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AviSynth+ is a fork of the well-known frameserver featuring new functionality and optimizations not available in mainline. In the hope of modernizing AviSynth to meet present day needs and expectations, the project encourages everybody to help reach our goals: add long-sought features, energize the community, and improve developer and user friendliness. AviSynth+ is fully compatible with plugins and scripts written for AviSynth.

Free software
OS: Win
File size: 24MB
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Latest version

r2772 (December 20, 2018)


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Download AviSynth+ r2772 Portable  3MB  Win  Portable

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Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

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More information and other downloads

All downloads includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Avisynth+.

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Avisynth+ r2772 (20181220)

Fix: Expr: possible Expr x64 crash under specific memory circumstances (AVX2 only)
Fix: Expr: safer code for internal variables "Store and pop from stack" (see: Internal variables at

Avisynth+ r2768-MT (20181218)

New: Expr: allow input clips to have more planes than an implicitely specified output format
Expr(aYV12Clip, "x 255.0 /", format="Y32") # target is Y only which needs only Y plane from YV12 -> no error
New: Expr: Y-plane-only clip(s) can be used as source planes when a non-subsampled (rgb or 444) output format implicitely specified
Expr(Y, "x", "x 2.0 /", "x 3.0 /", format="RGBPS") # r, g and b expression uses Y plane
Expr(Grey_r, Grey_g, Grey_b, "x", "y 2.0 /", "z 3.0 /", format="RGBPS") # r, g and b expression uses Y plane
Fix: ConvertToYUY2() error message for non-8 bit sources.
Fix: Y32 source to 32 bit 420,422,444 (introduced in big the zero-chroma-center transition)
Fix: ShowY, ShowU, ShowV crash for YUV (non-YUVA) sources
Speedup: ConvertToY12/16... for RGB or YUY2 sources where 4:4:4 or YV16 intermediate clip was used internally
(~1.5-2x speed, was a regression in Avs+, use intermediate cache again)
Fix: Allow ExtractY on greyscale clips
ImageReader/ImageSource: use cache before FreezeFrame when result is a multiframe clip (fast again, regression since an early AVS+ version)
Resizers: don't use crop at special edge cases to avoid inconsistent results across different parameters/color spaces
Fix: Histogram 'classic': rare incomplete histogram shown in multithreading environment
Fix: ImageReader and ImageWriter: if path is "" then it works from/to the current directory.
GeneralConvolution: Allow 7x7 and 9x9 matrices (was: 3x3 and 5x5)
GeneralConvolution: All 8-32 bit formats (was: RGB32 only): YUY2 is converted to/from YV16, RGB24/32/48/64 are treated as planar RGB internally
Since 32 bit float input is now possible, matrix elements and bias parameter now is of float type.
For 8-16 bit clips the matrix is converted to integer before use.
GeneralConvolution: Allow chroma subsampled formats to have their luma or chroma processed. E.g. set chroma=false for a YV12 input.
GeneralConvolution: new parameters: boolean luma (true), boolean chroma(true), boolean alpha(true)
Default: process all planes. For RGB: luma and chroma parameters are ignored.
Unprocessed planes are copied. Using alpha=false makes RGB32 processing faster, usually A channel is not needed.
GeneralConvolution: MT friendly parameter parsing
New: UTF8 filename support in AviSource, AVIFileSource, WAVSource, OpenDMLSource and SegmentedAVISource
All functions above have a new bool utf8 parameter. Default value is false.
Experimental: new syntax element (by addewyd): assignment operator ":=" which returns the assigned value itself.
(Assignment within an expression)

Avisynth+ r2728 (20180702)

