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Panasonic DVD-S35

64 user region code comments

June 20, 2024 Post region code/hack comment
PostOther hack posted by Jamieson, March 28 2003:

The Panasonic standard test functions mentioned for the RV31 also work for the S35:

(1) Turn on the unit.

(2) Make sure no disc is loaded.

(3) On the front of the unit, hold down PAUSE and OPEN/CLOSE at the same time.

(4) While holding them down, press a button on the remote control as described below.

(5) Let up on PAUSE and OPEN/CLOSE.

The following buttons can be pressed on the remote control:

(0) Self Diagnostic? On my box, I see 3 hex digits followed by three hyphens: "01F---". After a few seconds, the "0" and "1" will disappear, leaving only "F---".

(1) Test Mode 1. Besides a scrolling "TEST MODE 1" message, nothing noticeable happened.

(2) Test Mode 2. Besides a scrolling "TEST MODE 2" message, nothing noticeable happened.

(3) Enters Test Mode 3. This one repeatedly opens and closes the tray. To get it to stop, enter the Self Diagnostic or Test Modes 1 or 2.

(4) Enters Test Mode 4. Someone claimed that this opens the tray on the RV31, but I didn't get any noticeable actions on the S35.

(5) Tilt Adjustment? That's what claimed for the RV31. I get a message on the LCD panel that says "J 28200000", but was unable to find a way to change it. I was also unable to find a way to get out of this mode without turning the unit off and back on again.

(6) Region Code Information. Displays a sequence of three letters and three numbers for a few seconds before returning to the "NO DISC" message. For my Region 1 NTSC player, I got "IPN121".

(7) Firmware Information. A sequence of letters and numbers display for a few seconds before returning to the "NO DISC" message. For my Region 1 NTSC player, I got "F11470B560".

(8) Unknown. Displayed "E 00 00 00" on my box. I could not find a way to change the display. It retained the text until I hit STOP on the front panel (I think other buttons work too), then returned to the "NO DISC" message.

(9) Display Test. Turns on every LED/LCD on the front panel. Enter 9 again to return them all to their normal settings.

(DISPLAY) Reads the laser drive current value? I got "Ldd037 048" on my box' display. It stayed up a few seconds and then returned to the "NO DISC" message.

(PAUSE) Writes the laser drive current value? I got "Ld0048 033" on my box's display. It stayed up a few seconds and then returned to the "NO DISC" message.

(RETURN) A lot of funky codes. You can use the remote's CANCEL button to step through them one by one. Here is a sequence of what I got on my box. After finishing the sequence, it started over at the beginning. Press STOP on the remote to return to the "NO DISC" message.

A Fb0 0000
A Fb1 0000
A Lb0 0000
A Lb1 0000
A FG0 0200
A FG1 0200
A LG0 0200
A LG1 0200
A FC1 0035
A FC2 0035
A FC3 0000
A bL1 0079
A bL2 0079
A bL3 0000
A FEP 0000
A LE0 2108

NOTE: Where I have used an "L", the display actually used a character that matches nothing in the Latin alphabet. It looks like a vertically-flipped "F" -- an "L" with another horizontal stroke halfway up.

PostOther hack posted by marcelo, July 08 2003:

My problem is the following one buys in the U.S.A. dvd to me Panasonic S35 and me the suit to Chile because I am of that country and the problem is that I cannot see the films since dvd this in zone 1. It wanted to know if you they could give me the code to leave it multizone or to leave it in zone 4 that is the section that corresponds to my country thanks. That I am already desperate

PostOther hack posted by statica, July 11 2003:

I tried the different things on my Panasonic S35 dvd and got the following readouts:

(6) 2P6132
(7) F11471B183
(8) E 00 00 00


A F60 00 00
A F61 00 00
A t60 00 00
A t61 00 00
A FG0 02 00
A FG1 02 00
A tG0 02 00
A tG1 02 00
A FC1 00 35
A FC2 00 35
A FC3 00 00
A Bt1 00 79
A Bt2 00 79
A Bt3 00 00
A FEP 00 00
A tE0 21 08

My dvd is region 2 and is NOT region free...Just wanted to poste this if it was of any use.

