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Creating a playlist from a folder uses absolute normalized paths, non-media files are ignored.
The show-info command shows directly an advanced view, which was enhanced with a General section and the filename.
Media info titles are shortened if they contain duplicated or obvious information.
Support of shortcuts (.lnk files) with media file target.
Support --audio-file and --sub-file aliases.
playlist-random command jumps to a random playlist entry, default key binding is F9.
Fix OSC hide behavior on mouse move.
Fix external audio tracks not shown correctly in tracks context menu.
New binding (e key) to show the current file in File Explorer.
Shift key enables process-instance=multi.
Command line syntax (preceding double hyphen) is supported in mpv.conf for options implemented by
MediaInfo v22.06
libmpv shinchiro 2022-07-30
input.conf changes:


e run powershell -command "explorer.exe '/select,' ( \"${path}\" -replace '/', '\\' )" #menu: Tools > Show current file in File Explorer
F9 script-message-to mpvnet playlist-random #menu: Navigate > Random File


Fix the rare occasion of duplicated playlist entries produced by the auto-load-folder feature.


Fix main window shown collapsed when the player was started with full screen.


New tutorial: Extending mpv and via Lua scripting
New options autofit-image and autofit-audio, like autofit, but used for image and audio files.
New auto-mode script to use mpv and as image viewer and audio player.
New smart-volume script. Records the volume per file in order to restore it
in future sessions. What is recorded and restored is the volume offset relative to the session average volume.
New support of the mpv option snap-window.
New feature to show chapters in the command palette, see binding and menu definition below.
New option minimum-aspect-ratio-audio, same as minimum-aspect-ratio but used for audio files.
Fix long commands causing key bindings not visible in the command palette.
Fix script compatibility with mordenx and mpv-osc-tethys.
Fix borderless window not resizable with mouse.
Fix start-size=session not working.
Fix chapters that are script created after the media file is loaded.
Width of command palette slightly increased.
The default key bindings for 0 and 9 change the volume, like mpv.
When a menu item is defined multiple times with different key bindings, only one menu item is created, it shows all bindings.
libmpv zhongfly 2022-06-19


The options cache and demuxer-max-byteshave been added
to the conf editor.
Command messages are dispatched with script-message-to mpvnet.
New feature to change profile using the command palette.
New feature to show media info on screen, the command palette shows
an osd option and the show-info command shows more detailed info
after a second key press. Media info display in the track menu
was also improved. Thanks to dyphire helping with code.
New media-info option allowing to use mpv track-list
instead of the media info library.
New show-santa-logo (green and grumpy) option.
New quick bookmark feature, see manual.
Progress command shows time and date.
When input.conf is created on the very first start and a
script-opts folder does not exist, a script-opts folder
is created with osc and console defaults:
osc-idlescreen=no (hides the original mpv logo)
Support mpv idle property, see manual for remarks.
Fix external audio and subtitle files not shown in all use cases.
Fix various mpv options not working in case of existing same line comments.
Fix crash choosing Matroska edition in the menu.
Fix auto-play and auto-load-folder not working with user scripts.
Fix slow startup using osd-scale-by-window=no.
Fix URL shown instead of media title on file change OSD,
in recent menu and in recent command palette.
Fix chapter time display in menu.
Fix incorrect startup window size using gpu-api=vulkan.
Fix logo not hiding sometimes using gpu-api=vulkan.
libmpv shinchiro 2022-06-05
input.conf changes:


F9 show-text ${track-list} 5000 #menu: View > Show Tracks

F9 script-message-to mpvnet show-media-info osd #menu: View > Show Tracks
Ctrl+p script-message-to mpvnet select-profile #menu: View > Show Profile Selection
Alt+q script-message-to mpvnet quick-bookmark
All occurrences of script-message were changed to script-message-to mpvnet.