Fix: Expr: expression string order for planar RGB is properly r-g-b like in original VapourSynth version, instead of counter-intuitive g-b-r.
Fix: Expr: check subsampling when a different output pixel format is given
Fix: ColorYUV: round to avoid green cast on consecutive TV<>PC
Fix: RGBAdjust memory leak when used in ScriptClip
Fix: RGB64 Turnleft/Turnright (which are also used in RGB64 Resizers)
Fix: Rare crash in FrameRegistry
Fix: couldn't see variables in avsi before plugin autoloads (colors_rgb.avsi issue)
Fix: LoadVirtualdubPlugin: Fix crash on exit when more than one instances of a filter was used in a script
New: Expr: implement 'clip' three operand operator like in masktools2
New: Expr: Parameter "clamp_float" (like in masktools2 2.2.15)
New: Expr: parameter "scale_inputs" (like in masktools2 2.2.15)
New: function bool VarExist(String variable_name)
New function: BuildPixelType:
Creates a video format (pixel_type) string by giving a colorspace family, bit depth, optional chroma subsampling and/or a template clip, from which the undefined format elements are inherited.
Enhanced: Limiter to work with 32 bit float clips
Enhanced: Limiter new parameter bool 'autoscale' default false, parameters now are of float type to handle 32 bit float values.
Enhanced: RGBAdjust new parameter: conditional (like in ColorYUV)
The global variables "rgbadjust_xxx" with xxx = r, g, b, a, rb, gb, bb, ab, rg, gg, bg, ag are read each frame, and applied.
Enhanced: RGBAdjust: support 32 bit float ('analyze' not supported, 'dither' silently ignored)
Enhanced: AviSource to support much more formats with 10+ bit depth.
Changed (finally): 32bit float YUV colorspaces: zero centered chroma channels.
U and V channels are now -0.5..+0.5 (if converted to full scale before) instead of 0..1
New function: bool IsFloatUvZeroBased() for plugin or script writers who want to be compatible with pre r2672 Avisynth+ float YUV format:
Enhanced: Allow ConvertToRGB24-32-48-64 functions for any source bit depths
Enhanced: ConvertBits: allow fulls-fulld combinations when either clip is 32bits
E.g. after a 8->32 bit fulls=false fulld=true:
Y: 16..235 -> 0..1
U/V: 16..240 -> -0.5..+0.5
Note: now ConvertBits does not assume full range for YUV 32 bit float.
Default values of fulls and fulld are now true only for RGB colorspaces.
New: LoadVirtualdubPlugin update: Update from interface V6 to V20, and Filtermod version 6 (partial)
Source: move to c++17, 'if constexpr' requires. Use Visual Studio 2017 (or GCC 7?). CMakeLists.txt changed.
Source: C api: AVSC_EXPORT to dllexport in capi.h for avisynth_c_plugin_init
Source: C api: avs_is_same_colorspace VideoInfo parameters to const
Project struct: changelog to git.
Include current avisynth header files and def/exp file in installer, when SDK is chosen

Avisynth+ r2664 (20180328)

YUY2 Sharpen overflow artifacts - e.g. Sharpen(0.6)
Levels: 32 bit float shift in luma
Merge sse2 for 10-14bits (regression)
AVX2 resizer possible access violation in extreme resizes (e.g. 600->20)
32bit float PlanarRGB<->YUV conversion matrix
VfW: fix b64a output for OPT_Enable_b64a=true

VfW output P010 and P016 conversion to SSE2 (VfW output is used by VirtualDub for example)
ColorYUV: recalculate 8-16 bit LUT in GetFrame only when changed frame-by-frame (e.g. in autowhite)
ConvertBits 32->8 sse2/avx2 and 32->10..16 sse41/avx2 (8-15x speed)

Avisynth+ r2636 (20180302)

Blur/Sharpen crashed when YUY2.width<8, RGB32.width<4, RGB64.width<2
ColorYUV: don't apply TV range gamma for opt="coring" when explicit "PC->TV" is given
ColorbarsHD: 32bit float properly zero(0.5)-centered chroma

Avisynth+ r2632 (20180301)


Fix: IsInterleaved returned false for RGB48 and RGB64 (raffriff42)
Fix: SubTitle for Planar RGB/RGBA: wrong text colors (raffriff42)
Fix: Packed->Planar RGB conversion failed on SSE2-only computers (SSSE3 instruction used)
Fix: Resizers for 32 bit float rare random garbage on right pixels (simd code NaN issue)

Blur, Sharpen
AVX2 for 8-16 bit planar colorspaces (>1.35x speed on i7-7770)
SSE2 for 32 bit float formats (>1.5x speed on i7-7770)
Completely rewritten 16bit and float resizers, much faster (and not only with AVX2)
8 bit resizers: AVX2 support
Speed up converting from RGB24/RGB48 to Planar RGB(A) - SSSE3, approx. doubled fps
Enhanced: VfW: exporting Y416 (YUV444P16) to SSE2.