PostOther hack posted by statica, July 12 2003:

Yesterday I managed to find a store where they made my S35 Region Free. This was done with a special remote and took only 5 secs. and no soldering was needed. After the update I got the same readouts except when pressing 6 on the remote:

(6) Before I got 2P6132

(6) Now I get 1P6132

other readouts are the same. Hopefully this will help you guys out. And by the way I got the update for free as a service :)

PostOther hack posted by statica, July 14 2003:

I dont have the remote. The store which had it and they just plugged it in and pressed "A" on that special remote they have. Then the dvd display flashed a few times and then turned off. That was it. Region Free. Only thing portable I have is a Sony Ericsson P800 phone. So dont think I can do much there. But if you know of any other way I might be of help then ill sure try.

PostRegion code hack posted by Bonex, July 14 2003:

that 2P6132 means Region 2, PAL60 compliant. I don't know about the 132... I have 143 on my S75.

Wow, hacked with a remote! So it IS possible to hack this player easily. Can you ask that shop where they found that remote or where they found the codes to send to the player (there are programmable remotes out there)? Maybe some guys here can figure out how they did.

BTW, Statica, in what country do you live? Maybe I can go to that shop ;-) too...

PostOther hack posted by statica, July 15 2003:

Its a remote which I think they got from Panasonic themselves. I dont have any idea which codes it sends and im not sure the store would want to give me them as they usually charge people money for this update. But it seems its a small update thats needed as dvd was done in a few secs. I live in Denmark so I know its possible to get the region changed here :)

PostOther hack posted by Yuki, July 15 2003:

hi. my situation is as it follows

i'm in Brazil, my Panasonic S35 is R4 only. doesnt have any hack for it too...

what about that wicked remote? if u get any other info about it plz post it to every1 ^^~thx =D

PostOther hack posted by Thomas, July 21 2003:

Statica: I hvilken butik fik fjernet regionskoden, og hvad koster det normalt for sådan en operation? Det lyder jo dejlig nemt.

PostOther hack posted by statica, July 21 2003:

Jeg fik det ordnet ved noget som hedder Linnemann Radio/TV i Fredericia. De er med i Expert kæden, så jeg tror, at de fleste butikker i den kæde kan klare det. Det koster vist normalt 500 kr. men du kan jo prøve om du kan få det gjort gratis.

PostRegion code hack posted by MARCELO, July 21 2003:


PostRegion code hack posted by Juan Carlos, July 22 2003:

Recuerden antes de colocar sus equipos en multizona:
existe un nuevo bloqueo que es el RCE. y este detecta equipos multizona no dejara ver su pelicula. lo mejor (para los de America del Sur) en dejarlo zonas 1 y 4.

PostRegion code hack posted by hector alejandr, July 28 2003:

Yo tengo una dvd panasonic s-35 y un amigo me presto el control remoto y quedo region libre,tambien tengo un palm ,copie la señal pero quedo incompleta,porqe los datos son mas largos que los de un control normal.¿quien me puede ayudar a copiar toda la señal? si la logro copiar bien la colocare aqui para todos.El control funciona con varias dvds rv-22, rv-27,rv-32,sc-ht75,dvd-rp82.

PostRegion code hack posted by Hector alejandro, July 28 2003:

yo tengo una panasonic s 35 y me prestaron un control para convertirla en region free, yo grabe la señal en mi palm , pero la señal es mas larga de lo normal, por lo tanto no quedo grabada toda la señal ¿ quien sabe como copiar esta señal? si la puedo grabar la estare enviando mismo medio. este control sirve para varios modelos rv-22, rv-32, -rv27, y muchos mas.

PostRegion code hack posted by hector alejandr, July 29 2003:

Es posible que con win lirc ,se pueda copiar el control pero todavia no me funciona bien

PostOther hack posted by Stephen, August 18 2003:

Im in Australia and I bought the Panasonic S35 about a week ago,And it is region free out of the box.Great player,by the way it says in the manual it wont play DVD Audio,but I have read on a few sites all of them overseas,that it does play DVD Audio,anyone in Australia bought a S35 a checked wether it will or not,I cant because I dont own any DVD Audio disc.


PostOther hack posted by ToM, August 22 2003:

Where is Panasonic S35 new firmware?


PostRegion code hack posted by Brit, September 15 2003:

I have a guy that says he can give me the multi region hack for the Panasonic RV31 would that also work with my S35 or is it just a gamble?

