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Philips DVP3960

16 user region code comments

February 08, 2014 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by limdadmom, April 10 2007:

Press "Setup"
Scroll to "Preference" using the Left/Right arrow key
Press "138931" and a popup screen will appear

Use the Up arrow key and select 0 for a region free DVD player

PostRegion code hack posted by bmwracer, May 03 2007:

Hi all.

I recently purchased a DVP-3960 and I just wanted to say that I confirmed the above region code hack. :)

PostRegion code hack posted by sbr288, June 05 2007:

I confirm that hack described bi limdadmom on April 10 works for me on a machine purchased June 1 from Walmart (for $45).

PostRegion code hack posted by katznaperr, July 08 2007:

Confirmed hack posted by limdadmom. Hack works perfect on player purchased 7/8/07 at Wallmart ($45). The picture is spectacular hooked up to a Sharp 47" 1080p w/HDMI cable. Thanks!

PostRegion code hack posted by Brenda Close, August 03 2007:

This worked awesome with a Phillips DVP 3960 purchased at Walmart Canada in June 2007. Thank You!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by William Shatner, September 09 2007:

Just confirming that the region free hack works.

PostRegion code hack posted by Steve, September 14 2007:

Purchased DVP3690/37 from Wal Mart for $38. Hooked up and first tried DVD that gave a region error on my older Sony. Played DVD with no problems. I don't believe the region code was limited to US (1) on this player. The user handbook says it could be set to "all."
My reason for making this entry is to help clear up some misinformation about cracks. First thing to do when buying a new player is see if it works on your disk before attampting any so-called crack.
There were 3 or 4 cracks listed for my Sony, but not one worked because it was a stock unit that had not been modified with a chip replacement. People kept entering the same cracks without making that clear. I suspect the same may be true with the DVP 3960. It works out of the box and no hack is needed.

PostRegion code hack posted by mjjckc, December 08 2007:

Confirming the hack works for firmware version It took me several tries before I was able to bring up the region settings. I was only able to change the region setting with the drive door closed.

To find out the firmware version, and if your player is locked to a region, type in "1379" from the "General Setup Page" menu.

PostRegion code hack posted by BiggerJim, January 17 2008:

The hack works with one modification: I had to open the tray before accessing the setup menu, or it wouldn't allow me to access the Preferences menu.

PostRegion code hack posted by smitp11, January 18 2008:

Bought the DVD player from Wal*Mart Canada, I can confirm that the hack in the original post works. I had to open the tray to see the preference menu. Now plays any region.

PostRegion code hack posted by d_d, March 01 2008:

Confirm that the hack works with a player purchased at Wal-Mart with manufacture date of December 2007. I did not have to open the tray to access the Preferences menu.

PostRegion code hack posted by exsultet, April 28 2008:

Philips has release a new firmware for his DVP3960/37.
Tell me if that doesn't change the access for the Hack? ... ur_aen.pdf

PostRegion code hack posted by aeropolo, May 22 2008:

the hack works perfectly, I'm from Tampico, Mexico, Philips DVP 3960 bought May 01,2008 from Walmart (McAllen,Tx), I failed to play my DVDs, I applied the hack and it works completly fine, like its posted, thanks

PostRegion code hack posted by jmthane, June 20 2008:

Purchased this model 6/20/08 at Wal-Mart, unit manufactured April 2008. Above hack works fine.

PostRegion code posted by Maelstrom, August 02 2008:

Just wanted to say that i am extremely happy about this hack!! It works just has it says.

I was so pissed when i bought the dvd player and realised i could not play other regions but now... problem solved !
Thanks a bunch!

PostRegion code hack posted by canadianguy62, February 08 2014:

Phillips DVP 3960 - I just wanted to say that the hack
provided by LIMDADMOM worked like a charm.

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