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AviSynth+ is a fork of the well-known frameserver featuring new functionality and optimizations not available in mainline. In the hope of modernizing AviSynth to meet present day needs and expectations, the project encourages everybody to help reach our goals: add long-sought features, energize the community, and improve developer and user friendliness. AviSynth+ is fully compatible with plugins and scripts written for AviSynth.

Free software
OS: Win Mac
File size: 38MB
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Latest version

3.7.3 (July 16, 2023)


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Download AviSynth+ 3.7.3 Windows  38MB  Win

Download AviSynth+ 3.7.3 Mac 64-bit  3MB  Mac64

Download AviSynth+ 3.7.3 Mac ARM 64-bit  2MB  MacARM64

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Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows MacMac OS

Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New

AviSynth+ 3.7.3

Add "bold"=true (linux/NO_WIN_GDI: false), "italic"=false, "noaa"=false parameters to
"ShowFrameNumber", "ShowCRC32", "ShowSMPTE", "ShowTime" filters.
As noted below, "italic" and "noaa" parameters are ineffective in NO_WIN_GDI builds (e.g. Linux)

Add "noaa" parameter to SubTitle and Info. Setting it true will disable antialiasing.
Useful when someone would use "VCR OSD Mono" as-is, without beautifying the outlines,
as it as mentioned in

Address #358, plus "noaa"

add "bold", "italic" and "noaa" boolean parameters to "SubTitle" and "Info"
add "italic" and "noaa" boolean parameter to "Text" ("bold" already existed)
"italic" and "noaa" is provided only to match the parameter list with SubTitle.
SubTitle: to mimic former working method, defaults are "bold"=true, "italic"=false, "noaa"=false
Text: "bold"=false (as before); "italic" is not handled at all, either true or false, it does not affect output.
"italic" and "noaa" parameters exist only because on non-Windows systems "Subtitle" is aliased to "Text"
(Each Subtitle parameter must exist in "Text" as well)

Fix #360: plane fill wrongly assumed that pitch is rowsize, which is not the case after a Crop
It would result in crash e.g. in HistogramRGBParade

Enhancement: much quicker YV24 to RGB32/RGB24 conversion when AVX2 instruction set is supported. (+50% fps at i7-11700)

UserDefined2Resize got an 's' parameter (to the existing b and c): support, default value = 2.3
(following DTL2020's addition in jpsdr's MT resizer repo, UserDefined2ResizeMT filter)

Now, as we have already three variable parameters to the optional chroma resamplers in ConvertToXX
converters, ConvertToXX family got a new float 'param3' parameter which is passed to UV resizer as
's', if "userdefined2" is specified as chroma resampler.
If param3 is not used in a resizer but is defined, then it is simply ignored.
Such as "ConvertToYV24" parameter signature: c[interlaced]b[matrix]s[ChromaInPlacement]s[chromaresample]s[param1]f[param2]f[param3]f
e.g.: ConvertToYV24(chromaresample="userdefined2", param1=126, param2=22, param3=2.25)

see also description at test6, which was updated with this parameter as well.

s (support) param - controls the 'support' of filter to use by resampler engine. Float value in valid range from
1.5 to 15. Default 2.3. It allows to fine tune resampling result between partially non-linear but more sharper and less
residual ringing (at low b and c values) and more linear processing with wider 'peaking' used. Setting too high
in common use cases (about > 5) may visibly degrade resampler performance (fps) without any visible output changes.
Recommended adjustment range - between 2 and 3.

b=126 c=22 - medium soft, almost no ringing.
b=102 c=2 - sharper, small local peaking.
b=70 c=-30 s=2 - sharper, thinner 'peaking'.
b=70 c=-30 s=2.5 - a bit softer, more thick 'peaking'.
b=82 c=20 - sharp but lots of far ringing. Not for using.

Fix #350 ConvertXXX to accept YV411 clip's frame property _ChromaLocation set to 'left'
(and 'topleft' and 'bottomleft' which give the same result) instead of giving an error message.

