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DVDFab Media Player is a media player software. It not only plays Blu-ray & DVD discs and other video files in all formats, but also plays Blu-ray & DVD folders, ISO image files, both 2D or 3D. So, it brings absolutely the best audiovisual experiences for Windows users. To benefit all users, DVDFab Media Player offers lifetime free playback of Blu-ray & DVD ISO files, folders and other video files, and real Blu-ray & DVD discs free for 30 days. DVDFab Media Player is powered by XBMC.

Trialware $50
OS: Win Mac
File size: 116MB
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Latest version (December 2, 2021)


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Download DVDFab Player Windows  116MB  Win

Download DVDFab Player Mac  116MB  Mac

Download old versions

Download DVDFab Player old versions

Software License

Shareware (Free download but time limited software. Full version from $50)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS

Version history / Release notes / Changelog

DVDFab Player is released (December 02, 2021)

New: Added support for 64-bit operating systems to play back videos more smoothly.
New: Added support to play back 8K videos on 64-bit computers.

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All features

In-time decryption to newly released movies
Your current media player does not play the movie released last week? Don't worry, DVDFab Media Player can do this. As soon as you insert the protected disc into optical drive, DVDFab Media Player will access it and then connect its server to break the protection code in less than a minute, be it AACS or the latest BD+. Keep in mind, to achieve this, you have to allow the software player to access the internet.

1080p HD video and HD Master Audio make each penny of your dime count
As known, one of the reasons why Blu-ray survives the media format war is that it delivers delicate 1080p video. Apart from this, the DTS HD Master Audio or Dolby True HD Audio coming along with Blu-ray discs also rocks. With this media player, you lose nothing.

Free play of Blu-ray & DVD ISO files,folders and other video files forever
DVDFab Media Player is a freeware, on the premise that you use it only for playing Blu-ray & DVD ISO files, folders and other video files from your local hard disc drive. A registration code is required after 30 days if you have the need to play a real disc, be it a Blu-ray or DVD.

Automatic information collection and smart recognition
DVDFab Media Player can smartly tell the movie folder you are loading is a DVD folder or Blu-ray one. In addition, it also has the capability to collect the movie info's available from internet, like title name, release date, rating category, director, actor & actress information, poster etc. So, you may get something you are interested.
System Requirements
Windows 7/XP (32-bit/64-bit)
Supported Media
*.3g2; *.3gp; *.3gp2; *.3gpp; *.amv; *.asf; *.avi; *.bin; *.cue; *.divx; *.dv; *.flv; *.gxf; *.iso; *m1v; *.m2v; *.m2t; *.m2ts; *.m4v; *.mkv; *.mov; *.mp2; *.mp2v; *.mp4; *.mp4v; *.mpa; *.mpe; *.mpeg; *.mpeg1; *.mpeg2; *.mpeg4; *.mpg; *.mpv2; *.mts; *.mxf; *.nsv; *.nuv; *.ogg; *.ogm; *.ogv; *.ogx; *.ps; *.rec; *.rm; *.rmvb; *.tod; *.ts; *.tts; *.vob; *.vro; *.webm; *.wmv

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DVDFab Media Player, DVDFab Player

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9 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Beware!!!Beware!!!! DVDFab Media Player, is the biggest official spyware I have come across. Before thinking even of installing it on your System, read their Privacy Policy. They tell you that they will spy on everything you have on your Pc and sell your Data and that they will indict you by law, if they feel like it. The program as soon as you install it, will take control of all the NTUSER.DAT files in all your C:\Users\ Folders. You cleaning programs will find it present still, even when you have uninstalled it. You have to go after and delete remaining folders and 10+ regedit entries, to get rid of it from your Pc. If you subscribe to their platform, there is no way of deleting your account. In their Privacy Policy, they say they will spy on you and sell your Data, even when you just visit their site. In their Forum, they will lock the questions you have, if they feel their scam is being exposed and they will never answer your requests. Users stay away from DVDFAB Media Player, for your sake. Thank you.

Review by ISpeakTheTruth2077 on Feb 6, 2021 Version: 2.513 OS: Windows 10 Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

This is more like a bad Beta software than a finished product! Bugs & glitches run rampant through this program. Many discs don't load properly. Rendering is often very poor with lines through the picture at motion points. Even simple features like subtitles don't work correctly. No matter what the setting, the subtitles are always on. They're supposedly aware of this problem, but haven't been able to fix it for 8 updates now! Every new release of this software brings more problems instead of fixes. Save your money & buy some software that actually works!

Review by dream_nebula on May 27, 2020 Version: OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

I'm probably one of the few people who still enjoys watching 3D movies.
I've been keeping my eye on this software since v1. I'm in Australia, so prices are extremely expensive. It's $89 US for a player that really doesn't offering anything compelling over free players such as PotPlayer to justify that price. But here, that price is over $170. That's just insane.

The 3D functionality just doesn't work properly on either Passive or Active 3D TV's. There is a HDMI setting which has been "in development" for what seems an eternity, and the rest either result in massive ghosting and focus issues, or an image that looks like i's raining over the top of the picture. And we're talking PCs with GTX 1080 GPUs, 8700K/9700K CPUs and 16GB 3200mhz RAM.

I had many issues with the trial. I could use it once and then it would complain it had expired. In the end I had to re-install Windows so that I could install a fresh copy and get one more try. It's just not worth the hassle. Especially at such a massive price.

Review by Yanta on Jul 6, 2019 Version: OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 3/10 Functionality: 2/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 2/10

And my rating is probably overly generous.

Have to say that this has just been a major pain in the rear. I had v. installed, and probably should have left it alone, settling for "not very good." (At least it started.) Could not configure it: it always opened defaulted to full-screen and loading the same old previously downloaded clips, rather than asking WHAT to load, or just starting blank where you could go to an 'Open File' menu selection -- as nearly all other players do. But I made the mistake of uninstalling it with Revo (possibly doing some minor Registry damage in the process ?), so that I could replace it with v. The result was failed installs, inability to start the later version, and the error "The program can't start because VCOMP120.DLL is missing from your computer." Well, it ain't missing; it is there !! I then followed by chasing down purported remedies posted online, including the latest MS Visual C++ Redistributable x64 package, which then led to other errors like " . . . the entry-point DLLRegisterServer was not found . . . " In a word, exasperating ! Because they appear to have built this thing out of some troublesome, proprietary crapware that none of the other established desktop video players seem to rely upon. At this point, I give up: I think I'm gonna just chuck this hot mess out the window.

Truth be told, I'm not at all convinced that we really need another player. Between VLC, MPC-BE, SMPlayer, and Daum Potplayer, I think we probably have all of the contingencies pretty well covered. At least the first three of those also have portable versions, and most importantly: TREY SIMPLY WORK !

Review by Seeker47 on Jul 6, 2019 Version: OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 3/10 Functionality: 3/10 Value for money: 4/10 Overall: 3/10

Seems to support blu-ray menus well. Bluray with menus from folders is the only reason to buy this. Other free software has all of the other playback features included here. If you have ripped to iso try using one of the other freeware bluray players that support menus first. It's not really worth the money for just one feature. I would wait for a sale at the minimum.

Review by loster on Aug 28, 2016 Version: OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 6/10 Overall: 8/10

9 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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