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Samsung DVD-V6800

7 user region code comments

October 12, 2019 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by zylax, July 03 2008:

Make sure the player is switched on, and is at the Samsung logo
screen. Also check the tray is shut and that there's no disc in the

Now press the REPEAT button on the remote, followed by a five digit
code. This code is different depending on what region your player is
*currently* set to:

R1 - 29334
R2 - 38767
R3 - 56732
R4 - 76884
R5 - 53814
R6 - 24462

So for example if you have an R2 player, press REPEAT-3-8-7-6-7.

If you've done this correctly (and your player is compatible with the
hack), you should see a number at the top left corner of the screen
corresponding to the current region.

Now, pressing any number from 1 to 6 will change to the corresponding
region. Or, press 9 for auto-region mode.

Next, press OPEN/CLOSE to open the tray, followed by Standby (or DVD
POWER) on the remote to close it and put the player into Standby mode.
The next time you turn your player on, the new region will be set.

Don't forget that if you want to hack it again, you'll need to use a
different code, as listed above. If it's currently set to region 9,
use the code for the last *proper* region you set it to.

PostRegion code hack posted by Broadbean, July 12 2008:

Bought one in Australia, Region 4. Took me a number of times before the hack
worked for me, especially since there was no visual feedback. By chance, I
switched to composite video output (not component video) and I did see the
region number show up as described and that finally worked - tested a region 1

PostRegion code hack posted by shaidar, July 16 2008:

Just purchased a player for region 2. The code listed above (38767) didn't work. The region code 57538 worked for me.

PostRegion code hack posted by pemmican, January 30 2009:

None of the above works - just bought the Samsung V6800 in Canada, took it home, applied all the above, tried different variations on the theme - COULD NOT hack it. Do not buy this machine counting on the above to work.

PostRegion code posted by uberkitten, February 15 2009:

I just bought this machine, Region 2 from John Lewis (..yeah I know) in the UK.

I also tried the original code listed above (38767) but it also didn't work.

Trying code 57538 I found that WORKED. (Thanks to that poster). So I guessing there has been an update on all models currently on sale now.

So if you're looking for a Region 2 unlock code you'll be fine with this one, but Region 1 and others may need different codes.

PostRegion code posted by Chris, July 24 2017:

Same problem here. I had the DVD set to region 2. The code listed above (38767) didn't work. However, the region code 57538 listed in above comment, worked for me. Thanks for this correction.

PostRegion code hack posted by peter ristevski, October 12 2019:

need to play region 1 player is region 4

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