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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for qencoder

qencoder 2.0-rc1

qencoder 2.0 totally upends the backend to bring you faster, safer, better encoding. Featuring:

Lsmas/vapoursynth based splitting (massive disk savings and MASSIVE stability improvements) [Linux only, for now]
Time based splitting. The classic from neav1e comes to qencoder! But unlike regular time based splitting this time splitting is slightly smarter, relying on maximum kf distance to ensure it's creating barely/no unneeded keyframes
ffmpeg based splitting. Safer than pyscenedetect (but slower and possibly slightly less efficient) and built RIGHT into ffmpeg.
uses a standardized, smart, and public backend - parallel encode. Parallel encode is a tool for ANY developer looking for parallel encoding functionality.
no more av1an code in qencoder, it's all moved to a separate backend
fewer deps for both qencoder and for parallel encode - more optional deps as well - good for everyone basically.
less crap printed to the terminal/console window
QUEUE JOBS - encode multiple queue items at once
Encoding now completes automatically.
Target VMAF works with scaling/cropping video.
For Linux/Windows users who want to avoid large binaries- install with pip: pip install qencoder==2.0rc1

This RC contains ALL the features of 2.0 but with less testing than I feel comfortable with to release as a proper 2.0 version. I'm still confident that it is as stable as previous qencoder versions, just not as stable as a proper 2.0 should be, which is 100% stable with 0 failings.

(okay actually it's rc2 but it's basically functionally identical to the version on pip)

qencoder 1.5.6-2

This should work on windows. Appveyor sucks.

qencoder 1.5.6
@natis1 natis1 released this 12 hours ago

Basically just bugfixes. Greatly improves stability but doesn't change anything about the look or feel.

qencoder 1.5.4
@natis1 natis1 released this 2 days ago 4 commits to master since this release

Closes #21 and Closes #19 probably too.

Redoes some of the backend code to be less clunky, makes vmaf work again, and more.

qencoder 1.5
@natis1 natis1 released this 6 days ago 8 commits to master since this release

This version adds the following

Target vmaf!!!
Way better splitting method (experimental for now)
Automatically shutdown system after completing
Safer splitting
Better name for colorspaces
Better colorspace presets
Some bug fixes I forgot
Some qol improvements like opening a queue brings you to the queue menu
For windows, download the file below
For linux, use pip, or the aur package:

qencoder 1.3
@natis1 natis1 released this on Jun 5 16 commits to master since this release


"Open with" qencoder now automatically selects the file as an input
Fix naming on various parts of the gui, for instance q is now called crf to make it more clear
"Edit queue item" option edits an existing queue item by taking it off the queue and putting it back into your settings.
Old queue files are no longer compatible with this version of qencoder (sorry. I tried)
Queue now shows specific video settings like quality level
Added minimum split length option. splits that are too small are merged together
Added maximum distance between keyframes option. Useful if aomenc is not properly creating keyframes or for certain content types.
Added options for if pyscenedetect fails. Pyscenedetect often fails on Windows on videos that work perfectly on Linux so this is very useful for avoiding that.

qencoder 1.1.1
@natis1 natis1 released this on May 15 30 commits to master since this release

Minor update to improve ffmpeg compatibility on windows and allow it to run if splitting fails.

qencoder 1.1
@natis1 natis1 released this on May 11 43 commits to master since this release


The frame counter is far more accurate and useful.
Current fps is now displayed
Add queues. These let you queue up many videos at once. You can save queues for later or run them now
Preserve current settings when closing the program
Fix empty spaces in temp folder, video name, or saved name breaking things (#3)
Separate temp folders for each output video, based on the output video's filename
Improve av1 efficiency by defaulting to --threads=1
Add threads slider in gui
Save and load current settings to a file which can be shared
The program is now threadsafe on windows (in theory, so far it seems to work) (#8)
Icons for the encode button using unicode
Add licenses for the other programs I am using. I guess I should have included one for qencoder but since I own it I am not legally obligated to.
The python program now points to /usr/bin/python (#6)
Please report any issues to the github issues section.

qencoder 1.0
@natis1 natis1 released this on May 7 53 commits to master since this release

The first ever 1.0 release of qencoder. A multithreaded gui encoder for free formats (av1, vp9, vp8).

Windows users may download the binary below, linux users are urged to download the source code and run the program with

pip install -r requirements.txt

Qencoder 0.5
@natis1 natis1 released this on May 2 58 commits to master since this release

This version of qencoder should work 100% and has nearly all the features I intend to add, it is only missing vpx encoding. It hasn't been well tested though so definitely try it out yourself!

For Linux users, git clone the repository and run it with ./

for Windows users, use the binary below:

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