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Zenith DVB312

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May 13, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostOther hack posted by Shagey, May 16 2003:

VCD (tested) and Macrovision(not tested)hacks

1) Power up with NO cd in the drive
2) Press PAUSE
3) Press 1472
4) At the EEPROM screen write down the code for backup (Mine was 55 53 00 45 14 55 64 FF)

**Use the left and right arrows on the remote to move
**Press the number keys on the remote for number entry
**Press and hold numbers 1 thru 6 for letter entry

5a)If you want to enable VCD AND disable Macrovision:
Enter: 55 53 00 47 14 55 FE FF
OR: 55 53 00 46 14 55 FE FF

5b)If you want to enable VCD without messing with Macrovision:
Enter: 55 53 00 47 14 55 64 FF
OR: 55 53 00 46 14 55 64 FF

6) Press PAUSE to exit the EEPROM screen
7) Press POWER to turn the unit off
8) Press POWER to turn the unit on
9) Insert VCD disk
10)Press PLAY when ready

PostOther hack posted by Typorir, May 27 2003:

This hack (word word and code for code) also works for the Allegro ABV341

PostOther hack posted by The One, May 28 2003:

The above hack doesn't work for me; pressing pause (from both the remote and front panel) for me doesn't do anything other then report that there is no disk. The back of my unit is marked April 2003; perhaps the hack was removed in a newer revision of the firmware then the orignal poster has.

PostRegion code hack posted by Sarah, May 29 2003:

The above "pause - 1472" VCD, SVCD hack works on my February 2003 model. I discovered that the "Setup - TV Aspect - 16:9 - 1397139 - enter" hack detailed for other models also works to display the System Information on this unit.

Mine is:

Model - Zenith (ZV70001)
Region No. 1
Chip ID MT1379
Main Ver D192
Sub Ver 0004
Servo Ver D165
Micom Ver V.1.9
Prom Option 55 53 00 47 14 55 FE FF
Factory Reset .. Done ..

As you can see I've applied the S/VCD hack and it works perfectly.

The pause - 314159 region hack doesn't work at all on this machine. I've messed with lots of different values on the prom options and tried endless combinations of codes to find a region option. I guess there must be a code but I haven't found it. If I do I'll post it! My guess is that it's there, since other hacks do work, but they've changed the magic numbers. I'm working on patterns, since all the Zenith codes seem to be up and down, diagonal or round in squares on the remote...

Anyone know what the PBC option is - it appears once you have enabled SVCD? Obviously the manual doesn't mention it.

Good luck and thanks to all the dedicated hackers out there.

PostOther hack posted by Scanman0, June 25 2003:

Just biught 4 of them from Circuit City. They are dated on the outside box March 3002. Both the Region code/Macrovision and Info screen hack work great.

PostRegion code hack posted by Kaspar, June 29 2003:

The above hack by Sarah works most of the time but it's not perfect. This does work:-

Put in the "wrong region" disk

When it says "check region code" press DISPLAY

Press PAUSE - 3 - 1 - 4 - 1 - 5 - 9 - 0 - PLAY
Don't leave it too long between presses.

Press MENU. The menu should appear and you're in.

Actually almost any 6 digits followed by zero works, I don't know quite what's happening here but it seems OK most times. If a disc is really stubborn, powering off and restarting usually fixes it.

PostOther hack posted by student of da trade, July 03 2003:

VCD (tested)
1) Power up with NO cd in the drive
2) Press PAUSE
3) Press 1472
4) At the EEPROM screen write down the code for backup (Mine was 55 53 00 45 14 55 64 FF)

**Use the left and right arrows on the remote to move
**Press the number keys on the remote for number entry
**Press and hold numbers 1 thru 6 for letter entry

5a)If you want to enable VCD AND disable Macrovision:
Enter: 55 53 00 47 14 55 FE FF
OR: 55 53 00 46 14 55 FE FF

5b)If you want to enable VCD without messing with Macrovision:
Enter: 55 53 00 47 14 55 64 FF
OR: 55 53 00 46 14 55 64 FF

6) Press PAUSE to exit the EEPROM screen
7) Press POWER to turn the unit off
8) Press POWER to turn the unit on
9) Insert VCD disk
10)Press PLAY when ready

Bought at Circuit City 79.00 June 30 2003

PostOther hack posted by Ben Bertlin, July 20 2003:

PBC stands for "PlayBackControl" and enables the use of menus and chapters for VCDs/SVCDs/CVDs.

