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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Adobe Photoshop

November 2021 (version 23.0.2) release

Crash on launch Photoshop v 23.0/23.0.1
Crash when trying to open images on the latest Intel CPU

November 2021 (version 23.0.1) release

Gradient layers created in 22.x or earlier appear different in 23.0 due to default behavior changing to Perceptual instead of Classic
Proof Colors and rendering intent preview does not work (HDR display works)
Crash when trying to select with Windows Pen on Surface Studio
(Win only) The cursor gets stuck on the Transform handle
The Nearest Neighbor image size resample method exports Bicubic results causing blurry image export
Tiff Files open in 22.5.1 and earlier but don't in Photoshop 23.0
(Win only) Delay while zooming in or out with a scroll wheel in Photoshop 23.0
Export As incorrectly displays error on exports of layers with '#' character
Crash while using the Object Selection tool
Error when trying to use Neural Filter

October 2021 release (version 23.0)

Automatic selections on hover

Automatically select a portion of your image as you hover over it and click. Saves time while making complex edits and delivers faster results.

Share for commenting

Quickly share your designs with your fellow collaborators for viewing and receiving feedback right within Photoshop without having to leave the app.​

Improved interop with Illustrator

It’s easier than ever to move between Illustrator and Photoshop! Easily import vector content with color, stroke, and properties as well as import layer structure and vector masks.

New and improved Neural Filters

Explore a range of creative ideas with the new Neural Filters (Beta) — Landscape Mixer, Color Transfer, and Harmonization, powered by Adobe Sensei.

Other changes and enhancements

Boost your creative workflows with improved Gradients, improved Export As workflows, and others.

October 2021 (version 23.0) release

Photoshop crashes when using the Smart Sharpen filter
Photoshop crashes when using Select and Mask
Photoshop crashes when using Polygonal Lasso
Photoshop crashes while starting up
Unknown error using Save for web
(Win only) Arrow keys change channel selection instead of nudging point when using Curves adjustments
Transforming a selection for your background layer via the Properties panel results in an endless loop of dialogs
(Win only) Brush cursor flips to mouse pointer when painting on a layer with a mask enabled
Photoshop 2021 shipping with an end of support version of NodeJS
Guides not snapping at some zoom levels and causing fuzziness
Rounding of corners not proportionate when using Export As to scale
(Win only) Error opening and editing embedded smart objects in a cloud document
Document window resizes when a file is opened in Photoshop
Unable to select two strings right-to-left if numbers are involved
(Win only) Panning mid-selection results in unwanted selection additions

October 2021 release (version 23.0)

Automatic selections on hover

Automatically select a portion of your image as you hover over it and click. Saves time while making complex edits and delivers faster results.

Share for commenting

Quickly share your designs with your fellow collaborators for viewing and receiving feedback right within Photoshop without having to leave the app.​

Improved interop with Illustrator

It’s easier than ever to move between Illustrator and Photoshop! Easily import vector content with color, stroke, and properties as well as import layer structure and vector masks.

New and improved Neural Filters

Explore a range of creative ideas with the new Neural Filters (Beta) — Landscape Mixer, Color Transfer, and Harmonization, powered by Adobe Sensei.

Other changes and enhancements

Boost your creative workflows with improved Gradients, improved Export As workflows, and others.

September 2021 (version 22.5.1) release

Photoshop crashes while running Sky Replacement
Unable to play Actions while performing Add to selection with the Magic Wand tool
Photoshop crashes when you try to save a linked smart object
Unable to invoke the 'Rasterize EPS format' dialog when opening an eps file in Photoshop
Photoshop displays artifacts behind the canvas in the workspace
Photoshop deletes masks and layers when using the backspace key
(Win only) Error opening smart object in a cloud document

August 2021 release (version 22.5)

Get more skies
Pick your perfect sky with 'Get More Skies'

With the improved Sky Replacement feature, choose from additional high-quality sky presets available on the Adobe Discover website and download them for free. Import your own images in bulk.
New Transform Warp options
New Transform Warp options

Apply more control to Bezier handles when using Transform Warp. Choose guideline options for more accurate warp transforms. Easily apply transformations inside a split warp grid.
improved in-app Discover
Improved in-app Discover

Learn more about the new Photoshop features that are now browseable through the What's New section in the Discover panel. Simplify your editing with more Quick Actions.
Other enhancements
Other changes and enhancements

Learn more about other important Photoshop updates — Photoshop Beta program, use legacy "Export As" option, improved Neural Filters, and more resolved customer-reported issues.

August 2021 (version 22.5) release
Loading an action pack crashes Photoshop.
Unexpected warp with the Transform tool.
Inconsistent display of multi-channel images with huge color shifts.
Text shifts position when you update the Text layer.
Custom RGB values in color settings aren't behaving correctly.
Save for Web (Legacy) removes the extension if you don't type it while saving.
Vector paths appear pixelated.
Photoshop 22.0.1 does not support rvrn/rclt conditional substitutions in variable fonts.
Clipping Japanese pathname does not save correctly when using the Japanese user interface of Photoshop.

July 2021 (version 22.4.3) release

Unable to access various filter options using Remote Desktop Protocol with Photoshop 2021.

June 2021 (version 22.4.2) release

Save As actions improperly treated as Save a Copy actions with Insert Menu Item.
Preset Sync crashes when checking for the Creative Cloud Library process.
Unable to adjust the Warp tool.
Custom Shape coordinates are incorrect with the Path Selection tool.
Select and Mask does not preview in some preview modes.
(Win) Panning while the Navigator panel in view results in severe stuttering.
(Mac) Navigator doesn't update while painting.
Files lost after deleting a custom sky preset in Sky Replacement.
(Win) UXP & CEP panel thumbnails are empty (Libraries, Color Themes, etc).
(Win) A crash occurs when using the Eyedropper tool to draw on an image without the sky after clicking the sky preset thumbnail button.
Zooming ignores the "zoom clicked point to center" preference setting.

