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multiAVCHD allows you to turn a bunch of MKV, M2TS, TS, VOB, AVI files and a bunch of DVD, Blu-ray/AVCHD/BDMV folders into disc with a simple menu structure that should play on Blu-ray players. Put up to 252 different files, MPEG2, Quicktime MOV, MKV/AVC, M2TS/MTS, TS and AVCHD/BluRay folders in one place and navigate all these via nice 1080p top menu. One click DVD to Blu-ray/AVCHD(no reencoding). Convert Blu-ray/AVCHD to SD DVD ( Standard DVD-video).

OS: Win
File size: 37MB
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Latest version

4.1.771 (July 4, 2012)


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Download multiAVCHD 4.1.771  37MB  Win

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Download multiAVCHD 4.1.771 update  251KB  Win

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Freeware (Free download!)

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More information and other downloads

Download popBD here or here (direct link), a stripped down version of multiAVCHD.

If you have problems playing your Blu-ray on Panasonic players then try reauthor it with Free AVCHD Editor. Read this forum thread for information.

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

[25/12/2008] build27 - Added mkv support. Major update. Fixed STOP button.
[26/12/2008] build30 - Proper handling of already multiAVCHD folders
[26/12/2008] build31 - DVD/BD folder type compatibility fixed! (thanks to zoner)
[27/12/2008] build41 - tsMuxer options, INI file and MOVE option added!
[27/12/2008] build44 - Autoupdate added!
[27/12/2008] build46 - Added tsmuxer font option BOLD
[28/12/2008] build50 - 20 titles in top menu.
[28/12/2008] build52 - Destination folder added!
[29/12/2008] build67 - Progress bar and bugfixes!
[29/12/2008] build68 - Consistency check!
[29/12/2008] build74 - Sequental playback and skip top menu selection in SETTINGS TAB.
[31/12/2008] build77 - Cut start/end (seconds) and Force High@4.1 level added in tsMuxer tab.
[01/01/2009] build82 - Serious bugfixes. UPDATE!
[02/01/2009] build84 - Support for multiple SRT subtitles.
[02/01/2009] build86 - Interface update.
[03/01/2009] build92 - Buffered copy/progress indicator. Error reporting.
[04/01/2009] build99 - Added *TS files import and drag/drop to media tab.
[04/01/2009] build 101 - Added drag&drop to program window.
[05/01/2009] build 104 - Lite version / static menu options.
[06/01/2009] build 116 - Custom color/family option in tsMuxer.
[07/01/2009] build 120 - Multiple audiotracks in tsMuxer tab.
[08/01/2009] build 126 - Chapters in tsMuxer tab.
[08/01/2009] build 129 - Setting compliant vertical resolution in tsMuxer tab.
[09/01/2009] build 144 - 40 titles. 20 from top menu and 20 selectable, windows positions save.
[09/01/2009] build 146 - Multiple playlist entries fixed with compliant resolution (not 1st only). Bugfix.
[09/01/2009] build 148 - Fixed audio for titles 6-40.
[09/01/2009] build 159 - Major version. No green bar for PS3. 40 compliant or non-compliant MKVs supported now!
[10/01/2009] build 166 - Fixed broken motion menu. Bugfixes. No-menu scenario fixed.
[10/01/2009] build 171 - Bugfixes. TEMP cannot be ROOT anymore.
[10/01/2009] build 173 - Reset to default added in Settings tab.
[12/01/2009] build 176 - Reference count check for MKV files in Authoring tab.
[12/01/2009] build 179 - Added SSA/ASS support.
[13/01/2009] build 181 - Unique TEMP folder naming.
[13/01/2009] build 182 - Fixed refcount search for non x264 encoded AVCs.
[14/01/2009] build 187 - Fixed MTS/M2TS/TS file processing. Added credits to kaid for the general idea.
[14/01/2009] build 189 - SRT Subtitle support for MTS/M2TS/TS files.
[15/01/2009] build 192 - Fixed playback when no menu is chosen.
[15/01/2009] build 197 - First menu page reflects actual title count if less than six. Bugfixes for NTSC menu.
[16/01/2009] build 201 - Show non-existent titles Option in authoring tab added. It will generate old lite first menu page for titles 1-5
[19/01/2009] build 207 - ImgBurn support. Fixed menu for titles 1-5 when played from DVD/BD.
[19/01/2009] build 212 - Tutorial:
[20/01/2009] build 215 - No restart needed to start another compilation. Files with no audio will be processed.
[21/01/2009] build 218 - Pre-release. Menu structure for next version will be commenced.
[22/01/2009] build 227 - Custom titles (working) and custom background image.
[23/01/2009] build 239 - Fixed start time for first line in SRT subtitles. Bugfixes.
[23/01/2009] build 243 - Custom welcome screen available if custom folder name is used in Settings.
[24/01/2009] build 251 - Fade in-out transitions option in authoring.
[25/01/2009] build 255 - Proper offset for NC movie heights.
[25/01/2009] build 258 - Support for MPEG2 video files added. eac3to option in Settings tab.
MP3 to AC3 conversion added for all input file audio tracks.
[25/01/2009] build 266 - Force subtitles option in tsMuxer tab. Support for AVCHDManager.
[26/01/2009] build 267 - Fixed: audio missing if ts/mpg files contain multiple audio tracks. Multiple audio/subtitles supported in mts/ts/mpg.
[27/01/2009] build 269 - Language ID detection for srt files added - if named
[27/01/2009] build 277 - Progress in title. Abort option in settings. More warning for compilation errors.
[29/01/2009] build 279 - Option to convert TrueHD and DTS-MA/HRA to AC3 if in m2ts/ts/mpeg.
[29/01/2009] build 284 - Custom color for menu titles in Authoring. Custom bitrate for HD audio conversions.
[29/01/2009] build 287 - multiAVCHD will now create only needed AVCHD folders. Should improve SAP compatibility.