Fix startup without media file not working with gpu-api=vulkan.
Fix keyboard layout change not working.
Fix multi monitor setup with different DPI values not working.
Fix config editor handling keep-open and keep-open-pause incorrectly.
New specific option keep-open-exit added. If set to yes and
keep-open is set to no, exits after the last file ends.
New playlist-add command added to change the playlist position,
jumps to the other end when the beginning or end is reached.
Ctrl+F11 goes 10 positions backward.
Ctrl+F12 goes 10 positions forward.
libmpv zhongfly 2022-05-07


Fix crash on Windows 7 systems without PowerShell.
Fix showing incorrect timestamps in About dialog of Store version.
Fix Store page showing non-existent ARM and x86 support.
Fix opening zip files.
The list of available input commands is like before shown
by the text editor, so it's like everything else searchable.
Media Info isn't shown directly, instead the command palette
shows several choices. The command palette can be bypassed
using the arguments: msgbox, editor, full, raw. specific commands, the command palette, auto-play property
and various other things are documented in the manual.
The action used for the right mouse button can be configured.
Workaround not reproducible logo drawing crash.
Info command shows the length.
New specific option show-logo that allows to disable
the drawing of the blue logo on top of the native OSC logo.
MediaInfo 22.03


Improved title and chapter menu for Blu-Rays.
Fix of conf folder virtualization issue of MS Store version.
MS Store page no longer displays ARM and x86 support.


Fix script-opts files being ignored, removed options are:
script-opts = osc-scalewindowed=1.5,osc-hidetimeout=2000,console-scale=1.5
Update MediaInfo to version and
write version and date in About dialog.
Provide setup options in command palette to ensure backward
compatibility with previous input.conf definitions.


Various conf editor improvements. (hooke007)
Custom conf folder location feature removed.
Inno Setup replaced with Microsoft Store setup.
Fix script-opts files being ignored.
Showing the recent list in the command palette,
the top item gets auto selected.
#328 (comment)
If the play list is empty, the most recent file
gets loaded when pressing space.
#328 (comment)
Ctrl+v (previously u) opens files (or URLs) from the clipboard,
previously it had to be a file path (format string) and now
it can also be the clipboard format of type file.
The usability of the menu structure was improved.
Audio and subtitle tracks and various other features
are now available in the command palette.
Single character input in the command palette searches exclusively
key bindings, much like the search field of the input editor.
Various default key bindings improved.
New protocol registrations, so far supported are: ytdl, rtsp, srt, srtp
libmpv zhongfly 2022-02-27

window-scale 1 does not work correctly in mpv,
so I've removed support for it and added my own implementation:
script-message window-scale.
The CS-Script library was replaced with my own C# scripting implementation.
If a player window border is near to a screen border and the window size
changes, the player windows sticks to that near screen border location.
Furthermore, the remember-window-position option remembers a near screen
border position instead of remembering the window center position.
Multi monitor fix using different DPI values.
start-size option has new options, see config editor and manual.
Improved script-message cycle-audio OSD info.
The logic for finding the config directory has changed, see manual.
The dotnet script and extension host was a little redesigned, this breaks
backward compatibility unfortunately, but I can help to fix existing
open source code. Example scripts and extensions were updated.
Fix console not working due to incorrect mpv.conf value generated
Settings are stored in the file settings.xml now instead of the Registry.
Video rotation support added.
After using the config editor it's no longer necessary to restart
Improved input editor theming.

fix learn window of input editor (much work)
fix black one pixel bar on right side
fix beep sound when closed from taskbar
media key issue finally fixed
libmpv and youtube-dl update
fix crash caused by powershell 5.1 not being installed
log error fix
the release script now also outputs x86 beta versions so x86 users can test betas

log error fix
workaround to support AviSynth portable (ffmpeg blocks loading AviSynth from path env var)
attempt to fix not reproducible volume input issue
attempt to fix exception caused by powershell being not available on Win 7

