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Latest video software and downloads
NEW VERSION CloneBD 4 Apr 18
NEW VERSION MediaCoder 67 Apr 18
NEW VERSION TubeDigger 5.1.1 5 Apr 18
NEW VERSION ConvertXtoVideo / 1.6 Beta 0 Apr 18
NEW VERSION Blu-ray Converter / 3.6 Beta 4 Apr 18
NEW VERSION Subtitle Editor 0.51.0 0 Apr 18
NEW VERSION MakeBD 1.1.0 Beta 4 Apr 18
NEW VERSION x265 Encoder 1.6.237 0 Apr 18
NEW VERSION Video Thumbnails Maker 45 Apr 18
NEW COMMENT xport 1.01 1 Apr 17
NEW VERSION Simple x264/x265 Launcher 2.50 4 Apr 17
NEW VERSION PlayOn 3.10.33 2 Apr 17
NEW VERSION Icecream Media Converter 1.4 0 Apr 17
NEW VERSION Advanced Codecs 5.19 23 Apr 17
NEW VERSION youtube-dl 2015.04.17 3 Apr 17
NEW VERSION XviD4PSP 5.10.346 / 7.0.123 Beta 60 Apr 17
NEW VERSION Emby 3.0.5582.4 0 Apr 17
NEW VERSION DivX HEVC Encoder 1.5.8 0 Apr 17
NEW COMMENT FFQueue 1.4.43 4 Apr 16
NEW VERSION Kdenlive 15.04.0 1 Apr 16
NEW VERSION Synfig Studio 0.64.3 / 1.0 RC4 0 Apr 16
NEW VERSION VLC media player 2.2.1 95 Apr 16
NEW VERSION EZ CD Audio Converter 3.0.6 Free / 3.0.6 Ultimate 5 Apr 16
NEW VERSION MPC-HC 1.7.8 / Beta 57 Apr 16
NEW VERSION vgtmpeg 2.2.38 0 Apr 16
NEW VERSION Universal Media Server 5.1.2 5 Apr 16
NEW VERSION K-Lite Codec Pack 11.1.0 12 Apr 16
NEW VERSION iFFmpeg 5.4.4 2 Apr 15
NEW VERSION MP4Box 0.5.2 rev303 3 Apr 15
NEW VERSION PotPlayer 1.6.53104 / 1.6.53591 Beta 188 Apr 15
NEW VERSION ReClock 6 Apr 15
NEW VERSION AnyDVD & AnyDVD HD / Beta 103 Apr 14
NEW VERSION Snagit 12.3.2 6 Apr 14
NEW VERSION PowerDVD 15 18 Apr 14
NEW VERSION StaxRip / Beta 41 Apr 13
NEW VERSION IceCream Screen Recorder 1.40 1 Apr 13
NEW VERSION madVR 0.87.21 13 Apr 13
NEW VERSION DVDFab HD Decrypter / Beta 132 Apr 13
NEW VERSION Bandicam 2.2.0 2 Apr 13
NEW VERSION DVDFab / Beta 66 Apr 13
NEW VERSION MPlayer / Mencoder r37386 8 Apr 13
NEW VERSION BD Rebuilder 0.50.06 125 Apr 12
NEW COMMENT Serviio 1.5.2 16 Apr 12
NEW VERSION chapterEditor 0.34 0 Apr 12
NEW VERSION Comskip 0.81.072 5 Apr 12
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