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Nero is THE software when it comes to burning CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs. Fast and easy rip, burn, Autobackup, and copy functions, Backup files to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs, Create professional-looking DVD movies with integrated 3D menus, Copy, burn, share, upload, and create music mixes like a DJ, Convert music, photos, and DVDs to play on your iPod® and other mobile devices, Quick photo and video upload to My Nero, YouTube™, and MySpace, Watch, record, pause, and customize your live TV experience, Play Blu-ray, AVCHD and other HD formats

Trialware $130
OS: Windows
File size: 3.1MB
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Latest version

2019 (October 19, 2018)


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Download Nero Platinum 2019  3.1MB  Win

Download other versions

Download Nero Burning Rom 201 [3MB] [Win] , just the CD/DVD/ burning.

Download Nero Video 2019 [3MB] [Win] , a video editor.

Download old versions

Download Nero Platinum old versions

Software License

Shareware (Free download but time limited software. Full version from $130)

Supported operating systems


More information and other downloads

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Nero Platinum 2019 leaves virtually nothing to be desired:

With Nero Platinum 2019, you can manage your everyday digital life, at home and on the road - guaranteed!
Now equipped with brand-new functions.

Nero 2019 Platinum Suite - LifeThemesPRO
NEW: Over 50 new high-end Nero LifeThemes PRO: movie themes, vertical themes, disc menus, and royalty free music. For the best moments to share. Work perfectly in combination with 1-Click Video Story.

Nero 2019 Platinum Suite - Launcher
NEW: Utilize the totally new UI, animated buttons in Nero Start, Nero KnowHow Plus, and 1-Click Video Story.

Nero 2019 Platinum Suite - Nero Drive Span App
NEW: totally new DriveSpan App consolidates all the data on your PC, external storage media and drives, your mobile devices, or data in your cloud to one central, duplicate free location.

Nero 2019 Platinum Suite - Nero Duplicate Manager Photo
NEW: Totally lost due to all the duplicates and similar photos in your PC? Nero DuplicateManager Photo now also finds and cleans your similar images.

Nero 2019 Platinum Suite - Live Guide
NEW: Now master all your Suite tasks with the context sensitive "Live Guide". Have Manual pages, FAQs, Video Tutrorials for your actual task right at your fingertips.

Nero 2019 Platinum Suite - Nero BackItUp 2019
NEW: Now backup to "OneDrive" & "Google Drive", and also restore your data online, while being away from via the preferred cloud service.

Nero 2019 Platinum Suite - Nero Video 2019
NEW: 1-Click Video Story. Create your perfect video based on a movie theme with just 1 click via dropping footage to the dropzone.

Nero 2019 Platinum Suite - LifeThemesPRO
NEW: Over 50 new high-end Nero LifeThemes PRO: movie themes, vertical themes, disc menus, and royalty free music. For the best moments to share. Work perfectly in combination with 1-Click Video Story.

Nero 2019 Platinum Suite - Launcher
NEW: Utilize the totally new UI, animated buttons in Nero Start, Nero KnowHow Plus, and 1-Click Video Story.

6 powerful programs in one suite
Rely on the King
Six perfectly harmonized programs let you master your multimedia everyday life.
Find out what you can expect. Here we go:

Import, Create & Edit
Nero Video 2019: The video editing program offers you full creativity with the easiest handling and best results for your film projects. Create perfect movies and slideshows with 1-Click Video Story. With the new Nero LifeThemes PRO you automatically create authentic moods. You can then add music, over 1000 effects and the automatic 1-Click bar remover to your videos - making any photo and video material ready for the optimal film experience. Even upright videos and photos from your phone can be easily imported and edited as vertical video and perfectly staged thanks to brand-new vertical video templates. You can also create and burn high-quality video DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs™ with numerous new menu templates.

Nero Video 2019

Nero MediaHome 2019
Organize, Play & Stream
Nero MediaHome 2019: In Nero MediaHome, you can now access your OneDrive online files (Files On Demand) and download them directly. This saves a lot of storage space on your PC and you still have your pictures, videos and music directly available for your project at any time. And of course, you can play everything in the usual way, whether it's a video DVD, music CD, music files, photos, slideshows, videos, films or TV series. Stream your photos, movies and TV series including movie titles wirelessly to TV in your living room.

Nero DuplicateManager Photo 2019: Have you lost track of your photo archives on your PC? Multiple copies of duplicate photos and so many similar photos through image editing or HDR? Nero DuplicateManager Photo's brand new'Find similar images' mode provides quick help. It finds duplicated and similar photo folders and photo duplicates quickly and securely, restores order to your photo archive, valuable storage space, and even cleans up your Nero MediaHome media center.

Secure, Encrypt & Compress
Nero BackItUp 2019: Back up your valuable media files with the integrated Nero BackItUp. Sit back and rest assured that all your data is in good hands. Use Nero BackItUp to protect all memories on your PC or laptop. All you have to do is click a single button to set up your backup and your files are protected, either continuously or at the desired backup interval. Brand new: You can now back up files to your favorite cloud services (Google Drive, OneDrive) and restore data online from your cloud storage.

Nero BackItUp 2019

Nero Recode 2019
Rip & Convert
Nero Recode 2019: Bring together what belongs together: Import all formats up to high quality HEVC (H.265) and convert them to almost any format you need. Rip video DVDs*, AVCHD* and Blu-ray Discs™* and simply continue using the files for new projects. New: Convert your video files specifically for use in video discs (DVD-Video™, AVCHD, Blu-ray Disc™) and let the fully compatible files be transferred directly to your video projects. Thanks to Nero SmartEncoding, you can significantly reduce the creation times for your video discs. With the 1-click conversion you can also transfer audio CDs including cover art directly to your connected mobile device.

*Only for non-copy protected media.

Burn, Copy & Archive
Nero Burning ROM 2019: A class of its own. Whether CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc™: Copy and burn precious data with the proven burning specialist in Nero Platinum 2019. With SecurDisc 4.0, including 256-bit encryption, password protection and disc optimization technology, you can also rest assured that your files will last a lifetime. Even burn audio CDs with automatic sound enhancement and album art.

Nero Burning ROM 2019

Music Recorder
Stream & Download
Audials Music Recorder: The Nero Music Recorder included in Nero Platinum 2019 is your ticket to the world of music: Listen to the hits of your favorite bands and discover new songs by accessing over 100,000 online radio stations and thousands of concerts, music videos, and fan content. Music Recorder records music as a non-DRM-protected MP3 file. These can then be copied to your mobile device.

What can Nero Platinum 2018 Suite do for me?

Nero Video 2018: The video editing program provides you with maximum creativity, extremely easy handling, and the best results for your movie projects. Captivate your audience using express or advanced video editing, with over 800 effects and new movie templates including drop zone effects. Black bars on widescreen TVs are now also a thing of the past. With the new 1-click bar-remover, you can upgrade your photo and video material and prepare it for the optimal movie experience on a big TV screen. And: Platinum is vertical video-ready! Upright videos and photos from your smartphone can now easily be imported and edited as a vertical video, and thanks to the new vertical video template, can be put perfectly into the limelight.

Nero Burning ROM 2018
Nero Burning ROM 2018: Start enjoying Nero intuitively with Nero QuickStart and get to grips with the most important tasks in next to no time. What’s more, the speed doesn’t stop there: Be it audio CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray Discs™, you can copy and burn photos, videos, music, and data for the long term using the proven Nero burning technology. And if you want maximum security, SecurDisc 4.0 provides password protection and 256-bit encryption so that nobody can access what you want to keep private.

Nero MediaHome 2018: Everything under control! Have you lost perspective of your photo archives on your PC? Multiple copies of photo duplicates? The brand-new Nero DuplicateManager Photo (only in NMH in Platinum) provides quick assistance. It finds duplicated photo folders and photo duplicates quickly and reliably, sorts out your photo archive, retrieves valuable storage space, and tidies up your media center Nero MediaHome. Here, you can now also archive and play your movies and TV series with ease. Movie titles and movie posters are automatically created in the process. Be it video-DVDs, music CDs, music files, photos, slide shows, videos, movies, or TV series, you can play anything – even your 360-degree pictures, conveniently using the new Nero 360 VR Player!

Nero Recode 2018
Nero Recode 2018: Bring together what belongs together: Import all formats, including even high quality HEVC (H.256), and convert them to almost any format you need. Rip video DVDs*, AVCHD*, and Blu-ray Discs™*, and simply reuse the files for new projects. With 1-click conversion, you can send audio CDs directly to your connected mobile device. In the process, Nero automatically ensures the easiest conversion mode with the best sound.

Nero BackItUp 2018: Backup your valuable media data with the integrated Nero BackItUp and all your data is in good hands! You can now use Nero BackItUp to protect all your memories on your PC or laptop: Backup your data automatically in 3 target destinations, e.g. on a USB hard drive. Only click on one button to start your backup. Secure your data according to your desired backup interval. Continuous data backup is also possible so that Nero BackItUp continuously protects new data in the event of updates.

Music Recorder
Music Recorder: The Nero Music Recorder included in Nero Platinum 2018 is your ticket to the world of music: Listen to the hits of your favorite bands and discover new songs by accessing over 100,000 online radio stations and thousands of concerts, music videos, and fan content. Music Recorder records music as a non-DRM-protected MP3 file. These can then be copied to your mobile device.

What's new in Nero 2017 Platinum?

Nero 2017 Platinum – Empower your digital life!
Looking for improved security for your discs and files, quicker video editing, and even greater ease of use? Let’s go for it! Nero 2017 Platinum provides you with top level quality you’ve come to expect, all new comprehensive features, powerful technology and digital tutorials to help you in your digital projects.

Simply greater security!

Start enjoying Nero 2017 Platinum intuitively with new Nero QuickStart and get to grips with the most important tasks in a breath. But that’s not all: Whether audio CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc™, you can copy and burn photos, videos, music, and data for the long term using reliable Nero technology. * And if you want maximum security, the new SecurDisc 4.0 provides password protection and 256-bit encryption so what happens on your PC stays on your PC!

Burn & Copy

Create & Edit
Complete creativity for complete enthusiasm!

The latest version of Nero 2017 Platinum offers a variety of options for top-quality results and complete creativity for your multimedia files. Import high quality HEVC (H.265) clips or transfer 4K and HD videos to your computer from smartphones, digital cameras, and camcorders. Captivate your audience with express or advanced video editing using 4K video templates and more than 800 spectacular effects. Export individual scenes from long movies in one go. Add high quality, stylish menus to your DVD-Videos™ and Blu-ray Discs™ to allow you to jump straight to the scene you want, design sleeves to your taste with Nero CoverDesigner, and enjoy the highest-quality output for your music and videos. Did we miss anything? Oh yes – popcorn!