PostOther hack posted by eugenespeed, October 01 2003:

Unfortunately there is no way of making a S35 region free, however if there is a Lintone Audio (UK) near you, they can do this for £23.50, which is a lot cheaper than what some people offer.

PostOther hack posted by Samuel, October 04 2003:

My s35 is Regione 1 and most likely (never tried)I it is not region free.

Here are my values:
0 01F0BF
5 J00000000
6 JP6132
7 F11471B180
8 E 00 00 00
(display) Ldd 037 038
(pause) Ld0 037 031

I noticed that the latter evolved as follows:
(display) Ldd 038 038
Ldd 038 039
Ldd 038 040

(pause) Ld0 038 031
Ld0 039 031
Ld0 040 031

PostRegion code hack posted by Neposi, October 15 2003:

Hector Alejandro: En que pais vives? para ver si tu amigo me alquila el control remoto.

PostRegion code hack posted by GERMAN, October 16 2003:


PostRegion code hack posted by luis, October 16 2003:


PostRegion code hack posted by OzGuy, October 30 2003:

The panasonic S35 is already multiregion in Australia. I just got one from Dicksmith powerhouse for AUD$199. If your is isnt multiregioned just ask panasonic and they will probably give you a new firmware dvd where you can make it multiregion.

PostRegion code posted by xxnn, November 19 2003:

Hace dos semanas que ando buscando el codigo para desactivar macrovion si alguien lo tiene por favos que se paletee.

PostRegion code hack posted by Carlitos Way, November 25 2003:

Hola, para los que viven en Madrid les tengo una buena noticia. El viernes 21 de noviembre caminando por ahi entre a un Madrid HiFi y vi que tenian el S35 a 138 euros y lo que era mejor, ¡¡ya liberado!!, corri a mi casa a buscar unas peliculas Zona 1 NTSC y regrese a la tienda a probarlas y funcionaron a la perfeccion, por lo que no dude y lo compre.

Asi que si aun no tienes este excelente reproductor DVD puedes comprarlo en cualquiera de los Madrid HiFI.

Para los que ya lo tienen, digo yo que no debe costar mucho acercarse hasta una de estas tiendas y preguntar si pueden liberar los que ya teneis en casa, es posible que les cobren algo, no se, pero todo es cuestion de preguntar.

Saludos y espero que haya servido de algo mi comentario

PostRegion code hack posted by SG, November 26 2003:

The Panasonic Service Disk is available for D/L using a peer to peer program called e-Donkey which can be downloaded here:

There is a big caveat to this, since you will need:

a) High-speed Internet
b) DVD recorder (authoring capable)

After you install and run the program, do a search for Panasonic. Among the results you will find either (3.8 GIG!) or several zip files, or Prassi images.

Hope this helps


PostOther hack posted by Ulises, November 30 2003:

I'm from Mexico, I just bought it and it was suposed to be region-free "out of the box" everything was fine until I tried with a FOX R1 DVD, it doesn't play Fox and Paramount R1 DVDs! not even Spider-Man R1 (Columbia, RCE I think) so this sucks, I will call Panasonic Mexico to see what's going on. It plays all my R1 discs except for those brands. Plays well all R4.

Here in Mexico all the DVD players are oficially-factory converted to multiregion or 1-4.


PostRegion code hack posted by Geinib, December 06 2003:

just go to ebay and see if you find a remote

PostRegion code hack posted by BOONYED, December 07 2003:

I have the answer to this problem. The S35 has to be programmed with a remote control, these can be purchased from a UK based company. Their web site proclaims the following:-

self-service remote upgrade is available for this DVD player, as an alternative to our popular 'All Inclusive' service. With this convenient option, we will send you a specially 'chipped' remote control which will convert your DVD player to multi-region at the press of a button.

The remote costs £39.99 and is available mail order from the following web site:-

I'm going to try to find a shop that will do the same job cheaper. I can't see the point in spending 40 quid on a remote. I may as well have bought a higher spec DVD player.

PostRegion code hack posted by Purple Paul, December 10 2003:

Screw you asshole, thats a rip off. Go advertise somewhere else if you've got nothing constructive to say

PostOther hack posted by 3m3rson, December 13 2003:

To answer Francesc from Spain about the "hidden" picture menu:

Press DISPLAY on the remote three times and press UP or DOWN to access the AUDIO -> PICTURE -> PLAY -> DISPLAY menus. In the Picture menu, press RIGHT to access the PICTURE MODE and press UP or DOWN until U3 (U is for "User") is displayed. Press RIGHT once and then press UP or DOWN to access the U1 and U2 menus, where you can change a variety of picture settings. This should be explained in your user manual.

