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Denon DVD-1930

7 user region code comments

January 31, 2019 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by LGF, December 02 2006:

1. Power on (without any disc)
2. Press "9" - "8" - "7" - "6" _ "search mode" on the remore
3. tray opens - please insert update disc
4. unit updates runs - it takes about 10 minutes (please don't touch it !)
5. tray opens again - please remove disc
6. please unplug the power plug and plug it in again
7. done !


PostRegion code hack posted by CALPE, June 27 2007:

What's the point of placing a region free hack if you have to purchase the 'download'. Would it be easier to just inform the users what the hack is or even to be able to downlaod the file free.

PostRegion code posted by hbokh, July 08 2007:

What do you mean "purchase the download" ?!
It is a FREE download on RapidShare...

But somemore information would be nice indeed.
This is version v1.12, where Denon's latest official is at v1.17, so it will set you back 5 minor updates.

Also, I'm curious for any user-experiences of this specific firmware-hack here. AFAIK this one is only for R2- / European-versions.

PostRegion code hack posted by MrWar, August 20 2007:

This hack does not work for US region 1 DVD Denon 1930. Anybody knows a hack for the US model? I bought one thinking this would be easy and I am stuck with it for Region 1 only...

PostRegion code hack posted by amitagwl, October 19 2007:

This solution seemed to work well for Region2 DVD players. Can anyone confirm if it works well for region1 DVD players as well?

PostRegion code hack posted by alci, July 24 2009:

Above hack from RapidShare file still works on European R2 player as of july 2009.

Method of application - specifications:

1. Download file.
2. Decompress .rar file
3. Burn file E6BE0ED112D0.AB7 to CD-r. IMPORTANT: Don't burn as multisession disc! Finalise disc. I chose burn speed 16x which worked. Tried also to burn both DVD-r and CD-r as multisession which did NOT work.
4. Use approach as stated in original file. When disc is inserted, text on player will read V12, while on television will say first "Reading ...", then "Erasing ..." (no alarm), and then "Programming ...". Wait til proces ends!
5. When proces is completed, DVD-player opens, and you turn off power on plug (operation buttons won't respond - no alarm). When you power on, DVD should accept other regions also (mine accepted a Region 1 DVD fine, which it would not previously).

PostRegion code posted by W00t, January 31 2019:

Rapidshare link is now dead.

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