The entire range of formats!

Bring together what belongs together: Import all formats, including even high quality HEVC (H.256), and convert them to almost any format you need. Rip video DVDs*, AVCHD*, and Blu-ray Discs™* and simply reuse the files for new projects. With the 1-click conversion, you can send audio CDs directly to your connected mobile device. In the process, Nero automatically ensures the easiest conversion mode with the best sound.

*Only non-copy protected sources.

Rip & Convert

Play & Stream
Sit back and enjoy!

Turn on the speakers, set up the screen: Using Nero MediaHome, photos, videos with subtitles, and music can be found and played quickly. And with the optimized Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync App, they can be imported in a flash and sent to almost any device – whether iOS or Android smartphone, or tablet. Play all audio and video formats, including 4K (Ultra HD) and high quality HEVC. Thanks to the new Gracenote® connection, it’s now easier than ever to search through song titles on your mobile device with the help of the album covers. Expand your music collection with Music Recorder and legally record MP3s from thousands of Internet radio stations. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

What's new in Nero 2016 Platinum?

The new Nero 2016 now gives multimedia fans an even more advanced and powerful all-in-one solution for managing, streaming, playing, editing, ripping copying, burning and sharing files. With Nero 2016, creativity has no limits when it comes to making the most of your photos, videos and music in exceptional quality. The Nero 2016 Classic and Nero 2016 Platinum suites provide full support for Windows® 10 and introduce over 20 great new features which revolve around multimedia streaming functions, the integration of smartphones, tablets and smart TVs, as well as auto-optimized picture and sound quality, alongside many usability improvements and increased performance.

“Nero 2016 takes account of today’s challenging digital media landscape and changing user behavior by offering the highest level of connectivity between PCs, mobile devices and smart TVs,” says Jürgen Kurz, CEO of Nero AG. “Mobile media consumption, media streaming and a rapid increase in ultra-high-definition images and videos play a major role in the digital lives of our customers. They typically face the challenge of having to manage thousands upon thousands of photographs, video clips and music files, while being able to consume them on all possible devices. Nero 2016 brings this chaos back into order – quick and easy!”

Significant improvements have been made in streaming from and to any DLNA/ UPnP-capable device, enabling completely new ways to fully enjoy digital media. This is just one example of how the Nero 2016 suites make the ideal software companion to meet today’s digital media challenges.

New App: Nero Streaming Player Connects Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV and PC

The Nero Streaming Player is a new, easy-to-use player app for smartphone and tablet that plays slideshows, videos and music on a mobile device directly to a smart TV in the living room. At the same time, it serves as a remote control, browser and playback device for the Nero MediaHome media server. The browsed content can then be sent directly to a smart TV. The new iOS and Android app thus combines the powerful functionality of a PC media server, with the browsing convenience of mobile devices and the first-class picture quality of large smart TVs.

Nero 2016 Classic – Digital Companion for Every Occasion

Nero 2016 Classic is an all-in-one multimedia solution offering proven quality and functionality. A new video-editing preview function in Full HD quality with the option to turn a second monitor into a preview screen makes the digital experience even more rewarding.

It might come as a surprise that over 25 percent of discs burned with Nero are still audio CDs. The new version of Nero Classic now allows music videos and radio recordings to be imported directly as audio files and to have the sound quality automatically normalized and optimized. Furthermore, improved hardware support for ripping and converting video and audio has been coupled with support for the latest and most popular mobile devices, which can be easily be selected from a list without having to worry about formats and settings. This guarantees best media quality on every device when playing, streaming, editing or sharing.

Nero 2016 Platinum – The High-End Digital Companion

Nero 2016 Platinum comes with even more enhancements and improvements. On top of all the features of the Nero 2016 Classic suite, Nero 2016 Platinum packs additional high-end functionalities for a more sophisticated digital lifestyle. The recently added “stashimi” music recorder allows a personal music collection to be created for free by using a wish list function to find and record MP3s from over 100,000 web radio stations. Users of 4K and UHD TVs, PCs, smartphones and camcorders also benefit from the integrated 4K support for top-level quality at every level. 4K video editing, 4K slideshows and 4K playback offer maximum viewing enjoyment in the living room. Moreover, the hundreds of professional video effects, and design and menu templates for every occasion make the Platinum version an incredibly value for money.

Additional new features in Nero 2016:

- Easy application launch and overview with the new scalable Nero Launcher
- Create and print professionally designed disc covers, inserts and labels with the integrated Nero CoverDesigner, including tons of new design and print templates
- Nero MediaHome for a customized media library that you can take with you; trouble-free transfer of your media collection including all metadata, face-recognition and geo tags to newly installed PCs

Collection of Mobile Apps

Numerous iOS and Android apps open up additional fun and exciting ways to use Nero 2016.

- New! Nero Streaming Player: streams media from and to a smartphone or tablet
- Nero AirBurn: burns from a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi directly to the PC
- Nero Manual Apps: provide expert advice on using Nero PC products like a pro
- Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync: transfers media between PC and mobile devices via Wi-Fi

Choice of Full Spectrum of Performance or Stand-alone Solutions

Nero 2016 Classic is available at a suggested retail price (SRP) of £69,99, and Nero 2016 Platinum for £89.99 (SRP) from authorized Nero sales partners, or directly from the Nero online shop at Owners of a previous version of Nero can also upgrade at a special price. Nero offers customized and discounted licensing programs designed to meet the needs of commercial enterprises, educational institutions or government agencies worldwide.

Nero 2016 consists of tried-and-tested stand-alone solutions, such as Nero Burning ROM 2016 (burning software; SRP £39.99), Nero Recode 2016 (video converter and ripper; SRP £ 29.99) and Nero MediaHome 2016 Unlimited (media file manager and media server; SRP £ 29.99) that have also been upgraded with the new functionalities and which can be purchased separately online. In addition to comprehensive 4K video support and the full feature set of Nero Video 2016 (video editing; SRP £ 39.99), Nero 2016 Platinum also includes an unrestricted full license for the new music search and recording software stashimi (SRP £ 12.99) from the company bearing the same name.

All the mobile apps can be downloaded for free from the App StoreSM and on Google Play™.

What's new in Nero 2015 Classic?

It's the Nero you always loved, with 10 amazing features you always wanted.

Stream videos to any iOS & Android device
Nero AirBurn: Burn files straight from your Android & iOS device
Browse & tag photos and videos with places ("Geotags")
New Nero Launcher with instant access to the entire suite
Change the video-disc format on-the-fly when authoring
Hollywood-grade font styles and motion text effects for videos
Instant access to your Nero cloud
Five new mobile apps to help you learn and master Nero 2015
Stream to any TV or media player with auto-transcoding
Even faster video converting and burning
NEW! Stream to your iOS & Android Device
Use "Play to" for streaming files directly from your PC to your smartphone or tablet with Nero MediaHome Receiver App
Watch video, slideshows, and listen to music on-the-go without worrying about file formats
Works on your iOS and Android
Stream to your iOS & Android Devicezoom
NEW! AirBurn
NEW! Select precious photos, videos and even documents on your phone or tablet
NEW! Send these files directly to your PC for instant burning
NEW! Works on your iOS and Android
Nero AirBurnzoom

NEW! Organize Photos & Videos with Geotags
All-new support for geotags right within Nero MediaHome
upports your camera's geotags - or just add your own!
Use Nero MediaBrowser with places view in non-Nero applications, too
Create and enjoy slideshows and videos based on places you visited
A new way to enjoy your memories

Organize Photos & Videos with Geotagszoom

NEW! All-in-one launcher
New, sleek launcher for all your beloved Nero applications, such as Nero Video, Nero Burning ROM and Nero MediaHome
Quick access to all video tutorials included many new ones
Fast access to your new Nero mobile apps

All-in-one launcherzoom

NEW! Switch Video-Disc Format on-the-fly
No need to create a new project if you want to switch the output format
Switch to different disc target formats on-the-fly
Finally available in the authoring and burning tool

Switch Video-Disc Format on the Flyzoom

NEW! Font Styles & Motion Text Effects
High-class fonts and styles for your Nero Video project
20 pre-set design styles for drag and drop
Save any personal style for later use
All-new motion text effects
Transforms your home videos into Hollywood-grade blockbusters

Font Styles & Motion Text Effectszoom

NEW! Instant Access to Your Nero Cloud
Enjoy and view photos, music and videos you stored on your Nero BackItUp cloud
Nero MediaHome is your One-Stop-Shop for all your precious memories on your PC, all your connected devices and now even your personal online drive

Instant Access to Your Nero Cloudzoom

NEW! Five New Mobile Nero Manual Apps
Get 5 companion apps
Our apps contain detailed step-by-step guides and instuctions to master your Nero 2015 projects
Works on iOS and Android

Five New mobile Nero Manual Appszoom

NEW! Stream to any TV & Media Player
Stream any video file from Nero MediaHome to your TV or Media Player
Play back files that your devices don't even support
Powered by our new auto-transcoding feature

Stream to any TV & Media Playerzoom

NEW! Even Faster Video Converting
and Burning
Enhanced SmartEncoding delivers superfast rendering
Results in quicker burning times
Improved access to hardware acceleration for AVC export


1.22.3800 Nero MediaHome
Fixed issue that Nero MediaHome did not respond right after launching the application

15.0.25000 Nero Video
Fixed issue that could occur during file import:
Error message: “Please install BCG module (BCGCBPRO1100u100.dll) along with the executable to open Nero File Dialog”

Fixed an issue for saved video projects:
When adding a fast motion effect into a project, a gap of several frames could occur between two clips

Nero 15.0.05300

1.22.3600 Nero MediaHome
Fixed issue for non-detected Wi-Fi devices in Nero MediaHome

15.0.25000 Nero Recode
New Features
New encoding profiles for the latest Gaming Consoles

PlayStation 4
XBox One
New encoding profiles for the latest Smartphones

iPhone 5C
iPhone 5S
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
New encoding profiles for the latest Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
Kindle Fire HDX
iPad Air
iPad mini with Retina display

Fixed issue with displaying wrong amount of titles when importing DVD (all titles in one single file)
Improved performance when ripping DVD to MPEG-2
Corrected displays of source information like title name, duration, file size, etc.
Improved performance when executing batch encoding (when creating several jobs)
Improved calculation of size estimation when combining videos

15.0.23000 Nero Video
New Features
Added support for capture cards: "Elgato video capture" & "Terratec Grabby"
Projects are saved automatically, saving interval can be customized
Function to import Power Point projects supports MS Office 2013 including audio and video
Application settings now include a button to remove all temporary files
Integrated keyboard shortcuts into Express Editing mode