Also, I've noticed that changing the "TV Type" in the SETTINGS menu (accessed by pressing SETTINGS on the remote) has an effect on the quality of the progressive scan image. I have an LCD TV, but my picture looks better when the player is set to Direct View TV or Plasma TV. Just a tip.

PostRegion code hack posted by dave, December 18 2003:

I`ve just got a panasonic dvd-s35
on page 44 of the manual it says that"THIS DVD PLAYER ACCESSESS THE REGION CODES STORED ON DVDS.

I have put a different region dvd in and it will not play.
is this a fault or is the manual telling me lies.

PostOther hack posted by rokko, December 19 2003:

Region "2" and "All" means, that all DVD discs labeled "Region 2" or "All region" will playing on your DVD-player.

PostRegion code hack posted by bruno, December 26 2003:

From what I've seen so far, there's hope that the Service Disk #2 formerly provided by Panasonic Australia would work on S35 too, but I haven't seen nobody saying it works.

And this is all we got so far :(

PostOther hack posted by PROJECT, December 28 2003:

I bought Panasonic DVD but it won't play copied dvd disks.I know it has got a protection chip but I don't know how to make it work.

PostRegion code hack posted by David Brankling, January 01 2004:

This isn't a hack, but I've recently bought the Panasonic S35.
After lots of searching the internet for a hack, I decided to go to a local shop in Hull that I've been to before, and they hacked my player for £23.50 inc vat.

The shop is Fanthorpes, so if you're local it's worth the money.

PostRegion code hack posted by Hector Alejandro, January 26 2004:

Yo tengo el control remoto,y toda la informacion para fabricarlo y lo estoy cambiando por el disco de la rv-30 gracia ALEJANDRO (INTERCAMBIO INFORMACION)

PostRegion code hack posted by sean, February 03 2004:

Want to backup a DVD to your DVD RECORDER and are having problems ??

Then visit: ... me=rvi:1:1

email me

PostRegion code hack posted by Shawn Glisson, February 03 2004:

In English
In summary, the Panasonic S35 and similar models can be hacked, but it requires the use of a special remote control ( The codes from the special remote control can not be learned by a standard learning remote, because the code length is too long. A user here has reported that they also could not copy the code with a Palm computer, due to the code length. Is there not a program written for the Palm computer that has no limit in length for code learning?

Hector Alejandro claims he has the information to fabricate the special remote, but I see no contact info to reach him.

En español
En resumen, el Panasonic S35 y los modelos similares pueden ser modificados, pero esto requiere el uso de un control remoto especial ( Los códigos desde el control remoto especial no pueden ser aprendidos por un control remoto de aprendizaje estándar, debido a que la longitud del código es muy larga. Aquí un usuario ha reportado que ellos tampoco pudieron copiar el código con una computadora Palm, debido a la longitud del código. No existe acaso un programa escrito para las computadoras Palm que no tenga limite en la longitud para aprendizaje del código?

Héctor Alejandro asegura que el tiene la información para fabricar el control remoto especial, pero no veo información alguna para poder contactarlo.

- Shawn

PostRegion code hack posted by Hector Alejandro, February 04 2004:

Yo tengo el control remoto,y toda la informacion para fabricarlo y lo estoy cambiando por el disco de la rv-30 gracia ALEJANDRO (INTERCAMBIO INFORMACION). Mi correo es

PostRegion code hack posted by Marie Murray, March 13 2004:

to make my dvd a multi region

PostOther hack posted by gutamara-chastaraba-pele, April 03 2004:

Pleas, can me someone help get a firmware from this dvd ? I have at home this and is very well model:) If someone can me send or help get the actual firmware i can make the free unlock software !

PostOther hack posted by paul, April 06 2004:

Hi there, I just got a Panasonic DVD-S35 player and as you all know, they play DVD-R (video), but do any of you know of a way to let the player play DVD-R (UDF/ISO)formatted discs ?

Thanks in advance

PostOther hack posted by Denis Arjona, April 19 2004:

Hola a Todos:

De que manera puedo modificar la configuración del DVD Panasonic-S35 para que pueda reproducir formatos de DVD+R.


