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GoVideo DV2140

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September 30, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Humberto, April 12 2004:

OK I Tried all the codes I could find for the Regional Hack for this DVD (DV2140) The ONLY Regional Hack that worked was the following:

Go To:
unzip the file and burn the new directory on a CD (Sometimes you have to create the two directories and save the file on the CD-R, even a CD-RW is ok) and put it into your DV2140...
This is originally for an LG5000 player but works on other players as well, MINE ALSO!!!
It's so easy and works permanent !!!!!!

PostOther hack posted by TymeShifter, April 25 2004:

Techniques didn't work for macrovision

Tried both suggestions. Modified the EPROM as indicated (checked to make sure it changed, it did) tried to copy DVD and still got 'lock'.

Then I downloaded the zip file. Not at all clear what the instructions meant. The txt file said to 'Burn the folder 'RMTM0000' to a CD-R making sure that the directories stay in order'.

There were no directories in the zip file, just the txt file and a file 'kpjc19_1.dvd'. I wrote the file to a folder called RMTM0000' as well as leaving it in the root. Both resulted in 'check disc' from the 2140.

I realize that the second approach may be only for region codes, but I still got 'check disc' when I tried it.

Any more help out there?

PostRegion code hack posted by none, May 02 2004:

These are the full instructions on how to copy the files mentioned above onto a CD - it seems to be for the LG5000 series but I tested on DV1240 and it worked fine. The MacroVision hack above did not work - anyone have one for that?

"This hack is supplied by

This is the multiregion menu for the DVD-5000 and some DVD-6000 Series LG DVD players.

Follow the directions exactly.

Firstly you will need to download this zip file (5KB size)

Once downloaded, unzip the file and follow these instructions, supplied by Andy :

Step 1

Download the file by clicking on the link above.

Step 2

You will need Winzip or Easyzip as the file you have downloaded is in a compressed state or 'Zipped up'. Open the file then extract or uncompress the file kpjc19_1.dvd to you hard drive in say your 'Mydocuments' folder. (Here is the confusing bit) it will create a directory in your Mydocuments folder called RMTM0000, this you accept and go with the flow.

Step 3

You need a CD writer to burn or write (another familiar term is formatting the disc) a new disk which will copy the files you've just extracted or uncompressed ie RMTM0000.

Step 4

You need CD burning software like Easy CD Creator, Nero Burning Rom or CD Clone

Step 5

Buy that CD-R disc to burn to. Now I've read the text in the file about not using a 700mb capacity CD-R but mine worked. For information, I used a Memorex CD-R 700MB 24x from Staples (24x means the speed to which data can be transferred or read). This speed I think is the key to success not the capacity or size of the CDR.

Step 6

Using the CD burning software you need to create a Data CD not audio etc, and add the directory RMTM0000 from your Mydocuments Folder in Step 2. That's all you need ! As the real file is automatically copied over as well. (If you've not used Nero or Easy before, there are instructions on the main Area 450 site relating to Sampo DVD players, but the same principles apply: check the second and third pages of the article here ).*** When burning the disc do not use DirectCD ***

Step 7

Switch on your player and TV and insert the newly burned disc. When prompted select 0 for multiregion and then ENTER, power off and you're ready to go !

Thanks again to Allan C for all your efforts


13th June 2002"

PostRegion code hack posted by Ryan, September 30 2005:

The above works for me on my DV1040!

I got no "prompt", but merely stuck in the CD, which produced a black. I pressed a few of the <, > buttons and the player spit the disc out. But next I tried a UK disc which worked!


Ryan C

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