PostRegion code hack posted by metrazal, September 02 2003:

Yet to find a valid region hack for the DVB312. Macrovision, everything else.. works. Any help on this?



PostOther hack posted by geedavey, September 18 2003:

I purchased mine from Circuit City in September with a July 2003 manufacture date. I tested Macrovision with the Shrek DVD, which showed dark bands on another DVD player. On this one there were no Macrovision artifacts, even after I returned it to the factory settings. (= Not conclusive.)

HOWEVER: a disk full of mpeg files that my old APEX player saw as VCD files was not playable on this unit. After applying the VCD hack, the menu didn't change--all I saw was MP3-WMA and JPEG options, and neither one would play my mpegs. (=Failure.) I'm returning it.

PostOther hack posted by Rob, September 30 2003:

On my player VCD hack works great, but Macrovision hack does not work (Monsters, Inc. DVD still goes from light to dark). Player is dated May 2003. Otherwise a decent player, plays everything (including VCD after the hack),even CDRW. Couldn't beat the price (68.99 at Circuit City on sale) for a progressive scan machine!

PostRegion code posted by WinterRose, November 11 2003:

Well, I just snagged my DVB312 at Circuit City (for 69.95) And tried the macrovision code. At first I thought it might've worked. I tested it with the double DVD of The Shining (the ABC version) and it was working. However, I'd just taped Rose Red on my Go Video from tape to tape successfully. So I suspected the Shining DVD may not have been macro encoded.

I've never come across a Dreamworks release that wasn't macro-encoded on VHS, so I tested with both the

55 53 00 47 14 55 FE FF

and the

55 53 00 46 14 55 FE FF

codes inputted over my original code:

55 53 00 45 14 55 64 00

Both codes yielded negative results with The Haunting (Dreamworks) on my machine, dated August 2003 on the back of the unit.

It would seem that the value 64 to FE was the bit that did the Macrovision Code. since that's the only thing that changes between the VCD only and VCD & Macrovision versions of the hack for this machine. Of course I may be talking out of my butt. I don't know the first thing about hexing or hacking. (Oh yeah. Like a photoshop artist would know how to code. Shyeah, right...)

Some of you have mentioned that you were actively looking for a hack for this one. Have any of you managed to come up with a verified version for the Zenith DVB312 that disables Macrovision? That's what I got the unit for. Not the VCD's...

PostRegion code hack posted by mitch, November 15 2003:

The abovementioned region hacks no longer appear to work... My box was purchased November 15, and is not reacting to the 'display' button.

When I get the region error message, I hit 'display' on the remote and absolutely nothing happens as a result.

This is a disaster, as I only own region 2 DVDs! :(

Again, before you buy one of these units, the region hack does not work!

PostOther hack posted by tim, December 02 2003:

Cannot get the player to read SVCD after the above listed hack (1st post). Any others to try?

PostRegion code posted by Jay, December 10 2003:

Just purchased Zenith DVB312c and pause, 1472 brings up eeprom sceen nothing like others mentioned:
43 41 00 47 14 55 74 FF
Like others mentioned, I only want macrovision hack because I run it through my vcr. Anyone seen such an unusual eeprom dump and change it to ??? to be macrovision free?

PostRegion code hack posted by Buddy, December 19 2003:

Just got my DVB312 (manufactured September 2203) from Circuit City and tried all region hacks mentioned here to play my region 2 DVDs success!!!
After I got the message "Check Regional Code" on the TV and an "ERROR" on the player itself, I pressed and nothing happened at all, no yellow box, just nothing
Of cause I followed all further steps anyway, but still without success.

I bring it back tomorrow, I have just too many European DVDs...

PostRegion code hack posted by Buddy, December 19 2003:

OK, finally i made it !!!
While reading some other hacks for Zenith DVD players here (just search for Zenith) I come alonge the following link:
unzip the file and burn the new directory on a CD (even a CD-RW is ok) and put it into your DVB312...
This is originally for an LG5000 player but works on other Zenith players as well - so on mine!
It's so easy and works permanent :-)

...and the VCD hack published in this thread works well also:
My original code : 55 53 00 45 14 55 64 00
I changed to : 55 53 00 47 14 55 64 00

Good luck guys!

PostOther hack posted by Sarah, December 23 2003:

Hello again
So near - but not quite.
I was excited by the CD hack reported by Buddy but it doesn't work on my machine (details as in my earlier posts). I burned the CD exactly as described and popped it in. A screen appears telling me I'm currently Region 1 and "Code 1" appears in the LCD display. I can input any region with the remote. The screen tells me to "Press PAUSE to exist" (sic), well I already exist, so I guess it means exit. OK, all looks good. "Code 0" appears on the LCD. But nothing has actually happened. The machine still refuses anything but R1 discs. Running the CD again shows it's still Region 1 according to the EEPROM.