May 2021 (version 22.4.1) release

Crash when dragging between windows
Brush cursor disappears after dragging from Libraries panel using a Wacom stylus
Zooming ignores the "zoom clicked point to center" preference setting
Scrubby Zoom Jumping when Overscroll is off
Performance issue selecting different Layer Comps
Crash opening HEIC files
Program error dragging asset from Libraries to Artboard
Crash during File > Close All

May 2021 (version 22.4) release

Perspective warp broken in Photoshop 22.3.1
Pen tool not working properly in Photoshop 22.3
Photoshop erroneously shows Postscript error on launch
Preset Sync causes memory issues syncing SVG based assets
Histogram behaves differently on low resolution monitors
Keyboard shortcut not working for Fit in Window operation
When opening video files, 'Media Server is not available' error gets displayed
Page order reversed when using PDF Presentation to export files
Photoshop lags when using any filter or image adjustment operation
Photoshop crashes when applying Lens Flare or Shear filters
Missing file extension in Image processor
Issue with Liquify filter with GPU enabled (macOS only)

April 2021 (version 22.3.1) release

Auto-Select Targeted Adjustment tool keeps moving even after mouse release
Photoshop lags when dragging Guides between the ruler and the destination
Marquee tool slows down when selection goes out of canvas (macOS only)
Unable to complete Save For Web operation
Transform/Warp action on background layer leads to program error

March 2021 (version 22.3) release

Pixel mode and Weight are missing from Line tool
Slow performance while animating with embedded smart objects
Several save-related issues when saving a copy in macOS
Intersection line not displaying in Curves panel
Shake Reduction is slow on some systems

Unable to import multiple sky presets
Disk error when importing sky presets
Paths are not copied when using Actions
Crash when using Lens Blur

February 2021 (version 22.2) release

Clipped and hidden adjustment layers do not export correctly with Export As
Clicking on a filename in the Save As dialog incorrectly replaces the file extension
Images display as black when switching tabs
Plugins are unable to interact with Apple Events
Layer badges don't display correctly in Layers panel
Some shape presets don't work correctly
Crash while rendering a video with Liquify applied
Canvas crashes after using Adaptive Wide Angle
Unable to pan documents using the Spacebar key with Wacom tablets

January 2021 (version 22.1.1) release

Program errors saving and while using different tools and commands
Stroke appears in properties panel after file saved and opened without stroke
Crash when opening files with type layers or using type features
Drawing mode not available in Advanced settings for GPU in Photoshop 22.1 preferences
Boxes/blocky artifacts on images when flattening or exporting

Unexpected stroke on text when converting to a shape
Shift key doesn't disable 3rd party plug-ins
Stroke appears in properties panel after file saved and opened without stroke
Crash when opening files with type layers or using type features
Artifacts/incorrect appearance after flattening
Brush preview overly for hardness/opacity is not working
Unknown error using Export As
Eyedropper sampling ring missing

December 2020 (version 22.1.0) release

Inside Stroke not displaying for Shape Layers
Assertion Failed! error when using Liquify
Freeze with Save for Web when replacing existing file on macOS BigSur
Pressing the delete key deletes only the Layer Mask
Sliders don't move with rulers shown on macOS
Freeze when adding some images for Sky Replacement

"An unknown error occurred" when using Export As
Unable to delete image scale suffix from filenames when using Export As
Crash when using Neural Filters
Save for Web - Unknown Operating Error with # in the file name (macOS)
XMP Presets aren't in alphabetical order on macOS

November 2020 (version 22.0.1) release

Sky preset files lost when a sky replacement action is replayed right after launch
Unable to download Neural Filters under a SDL license
While using the Lasso tool, spacebar to pan does not work with Stylus
Stroke appears in Properties panel after file saved without stroke
Shift-dragging Live Shape points moves entire path, not just selected points
Crash opening and editing files with CoolTyple fonts
Text selecting/editing UI not displaying in CMYK, LAB modes
Crashing when running Neural Filters
Freeze when applying Neural Filters to Grayscale Images without ICC Profile
Neural Filters error “There was an issue running filters”
Selecting multiple images for sky presets only loads one - Changed to only allow you to select one. We're looking at adding the ability to load more than one at a time.
Can't edit shape anchor points in some scenarios
Program Error creating or opening documents; exiting the app - Note: Program errors can still occur with unsupported graphics cards.
Histogram artifacts converting color profile

October 2020 (version 22.0.0) release

Rotated pattern settings can damage a file
Issue with image quality scaling patterns
Performance issues with Grid showing
Keyboard shortcuts don't work correctly in the Save Optimized As dialog for Save for Web
Crash running Image Processor
Crash using Blend If on a layer group
P doesn't toggle preview for Curves
Crash using Refine Edge
Modifying a smart objects bounds gives unexpected results
Open dialog stuck in front when switching to finder or another app (macOS)
Keyboard shortcuts for zoom jumps to center with floating docs and overscroll enabled
Cloning with dual brush gives unexpected results
Grey Point Tool error "Could not use the gray point tool because the settings in the file are invalid" is any channel's curve is inverted
Artboard contents disappear when tabbing to another app and back
Full pressure blob while painting when returning focus to Photoshop
Blend mode doesn't work with Clipping Group and nested layers
Brush tool on group (passthrough or isolated) mask creates artifacts
Eye Dropper tool switches focus to sampled doc with floating windows (Windows)
Tool Tips not showing in Camera Raw dialogs with macOS Dark Mode
Artboards get messed up when dragging multiple artboards
Switching between documents in Full Screen Mode displays black areas (macOS)
Hue/Saturation not updating real-time
Layer thumbnails draw incorrectly when UI scaling is set to odd percentage on Windows (e.g. 125%)
Unable to copy/paste vector mask path to another clipping path
Dragging layer styles on canvas stops working after dragging once
Full screen mode canvas gets stuck top left of app frame toggling between docs
Crop handles are too large
Make saving files larger than 2GB to PSB format more discoverable
Export As does not scale artboard correctly
Cloning lag with rulers shown
Generator offsets and crops images randomly when resizing to a pixel dimension
Wrong size with Export As/Quick Export
Video layers are not getting selected when clicking them in Timeline panel
English unit “mm” doesn't work in dimension input box for CHS locale
New Document dialog background color not sticky/predictable
Black areas toggling between docs in full screen
Crash on launch in certain cases

September 2020 (version 21.2.4) release

Debug.log files are created when starting Photoshop on Windows

September 2020 (version 21.2.3) release

Resizing proportionally while holding down the Shift key, disables snapping to smart guides even when the View > Snap To > Guides option is active

August 2020 (version 21.2.2) release

Unable to drag a duplicate layer from one document to another
Advance Blending mode causes crash
Unable to apply lock functionality by double-clicking modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt) in the Modifier Keys panel.