youtube-dl update
auto update routine fix
extensions no longer need to end with *Extension.dll but rather
the file name and the directory name must be identical
text encoding exception fix
the PowerShell script host is more feature complete, easier to use
and more efficient, there were however many PowerShell and C# breaking
changes required to make the core more robust and efficient
Python 2 script host removed, Python 3 support is planned for summer Beta
using start-size=video the window size was not remembered after fullscreen mode was left.
using start-size=video the window can now use the entire working area using autofit-larger=100 Beta
overhaul of the webpage and the manual.
change that possibly could fix a multimedia keyboard volume issue. Beta
with border=no the OSC top bar window buttons min, max and close are fully supported.
anamorphic videos are shown without black bars, the window is resized according to the ascpect ratio.
PowerShell 5.1 was made optional.
full implementation for window-minimized and window-maximized, scripts that depend on this like pause-when-minimize.lua are now fully supported.
fix cycling from maximized to fullscreen and back. Beta
update MediaInfo 20.03
update libmpv 2020-04-12, it supports vpy playback, read manual or ask in forum
mpv property window-maximized support added, cycling it from input.conf is not recommended, use native Windows shortcuts Win+Up, Win+Down
the start-size option supports always to always remember the window height
if the window was maximized before fullscreen was entered, it's now set to maximized after fullscreen was left
with border=no the OSC did not auto hide after the mouse curser left the window
the script that modified the seek OSD was removed, it still can be found in the mpv wiki
certain videos were showed with black bars
update: libmpv shinchiro 0.32.0-258-g281f5c63c1

update: youtube-dl

new: d3d11va-zero-copy setting added to conf editor

new: hdr-compute-peak setting added to conf editor

new: flag cli switches support now --no-flag in addition to --flag=no

new: cli switches can also start with single - instead of double --

new: PowerShell script host was completely rewritten, events can be assigned by using Register-ObjectEvent, the scripting wiki page was updated

new: Context Menu > View > Show Profiles

new: Context Menu > View > Show Properties

new: Context Menu > View > Show Commands

new: config editor tab is now remembered

new: osd-duration setting added to config editor and default mpv.conf

new: external console replaced with internal console, in case mpv.conf is missing it's generated with correct Hight DPI font size scale settings. script-opts=console-scale=<dpiscale>

new: blue color in dark theme is now less intense

new: menu item 'View > Show Progress' (p key) to show progress bar

new: script-message playlist-first, unlike mpv does not restart if the first file is already active

new: if is started from the terminal and an error happens then the error is printed to the terminal instead of shown with a message box

fix: update routine did only work when was located in 'Program Files'

fix: fatal errors were ignored and only seen in the terminal, now a message box is shown

fix: when start-size=video was used then enlarging or shrinking the window size was broken
new: forecolors in the dark theme are slightly darker now
new: readme/website and manual were improved
new: source code includes now the release script to build the archives and setup files
new: the history feature now uses the full path
new: install via Scoop and Chocolatey added to readme/website (Restia666Ashdoll)
new: update check, it must be enabled first in the conf editor under General
new: update feature, requires PowerShell 5 and curl,
an up to date Windows 10 system has both included.
Main menu (input.conf) must be reset or updated manually (defaults)
update: libmpv shinchiro 2019-11-10
fix: often the OSC was shown when fullscreen was entered
or on app startup, this is now suppressed
fix: the file association routine uses no longer 'Play with' for the
default open verb caption because it doesn't support multi selection,
it shows now only Open, the manual explains how to get multi selection
in File Explorer, read about it here
fix: x86 builds had an older version included because
of a misconfiguration in the solution file
new: the color themes can now be customized (manual)
new: three new sections were added to the manual:
1. Color Theme
2. Hidden and secret features
3. External Tools
fix: window restore from maximized and from minimized was broken
fix: it's possible to multi select files in File Explorer and press
enter to open the files, this did however only work when the
auto load folder feature was disabled or the shift key was
pressed (blocks auto load folder). Now it should also work
without shift key and with auto load folder being enabled
update: libmpv shinchiro 2019-10-27
update: youtube-dl 2019-10-31

new: the scripting wiki page was improved
new: Toggle Shuffle has been added to the menu defaults
new: for URLs the media title is shown in the title bar and in the info command
instead of displaying the URL, mpv.conf defaults were changed to use
[protocol.https] osd-playing-msg = '${media-title}'
fix: on the very first start volume was set to 0 and mute was set to yes
fix: there was a sound when closed from taskbar
fix: the log feature was not working
fix: clipboard monitoring removed because it was causing to many issues
fix: restore resulted in collapsed window when maximized = yes was used
update: libmpv shinchiro 2019-10-06
update: youtube-dl 2019-10-01

