NEW: (API) Allow >=, <=, and != operators on filter fields.
NEW: (API) Added a new /library/onDeck global On Deck endpoint.
NEW: (API) Added fledgling new endpoints /transcode/sessions (and corresponding DELETE /transcode/sessions/<key>).
NEW: (API) Pass back default sort/direction in /sorts.
NEW: (API) Added lots more details to WebSocket notifications.
FIX: An issue which could result in On Deck items being ordered incorrectly or empty.
FIX: Don’t pass back filenames for shared sections.
FIX: An issue where season art for date-based shows wouldn’t get loaded the first scan.
FIX: A few memory leaks and a socket leak.
FIX: An issue which could lead to the media server becoming unresponsive and crashing with no network.
FIX: Recently Viewed Show count bumped to 25.
FIX: When signing out of myPlex, deregister server in cloud.
FIX: Fix some photos not getting thumbnails.
FIX: (Windows) Crash when enabling network logging.
FIX: Crash analyzing some .TS files.
FIX: Speed up photo scanning greatly.
FIX: 1/16 of the time, we were incorrectly computing OpenSubtitles hashes. Existing ones are repaired.
FIX: Attempt to work around newer LG TVs causing PMS to churn with big music sections.
FIX: Date-based episodes could be inappropriately merged.
FIX: Store format of sidecar subtitles.
FIX: Rare issue where HTTP server could stop accepting new connections.
FIX: Massive speedup when computing number of watched episodes for a show.
FIX: Quitting PMS during startup could lead to a hang.
FIX: Move the deletion preference into the library preferences group.
FIX: Fix a crash in JSON serialization.
FIX: Tweak to phrasing for episode sort list.
FIX: Don’t refresh metadata when asked to re-analyze media.
FIX: Fix an occasion hang where the media server would become unresponsive to requests.
FIX: Watched/unwatched episode counts could get out of sync after a scan.
FIX: Filter out non-ASCI characters from EXIF tags.
FIX: Scanner crashes analyzing DNG files from Lightroom 4.1
FIX: Occasional crash when scanner exits.
FIX: Sort files before handing them to the scanners.
FIX: Run photo and music analysis two at a time, which speeds things up even more.
FIX: Reduction of memory and thread usage.
FIX: (DLNA) Fixes for remote/shared server access.
FIX: (DLNA) Fix when DlnaDeviceDiscoveryInterval was 0.
FIX: (DLNA) Fix issue with XBox360 and MOV files with 64-bit offsets.
FIX: (DLNA) OnBrowseMetadata returned wrong content, fixes XBMC playback.
FIX: (DLNA) Profile for Panasonic Viera TVs.
FIX: (API) Send back titles with library timeline notifications (for Plex/Web).
FIX: (API) An issue where WebSocket got closed prematurely.
FIX: (API) WebSocket handshake failed when URL has X-Plex-Token in it.
FIX: (API) A few WebSockets crashes.
FIX: (API) Ensure lastAccessedAt attribute always present for channel listing.
FIX: (API) Ensure the endpoint which stops a scan doesn’t return until the scan actually stops.
FIX: (API) Return library section XML when POSTing a new section.
FIX: (API) Fix a case where library background art endpoint didn’t work.
FIX: (API) Allow PUT /library/metadata/X to take multiple IDs.
FIX: (API) myPlex signups work again.
FIX: (API) Return errors from myPlex when signups don’t work.
FIX: (API) When sorting by title, actually use the sort title.
FIX: (API) Expose Flash/Silverlight installation state, start state via root XML.

Plex Media Server v0.9.6.9
September 10th, 2012 | Category: Release | Author: elan
You hear that Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability. And, of course, the sound of another Plex Media Server release dropping! We’ve been incredibly busy after our announcement of PlexPass and the release of the new Plex Web Client (thanks so much for all your feedback and support!), but we wanted to get these fixes out to you as quickly as we could:

FIX: [OS X] An annoying crash on start (massive thanks to MarcFBR for helping us track this down).
FIX: [Win] RTMP channels weren’t working.
FIX: A few minor token-related bugs.
FIX: An issue with Internet Explorer and the new Web Client.

Part 1: Plex Media Server v0.9.6.8
August 28th, 2012 | Category: Release,Tease | Author: elan
OK, we have a bit of a trilogy for you. A trinity of blog posts, if you will…

This is the first part, in which we release a new version of the Plex Media Server, fixing a number of issues, and adding a few tasty nuggets.

NEW: Support for [big surprise] (explained in part 2).
NEW: Mega-awesome [big surprise] (shown off in part 3).
NEW: Added new (advanced) preferences for enabling/disabling Bonjour/GDM.
NEW: (API) Support for JSON in non-channel endpoints.
NEW: (API) WebSocket support for sending events to clients.
FIX: Plex Media Scanner would occasionally crash on exit.
FIX: Large reduction in memory/threads usage.
FIX: Fix for missing posters when top agent failed.
FIX: MP4 files with chapter tracks were analyzed as having subtitles.
FIX: Some files (mostly WMV3) could fail to get framerate analyzed.
FIX: Make sure photo agents get hit to refresh when scanning.
FIX: Always send myPlex username when doing network logging.
FIX: (Windows) Crash when analyzing some TS files.
FIX: Be more lenient when parsing URIs which end in & or ?.
FIX: (DLNA) Minor fix to Samsung profile.
FIX: (Windows) Transcoder can handle RTMP now.
FIX: (Linux) ReadyNAS ARM builds working again.
FIX: (API) Fixes to preference serialization.
FIX: (API) Fix for paging where some items were (partially) missing (and 10% speedup).
FIX: (API) Signing into myPlex with ‘+’ signs in email/password was broken.

Plex Media Server v0.9.6.6 / Plex v0.9.5.4 / Plex for iOS v2.5
July 31st, 2012 | Category: Release,Status | Author: elan
It’s been a busy few weeks here at Plex! We have a couple releases for you, but first let me start with some general updates (and seriously, what is it with my addiction to bulleted lists?):

If you’ve experienced an issue with TV scans missing posters or other artwork, somewhat randomly, this has been fixed; we’ve been experiencing increasingly heavy traffic with all the new users, so we had to bulk up our infrastructure!
Movie matching should be more accurate and much faster; we now have a fully automated system which improves the agent matching over time based on the anonymous data sent back. Pretty cool, right?
We’ve pushed quite a few updates to the agents to fix non-ASCII poster/subtitle filename issues on Linux, metadata for personal show scanning, and a number of other issues.
We released a new version of Plex for Android, with fixes and a few new features. The update for Google TV is coming shortly!
We’re in the process of pushing a new release of Plex for iOS today to Apple, should be available in a week or so. Fixes and goodies abound, and to be nice, here’s a full list of changes you have to look forward to:
NEW: Home screen sections can be re-ordered or hidden. Yay!
NEW: Background art while browsing. Pretty!
NEW: Easier to read list view when browsing by folder. Useful!
FIX: High bitrate content will correctly transcode instead of attempting Direct Play (thanks, majortom!)
FIX: Media deletion & progress reporting works when using myPlex without publishing servers.
FIX: Network addresses are resolved earlier to make playing media on remote clients more reliable.
FIX: Easier method for adding friends.
FIX: Crash when attempting to set a user rating for an item with no community rating.
FIX: Crash marking a show (un)watched.
FIX: A few layout & graphical issues.
We also have a new Plex Media Server release for you, with a number of improvements, which can be downloaded from the usual place (and shortly from auto-update):

NEW: Added (advanced) preference for specifying location of Aperture/iPhone XML paths. The preference is ApertureLibraryXmlPath for Aperture and iPhotoLibraryXmlPath for iPhoto. Yes, we’re going to have an easy way to get at these advanced preferences soon.
NEW: (Linux) Allow syslog logging via environment variable PLEX_MEDIA_SERVER_USE_SYSLOG. This has been requested for ages.
NEW: (API) Massive performance improvement for players that ask for paged data (e.g. for Roku). If you have large library sections, you’ll notice a big change; with 1000 items, the page requests are 6 times faster.
NEW: (API) Added /library/sections/X/{sorts|filters} endpoints for advanced filtering.
FIX: Sidecar (e.g. SRT) subtitle files work again. Sorry, that was a bad regression.
FIX: (Windows) Upload speeds from the server were artificially slow in some cases. We’d gotten sporadic reports over the months that upload speeds seemed limited, and we finally managed to track down the issue. The upload speed will now max out your connection, and will take much less CPU as well.
FIX: A crash when scanning for plug-ins when permissions are wrong.
FIX: (Mac) Fix some Aperture photos not displaying properly.
FIX: Library timeline could generate blank items occasionally.
FIX: Web interface didn’t show added and deleted items properly when scanning.
FIX: Don’t pass back bogus blank content ratings.
FIX: (Linux) DLNA icon and server name were missing on some platforms.
FIX: When overwriting plug-ins, files that don’t exist anymore are deleted.
FIX: Handle 302 as well as 301 redirects in the image transcoder.
FIX: When scanning files that had already been scanned, they didn’t end up with thumbnails.
FIX: Certain image formats (TIFF, BMP, PCX) didn’t get thumb nailed.
FIX: Fixed sleep prevention, OS X (and possibly Linux) should sleep now.
FIX: (Windows) Fixed a crash on start.
FIX: (Synology) DLNA to PS3 wasn’t working.
FIX: (DLNA) Memory leak in DLNA server process.
FIX: (DLNA) Fixed PS3 audio dropouts by transcoding to stereo for now in the profile.
FIX: (DLNA) Fixed evaluation of limitations.
FIX: (DLNA) Fixed AAC audio not playing to PS3.
FIX: (DLNA) Build-in profile now supports Samsung SmartTVs (thanks, holzi!)
We also have some fixes in a new release of the Plex Laika desktop client:
FIX: Update RTMP to 2.4
FIX: Fix for connectivity issues when PMS isn’t running locally (thanks to elwertk).
FIX: Playback of interlaced H.264 content (MBAFF) was broken (thanks to elwertk).
FIX: Use the same user agent as earlier in Plex/Nine.
FIX: Add the Plex language and version headers.
FIX: When forced transcode was enabled, playback could fail for local files.
FIX: Support for chained indirects in channels.

Plex Media Server v0.9.6.5
July 02nd, 2012 | Category: Release | Author: elan
I know what you’re thinking: “How can they keep releasing updates so frequently?” Is it overclocked CPUs? Human cloning? Performance enhancing Kombucha drinks? Well yes, but that’s not the real secret. The real secret is that our team has this incredible passion for creating the best media solution ever, and we are tireless. We’re also spread out around the world, so our company chatroom is always buzzing with excitement and code commit messages around the clock (we love you, Campfire and Github!). This is the most amazing team I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and it feels too fun to call it “work”. Thanks to all of you for your continued support and love, we’re going to keep bringing you updates (the next iOS release is sweet, and about to head to Apple!) and lots of new stuff.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the new release (which we’ve deemed a beta, due to the massive changes, available here or use our BETA AppCasts):

NEW: Massive performance improvements in scanning engine. We took things apart and put them back together again, and scanning should be much faster. Like much faster. You’ll notice it especially when scanning item-heavy sections like music. Speaking of music, we just pushed an much-improved Last.FM agent as well. Oh, and we also pushed a new Scanner which fixed an issue reading ID3 tags. So lots of love for music this release.
NEW: Support for Virtual Scanners. Up until now, Plex Scanners have been limited to scanning the files directly, but with Virtual Scanners you can be much more creative. We’ve included an example (the Plex iTunes Scanner) which is a quick and easy way to scan in your iTunes collection much more quickly than using the regular music scanner. In under 50 lines of code, too.
NEW: Other metadata loading/saving performance speedups.
NEW: Location header exposed to CORS requests.
NEW: Added a new advanced preference (TranscoderDefaultDuration) for specifying default duration for Flash/Silverlight videos. Useful for videos that exceed two hours in duration.
NEW: Added a new advanced preference (TranscoderTempDirectory) for specifying the temporary directory for the transcoder. Useful for all those with SSD drives.
NEW: (DLNA) Add support for device matching on serial number and manufacturer fields. Really, guys, did you implement the spec in a slightly different way on purpose? Just to mess with us?
FIX: Music scans refreshed artists/albums for no good reason, again and again. Think of it like a nervous golden retriever which kept poking the dead squirrel. Bad dog. Sit. Stayyyy.
FIX: Minor fixes and memory leaks in the Quicksilver transcoder.
FIX: Do scanning depth-first instead of breadth-first. Details matter.
FIX: Make sure we return not-deleted media items before deleted media, fixes iOS playback failure in some rare cases.
FIX: Pass back the correct deletedAt time in the metadata item.
FIX: Be careful not to overwrite good GUIDs, could lead to episodes losing poster/status when replacing SD ones with HD, e.g.
FIX: A case where certain audio files could fail to analyze, causing repetitive analysis during audio scans. Points for persistence!
FIX: Fixed a deadlock when calling into the system bundle early in startup.
FIX: Fixed a hang scanning DVR-MS content. We’ve been doing lots of work lately to get those files to scan in properly, we’ll be pushing new scanner/agents shortly! Thanks, Ian, you know who you are.
FIX: Pass more hints along to agents, useful for WTV work.
FIX: Browsing by rating wasn’t exactly right.
FIX: Failure to log in certain cases on OS X.
FIX: (DLNA) Getting metadata can result in empty parent ID.
FIX: (DLNA) Lack of posters on PS3 (really fixed this time, so sorry).
FIX: (DLNA) Tweak to album art for XBoxes. (XBoxen?)