July 2020 (version 21.2.1) release

Grid lines become too thick when zooming out while the Show Grid option is enabled
Layer leaves a duplicate when moving to adjust position on the canvas
Modifying a smart object leads to unexpected size of the object on saving
Brush spots created at the beginning of a stroke when using Wacom
Resolution doesn't show in the quick information pop-up in the image window
Some Hebrew fonts do not work after update to the latest version of Photoshop
Interface lags and becomes unresponsive when working with layers and layer groups (Windows 10)
Crop action doesn't snap to the edges of the active layer
Recording Duplicate Image action plays back incorrectly
Photoshop crashes on unchecking layer effect
Photoshop crashes or freezes when working with Select Subject/Quick Select/Refine Edge
Photoshop slows down or freezes in long sessions (macOS Catalina)

June 2020 (version 21.2) release

Converting a 16-bit file to 8-bit results in corruption
Pen Pressure doesn't work when recording an action
Photoshop freezes when using adjustments with rulers enabled
Document canvas displays black areas with GPU enabled
Error when switching tools with Content-Aware Crop active
Unknown error when saving files with special characters in the file name or file path
Crash when copying/pasting adjustment layers from RGB to CMYK document

Inconsistent Default and Reset setting behavior in filters
Photoshop doesn't remember Crop To setting when placing multiple PDFs
Snapping issue when moving layer groups and smart object layers
Crash Report form says 'invalid email address' if the address contains special characters
Paste in Place doesn't work correctly when copy and pasting Frames
Eyedropper tool switches window focus (Windows 10)
Double-click using the Wacom pen button doesn't work

May 2020 (version 21.1.3) release

Brush panel keeps resetting to default
Adobe Save for Web Error: Could not complete this operation. An unknown error has occurred (macOS Catalina)
Pen pressure is lost while painting with a pressure sensitive brush on Wacom (Windows 10)
Can't change the brush size with Wacom Airbrush stylus wheel (Windows 10)
Brush projection doesn't change cursor shape
Jitter in brush strokes with Wacom

April 2020 (version 21.1.2) release

Tilt doesn't work with Wacom tablet and certain brush tips
Legacy Swatches get rendered incorrectly
Transforming text doesn't live preview changes
Buttons on Layers panel get stuck in down state

March 2020 (version 21.1.1) release

Security fixes.
Crash using Shadow/Highlights adjustment with Histogram panel showing. (macOS)
Right-clicking on the Paths and Channels panel doesn't show the context menu. (Windows)
Lighting Effects doesn't work and renders black when Show Transform Controls is enabled.
Zoom keyboard shortcuts no longer work to resize a floating document window.
Moving the layer opacity slider doesn't update the canvas until the mouse button is released. (Windows)
Select & Mask workspace shortcuts don't work when custom keyboard shortcuts are loaded.
Problem playing an action that saves over an existing file. (Windows)
Alt-click/Option-click to set transform axis point doesn't work correctly.
Cloning from a small document to a larger document doesn't work correctly.
Can't open tiff files from ACDSee or Faststone.
Helvetica Regular doesn't appear in the fonts list. (macOS Catalina)
Crash when using the Type tool.
Selecting key frames for a duplicated layer selects keyframes for the previous layer in Timeline.
Unable to copy/paste a vector mask path to another clipping path.
Problem using Color Picker for Solid Color Fill from an action.
Clicking on a mask doesn't update it's properties in the Properties panel. (macOS)
Crash at launch. (macOS Catalina)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the February 2020 release of Photoshop on desktop (version 21.1).

Enhanced Content-Aware Fill
In this release of Photoshop, you can now iteratively fill multiple areas of an image without having to leave the Content-Aware Fill workspace window. After you get the desired fill result for a selection in your image, click the new Apply button in the lower-right corner to commit fill changes and keep the workspace window open. After applying the fill, use Lasso Tool or Polygonal Lasso Tool within the Content-Aware Fill workspace to make another selection to fill.
Enhanced Content-Aware Fill
Also, you can now sample source pixels from all visible layers in the document by selecting the new Sample All Layers option. The Sampling Area Options appear in the Content-Aware Fill panel on the right side of the workspace.

Sample All Layers
To try out the new options, open an image and select an area to fill. Then choose Edit > Content-Aware Fill.
For Help documentation, see the following links:

Content-Aware Fill workspace
Apply multiple fill changes
Adjust Content-Aware Fill settings
Improved Lens Blur quality
The new Lens Blur alogorithm now uses your computer's graphics card (GPU) to generate blurrier edges on objects that are in front of the focal plane, a more realistic bokeh look, correct color handling for CMYK and LAB color modes, and more colorful specular highlights in your photos.
To enable graphics processor in Photoshop, choose Edit (Windows) / Photoshop (macOS) > Preferences > Performance, the select Use Graphics Processor in the Preferences dialog.

For Help instructions, see Add lens blur.
Performance improvements
Photoshop's user interface is now more responsive to your mouse and stylus movements. You'll notice smoother panning and zooming in your documents. With increased responsiveness to your inputs, you'll also notice improvements in many other UI interactions, especially where painting or dragging actions are involved.

Photoshop 21.0

Cloud documents

With Photoshop now on the iPad, use cloud documents to work seamelessly across Mac, Windows, and your iPad. Your documents are saved to Adobe's cloud as you work.
align and distribute

Improvements to presets

Explore new swatches, gradients, patterns, shapes, and styles effortlessly. Presets are now more intuitive to use and easier to organize.

New Object Selection tool
Use the new Object Selection tool to better automate complex selections. Simply define a region and Photoshop does the rest.

Consistent transform behavior

Proportionally transform multiple layers, regardless of the layer type, without using the Shift key.

Improved properties panel
Find even more of the controls you need in one central location. Easily change document settings, access all type layer settings, and conveniently use Quick Actions.

Smart Object to layers
Easily convert your Smart Objects back into component layers to fine-tune your designs—all in one place, without having to switch between document windows.

Enhanced Transform Warp
Get more control with the Warp tool. Add control points anywhere or divide your image with a customizable grid to transform by individual nodes, or a larger selection.

Other enhancements
Check out all the new enhancements to Photoshop and learn how you can simplify and accelerate your workflow.

Photoshop CC 20.0
Oct 15 2018

Content-Aware Fill reimagined
Choose which pixels to use in your fills using a new, dedicated workspace, and rotate, scale, and mirror your source pixels thanks to Adobe Sensei technology. You can even create fills on separate layers to preserve your original images.
Frame tool for easy masking
Turn shapes or text into frames that you can use as placeholders or fill with images. Easily replace an image by dropping another one into the frame — it automatically scales to fit.
Multiple Undo
Use CMD-Z to undo multiple steps, just like in other Creative Cloud apps.
Usability improvements
Now you can hide your reference point, double-click the canvas to edit text, and efficiently crop, transform, and place and enter text faster with auto-commit. Plus, Photoshop transforms pixel and type layers proportionally by default and makes it harder to move panels by accident.
Live blend mode previews
No more guessing which blend mode to use. Just scroll over the different options to see how they look on your image.
Symmetry mode
Paint your brush strokes in a perfectly symmetrical pattern — even on curves. Symmetry mode lets you define an axis or axes and then choose from preset types, including circular, radial, spiral, and mandala.
Color wheel
Visualize the color spectrum to choose complementary colors more easily.
Home screen
Get started quickly with the Photoshop home screen. Access it at any time to find out about new features, connect to learning content, and jump right to your open documents.
Improved in-app learning
Use your own assets while working through tutorials to get the looks you want in less time.
Top customer requests
You asked, we delivered. Now you can distribute the spacing between objects, type simple math operations into fields that require numeric values, see the end of long layer names, and find Japanese fonts with Match Font and Font Similarity.
UI size preference
Get more control when scaling the Photoshop UI, and adjust it independent of your other apps to get the UI size just right.
Better “Export As” experience
The “Export As” menu loads faster and offers a streamlined UI to make things easier. And you can preview multiple artboards at one time.
And so much more
Also includes: A Flip Document view that lets you flip your canvas horizontally, a Lorem Ipsum text mode for quickly placing sample text, and customizable keyboard shortcuts for the Select and Mask workspace.