fix ArgumentOutOfRangeException

added taskbar-progress implementation
added new setting to start with maximized window
long file paths work now even if not enabled by the OS
fixed history being written even when history file wasn't created prior
libmpv updated to shinchiro 2019-08-31

added new feature: Open > Open DVD/Blu-ray Drive/Folder...
the default of remember-volume has been set to yes
scale, cscale, dscale defaults have been set to spline36,
profile=gpu-hq is not used in the defaults because it starts very slow
new menu items have been added to navigate to the first and
last playlist position, key bindings: Home, End
new config setting recent-count added, amount of menu items
shown under 'Open > Recent'
in the config dialog the description for keep-open was corrected
because unlike mpv, will never terminate automatically
there was a rare occasion where the logo wasn't shown
fix excessive memory usage using osd-scale-by-window = no
mpv setting osd-scale-by-window added to config dialog

fixed race condition causing various features to fail

bug fix for single-instance not working with unicode filenames
bug fix for logo not shown on start
osd-visibility.js script was removed because the OSC uses too much memory
youtube-dl was updated
libmpv was updated to shinchiro 2019-08-04
in case was started from a terminal it sets now the mpv property input-terminal to yes,
this means will now receive and handle input keys from the terminal
certain command line properties didn't work (input-terminal, terminal, input-file,
config, config-dir, input-conf, load-scripts, script, scripts, player-operation-mode)
the about dialog shows now the mpv version and build date
the dialog that asks for a config folder has now a cancel option

'Tools > Execute mpv command' was replaced with mpv-repl
many wiki pages were improved
the logo/icon had a very small cosmetic change
the help in the context menu was improved,
for quick access consider the command palette (F1 key)
config options specific to are now available from the command line
the input editor no longer has known limitations, 'alt gr' and ctrl+alt are working now
the help in the input editor was simplified and the filter logic was improved
fixed issue in file associations causing not to appear in OS default apps
'Tools > Manage File Associations' was replaced by 'Tools > OS Setup',
it has now a feature to add and remove to and from the Path
environment variable and the OS default apps settings can be opened (Win 10 only)
startup folder and config folder being identical was causing a critical issue
as was loading extensions twice and scripts four times, now identical
folders are no longer permitted
error messages are shown when unknown scripts and extensions are found in the startup folder
because user scripts and extensions are supposed to be located in the config folder instead
changing from maximized to fullscreen did not work
the search field in the config editor was not always remembered
new setting remember-volume added, saves volume and mute on exit
and restores it on start.
it's now enforced that mpv properties on the command line and in
the mpv.conf config file are lowercase, if not a error is shown
gpu-api vulkan was not working if media files were opened via
command line (that included Explorer)
new setting minimum-aspect-ratio added, minimum aspect ratio for the window,
this was previously hard coded to 1.3
new setting auto-load-folder added, for single files automatically load
the entire directory into the playlist, previously this was forced,
now it can be disabled
new setting themed-menu added, follow theme color in context menu,
default: no. UI related settings have now a separate UI tab in the config editor

changed icon design
libmpv was updated to shinchiro 2019-07-14
new or improved config editor settings: screenshot-directory,
screenshot-format, screenshot-tag-colorspace, screenshot-high-bit-depth,
screenshot-jpeg-source-chroma, screenshot-template, screenshot-jpeg-quality,
screenshot-png-compression, screenshot-png-filter
mpv.conf preview feature added to config editor, it previews the mpv.conf content
in the entire project the term addon was replaced with the term extension,
unfortunately this will break user extensions. The reason for this drastic
change is that there exist too many different terms, addons, addins,
extensions, modules, packages etc.. follows Google Chrome as the worlds
most popular extendable app, Chrome uses the term Extension.
a thread synchronization bug was fixed, the shutdown thread was aborted
if it was running more than 3 seconds, this caused the rating extension
to fail if it was waiting for a drive to wake up
a new JavaScript was included to show the playlist with a smaller font size,
the script is located at startup/scripts
terminal support added using !
script engine performance and error handling was improved
the scripting wiki page was improved
the C# scripting host extension was converted from VB to C# because it's not
only used for hosting but I also use it now to code and debug script code
there was a copy paste bug in the file association feature resulting in keys
from mpv being overwritten instead of using keys. Thanks to floppyD!
there was a exception fixed that happened opening rar files
instead of using the OS theme color there are now default colors
for dark-color and light-color