Improved access and usability of Nero RhythmSnap
Improved access and usability of ‘Fit Slide Show to Music’ and ‘Fit Music to Project
Improved Express mode transition effect behavior so that transitions are kept when exchanging clips
Fixed several issues related to Picture in Picture effect in combination with drag & drop, fast & slow motion, scaling, trimming
Fixed issue with smart encoding for MPEG2 Blu-ray compatible files
Fixed issue with font size in credit line text
Fixed issues with some types of AMD cards when exporting AVC via AMP App Acceleration
Fixed issues with Blu-ray burning caused by error in effect handling
Fixed issue with auto detection of chapters of edited titles in authoring content screen
Fixed issue with importing AVCHD discs from home screen
Fixed issue with not showing a second or third applied audio effect in the effect list
Fixed issue with wrong position of configure dialog in dual monitor mode
Nero Video and Nero 2014 Standard users can now access Nero Seamless Music clips from the library

12.0.20064 Nero Blu-ray Player
Fixed issue for AMD graphics with driver version 13.9 and 13.10 (error message when starting playback of Blu-ray disc: “Cannot play this media”)
Fixed issues for Intel HD 4000 graphics with AVCHD disc playback and AVCHD folder structure playback on some PCs
Fixed not responding application issue with special NVidia card drivers, v314, v320, v237, v331)

15.0.25001 Nero Burning ROM
Fixed issue that Nero Burning ROM did not respond when closing the burn label window
Fixed issue that Nero Express was opened be default when inserting an Audio CD

15.0.25001 Nero Express
Fixed issue with not being able to open Nero MediaBrowser from within Nero Express under Windows 8.1

1.22.3400 Nero MediaHome
New Features
Some streaming server folder structure optimizations
Added subtitle support (sub-pictures) for video files
Change volume in Nero MediaHome during streaming with the remote control of the playback device
Added ALT+ENTER as shortcut for full screen playback

Several playback improvements
Hardware acceleration fixes on Intel graphic cards with Full-HD
Disc name was not written to disc when burning an Audio CD or MP3 Disc
Fixes for metadata and album art
Fixed several streaming issues related to stability, performance and compatibility
Fixed issue using own audio file when selecting a theme
Fixed several unexpected application shutdowns (error message: "Nero MediaHome has stopped working")
Fixed a display issue of PNG files
Fixed unexpected application shutdowns when naming a person

NERO 2014
What's New
Take a closer look on the new features of Nero 2014 Platinum.

Ultimate Nero Play to TV streaming
1-click Nero Disc to Device conversion – mobile & cloud
Powerful video editing including Ultra HD (4K) support
Ultimate Mobile Device support

NEW! Nero Play to TV streaming
NEW! Play Blu-ray discs™, Blu-ray 3D™ and Ultra HD for highest quality viewing on your PC or notebook
NEW! Stream playlists and enhanced slideshows with ease

Ultra HD, Blu-ray 3D™, Blu-ray discs™
Make use of new Nero Play to TV streaming for direct streaming of videos, music and themed slideshows to the TV in your home network including remote playback controlplus

NEW! 1-click Disc to Device conversion1)
NEW! Effortlessly transcode and send your video or audio disc content to any connected device or virtual drive
NEW! 1-click transcode and send video or audio disc content to any connected device or virtual drive
NEW! Convert the latest high quality Ultra HD 4K for playback on any device
Use new 1-click Nero Disc to Device conversion of your disc straight to your connected smartphone and tablet, cloud storage, or to PC foldersplus

NEW! Ultra HD (4K) video editing
NEW! Ultra HD (4K) video editing for cinema quality videos
NEW! High quality video filters, transitions and titles with the new format
NEW! Nero 4K video editing supports trimming, arranging, cropping, rotating, multitrack overlay editing and a sophisticated Picture-in-Picture generator

Use new Ultra HD (4K) video editing support for cinema quality video outputplus

NEW! Ultimate Mobile Device support
Includes ultimate mobile device support for latest and greatest iOS, Android and Windows 8 smartphones and tablets
Preconfigured profiles for the most popular mobile devices when converting discs

New Features Added to Nero 12 Platinum (v. 12.5)

Updated Version
The Nero Suite Update provides additional device profiles for converting video to the latest smartphone and tablets. It gives you encoding performance improvements, and video feature enhancements for the home entertainment environment. It is the best product for connecting your media at home.

Intelligent Job Handling:
Job-to-device enables easy grouping of multiple projects targeting one device destination

Improved Encoding Speed:
Improved encoding speed with automatic detection of installed GPU acceleration device

Latest Device Profiles:
Extensive device support for cross-platform Android, iOS, and Windows 8 RT mobile devices

Customize powerful Nero Film Effect and save as your own template:
Nero 12 Platinum includes powerful Nero Film Effect. Now, with the latest version, you can not only customize the Nero Film Effect, but you can also save them as a drag & drop template in Advanced and Express editing.

Match music to project:
Now, with just one click you can match your soundtrack to your project, including video or photo. The music duration will automatically be aligned to your project length, including fade-ins, fade-outs, and looped sections when necessary.

Get even more performance for editing & exporting:
Use more tracks for complex HD video projects and get even faster output results.


11.2.10300 Nero Burning ROM
Improved support of BDM files in BDMV compilation
Improved performance when adding a huge number of files (> 100.000) into a data compilation

6.2.11300 Nero WaveEditor
Menu bar now visible at all times

5.2.10900 Nero Recode
New Features
Ability to change the output file name - It is now possible to give a name to an output file for each encoding job that differs from the source file
With each encoding job it is now possible to name the resulting output file with a name that differs from the source file
Ability to change encoder settings when editing a profile
Improved drag & drop behavior of job list items - Rearranging the order of jobs via drag and drop is easier now
Support of new Sony Playstation Vita - The existing device “PSP” was renamed to “PSP /PS Vita”. The new profile “PS Vita” was added to Nero Recode’s output formats. Videos can easily be optimized for the new portable PlayStation gaming console, up to a resolution of 1280x720 pixels.
New option to import DVD structures - A new option was added under “Recode discs” now allowing you to add DVD structures of ripped DVDs located on the local hard drive

Improved startup time
Improved stability and performance while importing video files
Added MP3 audio codec to iPad profile
Improved playback of high resolution MPEG-2 files
Improved audio conversion for PSP profile
Improved video conversion for AVI profile
Improved conversion for XBOX profile
Improved import of DVDs under Windows Vista
Improved support for VC1 system codec
“Estimated output size” now available for all profiles
Improved handling of user settings for devices and profiles

6.2.18400 Nero BackItUp
Improved user notification with "Confirm File Replacement" dialog for a partial mirror sync job
Improved reading and writing of NJI files
Improved performance when configuring destination and source in Nero LIVEBackup
Improved password handling when restoring an encrypted merged NDA file using Nero ImageTool.

8.2.15700 Nero Video
Improved export of projects to AVCHD/Blu-ray
Improved handling of video files in preview window
Improved quality of videos files when using background rendering
Improved handling of extremely long video files (more than 7 hours)
Improved listing of all background templates in Nero PiP effects
Improved handling of text fond in text editing mode
Improved support of smart encoding for VOB files


11.0.12200.23.100 Nero Burning ROM
New Features
Import from Nero MediaBrowser
File browser with Windows Explorer layout
Support for MP3 VBR in the Save Audio Track dialog
SecurDisc Surface Scan - scans the disc after burning to verify the burn quality
Automatic DiscSpan for all UDF compilation types

When burning data discs, no file name was displayed under "writing file"
Improved GUI layout in certain languages
Improved GUI translation in certain languages
Improved detection of BDMV compatibility of files/folders added to BDMV compilations.

11.0.11700.23.100 Nero Express
New Features
Import from Nero MediaBrowser

6.0.10800.5.100Nero WaveEditor
Fixed AC3 and FLAC file opening in Nero WaveEditor

5.0.13300.32.100 Nero Recode
New Features
Import from Nero MediaBrowser
Customizable & predefined playback device profiles
Extract audio tracks from DVD main movie
Bitrate quality control slider
Enhanced encoding file formats
User selected DVD content ripping modes
Drop Zone for batch video file conversion

Improved recognition of video file framerate
Improved sound quality when transcoding certain DVDs

6.0.10800.11.100 Nero CoverDesigner
New Features
Import from Nero MediaBrowser

Improved saving and reloading documents

6.0.16000.13.100 Nero BackItUp
New Features
Nero LIVEBackup
Support incremental backup method for drive backups
Support BD XL as target for Backups
NAS autodetection as target support
Nero Kwik Media library backup
Copy files backup method (1:1 file copy)

Enhanced user interface with improved usability
Enhanced Job Management and View
Enhanced Image Tool performance
Updated Expert Option Email notification

4.0.10600.10.100 Nero RescueAgent
New Features
Selection of partitions without drive letter
Continuous scan results provides updates during processing
Support for UDF versions not supported by the operating system
SecurDisc read support

1.10.19300.93.10 0Nero Kwik Media
New Features
Photo product creation now possible – Printed Photo books, cards and calendars can now be created and ordered and will be delivered to your home
Users can now upload videos from Kwik Media to their Facebook accounts
Importing, browsing and transferring photos and music to portable devices is now possible with the basic free version of Nero Kwik Media

Lossless rotation - rotating photos does not affect the resolution anymore
Rotating of photos is now also possible by using the right mouse button
Kwik Media automatically remembers the last position in photo browsing when returning overview
For usability reasons the entry in the left sidebar for optical discs is only visible when an optical disc in inserted
Users can now directly start to create a photo product from Kwik Media's start page

11.0.21500.12.0 Welcome App
New Features
New first startup experience with improved product and application information, tutorials and user guidance

8.0.14000.21.100 Nero Video
New Features
New start and access screen with quick link to key use cases
Open Windows Live Movie Maker projects in Nero Video non-destructively
Import from Nero MediaBrowser
Complete new Express Video Editing Mode
Simplified PIP Generator for Express Video Editing
On screen text editing
Directly switch from Express to Advanced Video Editing
Full Screen Arranger Window
New Express Video (59) and Audio Effects (25)
New advanced Audio Effects (9)
Preview with scalable Resolution (low, medium, high)
Automatic SmartEncoding
Fexible SmartEncoding
AVC encoding with hardware support for key GFX vendors (AMD, Intel, nVidia)
Additional PiP effects
Additional solid video backgrounds

Improved access to import from AVC Cameras
Improved asset & effect browsing
Improved Get Started experience
Improved memory consumption for complex projects with many clips

Nero 11

Nero 11 empowers you to create and share your photos, music and videos like never before. The complete 360-degree experience is designed to complete your digital lifestyle.