Photoshop CC 2018 19.1.0
JAN 22 2018

Select Subject
Select the prominent objects in your images in just one click with the new Select Subject feature. Then refine your choice further with selection tools or in the Select and Mask workspace.
Improved support for high-res monitors
Photoshop now scales for each of your high-resolution monitors individually. And there are more options to set UI scaling just right. Windows Creator’s edition and later only.
Select and Mask improvements
A slider in the Decontaminate Colors option now allows you to easily adjust the amount of decontamination applied to your images.
Better integration with Microsoft Dial
Easily change brush parameters including size, opacity, and other brush settings — right as you paint using Microsoft Dial.

Photoshop CC
OCT 18 2017

Better brush organization
Organize and save your brushes in the order you want. Drag and drop to reorder, create folders and sub-folders, scale the brush stroke preview, toggle new view modes, and save brush presets with opacity, flow, blend mode, and color.
Brush performance improvements
Don't be slowed down by lagging brushes. New, faster reaction time is especially noticeable when working on large documents with large brushes.
Access Lightroom Photos
Get your photos from Lightroom Cloud Services right inside Photoshop via Search or the Start Screen. With deeper integration between all the Creative Cloud photography desktop and mobile apps, all your photos are synced and accessible everywhere.
Brush stroke smoothing
Get a more polished look faster with a new smoothing algorithm. Vary the amount of smoothing for cleaner lines, even when using a mouse. Available in the Tool Options bar, along with Flow and Opacity.
Exclusive brushes from Kyle T. Webster
Access over 1,000 digital brushes from award-winning illustrator Kyle T. Webster, now available exclusively inside Photoshop.
Learn more ›
Variable fonts
With new font technology from Adobe, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, you can define variations within each supported font for weight, height, slant, and more.
See how it works ›
Quick Share menu
Share a flattened copy of your work via email, text, social networks, and more. This feature uses native OS sharing mechanisms, including already authenticated services.
See how it works ›
Curvature Pen tool
Create paths more quickly, intuitively, and precisely. Push and pull segments directly instead of having to modify Bezier handles, similar to the Curvature tool in Illustrator. Simply double-click to switch between point types.
See how it works ›
Path improvements
Improve the look and feel of your paths. Choose the color and line thickness to make them easier to see.
Copy and paste layers
Copy and paste multiple layers in groups, keeping the same order and location instead of having to drag them to reorder. Copy layers onto your clipboard and paste them at the desired specific spot in your panel, within and between documents in Photoshop.
Enhanced tooltips
Learn about the different tools in Photoshop without leaving the app. With enhanced tooltips, dynamic information surfaces when you hover over a tool.
360 panorama workflow
Edit and export 360 panoramas. Photoshop will maintain important metadata to work with third-party viewers. You can also pan and zoom around your image inside a spherical workspace for a realistic preview experience.
Properties panel improvements
Keep better track of details for Adobe Stock assets by viewing title and license state. View an image and find similar images on the Adobe Stock site. Edit type properties with multiple layers selected, change the leading, and more.
Support for Microsoft Dial
Native support for Microsoft Dial gives you quick access to important controls without having to use your mouse. Control brush parameters including size, hardness, opacity, flow, and smoothing.
Paste as plain text
Now you can paste text without the styling. No need to spend the time reformatting text after pasting.
Support for HEIF
Photoshop now supports High Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format, promoted by Apple in macOS 10.13 and iOS 11.0. With depth information provided by the iPhone 7 Plus and future devices, you can create a depth-of-field effect using the Lens Blur filter.
Select and Mask improvements
Get more accurate and realistic results with algorithm and performance improvements, especially in cases where the foreground and background color are similar. Other usability and performance improvements include faster Quick Mask and more intuitive view mode settings.
And so much more
Also includes: Performance and stability improvements, ability to save large files faster, better face detection for Face-Aware Liquify, better Content-Aware Crop and Content-Aware Fill on edges, and more.

Photoshop CC (2017.0.1)
DEC 12 2016

Touch Bar Support for MacBook Pro

Get instant access to your favorite tools on the new MacBook Pro. Choose Photoshop commands, change blend modes and colors, and even access commands with just a touch.

Photoshop CC (2017)
NOV 02 2016

In-app search

Quickly search Photoshop tools, panels, menus, Adobe Stock assets, help content, and tutorials from within the app using a new search panel that’s right at your fingertips.

Tighter integration with Adobe XD

Now you can copy SVG elements to your clipboard to easily paste Photoshop design assets into Adobe XD.
Get started faster

Jumpstart design projects with easy access to presets as well as free Adobe Stock templates that you can access right from File > New.

Stock templates, 3D objects, and search

Adobe Stock marketplace now includes design templates and 3D objects, plus you can drag and drop Stock search results from your Library panel right into your canvas and start using them right away. Right-click on a stock image to do a visual search for similar images.
See how it works ›

Enhanced Properties panel

The Properties panel now displays information about common layer types as well as the document, so it’s easier to make precise adjustments.

Support for SVG color fonts

Access any SVG font installed on your system from the Photoshop Font menu. Great for responsive design, SVG fonts support multiple colors and gradients, and they can be raster or vector.

New Creative Cloud Libraries capabilities

Libraries in Photoshop now support Adobe Stock templates. Plus, Send Link has been updated so you can share read-only access to a public library. When you follow a library, it appears in your Library panel and updates automatically.

Creative Cloud Assets improvements

Archive and restore all your assets stored in Creative Cloud, including the ones in your Creative Cloud Libraries, assets created with CC desktop products, and mobile projects.

Introducing Typekit Marketplace

Now you can buy fonts from some of the industry's biggest names and use them in your Photoshop projects. Typekit uses its font sync and web technologies to deliver your Marketplace fonts anywhere you need them.

Better overall performance

Photoshop now works more efficiently thanks to performance improvements, including a faster Liquify tool.

And so much more

Also includes: The ability to adjust the eyes independently in Face-Aware Liquify, an improved user experience for Match Font, and more.