on Win 7 the theme color was hard coded to DarkSlateGrey because
WPF was returning a bad color on Win 7, this was fixed by reading
the theme color from the Registry on Win 7. If the theme color
is identical to the background color it's corrected
dark-color setting was added to overwrite the OS theme color used in dark mode,
find the setting on the General tab
light-color setting was added to overwrite the OS theme color used in non dark mode,
find the setting on the General tab
various changes regarding input handling, multi media keys and
mouse forward/backward were successfully tested
it's now possible to use a custom folder as config folder.
A TaskDialog shows five options: 1. appdata, 2. appdata mpv (shared with mpv),
3. portable_config, 4. startup, 5. custom
slightly increased startup performance, start-threshold setting added.
Threshold in milliseconds to wait for libmpv returning the video resolution
before the window is shown, otherwise default dimensions are used as defined
by autofit and start-size. Default: 1500
autofit-smaller setting added. Minimum window height in percent. Default: 40%
autofit-larger setting added. Maximum window height in percent. Default: 75%

few layout problems were fixed, autosize for instance did not work

remember-height was replaced with start-size, when start-size is set
to video the main video starts directly with the native video size,
before it was starting with the autofit size first and was only
afterwards resized to the native video size
on exit the window location can be saved with remember-position
in the learn window of the input editor underscores were stripped
because they have a special meaning in WPF labels
fix for keys/input not working for MBTN_LEFT_DBL, MBTN_BACK, MBTN_FORWARD
in the learn window of the input editor support was added for
mouse left, mouse left double, mouse mid, mouse forward, mouse back
libmpv was updated to shinchiro 2019-07-07
when border is none it wasn't possible to minimize the window from
the task bar because this is the WinForms default behavier. This
was fixed by calling Spy++ to the rescue and adding WS_MINIMIZEBOX
in CreateParams

fix for middle mouse button not working
fix of logo overlay using a huge amount of memory (thx for the ghacks article)
fix config dialog showing a message about app restart without reason
when multiple files are selected in Windows File Explorer and enter is
pressed, the files are opened as selected, the order is random though
because Explorer starts multiple processes concurrently
libmpv was updated to shinchiro 2019-06-30
the mpv.conf defaults were changed to show a larger OSC
in case a file is opened that has a aspect ratio smaller then 1.2 then
the window size will use a aspect ratio of 1.8
new JavaScript script osc-visibility.js included in the distribution
under startupscripts. It sets the OSC to be always on for audio files
and auto for non audio files

opening a URL manually no longer uses a input box but uses the clipboard directly
the manifest was missing the company attribute which caused not appearing in the 'Open with' menu of the Windows File Explorer,
thanks to 44vince44 for pointing this out!!!
new Python and C# script examples were added to the wiki and the scripting and
add-on documentation was improved
invalid command line arguments were ignored, now an error message is shown
a description on how to start from Google Chrome was added to the
manual, it's useful to play videos from sites like YouTube, find the
description here
new config setting remember-height added to remember the window height,
otherwise the video's native resolution is used
support for protocols other then http added

clipboard-monitoring was replaced by url-whitelist:
Keyword whitelist to monitor the clipboard for URLs to play.
Default: tube vimeo ard zdf
some settings like colors didn't work because enclosing quotes were missing
when single process queue is used the folder is no longer loaded
the playlist is never cleared whenever the control key is down but
files and URLs are appended instead
powershell script hosting bugs were fixed and a new powershell example script
was added to the scripting wiki page
the menu entry for the command palette was renamed to 'Show All Commands' and
the default key binding was changed to F1 which is also the default in VS Code
the default key binding of the Everything media search was changed to F3
support for the mpv property 'border' was added to the config editor
to show/hide the window decoration (titlebar, border). A toggle menu item and
key binding (b) was added as well (Default Binding)

