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Philips DVP5140

27 user region code comments

June 12, 2010 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by red phantom, April 19 2006:

This hack was successfully applied to the Philips DVP1540/12.

1. Turn on the unit
2. Open the loading tray
3. Press the "Setup" button on the remote
4. Navigate to the "Preferences" page using the right arrow key
5. Enter 138931
6. You will now see the current region code displayed
7. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to select the region required or "0" for all regions
8. Press the "Play" button on the remote

That's it.

PostRegion code hack posted by gazzo, May 05 2006:

The 138931 hack works great on the Philips DVP5140/37.
Changed from region 1 to 0 in about 20 seconds.


PostRegion code hack posted by Barry f, May 07 2006:

this hack for the dvp 5140 worked a treat!!

PostRegion code hack posted by whitey ford, May 08 2006:

great dvd player, easy hack. thx guys

PostRegion code hack posted by eca, June 29 2006:

AFTER getting to the Preferences,
HIT the DOWN arrow 1 time, for the section to be selected.

Otherwise inserting the number has no affect.

WORKS great, and very easy otherwise.

PostRegion code hack posted by Sean, July 16 2006:

I wanted to say I just bought this player and used the hack described above. It worked like a charm. I was playing a Region 3 disc 30 seconds later. Pressing 'down' once you hilight the preferences menu is important, it might have taken me a while to figure that out myself. Thanks!

PostRegion code hack posted by toschi, August 11 2006:

thanks a lot, works great and easy as child's play!

PostRegion code hack posted by khassib, August 28 2006:

Very easy! Thanks!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by Donna, September 26 2006:

I followed the instructions here and the hack worked great. Took about 2 seconds to do. Having never done it before I was quite skeptical but it did work and well. Wanted to say thanks for the help.

PostRegion code hack posted by Edward, December 23 2006:

Just bought the DVD player and followed the instruction above.
Able to play region code 3 disc in less than a minute.
Very simplye hack, thanks a lot!

PostRegion code hack posted by BIRK-JÍRGEN, December 25 2006:


PostRegion code hack posted by Peter, January 03 2007:

Above mentioned hack works perfect in Philips DVP 5140 purchased in Best Buy - Canada Jan. 2007

PostRegion code hack posted by Kiki, January 06 2007:

I just followed the steps provided by the others. I just bought my DVD player (DVP 5140/37) at Walmart in North Carolina and applied the hack according to the two who posted tips on it. It worked perfectly without any problem! Just remember that once you're in the Preferences page, to hit the down arrow key on the remote control once, then type in the series of digits...and continue with the directions!

Works great - Thanks!!!:) I can finally watch all those movies I bought while living in Europe:) Excited!

PostRegion code hack posted by Jon, January 06 2007:

This hack worked perfect, but you don't need to open the door for the DVD.

PostRegion code hack posted by DeMaX, February 01 2007:

1. Ijunkite DVD grotuva
2. Atidarykite stalciuka
3. Paspauskite ant pulto mygtuka "Setup"
4. Rodykliu pagalba eikite i meniu dali "Preferences"
5. Surinkite 138931
6. ATsidarys regionu lentele
7. Naudojant mygtukus aukstyn/zemyn pasirinkite "0" regiona
8. Spauskite ant pulto "Play"

Jusu DVD paruostas darbui ;)

PostRegion code hack posted by object, February 11 2007:

The specified sequence worked like a charm on my DVP 5140 bought in Norway. Thanks for sharing the information!

PostRegion code hack posted by Tara, July 11 2007:

I just need to hack my DVDplayer to watch a DVD from Australia.

PostRegion code hack posted by Tara, July 12 2007:

Figured it out. Easier than I thought. Thanks for the help!

PostRegion code hack posted by Papabearr, October 10 2007:

Just wanted to thank those who have provided this Region Code information. This hack worked GREAT!!! Too bad the manufacturers WON'T tell the public about how to do this.


PostRegion code hack posted by nycdvdwatcher, October 31 2007:

I tried the hack and it worked for awhile. Now I get a NO DISC error msg on all DVDs I try. I have tried reapplying the hack and no luck. Any suggestions?

PostRegion code hack posted by Oasis4U2NV, June 05 2008:

I have the same problem that nycdvdwatcher has. It worked fine for a while, now every disc says NO DISC except for burned discs such as ones with DivX files on them.

PostRegion code hack posted by MrNews, July 07 2008:

My guess is that this hack works only a specific number of times on each machine, and then locks the machine. It worked fine for me once to watch some UK discs. My suggestion would be to use this hack to set the machine to play "all regions", and then you will not need to use it again.

PostRegion code hack posted by XpropainX, July 29 2008:

Not sure if it's the hack.. I had a 5140 for about a year and I never used the hack. But starting a month ago, every DVD I put in said NO DISC after trying to read it for a few minutes. It played all CD-R's & DVD-R's with AVI movies on em though. I liked the player so much I bought the exact same Philips 5140 and I HAVE used the hack on this one. It's working fine so far.. So it's probably just bad players.. don't be afraid to use this useful hack! :)

PostRegion code hack posted by britchic, August 20 2008:

Just purchasesd Philips DVP5140/37 at BestBuy Canada, and the 138931 hack works as described above.

I had previously tried hacking my RCA player, but even though I was able to change the Region code to 0, the video output was in black & white and distorted. Could not change this in any of the settings, so just purchased the DVP5140 instead.

Thanks to all for the info

PostRegion code hack posted by Synetech, January 12 2009:

The steps indicated work just fine for a DVP5140/37,
although instead of Play, I just pressed OK.

PostRegion code hack posted by ajgalley, October 19 2009:

My husband and I have tried this several times now and we can not get the
regional code to pop up on the screen. I am wondering if the newer models
have somehow been changed so that you can not hack them.

We have tried scrolling down once as well as trying the general preferences


PostRegion code hack posted by zeta1234, June 12 2010:

Anybody know if there is a limit on the number of times one can change? I don't want to change to region 0 for legal reasons, but I suspect that it's more likely (though IANAL) to be OK to change to other regions.

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