Photoshop CC (2015.5)
JUN 20 2016

Better collaboration with Libraries

Manage distribution of read-only Creative Cloud Libraries so they can be used by team members, but not changed or deleted.

Updated Libraries panel

Find the assets you need faster with new filtered search of the Adobe Stock and icons that make it easy to identify licensed Stock assets.
Selection and Masking Space

This new dedicated workspace helps you make precise selections and masks more easily than ever. Use tools like Refine Edge Brush to cleanly separate foreground and background elements.
See how it works ›

Everyday tasks, accelerated

Photoshop CC opens documents faster and delivers greater responsiveness. Plus, Content-Aware Fill is up to 3X faster with even better results, and the Font menu shows lists of fonts up to 4X faster.

Content-Aware Crop

Photoshop uses Content-Aware technology to intelligently fill in the gaps when you use the Crop tool to rotate an image or expand your canvas beyond the image's original size.
See how it works ›

Match Font

Photoshop can now analyze, identify and match Latin fonts from an image or photo, taking the guesswork out of finding the perfect font for your design.
See how it works ›

Improved artboards

Now you can duplicate a layer or layer group into other artboards, quickly change artboard backgrounds, and view artboards with transparent backgrounds.
Export enhancements

A new checkbox makes it a snap to embed color profiles in PNG or JPG files.
Adjust facial features

Face-Aware Liquify automatically identifies eyes, noses, mouths, and other facial features and then makes it easy to adjust them. Great for retouching portraits.
See how it works ›

Work easier with glyphs

Apply alternate glyphs for specific characters directly from an in-context menu.
See how it works ›
3D printing to Microsoft 3MF

Windows 10 users: Preserve all the rich color and texture of your 3D models by printing directly to Microsoft’s open-source 3MF format.
Create patterns with Capture CC

Use Capture CC on your mobile device to turn any image into a pattern. Save it to a Creative Cloud Library, and then use it as a pattern or pattern fill in your Photoshop projects.
See how it works ›

Showcase your work with Adobe Portfolio

Now when you use Adobe Portfolio to create a beautiful website to show off your Photoshop images, you can include custom landing and contact pages to better connect with viewers.
See how it works ›

Works with Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview)

Copy and paste your Photoshop CC assets directly into Adobe XD, the new all-in-one tool for designing and prototyping user experiences for websites and mobile apps.
Learn more ›

And so much more

Also includes: A new preference to use the legacy Healing Brush, improved responsiveness of touch gestures, new options when exporting artboards, and so much more.

Photoshop CC (2015.1)
30 2015

New Creative Cloud Libraries capabilities

Find content faster by searching across your libraries and across Adobe Stock. Drag and drop assets to and from the Layers panel, add your favorite brushes and share your library with others. And get content into libraries faster with a new bulk import dialog box.
See how it works ›

Design Space (Preview) enhancements

This dedicated mode further streamlines and optimizes design workflows with a unified sampling experience, efficient masking, robust app and cross-document search and integrated layer and batch export. Design Space (Preview) offers access to Creative Cloud Libraries as well as seamless movement to and from standard Photoshop CC.
See how it works ›

Do more with artboards

Use artboard guides and grids to precisely place elements, sort layers by artboard for easier visualization and quickly add new artboards to documents. Use artboard preferences to customize the look and feel of your documents.
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Modern user experience on desktop and touch devices

The updated UI delivers a clean and consistent look throughout Photoshop, and you can quickly perform common tasks using a new set of gestures on touch-enabled devices like Microsoft Surface Pro.

Customizable toolbar and workspaces

Make Photoshop yours by customizing your toolbar and saving multiple toolbar configurations as parts of different workspaces. Included workspaces have been streamlined to give you quick access to only the tools you need.

Bring 3D characters into your 2D designs

Create beautiful compositions that feature 3D models and easily adjust camera angles and lighting. Start with a model created in Adobe Fuse CC (Preview), and then apply poses and animations from the Creative Cloud 3D Animation (Preview) area within the Properties panel. Composite characters into any Photoshop project from a layout to a video, or print them with a 3D printer. (Available in English only.)
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Find fonts faster

Quickly find the font you need by starring individual fonts as favorites. Narrow down your search by filtering fonts by classification, like serif or sans serif, or by similarity.

Export faster with more control

The exporting experience introduced in June now delivers faster performance and better compression for all file formats, especially JPEG; the ability to export the same assets at multiple sizes; support for sRGB export; and options to embed metadata such as copyright into your files during export.

More creative options with SVG import

Open and place native SVG files — which can rescale for any size device or any resolution — in your Photoshop designs. Just double-click the object to edit it in Adobe Illustrator.

Quickly find the right glyph

The Glyph panel now lets you see and insert your most recently used glyphs and sort glyphs for faster browsing.

More control with Adobe Camera Raw 9 enhancements

Remove or add atmospheric haze in specific areas of your photos using the Local Adjustment Brush, Radial Filter and Graduated Filter. Plus, use the new Bird’s Eye View feature to navigate zoomed-in images, and get support for more cameras and lenses.
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And so much more

Also includes: The ability to see and edit type layer position in the Properties panel; reintroduction of the Oil Paint filter; the ability to resize the Export dialog; Device Preview connectivity improvements; a preset value of 16pt in the Font Size dropdown menu; and more.

Photoshop CC (2015)
JUN 152015

Edit once, update everywhere with Linked Assets

Assets in Creative Cloud Libraries can now be linked so that when a change is made to an asset, you and your team members have the option of updating it across any Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign projects where it’s used.
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Artboards for efficient design

Ideal for responsive and multi-screen design, artboards let you create multiple layouts in different sizes, lay them out within a single document and see them all at once. Copy and share content between artboards, and export them individually or several at a time.
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Find the perfect image or graphic, fast

The new Adobe Stock marketplace lets you find, license and manage royalty-free images and videos from right within Photoshop CC. Select from 40 million assets, save your selection to your Creative Cloud Libraries and then drag it into your project to use.
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Streamlined and optimized experience for designers

A sleek new Photoshop CC experience that’s currently in development, Design Space (Preview) offers a designated mode with new interactions and design-focused features that reduce clicks, mouse movements and clutter for designers working on mobile apps and websites.