Fix #348 bitrol/bitror functions return incorrect results when first argument is negative.
Regression since the asm code of Avisynth 2.6 classic was ported to C in Avisynth+ project.

"Info": if channel mask exists, then

its friendly name
otherwise the number of channels and the channel combinations
is displayed under "AudioLength: x".
SetChannelMask("stereo") --> "Channel mask: stereo"
SetChannelMask("stereo+LFE") --> "Channel mask: 2.1" because the combination resulted in another known channel combo name
SetChannelMask("mono+LFE") --> "Channel mask: 2 channels (FC+LFE)" because the combination is unknown

Add SetChannel parameter: channel string syntax: (similar to ffmpeg)
a channel number followed by "c" for getting the default layout for a given number of channels.
E.g. SetChannelMask("3c") will set "2.1" because this is the default choice for 3 channels

Add SetChannel parameter: channel string syntax:
a simple number is treated as the actual numeric mask.
E.g. SetChannelMask("3") will set "stereo" because 3=1+2 that is "FL+FR" that is "stereo"

SetChannelMask string version: If string is other than "" then its set to known. It has a single string parameter.
SetChannelMask("mono") -> mask is known: "mono"
SetChannelMask("") -> mask is unknown

Add "speaker_all" to accepted layout mask strings

Fix possible crash of LLVM builds (clang-cl, Intel nextgen) on pre-AVX (SSE4-only) CPUs.
(Prevent static initialization from avx2 source modules, which cause running AVX instructions on DLL load)

ConvertToMono, GetLeftChannel, GetRightChannel: sets channel layout AVS_SPEAKER_FRONT_CENTER (mono)

GetChannel, GetChannels, MergeChannels will set default channel layout if channel count is 1 to 8
For defaults see VfW section below

New Script function: SetChannelMask: string version.

SetChannelMask(clip, string ChannelDescriptor) (parameters compulsory, no names must be set) (test10)

Accepts predefined channel string or channel layout names or their combination, in ffmpeg style.
Numerical indexes or channel counts are not allowed.
String is case sensitive!
E.g. "stereo+LFE+TC" or "FL+LR" or "5.1(side)"
Individual Speaker Channels:
"FL", front left
"FR", front right
"FC", front center
"LFE", low frequency
"BL", back left
"BR", back right
"FLC", front left-of-center
"FRC", front right-of-center
"BC", back center
"SL", side left
"SR", side right
"TC", top center
"TFL", top front left
"TFC", top front center
"TFR", top front right
"TBL", top back left
"TBC", top back center
"TBR", top back right

AudioDub will inherit channel layout setting from the audio clip.

VfW output channel guess (when ChannelMask is not specified) changed at some points.
Default number of channels to channel layout guess was modified to match of ffmpeg
3 channels: Surround to 2.1
4 channels: Quad to 4.0
6 channels: 6.1(back) to 6.1
This follows ffmpeg defaults
Present rules:
const chnls name layout
0x00004 1 mono -- -- FC
0x00003 2 stereo FL FR
0x0000B 3 2.1 FL FR LFE
0x00107 4 4.0 FL FR FC -- -- -- -- -- BC
0x00037 5 5.0 FL FR FC -- BL BR
0x0003F 6 5.1 FL FR FC LFE BL BR
0x0070F 7 6.1 FL FR FC LFE -- -- -- -- BC SL SR
0x0063F 8 7.1 FL FR FC LFE BL BR -- -- -- SL SR

Add initial audio channel mask (channel layout) support (CPP and C interface, script function)
It still belongs to V10 changes (there were only tests since then), but it can be discussed if not.
Technically it is done by using another 18+2 bits in the Clip's VideoInfo.image_type field.
Due to lack of enough bits in this VideoInfo field, the mapping between the original dwChannelMask
and Avisynth's internal values are not 1:1, but all information is kept however.
This is because not 32 but only 18 (strictly: 18+1) bits are defining speaker locations, so
the remaining bits of our existing 'image_type' field can be used for this purpose.
Thus 20 new bits are occupied.