ConvertFPS supports 10-32 bits, planar RGB(A), YUV(A)
New script function: int BitSetCount(int[, int, int, ...])
Modded script function: Hex(int , int "width"=0), new "width" parameter
Modded script function: HexValue(String, "pos"=1) new pos parameter
Modded script function: ReplaceStr(String, String, String[, Boolean "sig"=false]) New parameter: sig for case - insensitive search (Default false: exact search)
New script functions: TrimLeft, TrimRight, TrimAll for removing beginning/trailing whitespaces from a string.
New in ColorYUV: New parameter: bool f2c="false". When f2c=true, the function accepts the Tweak-like parameters for gain, gamma and contrast
New/Fixed in ColorYUV: Parameter "levels" accepts "TV". (can be "TV->PC", "PC->TV", "PC->TV.Y")
New: now gamma calculation is TV-range aware when either levels is "TV->PC" or coring = true or levels is "TV"
New in ColorYUV: 32 bit float support.
ColorYUV: can specify bits=32 when showyuv=true -> test clip in YUV420PS format
Modded: remove obsolate "scale" parameter from ConvertBits.
Internal: 8-16 bit YUV chroma to 32 bit float: keep middle chroma level (e.g. 128 in 8 bits) at 0.5. Calculate chroma as (x-128)/255.0 + 0.5 and not x/255.0
(Note: 32 bit float chroma center will be 0.0 in the future)
New: Histogram parameter "keepsource"=true (raffriff42) for "classic", "levels" and "color", "color2"
New: Histogram type "color" to accept 8-32bit input and "bits"=8,9,..12 display range
New: Histogram parameter "markers"=true. Markers = false disables extra markers/coloring for "classic" and "levels"

Avisynth+ r2580 (20171226)

(workaround): Merge: Visual Studio 2017 15.5.1/2 generated invalid AVX2 code (x86 crashed)
Temporalsoften 10-14 bits: an SSE 4.1 instruction was used for SSE2-only CPU-s (Illegal Instruction on Athlon XP)

Avisynth+ r2574 (20171219)

MaskHS created inverse mask. Regression after r2173
jitasm code generation at specific circumstances
modification, additions
new: Indexable source clip pixels by relative x,y positions like x[-1,1]
new functions: sin cos tan asin acos atan
new operator: % (modulo)
new: Variables: uppercase letters A..Z for storing and reuse temporary results, frequently used computations.
new: predefined expr variables 'frameno', 'time', 'width', 'height'
fix: jitasm code generation at specific circumstances
Build: changed avisynth.h, strict C++ conformity with Visual Studio 2017 /permissive- flag
Installer (finally)

20171115 r2544
- Expr: fix "scalef" for 10-16 bits
- Expr optimization: eliminate ^1 +0 -0 *1 /1

20171114 r2542
- New filter: Expr
Ported from Vapoursynth, with a lot of additional tweaks
e.g. AVX2, recognize constant fill, spatial absolute and relative coordinates as input, recognize plane copy,
no GetFrame for unused clips, converts ^2, ^3, ^4 into faster multiplication,
converts x^0.5 into sqrt(x), borrow specific syntax elements from masktools2 (scaling, operators - but not all of them) to have partial
compatibility in widely used existing expression strings (see readme.txt)

clip Expr(clip c[,clip c2, ...], string expr [, string expr2[, string expr3[, string expr4]]] [, string format]
[, bool optSSE2][, bool optAVX2][, bool optSingleMode])

- Add: Levels: 32 bit float format support
- Fix: RGB (full scale) conversion: 10-16 bits to 8 bits rounding issue; pic got darker in repeated 16<->8 bit conversion chain
- Fix: ConvertToY: remove unnecessary clamp for Planar RGB 32 bit float
- Fix: RGB ConvertToY when rec601, rec709 (limited range) matrix. Regression since r2266
- Optimized: Faster RGB (full scale) 10-16 bits to 8 bits conversion when dithering
- Other: Default frame alignment is 64 bytes (was: 32 bytes). (independently of AVX512 support)
- Build:
Built with Visual Studio 2017, v141_xp toolset
Note that DLL will work When you have VS2015 Update 3 redistributable.

Download Visual Studio 2017 Redistributable from here (replaces and compatible with VS2015 redist)



- Experimental x64 builds for test (internal offsets from int to size_t)
- Source: avisynth_c.h (C interface header file) changed:
Optional define SIZETMOD. Experimental. Offsets are size_t instead of int (x64 is different!)
Fix: avs_get_row_size calls into avs_get_row_size_p, instead of direct field access
Fix: avs_get_height calls into avs_get_row_size_p, instead of direct field access.