[30/01/2009] build 294 - HD audio to LPCM option in Settings.
[30/01/2009] build 298 - Update changed. Bugfixes for HD audio conversions.
[01/02/2009] build 302 - Fixed playlist bug when importing multiple AVCHD folders.
[02/02/2009] build 306 - Slim changes in custom menu. Please REPORT if they work for you!
[04/02/2009] build 313 - Custom menu working (PS3). Please REPORT if they work for you!
[05/02/2009] build 319 - Navigational arrows behaviour fixed!
[05/02/2009] build 322 - Fixed aspect ratio in playlists and clip info files for non 4/3 16/9 input files!
[06/02/2009] build 323 - Interface update.
[06/02/2009] build 325 - Version 2.2. No animated menu. Single download for PAL/NTSC.
[06/02/2009] build 326 - Color and opacity for navigation graphics added.
[07/02/2009] build 330 - Encoding of navigational pages fixed! Option in Authoring.
[07/02/2009] build 330 - Fixed mediainfo not working properly.
[08/02/2009] build 342 - Title editing in MEDIA and MENU tabs.
[08/02/2009] build 344 - Files in input AVCHD will not be moved.
[09/02/2009] build 355 - multiAVCHD.dat update is required!
[09/02/2009] build 356 - Outline color for menu added in Authoring.
[10/02/2009] build 359 - Quit after last title option. Verbose log option. Charset option in tsMuxer tab. MOV support for HDV3+PCM.
[11/02/2009] build 362 - More options in Authoring tab. Bugfixes.
[12/02/2009] build 370 - External audio tracks option. Bugfixes.
[12/02/2009] build 372 - Preview button in Authoring.
[13/02/2009] build 375 - Title font option in Authoring.
[13/02/2009] build 378 - Multiple playlist support and importing multiAVCHD compilations.
[14/02/2009] build 380 - Bugfix for multiple playlists (thanks to FSNAVI). Move files will work for input multiAVCHD folders.
[15/02/2009] build 385 - AVCHD contents will be checked for NC content and fixed.
[17/02/2009] build 391 - Video thumbnails option in Authoring (static). multiAVCHD.dat update is required!
[19/02/2009] build 395 - Fixed navigational arrows for thumbnail menu! Preview for thumbnail menu.
[22/02/2009] build 408 - Drag/drop functionality is restored.
[22/02/2009] build 409 - Fixed title#13 in list menu. DAT update is required.
[23/02/2009] build 410 - Title/credits editable and saved to ini.
[02/03/2009] build 421 - Players will show proper title count.
[05/03/2009] build 430 - XMB style menu. Major version 2.5. DAT update required.
[06/03/2009] build 437 - Bugfixes for XMB style menu and other problems.
[07/03/2009] build 439 - Support for external SUP subtitles.
[08/03/2009] build 440 - Support for PCM audio in MKV.
[09/03/2009] build 444 - AVCHD edit on load option.
[09/03/2009] build 448 - UP/DOWN chapter selection. UP/DOWN AVCHD reorder on load. Classic menu page 2 fixed. Thumnails fixed.
[13/03/2009] build 457 - External chapters are supported if .txt file is named after movie.
[13/03/2009] build 460 - multiAVCHD.dat update required. No support for predefined menu.
[15/03/2009] build 461 - Headline/credits offset fixed.
[15/03/2009] build 462 - PowerDVD playback compatibility fix.
[18/03/2009] build 467 - Directshow option in Author for XMB thumnail creation.
[19/03/2009] build 470 - Correct thumbnails for XMB custom chapters.
[20/03/2009] build 473 - Chapter marks are now saved to multiCHAP.txt in output folder.
[20/03/2009] build 475 - UP/DOWN buttons in XMB now scroll through titles.
[22/03/2009] build 477 - Support for h.264 elementary streams as input files.
[23/03/2009] build 480 - Bugfixes and support for next version of AVCHD Manager
[23/03/2009] build 481 - TOOLS updated to latest releases (mkvinfo/mediainfo/mkvextract/mkvmerge/x264)
[26/03/2009] build 484 - Added support for bold/italic/underline SSA/ASS tags. Unknown tags are stripped. Bugfixes.
[30/03/2009] build 490 - Limited support for MP4 container. Support for AAC audio in MKV/MP4/MOV files. ffmpeg.exe required for AAC audio conversion.
[31/03/2009] build 491 - Fixed support/subtitle settings for SD sources (720x480). Updated uncropMKV to 0.4 in the package.
[01/04/2009] build 493 - Option for stricter AVCHD folder format in Settings when using multBD button. multiLANG.ini allows you to change language tags for XMB styled menu.
********************** - multiLANG.ini allows you to change 11 language tags for XMB styled menu.
[03/04/2009] build 495 - You can now edit all 40 title names in EDITOR tab (switch between 1-28 and 29-40).
[04/04/2009] build 497 - 1440x1080 16:9 anamorphic videos will get proper subtitles for video plane 1920x1080
********************** - Warning box for multiAVCHD and uncropMKV if user tries to launch more than one instance of the program.
[06/04/2009] build 500 - Localization with multiLANG.txt and option not to create chapter thumbnails for XMB styled menu
[07/04/2009] build 506 - Improved support for MP4/Quicktime with AAC audio. Bugfixes.
[08/04/2009] build 510 - Options added/changed. multiUPDATE.exe updated.
[08/04/2009] build 512 - New version of tsMuxeR included (REQUIRED). uncopMKV and popBD are updated to versions 0.5.
********************** - Fixes for classic/thumbnail menus and welcome screen.
[10/04/2009] build 514 - Bugfixes for XMB when using localization file. Changed multiAVCHD/multiBD buttons.
[12/04/2009] build 517 - Blu-ray output button added for BD-R/RE media. AVCHD for SD cards/MS/USB now separated from DVD/BD-R output button.
[13/04/2009] build 518 - Proper title count shown in players (instead of always 40).
[13/04/2009] build 521 - Added support for Blu-ray playlist files (mpls). You can now add mpls to your compilations.
[14/04/2009] build 524 - Bugfixes and new options available when importing Blu-ray MPLS files. Guide/Tutorial updated.