I've tried powering off, unplugging, pressing ENTER (and lots of other keys after 0 as well as or instead of PAUSE) and generally fugging around but the player always reverts to Region 1. Choosing Region 2 or any other has the same lack of effect. So unless I'm being more than usually blonde this CD hack looks like it's nearly right but not quite on my model at least. The DISPLAY hack still works on a DVD by DVD basis. Anyone else get the CD to work? Am I doing something stupid? Thanks!

PostOther hack posted by John Miles, December 27 2003:

Just a note to add to the above hack for playing VCDs and SVCDs. After I applied the hack and put in a VCD, I still got the "Check Disk" message. I had to press "1" (any other number seemed to work as well) on the remote to enable Playback Control, and then press enter to play the disk.

Controls such as pause and fast-foward seemed to be disabled, and for some reason, a small white line remained at the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Also, if I left the DVD player idle for too long, the screen saver would kick in, as it would if the DVD player were left at the startup screen. I could prevent this by pressing one of the arrow buttons every few minutes.

Hope this helps. I was on the verge of returning this player before I discovered this, because I'm working on getting a lot of stuff transferred to SVCD for archival purposes and I like to be able to watch it away from my computer.

PostOther hack posted by PNoy, January 01 2004:

The VCD works great, but I can't get the SVCD working. I got my player in October, so I thought the hack might just be out of date for my machine.

Anybody know?

PostOther hack posted by zippy, January 05 2004:

The CD hack mentioned by buddy on Dec 19th works! An older Zenith sold seems to have some of the hacks left in (I can use the simple display button hack on that), but on newer machines sold in the past few months, they seem to have removed all these hacks (I know, I tried them all!). The CD seems to fix it though (I tried this with region 1 & region 2 discs).

One thing to note, some DVDs won't work on region 0. They REQUIRE that the region is set to 1,2 etc..., so although region 0 will work for most discs, you may need to insert the CD once more to swap to a specific region.

PostRegion code hack posted by John, January 05 2004:

The hacks listed on here for multi-region capability do not apply players built September 2003 onwards.

PostRegion code hack posted by Sarah, January 07 2004:

As others have had success with Buddy's CD hack, I tried again and again and again... Like I said before, my February 2003 machine came up with the right screen but wouldn't change regions. I'd been loading the CD, pressing ZERO, ENTER/SELECT, lots of other buttons, opening the tray, reloading and watching it claim still to be Region 1. I was about to give up (again) when I suddenly noticed that it was now claiming to be Region 0 on the EEPROM. So the CD did work, eventually, I'm just not 100% sure what I pressed and in what order - I was stabbing at buttons in random fashion because nothing was working. I know I didn't press "Pause", I think it was just 0 then Enter and Open Tray. I'd done that loads of times without any success before. The bottom line I guess is to keep trying.

This unit is actually very good quality with internal conversion between PAL(several variants) and NTSC and it plays RCE dics perfectly when set to Region 0. It plays +/-/R/RW, SVCD and VCD with the hack, I haven't had cause to test the Macrovision hack. Since setting it to R0 I've not had a single disc refuse to play. The picture quality and colour purity is better than my Panasonic, which cost twice as much. The styling is great too. The only complaints I have are that very occasionally it develops a rhythmic squeak with some discs, and also very occasionally it turns itself back on when you turn it off. When this happens you have to unplug to reset it.

Now I've got a complete fix I won't need to come back here, so good luck to everyone and I'm glad that my "Display" hack helped people until the proper fix came along. Now I'm off to find a hack for another player... :-))

Sarah xx

PostRegion code hack posted by Maus, January 08 2004:

September 2003 is not a cut off for hacking this player. My DVD player is dated October 2003, and the manual hacks listed here do not work. The hack posted by Buddy on December 19, 203 DOES work on this player (at least to set it to zone-free).
unzip the file and burn the new directory on a CD (even a CD-RW is ok) and put it into your DVB312...

PostRegion code hack posted by werm, January 12 2004:

I just purchased the DVB312 from Circuit City today (1.13.04). As far as the (S)VCD and Macrovision remote hack goes, I have some insight. I haven't tested the macrovision portion of the hack but I did test with VCDs and SVCDs. The hacked eprom list is as follows:
"Macrovision and VCD":
55 53 00 47 14 55 FE FF
Just VCD:
55 53 00 47 14 55 00 FF

After putting in the VCD only hack, VCD playback was fine, but SVCDs did not work. I tried both hacks (using either a 46 or 47 in the above codes) and SVCD playback did not work. After reading several people report that the SVCD playback was enabled with the code but that macrovision didn't work, I decided to put the macrovision code in, and what do you know, SVCD playback is enabled.