20170629 r2508
- Fix TemporalSoften: threshold < 255 (probably since r1576)

20170608 r2506
- Fix CombinePlanes: feeding YV16 or YV411 target with Y8 sources

20170603 r2504
- fix XP support broken in r2502

20170602 r2502
- fix: (Important!) MT_SERIALIZED mode did not always protect filters (regression since r2069)
Such filters sometimes were called in a reentrant way (like being MT_NICE_FILTER), which
possibly resulted in using their internal buffers parallel.
- Fix: ImageWriter crash when no '.' in provided filename
- Fix: Overlay: correct masked blend: keep exact clip1 or clip2 pixel values for mask extremes 255 or 0.
Previously 0 became 1 for zero mask, similarly 255 changed into 254 for full transparency (255) mask
- New: script functions: StrToUtf8, StrFromUtf8: Converting a 8 bit (Ansi) string to UTF8 and back.
- New: PluginManager always throws error on finding wrong bitness DLL in the autoload directories
- Modified: increased x64 default MemoryMax from 1GB to 4GB, but physicalRAM/4 is still limiting
- Modified: allow conversions between RGB24/32/48/64 (8<->16 bits) w/o ConvertBits
- Added VS2017 and v141_xp to CMakeList.txt

20170529 r2489
- fix: memory leak in CAVIStreamSynth (e.g. feeding vdub)
- fix: ConvertToY for RGB64 and RGB48

20170528 r2487
- Blur, Sharpen 10-16 bits planar and RGB64: SSE2/SSE4 (2x-4x speed)
- New script function: int GetProcessInfo([int type = 0])
Without parameter or type==0 the current bitness of Avisynth DLL is returned (32 or 64)
With type=1 the function can return a bit more detailed info:
-1: error, can't establish
0: 32 bit DLL on 32 bit OS
1: 32 bit DLL on 64 bit OS (WoW64 process)
2: 64 bit DLL
- Fix: Blur width=16 (YV12 width=32)
- Fix: Overlay Lighten: artifacts when base clip and overlay clip have different widths (regression since r2290)
- Fix: YUY2 HorizontalReduceBy2 did nothing if target width was not mod4
- ImageReader: 16 bit support; "pixel_type" parameter new formats "RGB48", "RGB64" and "Y16"
- ImageWriter: 16 bit support; save RGB48, RGB64, Y16, planar RGB(A) 8 and 16 bit formats
(note: greyscale through devIL can be corrupt with some formats, use png)
- ImageWriter: flip greyscale images vertically (except "raw" format)
- SubTitle: new parameter "font_filename" allows using non-installed fonts
- (project can be compiled using gcc)
- Allows opening unicode filenames through VfW interface (virtualdub, MPC-HC)
- Script function Import: new parameter bool "utf8" to treat the filenames as UTF8 encoded
(not the script text!)
- SubTitle: new parameter bool "utf8" for drawing strings encoded in UTF8.
Title="Cherry blossom "+CHR($E6)+CHR($A1)+CHR($9C)+CHR($E3)+CHR($81)+CHR($AE)+CHR($E8)+CHR($8A)+CHR($B1)
- New script functions: ScriptNameUtf8(), ScriptFileUtf8(), ScriptDirUtf8(),
they return variables $ScriptNameUtf8$, $ScriptFileUtf8$ and $ScriptDirUtf8$ respectively

Knows issues:
- Filters with MT_SERIALIZED sometimes can get called in a reentrant way
- Runtime Script functions under MT

20170316 r2455
- Fix: IsY() script function returned IsY8() (VideoInfo::IsY was not affected)
- New: ConvertBits, dither=1 (Floyd-Steinberg): allow any dither_bits value between 0 and 8 (0=b/w)

20170310 r2440
- Fix Merge for float formats
- Fix error text formatting under wine (_vsnprintf_l issue)
- Fix Regression: YUY2 UToY copied V instead of U, since August, 2016 (v2150)

- faster Merge: float to sse2 (both weighted and average)
- faster ordered dither to 8bit: SSE2 (10x speed)

- ColorBars allows any 4:2:0, 4:4:4 formats, RGB64 and all planar RGB formats
- ColorBarsHD accepts any 4:4:4 formats
- Dithering: Floyd-Steinberg
Use convertBits parameter dither=1: Floyd-Steinberg (was: dither=0 for ordered dither)
- Dithering: parameter "dither_bits"
For dithering to lower bit depths than the target clip format
Usage: ConvertBits(x, dither=n [, dither_bits=y])
- ordered dither: dither_bits 2, 4, 6, ... but maximum difference between target bitdepth and dither_bits is 8
- Floyd-Steinberg: dither_bits 1, 2, 4, 6, ... up to target bitdepth - 2
(Avisynth+ low bitdepth, Windows 3.1 16 bit feeling I was astonished that dither_bits=6 still resulted in a quite usable image)
- Dithering is allowed from 10-16 -> 10-16 bits (was: only 8 bit targets)
- Dithering is allowed while keeping original bit-depth. clip10 = clip10.ConvertBits(10, dither=0, dither_bits=8)
(you still cannot dither from 8 or 32 bit source)
- ConditionalFilter syntax extension like Gavino's GConditional: no "=" "true" needed
- Revert: don't give error for interlaced=true for non 4:2:0 sources (compatibility, YATTA)
- CombinePlanes: silently autoconvert packed RGB/YUY2 inputs to planar
- ConvertBits: show error message on YV411 conversion attempt: 8 bit only
- ConvertBits: Don't give error message if dither=-1 (no dithering) is given for currently non-ditherable target formats
- Script function: IsVideoFloat. returns True if clip format is 32 bit float. For convenience, same as BitsPerComponent()==32
- ConvertToDoubleWidth and ConvertFromDoubleWidth: RGB24<->RGB48, RGB32<->RGB64
- New MT mode: MT_SPECIAL_MT. Specify it for MP_Pipeline like filters, even if no Prefetch is used (MP_Pipeline issue, 2 fps instead of 20)