Faster, easier image export

A redesigned exporting experience lets you export a single layer, artboard or entire document with one click. Plus, get better compression, advanced preview options that include canvas size and enhanced asset extraction. It’s a modernized Save for Web experience.
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Add more layer styles to get the look you want

Easily add up to 10 instances of select layer styles — including drop shadow, gradient overlay, color overlay, inner shadow and stroke — to a layer or layer group, and re-edit any style at any time. No more rasterizing effects or stacking in different layer groups.
Be sure your Photoshop designs look good on iOS devices

Get precise, in-context, real-time previews of your mobile app and responsive web designs on actual iOS devices. Adobe Preview CC is a native iOS companion app that lets you seamlessly connect your devices to Photoshop over USB or Wi-Fi to view your designs as you work on them.
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Get more realistic blurs with additive noise

Add monochromatic or color noise to your Blur Gallery effects to better match your original image — and to reduce banding when viewing and printing.
Heal and patch images faster than ever

The Healing Brush, Spot Healing Brush and Patch tools have been turbocharged with Mercury Graphics Engine enhancements. See your Healing Brush results in real time, and get Spot Healing Brush and Patch Tool results that are up to 120X faster than they were in CS6.
Glyph panel for better access to glyphs in all your designs

Designed much like the Glyph panels in Illustrator CC and InDesign CC, the new Photoshop CC Glyph panel allows you to browse all the available glyphs in a font, view alternatives for currently selected glyphs and access commonly used glyphs.
Move and extend objects with more control

Adjust the scale and rotation of the object you’re moving or the area you’re extending thanks to Content-Aware Move and Content-Aware Extend improvements. Precisely position your final object to match the scale and position of your image using Transform on Drop.
Better panoramas with Content-Aware Fill

Check one box to have Content-Aware Fill automatically fill in the edges of your stitched panoramas.
Adobe Camera Raw 9.1 enhancements

Remove or add atmospheric haze to your photos, and get more precise control over white and black levels when making local adjustments.
Better viewing experience on Windows HiDPI displays

Photoshop CC for Windows now supports HiDPI screens, so you get more pixels and sharper image displays. Previously released as a technology preview, HiDPI support now turns on automatically when the app detects a HiDPI screen.
Simplify complex 3D models

Easily reduce the resolution of 3D models to boost Photoshop performance and to extend the reach of your high-quality 3D content to tablets, smartphones and other devices.
Automatically generate bump maps from images

Automatically generate more accurate bump/normal maps from textures in photographs. Also, easily control the height and depth of the emboss/deboss generated from the bump/normal maps you add to the surface of 3D models.
Easily print your 3D content

Produce print-ready 3D PDF and SVX files, and submit print jobs to 3D Hubs from directly within Photoshop CC for quick and easy access to local 3D printing service providers.

Photoshop CC (2014.2)
OCT 06 2014

Creative Cloud Libraries

Browse and access your favorite creative assets — images, colors, type styles, brushes, and more — in new libraries that are available in Photoshop, Illustrator, and mobile apps like Sketch and Draw. Libraries sync to Creative Cloud so you always have the files you need, right when you need them.
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Extract Assets

Easily extract optimized image assets from layers and save them to various formats and resolutions, including SVG, using the simple, visual Extract Assets interface built on top of Adobe Generator. Generate either individual or real-time, auto-updated extractions tailored to your workflow.
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Improved guides

Quickly create multiple guides at one time — no more having to create or drag out each guide individually. Accurately set the width and margins of multiple columns or rows, and even save guides as presets.
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Support for Windows touch devices

Get a more interactive experience on Windows 8.1 touch devices now that you can use pinch, zoom, pan, and rotate gestures.

Rigging and animation data from COLLADA files

Now Photoshop CC can interpret rigging and animation data from COLLADA files, so you can play the animations directly within Photoshop and pose characters by pausing the animation where you want.
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Support for 3D PDF files

Export your 3D designs from Photoshop as 3D files so colleagues and clients can easily view, comment on, and manipulate them in Adobe Acrobat.
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New 3D printer profiles

Get support for additional 3D printers and printing service providers, including i.Materialise and new MakerBot printers.

SVG export

Export SVG graphics using new Extract Assets and Adobe Generator. Output includes path information, layer style information, and more for content that will scale beautifully in any browser.
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Mercury Graphics Engine performance boost

Focus Mask works up to three times faster and Content-Aware technology works up to 12 times faster thanks to a performance boost from the Mercury Graphics Engine.

And so much more

Also includes: a padding option for selections, a new Flame pattern script, and more.
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Photoshop CC (2014.1)
AUG 05 2014

Expanded 3D printing support

Create print-ready 3D files for a broader range of printers and service providers. Photoshop now supports the fifth generation MakerBot Replicator 3D printer and Japanese online 3D printing service

Support for more 3D file formats

Broaden your 3D workflow with support for new file formats, including VRML, U3D, PLY, and IGES. Photoshop includes better integration with CAD workflows, improved support for 3D scanners, and more.

Streamlined 3D painting

Improvements in Photoshop make painting your 3D models faster and easier.

Optimized 3D printing resources

Easily layout multiple 3D objects on a single print bed to maximize the efficiency of your print run.

3D printing workflow improvements

Load assemblies in Photoshop. Add depth and texture to surfaces more easily with normal maps and bump maps made from pictures. Get more accurate previews and higher fidelity mesh repair.

And so much more

Also included: line/point ray tracing; the ability to disable ray trace preview in the 3D Print Settings dialog; and more.

Photoshop CC

All-new Smart Sharpen
Photoshop Extended features included
Intelligent upsampling
Adobe Camera Raw as a filter
Adobe Camera Raw 8
Editable rounded rectangles and other shapes
Multiple shape and path selection
Improved 3D painting
Camera Shake Reduction
Smart Object support for Blur Gallery and Liquify
Mercury Graphics Engine
Content-Aware Patch and Content-Aware Move
On-canvas 3D controls at your fingertips

Photoshop CS6 (13.0.5/Mac Perpetual License Updates Now Available

Today we released Photoshop update version 13.0.5 (for Macintosh perpetual license customers) and (for Windows perpetual license customers). This release corrects a number of issues.

The new version for Creative Cloud customers, Photoshop CC, will be release on June 17th – and will include any fixes that aren’t already in version 13.1.2 along along with all the new features.

How to get the Update

In Photoshop, choose Help > Updates…

If you need help with installing the update, please post questions on the Photoshop User to User forums

Notable bugs fixed (Mac & Win)

When a transformed type layer’s point size is changed, the end result should be as if there was no transform (like CS5):
When moving a type layer with a free transform active, the size of the font changes to non-integer values:
Notable Macintosh specific bugs fixed

Clicking a Pop-up window in a Flash extension panel does not work and/or cause Photoshop to crash
Info panel displays incorrect value for adjustment layers inside groups:
Restore View>Print Size menu command and Zoom tool right-click context menu
Legacy actions fail due to layer merge naming change:
Black & White adjustment layer scrubby slider does not work if in a layer group
Arrow keys stop working during text edit using the Type tool:
Custom icons for Flash extension panels are not displayed after changing the Interface color theme
Notable Windows specific bugs fixed

Photoshop fails to launch on a limited user account system due to locked default scratch disk
Pen tool input doesn’t draw correctly
Improved Windows 8 tablet support.