PostRegion code hack posted by Pepino, April 26 2004:

A where find crack

PostRegion code hack posted by matdes, April 26 2004:

This is a very good option!!! This option is probably the easiest by far!
all you need to do is use the DVD Service Disc that you got when you bought your DVD player,, or do what i did was to ask, go to and e-mailed them about getting the codes removed so you can play overseas DVDa, they will send a disk for FREE and it works! Just tell them where you live and say a relative in Australia sent you some region 4 dvd's or you bought some while on holiday in australia that you cannot play and you were advised where you bought it to ask for their service disk. Offer to give them a copy of your warranty if that helps.,,,, it comes with the instructions, here is what it says,,,

INSERT DISK- and confirm "STOP" is displayed...


Go to "DISPLAY" menu

Select "ON SCREEN MESSAGES" then press "ENTER" button

Press ">10" found on the bottom right coner

Press "6" button

Press "4" button

Press "3" button

Press "8" button


TYPE IN "3192"


the disk will be read, when finished remove disk
If Panasonic won't give you the disk you can download it from a peer to peer program where you just search for Panasonic service disk, or Panasonic disk. The program is
Buy try Panasonic first as the file is massive to download!

I believe The Panasonic Service Disk 2 is being made available by, contact also details will be posted shortly on

PostOther hack posted by matdes, April 27 2004:

I've check with, their DVDs aren't Region free.

PostRegion code hack posted by Togger, July 08 2004:

1. Remove DVD/CD from your drive.
2. Press the following keys on your remote:
[ACTION] [1] [>=10] [6] [4] [3] [8]

3. A new menu option will appear named Other followed by four stars. Use one of the following codes to:
3192 -> Multi-Region Enable
3193 -> Macrovision Disable

If you locked your player by pressing [4] instead of [1] after pressing [ACTION], this will also unlock your player.

Got this hack from a rather obscure site after much searching, a friend of mine has this S35 so I'd like to know if it works.

PostRegion code hack posted by nukzims, July 15 2004:


There is no [Action] button on the remote controll that comes with a player. I tried to use [Enter] instead but it did not bring any menu.

If you will double check on that obscure site regarding this button I'll try it and report back here.

Cheers, Nuk.

PostRegion code hack posted by bgngnear, October 05 2004:

GUYS, I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM WITH MY S35...Just give me the "special" remote control and I'll make you a thousand copies...Also a schematic of a simple remote learner will be publicated for free use (the lenght of the remote code is not important at all, I could make it any you want)... It's a bad thing that I spent so much money buying this nice DVD and cannot watch my favourite movies...For contacts write to or ICQ #: 222-112-594

PostOther hack posted by supertone44, November 16 2004:

I purchased the Panasonic DVD-S35 player 1-1/2 years ago. Worked fine up until about a month ago when it started displaying the NO DISC error message. Even when a cleaning disc was inserted it would show up with the NO DISC error. Upon talking with a gentleman from a local repair shop called Televideo in the Grand Rapids, MI area he suggested that the laser was not able to properly make contact with a disk. That something was either obstructing the laser or that there might be a collection of dust sitting on top of the laser. This makes sense because before the disc can begin to spin the laser must recognize that a disc has been inserted. So, after about five hours of work, being careful not to damage any components, I succesfully took the entire system apart and put it back together and now it works.

There were a couple things that I had done. One was to use a can of air duster(compressed air) and clean around the laser thouroughly. The second thing was that on one side of the laser there was a tiny little black plastic piece that had two little prongs sticking up. I thought that maybe these black pieces were interfering with the laser because it was very easy to wiggle around. So, I gently pulled it out to remove it. The black prongs are connected to each other in the shape of a U.

There are several steps required to get to that point and they are listed below.

1. Remove the top lid by removing one large silver screw from each side and the small black screw in the middle of the back of the unit.

2. On each side of the DVD drive near the front of the unit there is a screw that screws into the base of the unit. Remove each screw. Then there is one screw that screws into the front of the face plate on the left side of the DVD drive looking from the back of unit to front. Unscrew it.

3. There are two boards inside the unit. From the face plate there is a white ribbon leading to the board that is partially underneath the drive. Carefully remove the ribbon from the light green plug. DO NOT try to remove the green plug as it is soldered into the board. This board in my unit was a dark green colored one.