Integrated Nero MediaBrowser - From any project you can access your library of music, photos and videos with just one click.
Create photo books - Create lasting memories with your family pictures in just seconds with personalized photo books, calendars and cards.
Easy and Advanced Video Editing Modes - Easily switch from Express Editing to Advanced Editing with just one click.
Nero LIVEBackup - 24-7 Peace-of-mind backup with one-click Nero LIVEBackup for all your digital files and even the entire system.
Windows Live Movie Maker - Seamlessly import and enhance Windows Live Movie Maker projects directly in Nero 11

Nero StartSmart

* Stability and performance of Nero StartSmart is improved
* Metadata retrieval quality in Nero StartSmart is improved

Nero Burning ROM

* Stability and performance of Nero Burning ROM is improved
* File duration after encoding with mp3Pro encoder in Nero Burning ROM is fixed

Nero Express

* Application of changed title and artist data in Nero Express is fixed

Nero WaveEditor

* Meta data feature when encoding to mp3 format with Nero WaveEditor is improved

Nero SoundTrax

* Track recognition for LP to CD Wizard in Nero SoundTrax is improved
* Stability and performance on French systems of Nero SoundTrax is improved

Nero Vision
New Features

* Support higher resolutions up to 704x576 for exporting to Flash Video format


* Inconsistent playback of AVCHD discs created with transitions within Nero Vision is fixed
* Managing Microsoft Powerpoint files in Nero Vision is enhanced
* Stability and performance of Nero Vision is improved
* Ability to add assets to the timeline in Nero Vision is fixed

Nero CoverDesigner

* Managing templates in Nero CoverDesigner is improved
* Print date option in Nero CoverDesigner is fixed
* Time calculation for LightScribe burning in Nero CoverDesigner is improved

Nero BackItUp

* Syncing performance and stability in Nero BackItUp is improved

Nero RescueAgent

* Stability and performance of Nero RescueAgent is improved

Nero ControlCenter

* Installation of updates via Nero ControlCenter is fixed

Nero Burning ROM
New Features

* New Command line tool


* Compatibility with external LightScribe drives is fixed

Nero Vision
New Features

* New Background Rendering for real-time previews
* Arrangement of start menu options now begin with "Edit Movie"
* New option to add "Favorites" to frequently used effects
* New smoother moving paths for special effects
* New Clip Marker with magnet functionality
* New option to select multiple clips using the Shift Key
* New option to unlink video and audio selections for multiple clips
* New export of movies to Flash video format


* Support for Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint is enhanced
* Scene detection performance is optimized
* SmartEncoding feature is enhanced
* Thumbnail generation is enhanced
* Performance of transition effects are optimized
* Export handling using CUDA PS3 AVC profile is fixed
* Aspect ratio detection in Nero MediaHub and Nero Vision is fixed
* Saving projects using templates from "My menu template" is fixed
* Sound is now available when using special .MOV file formats in projects
* Microsoft PowerPoint file management is fixed

Nero CoverDesigner

* Various Nero CoverDesigner templates are now fully accessible in Microsoft Vista
* Nero CoverDesigner templates created with previous versions of Nero are now fully accessible

Nero BackItUp
New Features

* New option to convert Windows FAT32 hard drives to NTFS without reformatting it for Autobackup
* AES-NI support is newly added


* Smart recommendations for Autobackup targets is fixed
* Autobackup to Nero Online Backup is fixed
* Backup verification is fixed
* Autobackup compatibility with devices formatted with Windows exFAT is fixed
* Display for backup job list is fixed
* Email notification is fixed
* Compatibility of file backup with different media types is fixed
* FTP server management is fixed
* Image Recoder management when creating backups is fixed
* Backup job management is fixed
* ImageTool is fixed
* SyncTool is fixed
* File restoration management is fixed
* Calculation of backup time is fixed
* Drive Backup performance is optimized
* Autobackup performance is optimized

Nero MediaHub
New Features

* New iTunes and WMP library import feature within MediaHub
* New real-time slideshow playback feature
* New Quick Viewer for picture and video
* Emailing of photos from MediaHub is enhanced
* New rotation feature for video files during playback
* New Quick viewer for photos
* New Quick player for videos


* DVD-Video playback performance is enhanced
* Performance of photo adjustments and enhancements are enhanced
* File location and media information is now visible when hovering over thumbnail images in Nero MediaHub browser
* Optimized slideshow performance when using 3D-themes
* Meta data retrieval with Gracenote is fixed

Nero Vision

* Startup of Nero Vision Xtra is improved
* “Fit to disc” feature for use with SmartEncoding is improved
* Preview quality of HD clips is improved
* AVCHD project preparation speed is improved
* Quality of a BD-MV disc created within Nero Vision Xtra is improved

Nero CoverDesigner

* .ncd files created with previous Nero versions (Nero 9 and older) can now be opened with Nero CoverDesigner (in Nero 10)

Nero MediaHub
New Features


* Startup of Nero MediaHub is improved
* File indexing speed is improved

Nero Update

* “Check for updates” option is improved

Nero Multimedia Suite 10

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 excels your multimedia power with a collection of three products bundled into one powerful suite. It’s loaded with advanced video editing features, media organizer and player, superior burning software, reliable backup technology, and special multimedia tools to enhance your music, photos and videos.


Video Editing with Nero Vision Xtra™

* Search quickly, play back and easily arrange all your music, photos and videos all in one place
* Utilize cutting-edge video editing tools (picture-in-picture, full keyframe control, master effect track and assorted special effects and transitions) in a true multi-track timeline to achieve advanced personal touches
* Create High Definition DVD, and Blu-ray Disc movies using SmartEncoding for faster HD video output, and author Blu-ray Discs with 24 progressive frame high-quality cinema-style format
* Media player for all most popular audio, video and photo formats such as AVCHD, MKV, FLV, FLAC, DVD, MPEG-4 AVC, (S)-VCD, AVCREC and Audio CDs, plus music playlists and slideshows
* Burn music, photos and videos to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs, or share to social communities
My Nero logofacebook logoYouTube™ logo

Burning with Nero Burning ROM™

* Ensure your discs are readable regardless of scratches, age, or deterioration with SecurDisc technology
* Drag and drop files to burn and copy to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs or save disc images
* Split oversized files to burn onto multiple discs
* Add extra security protection to your data by adding personal passwords and encryption
* Experience superior playback quality from your burned content
* Make flawless copies of your discs with reliable, uninterrupted burns

Backup with Nero BackItUp & Burn™

* One-click Autobackup without reconfiguring computer settings
* SecurDisc technology – Ensure data readability, increase the chance of retrieving your files, protect your data from unintended alterations, and verify the originator of the data
* Easily back up data to hard drive, CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, FTP, memory card and online storage
* Restore personal data after a computer crash or accident
* Recover damaged or deleted files from hard drives, CDs, DVDs, flash storage and floppy discs
* Back up files and folders to multiple devices at once


Nero CoverDesigner (


* Fields are now selectable within the properties menu of the tracklist/directory tool

Nero Recode (


* Preview image is sharper when using the “Recode DVDs or main Movies to DVD'” option

Nero Vision (

New Features:

* Enhanced support for .WTV file format (Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008 and Windows 7 operating system


* Aspect ratio can now be adjusted when the resolution is set to automatic
* DVD RAM no longer displays as copy protected
* Autorun menu action behaves correctly after burning
* Nero Vision imports files from web cleanly

Nero WaveEditor (


* Status Bar now includes seconds and milliseconds time
Recording Console Timer displays correctly

Nero Webinstaller (


* SetupX.exe is no longer blocked by Windows Defender in Windows Vista® after rebooting
* Installation files can be easily located on PC.
* Repaired Nero 9 startup failure after updating Norton Internet Security with NavShExt.dll version or after running Windows Defrag 11.5

Nero Burning ROM (


* The error message: "could not get ClassID" is no longer displayed after launching Nero Burning ROM.
* "Continue multisession" projects are displayed in the correct size.
* Volume is correct when using the "Save Tracks" option (MP3 only).

Nero Recode (


* The option "Shutdown down computer when finished" works correctly.
* *.TS files can be opened.
* The error message "Out of memory" is no longer displayed during the burn process.
* The error message "DirectShow error" is no longer displayed when encoding to an iPod® format.

Nero Vision (

New Features:

* Import your PowerPoint® presentations and convert to DVD-Video or BD for TV playback (requires installed Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2003 or 2007)
* Archive HD movies in highest quality AVCHD format to HDD including USB stick and flash memory card, SD Card and Memory Stick(TM), even without the use of an optical recorder


* After exporting files from Nero Vision, it is possible to return to the original file.
* Text effects in Nero Vision work properly after using the "static" effect.
* Support for *.m2v files added to Nero Vision.
* Nero Vision supports previous version project files.
* *.wmf files are displayed correctly in preview window.
* Nero Vision no longer prompts for DTS Plug-in when adding *.m2ts file with both Dolby and DTS audio tracks.
* All *.mov files play back with audio in the preview screen.
* The text effect "Space Scroller" no longer inserts white squares when line breaks are in the text.
* Temporary files are removed automatically after burning to disc or to Image Recorder.
* Smart3D menus play back correctly on DVD+VR.
* Eliminated "runtime error" when burning large AVCHD projects.

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Nero 9

1. Enjoy a fast, easy, and convenient user interface

Nero StartSmart, the intuitive command center in Nero 9, now integrates new playback, ripping, burning, copying, and backup functions with one click tabs so you can quickly and easily access your favorite digital features.
2. Create superior High Definition video

Simply capture video from AVCHD camcorders and create stunning movies with 3D animated menu templates for professional-looking videos. The new Tape Scan feature lets you quickly and easily preview with scene selections from digital (DV) or High Definition videos (HDV) for the seamless import of video, saving you time and hard drive space. Easily add HD menu templates and burn AVCHD discs using standard recordable DVD media. Nero’s Smart Encoding for AVCHD saves you time and ensures quality playback.
3. Watch, record, pause, and customize your live TV experience

Providing a great new TV experience for your PC, Nero Live is a new addition to Nero 9 that lets you view high-quality live TV on your PC. As a stand-alone application or to enhance your Windows® Media Center, Nero Live makes it easy to watch live TV/HDTV, record TV shows, watch two channels at once with Picture in Picture (PiP) capabilities, time shift for up to 60 minutes, and listen to DVB radio.
4. DTS PLug-InEdit videos and create professional-looking DVD

Nero 9 provides highly-enhanced yet easy-to-use video editing tools that let you personalize your home videos and slide shows. The new Movie Wizard allows for greater creativity with an easy-to-use library of templates including themes for special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and weddings, plus soundtracks and special effects.
5. Protect, back up, and recover your memories

Nero 9 includes new easy and convenient tools to protect your valuable memories and confidential data, plus safeguard against system crashes, natural disasters, and human error. The new Auto Backup feature in Nero 9 makes it easy for you to back up digital files from your PC including files, folders, drives, and even the entire system via a simple wizard interface for offline or online backup. With Nero RescueAgent technology, you can safely and securely recover data from damaged or scratched discs, hard drives, USB and flash sticks, and other memory devices

Nero Burning ROM

* Nero Burning ROM could not encode AC-3 audio files into another output format.

