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Kdenlive is a non-linear video editor for GNU/Linux and Windows, which supports DV, HDV and AVCHD(not complete yet) editing. Kdenlive relies on several other open source projects like FFmpeg and the MLT video framework. It was designed to answer all needs, from basic video editing to semi-professionnal work.

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Latest version

21.04 (April 27, 2021)


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Download Kdenlive 21.04 Linux 64-bit  83MB  Linux64

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Kdenlive for Windows requires ffmpeg 64-bit.

Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Kdenlive 21.04 released
by Farid Abdelnour | Apr 27, 2021 | News, Releases, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Windows: Uninstall old version. Then install version 21.04.0.

The Kdenlive team is happy to announce the release of version 21.04 with lots of interface and usability improvements and many bug fixes. This version also comes with new Typewriter and Strobing effects as well as Effect Zones, which give you the ability to apply effects to track and/or timeline regions. There is also new Speech-to-Text feature to automatically transcode audio to text and a Media Browser widget to easily browse and add your source material to your project. The Online Resources has been converted into a widget and buffed with more media providers. Not to mention tons of under the hood polishing in preparation for Qt6 and MLT7.

We would like to thank the contributions of Rafal Lalik (Typewriter effect), Vivek Yadav (Media Browser), Martin Sandsmark (Alpha Strobe effect) and Julius Künzel (Online Resources), and also welcome Julius as a core team member. While the devs were busy hacking the bug squashing team managed to close these past months more than 500 bugs in the tracker.
Speech to text
The new Speech to Text feature allows to automatically transcribe any audio to text using the Vosk speech recognition toolkit. Currently there is support for 17 languages and dialects using the official models. Download the model and add it as a dictionary in the settings or simply drag and drop it.
You can find more information on how to install the needed dependencies and speech models in the user manual.
Interface and Usability Improvements
This cycle received a good amount of interface and usability improvements.

Besides the availability of zoombars in the monitor and keyframe scroll bars, zoombars are now available in the timeline as well. You can easily zoom in/out in the timeline by dragging the edges of the timeline scrollbar. (Vertical zoombars coming soon.)
Key binding information
Key binding info has been added on the left while context item information has been moved to the right of the status bar.
Improved timeline visuals
The timeline got a visual overhaul with more and better looking guides/marker colors, the guides have been moved above the timeline ruler while preview and zone bars have been moved below.

Before (above) and after (below)
New Media Browser
The new Media Browser allows you to easily navigate through your file system and add clips directly to the Bin or Timeline. You can enable it from View menu.
Improved Keyframe panel
The effect’s keyframe panel has new icons, improved keyframe grabbing and new functions like:
Move a selected keyframe to cursor

Duplicate a selected keyframe

Apply a value to selected keyframe(s)
Select keyframes with CTRL + click

Rubber select select keyframes with SHIFT + click

Move multiple keyframes at once
Besides the new shiny features a lot of enhancements have been added as well like the ability to delete all effects in selected clips, ability to download LUTs directly from the interface, added Drop Area to “Master” button to drop effects to it and polishing the rotoscoping monitor overlay to name a few.

The beloved typewriter effect is back with a vengeance with 3 animation modes.
Animation by character
Animation by word
Animation by line

Alpha Strobe The Alpha Strobe effect can be applied to text, images or videos.

Above the effect applied to a text clip. On the right the effect applied to a video track.
Effect Zones
The new Effect Zones allow you to apply effects to specific regions of tracks or the timeline. Zones can be set from the effect zone bar in the timeline or from the interface in the effect panel.

Track Effect Zone
Master Effect Zone
Online Resources
The new online resources widget features more source footage providers such as Pixabay and Pexels besides the already available Freesound and Internet Archive. Other possible providers are being considered, see here for more details.
It is important to give credit of the downloaded sources so we’ve added an option to directly import the license attribution as a project note.
Other noteworthy fixes
Add AV1 render profile.
Add “unused clip” filter in Project Bin.
Add channel selection to audio waveform filter.
Add ITU 2020 colorspace in clip properties.
Re-enable audio playback on reverse speed.
Improved Flatpak support.
Allow keyboard grab of subtitles.
Treat GIFs as video, not as image.
Fix many compile warnings and prepare for Qt6.
Fix wipes for slideshow clips.
Alpha shapes: allow going outside screen.