4. Looking at unit from back to front, unplug the wire that connects to the left side of the DVD drive.

5. Near the back of the DVD drive tray there are two holes on each side. Looking down through there you will see two screws. Remove them.

6. Carefully remove the front face plate. There are two little clips on the front-bottom of the unit that helps hold the face plate intact.

7. Now locate the 5 screws that secure the two boards down to the base of the unit. Remove them.

8. Remove the remaining black screws from the rear of the unit. There should be 6.

9. Here comes the tricky part. It comes in handy to have another set of hands. The two boards are connected together by a small white fabric ribbon. I did not see any way to disconnect it so I left it connected. Moving all three units at once, the DVD drive, green board, and tan colored board. Lift them up and let the boards rest on there back ends. Have someone hold these three units. There is one screw on the underneath side of the green board that is screwed into the bottom of the DVD drive. Remove it as well as the two ribbons connecting the DVD drive to the green board.

10. Once the drive has been disconnected from the board there are two little clips near the back of the drive on each side. Push these clips towards the outside while using a small screwdriver to pry up the drive unit and pulling it out of the tray.

11. Clean the laser real good and if you see the little black prongs near the laser and notice they are really loose then gently pull them out.

12. Now have fun putting it back together.

Hope this helps someone that has had the same problem as I have had. I figured it was worth trying as taking the unit into a repair shop would cost $20 just for them to look at it, no guarantee that they could fix it. Plus the warranty had already expired and if they could fix it, I would be paying just as much as if I bought a new one.

Good Luck,

PostOther hack posted by IHateRegionCode, December 04 2004:

To conclude everything that has been posted here...

Some of the codes here work, especially the Diagnostic codes and the test codes.

However the so-called region-free and de-macro codes don't work! None of them listed in this section.

So the only thing so far can be that magic remote or the Service Disk.

I tried the service disk first on a regular media with a regular burner. Seems to work partially... I can run some test videos that maybe shall test the colors, bitrate etc...

But the hidden Region-Free menu that should appear when entering a certain combo after inserting the disk is also imaginary. At least it didn't work so far on my S35

About the Write-To-Firmware codes... You cannot select the type of RAM access. Only Reading seems to work... Writing is not available anyways.

So let's conclude Region-/macrofree for the S35:


The Service Disk: ? (Was not able to test myself, don't have hard-/software to burn image properly)

The Remote: I am not wiolling to pay for something that is said to be maybe-working... It is up to you...

The 6-4-3-8 code w/ service-disk: ? - for me non-working...

The 3-8-8-8-3-(RC) code: Definately NO!

The 9-8-1-7 code: NO!

The Combos with the Player-Keys: Yes, some of them work... (Diag modes)

The Combos to modify EEPROM: NO! (Writing mode non-acessible)


Also tried Googling and eMule. No useable results found.
So do yourself a favor: Although it seems as if the S35 seems to have at least the diag modes in common, the most codes shown for the RV31 are NOT working for the S35.

Hope that helps everyone who is (like me) desperately seeking for an easy solution to unlock the player EXCEPT buying 1n IC and 3 transistors with an IR-LED for approx 35 Euros or trying to get authoring hard- / software for thousands of euros...


PostRegion code hack posted by serviaya, March 02 2005:

Yo vendo el control remoto, vivo en Bogota Colombia mi direccion es

PostOther hack posted by miguel_cerca, March 22 2005:

for those of you with the H02 - no disc error.
i have had my panasonic s35 for 2 years now and finally got this error. after pissing around for a week i finally took the top off the player and cleaned it using a compressed air can. after cleaning i still got the H02 message. with the top still off the machine, i put in a disc, pushed play, then manually gave the disk a little push in the clockwise direction and bingo, no more H02 error, i put the cover back on the machine and it has been working for about week.
good luck, i hope this helps.

PostRegion code hack posted by roger boivin, March 22 2005:

I need the player to read PAL DVD (Europe)

PostRegion code hack posted by rafoord, April 05 2005:

I have a Region 2 - DVD S35

OK, I have (finally!) just finished downloading the Panasonic Service Disk #2...

The disk plays, and a menu can top menu can be viewed though it is in what appears to be Japanese or Chinese.

Now my only problem is I can not get anything after the "On Screen Messages" stage.

I've tried everything but can not as yet get the password screen to appear, has anybody done this yet?