[15/04/2009] build 525 - Extended support for up to 16 audio and 16 subtitle tracks.
[16/04/2009] build 526 - Some major bugs fixed.
[17/04/2009] build 529 - XMB quality improved. 720x480 will always get 480i resolution ID as in standards.
[18/04/2009] build 534 - SSA in MKV issues fixed and MOVE option in Settings.
[24/04/2009] build 540 - Version 2.6. Panasonic SDHC output enabled.
[26/04/2009] build 543 - multiAVCHD.DAT update required. Fixes for Panasonic SDHC and thumbnail menu.
[27/04/2009] build 545 - 40 titles for Panasonic SDHC players.
[27/04/2009] build 550 - Folder import for Panasonic SDHC mode. Multiple playlists/split titles supported.
[29/04/2009] build 556 - Improved Panasonic SDHC TV compatibility.
[30/04/2009] build 557 - Improved Panasonic TV compatibility and new options in Author tab.
[02/05/2009] build 562 - Audio delay in MKV is processed. Major bug with playlist processing fixed (full download/mediainfo updated).
[03/05/2009] build 563 - Added "Force frame-rate" option for Panasonic SDHC output (to overcome NTSC content in PAL players)
[04/05/2009] build 564 - mkvinfo is no longer used - replaced with mediainfo for MKV file processing. Bugfixes.
[05/05/2009] build 565 - Movie loading time is greatly improved if no welcome screen is present.
[06/05/2009] build 566 - Maximum of 255 titles if Panasonic mode is enabled (no menu, no green-bar fix in this mode).
[08/05/2009] build 568 - Maximum of 252 titles in all modes. multiAVCHD.dat update required (or full download).
[09/05/2009] build 570 - Classic, Thumbnail and XMB menus support 252 titles now. multiAVCHD.DAT update required.
[10/05/2009] build 571 - Output mode selection changed.
[10/05/2009] build 572 - tsMuxeR updated to 1.10.4. MPL and mpls playlist import now works. Bugfix for tsMuxeR launch for MPL/mpls processing.
[10/05/2009] build 572 - tsMuxeR updated to 1.10.4. MPL and mpls playlist import now works. Bugfix for tsMuxeR launch for MPL/mpls processing.
[11/05/2009] build 573 - HDAVCTN folder with thumbnail cache for faster re-processing.
[11/05/2009] build 574 - HDAVCTN folder with thumbnail cache for faster re-processing. Playlist processing speed bump and fix for AVCHD index.
[12/05/2009] build 575 - More options to configure Welcome screen. JPG image in movie folder can be used as poster/background.
[12/05/2009] build 577 - multiAVCHD.dat update required. DAT size is now just ~3MB and the full download is about 13MB.
[13/05/2009] build 577+- Option to keep the welcome screen if one is found in the imported folder/compilation. Support for celltimes format in external chapters.
[13/05/2009] build 579 - Support for DVD folder import. Full DVD to AVCHD and Blu-ray support.
[14/05/2009] build 580 - Added support for subtitles in DVD folder import mode (not for IFO import). Java required. Full download required.
[14/05/2009] build 582 - Version 2.7. Full DVD support (playlists, multiple subtitle tracks, multiple audio tracks).
[15/05/2009] build 584 - Version 2.7. Full DVD support (playlists, multiple subtitle tracks, multiple audio tracks). A lot of bugfixes for DVD (b582).
[15/05/2009] build 585+- Added AAC to AC3 conversion for m2ts/mts/ts. Updated mencoder.exe and BDSup2Sub.jar in tools folder.
Extended info for DVD subtitle extraction. Support for up to 32 audio and 32 subtitle tracks in all input/output modes.
[15/05/2009] build 586 - DVD LPCM audio will be converted to AC3 (otherwise it won't work). Chapter marks fixed. DVD subtitle import warnings changed.
[16/05/2009] build 587 - DVD audio and subtitle detection is completely rewritten. Proper audio and subtitle detection.
[16/05/2009] build 587+- Support for MPEG audio (mp2) tracks in input folder. Will be converted to AC3 on the fly. Fix for DTS to AC3 conversion.
[17/05/2009] build 591 - Preview in Editor tab (while editing title names) for DVD and FILE imported media. Extended info for DVD import - now fully working.
[18/05/2009] build 600 - Major revision of many features. DVD VOB and DVR TRP support. Playlist/files available in Media Tab + preview for all media.
[18/05/2009] build 601 - Too many bugs in build 600.
[19/05/2009] build 602 - New look of "Title preview". New option in Author tab ("Action after last title").
[19/05/2009] build 603 - A lot of improvements in 603.
[20/05/2009] build 604 - Symmetrical thumbnail order in Thumbnail Menu! Some fixes.
[21/05/2009] build 605 - Carousel styled menu added (designed by Atak_Snajpera @ doom9)
[22/05/2009] build 606 - Carousel menu customization. Support for AVI files with H.264/AVC video and AC3 audio.
[22/05/2009] build 607 - Carousel menu customization support for grayscale, opacity, smartline, etc (same as XMB options)
[23/05/2009] build 611 - Slide menu added.
[24/05/2009] build 612 - Slide menu preview added. Directshow option applied for preview in Title properties for precise positioning.
[24/05/2009] build 613 - multiUPDATE updated. Server links for auto-update changed to overcome recent update problems.
[27/05/2009] build 615 - Version 3.0. Full download required. Tons of improvements, new options and bug fixes + improved stability.
[30/05/2009] build 616 - Added [<<] [>>] buttons for easy title browsing/editing in "Title properties". Some minor fixes.
[30/05/2009] build 621 - Expanded title properties window into full featured compilation + title editing window.
[01/06/2009] build 622 - Add/change/remove/rearrange available for internal audio and subtitle tracks of any input file/title.
[02/06/2009] build 625 - Added Core extraction for HD audio tracks and fixed DVD/TRP/AVI import.