Nero Burning ROM
New Features

* Implemented support for DualLayer DVD-RW media including layer jump junction


* In Windows Vista®, the Windows Aero design switched to the normal Windows design (Windows Standard), no matter which Nero application had been started.
* When burning an Audio CD, the pause feature did not work as expected The "crossfading tracks" feature did not work properly either as a result of this.
* The ImageRecorder was not recognized as target when Nero CMD was used with a parameter file. An error message was displayed: "Drive ‘ ‘ not found, available are" followed by the recorders' list.

Nero Burning ROM

Audible files could only be burned with Nero Express and not with Nero Burning ROM.
Selecting Nero Burning ROM resulted in the error message:
"Nero Burning ROM could not be started. Your serial number does not allow the start of this application. Upgrade now."
When creating an Audio CD, Nero Burning ROM encountered problems when adding an ISRC code to an audio file.

Nero 8

* Direct access to all features from the project launcher
* High Definition format support
* Xbox 360� and PlayStation� 3 streaming features
* Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD burning support
* SecurDisc data protection support
* Copy a disc with just one click
* Graphics optimized for Windows Vista�
* Continual free updates

Version number

Release Date: 07-04-2007

* Some video files could be shown upside down while previewing from the compilation window
* The application could remain listed as an open process even after it was closed
* Several audio track property context menus could be opened at a time
* In some specific cases, burning on multiple recorders at once was not possible anymore

Version number

Release Date: 05-21-2007

* Opening an audio file could lead Nero Burning ROM to stop working properly
* In specific cases no output file format could be selected while creating an image file
* Problem was encountered while Burning very long slideshows (2000 pictures)
* Adding non video files to VCD/SVCD compilations was not possible anymore

Version number

Release Date: 03-20-2007

* After setting indexes to audio tracks, Nero Burning ROM could not close properly and generated an error
* In some cases, opening an audio file from Nero Burning ROM with Nero WaveEditor caused Nero Burning ROM to end unexpectedly
* Files could not always be added to Audiobook CD compilations
* Burn DRM-protected files was not always possible even with proper licence
* A video file extension could not be added to VCD compilations

Version number

Release Date: 01-18-2007

* Under Windows Vista, Windows Movie Maker crashed if Nero was running in a few cases
* Burning a compilation to the image recorder was not possible in some cases
* Improved AC3 encoding
* Preview of AC3 files was not possible in some cases
* Nero Burning ROM could not always read the previous session of a multisession disc
* The size bar was not updated when using "continue multisession disc" feature
* Audio books could not be burned on CDs in some cases
* A misleading error message was displayed when trying to use a folder that did not exist

Version number

Release Date: 11-27-2006

* Preview of AC3 files is now possible again
* Video preview works properly again
* The �encode files' dialog no longer hangs in some cases

Version number

Release Date: 10-16-2006
New Features

* Vista Ready

Version number

Release Date: 09/18/2006
New Features

* Blu-ray disc data recording

Version number

Release Date: 06/23/2006
* Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express crashed after the DEMO version had expired. * Bad, scratchy sound when encoding files to mp3 using the 'standard' settings * Multisession was not automatically selected when burning to the image recorder * UNC support of Nero did not work anymore, so continuing a multi session CD with UNC paths did not work * Nero Burning ROM did not use the selected partition to create a boot CD * Nero Express crashed under Windows 98 when adding protected WMA files to a compilation * Nero Burning ROM had graphical problems under Windows 98 when changing the menu options any kind of animation * It was possible to select the ISO file system view in the folder panel of the compilation, although a UDF compilation was chosen * Error message was shown when starting to convert Audio CDs to Nero Digital Audio

Version Number:

Release Date: March 06, 2006
New features

* Support of Labelflash(TM) in Nero Burning ROM
* Burn support for audible audiobooks

Fixes issues

* Nero Burning ROM crashed after an image was burned and a new project was started afterwards

Version Number:

Release Date: February 06, 2006

* It was impossible to edit an audio file anymore once the audio file has been added to a compilation
* When ripping tracks, it was not possible to create a new folder from within the save dialog
* In rare cases Nero crashed when getting free drive space
* Encoding of single tracks was not possible - only all tracks of the compilation
* Burn process may have failed in case a saved project is used and if the process will be started within 4 seconds. The error: 'unspecific recorder error' was displayed.
* Last position of the window is not saved before closing the application.
* Video CD menu entries were readable in preview, but not on the burned Video CD
* Virus scan did not work with ZIP files
* Nero did not detect any CD/DVD device if 3 or more devices are connected, but the virtual �Image Recorder� only

Version Number:

Release Date: December 12, 2005

* The application was only running in English or the system language and could not be changed correctly
* After switching the language the tool bar was empty
* When switching from Nero Express to Nero Burning ROM, Nero Burning ROM terminates with an error message during startup
* When one file was marked to be removed from a Nero Express compilation, all remaining files were removed
* Some links to Nero online services led to a wrong or non-existing web page
* On some systems Nero Burning ROM could not run and terminated with an error message
* Improved localization quality
* An internal error occurred when adding data files to a VCD compilation
* Under some circumstances it appeared that no compilation icons were visible in Nero Burning ROM
* Fixed several crash or hanging problems
* Windows XP autoplay handling was not working correctly
* The menu item for entering a new serial number key in Nero Express was not working
* An internal error occurred when selecting "Generate Playlist" before encoding audio tracks
* When aborting the "Add File" process, the selected files were still added to the compilation
* *.txt files were associated with Nero Burning ROM
* The "Save Tracks" feature caused the application to crash

Version Number:

Release Date: October 31, 2005
New features

* New HE-AAC encoder: It provides greatly increased quality for stereo bit rates of 48 kbps and below by using HE-AAC v2 standard with Parametric Stereo.
* BD-RE data recording and BD disc copy

Version Number:

Version Number:

(Changes from Package #1, Version ⇒

Release Date: August 4, 2005
New features

* Adapted UDF Multisession Support for DVD-R DL Layer Jump Recording Mode
* Added several advisory messages
* Added a new help file for LightScribe
* The used UDF version for UDF compilations is now shown in the log file

Other Changes/Bugfixes

* It was not possible to print a LightScribe label with an external LightScribe drive
* Copying open VR discs was not working
* Implemented a warning message in case a DVD-R9 DL is copied to a DVD+R9 DL and the layer break of the source does not match the destination disc
* The calculated disc space for DVD-RAM media was wrong
* Aborting a LightScribe print process could cause the application to hang

Version Number:

(Changes from Package #1, Version ?

Release Date: July 7, 2005
Other Changes/Bugfixes

* Using UDF1.02 as default file system if media is DVD-R DL
* Optimized string translations
* Used disc space was indicated wrong on multisession disc in Windows Explorer
* Wrong track length was shown for audio CD compilation
* Improved handling of dynamic content for printing LightScribe labels
* Playback in a audio CD compilation if multiple files are selected did playback the first file only but infinity
* FreeDb database import skipped files larger then 1MB during import of the Internet database

Version Number:
(Changes from Package #1, Version ?

Release Date: June 7, 2005
New Features

* Added support of layer jump recording for DVD-R DL

Other Changes/Bugfixes

* Writing a UDF/ISO bridge compilation with enabled multisession option could fail with an error
* Transcoding of some *.wav files to Ogg Vorbis crashed Nero in some cases
* Quick erase of a blank media could end with an error message on specific hardware
* An inserted background image for a LightScribe label appeared to be very jagged if the DPI setting was selected to automatic
* Nero now always uses UDF 1.02 as default for DVD DL media if BAO or multisession are written
* Improved usability for DVD-Video compilation. Now the VIDEO_TS folder is opened per default so a drag and drop action will add the files to the correct folder

Version Number:

Release Date: May 9, 2005
Bug Fixes

* AAC Audio encoder settings not applied
* Error using disc finalize feature in the 'Disc Info' section
* Using UDF as default file system for using dual layer DVD-R medias with multisession compilation
* Nero Express did not ask to save a LightScribe document if the application was closed by ALT+F4 or the [X] close button
* An internal LightScribe error occurred for print and/or preview if Nero was accessing (e.g. erasing) the same device
* An "Internal error" occurred if accessing a folder which was linked to a remote network path
* Added advisory messages

Version Number:

Release Date: April 7, 2005
New Features

* added the LightScribe icon to the Nero toolbar

Bug Fixes

* Data DVD writing on a DVD-R DL medium was not working in some cases
* Nero did not remember renamed ISO9660 Level 2 names
* Nero terminated if the path to a source file was too long
* Improved the handling for the label creator when the text style did not fit the template

Version Number:

Release Date: 02-21-2005
New Features

* Added LightScribe support
* Added support for DVD-R Dual Layer format

Bug Fixes

* The application did not start in the desired user language
* Nero failed to correctly identify the source media during a DVD copy process
* Added/corrected some small language related GUI changes
* It was not possible to enter a file/folder name which contains 0x5c characters
* Nero wrongly reported 'Not enough space on the disc' in unfinalized multisession compilations
* ISO9660-1999 was set to all compilations which made the discs unreadable on OS prior to Windows XP
* Nero Express did not offer anymore saving error logfiles
* Added localization for the audio plug-in manager
* Resolved a wrong behavior when double clicking on the column separator in Audio and Video compilation view
* The user was still in the ISO view when ISO9660:1999 was enabled in the compilation properties
* The wrong track number was displayed for playing an audio/video tracks in audio/video compilations
* In (S)VCD compilations, when switching the file system to ISO Joliet; it did not enable Unicode names
* Removed unsupported *.pbm file format from the filter of the open file dialog
* For (S)VCD compilation, *.wmf files could not be added anymore and the file preview was not working
* In an audio CD compilation, when clicking the headline to sort the order, the start and end time were not corrected

Version Number:

Release Date: 01-10-2005
Bug Fixes

* Fixed a DVD 'On the Fly' copy problem
* Booktype settings explanation is added in the GUI
* Fixed a problem with copying a DVD video over image
* Re-encoding of MPEG-1 files to (S)-VCD is improved
* Fixed failure to fully erase DVD-RAM
* Burning some ASF files caused "Unknown error in the Video MPEG encoder"
* Switching to NeroExpress did not close the preview
* The save track operation (save as image) did not warn if there was not enough hard disc drive space and no image file was created
* Changing the volume creation date caused an error
* If an audio CD is created and the source file names are long, the print function can now print all pages