Here are my confirmed stages:

Insert Disk (which auto stops) - DONE :o)
Press "Setup/Action" - DONE :o)
Go to "Display Menu" - DONE :o)
Go to "On Screen Messages" - DONE :o)
Press "Enter" - DONE :o)
Press ">10" - NO Response
Press "6" - NO Response
Press "4" - NO Response
Press "3" - NO Response
Press "8" - NO Response
At this stage a password menu should appear but does not!

Has anybody passed these stages? please post here to let me know any advice would be of help!!! Thanks

PostRegion code hack posted by Cletus, May 24 2005:

It looks as if there are two alternatives for removing the region codes restriction on a Panasonic S35:

1. Service Disk #2 plus some codes
2. A code squirter from

The code squirter thingy from costs ££, which seems a bit much to spend on a fairly rubbish DVD player.

I tried Panasonic UK and got a lot of pious crap. The edonkey version looks iffy. Does anyone out there have a working copy of Panasonic Service Disk #2 that they would be prepares to send to the UK? I will gladly provide an addressed jiffy bag and the postage.

PostOther hack posted by CarolynB, June 02 2005:

I want to respond to miguel_cerca's suggestion on opening the Panasonic DVD player and blasting it with some air. Worked like a charm on my H02 error. Thank you so much! My DVD is happily playing right now, with no expensive repairs.

PostRegion code posted by Paul, March 03 2006:

The Service Disk 2 does not work in a s35, it was designed only for the 3rd and 4th generation panasonic dvd players(eg.rv31). The S35 is a 6th generation and can only be regioned free by either the remote control(ask a authorised panasonic repairer, they will have one) or by hardware modification. No remote contol function will disable the macrovision. As for pressing the 2 buttons on the front panel and the different buttons on the remote, these are used when servicing the DVD player for instance the LDD 035 035 is lets you know what the current of the laser diode is. You can not alter most of these because they are for servicing the DVD player. All S35 sold in Australia are region free. When using the remote it sends a frequency out for 5seconds, you then have to unplug the power and then back in to make it work correctly.

PostRegion code hack posted by Sarmad, July 04 2006:

This hacked worked for me!.... I have the [Action] button in my remote (I don't know why others don't have it)... as soon as I press it I go to quick setup menu...
I guess you can try going to the quick setup screen and follow the hack from [1] [>=10] [6] ...and so on

After I entered the code nothing happened, but when I went to the menu, there was the option for other ----

1. Remove DVD/CD from your drive.
2. Press the following keys on your remote:
[ACTION] [1] [>=10] [6] [4] [3] [8]

3. A new menu option will appear named Other followed by four stars. Use one of the following codes to:
3192 -> Multi-Region Enable
3193 -> Macrovision Disable

If you locked your player by pressing [4] instead of [1] after pressing [ACTION], this will also unlock your player.

Got this hack from a rather obscure site after much searching, a friend of mine has this S35 so I'd like to know if it works.

PostRegion code hack posted by johnts, December 17 2006:

region free hack for my panasonic dvd-s35

PostRegion code hack posted by susanforeman, June 21 2011:

panasonic s35

PostRegion code hack posted by 1planet1region, June 20 2024:

Same "10 key presses" as for Panasonic S52. Tested on region 1 S35 player.

Use 2 remotes -- the Panasonic DVD remote (EUR7617010, n2qahb000012, or EUR7617020, etc) that came with the s35 dvd player and a OneForALL remote (used a URC 2981 but others should work). 9 of the required buttons are on the Panasonic remote so only a single feature needs to be programmed into the OneForAll.

First set the OneForAll for basic control (on/off, play, etc but no open/close) of a Panasonic s35. Wait for the blinks to happen before continuing. On the OneForAll press these buttons
DVD, Magic (2 blinks), 0490 (2 blinks). Make sure it controls the dvd player.

Next, program the "service key" into the OneForAll's 0 button by pressing
Magic (2 blinks), 994 (2 blinks), Magic, 001430 (2 blinks).

Turn the S35 on and wait for "no disc" on front panel.

Then press the keys on the 2 remotes in this order
Panasonic remote: ENTER, 6, ≥10, <<
OneForAll remote: 0
panasonic remote: AUDIO, 8, 1, SUBTITLE, 4

Player turns itself off, then back on automatically. It now plays dvds from any region (ntsc or pal). No blurays.

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