[02/06/2009] build 627 - Fixed some bugs + support for H264/MPEG2 files from FinalCut Pro (renamed to TRP for MPEG audio or TS for AC3)
[02/06/2009] build 627 - Fixed some bugs + support for H264/MPEG2 files from FinalCut Pro (renamed to TRP for MPEG audio or TS for AC3)
[03/06/2009] build 628 - Restored PCM in ts/m2ts support + some new chapter formats support and options for XMB and Slide menus
[04/06/2009] build 629 - Fixed crashing of Nero Showtime with Slide and Carousel menu types. New option in Video&Audio tab for auto chapters.
[04/06/2009] build 630 - Added support for external language files (translation). Fixed a bug with welcome screen duration.
[05/06/2009] build 631 - Added GUI language switching in Settings and 4 translations in the full download package.
[05/06/2009] build 632 - Fixed a bug about MPEG audio not being processed / converted to AC3.
[05/06/2009] build 634 - Added CLI support in main executable and true-CLI version in full-download-package: multiAVCHD_CLI.exe
[05/06/2009] build 635 - Fixed a bug, rarely manifesting itself when using up/down in media tab to rearrange the titles (thanks to gty). Polish translation included in the full download package and updated German/Italian/French
[07/06/2009] build 636 - Panasonic Viera (NTSC) and Viera (PAL) are now both supported. Fixes for DVD import.
[08/06/2009] build 637 - Fixed broken (again) audio import for DVD folders. Added audio tracks information in XMB menu.
[08/06/2009] build 637 - Full download updated: uncropMKV updated to 0.9 - independent of mkvtoolnix. popBD removed.
[09/06/2009] build 638 - Uncrop/resize/re-encode functionality added in multiAVCHD (similar to uncropMKV) in Title Properties / Uncrop.
[10/06/2009] build 639 - Experimental support for multiple MTS/M2TS (camcoder recordings) joined in one title. tsdemux.exe added in full-download. Improved uncropping functions (PAL/NTSC dependent for 720x480/720x576 resolutions)
[11/06/2009] build 644 - 44.1->48kHz conversion for AAC audio. Added ImgBurn ISO output. + some other fixes.
[12/06/2009] build 646 - Audio delay option for internal audio. Fixed a bug for over 26 titles without chapters. uncropMKV updated to 1.0
[13/06/2009] build 648 - Interface change (in progress), added support for joining MPG files (if put in a folder) (experimental)
[14/06/2009] build 650 - A lot of fixes + compilation summary report.
[14/06/2009] build 651 - Added support for VobSub subtitles(internal in MKV files) and external idx/sub for all other types (many thanks again! to the author of BDSub2Sup)
[15/06/2009] build 651+ - Added FLAC audio support in MKV files.
[15/06/2009] build 652 - You can now create audio-AVCHD / audioBD compilations (audio titles or mixed audio+video titles).
[16/06/2009] build 653 - Support for dts/ac3/wav/pcm/mp2/mp3/flac for Welcome Screen audio. FLAC/WAV support for external Audio tracks.
[18/06/2009] build 655 - Fix for PAL/NTSC compilation type. TV system option is available even if no menu is selected. ALWAYS set your TV system!
[19/06/2009] build 656 - Resampling/reencoding for audio titles with SR less than 48000Hz.
[20/06/2009] build 656+- * DTS->AC3 for m2ts/ts/mpeg files now works. Some tweaks for XMB/THM menus. Subtitles for black-audio-titles + fixes! * Fixed FLAC -> LPCM when FLAC is not compliant (48kHz) / * XMB and THM menus got some tweaks for better colors / * Subtitles added in black-audio-titles with title name + title duration / * Audio titles with generated background take 7 times less time to generate background / * Modified chapter import for weird .chp/.txt formats (more relaxed now) / * DTS->AC3 conversion for m2ts/ts/mpeg files now works / * Support for AC3/DTS/LPCM/MP2/MP3/MPA/WAV in merged M2TS/MTS mode / * Added 2 options for Audio-title generation (background): No title name display and Title name position on screen (in Author tab)
[21/06/2009] build 657 - Uncrop/reencode is possible for m2ts/mts/ts files. Uncrop/SAR/DAR/Auto-Interlace + a lot of improvements.
[22/06/2009] build 657+- Support for .cue files as chapter files. CUE information is used for audio titles (title name/performer) and subtitles are generated
[24/06/2009] build 659 - Support for MPEG-2 video for Panasonic Viera TVs/Blu-ray players (SD_VIDEO folder format). audioBD/aAVCHD improvements.
[25/06/2009] build 660 -SD_VIDEO (MPEG) support for Panasonic Blu-ray players. Audio title preview in title properties. Fixes.
[28/06/2009] build 661 - Chapter/thumbnail link editor in Title properties (for XMB/SLI/CAR menus)
[29/06/2009] build 662 - Output size estimation + bitrate suggestion for uncrop/reencoding.
[29/06/2009] build 663 - Output size estimation + bitrate suggestion for uncrop/reencoding. Bugfix for XMB menu.
[05/07/2009] build 666 - multiAVCHD.dat update required. DivX/XviD AVI uncrop/reencode support. Bugfixes and extended functionality.
[24/07/2009] build 666+- A lot of changes and fixes. Full download includes "eac3to" in tools folder.
[24/07/2009] build 666+- A lot of changes and fixes. Full download includes "eac3to" in tools folder.
* There were a lot of changes since July 5th and the build number is still 666.
* eac3to is now included in the download package (.toolseac3to)
* faad decoder is added and used for proper AAC audio conversion
* tsMuxeR is updated to 1.10.6 (+ 1.9.9)
* Field deinterlace added before resize/uncrop when re-encoding interlaced sources
* Uncrop/re-encode support for AVI (DivX/XviD) files
* Additional attempts to reencode audio if mplayer, ffmpeg and eac3to fail
* Fixed wrong SAR when uncropping/re-encoding 720x480/720x576 videos
* Added pre-processing and on-the-fly fixing of SRT and SSA/ASS subtitle files

