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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for mkv2avi

Updates for builds 68-97:
* Added: Support for BluRay and AVCHD formats. You can now create BD/AVCHD compatible output and burn DVDs or copy to MemoryStick or USB drive (Playstation 3 compatible).
* Added: tsmuxer support
* Added: Files with no audio can be re-encoded
* Added: XSUBs support for PC, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and standalone hardware DivX Ultra6 compatible players (PC option)
* Added: Keyboard shortcuts (ALT-<key>) for faster access to various options
* Added: option to skip video re-encoding for DivX/XviD streams inside mkv
* Added: Support for DivX XSUB(r) subtitles with [B][URL=""]AviAddXSUBs[/URL][/B] (fixed CP setting for PS3)
* Updated: update procedure, server links and [B][URL=""]mkv2aviupdate.exe[/URL][/B]
* Fixed: Wrongly enabled "downmix" checkbox with DTS sources, when DTS to AC3 re-encoding is not selected
* Fixed: [B]If mux is unsuccessful[/B] and [x] Delete temp files is selected, encoded video and audio [B]will not be deleted[/B].
* Known-bug: AVIMux_GUI crashes if muxed output full path (folder+filename) length exceeds certain length (over 200 symbols)

Updates for builds 50 thru 67:
* Fixed: long names causing errors (when longer than 500 symbols - thanks to naj for all the testing!)
* Fixed: sometimes wrong parsing of audio/video tracks information
* Fixed: open-dml and avi riff headers for avimux_gui when output exceeds 4GBs
* Fixed: unnecessary AC3 to AC3 encoding on some occasions
* Added: audio tracks now show language information
* Added: STOP button (it will leave all temporary files untouched)
* Added: upscale options
* Added: new custom size options for muxed video
* Added: CBR one pass xvid encoding
* Added: Temp folder option
* Added: Autoupdate option and executable added in full package (otherwise download mkv2aviupdate.exe)

* To-do: one-click profiles for:
- Playstation 2 (PS2 with SMS Player),
- Playstation 3 (PS3 with firmware 2.20+)
- Playstation Portable (PSP with firmware 3+) and
- Hardware DivX players
* To-do: encoding for Playstation Portable (PSP) with embeded subtitles (it is ready but it is undergoing tests)
* To-do: progress indicator (don't count on it more than I do (-: )
* To-do: Installation procedure (Installer)

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