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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for clever FFmpeg-GUI

July 02 2024 release version 3.2.7.
Keyframe check on cutting.
More info of subtitle type on subtitle burn in.
Automatic pixel format settings with HDR10/HLG sources.
wmv3 muxing.
UTF-8 support for filenames.
Extract mpeg1, mpeg2 video as mpg
wmv1 muxing to asf, avi, mkv, mp4, webm, wmv.

Bug in subtitle burn in with picture based subtitles.
Disappearing bug.
Video encoding filterchain bug.
Bug in multiplex grid with preprocessed and batch streams.
Bug in ffmpeg path (thx Ndidi for the hint).
Bug in video stream extraction, with videostream index >0.

Automatic settings on HDR conversions.
Subtitles burn in.

Filter removed on file search (request by Ennio).
Removed first keyframe delay field (cut section).
Default settings for dynaudnorm filter.
Extraction of DVD and DVB subtitles to mkv.
HDR info in file analysis and app.
Removed webvtt muxing to 3gp,flv,mov,mp4, not working.
Removed filename check and replace for non ascii characters, problematic with many foreign language filenames.
Removed wma2 muxing to webm (not working).

April 30 2024 release version 3.2.6.
Fixed: major bug (missing variable reset after sample video encoding/muxing).

Changed: Audio spectrogram picture type (png to jpg).
New logo and new icon.
Cut code.

Improved: Video without duration info handling.
Sample handling (video encoding, muxing).

March 19 2024 release version 3.2.5.
Audio 8 channels enhanced downmix to stereo.
Security settings for Windows.
Encoded subtitles added to processed elements.
Encode text subtitles (srt, ass, ssa, mov_text, webvtt) to ttml.
Dvvideo muxing to asf, mkv, mov, wmv.
The additional audio volume is displayed (after volume detection or after manual input/change).
Function to remember last used audio- and videocodec and mux container.
Remember last settings for x264 and hevc and audio encoding.
Custom settings for any channel in audio channel remapping.
Stereo to 5.1 audio upmix.
Video encoding: you can now use any avaiable pixel format for the selected codec.
ffvhuff and huffyuv video encoding.
New audio and video codecs in mux grid.
Check for unusual video offset in cut section.

Bug in 8 channels to 6 channels downmix to DTS (thanks to fan for the hint).
Extract mov_text as srt (thanks to wiseant for the hint).
Avoid encoded ttml subtitles to be added to the mux grid (because they can't be muxed).
Missing buttons in cut grid.
No video stream recognition with mjpeg codec (thx to Lexi).
Cutting function does not work with certain video codecs (thx to Lexi).
Massive bug in HDR10 handling (thx to Ndidi).
Bug in pcm encoding.
Bug in video filterchain.

Audio filter handling.
Audio channels reduction handling.
Audio channels remap handling.
HDR10/HLG handling, also with LUT's.
Audio filter handling.
Audio split to single channels pcm files.

Picture as coverart in video handling.

February 22 2024 release version 3.2.4.
Deletion of eia 608/708 captions from h264, hevc, mpeg2 videostreams.
Audio spectrogram (request by ingsoc).
av1 muxing to asf, avi, mov, mp4, wmv.
Re-admitted HLG handling (keep HLG, HLG to SDR, HLG to HDR10).
ISO 639 language codes info in multiplex and audio encode grid (request by ingsoc).
x256 loop filter (request by avinewbie).
Chunk analysis for compatibility in join section.
Automatic transfer of cutted chunks from direct cur or batch cut (if more then one) to join grid.
Cut marks list for multiple cuts from the source file, so all cuts can be made in one go.

Missing source chapters muxing.
Bug in subtitle selection for burn in subtitles.
Bug in audio volume detection.
eac3 audiostream extraction as eac3 (request by Ennio).
Bug in HDR10/HLG metadata parsing.
Bug in source stream audio delay parsing.
Bug in profile handling with HDR10/HLG.
Cover art (image) handling in video.
Bug in multiple batch cuts from same source.

HDR10/HLG videos handling.
Invalid filenames handling.
Batch tasks handling.
FFmpeg errors handling.
Change/set DAR (depending on codec and container).
Stream analysis.
x265-params handling.
Join function (can now merge videos with different resolutions and frame rates (but with the same codecs).

Scan for errors (now errors only, not messages).
Help screen loaded automatically with chapters screen.
Other system colors to RGB.
mkv as standard container in mux grid.
Removed av1 mux in mov, admitted mux mpeg1, mpeg2 in mxf.

January 28 2024 release version 3.2.3.
Important bug in color range parsing.

January 26 2024 release version 3.2.2.
New: New RGB colors instead of system colors.

Bug in loudnorm 2pass parsing
Bug in automatic file naming.

January 23, 2024 release version 3.2.1.
Resume unused processed files after program closing.
b switch option for dynaudnorm (request by mannequin80).
LoudNorm filter settings (request by manneqin80).
Unused processed tasks exported to file for next time use.
All closed EIA 608/708 captions can be exported now, not only the first (request by ss vegata).
Batch task possibility to replicate commandline to many files (request by ingsoc, non documented).
Extract from and mux in picture to video
Tooltips on colorspace selection items (video encoding)
Filename check with automatic filename change for filenames with illegal characters in join grid.

Batch tasks file extensions bug.
Batch tasks progress bar bug.
Video cut bug.
Some small bugs.

Cut info.
Batch elements handling.
Audio bitrate handling.
Many code corrections and little cosmetics.