Version Number:

Release Date: 11-29-2004
Bug Fixes

* Changed disc-info dialog to display Formatted area and total capacity for a DVD+RW media
* Implemented a error message if a file is missing to be written for a compilation
* The Windows XP application auto launch feature was not working for DVD-Video on a German Windows XP SP2 System
* Added again the file support for using ASF/WMV/DV/MOV/TIFF file types for a (S)VCD compilation
* When adding MP4 files to a video compilation, there was no preview displayed anymore for such file types
* In some cases, the application did fail in writing to an attached USB recorder
* If the pause before the first track is not exact 2s (150 frames) then Nero failed in copying such audio discs
* It was not possible anymore of adding mp3-files to an Audio-CD Compilation
* Some correct serial numbers were detected as a pirate serial number
* Drop down menu to select the recoreder was cut off when using large font settings for the Operating System
* A error message was appearing multible times if syntax was incorrect for the compilation date option
* Writing a CUI/BIN image was not possible if the image file name did contain spaces
* The calculated time for the burning process was not accurate
* Nero did reject renaming a ISO file name to a file name including a dot
* The application did terminate when switching the video preview back from fullscreen
* Improved the performance for analyzing and adding a MPEG file to a SVCD compilation
* In some cases an "internal error" appeared after adding a video file to a SVCD compilation

Version Number:

Release Date: 10-25-2004
Bug Fixes

* Fixed some localization problems
* Fixed a problem which occurred during the encoding process of an Audio-CD to NeroDigital
* Fixed a verification problem which occurred after copying a DVD
* Solved a inaccuracy problem with the Fullometer
* Improved the import speed of DVD+R DL
* Solved a minor problem with keyboard shortcuts
* Fixed compatibility problem with the refresh function
* Fixed a minor video preview issue
* Fixed a compatibility problem with CPRM protected media
* Solved a compatibility problem for SCVD projects created with MPEG files

Changes from Nero to
Release Date: 20-09-2004

New Features
Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express

Added support for new recorders
Added new Booktype setting option "Automatic"
Optimized Booktype settings for some vendors
Bug Fixes
Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express

Extended check for DVD+R9 Double Layer support
Fixed a problem with an empty dialog box occurring in save track mode
Fixed problems writing on second layer of a DVD+R9 DL that occurred with several drives
Fixed a localisation problem in the change booktype dialog box
Fixed a minor compatibility problem with 8x double layer medias
Fixed a problem with DVD+R9 DL burning

Nero Burning ROM

Solved a finalizing problem with CD extra
Fixed some localisation problems
Fixed an instability problem when writing (S)VCD compilations
Fixed a minor compatibility problem that occurred during the copy process of open DVD+R VR media

Nero Express

Fixed an audio preview problem
Fixed a DVD disc copy problem which occurred when booktype was set to DVD-ROM
Solved some problems for VCD creation
Solved some minor GUI problems

Nero Start Smart

Extended PDF manuals
Solved a minor localisation problem
Solved a minor GUI problem

Nero Wave Editor

Fixed An error under Windows NT� which occurred when starting
Nero Wave Editor
Fixed a minor audio output problem
Fixed compatibility problem under Windows� 98

Nero BackItUp

� A backup is no longer deleted if update backup is cancelled when a medium is requested
Nero Cover Designer

A problem that was caused by clicking on the brush tool is fixed

Changes from Nero to
Release Date: 08-11-2004

New Features
Added support for new recorders
Bug Fixes
Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express:

A Windows XP SP2 compatibility problem is solved
In the expert features of the preferences a localisation problem is solved
Wrong message was shown when an installation was cancelled
New function was added for changing the booktype with several drives
Implemented a workaround for some device specific problems
A problem with the audio plugin manager is solved
Improvement for DVD+VR support on DVD+R9 media was made to determine if a layer breakpoint is set
While opening the setting tab in the expert feature an error occurred
Burning a VCD from a MPEG-1 file failed under Windows� 95b
Nero Burning ROM:

All controls are now disabled after the burn process is finished
When adding data to a DVD-RW instead of overwriting existing data another media was demanded
A problem with burning VCD is resolved
Fixed a problem that some burnt CD medias were not readable anymore
An unnecessary system reboot at the end of a DVD-VR disc copy process is solved
Audio CD image copy with checked option �copy all subchannel data� resulted in a CD with silence and clicks
Fixed a instability problem when copying a DVD-VR disc

Changes from Nero to
Release Date: 07-02-2004

Features Added
Nero Burning ROM:

Added support for new recorders
Added more user-friendly method of changing the Booktype
Bug Fixes
Nero Burning ROM/Nero Express 6:

Fixed a problem appearing during the erasing of CD-RW medias
Fixed a compatibility problem with Windows XP SP2
The problem that no preview was available for (S)VCD compilations has been fixed
Fixed that MPEG2 files did not show any duration
Improvement of booktype setting for some drives
A problem with the slider button on audio file playback window is solved
Fixed a problem with erasing rewritable medias
A problem with creating wma discs under Windows XP � SP2 is solved
Nero preview player does now play back mp4 files
Fixed that adding AVI files to a (S)-VCD compilation caused a problem
A problem was fixed that might cause playback problems on CE DVD players
Nero Burning ROM:

Improvements for DVD-R multi-border recording
Updating multisession disc �remove deleted files from compilation� was not working correctly and has been fixed

Changes from Nero to
Bug Fixes
Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6:

Fixed a problem caused by maximizing the GUI window when working with several Nero instances
Several GUI and localisation optimizations
Improved handling of AAC files
Fixed a problem occurred with Audio CD Copy over image
Remaining time for DVD compilations is now correctly displayed in Nero Express
Enable simulation for DVD-R medias if the disc is loaded in a double layer recorder
Fixed a problem that changing CD reading speed for disc copy had no effect
DVD read speed is detected dynamically
The selection combo box of boot image languages is no more editable
Implementation of DVD-R/-RW booktype changing for several drives
Disable playing of audio files, if the file is already opened in the Nero Wave Editor
Nero Burning ROM:

Localized the Plug-in properties
Solved a problem that occurs while trying to burn a CD-Extra
After de-installation some manuals were left on Windows XP and Windows 98 SE
It was no more possible to open an audio file with Nero Wave Editor out of Nero Burning Rom
Querying Nero Wave Editor for open more than one audio file caused a problem
An internal error is fixed which occurred while creating a bootable CD

Changes from Nero to

Features Added

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6:

. Added support for new recorders

Bug Fixes

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6:

. Fixed wrong DVD+R VR flag detection routine
. Allow to select recorder in NE when loading Double Layer image
. Fixed wrong DVD Video label on Asian systems
. Enabled switching the fullometer when switching CD EXTRA audio and .ISO part in NE
. Fixed a problem accessing internet CD database by increasing the .timeout for users with slow internet access
. Fixed that Double Layer multisession disc cannot be copied

Nero Burning ROM

. Added data in multisession DVD+RW was not written correctly
. Added data in multisession DVD-RW was not displayed correctly

Nero BackItUp

. Fixed a problem that occured if an update backup was cancelled when a medium is requested

Changes from Nero to

Features Added

. Support for double layer DVDs added
. Added support for new recorders
. Added support of booktype change feature for several recorders

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6:

. Added support for Digital Rights Management enabled WMA files

Nero Express 6:

. Nero Express can now be closed with the "X" in upper right corner

Nero BackItUp:

. Disc info dialog and the possibility to erase a disc have been added

Nero Fast CD-Burning Plug-in:

. Now localized into all languages supported by Nero
. Support for Digital Rights Management enabled WMA files
. Hot-plugging support

Bug Fixes

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6:

. Fixed burning VCD to image recorder
. Files in VIDEO_TS folder of DVD-Video compilations will now always be burned with uppercase file names to match the DVD-Video specifications
. Fixed creating a slideshow with many pictures
. Show error messages when trying to burn files that are in use
. Fixed file system detection problems when copying on-the-fly
. Fixed problems when copying DVD 9 Video
. Lock the tray during waiting for disc

Nero Burning ROM:

. Fixed crash after closing Nero Wave Editor
. When opening the property dialog of an audio track, only show progress dialog for scanning of Direct-X plug-ins if it takes very long time to finish

Nero Express 6:

. Fixed crash when adding MPEG2 file to VCD compilation
. Fixed displaying of recording speeds for certain recorders
. Fixed dragging of VOB files into DVD compilation window
. Improved interoperability with InCD
. Disable burning the same project again when dealing with multisession discs
. Corrected several problems with button states

Nero StartSmart:

. Solved some problems related to user guides

Nero BackItUp:

. Fixed localization in the restore application
. Some usability improvements
. Fixed backing up of files larger than 2GB to DVDs
. Fixed writing multisession DVD+RW
. Fixed size of generated DVD images
. Corrected restoring very large files

Nero Wave Editor 2:

. Added support for plug-ins that resize their property windows

Nero ImageDrive:

. Fixed problem if a drive letter is changed

Changes from Nero to

Features Added

. Added support for new recorders

Bug Fixes

Nero Express 6:

. Corrected message box in the "Erase Disc" dialog
. VCD burning on image recorder fail in "preparing items" error message is solved

Nero BackItUp:

. Corrected transfer data calculation algorithm for used sectors backup

NeroVision Express 2:

. Improvement of the video quality with half picture element interpolation
. Improved video auto-post-processing functionality
. Solved a problem that caused sometimes a crash with mpeg-2 files while editing
. Changes in profiles to report correct possible inputs for audio encoder
. Sometimes the property window was not fully visible

Changes from Nero to

Features Added

NeroVision Express 2:

. Support for Nero Digital Audio (HE-AAC) audio files added
. MOV/ASF/WMV/WMA support added
. Added DVR-MS (Windows XP Media Center Edition file format) support for Win XP SP1
. Multi-channel resampling support for audio
. Support of stereo <-> mono conversion as well as 8 <-> 16 bit conversion
. Improved capture quality and hardware support
. Powerful undo/redo function added
. Default template for new project
. New filters/effects added
. Splitting function for slideshows with a large number of pictures
. Half-D1 resolution for DVD supported
. Nero Digital capturing and editing is supported
. DVD-VR import added
. Export to DV camera
. Choose between 1-pass and 2-pass encoding added
. Nero API log output is added to the logfile
. Double clicking in preview mode switches now to full screen mode
. Transitions can now be inserted in slideshows
. Duration change for slideshows is now applied

Bug Fixes

NeroVision Express 2:

. Fixed crash when playing ASF files and enabling auto-post-processing mode
. Fixed potential crash when reading non-supported mpeg-4 files
. Added support for mp4 files with incorrect frame size information
. Fixed WMV and ASF files could not be loaded
. Solved a problem with VR titles, start position was not editable
. Fixed after moving end position of VR titles, view was not updated
. When reselecting the current capture device again or changing the advanced device properties, compressor was reset

. Title name was not always updated immediately
. Fixed MPEG-4 playback problems in applications other than Nero ShowTime
. Mini-DVD project was not selectable with CD recorder
. Fixed problems with MPEG-4 and subtitles files on systems with less than 32 bits, or on Windows 2003 server
. While recording, "Write to folder" now support UNICODE folders
. A bug with playing AC3 6 channel is fixed
. The wrong ordering of channels in 6 channel AAC has been fixed
. While capturing from DV-cam NeroVision Express hangs when hard disc is full has been fixed
. Any USB device is forced to capture with 15fps
. Fixed a problem with incorrect detected DVD+R media
. Trimming in timeline is now always frame-accurate
. Solved a problem with visible timelines not computed correctly
. Fixed a crash when creating a project after capturing
. The preview quality while capturing from DV is improved
. Performance of capture and export is improved
. DVD resolution is now adjusted to device capabilities
. Default audio settings for Nero Digital set to 56k/HE-AACImport
. Fixed a bug that occurs while transcoding DV files
. In record mode the abort button was disabled
. Export button on export page had no effect is fixed
. "Fit to audio duration" now updated correctly for slideshows
. Timeline cursor position is now accurate
. Fixed a problem with +VR/-VR import if more than one recorder was installed
. Fixed a crash when replacing the rightmost transition
. Capacity info was not updated after a title was edited .
Default video options were not applied when importing a VR disc

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6:

. Prevent Nero/Nero Express from closing when it is currently burning
. The pause settings of Video CD and Super Video CD compilation was not taken into account is some circumstances

Nero Burning ROM:

. Fixed incorrect handling of DVD-Video burn process

Nero Express 6:

. Burning a second image on a CDRW fails with Nero Express
. Fixed layout reorganization problems when using the Japanese language
. Fixed painting problem in the page that appears at the end of the burn process

Nero StartSmart:

. When inserting a DVD-Video under Windows XP, auto play brings up an option for Nero StartSmart when it should not
. German text is now completed for Nero StartSmart
. Corrected DVD-Video autoplay handler in case no application is available to handle playback

Nero ImageDrive:

. Improved driver stability under Windows 2000 and XP

Changes from Nero to

Features Added

. Added support for new recorders

Nero StartSmart:

. Added property pages in the configure part
. Added a property page for displaying serial numbers in Nero ProductCenter

Nero SoundTrax:

. The last folder used for audio clips will now be remembered

Nero BackItUp:

. BackItUp files can now be opened from the Welcome Window.
. The dialog that appears when double clicking on an entry in the Last Backups list of the Welcome Window has an additional button for �Job�.
. Doted lines are now used to mark active items in the two list controls of the Welcome Window.
. Cancel button will be turned to �Finish� button on status dialogs.
. �Finish� buttons of the Wizard has been changed to �Backup� and �Restore� accordingly with new icons.
. The Welcome Page of the wizard will only be displayed in case of a new backup.
. A success message box will be displayed when the user clicks on the �Finish� button of the Job Wizard.
. An additional status column is available in the Job Window that tells whether the job had been executed successful or not ; with time stamp.
. A new �open file dialog� with the last backup list is now available in the Restore Wizard.
. The log file of the burn process can be added to the BackItUp Log and old log file can be destroyed using a new options in the preferences.
. A new source page has been added in the backup wizard. It can be used in order to continue an old backup more easier.
. StartSmart can now launch Backup, Restore or Drive Backup windows directly, in the expert mode.
. All items will be selected by default when creating a job from an existing backup.
. �Date/Time� text on the finish page of the job wizard has been replaced with �Next run�.
. Root icon and drive icons are changed in the restore view.
. Hot plugging of recorders is supported.
. CD-RW can be erased automatically during a backup process by activating an option in the preferences.
. If a recorder is already in use, BackItUp will display a message in the og window and wait.
. Added an option in the preferences, to disable disc eject at the end of burn process.
. Added support for HD-BURN recorders.
. A ReadMe file will be written on every disc, in order to tell where the *.nbi file can be located.

Nero ImageDrive:

. Added support for images with sub-channels data

Bug Fixes

Nero Burning ROM:

. Fixed recognizing FAT formatted DVD-RAMs in disc info dialog
. Fixed �Command sequence error� in case of simulating on DVD-R more than 1GB or in DVD high-compatibility mode
. Fixed wrong free capacity calculation when burning to the image recorder

Nero BackItUp:

. Fixed backup and restore of a bootable partition is working, but HDD isn't bootable anymore
. Fixed restoring of W9x OS in multiple boot environment results in a non bootable OS
. Fixed burning on HD-BURN media
. Display a warning if the DOS boot image file is not present when performing a drive backup
. Fixed wrong message if the disc is not empty

Nero StartSmart:

. Fixed not complete German text of StartSmart

Nero API:

. Set burn lock when writing in burn-at-once mode
. Improvements of error reporting

Changes from Nero to

Features Added

. Added support for new recorders
. The default book type for DVD-Video is set to DVD-ROM now to get a higher compatibility with playback devices
. Added support for Windows XP for AMD64 in 32-bit emulation mode

Nero Express 6:

. Usage of the CD database in Nero Express is simplified
. The "Select files and folder window" will now be placed automatically in a position so that the content of the compilation is more visible
. Removed the "New project" entry in the "What do you want to do now?" menu after recording if Nero Express was started from Nero StartSmart
. The back button of the compilation page is now hidden if Nero Express was started from Nero StartSmart

Nero Wave Editor 2:

. Added shortcuts and tool tips for all buttons in the toolbar

Nero BackItUp:

. Added an option to allow rewritable discs to be erased without confirmation
. Added an option to disable the ejection of the disc after recording

Bug Fixes

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6:

. When burning UDF compilation that contain files larger than 2GB, the caching will not fail anymore
. Fixed MPEG video files decoding problems under Windows 98SE and windows NT
. Fixed image transfer problems when using NeroNET
. Fixed crash when Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express is started from Nero StartSmart for erasing a disc and no recorder is installed
. Improved the error message that appears if an ultra-speed CD-RW is inserted in a recorder which does not support it
. Only show option for DVD compilation if a DVD recorder is attached or expert settings are enabled
. Fixed displaying of write speeds if a DVD compilation is selected while a CD recorder is the current recorder
. Fixed show DVD compilation only if a real DVD recorder is attached
. MP4-file extension is now recognized for (S) -VCD compilations
. CD copy options for data CDs have been fixed
. New GUI for disc label selection for NeroRobo
. Added possibility to choose language and keyboard layout for boot disc created with integrated boot image
. Fixed erasing speed problem with certain recorders

Nero Burning ROM:

. Fixed slightly wrong calculation of size when copying DVDs
. In the hard drive backup dialog, changing the disc type will no longer unselect the partition
. The save track dialog will now only save tracks in reverse order for drives that need this behavior
. Fixed stability problems when loading a VCD compilation containing a "PICTURES" subdirectory
. Fixed incorrect display of drive speed and available space in the cache preferences

Nero Express 6:

. Fixed access to the properties of several selected Video-CD pictures through the context menu
. Enabled the main window close button in the disc copy page
. Enabled text in the dialog for selecting the (S) -VCD menu
. Added possibility to use integrated boot image when creating bootable discs

Nero Wave Editor 2:

. Improved the error message that appears in the "Save Tracks as separate files" dialog if the path is not valid
. When trying to save a MP3 file with a bitrate that is different from the original, the original bitrate was incorrectly kept

Nero BackItUp:

. Fixed wrong aspect ratio of the background picture when using a Japanese system
. Since only one session is allowed for DVD-R and DVD+R, display a message if the user tries to write several sessions
. Fixed starting backup on blank CD-RW disc, the disc get ejected and application ask for new, blank disc
. Fixed drive locking in case CD-RW disc is inserted and "waiting for disc dialog" appears
. Fixed creating a backup with InCD formatted discs fail when more than one disc is used for the backup
. Fixed system reboot when inserting second backup disc
. Fixed problem with disc not recognized if InCD is installed and disc is an INCD formatted disc
. Fixed incorrect time stamps of files on the CD
. The BackItUp system tray icon provided context menu only in English
. Improved error message that appears when not enough space is available for creating temporary files
. Improved error message that appears when the burn process fails because of the recorder or the inserted disc
. Not all temporary files were deleted when cancelling the burn process
. Improved checking of file presence before the burn process starts
. Improved detection of locked drive
. Fixed handling of menu keyboard shortcuts

Nero SoundTrax:

. Fixed stability problems when using learge audio files
. Improved error message when opening a npf file which links to some non-existing files
. User defined presents are now stored in a different directory than pre-defined
. Logo has been added in the about dialog

Nero StartSmart:

. Fixed translation in Windows XP auto play prop-up

Changes from Nero to

Features Added

. Added support for new recorders

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6:

. Add CD-copy of open CDs (CDs that got no lead-in/lead-out)
. Added miniDVD information in compilation property dialog
. Prevent shutdown, logoff or suspend when burning, blanking or ripping
. Size parameters of the Add Files & Folders dialog are remembered now
. Starting from different user accounts on the same time is now allowed

Bug Fixes

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6:

. Fixed erase disc from Nero StartSmart caused in some circumstances a crash
. Fixed not all writing speeds are available for CD recorders
. Fixed only show options for DVD compilation if a DVD recorder is attached or expert settings are enabled
. Fixed displaying of write speeds if a DVD compilation is selected while a CD recorder is the current recorder
. Fixed displaying of correct write speeds
. Fixed burning order of files dragged into a compilation
. Fixed problem with Nero seems to hang when opening an invalid cue file
. Fixed copying CDs to certain recorders
. Fixed copying ID3 tags when transcoding mp3 to mp3
. Prevent turning on joliet burning in DVD-Video compilation
. Fixed problem when NeroNET server runs on different ports
. Fixed copying of DVDs to Image Recorder
. Fixed refreshing recording speed during multiple copies
. Fixed saving tracks to NRG image file
. Fixed caching of files bigger than 2GB
. Fixed opening of "find file" dialog if more than one file is selected
. Improved displaying of hidden directories and files
. Fixed problems with file dates older than 2037
. Disable eject button if drive is locked by another application
. Fixed sorting of DVD-Video items within directories when burning a DVD-Video compilation
. Fixed "Out of memory" problem during video conversion
. The "Ahead on the Web" dialog will now direct to the site corresponding to the active user interface language