20170202 r2420
- CombinePlanes:
When there is only one input clip, zero-cost BitBlt-less subframes are used, which is much faster.

e.g.: casting YUV to RGB, shuffle RGBA to ABGR, U to Y, etc..
Target planes that are not specified, preserve their content.

combineplanes(clipRGBP, planes="RGB",source_planes="BGR") # swap R and B
combineplanes(clipYUV, planes="GBRA",source_planes="YUVA",pixel_type="RGBAP8") # cast YUVA to planar RGBA
combineplanes(clipYUV, planes="Y",source_planes="U",pixel_type="Y8") # extract U

- fix: SubframePlanarA (available in IScriptEnvironment2)
- faster: Difference-type conditional functions: Simd for 10-16 bits
- Fix: MinMax-type conditional functions (min, max, median): return float value for float clips
- ConvertToPlanarRGB(A):
PlanarRGB <-> PlanarRGBA is now allowed
- ConvertToPlanarRGB(A):
YUY2 source is now allowed (through automatic ConvertToRGB proxy)
- faster: RemoveAlphaPlane (subframe instead of BitBlt copy)
- Overlay: "Blend" native greyscale mode: process y plane only w/o conversion
- Overlay: automatic use444=false for "blend"/"luma"/"chroma"
for inputs: 420/422/444 and any RGB, lossless Planar RGB intermediate for PackedRGB
Overlay/mask auto-follows input clip format.
For compatibility: when greymask=true (default) and mask is RGB then mask source is the B channel
- faster: RGB48->RGB64 SSSE3 (1,6x), RGB64->RGB48 SSSE3 (1.5x speed)
- faster: RGB24,RGB48->PlanarRGB: uses RGB32/64 intermediate clip
- Histogram "levels": allow RGB24/32/48/64 input.
Display R, G and B channels instead of Y, U and V
Reminder 1: "levels" for Planar RGB was working already
Reminder 2: Histogram "levels" and "Classic" allows bits=xx parameter, xx=8..12
If "bits" is specified then Histogram is drawn with 9..12 bits precision. Get a wide monitor though :)
- ConvertBits: new parameters, partially for the future.
bool fulls, bool fulld

For YUV and greyscale clips the bit-depth conversion uses simple bit-shifts by default.
YUV default is fulls=false

RGB is converted as full-stretch (e.g. 0..255->0..65535)
RGB default is fulls=true

If fulld is not specified, it takes the value of fulls.
Use case: override greyscale conversion to fullscale instead of bit-shifts

Note 1: conversion from and to float is always full-scale
Note 2: alpha plane is always treated as full scale
Note 3: At the moment you cannot specify fulld to be different from fulls.

20170119 r2397
- TemporalSoften: Planar RGB support
- TemporalSoften: much faster average mode (thres=255)
radius=1 +70%, radius=2 +45%,
16bit: generally 7-8x speed (SSE2/4 instead of C)
- SeparateColumns: 10-16bit,float,RGB48/64
- WeaveColumns: 10-16bit,float,RGB48/64,PlanarRGB(A)
- AddAlphaPlane: fix function parameter type list, clip type did not work
- Internals: add SubframePlanarA to IScriptEnvirontment2 for frames with alpha plane
- SwapUV: YUVA support
- ConvertToRGB32/64: copy alpha from YUVA
- SeparateRows,SeparateFields: PlanarRGB(A),YUVA support
- WeaveRows: PlanarRGB(A), YUVA
- Weave (fields,frames): YUVA,PlanarRGB(A)
- Crop: Fast crop possible for frames with alpha plane (subframe)
- AddBorders missing l/r/top/bottom vs. subsampling check for YUVA
- Fix: YUVA->PlanarRGBA and YUVA42x->444 missing alpha plane copy
- YUV444->RGB48/64: fast intermediate PlanarRGB(A) then RGB48/64 (not C path)
- RGB48/64->YUV4xx target: Planar RGB intermediate (instead of C, 10x faster)

