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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for DGDecNV

DGDecNV 2050

This software requires a license! If you attempt to run the software
without a valid license in place you will receive no explicit notification
of that fact. Instead, various functions of the program will simply fail to operate

You must install the latest nVidia video driver available for your hardware.

If you are upgrading from a version before 2047, be aware that the licensing technology
has changed and therefore you need to create a new license using the online license generator.

Version 2048 drops support for cards with sm_10 (Compute Capability 1.0). Check here to see
what your card supports:


1. Activation of a screensaver or standby mode may interfere with
proper operation of the DGNV tools. They should be disabled during
use of the DGNV tools.

2. Notebook or other OEM drivers may lag the required CUDA/CUVID
support. This version moves to CUDA 6.5. If your video driver lacks
support for CUDA 6.5, always try version 2041, as it requires only
CUDA 3.1, which is supported by more notebook/OEM drivers. Contact me for
access to version 2041.

3. Use with Windows Remote Desktop is not supported. Use an alternative such as
TightVNC, etc.

4. While DGDecNV can open VOBs it does not include any code to parse IFO
files and therefore any preprocessing needed to parse multiangles, etc.,
must be done at ripping time using the capabilities of your ripping tool.

5. 4:2:2/4:4:4 chroma formats, AVC lossless, and AVC 10-bit encodings are not supported.

Multiple Instance Support:

The DGSource() source filter supports multiple instantiation, however, the number of
instantiations is limited by available memory on the nVidia video card. As always,
more is better!

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