Plex Media Server v0.9.6.4
June 20th, 2012 | Category: Release | Author: elan
Well, it looks like we’re getting the hang of the “release often” maxim, and hopefully you’re enjoying the frequent updates. Mostly bug-fixes in this one, with a slant towards DLNA. This has been deemed a beta-level release, so download from the usual place, or set yourself up for the beta AppCast. Here are the changes:

NEW: Added a new advanced preference option to allow remote networks access to PMS without myPlex. You can designate a list of IP/netmasks which are allowed in. We’ll have more information about how to configure this here shortly.
NEW: Add basic CORS support for web clients.
NEW: (DLNA) Profile option to override device fields.
NEW: (DLNA) DlnaDeviceDiscoveryInterval can now be set to 0 to disable device detection.
NEW: (DLNA) Sections shared from remote servers now includes the server name.
NEW: (DLNA) Support matching devices by other device properties than friendly name.
NEW: (DLNA) Ship DLNA profiles with PMS builds instead of Framework builds.
NEW: (DLNA) Emit icons using alternative resolutions.
And a bunch of most excellent fixes:
FIX: Skip publishing IP addresses from virtual interfaces.
FIX: Be faster about extracting thumbnails.
FIX: Fix the scanner hanging with 100% CPU scanning some evil AVIs.
FIX: (Win) Fix crash when playing some Flash/Silverlight video.
FIX: Notify HTTP clients that we close the connection.
FIX: Only write the amount requested with HTTP range requests.
FIX: Calculate bitrate for videos in a more accurate fashion.
FIX: Scanner is smarter about need to reanalyze media.
FIX: A few small memory leaks fixed in scanner.
FIX: Crashes scanning some IMG/ISO files.
FIX: Overeager timeout when waiting for transcoded content.
FIX: iTunes plug-in crashes with invalid input key.
FIX: (Linux) Crash related to VMware network interfaces.
FIX: (Linux) rsync fixes.
FIX: (Linux) DLNA crashes on certain systems with ancient compilers.
FIX: (DLNA) Non-local servers will display server name along with section titles.
FIX: (DLNA) PNs not being set for audio, fixes playback on PS3.
FIX: (DLNA) Folders now show up in the folders view.
FIX: (DLNA) Posters weren’t showing up on PS3.
FIX: (DLNA) DLNA server now cleans up correctly when shutting down.
FIX: (DLNA) Xbox now supports transcoded jpeg as icons and thumbnails.
FIX: (DLNA) Set seek flags for audio/video (regression).
FIX: (DLNA) Metadata for iTunes content now set properly.

Plex Media Server v0.9.6.3
June 04th, 2012 | Category: Release | Author: elan
Can you feel the momentum? We’re back with a new media server release, and we’re just about ready to submit the next iOS version to the store. We’re calling this release stable (lots of fixes!), so you’ll see it show up as an autoupdate.

This is a big release for DLNA, we’ve fixed a bunch of stuff, and extended our configuration language to allow more devices to be supported.

(Also, we’ve updated the Plex for OS X download to fix the code signing issue that was causing the violent disagreement between it and the OS X firewall. Sorry about that!)

NEW: Allow loading background art for individual seasons (as soon as agents support it). You requested it, we’re adding it.
NEW: Also by popular request, we added a “By Resolution” filter for browsing your media in a new way. Great for finding whatever SD media you still have around, or for showing off that 1080p TV with some actual 1080p content (“My god, it’s full of pixels!”).
NEW: Added the ability to do remote logging for easier support. This is a cool new feature which will make it much easier for us to observe log files in real-time while helping you out.
NEW: Initial support for a new transcoding system we call “Quicksilver” which among other things, will soon provide greatly enhanced video quality for the Kindle Fire.
NEW: (Linux) Builds are no longer compiled with Intel specific extensions, should work better for AMD users. There are still some of you out there using AMD chips, right? I mean, at least they don’t have floating point bugs.
NEW: (Linux) Startup/shutdown improved, PID file is written to $PLEX_MEDIA_SERVER_APPLICATION_SUPPORT_DIR. Fixes shutdown issues on Synology.
NEW: (Linux) We now offer a unRAID package thanks to Dirk Spittler. Now will you send us cool photos of your unRAID setups? Blue LEDs are worth extra points, as are cute kittens sleeping on the machines. Mmm, warm kittehs.
NEW: (DLNA) Enable PN overrides in profiles.
NEW: (DLNA) Support for AudioContainers, similar to VideoContainers.
NEW: (DLNA) Add profile option to remap blank object ID requests.
And lots of things are fixed as well:
FIX: Some playback and browse issues in the 0.9.6 series related to database slowness.
FIX: Database performance should be much faster overall in this release. Like, much faster, retrieving all 800 or so movies from my local server takes about half the time it used to. Give it a few seconds on start to optimize your database.
FIX: Some media wouldn’t get a thumbnail image, if it was on the dark side (like full of vampires or something).
FIX: Fixed redirects in channels, which was breaking lots of channel playback.
FIX: (OS X) Fixed a new issue where occasionally the posters wouldn’t display in the media manager on initial scan.
FIX: (Linux) Don’t write settings file every hour if nothing has changed, should prevent disks from spinning up for no good reason. Some hard drive company bribed us to add that bug, but you know, we just don’t roll like that.
FIX: (Linux) Use system bundled rsync if available, otherwise fallback on bundled version.
FIX: Better handling of sleep prevention.
FIX: Scanner log was filling up with ‘ignoring atom of size 0&#8242;.
FIX: Scanner could get stuck using up 100% of CPU.
FIX: WMV MediaInfo profile/level not always read correctly.
FIX: (DLNA) Generic transcodes to mpeg/mpeg2video didn’t work.
FIX: (DLNA) Transcoding multichannel content to MP3 didn’t work.
FIX: (DLNA) Generic transcoder failed to encode mpeg4.
FIX: (DLNA) Server gave access to shared sections, but not myPlex owned sections.
FIX: (DLNA) Add friendlier error message when port 1900 is in use.
FIX: (DLNA) Fix stack corruption with seasons > 100 episodes.
FIX: (DLNA) Apply actual mime types from spec.
FIX: (DLNA) Identification mechanisms is now case insensitive.
FIX: (DLNA) Implement friendly name matching for devices without unique user-agent headers.
FIX: (DLNA) Episodes was displaying out of order.
FIX: (DLNA) Add profile option to override icon size.

Plex Media Server v0.9.6.2 / Plex v0.9.5.3
May 18th, 2012 | Category: Release | Author: elan
Just a few short weeks after our last release, we have more goodness for you, in the form of new releases of the Plex Media Server, and the Plex desktop player. We’d like to get you releases more often, and make them easy for you to obtain, and to that end, we created a beta AppCast feed for the media server. When we release, depending on how stable we think the release is, we’ll either push it to the beta feed or the stable feed. This time around, the media server release is beta, because a lot has changed.

If you’re feeling brave, and like living on the bleeding edge, configure your media server to look for the beta feed. (Note that at worst you can just downgrade to an earlier version, we always have backwards and forwards compatibility for the library.) If you have a Roku, you’ll be especially interested in this release, as Schuyler worked some serious magic to fix the video artifacts people were observing on the Roku 2 devices.

The release builds are available in the usual place, and all of the new builds are available here (We’re still working through a Linux issue, so those builds will be out shortly.)

Let’s walk through the changes for the media server first:

NEW: Greatly enhanced media analysis. When I asked Max how to describe the changes, he said “it’s awesome”. He’s a man of few words, but I’ll try to explain a bit more. The media server analyzes your media for a few reasons: In order to extract a thumbnail, and to glean details about the exact format and codecs in the file. The latter is critical in order for players to determine what files they can consume without transcoding, which can be Direct Streamed (remuxed), and which need to be transcoded. The world of media is incredibly complicated. A simple MP4 file be optimized for streaming, or not; it can have 64-bit chunk offsets, or not; the H.264 inside it can be a myriad of different profiles, levels and have different features enabled. We now capture all of that information, and it will have many uses, not least in making the DLNA server component truly world-class. One thing you’ll notice is that when you scan in this version, the scan will take a lot longer the first time on an existing section, because the scanner is upgrading the analysis for all your files. Be patient, kick back, open a beer, and let it do its job!
NEW: The default on new installs is to empty trash automatically. This was confusing too many new users, and I think it was the wrong default, not to mention a confusing UX around learning how and why to empty the trash.
NEW: Support for non-DRM iTunes videos and iTunes U.
FIX: Improved segmented MPEGTS output (fixes Roku artifacts). And there was much rejoicing!!
FIX: TV shows didn’t load metadata properly if the episode had a date but no index (e.g. personal media).
FIX: Individual TV episodes can now have their content rating set by the agents.
FIX: A few random crashes observed in the wild.
FIX: (Linux) From scratch installs now work again (e.g. Synology).
FIX: Crash when transcoding (e.g. to LG MediaLink).
FIX: Status text while scanning didn’t show up in the OS X media manager.
FIX: Transcoder recognizes some MPEG2 files correctly now.
FIX: Return the HTTP body from plug-ins even when there’s a failure.
FIX: Audio transcoder wasn’t working for remote clients.
FIX: Regression in the transcoder leading to green/artifacts on iOS/ATV2.
FIX: Many fixes for SRT “burning” during transcode, including subtitles not showing up at all or only partially.
FIX: (Linux) Ensure we kill orphaned DLNA servers.
FIX: (Linux) DLNA server occasionally wasn’t able to start, unable to obtain IP.
FIX: Don’t identify MP4 chapter tracks as subtitles.
FIX: Durations in MP3 files should be analyzed much more accurately.
The Plex client has a number of fixes, and we’ll be paying it more attention in the coming months.

NEW: Developer ID-signed for Mountain Lion.
NEW: (OS X) Support for Crystal HD
NEW: Allow forcing transcoding on local networks (good for older clients).
FIX: Fix a crash when playing video over VNC.
FIX: Apple remote keymap was incorrect in Now Playing window.
FIX: (OS X) Many fixes for optical/HDMI audio output.
FIX: (OS X) Transcoding 5.1 AAC and DTS to AC3 works now.
FIX: When selecting multi-item videos, it always played the first item.
FIX: Occasional flicker when starting videos.
FIX: Respect the “noCache” attribute, fixes some channels not refreshing properly (e.g. Netflix).
FIX: (OS X) RTMP wasn’t enabled properly.
FIX: When playing some WebKit channels, it improperly transcoded, resulting in no audio.
FIX: Saved cookies were making some channels fail to play (e.g. YouTube).
FIX: Skinning issue that could make multiple thumbs appear for some content.
FIX: Only show watched state (and context menu items) for library content.
FIX: Changing display blanking settings required exiting and re-entering full screen to take effect.
FIX: Plex.ToggleDisplayBlanking keymap function restored.
FIX: Plex.RunScript and Plex.RunAppleScript work again (Mac OS only).
FIX: (OS X) Plex.RunScript handles files with the .scpt extension as well as .applescript.

Plex Media Center v9.5.2 ~ Smoked Wild Boar Edition
November 28th, 2011 | Category: Release | Author: elan
There are lots of goodies in this release, but never before have I felt that one small image had the potential to bring such great joy to our users as this one:

That’s right, our good friend Ryan took a break from saving people’s lives to add refresh rate switching. On TVs that support it, this means perfect 24p playback with nary a shudder, judder, or stutter. I have an old Sony TV set and it works great, taking under a second to switch rates. (You may need to have to use something like SwitchResX to add the refresh rate to your TV.)
Similarly pleasing, we’ve fixed the issue where video playback was taking much more CPU than the last release. VC-1, H.264, and all other codecs will now be at the same or lower CPU usage in this version of Laika.
We’ve also addressed an issue many have reported with the media server not being found, or being found only to be lost again. We’re still tracking down the root cause, but for now, if you’re having trouble, simply enter the address of your server in the network preferences.

Here is a full list of changes:
NEW: [Mac] Support for automatic refresh rate switching. And there was much rejoicing.
NEW: Add a way to specify a manual address for a media server, useful for working around network issues.
NEW: When running without a server, search now returns cloud results.
NEW: Add a global audio delay setting.
FIX: CPU usage for software decoding greatly reduced for all codecs, fixing VC-1 “stutter” issue and playback on older machines.
FIX: Allow selecting interface language in preferences.
FIX: Enable down-mix volume boost preference.
FIX: Enable speaker configuration preference.
FIX: A hang in the home screen.
FIX: Losing a server even though it was running on the same machine.
FIX: Not enough buffering (and therefore playback issues) with remote transcoded media.
FIX: Toggling full screen works on multi-display setups.
FIX: Allow ESC to get out of a playlist.
FIX: Add missing strings for shutdown timer.
FIX: Change the audio settings dialog to show delay in milliseconds, it seemed more human-friendly.
FIX: Crash clicking the “save as default” button in video settings.
FIX: Make sure we stop remote transcodes when stopping playback.
FIX: Update ffmpeg, fixes some artifacts with VC-1 and several other issues.
FIX: Stop printing myPlex tokens to the logs.
FIX: “Old-school” sources were disappearing after a restart.
FIX: Posters/art weren’t changing when changed on the media server.
FIX: Don’t play theme music if music is already playing or if video is playing in small window.
FIX: Background music volume is always VERY LOUD (preference works now).
FIX: [Mac] A crash when playing Flash/Silverlight videos followed by non-WebKit video.
FIX: [Mac] Flash/Silverlight video occasionally displayed black & white garbage on the screen.
FIX: Info button on iOS toggles OSD, and back button works as well.
FIX: Multiple crashes when skipping around in videos.
FIX: [Win] Crash on startup.
FIX: [Win] A randomly occurring hang.

Plex v0.9.5 – Brave New World
October 29th, 2011 | Category: Release | Author: elan
OK, I know why you’re here. You want the new releases, and you want them now. Well, you’re in the right place.

Note that as part of the release process, we’ve added new forums (for myPlex, and the new “Laika” client). There is also an amazing amount of documentation on the new release. There are a lot of new moving parts, so we’re sure there may be a few rough edges. Please let us know about them, and we’ll get them smoothed out.

Most of all, though, we really hope you enjoy the new release!

One more thing; as I’m sure you’re aware of, there is a Plex client for Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players. Thousands of people are using it, and it’s quite nice; I picked up a compatible Blu-ray player for under $99 which does 1080p and optical audio out. Oh, and it’s a Blu-ray player.

Anyway, during the Laika development cycle, we worked with the amazingly talented author of the client, Daniel, as he updated the Samsung client to support new Laika features, and upgrade the look and feel of the application. I think the results are stunning:

This is all built in HTML5/CSS and Javascript. Pretty nice, right? The release will be available as early as tomorrow, and he’s working on fleshing it out even more beyond support for video. If you’d like to see it in action, you can check out this screencast Boots put together. It’s a really nice validation of the powerful HTTP/XML API that the Plex Media Server provides.

One more note, the Linux releases will be updated shortly, it takes us a bit of time to build for all the different platforms/NAS devices. You’ll be happy to know that our Linux engineers are working on completely automating the process.

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to all the Plex Ninjas who helped us test this release. Your tireless dedication to helping us track down and resolve issues in the new code, document the new features, your friendly and helpful 24-hour presence in Campfire, all of it was just simply awesome.