* Title editor will show title names with red or green background when titles need reprocessing or when marked for uncropping.
* Added support for OGG audio for audio titles
* Added support for A_OGG/A_VORBIS audio tracks in MKV files

* Fixed PCM/LPCM in m2ts
* Rewritten XMB menu (fixes and tweaks)
* Fixed Blu-ray disc import (playlists)
* Fixed wrong media list when playlists are skipped because of being 'too-short'

* Extended mpl/mpls processing for imported AVCHD compilations (old multiAVCHD compilations without multiAVCHD.mpf file or camcoder AVCHD structures). multiAVCHD will use title names stored in playlist files since build 540 (or will use the metadata from the camcoder)
[01/08/2009] build 667 - HD-DVD support (experimental).
[02/08/2009] build 668 - Support for HD-DVD output, compatible with Toshiba A3 HD-DVD player. AAC in mkv/mp4 gets additional encoding attempt after faad failure
[03/08/2009] build 669 - Fixes.
[06/08/2009] build 670 - HD-DVD authoring now works 100%. Few minor fixes.
[07/08/2009] build 671 - * If "Poster frame" is used - the next time you open "title properties" preview will show the position selected as "poster frame" / * Fixed a possible bug for audio conversion (AAC) - audio not converted to 48000hz / * You can now import and transcode WMV(HD) files / * HD-DVD conversion gets audio copied to source-file folder for later re-use
[09/08/2009] build 673 - Changes in "Transcode" (former Uncrop) menu and some optimizations related to HD-DVD output/compatibility.
[09/08/2009] build 674 - x264 updated to 1198 (HRD patched version)
[10/08/2009] build 675 - Menu generation is rewritten to compensate new version of x264. "Frame border" is now available for Slide and Carousel menus, too.
[11/08/2009] build 677 - Hard-burned subtitle option in Transcode menu (useful for HD-DVD and Viera TV output). uncropMKV updated to 1.2 - support for 1 and 2 pass HQ/VHQ processing
[11/08/2009] build 678 - 1440x1080 16:9 DAR option in transcode menu resolution.
[12/08/2009] build 679 - Opaque/Outline options + Alignment option for hardburned subtitles. Few small fixes.
[13/08/2009] build 680 - Transcode support for DVD titles. External AAC audio support. Opaque/Outline hardburned subtitles in transcode menu. Fixes.
[13/08/2009] build 681 - Real-time transcode preview. Crop/un-crop fixes and improvements.
[13/08/2009] build 682 - One-click HD-DVD authoring. As simple as add files, click Start, click HD-DVD :)
[15/08/2009] build 684 - Transcoding profiles (one pass) Fast, [b]Turbo[/b] (default), Extreme, Insane, (two pass) Fast added. Fix for WMA audio conversion.
[17/08/2009] build 686 - Transcoding of Blu-ray/AVCHD/multiAVCHD playlists is now possible, i.e. Blu-ray backups can be transcoded to fit DVD5/DVD9 (movie+extras as separate titles), Blu-ray to HD-DVD in a single click, etc.
[19/08/2009] build 687 - One-click all-titles transcode and fit-to-any-media button [fit all] in media tab. XMB main title-scroll is now movable.
[20/08/2009] build 689 - External audio tracks properties extended. SRT to SUP/PGS conversion postprocessing to avoid tsmuxer bugs and wrong subtitle-plane size.
[22/08/2009] build 691 - Advanced subtitle options added. Shadow, transparency, opaque box, left/right/centered justification. Support for true SSA/ASS, MicroDVD text .SUB sutbitles
[22/08/2009] build 692 - Subtitle preview in new tab "Subtitles & Audio" + few small fixes (incl. unnecessary processing of subtitles for HD-DVD output mode)
[26/08/2009] build 694 - Some more changes and fixes. [b]easySUP[/b] tool added in full download package.
[28/08/2009] build 697 - Bugfix release. Fixed: Output compilation may get video cut at some point.
[13/09/2009] build 700 - Full download required. Menu preview/generation speed-up, DAT and EXE sizes decreased.
[20/09/2009] build 701 - GUI changes, few fixes, font size option for title names/info in Menu tab (XMB, CLI, CAR menu styles). easySUP updated to 0.4.
[21/09/2009] build 702 - Additional detection for external audio tracks while importing a video in multiAVCHD
[23/09/2009] build 703 - Extended support for DTS-HD (Master audio) when creating audioBD/audioAVCHD (compilation with audio titles) + tv-room preview while muxing mp4/mkv files :)
[25/09/2009] build 704 - Additional options/changes/fixes for audio compilations audioBD/audioAVCHD
[01/10/2009] build 705 - readSUP (SUP subtitle resize - CLI tool) and textST (extract textST streams from m2ts files - CLI tool) added in full download.
[02/10/2009] build 706 - multiAVCHD.dat update required. Removed build expiration. All builds after 705 will never expire!
[10/10/2009] build 707 - New options in Settings (x264) and Menu (THM) tabs. Fix for DVD subtitle processing when transcoding a DVD title with resize option. Subtitles are now properly resized to match the new resolution.
[15/10/2009] build 708 - New options in Menu/XMB and Subtitles&Audio tabs.
[16/10/2009] build 708+- New options in Menu/Thumbnail, changed call to 64bit x264, fix for SD_VIDEO output for Viera modes when no audio is present in input VOB/MPEG files.
[17/10/2009] build 709 - Auto-transcode (on load) option for non-compliant titles (settings tab).
[20/10/2009] build 710 - Automatic PAL->NTSC slowdown and NTSC->PAL speedup for Viera PAL/NTSC modes, eliminating the need of transcoding.
[21/10/2009] build 711 - NTSC->PAL speedup option in Settings tab and compatibility tweaks for PAL/NTSC conversions.
[24/10/2009] build 712 - Viera downmix to stereo option and threads setting for x264 encoder.
[30/10/2009] build 713 - Fixed a rare bug when wrong track ID is passed to eac3to for audio encoding.
[31/10/2009] build 714 - Option to hide titles in XMB/SLI/CAR menu styles in Title properties.
[02/11/2009] build 715 - Transcode support for FLASH (.flv) / VP6 video files, additional transcode-retry with FFMS2.DLL if directshow fails
[07/11/2009] build 717 - Channel remapping for AAC in Settings and pulldown removal for DVD transcoding.
[28/11/2009] build 718 - Changes in transcoding process for 50i and 59.94i sources. Reduced vbv bitrate/buffer for non BD/PS3 modes.
[10/12/2009] build 719 - Fixed a bug, which broke HD-DVD encoding. Updated x264.exe to 1369.
[16/12/2009] build 720 - Fixed a bug with 2pass HQ encoding and non-english Windows installations.
[27/12/2009] build 721 - Fixed wrong progressive/interlaced detection of some sources and DVD discs
[31/12/2009] build 722 - Hidden titles are now *really* hidden and user cannot select them manually during other titles playback. Some fixes.
[03/01/2010] build 723 - Fixes for transcoding profiles. x264.exe reverted to r1336M. AVCHD/BD import speed up. Other improvements and fixes.
[08/01/2010] build 725 - BLU-RAY DISC RE-AUTHOR MODE (when importing blu-ray folders). A lot of fixes and stability improvements.
[15/01/2010] build 727 - New options for XMB menu and new blanking method for Blu-ray disc re-author mode
[24/01/2009] build 729: Latest update for version 3.0. Replaced x264 with a stable build. uncropMKV updated, too.
