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Philips BDP2900

15 user region code comments

October 02, 2019 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by CMoorehead, July 13 2012:

1.- Turn On Philips BDP2900
2.- Press the Home button on the remote.
3.- Press 1389310 on the remote.
4.- Press the power off on the front of the player.
5.- Power on using the front of the player.

Your Philips BDP2900 is now Region Free

This was the hack for the 2850 however, I did this and was
able to play my Region 2 PAL DVD's.

PostRegion code hack posted by jayj, November 17 2012:

Can confirm above region code hack by CMoorehead, works on BDP2900/F7.
Purchased Nov/2012 from Best Buy, Vancouver.
Manufactured August 2012 (from sticker on back)
Systems SW: 2.48 (from Settings>Advanced>Version Info)

0.- DO NOT CONNECT TO INTERNET, to prevent firmware updates that may block hack.

1.- Follow CMoorehead instructions above.

Took 2 attempts - remote control bit cheap - buttons require firm press.

Great player - built-in Netflix, Vudu, play from USB stick.

PostRegion code hack posted by idiotwind, December 11 2012:

Just wanted to add that this works
Brought new from wallmart today - manufactured Oct 2012, FW 2.50.
The remote feels a bit cheap and there was no on screen confirmation so I did it twice as above. No on screen confirmation ever occurred but it does now play both region 1 and region 2 dvds (I didn't test it first so it is possible, if unlikely it was region free out of the box)

PostRegion code hack posted by idiotwind, December 13 2012:

One other useful tip is that if you hit 'home' then '8520' it will show the current dvd region. Entering the hack above sets it to region 0 but you can change the last digit to 1,2,3,4 etc to change to that region. Apparently that is needed to play RCE discs (but I think they are ancient history).

PostRegion code hack posted by terasmies, December 15 2012:

I can verify this works on a Philips BDP2900/12 bought in December 2012 in Helsinki, Finland.

I entered the hack posted by CMoorehead twice, since I accidentally pressed the open/close button after entering the code instead of the power button. Not sure which time it worked, but it did. And it was really easy. Thanks.

PostRegion code hack posted by Taikiken, January 13 2013:

Switch on player (no disc in tray)
1) press home on remote
2) enter 1389310 with remote
3) switch off player (On player, not with remote)
4) switch on player

Now your player is region free.
works with player baught 01/2013 best buy 49.00$

enjoy !

PostRegion code hack posted by Grandpa_Bambu, April 21 2013:


Just wanted to say that I too, was able to make my Philips BDP2900 Region Free using the above mentioned method. Was very skeptical if it would work with such an easy process. However, it did work and now can watch my PAL - Judge John Deed.

Thanks to all involved!!!

Grandpa Bambu - Brampton, Ontario Canada

PostRegion code hack posted by vatsal, July 23 2013:

Hi. While it worked for me for DVD region break but BD region
is still locked at C. Any help to break BD region code too?
Bought BDP in India and BD from UK

PostRegion code hack posted by Hansfree, July 31 2013:

Another confirmation: above sequence worked fine on a unit bought at Future
Scrap in Canada, July 2013. Just don't accidentally press "Home" twice: digital

PostRegion code hack posted by fighterhayabusa, August 13 2013:

I can confirm that this works as well (the region code hack
mentioned in the first post above). My BDP2900 has firmware
version 2.50 and was bought in Sweden. Successfully unlocked
and now playing DVD from any region (I think, tried with DVDs
from Sweden, USA and Japan so far).

PostRegion code posted by rmjds73, January 09 2014:

Confirmed working with the lastest upgrade version 2.60. as of today.

PostRegion code hack posted by R F Bradshaw, May 27 2018:

This hack worked on my BDP2900 Philips for Blu-Ray and DVD both.
Thank you so much! No to watch Mrs Brown's Boys at long last!

PostRegion code hack posted by Gal, February 09 2019:

This hack with the remote control works. Second attempt for me because the remote buttons are a bit hard to press but it
works and you need to renter the code every time you unplug the power and wish to watch region different DVDs. Canít
comment on Blu rays because I only have region B discs. But I can now watch region 2 dvds and region 1 which is awesome
for my collection. Thanks to who ever figured this out.

PostRegion code hack posted by Nalle_, March 15 2019:

Hack with the remote control works but only for the DVD but not for BluRay. Been trying to
upgrade my firmware as well if that would help change BluRay region as well but no luck so far.
If anyone has the solution to this, please let me and others know!

I'm running the 2.52 firmware atm and not been able to get a other update.

PostRegion code posted by marlboro_man, October 02 2019:

Are you still looking for a solution for the Blu-ray part?

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