Plex v0.9.3.4 – Mo fixes, mo Barkley
July 28th, 2011 | Category: Release | Author: elan

Many thanks to all who downloaded the last release! As might have been expected after such a big set of changes, there were a few issues that were reported that we’ve been working hard this week to resolve.

NEW: We’ve added a preference to disable media file deletion, and we’ve defaulted it to off, for the sake of safety (yes, Bruce, we’re listening). If you want to enable the option, please head to your friendly neighborhood web-based media manager at http://localhost:32400/manage and enable it:

Plex Media Manager

NEW: There is a new API endpoint /library/optimize which, as you might expect, optimizes the library database. Useful in clients or cron jobs.

And the fixes:

FIX: When refreshing a library section because changes to folders were detected, we wait until the changes stop before kicking off the scan, so that we don’t scan partial/locked files.
FIX: Custom artwork with spaces in path was not displaying properly.
FIX: This is an amusing one because it’s been there for a long time and nobody noticed. When doing a new scan, every 16th movie wasn’t displayed in the media manager (it was scanned, it just didn’t show up until you switched sections). Thanks to louisd for noticing it!
FIX: Our friend diamondsw helped us debug an issue where certain MKV files were failing to play on mobile devices.
FIX: Boots has been reporting this one for a while, there was an occasional hang in the media manager when scrolling quickly.
FIX: The was an issue scanning if your username had an apostrophe in it.
FIX: A (rather rare) crash in refreshing/timed updates.
FIX: [Windows] Sign all Python extensions. Apparently some of the AV products are coming up with some false positives on the media server, and the hope is that this might improve things.
FIX: [Windows] When exiting, don’t hang waiting for system bundle.
FIX: [Windows] When OpenSSL DLLs were installed into system, PMS system bundles wouldn’t start. This would cause the “no agents” issue.
FIX: [Linux] You can now use the environment variable PLEX_MEDIA_SERVER_APPLICATION_SUPPORT_DIR to specify where all of the media server’s user files go (library, plug-ins, logs, etc.)
FIX: [WIN32/Linux]: If multiple copies of a piece of media are found, load metadata for all copies.

Plex v0.9.3.3 – Halfway to the stars
July 20th, 2011 | Category: Release | Author: elan

Wow, OK, so it’s been a while.

The recent paucity of blog posts has not been for a lack of anything to talk about, nor for a lack of desire to write, but rather from the sheer volume of other things that I’ve had to do. Quite on the contrary, I love writing prose instead of code, and the sense we all have is that Plex is rapidly picking up speed: Just in the last month or two, we’ve grown our team, we’ve worked with Verizon on their in-car telematics solution (Plex in the back seat, anyone?), and are working with Netgear, Cisco, and Synology in order to make sure the Plex Media Server runs well on their NAS devices and is easily available to their customers. And that’s just skimming the surface…

We’re also in the process of making some major enhancements to our platform, and along the way to unveiling that, we decided to make an interim release. Fixes! New stuff! Rejoicing!

I also want to take a moment and point out that if you’re looking for real-time conversation about Plex, there are two great resources: Our Twitter feed is a great way to get questions answered, and see what we’re up to, and our public Campfire chat room usually has some Plexians in there who are happy to help you or just chat. I personally hang out there quite a bit as well, as I enjoy meeting and talking with Plex users from around the world.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the changes in this release, which I’ll group into a few different areas. The releases can be downloaded directly from the Plex home page (direct download links). After a day or two, we’ll enable auto-updates, and the Linux/NAS builds will appear shortly, as it takes a bit of time to build and package them.

By Popular Request:

NEW: Support for deleting files in the library. Lots of people wanted this one.
NEW: Initial support for Photo library sections. This means that the Plex Media Server can serve up your photos without needing to use iPhoto/Aperture, which of course doesn’t exist on Windows or Linux. We’re in the process of adding support to all the clients (e.g. next version of iOS/Android apps will add support, next firmware update for LG TV will add support), but Plex for Mac already supports it in this release. I like this one personally because it means that the Plex Media Server is now complete in the basic types of media it can scan and serve up.

Plex Media Manager 4

NEW: Automatic audio boost when mixing down multichannel to stereo for mobile devices. No, you’re not hard of hearing.
NEW: If subtitle files are dropped in next to a piece of media, they will be picked up on-the-fly without a need to rerefresh the item or section.
NEW: Support for SUB/IDX subtitles in Plex for Mac. They’re chunky evil bitmaps, but we love them. Sort of.
NEW: Support for DTS > AC3 transcoding in transcoder (useful for LG TV, ATV2 and others).

FIX: Subtitle scaling is now uniform, no more giant subtitles. No, you don’t need a different prescription for your glasses.
FIX: Anamorphic videos were not Direct Streamed.
FIX: More videos in general Direct Stream (level, nitrate, segment size issues).
FIX: Improved selection of subtitles with “shown with foreign audio” setting.
FIX: The SD MKV A/V sync issue.
FIX: A few bugs on Lion, Plex should now be Lion-ready (which answers this question)!

Platform Parity:

Over time, we want to tend towards platform parity, where features are available on all systems, whenever possible. We’ve taken some important steps towards this:

NEW: [Windows] iTunes support! (We’ll also be adding support for Linux, for those who have their iTunes XML stored on their Linux-based NAS devices.)
NEW: [Windows/Linux] Support for timed and automatic library refreshes.


We’re working hard to improve support for music inside Plex, and have made a number of changes in the core, music scanner, and agents, including:

NEW: Support for “Various Artists” (compilations) in music sections.
NEW: Initial support for multi-disc albums in music sections.
FIX: Much improved matching, far fewer false matches.


Even just with the above, this would be a pretty awesome release, but hey, there’s actually a lot more.

NEW: Faster transcoder startup.
NEW: Much faster TV and music metadata loading.
NEW: [Windows] Authenticode all binaries (hopefully preventing AV software from freaking out).
NEW: [Windows] Configure firewall on install.
NEW: Listen on new multicast group in GDM to avoid Windows 7 networking bug.

FIX: Issue where Vorbis streams were not transcoded.
FIX: Better logging for Python scanner errors while scanning.
FIX: [OS X] Database migration progress dialog didn’t always work properly.
FIX: Many fixes for GDM networking code.
FIX: [Windows] Scans stopping without completing.
FIX: [Windows] Server could become unresponsive.
FIX: [Windows] Conflicts with user-installed Python.
FIX: In certain cases, iOS app wasn’t showing channel images.
FIX: Unmatched items could become rematched, and items matched to a different agent could go back to the default agent.
FIX: [OS X] Cocoa media manager no longer jumps back to the grid when you are viewing details during a scan.
FIX: Hang when remotely playing one file followed by the next on Plex for Mac.
FIX: [OS X] Directory names are served up in precomposed UTF-8 on OS X (instead of decomposed).
FIX: [Linux] Crashes reading certain JPEG files.
FIX: [Linux] Image quality wasn’t as good for posters.
FIX: [Linux] Advertise on the real IP, not localhost.
FIX: [Linux] Playing files > 2GB failed.
FIX: [Linux] Fanart was scaled too small.
FIX: [Linux] If HOME was set to /, cache path wasn’t computed correctly.
FIX: Disable IPv6 on Linux/Windows by default, seems to cause problems in some cases.
FIX: Extreme memory usage or crashes analyzing ISO files.
FIX: Some crashes on shutdown, and also sped it up.
FIX: Don’t add the “All Episodes” directory if we don’t have any (e.g. in watched tree).
FIX: When refreshing older media libraries, bring remote media (poster/art) references local.
FIX: [OS X] Massive memory leak switching sections in the Cocoa media manager.
FIX: Offer even higher bitrates over 3G.
FIX: Issue with media streams in the database that could cause a transcode to fail on start.
FIX: A handful of other small bugs and crashes.


Along with the new core features and fixes, we keep enhancing the Plex Media Server’s API. There are new clients appearing all the time, the most recent of which is for Samsung TVs and Bluray players (I’ve tried it, works great!), and we like to provide a rich HTTP interface for these clients. Full documentation for the API will be available shortly.

NEW: Media XML contains width and height for video and photos.
NEW: New endpoint GET /library/sections/X/allLeaves (returns all tracks, episodes, etc.)
NEW: New endpoint DELETE /library/metadata/X
NEW: Ability to search by filename.
FIX: Clipping bug in the container paging API.
FIX: Files with ‘%’ characters were not encoded correctly in XML.

Plex v0.9.2.7 – Tweaks and fixes
April 13th, 2011 | Category: Release | Author: elan

Now that the latest iOS version has made it into the store (and thank you so much for your feedback on it, you are all very kind!!), we’ve turned our attention to fixing a few issues with Plex. The new releases are available on the Plex home page, and we will enable auto-update shortly.

* NEW: We display the warning icon on shows/seasons/episodes and artist/album/tracks so that you can see more clearly which media is missing. Also note that if you dislike this feature, you can always disable it in the Library preferences by enabling “Empty trash automatically”. We enable it by default because we never want to delete any of your data without you knowing about it first.


* FIX: We’ve updated the transcoding engine to fix a number of issues, including 3G video playback being audio only (thanks, Chris!), improvements in threading (1080p content should work more smoothly), and according to one tester, DTS-MA now mixes down correctly. Thanks also to mitch969 and others on the forums for all their help testing!
* FIX: A few fixes for for the web-based media manager, including a fix for changes to collections not saving, sections not disappearing from clients when deleted via the web manager, and fixes for the “Match using” and un-match functionality.
* FIX: When an episode is renamed, make sure we reload metadata if the episode or season number changed.
* FIX: If a slideshow screensaver is active, playing content via the iOS or Android remotes turns the screensaver off (thanks to Man for bring this to our attention).
* FIX: A fix for Turbo Scanning where if you edited a library section (to add a new directory, or when moving media, for example), you would need to perform a deep scan to pick up the changes.

We’ve also been hard at work at improving the music functionality. Besides support for FLAC, we’ve also added and fixed lots of other things. The really nice part is that the changes were to the scanner and agents, which means that they could be pushed out automatically in micro-increments. I love the thought of our users waking up to new features and bug-fixes without the need to download a whole new version!

* NEW: Support for scanning OGG.
* NEW: Improved and enhanced poster gathering from tags in all supported file formats.
* NEW: Music lacking tags is scanned in as “unknown” artist/album.
* FIX: Tons of fixes and improvements around reading tags.
* NEW: Parse track numbers out of filename if they’re not in the tags.
* FIX: Folders with more than 50 files are scanned.

Plex v0.9.2.6 – A little something for everyone
March 29th, 2011 | Category: Release | Author: elan

It’s rainy, and I have no beer. I have no beer because my car battery died, so I haven’t been able to go to the store to purchase more beer. As sure, my sadness will surely come through in these release notes. And there’s a Blues song in there somewhere.
An important general fix:

FIX: As issue when scanning a lot of new content (especially TV shows), where the Media Server could become unresponsive. We are now downloading media at the time of the scan (to make access faster in clients), and there was a bug that could cause an excessive amount of simultaneous downloads to, um, mess things up.

Some fixes specifically for Windows users:

FIX: [Win] The issue with season/episode posters not appearing has finally been fixed.
FIX: [Win] An issue where Plex Media Server refused to start when the user directory had an apostrophe in it. Many thanks to mrrwbrown and nyez1 on the forums for helping us track it down, we really appreciate it!

And a few subtitle fixes:

FIX: Subtitles weren’t being automatically enabled when there was just one embedded subtitle in a file and the preference was set to subtitles being “always enabled”.
FIX: As if that wasn’t bad enough, if a subtitle wasn’t enabled automatically when a file was played on Plex for Mac, it was disabled rather forcefully, so that it wouldn’t (won’t) appear again even if your preferences changed.

So to summarize, every video you played with the last version which did NOT choose to display subtitles automatically now has them disabled unless you manually enable them. This is likely not a big deal, because if you wanted them enabled you would have likely done so at the time! And the bug is now fixed.

We are going to be making more subtitle improvements, including fixing IDX/SUB subtitles, adding support for MicroDVD (on mobile clients as well!) and making the whole process of adding subtitles to your media easier and quicker. Don’t worry, we’re just getting started!

Next up, a few improvements for music fans:

NEW: Support for scanning FLAC! So I recently upgraded my desk stereo a bit, and as a result, I got into an argument with a friend about MP3 VBR vs FLAC. He insisted that there was a huge difference in imaging and dynamics (words that audiophiles like to throw around, along with “coherence” and “coloration”, as they mark their CDs with green pens and purchase three-hundred dollar HDMI cables in hopes that the zeros and ones are, I don’t know, transmitted in Helvetica?). Anyway, having purchased quite a few CDs in the past, and having ripped them to VBR MP3, I was hoping that he was wrong, because, after all, re-ripping 400+ discs didn’t sound like much fun. To make a long story short, he uploaded three tracks for me in MP3 and FLAC format, and I A/B’d between then (blindly, of course). The result? They both sounded great, and I couldn’t tell the difference to save my life.
NEW: The Local Media agent has been updated to pull album art out of tags for MP3 and FLAC files. And there was much rejoicing.

Plex Media Manager 3

Just like subtitles, the music support is a work in progress, and we have awesome things planned…

Finally, for all of you who access your media server remotely, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve added authentication to the web manager. OK, seriously, is that a sexy looking dialog or what?

Plex v0.9.2.5 – All Apologies
March 21st, 2011 | Category: Release | Author: elan

Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice, men and software engineers.

The last release contained a stupid database bug which caused the following issues in certain cases (mostly from-scratch scans):

* Scans wouldn’t bring in new content.
* Deleting the trash would crash the media server.

We apologize profusely for this issue, and we will strive to do better in the future. For starters, we’ll be sure to push major new releases as incrementals/betas before we push via Sparkle. We’ll also consider either administering beatings or reducing the beer rations as negative incentives for those guilty of the bugs.

(A known issue with this release – the last few, actually – is IDX/SUB subtitles. We’ll be working on it.)

Plex v0.9.2.4 – Solidification
March 21st, 2011 | Category: Release | Author: elan

No matter how much testing you do, software always has bugs. It’s the curse of our profession. I guess you could say the same about any product or profession (say, that Beatles song with the guitars ever so slightly out of tune, or the house with the floors that are not quite level). But with those things, the imperfections can add to the final product, add to its character, whereas with software, flaws are just undesirable warts. Such is the binary nature of our profession.

I read a paper years ago that described the curve of bugs left over time for a piece of software, assuming new bugs are never added, and while the number asymptotically approached zero, the curve went out for ten thousand years before reaching anywhere close to it. This was both eye-opening and depressing at the same time.