[17/02/2010] build 731 - Version 4.0. Motion menu, background audio, 8 pages x 12 chapters, Audio/Subtitles setup menu and a lot more.
[23/02/2010] build 732 - Volume split option added (up to 1000 volumes supported). Important fixes.
[25/02/2010] build 733: Support for chapter menu in [AVCHD strict] output mode. Volume Split, Playlist Merge and a lot of other new things.
[27/02/2010] build 734 - A lot of speed improvements and fixes. Real menu preview when HDAVCTN folder is present in imported compilations.
[03/01/2010] build 735 - Great speed improvements for Blu-ray Disc Re-author mode, new options and minor fixes.
[09/03/2010] build 736 - Fixed encoding bug and another one when loading older projects
[18/03/2010] build 737 - Standard-definition (SD) DVD authoring/output mode added. Blu-ray / AVCHD / files to DVD support with hard and soft (SRT/Blu-ray SUP) subtitle support.
[22/03/2010] build 738 - Improvements for (SD) DVD authoring mode. Added HCenc for 2-pass MPEG-2 encoding. Few important fixes.
[23/03/2010] build 739 - Improvements for (SD) DVD authoring mode. Added HCenc for 2-pass MPEG-2 encoding. Few important fixes.
[25/03/2010] build 741 - Blu-ray MPEG-2 transcode profile. Custom PRE/POST execution script (cmd) support. Some optimizations and fixes.
[28/03/2010] build 742 - Added support for Blu-ray playlist/m2ts/mts/ts internal subtitle support for SD-DVD output. Max DVD bitrate set to 9800. Added TOP-ALIGN uncrop option in Crop T/L listbox of transcode window.
[30/03/2010] build 743 - Added support for SD DVD audio discs (create SD-DVD from audio files/titles). Few important fixes.
[02/04/2010] build 744 - Fixed SETUP page navigation for compilations with more than 10 titles. Updated BDSup2Sub to 4.0, x264 to r1510. New options.
[06/04/2010] Build 744+ adds patched x264 r1510M and patched hddvdmux(p) to restore compatibility with HD-DVD output from multiAVCHD with latest x264
[12/04/2010] build 746 - Improved motion menu video quality (new option in MENU/Extended) both for H.264 and MPEG-2 and default 5.1 (6ch) audio. Proper interlaced encoding modes for Blu-ray resolutions.
[19/04/2010] build 747 - Boeing 747 build out.
* Fixed: infinite loop (player lock-up) after last (or each) title playback when compilation has no menu (when [-] Play all is not enabled)
* Fixed: (HD)DVD compliant option processing both for HD and SD DVD video output
* Possibly fixed: rare errors with SD-DVD (buffer underruns)
* Possibly fixed: errors during encoding motion menus, related to avisynth and directshow with some sources (50/60fps)
* Improved: MOV file processing
[27/04/2010] build 748 - SDHC authoring mode (Panasonic/Viera/camcoders) supports chapters/scenes and thumbnails. Improved processing of read-only structures. Better subtitle preview.
[03/05/2010] build 750 - Version 4.1. All AVCHD authoring modes should be fully compliant to the specifications.
[06/05/2010] build 751 - Few stability fixes.
[15/05/2010] build 752 - New options and fixes.
[18/05/2010] build 753 - Video/motion chapter thumbnails (chapter menu) option in MENU/Advanced tab.
[30/05/2010] build 754 - TITLE-LIST menu preview available. Title name font size applied for classic title-list menu.
[03/06/2010] build 755 - Important fixes and compatibility improvements:
* Classic title-list menu: font, size, color and outline set in MENU tab will be used for title names
* Title-list menus: different default background audio
* Main menu: fixed button overlapping (reported few posts up)
* Chapter/Title-list menus: fixed hidden buttons in IGS which cause troubles in some players not changing the active navigation page, causing wrong chapter jumps from chapter menu. Corel WinDVD 10 now doesn't crash when chapter/title-list menu is displayed (but may crash if main menu doesn't have all four buttons PLAY/SETUP/CHAPTERS/TITLE LIST) (to do).
* multiAVCHD.dat updated to [04010755]
[06/06/2010] - Updated the installer to include latest versions of mplayer/mencoder (Sherpya-SVN-r31170-4.2.5)
[08/06/2010] build 756 - Motion chapter-thumbnails improvement (Win7). M2TS/MTS join selection window.
[21/06/2010] build 757 - Added support for 3D Blu-ray disc titles with option to convert/transcode to ANAGLYPH 3D (Red/Cyan glasses). Updated eac3to. Full-download required for 3D.
[29/06/2010] build 758 - 3D/2D Blu-ray detection improvement.
[17/07/2010] build 759 Build 759:
* [<] [>] buttons above LOG window allow the user to increase/decrease the width of multiAVCHD application window, extending the LOG window
* Fixed: audio delay was not applied when processing DVD titles with 'delay' set in title properties
* Fixed: Motion-chapters will follow user-defined chapter links (10x to BZeeme for reminding me of the bug)
[18/07/2010] build 760:
* [x] Create named chapters option in MENU/Advanced tab - applicable for [strict] mode, too.
[22/07/2010] build 761 - Three customizable labels in menu/templates. Custom chapter thumbnail selection. 10 times faster Advanced subtitle processing (similar to goSUP).
[30/07/2010] build 762 - * Warning when loading files muxed with mkvmerge 4.1/4.2 * Additional check/processing for files with audio tracks with wrong sample rate (48/96/192kHz supported only) * Fixed chapters/thumbnail links for thumbs 13-96
[08/08/2010] build 763 - Fixes and optimizations. ColorCode anaglyph (yellow/blue) option added for 3D Blu-ray conversions.
[19/08/2010] build 764 - A new [SEARCH] button next to title-name field in [properties] allows you to search movie database (free/donate service provided by TMDb for posters and covers and use them for menu background and...
[21/08/2010] build 765 - Poster/cover download improvements. Title-list menu preview with posters. Auto-remux for newer mkv files and some fixes.
[23/08/2010] build 766 - Menu support for SD-DVD (DVD-Video) output mode.
[24/08/2010] build 766+ - Motion/Static Menu and background audio support for SD-DVD (DVD-Video)
[26/08/2010] build 767 - HD-DVD static menu and motion WELCOME SCREEN. Full download/DAT update required.
[29/08/2010] build 767 update - Added stereo left/right, top/bottom, interlaced 3D video processing:
[03/09/2010] build 768 - Some new stuff and fixes:
* Fixed: Crash with some MKV embedded chapters.
* Fixed: Crash with 'videoMODE' and 'videoEXT' parameters uninitialized errors
* Added: Some new CROP options (marked with %W) to horizontally pad/crop videos in [transcode] window
* Added: Option in [properties] / [alter detected properties] in RE-AUTHOR mode to replace playlist/title video track with external video from MKV/M*TS/TS or raw 264/VC1/M2V streams
* Added: Pop-up window for blu-ray/avchd structure import, which allows selection of the playlist with longest duration and to remove playlists before proceeding to structure import
[07/09/2010] build 769 - MKV/AVI output modes. Three new file modes added: MKV/AVC, MKV/XviD and AVI/XviD.
[09/09/2010] build 770 - Extract/View/Edit support for internal SUP/PGS/SRT/ASS/SUB/VOBSUB (DVD) subtitles in [properties]/[subtitles] -
Hide changelog

