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Zenith DVB412

4 user region code comments

July 25, 2007 Post region code/hack comment
PostOther hack posted by stamasd, July 27 2004:

VCD and SVCD playback enable for the DVB-412

Basically the same hack used for the DVB-312 works, with a few notes.

1. Power up unit with no disk in the tray
2. After "no disc" shows on the front display, press PAUSE on the remote
3. Press in order: 1, 4, 7, 2 on the remote (short keypresses). A new screen will show up, EEPROM settings with a green background
4. Write down the EEPROM string for backup/restore purposes in case you screw up. My string was 55 53 00 45 02 55 64 FF (compare with the default string of the 312, which is 55 53 00 45 14 55 64 FF).
5. To enable VCD playback, move the cursor to the "45" (4th group of characters from the left; use the remote up/down arrows to move right/left) and enter "46" or "47" instead, then press ENTER to commit
6. To enable SVCD playback, move the cursor to the "64" field (second from the right) and enter "FE" instead. To enter "F" press "6" on the remote and keep pressed. To enter "E" press "5" on the remote and keep pressed. After you're finished entering "FE" press ENTER on the remote to commit
7. Press PAUSE on the remote to exit the EEPROM screen
8. Power off, then power on again the player
9. It now plays SVCDs and/or VCDs depending on the codes you entered.

The final EEPROM strings with both VCD and SVCD enabled are:
55 53 00 46 02 55 FE FF and
55 53 00 47 02 55 FE FF
(either works)

NB the replacement of 64 by FE was in the past wrongly labeled as Macrovision hack. That's not true. What it really does is enable SVCD playback. If you only do the #5 above, you'll only get VCD playback. If you only do the #6 above, you'll only get SVCD playback. If you do both, you'll get VCD and SVCD playback.

(SVCD playback was especially important to me because I have several hundreds of them - mostly TV shows recorded on my TiVo, then exported to the PC and converted to SVCD)

The other hack for the DVB-312 also works on the 412 (see the configuration screen):
1. press SETUP on the remote
2. Go to "TV Aspect" and move the cursor to "16:9"
3. Press in order: 1, 3, 9, 7, 1, 3, 9 on the remote, then press ENTER

The info showing on that screen for the DVB-412 is:

Model: Zenith ZV8020001
Region: 1
Chip ID: M3355A-B
Servo ver: S101_43180
Microcom ver: V1.50A MP
PROM: 55 53 00 45 02 55 64 FF
Factory reset... done...
(the PROM I listed above is before the VCD/SVCD hack)

FWIW, I bought this unit at Circuit City on 7/23/2004

PostRegion code hack posted by srikanth, June 27 2005:

The link given above has changed. Please use the link given below to hack DVT 412. I tried it and it worked. You can read the readme.txt file after downloading file for further instructions.

PostRegion code hack posted by JB, July 15 2005:

MAC USERS: find a PC buddy to make your CD for you. After a dozen failed
attempts -- each resulting in the Zenith thinking my burned CD was either a
MP3 or JPEG disc -- I tried burning from the Wintel box. Worked on the very first

It likely has something to do with the Mac filesystem and the unzipping of the
files. I don't know what changed, but it hoses up the files/folders somehow.

Model: DVT-412, purchased June 2005 from Circuit City.

PostRegion code posted by flashcode, July 25 2007:

This is an observation regarding the "hack" for System Information (Setup - TV Aspect - 16:9 - 1397139 - Enter). What happens in the new models is that it also resets the system to default, which means any modifications previously done will be lost. So, do not try to see if that "0" code you entered for Region Free is there because it will not.

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