Anyway, enough digression, and on with the release, which fixes a number of issues. First and foremost, let’s talk subtitles. We had a number of people comment that they liked seeing english subtitles with english audio, so of course, we listened. We listened because we care deeply about our users, and the happier they are, the happier we are! So let’s look at the new preferences:

System 2

If you pick the “Manually Selected” option, we’ll never show subtitles by default, unless you manually enable them. With the second option, we will attempt to automatically show subtitles when the audio is foreign (e.g. if you’re portuguese, we’ll try to show you portuguese subtitles for a libyan movie).

The third option is new, and with it we’ll try very hard to display subtitles, using the following heuristics:

1. If we find a subtitle matching your requested language, we’ll show it (even if the audio language matches). This solves the “english on english” case.
2. If there is a “sidecar” subtitle (i.e. a subtitle file next to the video file) we’ll pick that even if the language didn’t match, because most of the time when people have a subtitle file sitting there, they want to display it.
3. If there is a single subtitle embedded in the file, we’ll use that even if the language didn’t match.

Hopefully that should be a step in the right direction. Please always bear in mind that if the automatic heuristics get it wrong, you can simply make a manual choice, and this will be remembered. On all clients.

The other slightly tricky thing about subtitles in the last release was that if you already had your media scanned into Plex, you had to do a forced refresh to find and process the subtitles. This is obviously just a transitional issue (since any new media scanned in will get the subtitles right away). Let me just explain quickly what you need to do in order to get your subtitles into the library:

First, make sure that the Local Media Assets agent is enabled for movies (Freebase) and TV Shows (TheTVDB). This will be the case on new installs, but if you’ve been with us for a while, it’s possible you don’t have them turned on:

Metadata Agent Settings

Next, you can try with a single piece of media by right clicking and selecting “Refresh Metadata”. This will pull in subtitles for a single show or a movie.

Finally, you can load all subtitles for all your media by shift-clicking on the refresh button. This will not overwrite your locked metadata or change any posters you’ve selected.

Plex Media Manager 3

Here is a full list of bugs this release fixes. The Mac downloads have been made live on the main page and via Sparkle, and the Windows builds will be made live tomorrow after we do some final testing. Thanks for your patience and for all your great feedback on the last release.

* FIX: The Media Server would crash on start if you had certain plug-ins installed with bogus XML.
* FIX: In certain cases, a scan would result in multiple movies showing the same name/poster.
* FIX: A few fixes for soft deletion, including merged movies not showing the /! icon.
* FIX: Changing the view type in Unwatched Shows would change the view type for episodes.
* FIX: Possible fix for an OS X Lion crash (Plex is still unsupported on Lion).
* FIX: Plex should now pick DTS/AC3 tracks over stereo when connected to a receiver.
* FIX: When you play a video via iOS application, screen saver is turned off on Plex.
* FIX: [Win] Issue with the transcoder, many videos wouldn’t play.
* FIX: [Win] Posters for seasons/episodes not displaying.
* FIX: [Win] Customization of application support directory wasn’t working.

Plex v0.9.2.3 – #velociraptorblood
March 17th, 2011 | Category: Release | Author: elan

You’ve been patient, and now it’s finally here! We’re not enabling auto-update quite yet for it, so consider this a pre-release. It might even have a bug or two (gasp!). Play with it, and please let us know how you like it. Mac and Windows downloads are available on the home page.

The iOS app is just getting wrapped up and getting ready for submission.

(Also, we know that some people are having issues with A/V sync and other playback issues. Please realize that we’re aware of this, and have plans for addressing it. Really.)

Also, bear in mind that skins need updating for the universal search functionality. Maverick214 and Reddragon220 are hard at work at this, as is se.bastian, who just released his amazing RetroPlex skin, and updated it already to support search. You can get RetroPlex and other skins via the via the most excellent Preen Skin Manager.


* NEW: Universal Search.
* NEW: Direct Play and Direct Streaming for clients.
* NEW: Subtitle support in agents, and streaming subtitles from server to clients (SRT/SMI/SSA).
* NEW: Support for secure access via Web Media Manager.
* NEW: Turbo Scanning (option-click to do regular “deep” scan).
* NEW: Soft Deletion.
* NEW: Added the By Folder second level menu.
* NEW: Support for our Bonjour replacement, known as G’Day Mate (GDM). Easy discovery!
* NEW: [Win] Support for storing application support files anywhere.
* FIX: The “Add Application” button was broken.
* FIX: Don’t refresh metadata every two weeks.
* FIX: In rare cases a Python process would take 100% CPU.
* FIX: “Unwatched” section second title was incorrect.
* FIX: Browsing for subtitles on Plex for Mac client.
* FIX: Flash 10.1/10.2 works now.
* FIX: With newer Flash installed, PMS is not restarted after 5.1 audio (as Flash but was fixed).
* FIX: Refresh works with local media agent even if media isn’t matched (for subs, posters).
* FIX: [Win] Various crashes (shutdown, during scans)
* FIX: [Win] Issue with dialogs popping up asking you to insert drive.
* FIX: [Win] Updated to latest transcoder, fixing lots of issues.
* FIX: [Win] Make sure we don’t conflict with installed Pythons.
* FIX: [Win] Lack of season/episode posters.
* FIX: Movies with ratings of 10 don’t show up under “5 stars”
* FIX: Any “phantom” media in the database is whacked after a scan.
* FIX: Don’t let the machine sleep while transcoding.
* FIX: Empty machine name crash.
* FIX: Support for audio playback from Android with security enabled.
* FIX: Add countries and producers tags to metadata models.
* FIX: Media is downloaded on metadata refresh, and always kept around.

And gobs of other fixes…

A new Plex incremental and some MP4 love
December 18th, 2010 | Category: Release,Status | Author: elan

As you might have noticed, we finished up on a round of incremental releases and made v0.9.1.9 an official release, updating the main download page and pushing it via Sparkle update. We want to take a moment and thank you all for trying out the incremental releases along the way, and giving us great feedback on them. We also hope the more adventurous among you enjoyed playing around with new features and fixes before they were officially released!

Without further ado, I’m happy to introduce you to a new incremental chock full of bug-fixes:

* FIX: Media thumbnailing functionality was broken. Totally my fault, we’ve been making builds of Plex Media Server for other platforms (*hint hint wink wink*) and I accidentally left it disabled in the OS X build. Whoops.
* FIX: Minor fixes for Plex ffmpeg (MPEG-TS memory leak, fix for Blu Ray subtitles).
* FIX: There was an issue starting some MP4 streams in plug-ins (e.g. Earth Touch and MSNBC). Thanks to Sander for helping us diagnose the issue and test the fix!
* FIX: Unmatching an item wasn’t resetting posters and other graphics correctly.
* FIX: Second level movie sections weren’t showing custom backgrounds.
* FIX: On occasion, secondary lists of sections would show up without a background (thanks, Scott!)

Plex v0.9.1.7
December 02nd, 2010 | Category: Release | Author: elan

So a mere six days after at least some of us stuffed ourselves silly with turkey, and indeed perhaps invigorated from all those calories, we’re back with another incremental release. Shiny new features! Many bugs crushed! New levels, pigs, and a new bird! (Whoops, wrong program.) Seriously though, I think James has slept about 5 hours in the last six days, and has entered an advanced state of mind meld with Cocoa.

So let’s get to the exciting part! Here is what’s new and shiny. (Note that this is another incremental, which means it’s a work in progress, and you should only download it if you want to be on the bleeding edge.)

* NEW: We’ve fleshed out the Plex Media Manager to allow browsing into seasons and episodes, albums and tracks. It’s here, it’s pretty, and finally you can do things you’ve wanted to do for ages like edit season thumbs. Please note, even though it’s functional, it’s not finished by any means, and things like selection states and keyboard navigation are missing.

Plex Media Manager-17.jpg

Plex Media Manager-21.jpg

Plex Media Manager-19.jpg

* NEW: Separate buttons for refreshing and agent settings.
* NEW: Keyboard shortcuts for Edit Metadata, Refresh, and Fix Incorrect Match.
* NEW: Typing letter scrolls to the first item which starts with that letter in the browser.
* NEW: Show Media Manager when dock icon is clicked.
* NEW: Include the WebManager.bundle in the package. This web-based media manager is really quite awesome. Built using the advanced Cappuccino framework by our one and only Brian D, it gives you a way to access and organize your media via any web browser (even on your iPad) and leaves you wondering “was that really a web app??” Try it yourself by hitting http://x.x.x.x:32400/manage – if you have an older version, delete the WebManager.bundle and let PMS refresh it for you on start (it’ll autoupdate shortly).

Plex Media Manager-18.jpg

We also fixed a large number of bugs:

* FIX: Delete collection instead section when clicking the [-] button (sorry!)
* FIX: Only allow dropping onto same-section collections.
* FIX: The Fix Incorrect Match button wasn’t working in the details view.
* FIX: We remember selection and scroll location when navigating back.
* FIX: Broken forward navigation, forward swiping in browse view.
* FIX: Missing last character in path bar in media manager.
* FIX: Plex Media Server issue which could result in hang or missing sections/plug-ins.
* FIX: Long beachball adding/removing sections.
* FIX: Rescan whacks collections, they weren’t locked correctly if you created them by dragging and dropping or context menu.
* FIX: Abort on start with Aperture XML file with weird permission/location.
* FIX: Don’t perform Bonjour resolves during video playback, fixes an every-ten-minute or so stutter.
* FIX: Rare crash in Plex when left idle.
* FIX: Continue scanning if we run into permissions issues.
* FIX: Dock icon weirdness when disabling and attempting an immediate restart.
* FIX: We’ve reverted the transcoder to use the older quality settings, which will reduce CPU usage.

Plex v0.9.1.2
November 25th, 2010 | Category: Release | Author: elan

Ever since Plex/Nine was released, the most often requested feature has been “I want to be able to manually edit the data for a piece of media”. This request came in many different forms, from the modest “please let me edit the title for a movie” to the less subtle “plex is combeltey [sic] borkem [sic]“.

I’m pleased to say with the incremental we’re releasing today, not only can you edit titles, you can edit just about every single aspect of the metadata, and do it in a way that no other media management application in existence allows. Without further ado, let me introduce you to the new feature.

So let’s say you have a movie backed up on disk, and it’s matched to metadata.

Plex Media Manager-1.jpg

However, you really want it to have a Korean title, perhaps because you’re married to a beautiful Korean girl, or a bunch of Korean LG engineers are always coming over to your place to watch movies and eat stuff out of your fridge. Right click, select “Edit Metadata”, and you’re presented with this dialog:

Plex Media Server.jpg

So let’s have a quick look; there are all the standard fields you might expect, and then there’s Sort Title. That’s useful for enforcing the correct ordering with sequels, for example, or making “The Expendables” sort like “A Really Bad Movie With Lots of Old People”.

You’ll notice a lock icon beside every field, which turns on when you edit a field. This means “I don’t want this value to ever change again”, as opposed to the unlocked fields which continue to update based on data from the agents. It’s completely up to you; you might prefer to put your own genres in, for example, or let them update (and improve over time) from online sources.

The ability to choose exactly how metadata comes into your library (via the Metadata Agent settings), and select per-field whether or not to use online data is incredibly powerful and flexible. We’ll continue to enhance the UI to better expose this power.

One note about posters and other graphical elements: until this release, the code that manages posters, banners, and fanart was a bit of a hack, which was needed because we didn’t have full field “locking” yet. It was “sticky” but not locked. When you upgrade to this incremental version, all those graphics fields will become fully fluid, and will update with new graphics as those elements become the most popular over time. So if you’ve spent lots of time getting things just right, please visit this forum post where I explain how to lock the fields before you upgrade to this version.

So here we have our edited movie, whose title will never change, unless we manually change it or unlock the field.

Plex Media Manager-3.jpg

Moving right along, there’s another movie in this section which mismatched to “40 Days and 40 Nights”, which is actually not the 2002 romantic comedy of questionable cinematic value, but an obscure Polish film from the 30s of the same name. Very unlikely that we’ll find an online match for it, so we’ll “unmatch” it, which resets any existing metadata and leaves it as a blank slate for you to edit as you wish.


Finally, there is one more problem with this section. The movie “Lolita” matched to the 1962 classic by Stanley Kubrick (“Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins”), but in reality it’s the less subtle version starring Lupe Fuentes. Not a problem, we’ll solve that with another right click to request that the movie be matched with an alternative agent.

Plex Media Manager-4.jpg

Another feature addition I’d like to highlight in this version is Collections. This is something that has been requested for a while, and it’s a great organizational tool. The amusing thing is that support for Collections has been in the code and database schema for ages now, but we’ve only now gotten around to bringing it to the surface. There is additional hidden functionality there for Collections, as well as other cool stuff, but we’ve at least enabled basic Collections support so you can start organizing your media.

You can add a piece of media to a collection by right clicking and selecting Add to Collection, or by typing in the names of the Collections in the Metadata Editing view, or by dragging and dropping to an existing collection.

Plex Media Manager-7.jpg

Usually the feature is used in coordination with the Sort Title field, to ensure that the movies are ordered properly in chronological order.

Plex Media Manager-8.jpg

So what else is new and fixed in this incremental? Quite a bit, but I need to go work on making a metric ton of mashed potatoes (yellow, purple, and sweet), and so I can’t spend much time on the details.

* NEW: Allow sorting based on date added.
* NEW: Keyboard accelerators for clipboard operations.
* NEW: Optional dock icon (set in Preferences).
* NEW: Home movies section works much better: ratings/view status/resume is now remembered, and of course you can edit all the metadata.
* FIX: Resume offset/view status now remembered for media even if it’s not matched.
* FIX: Stuttering issue with VIDEO_TS media, previously released in hot-fix form.
* FIX: Recently Viewed Shows wasn’t working.
* FIX: Lower CPU usage when refreshing TV shows.
* FIX: Seasons/episodes views weren’t getting graphics from the media server.
* FIX: Cases where a scan failed and we deleted lots of media out of the library.
* FIX: Crash in the scanner with a bogus AVI file.
* FIX: Posters/art not appearing when searching for movies.
* FIX: Tweaks in Plex to hopefully not “lose” sections and plug-ins (more fixes forthcoming).

