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AviSynth+ is a fork of the well-known frameserver featuring new functionality and optimizations not available in mainline. In the hope of modernizing AviSynth to meet present day needs and expectations, the project encourages everybody to help reach our goals: add long-sought features, energize the community, and improve developer and user friendliness. AviSynth+ is fully compatible with plugins and scripts written for AviSynth.

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OS: Win
File size: 27MB
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Latest version

3.5.0 (March 3, 2020)


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Download AviSynth+ 3.5.0  27MB  Win

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Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

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Version history / Release notes / Changelog

AviSynth+ 3.5.0


New: Native Linux, macOS, and BSD support.
New function:
bool IsVersionOrGreater(int majorVersion, int minorVersion [,int bugfixVersion]) function
Returns true if the current version is equal or greater than the required one in the parameters.
The function is checking the current version against the given parameters (similar to a Windows API function)
e.g. IsVersionOrGreater(3, 4) or IsVersionOrGreater(3, 5, 8)
New: "Expr" helpers:
Constants "yrange_min", "yrange_half", "yrange_max"
Unlike the luma/chroma plane adaptive "range_min", "range_half", "range_max" these constants always report the luma (Y) values
new parameter: bool clamp_float_UV (default false)
this parameter affects clamping of chroma planes: chroma is clamped between 0..1.0 instead of -0.5..0.5s
"clamp_float" is not ignored (and set to true) when parameter "scale_inputs" auto-scales 32 bit float type pixels
New "yscalef" and "yscaleb" keywords similar to "scalef" and "scaleb" but scaling is forced to use rules for Y (non-UV) planes
new allowed value "floatUV" for scale_inputs.
In short: chroma pre-shift by 0.5 for 32 bit float pixels
Affects the chroma plane expressions of 32 bit float formats.
Shifts the input up by 0.5 before processing it in the expression, thus values from -0.5..0.5 (zero centered) range are converted to the 0..1 (0.5 centered) one.
Since the expression result internally has 0..1.0 range, this then is shifted back to the original -0.5..0.5 range. (since 2.2.20)
Note: predefined constants such as cmin, cmax, range_min, range_max and range_half will be shifted as well, e.g. the expression will see range_half = 0.5
These modifications are similar to Masktools2 2.2.20+
New: AddBorders, LetterBox: new color_yuv parameter like in BlankClip

Fix: ConvertBits 32->8 for extremely out of range float pixel values.
When pixel value in a 32 bit float format video was way out of range and greater than 128 (e.g. instead of 0 to 1.0 for Y plane) then the ConvertBits(8) had artifacts.
Fix potential crash on exit or cache shrink (linux/gcc only?)
Layer: support RGB24 and RGB48 (internally processed as Planar RGB - lossless pre and post conversion)
Fix: RGBP to 444 8-14bit right side artifacts at specific widths
Fix: "scalef" and "scaleb" for 32 bit input, when scale_inputs="floatf" produced wrong result
Fix: missing rounder in V channel calculation of PlanarRGB->YUV 8-14bits SSE2 code
Overlay: show error when Overlay is fed with clips with different bit depths
Fix: TemporalSoften possible access violation after SeparateFields (in general: after filters that only change frame pitch)
Fix: Shibatch.DLL Access Violation crash when exit when target rate is the same as vi.audio_samples_per_second or audio_samples_per_second is 0
Build system: Cmake: use platform toolset "ClangCL" for using built-in Clang support of Visual Studio.
Since VS2019 v16.4 there is LLVM 9.0 support.
Use: Tools|Get Tools and Features|Add Individual Components|Compilers, build tools, and runtimes
[X] C++ Clang compiler for Windows
[X] C++ Clang-cl for v142 build tools (x64/x86)
(for LLVM Clang installed separately, please use llvm or LLVM - no change in its usage)

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All features

Changes compared to AviSynth

64-bit version available
Faster script startup and substantially faster core filters
Support for multiple ("shadow") plugin directories
Autoloading of C-plugins
Script language extensions, with support for multiline conditionals and loops.
Improved still image support and TimeStretch

Developer features

Easy and fast compilation, with current compilers
2x increased compilation speed
Improved debugging experience
Leaner and more logical project structure
Large parts of the code refactored

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Acronyms / Also Known As

AviSynth Plus, AviSynthPlus, Avisynth MT

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5 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Below posted on doom9 forum, avs+ thread in devs.

"Just checked, VideoHelp now hosting current AviSynth+ 3.4.0 Portable 7z file. [SHA-1 matches that on Github]."

Thanks Moderator, everything hunky-dory now.

Avisynth+, is fan-dabby-dozy :)

Review by StainlessStephen on Nov 22, 2019 Version: 3,4,0 OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Here post from Doom9 on Portable version.

[QUOTE=qyot27;1889452]I've uploaded a plain 7z portable for 3.4.0 (well, technically, r2925 built from master, but the extra commit* only touched the READMEs, it's still otherwise-identical to 3.4). I also removed the GCC archive since videohelp still was (or, [i]is[/i] at this time of writing) pointing at it as a 'portable' even when that was not the intention.

*the other's just the merge commit for that one change[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=StainlessS;1890873]VideoHelp is actually providing a zip file GCC version as portable version, here [[B][COLOR="Red"]DO NOT DOWNLOAD Portable version[/COLOR][/B]]:- [url][/url]

I reported the post with this message (limited in length), so hopefully it will be removed as an option from the VH post.[/QUOTE]

Review by StainlessStephen on Nov 20, 2019 Version: 3.4.0 Portable OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

Thank you very much.. Required for StaxRip convert. Good work.

Review by TechnoMan on Oct 21, 2019 Version: 3.4.0 OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Wish this is implemented in other FOSS Video Editors (Blender VSE or Shotcut)

Review by TA 213 on Dec 19, 2017 Version: r2574 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

The development keeps going on. As I write these lines the most recent build is the r2508 version that can be found here :

Actually, there is no installer for newest builds, but an alternative package can be downloaded here (x64 only) :

Additional features :

FFMpegSource2 v2.23

Optional :

A selection of plugins with their documentation
A selection of scripts (incl. Interframe2, QTGMC)
A basic script template ready to use
New icons, black for regular scripts, blue for auto-load scripts or classic original style
New context menu entry for the templates
Open scripts with Notepad++
Open .ass with Notepad++
Open .ass files in Aegisub menu item
Full integration of .ass subtitle files (incl. a dedicated icon)
AviSynth+ language syntax recognition file for Notepad++
VirtualDub FilterMod

Review by ilko on Jul 24, 2017 Version: r2508 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 8/10

5 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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