20170111 r2380
- Overlay: Merge the source of Chroma and Luma modes into Blend mode
Modes Blend,Luma and Chroma now support all bit depths and 444 conversionless (use444=false) mode
- Overlay: fix SSE2 Blend for mask+opacity for 10-16 bits
- VfW: (vdubmod14 VfW test)
Fix: YUV444P16 or YUVA444P16 to fourcc Y416
if alpha channel is present, it will we copied, else filled with FFFF
Fix: VDubPlanarHack is checked only for 8 bit YUV planar sources
20170110 r2372 (vdubmod14 VfW test)
- New: SSE2/SSE4 for 10-16 bit <-> 10-16 bit Planar RGB (and Alpha plane) full scale conversions
(needed for automatic planar RGB -> packed RGB VfW conversions)
- VfW:
Fixed: Y3[10][10],Y3[10][16] fourcc's byte order
New: Planar RGB(A) (MagicYUV)
10,12,14,16 bits: G3[0][10], G4[0][10], G3[0][12], G4[0][12], G3[0][14], G4[0][14], G3[0][16], G4[0][16]
New: YUV444P16 to fourcc Y416
New: Automatic conversion of 12, 14 and float YUV formats to 16 bit for 4:2:0 and 4:2:2
Note: OPT_Enable_Y3_10_16 is still valid as if format was originally 16 bits
New: Automatic conversion of 10, 12, 14 and float YUV formats to 16 bit for 4:4:4
New: Conversion of 10, 12, 14 and float planar RGB formats to RGB64
when global Avisynth variable Enable_PlanarToPackedRGB is true
New: Conversion of 8 bit planar RGB formats to RGB24
when global Avisynth variable Enable_PlanarToPackedRGB is true
New: Conversion of 8 bit planar RGBA formats to RGB32
when global Avisynth variable Enable_PlanarToPackedRGB is true

Note: use OPT_VDubPlanarHack=true for YV16 and YV24 for old VirtualDub

Supported formats:
G3[0][10], G4[0][10], G3[0][12], G4[0][12], G3[0][14], G4[0][14], G3[0][16], G4[0][16]

Default format FourCCs:
RGB64: BRA[64]
RGB48: BGR[48]
YUV420P10: P010
YUV420P16: P016
YUV422P10: P210
YUV422P16: P216
YUV444P16 and YUVA444P16: Y416
Planar RGB 10-16 bit: G3[0][10], G3[0][12], G3[0][14], G3[0][16]
Planar RGBA 10-16 bit: G4[0][10], G4[0][12], G4[0][14], G4[0][16]

Global variables to override default formats:
OPT_Enable_V210 = true --> v210 for YUV422P10
OPT_Enable_Y3_10_10 = true --> Y3[10][10] for YUV422P10
OPT_Enable_Y3_10_16 = true --> Y3[10][16] for YUV422P16
OPT_Enable_b64a = true --> b64a for RGB64
Enable_PlanarToPackedRGB = true --> RGBP8->RGB24, RGBAP8->RGB32, all other bit depths to RGB64

20170109 r2367dev
- VfW: BRA[64],b64a,BGR[48],P010,P016,P210,P216,Y3[10][10],Y3[10][16],v210
Default format FourCCs:
RGB64: BRA[64]
RGB48: BGR[48]
YUV420P10: P010
YUV420P16: P016
YUV422P10: P210
YUV422P16: P216
Global variables to override default formats:
OPT_Enable_V210 = true --> v210 for YUV422P10
OPT_Enable_Y3_10_10 = true --> Y3[10][10] for YUV422P10
OPT_Enable_Y3_10_16 = true --> Y3[10][16] for YUV422P16
OPT_Enable_b64a = true --> b64a for RGB64
- Overlay: blend for float format
- Overlay: blend: SSE4 for 10-16 bit, SSE2 for float
- AddAlphaPlane: also accepts clip with Y-only or alpha (YUVA/PRGBA/RGB32/64) for alpha source
(was: optional int/float mask value)

20170104 r2359dev
- Overlay:
new parameter: bool use444 (default true for compatibility)

Parameter is valid only for "blend" at the moment

When set to false, and base clip/overlay clip is 420/422/Planar RGB, the overlay core
does not convert to and back from YV24 (4:4:4 in general)

mask can be either greyscale or can be any planar YUV when greymask=true (default)