Plex v0.9.1
October 23rd, 2010 | Category: Release | Author: elan

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to the latest version of Plex/Nine. It’s much more stable, it’s faster, has more features, and it’s also much shinier than the last release. The release can be downloaded via auto-update or from the home page.

This release also includes all the changes from the various hot-fixes, which I’ll summarize here as well for the sake of completeness.

* NEW: &#65279;Cast information restored to movie information dialog in Plex for Mac.
* &#65279;NEW: Ability to choose a specific piece of media to watch (e.g. HD, SD) if you have multiple media items. (You can disable this in Preferences > Video.


* &#65279;NEW: Added back “By Albums” in iTunes plug-in. Sometimes all you need is a little more cowbell.
* NEW: Allow splitting apart TV Shows and Movies in the media manager. You can see an example here.
* &#65279;NEW: Added an “Unwatched” section for Movies and TV Shows.
* &#65279;NEW: Added “By Album” in music library sections.
* &#65279;NEW: Allow browsing for on-disk graphics (posters/art) in the Media Manager.
* NEW: Support for volume control in new remote control protocol.
* &#65279;&#65279;NEW: Display number of items for each piece of media (e.g. if you have SD and HD versions of a movie). If you sort by items descending it’s a good way to see if you have any duplicated media (Reveal in Finder will show all of them) or if the agents have mistakenly matched two different pieces of media to the same thing. Yes, I’m really this disorganized, or at least I was until now!

Plex Media Manager-1.jpg

* NEW: Searching for matches in the media manager is now asynchronous and can be cancelled. Death to beach balls!&#65279;
* NEW: &#65279;In Preferences > Transcoding, we’ve added an option to offer higher bitrates over 3G.
* NEW: In Preferences > Library, you can optimize your database.

By far we spent the most time fixing bugs. Hopefully this release will resolve most of the really pesky issues. We appreciate all the patience and kindness you’ve shown us with this first release. As we’ve mentioned, this was a ground-up rewrite of the entire library, so problems were definitely to be expected.

* FIX: That dratted issue with posters and art continually re-downloading off the Internet. The Plex Media Server is now the single entity that downloads the graphics, and all the clients request from it. Expirations have been fixed, and other improvements around caching have been made. The bottom line is that, while not perfect, it should be much, much better. N.B. As part of this change, it’s of course going to have to download everything one last time in order to transition over to this new scheme.
* FIX: Leopard crash on start (thanks, Ryan!). Also a crash on start when your computer didn’t have a name. And a few other crashes on start.
* FIX: Stuttering playback (mostly with HD media). In some cases the cache size was being set incorrectly based on bad analysis, and this could lead to stutters during playback.
* FIX: Anamorphic videos fix for iOS. Additionally, anamorphic MP4 files play correctly on Plex for Mac (thanks, Ryan!).
* &#65279;FIX: High CPU usage during scan, which could cause stuttering during playback as well.
* FIX: Plug-ins could go missing in Plex when starting at same time as PMS.
* FIX: We now quit the Scanner if the Media Server quits.
* FIX: When detecting a rename, we upload location the in the database, otherwise media gets whacked when removing old location.
* FIX: When a duplicate episode was found, it lost the “addedAt” time (making it disappear from “recently added”).
* FIX: Allow backspace to exit the weather section, preferences, and a few other places where you could get stuck with the iOS app.
* FIX: The “-1&#8243; year issue in list view.
* FIX: Better handling of locked database file.
* &#65279;FIX: In certain cases, stacked movies were not played in the right order.
* FIX: Sometimes partial fanart files were displayed, leading to corrupted images being displayed.
* FIX: Better handling for audio/video distinguishing in iTunes for foreign languages.
* FIX: Allow changing metadata agent settings when there are no sections.
* FIX: Video podcasts passed back as Video elements instead of Track.
* FIX: Hebrew subtitles were displaying punctuation incorrectly.
* FIX: The word “dvdmedia” was displayed at the end of the movie title.
* FIX: Occasionally startup issues could result in agents not showing up, improve the recovery from this.
* FIX: Issue on startup, due to space in home folder.
* FIX: Videos stopping randomly in the middle of play.
* FIX: A few tweaks to the Media Server’s menu bar, to make canceling a library refresh possible, and to make it harder to accidentally start one.
* FIX: iTunes/iLife plug-ins mysteriously disappearing.
* FIX: Lots of crashes while scanning and analyzing media, including some MP3s.
* FIX: The Media Server starts (and installs) on a machine without Internet.
* FIX: We fixed a .BUP/.IFO ordering issue which could cause a crash when playing a VIDEO_TS movie. You’ll need to remove and add the section to fix the ordering (but you won’t lose view state/progress doing so).
* FIX: A buffer overflow issue reported by d1dn0t, which also caused crashes when navigating into some plug-ins.
* FIX: Adding library sections from the command line wasn’t working (thanks, Atrus!).
* FIX: The library would occasionally refresh continually.
* FIX: Crash of the iOS app near the end of a video.

Plex Media Server ever-hotter-fix (2010-09-26)
September 26th, 2010 | Category: Release | Author: elan

I like these hot-fixes few for a different reasons; first and foremost, it’s an easy way for us to get new code into your hands in the quickest possible way. Second of all, it’s a great way to get feedback from you before we roll another official release, which will offer itself via auto-update.

So if you’re feeling brave, take them for a spin, and if you’re not, please wait for the official release. One comment we received was something along the lines of “Please don’t make hot-fix releases, just make official releases” and I think that’s missing the point a bit. It’s not an either/or sort of thing, and by all means, if you want to wait for the auto-update via Sparkle, please do so.

But if you live on the edge, regularly swim with sharks, or fly to Pamplona for the running of the bulls, try the latest hotter-fix release here. It fixes the following issues:

* FIX: Occasional crash on start.
* FIX: Issue with TV/Movie search/updates hanging.
* FIX: A rare issue where the server would get stuck exiting, and required a reboot (which seems like an OS X issue).
* FIX: GUI weirdness using the new asynchronous “fix match” dialog.

As with the last one, drop the new application into ~/Library/Application Support/Plex and replace the existing one. Look at the string after the version number to make sure you’re running the latest code, and let us know how it works for you! As long as this version doesn’t have any more regressions, we’ll roll it into an official release shortly.

Plex Media Server hot-fix released
September 24th, 2010 | Category: Release | Author: elan

We’re happy to be able to offer you a hot-fix for the Plex Media Server which fixes a number of issues. We’re also working on the next version of the iOS app, which fixes a good handful of bugs, and we hope to have it ready for submission to Apple early next week.

This hot-fix is very easy to install:

1. Download the new Plex Media Server and unzip
2. Quit Plex Media Server
3. Drag new version of the application to ~/Library/Application Support/Plex, overwriting the old one
4. Restart by double clicking on the application

We’ve slipped in a few new things, by popular demand:

* NEW: We’ve made searching for matches asynchronous, so no more rude spinning beachballs of doom, and you can cancel a running search.

&#65279;Plex Media Server.jpg

* NEW: We’ve added an option for the Plex Media Server to send back additional higher bit-rate streams when transcoding over 3G (besides the 64kbps stream that’s always there). This will result in higher quality video, if your network can handle it, but it can also result in occasional pausing when the player “shifts” between streams.


* &#65279;NEW: You can now optimize your database. This is especially useful if you’ve added and removed lots of content. This can take a while, and I realize there’s no fancy spinny progress indicator, so just be patient and let it work, and do it when the media server is idle.


We’ve also fixed a number of bugs, including:

* FIX: Crash on start when your computer didn’t have a name.
* FIX: Videos stopping randomly in the middle of play (sorry!).
* FIX: iTunes/iLife plug-ins mysteriously disappearing (should be fixed).
* FIX: The scanner/media analysis had its ffmpeg updated to 0.6.x, and a few other related bugs have been fixed, which should fix lots of crashes while scanning.
* FIX: We fixed a .BUP/.IFO ordering issue which could cause a crash when playing a VIDEO_TS movie. You’ll need to remove and add the section to fix the ordering (but you won’t lose view state/progress doing so).
* FIX: A buffer overflow issue reported by d1dn0t, which also caused crashes when navigating into some plug-ins.
* FIX: Adding library sections from the command line wasn’t working (thanks, Atrus!).
* FIX: The library would occasionally refresh continually.
* FIX: Crash of the iOS app near the end of a video (thanks to Mike P for the report and media sample, and to Frank for fixing).
* FIX: Agents are now allowed to set a title in the update function for movies.

Plex/Nine has been released!
August 30th, 2010 | Category: Release | Author: elan

Come and get it, we really hope you enjoy it.

Thank you so much for your incredible support over the last week, as we’ve worked super hard to get this out to you. Is it perfect? No. Is it bug free? Absolutely not. But it’s a giant step in the right direction, and it makes us very happy to be able to share it with you. We’re over the snowy pass, and heading down into a lush valley, where great things await.

Check it out, let us know how it works for you. If anything’s badly broken, we’ll fix it, and if anything is missing, we’ll add it!

Plex 0.8.5: Fixes, fixes, fixes
November 18th, 2009 | Category: Status | Author: elan

The Plex/Eight series is supposed to be about stability, and with all the changes we introduced in the 0.8.3 there were a few regressions that slipped in as well. We’re very sorry about that, and we’ve worked extremely hard since it was released to fix the issues introduced as well as new ones that came to light. So what happened to 0.8.4? We were on the verge of releasing it and then found a few more bugs, so we “nuked” the release. Those of you who sniffed it out on the server, you may want to upgrade now to the real thing.

Without further ado, the fixes:

* FIX: A bug where Plex and the Plex Media Server could get out of sync and display the wrong contents for a directory.
* FIX: An issue when stopping music playback, where the GUI “clicks” don’t restore and the playing track is still selected.
* FIX: Photo thumbnails were broken for plug-ins (thanks to orr721 for the report!)
* FIX: Hitting the menu button during a blank slideshow causes a crash. (thank to Majkel and other for the report!)
* FIX: When a track fails to play, Plex jumps into (blank) Now Playing screen anyway.
* FIX: Sometimes the photo screensaver started going “crazy fast”.
* FIX: The new remote code logged too much.
* FIX: The duration didn’t show up in plug-ins.
* FIX: You weren’t returned to the main menu correctly from items added to your Favorites, or direct links to plug-ins in the Music section. Existing favorites will need to be removed and re-added. (James)
* FIX: The iTunes plug-in now sorts artists by the “sort artist” field in iTunes. This one is for Scott!
* FIX: Crashes with WebKit plug-ins that appear in the Music section.
* FIX: PlexHelper occasionally stopped responding (or responded incorrectly) to button presses.
* FIX: Sometimes Plex didn’t start after the first run. Believe it or not, this was an OS X bug, now worked around.
* FIX: Plex hung when using the mouse wheel to scroll through text (thanks to hqrs for the report!)
* FIX: Changed the servers in the TVDB scraper to use the load balanced ones. (many thanks to kruisje for the fix!)
* FIX: Fixed a crash loading some RAW files.
* FIX: DTS-to-AC3 was broken in the last release. Thanks to our audio doctor Ryan who fixed it and improved the AC3 trancoding in the process.
* FIX: When you select “previous track” it now does the right thing with streamed content: moving to the start of the track or the previous track depending on how far along the track is (awesome, James!)

OK, so I said there were just fixes, right? I lied! James, as usual, pulled out a great new feature or two out of his hat, and we hope you enjoy them.

* NEW: Plug-in preferences show up on the context menu for the plug-in itself.
* NEW: Auto-sourcing of remote Plex Media Server iLife plug-ins. Let’s say you have a laptop with iTunes music, or your wife’s iMac has iPhoto on it. No longer do you have to manually add the sources, or wonder if they’ll work when you click on them. With the new version, sources add and remove themselves auto-magically thanks to Bonjour. Make sure you install the new Plex Media Server on the remote machines.

Plex 0.8.3: Let it Snow (Leopard)!
October 26th, 2009 | Category: Release | Author: elan

We realize it’s been a little while since the last release, but hopefully the wait will have been worth it. We’re thrilled to serve you up a fresh new version of Plex with lots of bug-fixes and a few little enhancements. First up, the fixes:

[French users, be sure to read through oncleben31's blog post on the new scraper included in this release here.]

* FIX: On Snow Leopard, 5.1 audio had issues. We’ve cleaned up the code, fixed the problems, and it now runs great on 10.6. Many thanks to Ryan for all his work on this one.
* FIX: We fixed an issue with the new caching system that could cause some MKVs and other files to stutter when played over the network.
* FIX: Video playlists work again.
* FIX: Multi-part videos display thumbnails again.
* FIX: Crash reading GPS EXIF data from photos.
* FIX: Fix for crash when displaying subtitles (Thanks, Billy J!)
* FIX: A few crashes in the Media Server (custom iTunes genre artwork, and playing Netflix movies).
* FIX: First WebKit play on a fresh install didn’t work.
* FIX: App Store would sometimes not show up on a fresh install.
* FIX: GForce visualizer for iTunes causes Plex to crash.
* FIX: TVDB image issue (thanks to Poldi!)
* FIX: Posters issue in IMDB scraper (thanks, Jay!) and issue with cast lists (thanks to Todd G!)
* FIX: DTS downmixing method reverted to use libdts. People who listen on headphone *may* be happier.
* FIX: Make keyboard backlight feature optional (James). You can access this setting in the advanced Cocoa preferences area under the Videos tab.

To summarize, Plex should now work pretty well on Snow Leopard, and hopefully most of the annoyances and issues in the last release have been fixed. Moving right along, what other tasty nuggets await in this new release?

* NEW: James revamped Plex shutdown options, adding a beautiful UI that allows quitting, sleeping, or powering off after a specified time. Check out the screencast below to see it in action.
* NEW: One of the longest-running complaints about Plex has been the low volume when listening to downmixed 5.1 audio. We’ve added three levels of dynamic range compression (in Preferences > System > Audio): Normal, Large, and Huge. These settings apply only to AC3 and DTS downmixed audio, and the Large and Huge settings can introduce (usually subliminal) clipping. This one is for you, Aayush!
* NEW: Captions for iPhoto photos, and EXIF comment tag also used for captions.
* NEW: We’re using Felix’s new Apple Remote code (thanks to Evan for integrating it!). This provides, as Apple would say “improved compatibility”. One note: we recommend using the Candelair driver even on Leopard, because it can help resolve cases in which the Apple Remote loses exclusive access with the Apple driver.
* NEW: Toggle full screen option on dock menu (thanks to Billy Joe).

