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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for gMKVExtractGUI

v2.6.4 changelog
- Minor code optimizations
- Add final Trim when generating the output filename (thanks tormento!)

v2.6.3 changelog
- Fix calculating delays from mkvinfo. (Thanks kedautinh12!)

v2.6.2 changelog
- Fix attachment filename for all cases. (Thanks mastrboy!)
- Improve track selection when filter value is an empty string. Optimize algo to avoid unnecessary comparisons.

v2.6.1 changelog
- Replace invalid file characters with underscore character ('_') from output filename

v2.6.0 changelog
- Add support for new element "Language IETF"
- Minor code optimizations/modernization

v2.5.2 changelog
- Fix issue in checking for an existing job when adding a new job

v2.5.1 changelog
- Fix finding delays with newer mkvinfo versions
- Optimize finding delays with mkvinfo by searching only for tracks that couldn't find delays with mkvmerge

v2.5.0 changelog
- Ask the user to create the output directory if it doesn't exist
- Various improvements on Form Controls
- Added new "Options" form to support custom output filename patterns
- Check if a file with the same filename already exists before extracting and add a counter to the output filename to avoid overwritting the original file

v2.4.2 changelog
- Stop trying to find delays in matroska files that don't contain any video tracks

v2.4.1 changelog
- Fix attachment extraction

v2.4.0 changelog
- Enclose language in [] characters in the output filename for tracks, in order for MKVToolNix GUI to be able to derive it
- Quote output filename in chapters, tags and cuesheet when using the new MKVToolNix cli
- Fix the necessary input fields check when extracting tags and cuesheet
- Refactor output filename calculation

v2.3.0 changelog
- Add new setting for default output directory
- Switch to "timestamps_v2" instead of "timecodes_v2" for MKVToolNix v17+
- Add support for the new mkvextract syntax for MKVToolNix v17+
- Add a new commandline argument --mkvtoolnix="..." to specify a manual path for MKVToolNix

v2.2.0 changelog
- Change the output directory behavior
- Add custom DPI scaling code and enable it on all forms
- Add new manifest Property "dpiAwareness" for newest Windows Versions (Windows 10 v1607+)
- Added new Audio Codec_ID A_EAC3 and A_MLP
- Added some missing video and subtitle codec_id
- Remove unnecessary separator in context menu
- Increase the width of the percentage labels in Main form
- Decrease the height of the buttons in Log Form

v2.1.0 changelog
- Fix Linux issues
- Fix adding files from command line
- Add support for passing directories from command line
- Make right click to change selection in the TreeView

v2.0.0b changelog
- New form that supports batch extracting!
- Fix bug when removing multiple jobs from Job Manager
- Add the filename in the track progress report label in the Job Manager
- Add new properties in the gMKVSegmentInfo class

v1.9.2 changelog
- Add more Log messages
- Add more functionality to the Log Form
- Fix some cases where settings were getting overriden during start up (thanks Bal65, RyFeR26!)
- Switch to using --gui-mode for mkvextract versions v9.7.0 and newer, while keeping existing functionality for backwards compatibility
- Hopefully solve all remaining issues with locale on Linux (thanks djcj!)

v1.9.1 changelog
- Implement new method to read standard output character by character (fixes Linux parsing)
- Replace hard-coded newline characters with Environment.NewLine
- Improve parsing of mkvinfo output
- Add exceptions to the log
- Change version identification in Linux
- Add more sanity checks
- Fix copy-paste bugs in Settings
- Add more log messages in Settings
- Simplify version checking for Linux and OSX for mkvinfo and mkvmerge
- Fix small cosmetic bug for Linux in main Form
- Add for NewtonSoft
- Add log for detecting versions
- When on Linux, check for mkvmerge in /usr/bin first

v1.9.0 changelog
- Switch to .NET v4
- Add new JSON parser for reading the JSON identification info from mkvmerge (Based on NewtonSoft JSON.NET, Newtonsoft.Json.dll)
- Fix issues with Linux case sensitivity (hopefully!) (thanks djcj!)
- Fix locale issues with Linux (hopefully!) (thanks djcj and Mosu!)
- Make application dpi aware (thanks stax76!)
- Fix initial size when there is no ini file (thanks bin_ch!)
- Fix bug when in job mode and popup checkbox is unchecked and adding a job results in status label showing "Extraction completed!" (thanks bin_ch!)
- Switch to using SaveFileDialog and OpenFileDialog instead of FolderBrowserDialog (thanks arestarh!)
- Fix rare case where Track properties in mkvmerge verbose identification occupy more than one line
- Change namespace from gMKVToolnix to gMKVToolNix

v1.8.0 changelog
- Change minimum size in main form
- Play Windows Asterisk sound when success popup does not show
- Make mkvinfo's output parsing more robust
- Add parsing of mkvmerge's new output data (thanks Mosu!!!)
- Add as many fallback mechanisms as possible, in order to maintain compatibility with older versions
- Clear input file textBox in main form, when MKVToolNix path is changed
- Clear status and progress bar in main form, when an error has occured during extraction and no popup was selected
- Add new setting for showing popup message in success in job manager
- Fix some UI issues in Job Manager form
- Add a workaround for buggy output from mkvmerge in older versions (v4.0)
- Changed the main form's minimum size to 400x400
- Added horizontal scroll bar to mkv track list
- Add job counter in the text of the jobs groupbox
- Make Jobs Grid Columns Autofill

v1.7.0 changelog
- Add support for the new --no-gui parameter of mkvinfo for MKVToolNix v9.0.0 and newer, without breaking compatibility with older MKVToolnix versions
- Add option to not show the success popup messagebox
- Add setting for showing or not the success popup messagebox