Works for Planar RGB, so blending is basically lossless for this format (no YUV conversion)

todo: support for other modes, convert packed RGB to planar RGB internally instead of YUV
- Overlay:
Add fast 4:2:0<->4:4:4 conversion, e.g. YV16<->YV24 (only fast YUY2 and YV12 existed so far)
instead of invoking generic core conversion
- Overlay:
10-16bit SSE2/SSE4 for 420/422<->444 conversions
- Info() made a bit more compact.
Bit depth info moved after color space info
Does not display pre-SSE2 CPU flags when at least AVX is available
Display AVX512 flags in separate line (would be too long)
- new CPU feature constants (see cpuid.h and avisynth_c.h)
- new script function:
string ReplaceStr(string s, string pattern, string replacement)
Function is case sensitive, parameters are unnamed
- new script function
int NumComponents(clip)
returns 1 for grayscale, 3 for YUVxxx, YUY2, planar RGB or RGB24/RGB48, 4 for YUVAxxx, Planar RGBA or RGB32/64
- new script function:
bool HasAlpha(clip)
returns true when clip is YUVA, Planar RGBA, or packed RGB32 or RGB64

20161222 r2347dev
- CombinePlanes addition: setting target to default RGBP(A)/YUV(A), when inputs are greyscale and no source planes are given
Decision is made by the target plane characters, if they are like R,G,B then target video format will be planar RGB
Same logic applies for YUV.
Y1, Y2 and Y3 are greyscale clips
Old, still valid: combineplanes(Y1, Y2, Y3, planes="RGB", source_planes="YYY", pixel_type="RGBP8")
New: combineplanes(Y1, Y2, Y3, planes="RGB") # result: Planar RGB
- Fix: ScriptClip would show garbage text when internal exception occurs instead of the error message

20161211 r2343dev
- Overlay: use y offset when greymask=true (fix)
- Fix DV chroma positioning (UV swapped), interlaced parameter check for 4:2:0
(fix by IanB in classic Avisynth)
- BitBlt in 32 bit Avisynth:
for processors with AVX or better ignore tricky isse memcpy replacement, trust in memcpy (test)
(x64 is O.K., it always used memcpy)
- Merge: use stream_load for AVX2
- VDubFilter.dll:
convert 'd' double and 'l' long typed parameters to 'f' float and 'i' int for poor AviSynth
thus allowing the usage of such virtualdub filters
- remove script array (new AVSValue schema) feature, cannot make it compatible with Invoke from v2.5 plugins
until I figure out a workaround or such plugins would slowly distinct.

20161208 r2337dev
- [feature temporarily removed, script arrays are incompatible until 2.5 plugins are supported]
C interface array compatibility vol#2 (zero size arrays)
(new AVSValue schema problem)
- Merge, MergeChroma, MergeLuma: AVX2 (planar)
- Possibly a bit faster text overlay

20161207 r2333dev
- Overlay fix

20161206 r2331dev
- YUY2 PlaneToY finally works
- C interface compatible array-type AVSValue handling (new AVSValue schema problem)

20161205 r2327dev
- [feature temporarily removed, script arrays are incompatible until 2.5 plugins are supported]
BlankClip parameter "colors" accepts exact color values to use
Color order: Y,U,V,A or R,G,B(,A)
These color values are used as-is, not scaled or converted in any way.
Reason: old colors parameter is int (32 bit) cannot hold three or four 16 bit or float values
Example: BlankClip(width=1920,height=1080,length=1000,pixel_type="RGB64", colors=[64000,32768,1231,65535])
- ExtractY, PlaneToY("Y") accepts YUY2 clip
- ExtractR, ExtractG, ExtractB, ExtractA,
PlaneToY("R"), PlaneToY("G"), PlaneToY("B"), PlaneToY("A")
functions are accepting packed RGB input (RGB24/32/48/64)
They are converted to planar RGB on-the-fly before plane extraction
- Histogram "levels" works from Planar RGB.
Color legends show R, G and B.
bits=8..12 parameter is still available for finer ultra-wide histogram display

20161201 r2322dev
- [feature temporarily removed, script arrays are incompatible until 2.5 plugins are supported]
constant script arrays
(note: feature was temporarily removed in r2443)
array_variable = [[1,2,3],[4,5,8],"hello"]
dictionary = [["one",1],["two",2]]
empty = []
subarray = array_variable[0]
val = subarray[2]
val2 = array_variable[1,3]
str = array_variable[2]
n = ArraySize(array_variable) #3
n2 = ArraySize(empty) #0
val3 = dictionary["two"]
- arrays as filter parameters (named and unnamed):
new 'a' type or use '.' (any) and check AVSValue IsArray()
todo: maybe .+ or *+ syntax?
(note: feature was temporarily removed in r2443)
- Planar RGB <-> YUV: SSE2 (SSE4)
- Planar RGB <-> Packed RGB32/64: SSE2

make PlanarRGB TurnLeft, TurnRight work again.
(stricter check in PlaneToY)

