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These guides describes how to capture analog or digital video.

Capture articles
How to capture TV/Video AND stream/broadcast over internet/lan
How to capture Video, TV,Cam using a TV-Card/Videocard with Video-in
How to capture using a ATI All-In-Wonder or other ATIs Capture Cards.
How to capture Analog Video using a Digital Camcorder.
How to capture/copy DV/HDV using a firewire/DV/iLink card.
How to capture/copy HDTV and DVB(Digital Video BroadCast/DigitalTV)

 How to capture Analog Video using a Digital Camcorder.

How to capture Analog Video using a Digital Camcorder

Many people have 8mm/Hi8 tapes (and even VHS tapes) filled with movies that we recorded with our analog camcorders. There is concern is that the tapes will degrade with time so there is a desire to "digitize" the material, perhaps producing VCD or DVDs which can be played on standalone DVD players.


How to capture Analog Video using a Digital Camcorder.

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