Along this release comes a new improved version of the Plex Media Framework used to write plug-ins, and enhancements to the Plex Media Server itself.

* NEW: Support for one-click install of plug-ins. You can now easily install plug-ins off the web without having to copy files all over the place.
Plug-in Installer.jpg
* NEW: Support for auto-refresh in directories.
* NEW: Context menus in plug-ins.
* NEW: Rating support for plug-ins, with support for community/system ratings as well as user ratings. This feature was used to great effect by David B in the upcoming update of our Netflix plug-in. Here’s an unrated movie and us rating it via the context menu item.

And here’s the movie with our rating.
* NEW: Upgrade Plex WebKit libraries to 4.0.3.
* NEW: Allow passing back User Agent (makes Apple Movie Trailers work again).

Plex 0.8.2: Silky Smooth
August 09th, 2009 | Category: Release | Author: elan

It wasn’t until I was over at a friend’s house playing with Plex v0.8.1 that I realized how much better this new version is. We’ve targeted two major causes of user interface delay (beach balling) in this release (starting streams and browsing through directories) and the results should make your experience much better than it used to be. As always, many thanks to the talented group of plug-in developers who keep expanding the content tree, as well as help us track down bugs!

If you’re just joining us, you can find helpful and friendly support on the forums (welcome 10,000th user!), or follow us via Twitter. Heck, you can even follow Barkley on Twitter. Or buy us a beer via the donate link at the right.
# NEW: Allow Plex Media Server photo sources to be used for the slideshow screensaver. It’s kind of nice to have a subfolder of Web Gallery of Art as your screensaver, your date will be impressed.
# NEW: This has been a popular request for those of you without surround receivers. We’ve added a new setting that links OS X sound volume with Plex sound volume. This means that you can use your Apple Remote for *all* of your volume changes, including all the WebKit plug-ins. (For those of you with surround receivers, you’ll continue to use your receiver’s remote for all of your volume changes.)
# NEW: This is one that’s bothered me for ages. Setting the cache size in Megabytes is really silly, because the amount you want to cache depends on the bandwidth of the content. For example, if you set it high, your Apple Movie Trailers might play without stuttering, but then that low bandwidth FLV would take forever to buffer. With this version, we’re introducing Bandwidth-based Caching®, which dynamically adjusts the size of the cache depending on the needs of the stream. The result: lower bandwidth streams start faster, and higher bandwidth streams play with less stuttering. Also as a consequence, the cache settings now look quite a bit more simple. You simply specify the number of seconds of media that you would like to cache.
# NEW: Greatly improved responsiveness when browsing. Things like entering or leaving a big list of items (e.g. iTunes artists list) that could hang the entire interface for 5-15 seconds are now instant.
# NEW: Thanks to James, the keyboard backlight turns off during videos playing so you can grope your date more easily.
# NEW: Maverick214 on the forums submitted a great patch for displaying the end time for videos. Always nice to know how much longer you’re going to be tortured watching So You Think You Can Dance.
# NEW: We’ve added a “Shuffle” context menu item for the photos area.
# NEW: Do you like having your cake and eating it too? Do you like the Now Playing screen, but wish you could induce epileptic fits in your pets with the visualizer at the same time? Luckily for you, Scott was stuck on a plane, armed with a laptop and he hacked together this perfect marriage. Not for you? Simply select the “Hide Now Playing in Visualizer” in the Skin settings.
# NEW: Improved Snow Leopard support. There are still a few glitches, but Plex now runs quite well on the new kitty.
# NEW: James cleaned up the shutdown options for Plex. In the skin settings, you can select which of Quit, Sleep, or Shut Down appears on the main menu. If you want to access the other choices, you simply hit “right” to pick another option. If you have your Harmony remote mapped to something custom, you can use the actions Plex.Quit, Plex.SleepSystem, and Plex.ShutDownSystem.
Plex-35.jpg 471×313 pixels.jpg
# NEW: We display error messages when an item fails to play (as opposed to silently returning to the menu).

Along with all these additions, we’ve fixed quite a few bugs:
# FIX: Manually added PMS sources can be removed via context menu (James).
# FIX: The default folder for the slide show was set to “F:/” (#303)
# FIX: Fixed an issue when Auto-Subtitles are enabled, we weren’t allowing manual activation of other subtitles if they were automatically disabled.
# FIX: Crash in the Media Server in iTunes plug-in.
# FIX: James made some minor tweaks to menu/keyboard handling, so that the ‘Move focus to the menu bar’ command (mapped to ^F2) works, and also &#8984;W now closes the About window.
# FIX: We now scrobble to as “Plex”.
# FIX: Thumbnails obtained from the Plex Media Server are all stored in their own directory, and given a limited time to live, so that you shouldn’t need to go manually whack icons or fanart any more. In addition, thumbnails created by the Plex Media Server with Quick Look are also only cached for a limited amount of time.
# FIX: Removed the System Info window, which really wasn’t doing much good (thanks to James).
# FIX: Disable cross-fading by default (also thanks to James).
# FIX: Fixed an error in the keymap (thanks to Mickey for reporting, and James for fixing).
# FIX: The Plex Media Server quit confirmation dialog didn’t always appear on top (James).
# FIX: Improved A/V sync, those with senses tuned to this sort of stuff should find it better behaved.
# FIX: iTunes visualizers didn’t show elapsed time (thanks to Daniel for reporting it).
# FIX: Resume point for videos is now saved when quitting.
# FIX: Years weren’t showing up in IMDB matches.
# FIX: On updates or restarts, PlexHelper (and thus Apple Remote) could stop working.
# FIX: If you had the Plex Media Server set to “Always running” it would not start on boot.
# FIX: A crash starting a zoomed MKV (with software upscaling enabled).
# FIX: A crash on startup with audio device changes.

Also, we’ve worked on the interaction between Plex and the Media Server, as well as the Python Framework. James just pushed the official v1.0 to the store, and he’ll be blogging about all the great changes in the final release. Note that all plug-in caches and data will be reset because of changes to the encoding, which means that you will need to re-enter login data into some plug-ins (we apologize for this).
# NEW: We now support redirection from HTTP to RTMP, MMS, and WebKit streams.
# NEW: Site configurations can live inside plug-ins.
# NEW: We check for other Python files changing besides inside of Contents/Code.
# NEW: Seek bars are allowed to specify small/large percentages to jump.
# NEW: Video items can specify bandwidth if they wish to override the automatically computed bandwidth (also useful for some FLV files where it’s not possible to extract it).
# NEW: You can pass back cookies from the Media Server to Plex, which is useful for accessing authenticated content.
# FIX: The Preferences item refreshes parent, useful for displaying/hiding sub-menus based on logged in status (James)
# FIX: Javascript seek bars didn’t reset properly.
# FIX: String keys are now allowed for album media items.
# FIX: The Plex Media Server would crash if a site configuration moved to an unknown state.
# FIX: Showing a message dialog at the top level of a plug-in didn’t work right.
# FIX: The Media Server didn’t forward requests to the right plug-in when they shared a common prefix (James)

Release 0.8.1: Crazy Delicious
May 22nd, 2009 | Category: Release | Author: elan

Remember how when Windows 3.0 came out, it really sucked, and it wasn’t until 3.1 that Microsoft got things right? Well, I’d like to think of this release (download here) as being the “Windows 3.1&#8243; release of Plex. We’ve fixed a lot of issues, and this version should be much more stable than the previous one. Additionally, the people who were staying with v0.7.13 because of issues with BluRay rips in subsequent versions can now download this version without fear.

* FIX: Idle CPU reduced greatly. On an iMac we went from 24% to around 9.8%. On a 1.83GHz Mini we went from 38% to 16%. Al Gore is happy.
* FIX: Hang when playing WebKit content after 5.1 content.
* FIX: A few issues causing App Store/plug-ins to disappear.
* FIX: Hang on exit (when Media Server Scrobbler was enabled).
* FIX: Cannot play/browse AC/DC (and other artists with funky names) from the iTunes library. Heavy metal fans rejoice!
* FIX: Scrobbling plays of AAC files to the Plex Media Server wasn’t working.
* FIX: Crash on start when Plex Media Server was run on a computer without Plex.
* FIX: Intermittant lack of audio when starting 5.1 videos when background music/themes was enabled. (We also disabling the fading, which was not helping.)
* FIX: VC-1 apparent regression in ffmpeg 0.5 which caused much higher CPU usage and related problems. Ryan and I resolved it by reverting to an earlier version of the codec. Thanks to Peter for bringing the issue to our attention, and to Aaron for help in tracking it down.
* FIX: View Slideshow context menu items weren’t enabled for top-level photo plug-ins.
* FIX: Jay and Isaac tweaked the default settings for IMDB to make sure the best quality posters are returned.
* FIX: James made some tweak to Now Playing. The flip time is now configurable in the Advanced Settings Cocoa UI (Make it flip every 5 seconds! Make your child and/or pets motion sick!) Additionally, the background is more in line with look of MediaStream.
* FIX: We’ve defaulted the automatic audio stream selection to false, as we think that default makes more sense (Thanks, Isaac! You can turn it off manually yourself in the video player preferences.) We also fixed an issue with the auto-selection of subtitles if the auto-selection of audio streams was disabled.
* FIX: We pulled the latest libdcr code which decodes RAW images (it fixes some pink-hue issues with newer cameras).
* FIX: As forum user “someone” reported, the German strings were botched in the previous version.
* FIX: Sébastien Vaast kindly send us updates to the French translation.
* FIX: We fixed a possible crash with Javascript seek bars in site profiles.
* FIX: Relative coordinates on “thumb” seek-bars were broken, many thanks to Robert Nio for reporting the issue and testing the fix.
* FIX: We pulled the latest XBMC UPnP code, in hopes this would help with some problems reported on the forums. We also pulled a fix related to the sendkey HTTP-API command, and a few other fixes.

Plex/Eight Released
May 10th, 2009 | Category: Release | Author: elan

First of all, happy Mother’s day to all the Plex moms out there! (Remember, Plex Dads, a new Plex release is not a substitute for flowers or a nice call.)

We’re very pleased to announce the first release of our stable Plex/Eight series. It’s been a long road, but we’re quite happy with the stability, especially given the massive amount of new functionality. You can download it here.

We’ve already started work on the Plex/Nine series, and you’ll be seeing lots of change between here and the official “1.0&#8243; release. We know what areas need the most work (the library, usability) and we have a few surprises up our sleeve which we hope you’ll enjoy.

We’d like to give a really, really big shout out to our growing community of plug-in developers. The response to the new Framework has been tremendous, the plug-ins are flowing in, and we’ve gotten great feedback from everyone. Thank you all very much! As promised, James and I are heads down on documentation and will have something for you to look at very shortly. We’re also working on some updates to the App Store to improve the “regionalization” which will make it easier for our users around the world to get to the plug-ins that work for them. A pox on content providers who limit the content to only certain areas of our little blue planet.

This release consists primary of bug-fixes, but we’ve added the usual treats. As Chuck Norris said, “Anything else would be less than civilized”.

* NEW: Have you ever been annoyed by a video playing with subtitles even though the audio track is in your native language? Or having to look through all the 24 subtitle tracks in the MKV just to find the one in your language? Annoying, right? Plex/Eight auto-manages subtitles and audio tracks based on your language setting (i.e. the OS X language setting). For example, if your language is set to English, videos with English audio tracks won’t display any subtitles, whereas a foreign film will display English subtitles. If the language is set to Portuguese (Olá amigos!), an English film with lots of subtitles will auto-pick the Portuguese ones.

Likewise, for those of you encoding dual 5.1/stereo tracks in your MP4 files, Plex will pick the AC3 track if the receiver is AC3-capable and the tracks have language tags.

These options are both on by default, and they will not override per-video settings. Also, note that some video files don’t have language information for the audio and subtitle tracks. The code tries to be clever, but it’s not magic.
* NEW: James whipped up a cool animation for the Now Playing screen. Those of you with Plasma screens can now rest easy. The animation triggers every two minutes. Drink some nice red wine and stare at the screen.
* NEW: There are more and more of you using the Plex Media Server to stream your iTunes libraries to Plex, and a common request was to update the play counts and mark podcasts as viewed. In Plex/Eight, Plex now “scrobbles” plays to the Media Server, which updates the iTunes library (note that since it uses AppleScript, you’ll need to have iTunes running on the machine where the Plex Media Server is, and it will be started by OS X if it’s not). This feature is off by default, and you can enable it in the Media Server section of the preferences.
* NEW: Anamorphic zoom mode. Falk Husemann submitted a patch to change the 16×9 zoom mode to work with projectors which have anamorphic lenses attached. You can read more about this sort of set up here. You can enable this new mode by setting <anamorphiczoom>true</anamorphiczoom> in your advanced settings.

And the fixes:

* FIX: Sometimes album art didn’t show up in the Now Playing window.
* FIX: Remote fanart (e.g. iTunes) wasn’t showing up.
* FIX: Very slow start/skipping tracks for music. We made some improvements to the Media Server, and the ever-skilled jmarshall committed a nice related fix which we pulled. You won’t believe how much faster it is.
* FIX: Speaking of performance, a big shout out to Jens Kleemann, who has been working for a while on analyzing and improving the performance of Plex. A few weeks ago, he told me that one of the main sources of the idle CPU usage was in some code that was locking and unlocking a mutex. He even sent over a patch that did less locking, and Plex took less CPU with the fix. Now this didn’t seem right to me, as a thread that is blocked on a mutex doesn’t consume any CPU. One night I looked over the mutex code, and I noticed a line of debug code that got the thread’s Mach port. I’d put this line in when I was trying to track down a threading issue *ages* ago, and it wasn’t used anymore. Except, as it turns out, it was responsible for consuming about a quarter of Plex’s CPU usage when idle. So a big thank you to Jens, and a big apology from me. Just think how many trillion of instructions your computers have executed for no good reason because of me. I might actually be responsible for global warming.
* FIX: We’ve changed the thumbnailing code for photos to use a single thumb instead of four, by popular request.
* FIX: Nikolas Stephan kindly submitted a patch so that scrobbling works with tracks played from the Plex Media Server.
* FIX: Nikolas Stephan also submitted a patch which allows selecting folders for the photo screensaver, apparently something which used to work.
* FIX: We restart the Plex Media Server when we quit after 5.1 play (or upon restart after a crash). This is needed to work around a CoreAudio/WebKit issue, and you would have seen this issue as WebKit videos playing back without audio.
* FIX: We automatically remove empty iLife sources, so if you don’t have Aperture, it won’t show up, for example.
* FIX: GlimmerBlocker no longer prevents WebKit plug-ins from working.
* FIX: The new wider list view works with the “hide thumbs” option.
* FIX: Some SSA subtitles (e.g. Chinese) didn’t render correctly.
* FIX: James made some fixes to background music; the volume level of the background music shouldn’t be quieter than regular music, and fixed a couple of problems with it not restarting properly. Also, it’ll fade out when starting a video.
* FIX: The fonts have been fixed in the Now Playing window for the Original font set.
* FIX: A possible crash in the Plex Media Server.
* FIX: Better keyboard mappings for the Now Playing window and Mira (thanks to marklight!)
* FIX: We pulled the latest IMDB scraper from XBMC (thanks to aaron and jayman for testing it out!) and this should fix it bringing down incorrect posters when the IMPA awards option is on.
* We also pulled a good bunch of code fixes from XBMC. (No Aeon fixes, sorry.)