v1.6.6 changelog
- Fix minutes in Cue Sheet Chapter Format
- Add support for older mkvtoolnix versions (v4.x)

v1.6.5 changelog
- Fix parsing the number of chapter entries in case there is only one chapter entry (thanks johnsonlam, rock)
- Change gMKVToolnix to gMKVToolNix
- Add new extraction mode "cues" (thanks bin_ch)
- Add new Chapter Type "CUE" which transforms XML chapters to Cue Sheet (thanks isidroco)

v1.6.4 changelog
- Add support for Linux (thanks djcj)
- Add a start up check to ensure that gMKVToolnix.dll is present in the same directory as gMKVExtractGUI.exe
- Fix progress labels position in JobManager form (thanks kypec)
- Add check on closing in order to ensure that an extraction process does not get interrupted unintentionally (thanks magsood)
- Fix Job Manager form Minimum Size
- Add context menu to Job Manager Form in order to easily reset job states

v1.6.3 changelog
- Fix finding mkvtoolnix path for mkvtoolnix v8.4 (while keeping compatibility with older versions)
- Add hevc extension

v1.6.2 changelog
- Fix the wrong setting of the initial form position in the ini file when the form is minimized
- Fix typo bug (UFT-8 instead of UTF-8) (thanks bin_ch!)
- Add WindowState setting
- Make Form remember the last window state
- Add a fallback mechanism, in order to use the UserAppData folder for storing the app settings when the current user doesn't have read/write permissions to the app path

v1.6.1 changelog
- Changed Log Form to refresh the log text when Activated and not when Shown (thanks kongfl888!)
- Fix adding Jobs to the Job Manager after loading jobs from XML (thanks kongfl888)
- Added CodecPrivate property to gMKVTrack class (thanks dade49)
- Removed PostProcessing of segment lists to gMKVHelper class
- Changed ExitCode check, in order to avoid error messages when only warnings are present in the output
- Remove UTF-8 parameter from mkvinfo

v1.6 changelog
- Add job manager feature
- Add Job Mode to the settings
- Changed AutoScaleMode to DPI, hoping it will fix issues with people using larger font schemes
- Add gRichTextBox and switch single line text boxes to gTextBox in main form
- Some tweaking to Log form
- Make main form to show the jobs manager when in job mode from Log button
- Bump version to 1.6

v1.5.5 changelog
- Add gTaskbarProgress class to wrap the ITaskbarList3 interface in order to take advantage of Windows Vista+ taskbar features
- Fix TrueHD Audio file extension (thanks Giwyy)
- Move classes to respective folders
- Significantly decrease control flickering
- Change taskbar mode while reading file contents
- Changed frmLog to gForm class
- Comment out a Debug.WriteLine statement in gCheckedListBox

v1.5.4 changelog
- Enforce english ui language when executing mkvextract
- Always make sure that progress bar is set to 100% before showing the completion success message

v1.5.3 changelog
- Fixed setting the window's initial position to negative coordinates
- Added the window's size to settings
- Removed the help tooltip

v1.5.2 changelog
- Fix parsing for Attachment Filenames for newer mkvmerge versions (ignore uid tag)
- Added tooltip information about the track list
- Added functionality to remember window position

v1.5.1 changelog
- Increase the drag and drop area for the input file to the group box of input file info
- Add a context menu for easy selection of tracks

v1.5 changelog:
- Hopefully fix Abort button from being drawn out of line in some OS (Windows XP ?)
- Fix some visual issues
- Added Output Directory and Lock Output Directory to the Settings
- Replace escape characters in mkvmerge
- Changed extraction mode to support grouping of similar tasks into one process call
- Added support of finding the delays in video and audio tracks
- Now extracted audio tracks have the relative to the video delay
- Add an extra check when selecting timecodes extraction mode
- Made a few more performance improvements

v1.4 changelog:
- Added abort button. Works per track extraction.
- Added Abort All button, to abort all the extraction processes at once.
- Refactored ini file and settings in general. Now the chapter type is also included in settings.
- If MKVToolnix path is already set, ask the user before changing it.
- Added validity check for when setting MKVToolnix path.
- Added lock output directory feature. If locked, ouput directory doesn't change.
- Changed extension of OGM chapters from ".ogm" to ".ogm.txt".
- Make exception messages from mkvextract more sane.
- Added check for mkvextract.exe, mkvinfo.exe and mkvmerge.exe existance just before invoking them.
- Detect the audio delay via the track's timecodes and add it to the output filename.
- Set the Browse... buttons to show the folder that is already specified by the user.
- Check for a valid directory when drag and dropping in the output directory textbox.
- Added timecodes extraction mode.
- Changed the Status Strip Layout.
- Changed the Extract Buttons to one Extract Button and a Combo Box.

v1.3.1 changelog:
- Fix loading of ini file
- Don't keep the input file in the input textbox, if it is invalid
- Add checks for user input when selecting an action

v1.3 changelog:
- Use a simple ini file to store the last used MkvToolnix path
- Enable command line arguments in order to allow users to open files with gMKVExtractGUI
- Change the tags output filename to "filename_tags.xml"
- Use the --identify-verbose option of mkvmerge for checking the track contents of the matroska files, instead of mkvinfo
- Removed --gui-mode parameter to mkvinfo since it broke compatibility with older versions of MkvToolnix
- Changed the extension filter of the open file dialog to provide with an option that contains all valid extensions of matroska files

v1.2 changelog:
- Make XML chapters to be written in UTF-8 without BOM
- Added more allowed extensions
- Added new Log form

v1.1 changelog:
- added new icon
- added check for MKVToolnix existence in current directory

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