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April 12, 2008 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by swilsontx, December 16 2006:

Applied the 970 or 971 hack my region 2 disks all work.

PostRegion code posted by OPPO, April 17 2007:

This firmware will allow you to alter any DV-981HD firmware to allow for the removal of HDCP compliance. This will allow you to use the DV-981HD on non-HDCP compliant display (such as LCD monitors) or to remove HDCP handshaking issues you may experience.

First, go to and download and extract the program called 970FMT.

1. Go to OPPO Digital ( and download the latest Official or Beta Firmware Release. Save the *.ISO in an easily accessible location.

2. Use WinRAR, ISOBust or other program which can extract the *.ISO. You should have a file called "935.BIN".

3. Open 970FMT and click the folder under the option Original Firmware. Search for the "935.BIN" file.

4. Click Start.

5. User Nero Burning Rom or other burning program where you can force a new CD compilation with "ISO 9660 Only (non-Joliet)" CD mastering. For Nero, follow these instructions:
a. Open Nero and create a New Compilation.
b. Click on CD-ROM (ISO) and then select the ISO tab.
c. Ensure DATA mode is Mode 1 and that the File System is "ISO 9660 Only".
d. Click New.
e. Drag and drop the 935.BIN file. Now burn it.

5. Put the CD into the DVD and follow the onscreen instructions.

Your DVD player now no longer supports HDCP compliance.

PostRegion code hack posted by occhiverdi, April 18 2007:

I can confirm that the hack for the DV-970HD works.

Region code hack posted by Waiting, July 13 2006:
With the Remote control press setup and then press 9210, it will display a menu
with region code (default - 1) Enter 0 to make it region free.

I am watching a region 2 movie in this moment :-)

PostRegion code hack posted by polly06, May 13 2007:

I just got this player from and use remote control
as described from previous,
1-turn player ON
2-use remote press: SET UP
3-press:9210 on tv screen show defauld region:1
4-press: 0 for region free
5-turn off player and turn back on
I loaded dvd movie from region 3 pal, it confirmed played
thank you guys.

PostRegion code posted by storole, August 22 2007:

I can confirm that the HDCP hack works on: "Beta Test Version: MVer: Batch: 01-0531 Release Date: June 5, 2007" from

I can now watch DVD's via DVI on my non HDCP Plasma Display...

PostRegion code hack posted by lych, April 12 2008:

The previously mentioned DVD region hack works on my region 1 OPPO DV-981HD (purchased April 1,2008). Turn the player on with no disc loaded and press setup on the remote. Once the menu is displayed, press in sequence: 9210. This will display version/region info. Then simply press 0 on the remote for region free! Turn the player off then on again and enjoy your multi-region player!

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