Next up will be a big release of new and enhanced plug-ins, and then back to work on Plex/Nine.

Release 0.7.15: Improved Music Experience
April 23rd, 2009 | Category: Release | Author: elan

We’re coming to the end of the Plex/Seven series, so we’re primarily focused on bug-fixes, but we did find the time to add a few new things for your enjoyment. Many, many thanks to all the people who helped out with this release. In the next few days, we’re going to release a few new plug-ins (and updates to existing ones) that make use of new features/bugfixes in this release, so be sure to update as soon as you can! The release can be downloaded here.

* NEW: One of the complaints we’ve heard is that the visualizers available with Plex, while cool, sometimes cause seizures in kids and household pets. Others say that it leads them to look forward to 4:20 PM. In any case, James and Mike B (of MediaStream fame) teamed up to bring you a sexy new option: The Now Playing visualizer. Select it just as you would any other visualizer, and take it for a spin.


* NEW: We’ve added support for ratings in Plex Media Server content. So in the next revision of the Netflix plug-in, for example, you’ll now see star ratings, as you will in another new plug-in that will be released shortly.


* NEW: Do you ever find yourself struggling to shuffle a playlist, or play an album straight through, by displaying the playlist, toggling settings, and then switching back, having forgotten what you were doing in the first place? James added a convenient Shuffle item on the context menu to make that struggle a thing of the past. Together with the new Now Playing visualizer, we’re hoping you find music playing just a little bit easier this release.


* NEW: New iLife art (thanks to the talented tassitassi). You see some of it peeking out from the screenshot above. (Note: you’ll have to whack your existing cached art at ~/Library/Application Support/Plex/userdata/Thumbnails/Programs/Fanart/)
* NEW: Our friend Kent has been hard at work on analyzing our user data. Among other things, he’s discovered that our Swedish users rock! There are more Plex users per capita in Sweden than any other country. He compiled this data by looking at the Sparkle update requests. To make his job a bit easier, we’ve added a token to each update request that’s unique for each computer. We’re sending a one-way hash of the computer’s MAC address, which when broken down into plain English means that (a) we’ll be able to figure how many total computers are running Plex and (b) we can’t use the data to obtain any information about your computer.

We’ve also fixed a number of bugs in this release:

* FIX: The context menu was broken for the Favorites section.
* FIX: We weren’t saving the ’show extensions’ setting correctly in advanced settings.
* FIX: James fixed a long-standing (since Plex/Five) scraper hang with tvshow.nfo.
* FIX: We got a patch from rgrove (thanks!) that ensures that LAN cache settings are used for SMB shares.
* FIX: Caching was disabled, which caused no end of trouble playing back Internet content.
* FIX: We added Lanczos back to the OSD upscaling menu.
* FIX: We increased the size of the default fonts. I have to personally apologize for that, apparently I ate too many carrots as a baby.
* FIX: Crash/hang when exiting after playing a video.
* FIX: Also a longstanding bug, the occasional lack of GUI sounds after playing videos (thanks to Kent for helping me track this down).
* FIX: The Plex Media Server is a Universal Binary again.
* FIX: Ryan helped me fix a DTS->AC3 transcoding channel mapping bug.
* FIX: A Plex Media Server crash (when stopping a WebKit video shortly after starting) was fixed.
* FIX: We’ve made the list view give more room to text. After all, scrolling text is hard to read.


* FIX: Stopping a video with 5.1 audio could be a bit slow.
* FIX: The clock could display letters (e.g. “kk:49&#8243;). Thanks to Daniel for helping me track this one down.
* FIX: James made the thumbnail searching code respect the dvdthumbs advanced setting (so you can add support for Front Row style preview.jpg files).
* FIX: Double speed playback of 22KHz audio in videos (e.g. some FLV video).
* FIX: Enhanced the caching of directories to work well with the Plex Media Server (much quicker backing up to parent directories).
* FIX: Isaac fixed a few confusing strings.
* FIX: Improved Russian strings (thanks to friendly).
* FIX: Blurry fanart. Thanks to tassitassi for bringing it to my attention and to jmarshall for the fix).

We also added a few new Media Server plug-in features and fixed some bugs:

* NEW: Support for typing a string in the site config (requested by Rick, useful for authenticating into Flash sites).
* NEW: We allow specifying a dead zone in the seek bar site config, which can help make a tooltip disappear after a seek.
* FIX: Preferences weren’t being correctly escaped, which could lead to problems logging into Netflix, for example.

Release 0.7.14: An-nyoung!
April 07th, 2009 | Category: Release | Author: elan

We’ve been working hard for the last month and I’m really happy to finally be able to announce this next release (download here, but please read the release notes first). Besides the usual bunch of new features and bug-fixes, this release brings with it support for the next major release of our Media Server plug-in API, and this means that you’ll be seeing lots of new content in the App Store this week (and hopefully provides extra incentive to upgrade quickly!)

* NEW: Cocoa UI for advanced settings. Why should you have to edit XML files? You shouldn’t, and now you don’t have to, because the most important advanced settings are easily accessible in this advanced settings dialog that James added. The dialog is accessible via Plex > Advanced Settings… in the menu bar.

Picture 1.png

* NEW: This all started with a giant bug that Youngcho Kim posted detailing improvements that would help Korean users. Seeing as I like &#46028;&#49573; &#48708;&#48724;&#48165; as much as the next guy, I read the bug, thought about it, and we decided that a lot of his suggestions were really excellent for all non-English first time Plex users. So we’ve done a few things:
o Plex respects the language setting in the International preference pane. Whatever language your OS X applications start with, Plex will start with (assuming there’s a translation).
o Plex respects the units setting (Metric/US) also specified in that preference pane, and these are used to determine the units for temperature and speed.
o Plex uses the date and time formatting specified in that pane as well; for example, MediaStream uses the short time format for its clock, which you can easily configure it in a number of different ways. More importantly, it will use whatever format you have configured already.
o Plex auto-selects the font based on your language, so if your language is configured in OS X to be Chinese, for example, it will use Arial Unicode automatically.
o If you really want Plex to be running with different language/units than OS X, you can specify this in advanced settings (<language> tag, e.g. “en” or “it”, and <units> tag, e.g. “metric”).


* NEW: Evan Schoenberg was kind enough to add support for the IRKeyboardEmu virtual remote, which provides support for his awesome Rowmote app for the iPhone.
* NEW: SMS jump support for Harmony, to make it easy to jump around in lists (thanks to aaronjb!)
* NEW: Ryan updated our ffmpeg to v0.5 from the XBMC source, and added the new version of libfaad2 and some other patches which provide support for more formats. See his blog post for more details. The new ffmpeg adds support for WMAv2 and lots more.
* NEW: We’ve enhanced support for .dfont files, to allow specifying font variants; the skin now uses Helvetica Neue by default, except for languages whose character sets aren’t supported by that font, which use Arial Unicode. We’ve also moved to using mixed case, which we think is more readable than all-caps. (We’ve left the original font-set as “Original” for those who prefer it).


* NEW: Improved fanart images for iTunes, iPhoto and Aperture, thanks to Aargh-a-Knot.
* NEW: Support for Plex.MoveToNextScreen and Plex.MoveToPrevScreen actions, as requested by Felix Schwarz, the author of Remote Buddy.
* NEW: Finished up localization support in Plex and the Media Server so that plug-in localization works. There was already support for it in the framework, but it needed a bit of plumbing.
* NEW: James enhanced the photo text overlay so that (a) it hides after 10 seconds and (b) you can toggle it with the ‘info’ command (’t’ on the keyboard, menu on the Apple Remote). We’ve tweaked the keymap in slideshows to be more consistent with other sections, so pressing menu displays information, holding menu returns you to the browser. Additionally, hold left and right zoom out and in, and hold play displays photo EXIF details. Also, if you just don’t want to see the overlay at all, you can hide it in the skin settings.

Lots of good fixes in this release as well.

* FIX: Allow specifying “always on” vs. “on for SD content” for software upscaling (we’ve also allowed you to select the algorithm used in the advanced settings dialog).
* FIX: If you have audio linking to system output, it restores the original setting when exiting.
* FIX: Improved support for SMI subtitles (pulled from XBMC).
* FIX: Backing up from App Store or Help brings you back to main menu.
* FIX: When upgrading, helper and Media Server sometimes didn’t get restarted. This one was driving me crazy.
* FIX: Apple Remote could drop key-presses when system was loaded (many thanks to Evan Schoenberg for the fix, this has been annoying many for quite some time).
* FIX: When using an HTTP proxy (like Glimmer Blocker), the Media Server wouldn’t play Flash content.
* FIX: Huge speed increase starting plug-ins in the Media Server on startup.
* FIX: Signature on Media Server should always be correct now, eliminating firewall warnings.
* FIX: iPhoto album ordering now exactly matches iPhoto.
* FIX: Many things restored to Mediastream which were taken out in the last version (allow hiding Movies, TV Shows, and the Quit items, back back background image folder settings, restored “hide thumbs in list view”, and put back the library button in music files).
* FIX: Sometime when displaying a slide show, moving to the next image would simply exit out of the slideshow (nice find, James!)
* FIX: HD Homerun should work now.
* FIX: Stillness sent an encoding patch and scraper updates for (thank you!)
* FIX: Seasons and episodes views will now display correctly for first-time users, thanks to Isaac.
* FIX: We were missing a key mapping for deleting individual video bookmarks.
* FIX: Ryan, our resident audio wizard, fixed an issue with static noise when skipping forward in an AAC 5.1 file.

And lots of changes in Plex Media Server land:

* Support for new V1 of Plex plug-in Python framework. Major cleanups and enhancements, if you thought the first version was easy to use, you’ll love what James has done with this version. We’ll have great documentation available shortly.
* Support for plug-in preference panes (and support in the V1 framework for adding preferences).
* Support for conditions in simple seek bars (i.e. for specifying that played color is *not* a given color).
* Support for sending key presses to WebKit plug-ins in site configuration.
* Support for setting cookies in site configuration.
* Support for WebKit plug-ins that change frame size.
* Support for specifying relative coordinates for cropping and mouse events (e.g. 10 pixels from the right).
* Support for Javascript seek bars, and Javascript conditions.
* Support for site configurations reading values from a plug-in’s preferences (useful when performing authentication).
* Allow manually locking plug-ins on a page, useful with authentication and some misbehaved sites.

Release 0.7.13: Improvements to the Media Server
March 10th, 2009 | Category: Release | Author: elan

We’ve got lots of things “cooking” but we wanted to make a quick release (download here) to fix Hulu as well as provide some important enhancements to the media server.

* FIX: Hulu playback was broken when the site exploited a bug in our code, which has now been fixed.
* NEW: Support for variably-sized Flash/Silverlight content (and also for sizes changing on the fly). You can now specify negative values in the site configuration for cropping, mouse operations, and in seekbars. A negative X or width value indicates the number of pixels from the right, and a negative Y or height value specifies negative pixels from the bottom. (Specifying 0 for width/height means “the entire width/height”, this should help for sites such as Vimeo.)
* NEW: We’ve moved the Plex Python plug-in framework into a plug-in named Framework.bundle (great idea, James!). Among other things, this fixes the issue with the code signature breaking on the Plex Media Server and the Leopard firewall getting upset about it. This also allows us to have multiple concurrent versions of the framework for backwards compatibility. We take this sort of thing very seriously, as we want you to be able to write plug-ins without fear of them breaking with API changes.

Release 0.7.12: Knight to Bishop 3
March 03rd, 2009 | Category: Release | Author: elan

A couple of fixes in this one, which you can download here.

* FIX: Silly regression which resulted in you being left in an empty directory after installing from the app store (and a few other cases).
* FIX: Improved compatibility with certain Flash sites.

Release 0.7.11: Fixes and Improved User Experience
March 01st, 2009 | Category: Release | Author: elan

Lots of good stuff fixed in this release, and we’re happy to bring it to you. You can download this release here.

* FIX: Crashes in Plex Media Server with Safari Adblocker and other similar plug-ins.
* FIX: Pulled a fix from XBMC for variable framerate FLV files (important for a new plug-in).
* FIX: Crashes in Apple Movie Trailers with 5.1 audio (integrated Ryan’s excellent audio fixes).
* FIX: Some of the menu shortcuts were broken (thanks to migueld for pointing this out).
* FIX: Some other crashes in Plex Media Server with badly behaved or misconfigured sites.
* FIX: Much improved Swedish translation, with many thanks to atrus.
* FIX: Updated to the latest Amazon scrapers (thanks to John Lockwood).
* NEW: Support for executing Javascript inside plug-in site configurations (as an action).

Version 0.7.10: Hulu-licious
February 26th, 2009 | Category: Release | Author: elan

We just pushed a new release out which improves compatibility with some Flash sites, and to go along with it, Scott prepared a new version of the Hulu plug-in with some nice enhancements, including more fanart, better thumbnails, flattened movie hierarchy, and more results returned for specific shows.

Besides the known issue of the Plex Media Server not working with Safari Adblocker, if a plug-in stops working, it’s likely that the structure of the site changed. This doesn’t happen very frequently with most sites, but it’s a definite possibility. When this occurs, an entity we call the “Campfire Robot” springs into action automatically and tracks us down to let us know, and shortly thereafter we can push an update.

As such, if a site stops working, the best thing to do is to check the App Store for updates. If you have automatic updates turned on, check your install history to see if an update got installed while you were getting coffee.

To answer your question, no, we rarely sleep.