1 bit: marks if channel mask is valid or not
18 bits for the actually defined WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE dwChannelMask definitions
1 bit for the special SPEAKER_ALL value
Programmers can check AvsChannelMask and AvsImageTypeFlags in avisynth.h and avisynth_c.h

new C++ interface functions

Check for existence:
bool VideoInfo::IsChannelMaskKnown()
void VideoInfo::SetChannelMask(bool isChannelMaskKnown, unsigned int dwChannelMask)
Re-maps and stores channel mask into image_type, sets the 'has channel mask' flag as well
Note: this data can be set independently from the actual NumChannels number!
unsigned int VideoInfo::GetChannelMask()
new C interface functions
bool avs_is_channel_mask_known(const AVS_VideoInfo * p);
void avs_set_channel_mask(const AVS_VideoInfo * p, bool isChannelMaskKnown, unsigned int dwChannelMask);
unsigned int avs_get_channel_mask(const AVS_VideoInfo * p);

Like when establishing BFF, TFF and fieldbased flags from 'image_type', technically 'image_type' can
be manipulated directly. See SetChannelMask and GetChannelMask in Avisynth source for
image_type <-> dwChannelMask conversion.

I guess once ffmpeg will support it, it will read (or not read) channel masks such a way.

new Script functions
bool IsChannelMaskKnown(clip)
int GetChannelMask(clip)
SetChannelMask(clip, bool known, int dwChannelMask) (parameters compulsory, no names must be set)
SetChannelMask(clip, string ChannelDescriptor) (parameters compulsory, no names must be set) (test10)
dwChannelMask must contain the combination of up to 18 positions or 0x80000000 for SPEAKER_ALL.

VfW export rules (included the existing sequence)
1.) OPT_UseWaveExtensible global variable must be...

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All features

Changes compared to AviSynth

64-bit version available
Faster script startup and substantially faster core filters
Support for multiple ("shadow") plugin directories
Autoloading of C-plugins
Script language extensions, with support for multiline conditionals and loops.
Improved still image support and TimeStretch

Developer features

Easy and fast compilation, with current compilers
2x increased compilation speed
Improved debugging experience
Leaner and more logical project structure
Large parts of the code refactored

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Guides and How to's

Acronyms / Also Known As

AviSynth Plus, AviSynthPlus, Avisynth MT

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6 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Thank you very much. Good works..

Review by Edi on May 21, 2020 Version: 3.6.0 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Below posted on doom9 forum, avs+ thread in devs.

"Just checked, VideoHelp now hosting current AviSynth+ 3.4.0 Portable 7z file. [SHA-1 matches that on Github]."

Thanks Moderator, everything hunky-dory now.

Avisynth+, is fan-dabby-dozy :)

Review by StainlessStephen on Nov 22, 2019 Version: 3,4,0 OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Here post from Doom9 on Portable version.

[QUOTE=qyot27;1889452]I've uploaded a plain 7z portable for 3.4.0 (well, technically, r2925 built from master, but the extra commit* only touched the READMEs, it's still otherwise-identical to 3.4). I also removed the GCC archive since videohelp still was (or, [i]is[/i] at this time of writing) pointing at it as a 'portable' even when that was not the intention.

*the other's just the merge commit for that one change[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=StainlessS;1890873]VideoHelp is actually providing a zip file GCC version as portable version, here [[B][COLOR="Red"]DO NOT DOWNLOAD Portable version[/COLOR][/B]]:- [url][/url]

I reported the post with this message (limited in length), so hopefully it will be removed as an option from the VH post.[/QUOTE]

Review by StainlessStephen on Nov 20, 2019 Version: 3.4.0 Portable OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

Thank you very much.. Required for StaxRip convert. Good work.

Review by TechnoMan on Oct 21, 2019 Version: 3.4.0 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Wish this is implemented in other FOSS Video Editors (Blender VSE or Shotcut)

Review by TA 213 on Dec 19, 2017 Version: r2574 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

6 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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