All features

Input formats for video (files):

mov mkv mp4 wmv avi
ifo avs trp vob flv
mts m2t m2ts ts
mpg evo mpeg
m2v vc1 264
mpl mpls

Input formats for audio files and audio titles (files):

mp2 mp3 ac3
pcm ogg wav
flac mlp fla
lpcm dts dtshd
cue (playlist)
wpl (playlist)
m3u (playlist)

Input formats for subtitles (files):

srt sub sup
ass ssa idx

Input formats for chapters (files):

frame based
time based
Scenarist XML
embeded/internal chapters (playlists/files)

Input formats (folders):

BDMV (Blu-ray / AVCHD)
MPEG (for join mode) (folder containing only mpeg or mpg files)
M2TS (for join mode) (folder containing only m2ts or mts files)
JPEG (for picture slide-show) (folder+subfolders containing jpeg or jpg picture files)
BMP/PNG (for picture slide-show)
ANY FOLDER except these above - all compatible files will be loaded as video or audio titles


Output formats (authored structures):

SD_VIDEO - MPEG-2 for Viera/Panasonic SDHC (StdDef video)
AVCHD - AVC/H.264 - SDHC Viera/Panasonic BDP
AVCHD - AVC/H.264 & MPEG-2 - USB/SDHC/MemoryStick/CompactFlash/HDD (solid media / Playstation 3)
AVCHD - AVC/H.264 - DVD/BD-R (optical discs)
BDMV - AVC/H.264 - Blu-ray for BD-R discs
BDMV - MPEG-2 - Blu-ray for BD-R discs
HD-DVD - AVC/H.264 for 3xDVD compatible HD-DVD players
SD-DVD - MPEG-2 for standard DVD players