I suspect that the hacks should be labeled:
55 53 00 47 14 55 FE FF
55 53 00 47 14 55 00 FF

Oh, just a note for dumb people like me, to input an 'A' press and hold the 1 button, b = press and hold 2, ...

And the region hack from buddy worked perfect. Burn the disc with the RMTM0000 directory in the root of the disc, pop it in, hit '0' and then i hit either play or pause or select and the 1 on the line below was replaced with a 0 and now my region 2 and 4 discs play perfect. PAL conversion is good too.

PostRegion code posted by Ronnie-O, January 15 2004:

Purchased DVB312 on Jan 13,2004. Tried all above for macrovision, none seem to work. Manufacture date August 2003. When I access eprom I show not only the 7 codes everyone describes but an additional 7 sets of "00". Tried manipulating them but variations are infinite. Help would be appreciated.

PostRegion code hack posted by dvdtechman, January 15 2004:

follow link and follow instructions

PostOther hack posted by D, January 15 2004:

Hey, I just got my XBS245 from FedEx (kick ass home theater system with DVD/VCR) and that VCD hack worked! I was reading the hacks for all other Zenith and LG DVD's and I guess they all have the same programs or hardware cuz they all use the same hacks. I think Zenith is part of LG or the other way around. I'm taking this to Mexico with me, cuz I study over there, so when I get over there I'll try out the region hack, if that doesn't work I don't know about trying the firmware(burning the CD) cuz I heard that it might mess up your DVD player PERMANENTLY if it's not the right one.

PostRegion code posted by D, January 19 2004:

Try the macrovision hack.

PostOther hack posted by buzzsaw, January 27 2004:

werm is right. Finally got SVCD working for my August 2003 model with using the hack:

55 53 00 47 14 55 FE FF

Didn't test the region stuff but this player is taking all of my SVCD's now. Very happy, thanks Werm!

PostOther hack posted by Los, February 06 2004:

Hacked worked for VCD/SVCD play back on Septemeber 2003 model. Haven't tried Macrovision yet but used code 55 53 00 47 14 55 FE FF.

PostOther hack posted by Mike Brown, February 06 2004:

VCD Hack

I applied the hack and now my player recognizes my VCD and SVCD disks. Unfortunately, with a VCD disk, it only flashes a black screen and returns to the Zenith screen. With a SVCD, the unit says PBC On on the front panel and Play is disabled. Any suggestions?

PostRegion code hack posted by JJ, February 09 2004:

Just want to get a feedback for those who have applied the LG5000 CD software hack. Is your machine still working perfectly? Any problem so far? I just want to get a feedback first before applying the CD hack on my machine.

PostOther hack posted by girlie, March 02 2004:

I just wanted to thank everyone who has added information to this forum. I tried downloading the firmware to a CD but it didn't work for me so I thought I'd try the remote hack again and...with a little luck, it did! I had to play with how long or how short you press the buttons, though.

PostOther hack posted by R|t, March 10 2004:

Just a side note on this player. I have tried three of them out - one from september 03 one from november 03' and the last one is january 2004..

None of the above hacks for killing macrovision work (using the remote) on any of these units I tried.

my biggest gripe is that they all (all three that I tested) would not play the first 1-2 seconds of any track on an audio cd! Now, I brought these same CD's I tried down to the store where I bought this unit and tried them on the floor model (built febuary 03') this floor unit worked just fine with all the audio cds I tried.

On another note, there is an obvious difference on the VIDEO out menus. the floor model had a completely different layout for the menu system than all 3 of the units I bought (and returned) which leads me to realize that Zenith has upgraded (or downgraded in this case) the nature of the firmware. consequently there are no downloadable firmware versions available?! What's up with that shit? Gee thanks for offering updates yet not offering them? - Now maybe Zenith actually changed out some hardware between january of 03' and julyish of 03'? I don't know... what I'd love to know is if there are downloadable versions of firmware for this unit? - the downloadable hack above in this article works (I think) for region hack though, I was able to change to "0".... Now if only I can find a firmware downgrade :)

PostRegion code hack posted by Heron, March 18 2004:

I got a Zenith DVB312 from circuitcity last october and broght it to Brazil. I can not use the discs here since a black box appears in the screen of the tv.
Could someone give me the sequence and the code so I could "liberate" my dvd to my region, 4?


