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Panasonic DVD-S54

5 user region code comments

February 03, 2015 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code posted by panasite, July 19 2008:

Regionfree firmware with UOP disabled: ...

Enjoy !

PostRegion code hack posted by D981, October 08 2009:

How to set a Panasonic DVD-S54 model Player to multi Region
Using a One for All 6 URC 7560 Universal remote and the Players remote

1. Clear the URC 7560 Remote of all Codes by: -

Press DVD device key and then the Magic Key. Hold until the DVD device key blinks twice. Enter code 980 - This will cause the Device Key to flash 4 times (2 sets of 2)

2. Set the Code for the DVD Player: -

Press Device key.
Press Magic Key until the device key blinks twice. Enter the code 0490 and use the power button to check function.

3. Setting up the Button on the URC 7560.

A. Press the DVD key
B. Press KEY MAGIC Button until it blinks twice
C. Press 994
D. Press the magic key once
E. Enter the three digit code of 143 to get function 00F2 and then key 5 to assign it to. The device key will blink twice.

Use the DVD remote for all buttons except 5. Use the URC 7560 for this.

1. = ENTER (OK Button)
2. =6
3. = >=10
4. =<<
5. = Service Key (URC 7560)
6. = AUDIO
7.= 8
8. = 1
10.= 4

Next ensure there is no disc in the DVD Player.
Ensure the DVD key on the URC7560 has been pressed and is active
Sequentially Press the number keys on the DVD remote. Use URC for 5 only, the DVD remote for the rest.

During this sequence the display on the DVD Player should display 'NO DISC'.
(*There were no other indications or display changes during and after this process.)
At the end of this sequence check the DVD Player by playing alternative Region Coded Discs to ensure it worked.

Keep trying if not successful first time. Worked on my DVD-S54 a treat.

I'm sure you can use another universal remote to get the 00F2 Service Key code. On earlier one for all's it is a five digit code (00143). Some have used a Phillips Universal as listed in a previous post.



PostRegion code hack posted by Alex2000, October 31 2009:

It is universal hack for all Panasonic:
used very low price Philips SRU 3040 or SRU 3030.
To set the player to RCE proof region free:
from site:

Codes for URC Philips or One For All.

For Philips: Device DVD Pana 0517.
Programming missing Buttons/Functions Instructions
Step Procedure Result
1. Select the device you want to program.
The selected device is shown by the LED.
2. Press and hold the 1 key and the 6 key at the same time.
The LED blinks two times, and stays on.
3. Enter 9 9 4 in sequence. The LED blinks two times, and stays on.
4. Enter the following code for the missing button/function: .
The LED stays on.
5. Press the key to store the new function on.
The LED blinks two times, and goes off.

Macros(Codes for URC):

PostRegion code hack posted by sloppy072, December 19 2009:

procedure for using OFA Kameleon 9960 remote:

1) Press and hold "Setup" until the top LED bars flash twice and you
enter Setup mode

2) Press "Other"

3) Enter "994"

4) Press the device key you're programming (in my case, "dvd") - this
will bring up the keypad controls

5) Press "Setup" quickly (just once - don't hold it)

6) Enter the 5-digit code (prepend the 3-digit EFC code with '00' - for
EFC code 143 you would enter 00143)

7) Press "Scroll" if necessary to toggle the screen to display the key
you plan to assign

8) Press the key you want to assign (e.g., code 00143 = service key)

9) You will see the top LED bars flash twice if successful

10) Repeat steps 2-8 to assign other keys, or press "Home" to exit

here are the keys you will need to program:

1 - 00191 = enter

2 - 00120 = 6

3 - 00065 = >=10

4 - 00180 = <<

5 - 00143 = service key

6 - 00155 = audio

7 - 00122 = 8

8 - 00117 = 1

9 - 00129 = subtitle

0 - 00123 = 4

PostRegion code hack posted by camd, February 03 2015:

make dvd player region free

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