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LG BP350

8 user region code comments

December 14, 2023 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Jan, March 21 2018:

Easy peasy.

Create a folder: Violet0000
Create a subfolder: Rubicon

Locate the MontBlanc.txt file here:

Save it in the Rubicon folder as MontBlanc.DVD (note: DO NOT save it as a text file. Choose Save As All FIle Types)

Structure is this: /Violet0000/Rubicon/MontBlanc.DVD

Burn it all to a CDR.

Insert disc into DVD player. A black menu screen will appear with the current region code and a place to select a new region code. Select 0 for universal region.

Worked like a champ!

PostRegion code posted by chicofox, April 09 2019:

Unfortunately, this hack doesn't work on a machine I recently bought. I guess they updated the firmware.

PostRegion code posted by Phys Ben, May 01 2019:

Same with me. I tried this hack on a recently purchased (March 2019) LG BP350.
The black screen never appears. Is a new procedure necessary ?

PostRegion code posted by Phys Ben, May 04 2019:

Thanks. This worked for my LG BP350, purchases in the U.K. in April 2019.
I did waste a few CDs trying to get the format exactly right, so if it doesn't work for you,
try it again. Make sure that the file has a size of 4 bytes, an is recognized on the Windows
machine as DVD data before you move it to the disk to burn.

PostRegion code posted by Brawndo, July 27 2019:

This doesn't work on North American models.

PostRegion code hack posted by, December 30 2020:


PostRegion code posted by Ingrid, August 18 2022:

Hi! Purchased my LG BP350 in March 2022 believing it was region free but not! Tried every hack solution!
Found that if this model was made after October 2021, unable to change. Really upset. Hopefully someone
will be able to solve. Only interested in the hack for DVD's.

PostRegion code hack posted by Anonymous, December 14 2023:

I had a same issue as my LG BP350 is made after October 2021. However, I was able to make my LG
BP350Q (Japanese version, Post 2022 production) Region Free by downgrading firmware with following

1. Get LG_BD_A000M63.ROM from LG. -- Search for "" and you will find LG download site
with this zip file.
2. Copy LG_BD_A000M63.ROM from zip file to the USB memory
3. Follow Software_Upgrade_Guide_BPSeries (also provided by LG in PDF format)
4. Use CDR you made with /Violet0000/Rubicon/MontBlanc.DVD
5. You will see screen to change your region settings. --Set your region as "0"

I have updated my firmware again to the most recent version but my rigion setting remains!

Hope this helps...

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