PostOther hack posted by greg, March 28 2004:

this place is a god send, I bought my machine in december, none of the remote hacks worked, but the program burned onto a cd that some people mentioned worked like a charm!!

PostOther hack posted by yummyhoagie, May 10 2004:

This code works for the NEW Zenith DVB412 as well
Reads VCDs-SVCDs

I havent played with Macrovisions

5b)If you want to enable VCD without messing with Macrovision:
Enter: 55 53 00 47 14 55 64 FF
OR: 55 53 00 46 14 55 64 FF

PostOther hack posted by jmorlan, May 18 2004:

The above "pause - 1472" VCD, SVCD hack works on my June 2003 model, but don't hold down the "pause" key too long. At first I thought it wasn't working until I learned to hit the keys fairly rapidly. The "Setup - TV Aspect - 16:9 - 1397139 - enter" hack detailed above also works to display the System Information.

Mine is:

Model - Zenith (ZV70001)
Region No. 1
Chip ID MT1379
Main Ver D192
Sub Ver 0007
Servo Ver D165
Micom Ver V.2.1
Prom Option 25 53 00 47 14 55 FE FF
Factory Reset .. Done ..

The original EEPROM was 25 53 00 45 14 55 64 FF on this unit (note only the first number is different from the above discussion). I changed it as above and it now plays S/VCDs with no problem. With the change you now have the PBC option which offers Playback control for S/VCDs. It can be disabled from setup if needed.

I made a CD to change the region code and it appeared to work as advertised, but I didn't bother actually changing the code yet.

Good luck.

PostOther hack posted by BigTrain, June 15 2004:

Strange happenings!
I have the DVB 312 and tried to apply the hack posted by Shagey in order to play VCD's.
At first all went as described. I started the machine with no disc, hit pause and entered the 1472 code. This took me to an EEPROM where I saw that my backup number was 55 56 00 45 14 55 64 00.
I started entering the new number (55 53 00 47 14 55 64 FF)but had trouble navigating to the second two-digit field.
Having already had one too many, I decided to try it later.
Now, when I boot the machine with or without a disc inserted and hit "pause" or apparently any other button, nothing happens.
My machine is labeled August 2003, and again the hack seemed to be working at first but no luck now. I've tried unplugging it for about four hours with no success.
Any suggestions?
My thanks for all the great people here and all the wonderful information!


PostOther hack posted by BigTrain, June 17 2004:

I finally applied the region hack posted by Shagey for my Zenith dvb321 and it worked perfectly. However on my individual machine I had to do a couple of things differently.

1. In order to navigate between the number fields at the EEPROM, I had to use the up and down arrow keys rather than the left and right arrow keys.

2. After changing the two digit numbers, I had to hit the enter key before moving to the next number or else the number just changed would reset to it's default setting.

Hope this helps someone else.


PostRegion code hack posted by jmorlan, June 24 2004:

I made a CD to change the region code as described by several people above, but found that the code I entered would not stick on my June 2003 model. This is because the CD I made is not correct for this model. I used this one instead and it worked like a charm:

<A HREF="">Region Free DVD Player</A>

Good luck!

PostRegion code hack posted by clw, September 10 2004:

I just got a GoVideo DV2130 and it does not play VCD. One post says that the same hack works for both Zenith DVB312 and GoVideo DV2130.
I tried the above hack, but it doesn't work for me; pressing pause (from both the remote and front panel) for me doesn't do anything other then report that there is no disk. I could only type in two digits. I was pressed ENTER after the first two digits. I was not able to bring the EEPROM on screen.
I called GoVideo tech support. He seemed to say it could be done but he could not tell me because of the company policy.
I would appreciate if there is someone who would respond to this message and show me in detail how to bring up the EEPROM on screen and how to make it play VCD (and also turn macrovision off).

Thank you

PostRegion code hack posted by apollo1980, May 13 2005:

Region hack that worked for me:

My model was made in March 2003. I have tried burning cd's from both files listed below. The menu system for both is the exact same, but only one of them made any change whatsoever to my region setting.

The file that did NOT work for me (but MAY for you) can be found here:

The link that DID work for me is here:

Note that my player is region 1 native. I wonder if the link that didn't work for me, based in the UK, is meant for region 2 players only?

I informed the guy at the web page that his file works for this player (It was originally meant for a Toshiba SD-4900). He says he did note on his page that some people got the file to work with the Zenith DVB 312.

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