The Adobe Photoshop update includes many critical fixes improving security, stability and performance while also addressing a number of high priority bugs with 3D, Crop, Type, Painting, Paths, and Shapes.

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Enhance your creativity and boost your productivity. Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 software delivers blazingly fast performance with the new Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine*, groundbreaking new Content-Aware tools, reengineered design tools, and more.

Content-Aware Patch
Patch images with greater control using Content-Aware Patch, which allows you to choose the area that Content-Aware will use to create your patch.
More about Content-Aware Patch ›

Mercury Graphics Engine
See near-instant results when editing with key tools such as Liquify and Puppet Warp. The new Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine delivers unprecedented responsiveness for a fluid feel as you work.*
More about Mercury Graphics Engine ›

New and reengineered design tools
Create superior designs faster. Get consistent formatting with type styles, use vector layers to apply strokes and add gradients to vector objects, easily create custom strokes and dashed lines, quickly search layers, and more.

New Blur Gallery
Quickly create photographic blur effects using a simple new interface with on-image controls. Create tilt-shift effects, blur everything and then sharpen one focal point, or vary the blurriness between multiple focal points. The Mercury Graphics Engine delivers immediate results.*

All-new Crop tool
Crop images faster and with greater precision using the all-new, nondestructive Crop tool. Rapidly manipulate your images on canvas and see your adjustments happen live thanks to the Mercury Graphics Engine.*

Modern user interface
Work with a fresh, elegant interface featuring dark background options that make your images pop, and benefit from hundreds of design touches that create a smoother, more consistent editing experience.

Intuitive video creation
Bring Photoshop editing power to your video footage. Easily enhance any clip using the full range of familiar Photoshop tools, and then create movies using an intuitive set of video tools.

Preset migration and sharing
Easily migrate your presets, workspaces, preferences, and settings so you can experience Photoshop in the same way on all your computers, share your setup, and bring your customizations from past versions into Photoshop CS6.

Adaptive Wide Angle
Easily straighten objects that appear curved in panoramas or photos shot with fisheye or wide-angle lenses. New on-canvas tools use the physical characteristics of individual lenses to automatically correct curvatures, and the Mercury Graphics Engine gives you near-instant results.

Background Save
Keep working even while saving the largest of Photoshop files in the background — a performance improvement that can help your productivity soar.

Let the auto-recovery option work behind the scenes to save your edits without interrupting your progress. A copy of your work is saved every 10 minutes and recovered in the event of an unexpected shutdown.

Improved auto corrections
Quickly enhance your images with improved Auto Curves, Levels, and Brightness/Contrast controls. Intelligence from thousands of hand-retouched images is built in to give you a better starting point for making adjustments.

Adobe Camera Raw 7
Bring out the best in your JPEG and raw files with improved processing and an enhanced control set; reveal every detail in the highlights of an image while still retaining rich detail in the shadows; and much more.
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Content-Aware Move
Move or extend a selected object to another area of your image, and then watch as Content-Aware Move magically recomposes and blends the object for a stunning visual result.
Skin tone–aware selections and masking
Create precise selections and masks, enabling you to easily adjust or preserve skin tones; easily select intricate image elements, such as hair or faces; and more.
Revolutionary erodible brushes
Draw more naturally and realistically using drawing tips that erode as you work. Endlessly wear down and sharpen a charcoal pencil or pastel to create different effects, and save favorite blunted tips as presets.
Scripted Patterns
Generate geometric pattern fills faster with new Scripted Patterns.
Support for more camera models
Use the Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 7 plug-in with images from just about any camera. The plug-in supports more than 350 camera models.
10-bit deep color support
Get a more accurate representation of how your images will appear in film with 10-bit monitor support. See just the pixels you've captured, reduce or eliminate the need for dithering, and reduce contouring or banding.†
Support for 3D LUTs
Retouch images for film more easily with 3D look-up tables (LUTs) — including Adobe SpeedGrade™ .Look color LUTs — that you can turn on when you need to tweak raw color data.
Type styles
Save time and help ensure a consistent look with type styles, which let you apply formatting to selected characters, lines, or paragraphs of text with a single click.
Vector layers
Use vector layers to apply strokes and even add gradients to vector objects.
Sharper vector rendering
Get sharper rendering by clicking once to snap the edges of vector objects to pixels.
Custom strokes and dashed lines
Easily create custom strokes and dashed lines.
Layer search
Use layer search capabilities to quickly zero in on the layer you need.
Lighting Effects Gallery
Get better performance and results with the new, 64-bit Lighting Effects Gallery. The plug-in is powered by the Mercury Graphics Engine and offers on-canvas controls and previews that make it easier to visualize your lighting enhancements.*
Oil Painting filter
Quickly give your work the look of a fine painting with the Oil Painting filter powered by the Mercury Graphics Engine. Control the style of your brush as well as the direction and shine of your lighting for a superior look.
Airbrush tips
Create realistic airbrush effects using fluid, lifelike controls and granular paint particles.
New painting presets
Simplify painting with new presets that offer a good starting point for creating realistic painting effects.
Properties panel
Save time with a context-sensitive Properties panel that lets you make quick updates to the properties of your masks, adjustments, and video layers.
Adobe Bridge CS6
Organize and manage your media visually using Adobe Bridge CS6 software. This integrated application delivers fast performance with cross-platform 64-bit support.
Redesigned Adobe Mini Bridge
Access your images and documents more quickly and easily in Adobe Mini Bridge, redesigned as an elegant filmstrip.
Enhanced TIFF support
Work with a larger range of TIFF files. Enhanced TIFF support allows for greater bit depths and larger file sizes.
Automatic resampling
Get great results when resizing an image — the best resample method is automatically selected.
Filler text
Save time with the ability to insert "Lorem ipsum" filler text when working with type.
Increased maximum brush sizes
Edit and paint with brush sizes all the way up to 5000px.

Adobe Photoshop 12.0.4 update for Adobe Photoshop CS5

For convenience and reliability, we highly recommend that you apply this update directly from within Photoshop. To do so, choose Help > Updates in Photoshop CS5 and apply all of the updates listed under Adobe Photoshop CS5 in the Adobe Application Manager.

This update applies to all languages EXCEPT Middle Eastern, North African French and Greek.

The 12.0.4 update enables specially designed apps on tablets, smartphones, and PCs to communicate with and control interaction with Photoshop CS5 (Located in the File menu: Remote Connections). Now you can be creative on other devices and instantly incorporate what you create into Photoshop. You must install the 12.0.4 update to activate a remote connection between Photoshop CS5 and any apps that Adobe or third-party developers create to interact with Photoshop. For example, Photoshop CS5 must be updated to 12.0.4 to interact with three new iPad apps that Adobe has designed to work with it - Adobe Nav, Adobe Color Lava, and Adobe Eazel. Available on the App Store.