there was an old bug setting the screen property

there was new bug in file association feature

4.2 Letting Go
the help and layout in the config editor was improved
clipboard monitoring for URLs can be disabled in the settings
the context menu has a new feature: Open > Add files to playlist,
it appends files to the playlist (Default binding)
a setting was added to force using a single process instance

drag & drop support for subtitles was added
libmpv was updated
command line support for stdin and URLs was added
there was a crash happening when the player is
minimized in the taskbar

on the start screen the mpv.NET icon is shown instead of the mpv icon,
feedback and contributions regarding the icon are welcome! The
pdn and png source is located here
everytime only one file is opened the complete folder is loaded in the playlist
the info command (i key) shows the audio format
new options osd-font-size, sub-font, sub-font-size
new color options with dedicated GUI support: sub-color, sub-border-color, sub-back-color
the config editor no longer shows the command line switches
the github start page was greatly improved
the setup.ps1 PowerShell script was greatly improved in regard of error handling and readability
a manual to was created

new icon design
the radio buttons in the config editor have now a Windows 10 like design,
they are larger and use the Windows theme color

there was a bug causing an exception if both the input editor and config editor
is opened, as soon as one is opened, the other can't be opened

playing files from rar archives caused an exception
there was a bug that caused underscores beeing removed from input like MBTN_LEFT_DBL
the search clear button in the input editor had a render issue in dark mode
new search feature added to search and play media files, requires
Everything to be installed. Default Binding

3.5 (2019-05-09)
when the main windows gets activated and the clipboard content starts with http will ask to play the URL, previously this was restricted to YouTube URLs
Python script errors show line and column whenever it is supported by IronPython
if conf files exist in the startup directory will use the startup
directory as config directory instead of creating default conf files in appdata
renamed commands are handled now by migration code instead of being broken

3.4 (2019-05-03)
new feature added to manage file associations from within the app. It can be found in the menu at: Tools > Manage... Default Binding
new zip download option added

3.3 (2019-05-01)
dark mode support was added to the command palette and partly to the input editor
a new icon was designed. Website
all windows (main, conf, input, about, command palette) can now be closed
by just pressing the Escape key
new feature added to open recent files and URLs with the context menu. Default Binding
the info command (i key) now works also for URLs
CSScriptAddon add-on didn't load cs scripts from <startup>scripts
error handling was improved by showing an improved message box that supports a text copy feature, a support link and text heading and text folding
libmpv was updated

3.2 (2019-04-27)
mpvInputEdit and mpvConfEdit were discontinued and merged into
mpvnet because separate apps were to difficult to work with
portable mode: in case no config folder exists and the
startup folder has write access mpvnet will ask where
the config folder should be created (portable or appdata)
there was an issue causing keys not working after a modal window was shown
there was a crash when no script folder existed in the conf folder
MediaInfo and youtube-dl were updated
a new JavaScript example script was added to the wiki and the
script descriptions were improved. Scripting Page.
greatly improved file and github startpage
About dialog added
the input editor shows only a closing message if actually a change was made
the input editor don't show confusing menu separators any longer. Screenshot
new Command Palette feature added. Screenshot, Default input binding
the history feature had a bug causing files to be logged more than once

3.1 (2019-04-23)
the Tracks and Chapters menu are now only added if default bindings exists and
it's now possible to move the chapters menu to the top level by editing input.conf
mpvnet supports now like mpv a portable settings directory. If a directory named portable_config
next to the mpvnet.exe exists, all config will be loaded or written in this directory.
there is now a portable download in 7zip format.

3.0 (2019-04-20)
the history feature logs now only files that were opened longer than 90 seconds
the default input command for cycling the audio tracks was replaced with an command that shows detailed track info and has no 'no audio' track
new website for
the Tracks menu supports now MKV edition selection. Default binding.
the Navigate menu supports now chapter selection. Default binding.
opening the context menu was crashing if the default binding for Tracks was missing