Fix: PlaneToY("Y")


Replaced AToY8, GToY8, BToY8, RToY8
We have ExtractX, (X = R,G,B,Y,U,V,A) instead.
That Y8 ending was too confusing.
See new test build

20161110 Avisynth plus additions
New functions

AToY8 , same as PlaneToY("A") for planar RGBA or YUVA
RToY8 , same as PlaneToY("R") for planar RGB
GToY8 , same as PlaneToY("G") for planar RGB
BToY8 , same as PlaneToY("B") for planar RGB

They work the same way as UToY8 and VToY8 and ConvertToY did.
They convert to greyscale keeping the original bit-depth, not only 8 bit!
Y8 naming was kept, because UToY and VToY already existed.

Extended function
old: YToUV(clip clipU, clip clipV [, clip clipY ] )
new: YToUV(clip clipU, clip clipV [, clip clipY [, clip clipA] ] )

YToUV accepts optional alpha clip after Y clip

U = source.UToY8()
V = source.VToY8()
Y = source.ConvertToY()
A = source.AddAlphaPlane(128).AToY8()
# swaps V, U and A, Y

New function
CombinePlanes(clip1 [,clip2, clip3, clip4], string planes [, string source_planes, string pixel_type, string sample_clip])

Combines planes of source clip(s) into a target clip

If sample_clip is given, target clip properties are copied from that clip
If no sample_clip is provided, then clip1 provides the template for target clip
An optional pixel_type string (e.g."YV24", "YUV420PS", "RGBP8") can override the base video format.

If the source clip count is less than the given planes defined, then the last available clip is
used as a source.

string planes
the target plane order (e.g. "YVU", "YYY", "RGB")
missing target planes will be undefined in the target

string source_planes (optional)
the source plane order, defaulting to "YUVA" or "RGBA" depending on the video format

#combine greyscale clips into YUVA clip
U8 = source.UToY8()
V8 = source.VToY8()
Y8 = source.ConvertToY()
A8 = source.AddAlphaPlane(128).AToY8()
CombinePlanes(Y8, U8, V8, A8, planes="YUVA", source_planes="YYYY", sample_clip=source) #pixel_type="YUV444P8"

# Copy planes between planar RGB(A) and YUV(A) without any conversion
# yuv 4:4:4 <-> planar rgb
source = last.ConvertBits(32) # 4:4:4
cast_to_planarrgb = CombinePlanes(source, planes="RGB", source_planes="YUV", pixel_type="RGBPS")
# get back a clip identical with "source"
cast_to_yuv = CombinePlanes(cast_to_planarrgb, planes="YUV", source_planes="RGB", pixel_type="YUV444PS")

#create a black and white planar RGB clip using Y channel
#source is a YUV clip
grey = CombinePlanes(source, planes="RGB", source_planes="YYY", pixel_type="RGBP8")

#copy luma from one clip, U and V from another
#source is the template
#sourceY is a Y or YUV clip
#sourceUV is a YUV clip
grey = CombinePlanes(sourceY, sourceUV, planes="YUV", source_planes="YUV", sample_clip = source)

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All features

Changes compared to AviSynth

64-bit version available
Faster script startup and substantially faster core filters
Support for multiple ("shadow") plugin directories
Autoloading of C-plugins
Script language extensions, with support for multiline conditionals and loops.
Improved still image support and TimeStretch

Developer features

Easy and fast compilation, with current compilers
2x increased compilation speed
Improved debugging experience
Leaner and more logical project structure
Large parts of the code refactored

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2 reviews, Showing 1 to 2 reviews

Wish this is implemented in other FOSS Video Editors (Blender VSE or Shotcut)

Review by TA 213 on Dec 19, 2017 Version: r2574 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

The development keeps going on. As I write these lines the most recent build is the r2508 version that can be found here :

Actually, there is no installer for newest builds, but an alternative package can be downloaded here (x64 only) :

Additional features :

FFMpegSource2 v2.23

Optional :

A selection of plugins with their documentation
A selection of scripts (incl. Interframe2, QTGMC)
A basic script template ready to use
New icons, black for regular scripts, blue for auto-load scripts or classic original style
New context menu entry for the templates
Open scripts with Notepad++
Open .ass with Notepad++
Open .ass files in Aegisub menu item
Full integration of .ass subtitle files (incl. a dedicated icon)
AviSynth+ language syntax recognition file for Notepad++
VirtualDub FilterMod

Review by ilko on Jul 24, 2017 Version: r2508 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 8/10

2 reviews, Showing 1 to 2 reviews

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