Nero Burning ROM:

. Fixed loading of DVD-Video compilation
. Fixed "Use this date" and "use current date and time" settings of compilation properties
. Fixed option to show the amount of buffer underruns for various recorders
. Fixed some problems with undoing changes in a compilation
. Fixed adding list of files (pictures) containing unsupported files to (S)-VCD compilation
. Fixed selection of the amount of buffer underruns
. Fixed displaying of time in volume creation/modification

Nero Express 6:

. Fixed Problems with loading MPG-4 files
. Fixed opening compilation files
. Corrected selection behaviour for audio property dialog
. Corrected non-modal behaviour of the "Select Files and Folder" dialog

Nero Wave Editor 2:

. Fixed spectogram and wave display for certain mp3 files
. Fixed some localization problems
. Saving changes to files did not always include all changes

Nero BackItUp:

. Fixed restoring to original path of backups with more than one disc
. Sometimes failed to restore backup from files splitted to multiple CDs

Nero SoundTrax:

. Redesigned burn progress dialog
. Fixed burning of Audio CD indexes

Nero StartSmart:

. Fixed opening HD-Burn compilation with Nero Burning ROM

Changes from Nero to

Features Added

. Added support for new recorders
. Added new file name format profile in the audio plug-in manager settings
. Improved support for recorders that support DAO/96 burning mode
. Added example for the "File name creation method" field of the "Save tracks" dialog
. Enabled NeroNET support in the demo version

Nero BackItUp:

. Connected recorders are now recognized immediately (hot plug and play)

Bug Fixes

Nero Burning ROM:

. Incompatibility with IMAPI which sometimes caused the error "Drive is in use by another application" to appear when attempting to burn is now solved
. Setting volume creation, modification, effective and expiration dates is now optional in the ISO properties
. Allow more than 99 pictures for VCD/SVCD compilations
. Performing a copy will now completely lock the source drive. It was possible to eject the source disc within another burn application
. Fixed stability problems when using German characters as volume name
. Corrected the calculation of left free blocks on disc for backup compilation
. Added support for the copyright bit to the image recorder to avoid cryptic error messages when burning
. Hidden files and folders will now have a different icon in the tree and list control of ISO compilations
. ISO level 2 was not selectable in the "New compilation" window when creating a new compilation
. Fixed wrong behaviour of some Video CD picture effects
. The desktop is now selectable in the file browser

. Fixed problems when making DVD copy on a non empty DVD+RW
. Automatically use the standard temporary directory if the cache path is invalid
. If an image file referenced by a .cue file is smaller that the described item, display an error message
. Some burn settings were lost after pressing "OK" in the "New Compilation" dialog
. Fixed a problem when installing an update while Nero Burning ROM is currently open

Nero Express 6:

. Nero Express incorrectly allowed the user to close the application before the end of the burn process
. Removed window blinking when using the "Select Files and Folder" dialog
. Corrected aspect ratio of pictures when starting the first time on Japanese systems
. Fixed wrong help file assignment which caused Nero Express to always load the English help file

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6:

. Added information about miniDVD when starting a new compilation

Nero Wave Editor 2:

. Audio plug-in settings were not always remembered when quitting Nero Wave Editor
. Fixed stability problems when renaming or erasing a file which is opened in Nero Wave Editor
. Pressing F1 was opening the help file twice in Nero Wave Editor
. Improved layout in some dialogs of Nero Wave Editor
. Improved precision of the conversion routine that is used when saving files in Nero Wave Editor
. Corrected incorrect displaying of the about picture under Windows 9x

Nero StartSmart:

. Improved user interface layout in other languages than English

Nero Cover Designer:

. The web link in the about box was not opening a web browser

Changes from Nero to

Features Added

. Added support for copying DVD+R multi-session discs
. Enabled the verify function when burning UDF discs to multiple recorders
. A new compilation type AAC has been added for Nero Express
. Improved usability of Nero BackItUp
. The erase disc dialog of Nero StartSmart can now be minimized
. The "Nero" button which is on the top left of Nero StartSmart will change to "Update" if updates of the installed programs are available
. Implemented keyboard support in Nero StartSmart

Bug Fixes

. Solved a problem which occurred while burning bootable CDs without any files in the ISO part
. The file browser is now handling empty CD/DVD-ROM and recorders correctly
. Solved dialog display problem under Windows 98
. Improvement of verify in case of ISO Level 2 compilations with Joliet turned off
. Solved a problem that caused verifications of compilations failing if some unusual characters are used in the file names
. Improvement of displaying a correct file/folder dialog even under different view of compilation
. Improvement of play lists in case adding items in the audio compilation
. Added a new message dialog for drag & drop between two compilations
. DVD-Video compatibility mode is now only available for DVD-Video compilation
. Changed formatting behaviour on DVD+RW to be faster and not to abort burn process
. The Nero file browser was showing wrong content in case of CD-ROM drives
. The full-o-meter did not get updated after "Refresh compilation"
. The auto shutdown option is now available by default
. Ctrl+z is now working for undo operation
. Solved a compatibility problem between Nero and InCD4
. Enabled video property selection in NE
. The more page panel of Nero Express 6 will be opened non-modally if there is not enough space on the desktop. Otherwise, the Nero Express 6 window will be resized to fit the more page
. Solved a problem with Nero file browser which was not taking the correct position when switched from Nero Express 6 to Nero
. In case of changing recorders, multi-session option will be correctly initialized in NeroExpress
. Improved Nero Express 6 disc title edit field
. Adding files bigger than 2GB to ISO compilation is not possible anymore. In this case Nero Express 6 allows the user to switch to UDF

Nero BackItUp:

. Fixed wrong text in the backup wizard
. Scheduler will now start the job at the next Windows start-up if the computer was off at the scheduled time

Nero Express 6:

. Improvement of displaying of non ASCII characters in the "Add file/folder" dialog
. Fixed stability problems when using disc images

Nero Wave Editor 2:

. Now remembers GUI customisation done by the user
. Fixed relation between "Percentage" and "BPM" in the Time Correction dialog
. The problem of always appearing in English is solved when started from Nero SoundTrax
. Fixed stability problems when Nero Wave Editor is started from Nero SoundTrax
. Solved a problem with audio effects which occurred under some conditions
. Improved keyboard support

Nero SoundTrax:

. Improved compatibility with Japanese systems
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Review by James Pous on Apr 29, 2018 Version: 2018 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 5/10 Value for money: 2/10 Overall: 5/10

Nero video is not made for ripping blu ray...

Review by Theodor on Mar 8, 2017 Version: Nero Platinum 2017 OS: Windows 10 Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 7/10 Value for money: 7/10 Overall: 7/10

I'm trying to author a blu ray using nero video with multiple subtile tracks (importing m2ts with video audio and multiple subtitle streams), but subtitles are not supported! TERRIBLE FOR PAID SOFTWARE! I believe the only way to have subtitles is to encode them with nero recode (burn in). I will definitely go back to free MultiAVCHD, atleast it converts almost any subtitle format to pgs, has named chapters support, only has problems with TrueHD audio.

Review by FlankerB on Mar 8, 2017 Version: 2017 OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 4/10 Value for money: 4/10 Overall: 6/10

I agree with the previous poster, qz3fwd; Nero AG no longer sells software that will directly play a Blu-Ray disc in a Blu-Ray drive in a computer. I encountered this firsthand as I described here on Nero AG's forum: ...

What adds insult to injury is that if you attempt to view a Blu-Ray disc with Nero Essentials or MediaHome the software launches an advert that says,

"Want to enjoy your high definition movies from Blu-ray discs?

Nero Blu-ray Player enables you to playback Blu-ray and AVCHD discs in razor-sharp clarity and optimized HD Audio and Dolby (R) surround quality. It also supports additional streaming content on BD Live discs.

To access Blu-ray playback functionality in Nero Blu-ray Player a purchase is required. Click the "Info" button to find our offer."


"The feature you are trying to access is not available in your product.

Click the "Info" button to find our offer."

With both ads after clicking the "Info" button one is redirected via weblink to purchase "Nero 2016 Platinum". This is despite the fact that none of Nero's current software offerings have Blu-Ray disc player functions. In my personal opinion; this is not only misleading, but also deceptive and fraudulent advertising. Despite that this situation has been reported on Nero AG's own forums on multiple occasions, they still haven't taken any substantive action correct the misleading web link redirects.

Review by ValamirCleaver on Dec 2, 2015 Version: 2016-17.0.01500 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

Nero 2016 DOES NOT include the Blu Ray player application anymore and it is not obviously stated anywhere!

That is why I voted the suite at an overall score of 5.

Review by qz3fwd on Sep 26, 2015 Version: 2016 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 8/10 Overall: 5/10

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RECENTLY UPDATED = The software has been updated the last 31 days.
Freeware = Download Free software.
Freeware Trialware = Download Free software but some parts are trial/shareware.
Free software = Download Free software and also open source code also known as FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).
Free software Trialware = Download Free software and also open source code but some parts are trial/shareware.
Freeware Ads = Download Free software but supported by advertising, usually with a included browser toolbar. It may be disabled when installing or after installation.
Free software Ads = Free Download software and open source code but supported by advertising, usually with a included browser toolbar. It may be disabled when installing or after installation.
Trialware = Also called shareware or demo. Free Trial version available for download and testing with usually a time limit or limited functions.
Payware = No demo or trial available.
Portable version = A portable/standalone version is available. No installation is required.
v1.0.1 = Latest version available.
Download beta = It could be a Beta, RC(Release Candidate) or an Alpha / Nightly / Unstable version of the software.
Download 15MB = A direct link to the software download.
Win = Windows download version. It works on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.
Win64 = Windows 64-bit download version. It works only on 64-bit Windows.
Mac = Mac download version. It works on 32-bit and 64-bit Mac OS.
Mac64 = Mac OS download version. It works only on 64-bit Mac OS.
Linux = Linux download version.
Portable = Portable version. No installation is required.
Ad-Supported = The software is bundled with advertising. Be careful when you install the software and disable addons that you don't want!
Visit developers site = A link to the software developer site.
Download (mirror link) = A mirror link to the software download. It may not contain the latest versions.
Download old versions = Free downloads of previous versions of the program.
Download 64-bit version = If you have a 64bit operating system you can download this version.
Download portable version = Portable/Standalone version meaning that no installation is required, just extract the files to a folder and run directly.
Portable version available = Download the portable version and you can just extract the files and run the program without installation.
Old versions available = Download old versions of the program.
Version history available = Complete changelog on our site.
Windows = Windows version available.
Mac OS = Mac OS version available.
Linux = Linux version available.
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