Supported output formats for Audio Discs:
AVCHD - AVC/H.264 - SDHC Viera/Panasonic BDP
AVCHD - AVC/H.264 & MPEG-2 - USB/SDHC/MemoryStick/CompactFlash/HDD (solid media / Playstation 3)
AVCHD - AVC/H.264 - DVD/BD-R (optical discs)
BDMV - AVC/H.264 - Blu-ray for BD-R discs


Menu support:

Maximum number of titles: 252
Maximum number of hidden titles: 251
Maximum number of subtitles per title: 32
Maximum number of chapters per title: 96
Maximum number of audio tracks per title: 32
Welcome screen / Intro title: 1

Supported menu styles: 3 (XMB, SLIDE, CAROUSEL)
- XMB: 252 scrollable titles (vertical scroll)
- SLIDE: 252 scrollable titles (horizontal scroll)
- CAROUSEL: 252 scrollable titles (horizontal scroll)

Auxiliary menu support:
- TITLE-LIST menu (21 pages x 12 titles per page)
- POP-UP menu (available during playback of each title)

Supported user styles: any (using templates)
Custom menu templates: yes (3 included: Kids, Hi-Tech, Appleseed) (designed by drelin)

* Static menu (static or motion title thumbnail)
* Motion menu (static or motion title thumbnail)
* Pop-up menu
* Title-list menu (classic and thumbnail)
* Chapter selection menu (96 chapters in 8 pages x 12 chaps)
* Setup menu (6 audio + 5 subtitle track selection)

Menu not supported in:

SD_VIDEO - SDHC cards for Viera/Panasonic (StdDef video)
HD-DVD - DVD for 3xDVD compatible HD-DVD players
SD-DVD - DVD for standard DVD players
AVCHD - SDHC cards for Viera/Panasonic BDP

Other features:

* Projects: yes (save / load)
* Fast import of created compilations
* Re-author mode (fast mode without transcoding / remuxing)
* Re-author mode (full mode with transcoding, blanking features, adding/removing audio/subtitle streams)
* Direct Blu-ray Disc to Playstiton3 USB/HDD re-authoring without transcoding for HDMV titles
* Transcoding preview
* FF (freeware forever)

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Brief tutorial on multiAVCHD

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Guide for Blu-Ray Disc Re-Authoring using multiAVCHD

- Read

How to add menus to avcHD without re-encode the files

- Read

How to convert and play videos for Panasonic TV Viera AVCHD and SD VIDEO formats

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How to create branched playlists for Blu-ray/AVCHD movie with 2 alternate endings using multiAVCHD

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multiAVCHD video tutorials

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32 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Can confirm - DTS and all other high-end audio does not convert to AC3 even though the logging says it does. Repeat - HIGH END AUDIO REMAINS UNTOUCHED!

Easiest way to verify just to make yourself feel better is burn a bluray. Once done, load one stream from the bluray (navigate into the bluray disk to one of the streams in the 'Streams' folder) into MediaInfo and you'll see your beloved DTS [or other high-end audio track] in all of its 1500kb/s or whatever bitrate size. It maintains 48khz sampling rate at whatever bitrate (I just did one with 1508kb/s, for example) the original track has.

I've been using this for years and just tonight I noticed the live-logging say, "Converting A_DTS to AC3..." and freaked out. Googled a bunch and decided to verify a bunch of bluray disks I had already burned - low and behold, the audio tracks are untouched.

This tool is easily 10/10 once you learn to use it. It's complex, but because it does *so much*, that's a 10/10.

I can't thank Dean enough!

Review by buckyjay on Feb 6, 2018 Version: 4.1.771 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

This is truly a one of a kind program when it comes to authoring Blu-ray disks. I've been using it under Windows 7, 8, and 10 and since it first came out. It would be great if there was at least one more update to the "helper" programs to cope with the latest Matroska format, x264 and emerging audio codecs.

Review by mail2tom on Oct 17, 2017 Version: 4.1.771 OS: Windows 8 64-bit Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

I've been trying to use this program version 770 for years and
just ended up wasting hours and hours with it.

In desperation I tried 771 today (I'd never seen it before)
and it worked first time.

I wasnt looking for anything clever - just to put an
existing MKV onto a bluray with a menu to play it.

Seriously - I'm not paying for complex software I only
use a bit of once every 3 years so this is great....

Thanks Dean for all your work.


Review by jack616 on Oct 17, 2017 Version: 4.1(build 771) OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 9/10 Overall: 6/10

To SilverBlade: re re-encoding of your audio

On the main window of multiAVCHD, click on the Subtitles & Audio Tab

At the bottom of the page is the Audio Conversion Settings.The purpose of this menu is to downconvert TrueHD/DTS-HD/LPCM and other audios to AC3. To keep your High Def audio make sure NONE of items are CHECKED.

I have used this program for several years and NEVER had any of my BR audio downconverted by this program.

Read a couple of guides/How To's listed above. This is a complicated program that will do just about anything you want it to do but you do need to do a bit of studying. Once you get the basics down it's easy to use.

Thanks Dean for such a terrific program!! It's great that you have given us an update after such a long time.

Review by doc1368 on Oct 26, 2012 Version: v4.1 build 770 OS: WinXP 64-bit Ease of use: 7/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

The PROMISE is good, but the execution is bad. Every time I tried, it always converts my audio to ac3, *even when I specifically tell it NOT to*. This alone right there is an instant deal-breaker for me.

I give it a 1. I'll only take back my rating once this program doesn't force you to re-encode the audio to ac3.

Review by SilverBlade on Oct 13, 2012 Version: 4.1 OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

32 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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