The 12.0.4 update also fixes liquify performance, type related crashes, and other top customer issues. The most significant fixes include the following:
• A number of potential security vulnerabilities have been addressed.
• Liquify save mesh now works as expected.
• An issue with Sharpen crashing has been fixed.
• An issue with Quick Selection crashing has been fixed.
• The Orphea Studio File Info issue has been resolved.

Adobe Photoshop 12.0.3 update for Adobe Photoshop CS5

For convenience and reliability, we highly recommend that you apply this update directly from within Photoshop. To do so, choose "Help > Updates..." in Photoshop CS5 and apply all the necessary updates that are available.

Applies to all languages EXCEPT Middle Eastern, North African and Greek.

The Adobe Photoshop 12.0.3 update fixes a number of high priority bugs including tool tips on Windows XP, painting performance and type-related issues. This update is recommended for all Windows users.

The most significant fixes in the Photoshop 12.0.3 update include the following:

-- Windows XP tool tip font issue introduced by 12.0.2
-- A number of potential security vulnerabilities have been addressed
-- Top type and font crashers found in the field have been addressed
-- A number of performance issues have been addressed
-- Crash opening 3D layers has been addressed
-- Color Engine crash has been resolved
-- Intermittent file format issues addressed
-- Shift scrolling bug fixed
-- Sharpen crasher fixed
-- Marching ants not seen at certain zoom levels fixed
-- Metadata focus distance issue addressed
-- File info bug addressed for Orphea Studio jpg's
-- TWAIN crashers fixed
-- Brush cursor bug fixed
-- Histogram progress bar issue fixed
-- Droplet issues addressed

Adobe Photoshop 12.0.2 update for Adobe Photoshop CS5

Applies to all languages EXCEPT Middle Eastern, North African and Greek.

The Adobe Photoshop 12.0.2 update fixes a number of high priority bugs including painting performance and type-related issues.

The most significant fixes in the Photoshop 12.0.2 update include the following:

— A number of potential security vulnerabilities have been addressed
— Top type and font crashers found in the field have been addressed
— A number of performance issues have been addressed
— Crash opening 3D layers has been addressed
— Color Engine crash has been resolved
— Intermittent file format issues addressed
— Shift scrolling bug fixed
— Sharpen crasher fixed
— Marching ants not seen at certain zoom levels fixed
— Metadata focus distance issue addressed
— File info bug addressed for Orphea Studio jpg files
— TWAIN crashers fixed
— Brush cursor bug fixed
— Histogram progress bar issue fixed
— Droplet issues addressed

What's new in Photoshop CS5

Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 software redefines digital imaging with a strong focus on photography; breakthrough capabilities for superior image selections, image retouching, and realistic painting; and a wide range of workflow and performance enhancements.

* For photography
* For design projects

For photography

Get precise results when making complex selections, remove any image element and see the space fill in almost magically, and create stunning photo-realistic or surreal HDR images.

PlayComplex selections made easy
Complex selections made easy new

Select specific areas within an image in fewer clicks. Easily select intricate image elements, such as hair; eliminate background color around selection edges; and automatically vary selection edges and perfect masks using new refinement tools.

Take a closer lookContent-Aware Fill
Content-Aware Fill new

Remove any image detail or object and watch as Content-Aware Fill magically fills in the space left behind. This breakthrough technology matches lighting, tone, and noise so it looks as if the removed content never existed.

Take a closer lookSuperior HDR imaging
Superior HDR imaging enhanced

Create photo-realistic or surreal HDR images with unprecedented speed, control, and accuracy. Get better-than-ever results thanks to automatic ghost removal and greater control with tone mapping and adjustments, and even give single-exposure photos the look of HDR.

Take a closer lookExtraordinary painting effects
Extraordinary painting effects new

Easily change a photograph into a painting or create unique artistic effects with the Mixer Brush, which offers on-canvas color blending, and Bristle Tips, which let you create lifelike, textured brush strokes.

Close lookAutomatic lens correction
Automatic lens correction new

Save time with automatic correction of lens distortions, chromatic aberration, and vignetting. Photoshop CS5 uses an image file's EXIF data to make precise adjustments based on the type of camera and lens you used.

Close lookBetter media management
Better media management enhanced

Easily manage media with more flexible batch renaming, and access your assets in the context of what you're working on by using the customizable Adobe Mini Bridge panel in Photoshop.

Take a closer lookStreamlined creative reviews
Streamlined creative reviews new

Use Adobe CS Review, part of new Adobe CS Live online services,* to initiate a more secure review without leaving Photoshop. Reviewers can add comments to your images from their browsers, and you see the comments appear automatically on your screen. CS Live services are complimentary for a limited time.

Workspace Switcher live workspaces
Easier UI management new

Use the collapsible Workspace Switcher to quickly navigate and choose among favorite UI configurations. Live workspaces automatically record your UI changes so panels will remain in place even if you switch away for a while.
Enjoy tight integration with Lightroom

Tight integration with Photoshop Lightroom

Easily manage, edit, and showcase your images in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® and roundtrip back to Photoshop for pixel-level editing and compositing.
Learn more

Close lookState-of-the-art raw image processing
State-of-the-art raw image processing enhanced

Use the Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 6 plug-in to nondestructively remove image noise while preserving color and detail; add grain to make digital photos look more organic; enjoy more control as you perform post-crop vignetting; and more.

Take a closer lookPuppet Warp
Puppet Warp new

Precisely reposition any image element to create a more visually appealing photo. For example, easily straighten an arm that's bent at an awkward angle.

Efficient workflow
Efficient workflow enhanced

Enjoy productivity and creativity boosts thanks to dozens of features and enhancements requested by Photoshop users. Straighten images automatically, pick colors from an onscreen color picker, adjust the opacity of many layers at once, and more.

Faster performance across platforms
Faster performance across platforms enhanced

Speed up day-to-day imaging tasks and process very large images up to ten times faster by taking advantage of cross-platform 64-bit support. (Requires a 64-bit-capable computer with a 64-bit version of Mac OS, Microsoft® Windows® 7, or Windows Vista®. Actual performance varies depending on amount of RAM, driver types, and other factors.)

New GPU-accelerated features
New GPU-accelerated features new

Take advantage of GPU-enabled enhancements to everyday tools. Crop with the Rule of Thirds grid; zoom with click-and-scrub functionality; and sample colors with better visualization and the onscreen color picker.

Superior black-and-white conversion
Superior black-and-white conversion enhanced

Explore an endless variety of black-and-white looks. Use the integrated Lab B&W Action to interactively color images, create gorgeous HDR black-and-whites with greater ease and speed, and experiment with new presets.

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