2.9 (2019-04-16)
clicking the right top corner in full screen mode
closes the player but it did not work on all displays
the info display was changed to display the filename on top
so it's not displayed in the middle of the screen
on start up of the conf editor all text is now selected in the
search text box so it's ready for a new search to be typed
the conf editor was changed to write the settings to disk
only if the settings were actually modified, also the message
that says that the settings will be available on next start
is now only shown if the settings were actually modified.
there was an instance in the context menu where the sub menu
arrow was overlapping with the text
in the input editor when only one character is entered in the
search text box the search is performed only in the input and
not in the command or menu
in the input editor the routine that generates the input string
was completely rewritten because it was adding Shift where it
wasn't necessary (it took a huge amount of time to implement)
the context menu has a new track menu where the active track
can be seen and selected, it shows video, audio and subtitle
tracks with various metadata. Menu default definition.
The screenshots were updated showing the new track menu.
go to download page

2.8 (2019-04-12)
Win 7 dark-mode render issue fix

2.7 (2019-04-12)
the autofit mpv property was added to the conf editor
the routine that writes the mpv.conf file in the conf editor was completely rewritten
the conf editor has a dedicated page for specific settings,
these settings are saved in the same folder as mpv.conf using mpvnet.conf as filename,
the first setting there is dark-mode
new optional dark theme

2.6 (2019-04-09)
on Win 7 controls in the conf editor were using a difficult too read too light color
context menu renderer changed to look like Win 10 design, except colors are still system theme colors

2.5 (2019-04-08)
in case the input conf don't contain a menu definition creates the default menu instead no menu like before
all message boxes were migrated to use the TaskDialog API
an improvement in the previous release unfortunately introduced a bug
causing the conf editor not to save settings

2.4 (2019-04-06)
new options added to the conf GUI editor: gpu-context, gpu-api, scale, cscale, dscale, dither-depth, correct-downscaling, sigmoid-upscaling, deband
the conf edit GUI has a 'Apply' feature added to write the conf to mpv.conf without the need to close the conf edit GUI
the input edit GUI shows a message box when a duplicate is detected and it has a new feature to reduce the filter scope to eather of input, menu or command and the editor writes always the same help on top of input.conf as it is found in the defaults
the conf edit GUI was often starting out of working area bounds and is now starting with center screen
the startup size was reduced and a issue was fixed that when the screen property was defined for a screen that isn't connected the startup size wasn't applied
added feature to load external audio and subtitle files in the menu under: Open > Load external audio|subtitle files (default binding at: input.conf)
previously the conf edit GUI removed settings from the conf file if the setting was set to the default, the new behavior is not to remove anything
the autofit mpv property was partly implemented, you can use 'autofit = 50%' in mpv.conf or '--autofit=50%' on the command line, WxH isn't implemented and only percent values are accepted. There is a new wiki page explaining limitations compared to the original mpv:

2.3 (2019-04-04)
dragging a youtube URL on would still break something, it should work now
when the main window gets focus/activation it will check the clibboard for a YouTube video and ask to play it
libmpv updated
changing to normal size from fullscreen resulted in a too large window in some circumstances
some default key bindings and menu structure have changed and the input.conf file has a description added on top
the file association code was completely rewriten, it's now contained within mpvnet.exe instead of a separate application and it adds a few more keys
various new info added to the wiki:
On Top feature was implemented using mpv's native property 'ontop', default bindings at:

messages boxes had always the info icon even if a different icon (error, warning, question) was intended
instead of silently do nothing on unknown commands there is now a error message listing available commands and showing the location of the default bindings, this helps when commands are removed or renamed
there was a problem fixed that made the cursor hidden when it should be visible
dragging a YouTube URL on would break certain input related features
there is now an installer with file extension registration (limited on Win 10) available
WM_APPCOMMAND media keys were not working in the input (shortcut) editor and there were no defaults for prev and next defined

2.1 (2019-03-30)
new input editor added, default key binding is here:

setting track-auto-selection added to settings editor (
setting loop-playlist added to settings editor (
setting audio-file-auto added to settings editor (
setting video-sync added to settings editor (
command execute-mpv-command added to menu: Tools > Enter a mpv command for execution
added youtube-dl.exe, please note this will only work when a certain Visual C++ runtime is installed
added drag & drop support to drag & drop a youtube URL on
added support to open a youtube URL from command line
added support for opening a URL from the menu: Open > Open URL

improved settings editor
all info and error messages are shown now on the main window thread having the main window as parent

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