Full log
Fix various spacer crashes. Commit.
Fix crash on remove space. Commit.
Fix crash on fade deletion from timeline. Commit.
Fix undo fade deletion when removed by dragging outside clip in timeline. Commit.
Add 21.04 splash-screen. Commit.
Fix nvidia’s proxy profile. Commit.
Workaround crash playing remote files in MLT 6.26.0. Commit.
Fix various focus issues (related to #859). Commit.
Fix in point calculation on speed revert. Commit. Fixes bug #424582
Alpha shapes: allow going outside screen. Commit.
Try to fix value change on hover issue (maybe Qt regression). Commit. See bug #435531
Monitor effect toolbar: center to prevent covering top/bottom handles. Commit.
When double clicking a title clip, seek to click pos before editing title to show correct background. Commit.
Fix effect parameter sliders with some ranges like bezier handles. Commit.
Fix possible crash on quit. Commit.
Fix bezier curves messy layout. Commit.
Bezier curve widget: adjust height to monitor resolution. Commit.
Allow drag & drop of vosk dictionaries urls. Commit.
Fix timeline preview parameters, add comments to make things cleaner. Commit.
FIx possible startup crash. Commit.
Fix bug in subtitle deletion undo. Commit.
Ensure subtitle track is displayed when dropping a subtitle file in timeline. Commit.
Backport nvenc codec name fix. Commit.
Fix proxy clips vaapi profiles. Commit.
Fix keyframe limit on import from clipboard. Commit. Fixes bug #433618
Show keyframe value in tooltip when editing in timeline. Commit.
Fix clip monitor refresh on title clip change. Commit.
Ensure subtitle track is always shown when adding a subtitle. Commit.
When selecting a bin clip from timeline, take care of speed in zone selection. Commit. Fixes bug #425417
Fix rotation behaving in unexpected way (automatically repeating). Commit. Fixes bug #425682
Fix spacer/insert/remove space with grouped clips on both sides of the move. Commit. Fixes bug #390668
Automatically update subtitle text when changing focus. Commit.
*Fix recent regression in timeline selection. Commit.
Ensure subtitle track is shown whenever a subtitle item is added. Commit.
Fix crash on project close. Commit.
Fix inconsistent opengl mode on Windows,. Commit.
Fix broken cache deletion. Commit. Fixes bug #434429
Minor fix for visual state for missing files. Commit.
Fix replacement of missing images in title clips. Commit. Fixes bug #411324
Backup subtitles too. Commit.
Archive import: Fix dialog, allow *.zip. Commit. See bug #386398
Appimage dependencies: Freeze vidstab version. Commit. Fixes bug #435147
Archive Project: fix subtile files are not added to archive. Commit. Fixes bug #434401
Archive Project: fix some lumas are not found. Commit.
Automatic Scene Split: apply zones correctly. Commit. Fixes bug #435263
Fix change speed for slideshow clips. Commit. See bug #429795. See bug #428263. See bug #392670
Fix archiving for generator mlt clips. Commit. Fixes bug #420623
Fix timeline keyframe position for opacity for affine and other non qtblend effects. Commit.
Fix composition keyframe view broken. Commit.
Fix crash on document close. Commit.
Unbreak audio spectrum. Commit.
Properly release timelinemodel on document close. Commit. See bug #409667
Fix crash when closing project while an effect monitor overlay was active. Commit.
Ensure new transcoding profiles appear even if user already has some custom ones. Commit.
Fix unconfigured consumer causing various crashes. Commit. See bug #409667
Revert commit 93dbb1f0995163d96a63c5e7a2a0c812542a681b. Commit.
Titler: update background alpha slider properly. Commit. Fixes bug #433889
Don’t call reconfigure from render thread. Commit. See bug #428632
Black font for project monitor markers. Commit.
Fix compile warnings. Commit.
Fix setting frame background color. Commit.
Start playback from beginning if on timeline ende at action start. Commit. Fixes bug #353051
Fix wipes for slideshow clips. Commit. Fixes bug #434360
Add/Edit marker/guide dialog: always show category color in combobox, always use black font for guides/markers. Commit.
Remove unused files. Commit.
Fix warnings. Commit.
Add some padding to guide labels, use black font. Commit.
Ensure guides are also drawn over subtitle track. Commit.
Fix incorrect cast. Commit.
Remove some debug output. Commit.
Move speed indicator in qml overlay. Commit.
Fix project duration label displaying one frame too much. Commit. Fixes bug #425639
Fix keyframes with master effects having a zone. Commit.
Fix Qt 5.15 / KF 5.78 warnings. Commit.
Fix clang-tidy / clazy warnings. Commit.
Clazy fixit (default checks, from qtcreator). Commit.
Fix timeline operation broken after aborted right resize operation. Commit.
Move clip markers below clip name to avoid overlap, fix markers position when track is collapsed. Commit.
Fix regression crash editing marker comment. Commit.
Ruler zones and guides now also snap to timeline cursor, drag+ shift disables snapping. Commit.
Improve timeline zone snapping when moving with mouse. Commit.
Rendering fixes: fix black frame at end of rendered project, enforce out point to avoid rendering trailing black frames, stop rendering before end guide. Commit. Fixes bug #425960
Don’t show zone duration while dragging i...

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24 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Terrible gui. No AMD HW support (but ofc nvidia support as always).

Review by iShurex on Apr 12, 2021 Version: 20.12.3 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

Rating by iShurex on Apr 12, 2021 Version: 20.12.3 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 3/10 Functionality: 4/10 Value for money: 8/10 Overall: 5/10

The best free video editor.

Review by lamola on Feb 1, 2021 Version: 20.12.1 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

The best free video editor.

Review by lamola on Feb 1, 2021 Version: 20.12.1 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

I don't know why the low score.

It's free, it's very good and with a lot of functionalities (ways better than shotcut), pretty easy to use.. and it becomes better and better with every release.

I'd like to see an easiest and better implementation for codec/encoder customization/choice (when rendering), but for the rest, I think KDEN LIVE is good enough to be used for any kind of video editing job that does not require advanced compositing stuff.

At the moment KDENLIVE is the best open-source video editor available.

Review by Kryx on Jan 31, 2021 Version: 20.12.1 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

24 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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