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Sony BDP-S380

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July 30, 2011 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by simsee, July 30 2011:

This works with any Region-2 Sony BDP-S380 player to my knowledge, done 3 so far, one UK, one DK and one GER. Also, this only unlocks DVD for multi-region; I cannot confirm it works for Blu-Ray’s as well, simply because I don’t own a “Region A” disc.

Below is for a OneForAll URC-7130 (7140 should be identical) (Cheapest model I could find) - If you have a Kameleon or other OneForAll remote, this should not be a problem, check the other guides - se link in the bottom for other one, minor changes in the guide.

1. Hold the “magic button” until the TV LED flashes twice and stays on.
2. Switch to DVD by pressing “Mode”.
3. Press 0533 (DVD LED flashes twice)

4. Hold the magic button until the DVD LED flashes twice.
5. Press 994 (DVD LED flashes twice)
6. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
7. Press 00189
8. Press 1 (This sets it to key 1 – DVD LED flashes twice, if not repeat steps 4 to 8)

9. Hold the magic button until the red led flashes twice.
10. Press 994 (DVD LED flashes twice)
11. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
12. Press 00255
13. Press 2 (this sets it to key 2 - DVD LED flashes twice)

14. Hold the magic button until the red led flashes twice.
15. Press 994 (DVD LED flashes twice)
16. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
17. Press 00095
18. Press 3 (this sets it to key 3 - DVD LED flashes twice)

19. Hold the magic button until the red led flashes twice.
20. Press 994 (DVD LED flashes twice)
21. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
22. Press 00221
23. Press 4 (this sets it to key 4 - DVD LED flashes twice)

24. Hold the magic button until the red led flashes twice.
25. Press 994 (DVD LED flashes twice)
26. Press Magic Key (don't hold)
27. Press 00079
28. Press 5 (this sets it to key 5 - DVD LED flashes twice)

The remote is now programmed and ready to use, to make the BDP-S380 region free:

1. Use the remote that came with the player to bring the player out of standby, make sure there isn't a disc in it.
2. Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on the OneForAll remote, one after each other, firmly and with a slight delay (just don’t rush it). The light will start flashing on the Blu-ray player. (Centre light beam in the middle of the machine)
3. Put the player back into standby with the Sony remote.
4. Hard reboot machine (remove power) to prevent the 24p light flashing indefinitely.
5. Next time you turn on the player it will be region free for DVD playback.
6. If this doesn’t work the first time, don’t be scared; go over the guide once more. And NO, despite common thinking you do not have to use 1516 instead of 0533 in the 3. Step, because 1516 is for controlling the machine, but 0533 is for sending the service code.

This guide has been refined using a guide you can find here at - link directly here: (I do not know if this is the original one)

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