Release 0.7.9: A few goodies
February 24th, 2009 | Category: Release | Author: elan

We’re really happy to see that people seem to be enjoying the store. We’ve had tens of thousands of plug-ins downloaded already, and we have a bunch of new ones in the works! In the meantime, we’ve cooked up another quick release to try to fix the most egregious issues with the last one.

* FIX: Fixed permissions on the Plex binary to allow non-administrative users to run.
* FIX: Tweaks to the skin for upcoming Plug-ins.
* FIX: Some crashes and leaks in the Media Server.
* FIX: Fixed the scrapers/NFO issue, this time for real (many thanks to Isaac for all the hard work on this one!). We also include the TMDB scraper again.
* FIX: A regression where only the first iPhoto album showed up.
* FIX: Improved compatibility with Flash sites for the Media Server.

The release can be downloaded here or via Sparkle as usual.

Release 0.7.8: Brave New World
February 21st, 2009 | Category: Release | Author: elan

I could present the usual release notes, talk about the CoreAudio crash on startup that’s been fixed, the Mira/Sofacontrol changes (thanks marklight!), mention the TV/Movies keymap issue that was fixed, explain that the region link to weather settings is now fixed, and that NFO files no longer cause scraping issues. But honestly, I’d rather talk about something else.

This release, one innocent little point difference from the last, has the biggest new Plex feature ever. I’m not just gushing hyperbole here when I say you will never use Plex the same way again.

I’d like to introduce you to the new Plex Media Server:
Very nice, right? Alexis did an awesome job with the icon. (It also looks a bit like the new Mac Mini, the one with 36 USB ports all around the circular case, but that’s another story.)
So what’s so special about the new Plex Media Server? Well, it connects with the brand new Plex App Store (built by Jon Maddox, the latest talented developer to join our group). The Plex App Store serves plug-ins which are downloaded by the Plex Media Server, and provide a huge amount of online content to Plex.
What content and which sites? Great question. Let’s just say that you won’t be disappointed by the 20 plug-ins that are currently available from the App Store (most of them written by Scott, and the rest by Isaac, James, and myself), and you’ll also be amazed by some of the ones we’re working on behind the scenes.
There is also great news for developers: writing these plug-ins is amazingly easy. James has done a simply fantastic job writing a Python framework to develop the plug-ins with, and the Plex Media Server provides an easy, XML-based method to display Flash or Silverlight content to Plex. Almost none of the plug-ins are over 100 lines of code, and many are 20-40 lines. We’ll be following this release with lots of technical discussion of the framework, and top-notch documentation.
The plug-ins live in the Plex Media Server’s application support area, and the App Store itself is just another plug-in. The App Store plug-in can browse and install plug-ins, as well as update itself and installed plug-ins with ease, meaning that you’ll always be up to date.
I’ve leave you with three screencasts that Jon Maddox was kind enough to put together, which demo some of the new functionality. Seeing as this is the initial release, expect some glitches, and there are some known issues of which you should be aware (PLEASE READ THESE):

* There is no support for authentication yet, so certain content or features which require being logged in are not available (e.g. Hulu videos that require you being logged in).
* You need to make sure you have the Flash plug-in installed for Safari, and you must make sure you don’t have any plug-ins like Safari Adblock installed (possibly Pith helmet as well).
* You may want to increase your cache settings, as plug-ins like Apple Movie Trailers, TED Talks, and other, stream video in high quality HD video.
* We have added quite a few new skin features and fixed some bugs in MediaStream, so your mileage in any other skin WILL vary greatly.
* If a Flash video is unavailable online, Plex will not detect this, and will stall while buffering.

These items will all fixed shortly.

Release: Plex/Seven 0.7.7 - A Few Small Repairs
February 08th, 2009 | Category: Release | Author: elan

As much as we try to ensure the quality of every release, there can always be some gremlins that sneak in, which is why it’s important to make it extremely easy to make new releases. After all, there’s a lot of stuff happening between writing a line of code and getting that code into your living rooms.

Luckily, we have a few scripts written, and there are really only a few simple steps: The first script builds a release, tags it, and packages it up into a DMG. The second one uploads it to our server, distributes it to a set of initial mirrors, and uploads metadata about the new release. The third “throws the switch” on the new release.

Here are the changes in this new release, which can be downloaded here (source here):

* FIX: iPhoto events sort by date, not by name.
* FIX: Slow access to media, marking unwatched/watched, etc.
* FIX: The HTTP receive timeout was increased to 15 seconds, to hopefully allow TVDB time to respond. Thanks to Todd L on the forums for suggesting this fix.
* FIX: IFO files weren’t showing up in DVD video directories.
* FIX: The MediaStream “Info List” view mode was tweaked to make the list the same size and positioning vertically as the regular list view.

Release: Plex/Seven 0.7.6 - Month of fixes
February 04th, 2009 | Category: Release | Author: elan

I can’t believe it’s already February! It’s been a rainy month out here, so for the most part there was nothing better to do than hunker down and write code and hope the electricity didn’t go out.

We have a brand new release for you with lots of good stuff. The exciting part, though, is that we spent as much time on the release as we did on some great new features coming up shortly. These new features are going to change the way you use Plex, and are going to open up some very interesting possibilities. We’ll be making a preview release shortly.

The release can be downloaded from here, and the source is available here.

Without further ado, here are the changes for this release:

* FIX: Ryan coaxed DTSWAV files into playing. It turns out to be impossible to play 44.1KHz DTS files on OS X, as it assumes encoded audio is 48KHz. For now, we’re mixing down the files, and shortly we’ll move to transcoding them to 48KHz AC3 files. Not optimal, but better than nothing given the limitations of the platform. (I’m looking forward to this personally, because I want to have the first 1080p Wizard of Oz + 5.1 Dark Side of the Moon party.)
* FIX: The highly annoying bug which caused TV shows to lose audio randomly with TV theme music enabled.
* FIX: Certain dialogs in the update code didn’t support UTF8 strings (James).
* FIX: There is now an option you can disable to prevent Plex linking the system audio output device with the device selected in Plex (System > Audio > Link System Output).
* FIX: The audio device settings didn’t appear to be remembered in the settings (they actually were saved, just not displayed correctly).
* FIX: We’ve disallowed deleting files from inside Plex by default. Much safer! This is a change to the settings, so you’d need to delete your guisettings.xml file to get the new value.
* FIX: We fixed a bug that prevented actions from being sent to Plex via event clients (used by Remote buddy).
* FIX: Ryan fixed a crash when attempting to transcode a corrupt DTS stream into AC3.
* FIX: Background music tracks are now played completely randomly.
* FIX: Isaac fixed some issues in the harmony and keyboard maps, and also added Hold Up/Hold Down to control volume in Full Screen Video and Visusalization for Mira users (and likely Sofa Control users as well). He also went through and “humanized” some of the error messages that Plex spits out to be more intelligible.
* FIX: Tweaked permissions on a MediaStream file.
* FIX: Mikey gave us some fixes to French strings (thanks!)
* FIX: Stillness sent some fixes for the KinoPoisk scraper (thanks!)
* FIX: A crash in Weather for some regions.
* FIX: Maddox suggested some excellent changes in the scraper defaults which result in better movie covers by default.

We have also updated the Plex Media Server (included with Plex) with the following changes:

* NEW: James added support for nested iTunes playlist folders and iPhoto folders (a much requested feature).
* NEW: Audiobook support.


* FIX: More tweaks for “album artist” tag.
* FIX: iPhoto sorting of events and albums was broken.

We’ve also pulled the usual bunch of fixes from XBMC, including updated scrapers, updated UPnP code, and some fixes.

Here’s Barkley resting in the yard. He’s still wearing his brace, but his limp is nearly gone, and we’re planning to start the water rehab in our friends’ pool shortly.

Release: Plex/Seven 0.7.5: Five juicy fixes, and a partridge in a pear tree
December 26th, 2008 | Category: Release | Author: elan

Hope you’ve all been having fun holiday celebrations! I’ve been drinking heavily and obsessively fixing bugs in Plex, and finding that the two activities mix well.

* FIX: The audio dropout issue which was introduced in 0.7.2 should now be fixed.
* FIX: The corrupted German MediaStream strings.
* FIX: File size reporting bug in HTTP API has really been fixed this time.
* FIX: Some tweaks to “album artist” tags in Plex Media Server iTunes module. Thanks to zanex for helping explain what was wrong.
* FIX: Certain videos (FLV, YouTube, 22KHz MP3 tracks) played back at double-speed. Thanks to Ryan for explaining how to fix this one.

Plex v0.5.22: Last in the series
October 28th, 2008 | Category: Release | Author: elan

Way back when I was just starting the port to the Mac, and the program was just as likely to crash on you as play a video, I dreamed of a day when it would be stable.

In the last months, we have made 22 releases of the 0.5 series of Plex. We’ve tried to fix all the most serious bugs, and add some OS X flavor to the application in the process (not to mention all the bugs that the XBMC team has fixed). I haven’t had a crash in a long time in my own personal use, and even the bug and crash reports have slowed.

Of course, there are still problems, and still bugs. No software is ever perfect. But we feel like we’ve reached a point where it works “pretty darn well” and we’d like to formalize this by ending the 0.5 development series, and releasing 0.6. Assuming nothing got screwed up in this release, we’ll make a couple of last-minute tweaks and fixes and release as 0.6.0.

Our long-term plan with Plex was always to stabilize, then enhance. First get it working well enough, then make major architectural changes.

At the same time as we’ve been working on the 0.5 series, we’ve also been staying up late at night, working hard on new stuff. Really cool new stuff. In the coming week or so, I’m going to be posting here with details on the *NINE* enhancements to Plex that have been completed. These enhancements will be included in the first release of 0.7 (the next development series). To summarize:

* v0.6.x: This will be the new stable series. If you fear change, and just want to enjoy your media in the safety of a stable release, use these. We’ll make bug-fixes, include the latest MediaStream, but nothing too scary.
* v0.7.x: If you like living on the bleeding edge, skiing down double-black diamonds, and jumping out of planes with parachutes, this is probably the series for you.

Here are the changes in this release (available from the Plex home page, and from Sparkle shortly):

* NEW: You can now configure the way the H.264 decoder does deblocking. Some will you will know this is the “skiploopfilter” setting in ffmpeg. Some will wonder if I’m speaking English. The bottom line is, if you allow the decoder to skip doing deblocking, it’ll be less intensive for the CPU. I’ve found that if you configure it to skip all deblocking, the “killa” bird sample uses about 20% less CPU and plays at a higher frame rate. Bottom line: your mileage may vary, but it may help you with hard-to-play content.


* NEW: Support for the Home and End keys in lists. Also support for using the A/Z keys to skip to the next/previous letter in lists. Jonathan Marshall added support for this last one a while ago, cool dude that he is, so we added a mapping. Also, Isaac added a new mapping for people using Snatch on their iPhone. You’ll have to whack your Keymap.xml file in ~/Application Support/Plex/userdata to get these features.
* NEW: We have included the latest MediaStream skin (no doubt out of date by tomorrow), along with the associated code fixes so that you don’t have to hit escape 23 times to return to the main menu from the Movie/TV sections. You can see some documentation for the new settings in this version of the skin here (many thanks to Jayman978!)
* FIX: We dimmed the wrong screen when you were running with a multi-screen setup and Plex was on the second screen.
* FIX: Some MP3 tags caused a hang. This includes the “Burial” album, so bretonh will be pleased.
* FIX: Refreshing movie info from NFO in VIDEO_TS folders caused a crash.
* FIX: Storing a TV show in multiple places (e.g. some seasons in one place, some seasons in another), whether by multi-path sources or different sources led to duplicates.

We’ve of course included all the latest XBMC fixes as well, including the latest UPnP and MythTV code.

I’ve taken to opening up fresh coconuts in the back yard with a big machete. The coconut water is supposedly really healthy, and if I’m feeling inspired, I make fresh coconut milk from the pulp for a Thai curry. Barkley loves both the milk and the pulp, so mostly I just lop the coconuts in half after drinking the water and give them to him.

Release 0.5.20: Progress is the opposite of Congress
October 04th, 2008 | Category: Release | Author: elan

*** Hold off on this release for now, there’s something borked with the settings ***

First of all, I want to make a big shout out to our forum members (citizens of Plexville). We just passed 10,000 posts, and we’re just a hair’s breadth away from 2,000 members. It’s a friendly, productive, helpful community, and we like it that way. A warm welcome to the new members, and a sincere thanks to everyone who helps out, we couldn’t do it without you!

We’ve been busy working on some awesome new features for the upcoming 0.7 development version, but we wanted to step away for a moment and fix some of the lingering bugs in the 0.5 series before we declare it stable. You can find the download on the home page or via Sparkle, as soon as I update the appcast.

* NEW: We now turn off the backlight on displays that are blanked, many thanks to James. I hear the sound of happy Mac users rejoicing.
* NEW: The menu button brings up shutdown menu instead of just exiting, as requested, holding play zooms into photos, and holding menu returns to normal zoom. Also, the escape key has been made to act just like the menu button on the remote. Thanks to Isaac for these improvements!
* NEW: Added the ability to cycle through the available displays. This works in windowed or full-screen modes, and you can use the new &#8984;-Shift-&#8594; and &#8984;-Shift-&#8592; keyboard accelerators to do it. Fun! Plus, ever time I connect things in XCode’s Interface Builder, I get little shivers of pleasure.
* FIX: Weather conditions are correctly localized (thanks, Enrique!)
* FIX: James fixed a small bug with the display brightness setting.
* FIX: The audio device is now saved and restored correctly in all cases. Seriously.
* FIX: The problem affecting video with some LOL releases (and others) has been fixed (thanks to elupus for the fix to ffmpeg).
* FIX: A rare bug causing a crash when blanking displays (thanks, Enrique!)

Since Isaac has made tweaks to the keymap and advanced settings, unless you’re an expert user who has made your own edits, you’ll want to delete advancedsettings.xml and Keymap.xml from ~/Library/Application Support/Plex/userdata/ so that the new defaults can be installed.

As usual, we’ve also pulled fixes from the XBMC code, including shoutcast fixes by the ever-productive vulkanr, the latest scrapers, the usual assortment of brilliant stuff by jmarshall, and more (RTMP fixes, etc.). I also pulled r15344 as requested by chitz.

This is a photo of Barkley with his brother (i.e. littermate)Johann. We met him by chance at the dog park we used to frequent in Pasadena after noticing the striking resemblance.

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