December 16, 2023 release version 3.2.0.
Possibility to cancel single batch tasks instead of all tasks.
Option to select destination folder for extracted streams (target folder or source folder).
Output filename handling with audio encode.
Extracted audio and subtitle streams filenames with language tag (if any).

Bug in open tasks file create.
Bug in HDR/HLG recognition.
Bug in stream extraction with ts files.
Bug in video DAR calculation.
Bug in video indexing, if ffmpeg path contains spaces.
Bug in open batch tasks handling.
Stream handling with uncommon muxed videos.
Aac encoding not supported channel layout issue.

Video keyframes indexing.

Streams handling.

December 01, 2023 release version 3.1.9.
Open tasks resumed after application close.

Bug with webvtt subtitles.
Bug with hardcoding pgs subtitle.
Some other small bugs.

Batch processing chain.
Output file naming.

November 17, 2023 release version 3.1.8.

Batch processing.

DTS encoding bitrate range.

Mux grid streams handling.
Many important code improvements.

November 3, 2023 release version 3.1.7.

Can handle files without duration info (automatic fix).
Mux pcm_alaw in 3gp, avi, mkv container.
Select and order files in join grid.
Automatic generation and insertion of chapters at merging points (join grid).

Bug in muxing code.
Bug in video analysis.

November 1, 2023 release version 3.1.6.

Possibility to extract single or all streams.
Possibility to reorder the streams in the muxing grid.
Unsharp filter in video encoding.
The confirmation after successful task execution has been removed.
Automatic return to start screen after multiplexing.
Sample video encoding.
Can now handle multiple video streams in one file.
Output folder info on start screen.
Quit button on start screen.

Bug in output folder selection.
Other little bugs.

The complete streams analysis recoded.

Welcome screen.
Eia 607/708 captions extraction.
Background colors.

October 22, 2023 release version 3.1.5.
Fixed: bug in fix timestamps, bug in video encoding with LUTs, bug in HDR10 handling with smpte2084 files without HDR10 metadada, typos.
Added: automatic return to UI after audio filter selection, automatic selection of colorspace and colorrange if this info is missing from the source.
Improved: video filter handling, cutting code.

September 1, 2023 release version 3.1.4.
Fixed: encode button visible after encoding start in audioencoding, automatic 8 Bit bitdepth selection for videostreams without bitdepth info, HDR to SDR with h265 bug, Bug in color_transfer recognition, bug in subtitle selection for burn in, bug in HDR/SDR selection with HDR10 source, tooltip in HDR10 settings.
Changed: start screen again, loading hevc video without scan type info presuming progressive, audiostream selection with multiple audiostreams, filterchain in videoencoding, HDR to SDR encoding with all avaiable videocodecs (not only hevc), moved HDR settings to various, cut section.
Improved: mpeg1 and mpeg2 encoding quality, HDR recognition, after volume detection goes directly to the encoder, video filter chain handling.
Added: automatic DAR selection with DVD resolutions, dvd_subtitle (vobsub) mux to mp4, Set bitdepth with HDR10 to SDR, set encoding matrix with mpeg2, mjpeg muxing to asf/avi/mkv/mp4, change video properties (contrast, brightness,saturation, croma), preview video with selected filters, eia_608, eia_708,hdmv_pgs_subtitle extraction, eia_608, eia_708 conversion, eia_608, eia_708, hdmv_pgs_subtitle burn in, preview for HDR10 to SDR and LUT's.

July 27, 2023 release version 3.1.3.
Fixed: bug in audio 5.1 to 2 ch conversion, bug in HDR10+ cll value detection, bug in audio volume handling.
Improved: raw h264/hevc videostream handling, start screen handling, main menu button handling, audiostream handling with multiple audiostreams, smoother form changing, audio channels handling.
Changed: various options/settings handling in main section and video encoding section, selected streams handling in multiplex section, ffmpeg version detection.
Added: dat videofile(vcd/svcd) handling, rotate video without reencoding (metadata only, main section), rotate and flip, automatic scale change with rotate 90 cw/ccw (video encode section), fix timestamps by reading with given framerate.

July 03, 2023 release version 3.1.2.
Fixed: Created chapters with short title missing, bitmap subtitle burn in issue with wrong sizes.
Added: Info link for tonemap and desat (HDR10 to SDR), (subtitles burn in): automatic scale and allignment for bitmap subtitles.
Improved: DVD Rip imports all streams now.
Changed: Audio channels remap for all reasonable combinations.

May 12, 2023 release version 3.1.1.
Fixed: missing variable reset bug, x265 profile settings bug, Bugs in HDR10 commandline.
Added: Keep section open checkbox (for audio encoding ,video encoding, cut section), switch background color button, Keep HDR metadata on recoding HDR Video with H.265, HDR to SDR with tonemap and desaturation settings for any avaiable video codec.
Changed: seeking approach in cut section, cosmetics on many forms.

March 27, 2023 release version 3.1.0.
Added: Tooltips on many controls, keyframe info in cut section (with no video delay), LoudNorm Filter pass label, actual FFmpeg version info on start screen.
Changed: cutting section, cosmetics in many forms, HDR profile to level, video offset approach in cut section.
Fixed: typos, incorrect process termination, bug in DVD Rip, bugs in cut section.
Improved: command sequence for a faster start, keyframe search in cut section, First Start screen with detailed info now.

February 24, 2023 release version 3.0.9.
Fixed: Long time loading with huge files with missing duration and scan type info, cutting section issues.
Added: Video pad movable, margin, fontsize and background selection for hardcoded text subtitles (srt,vtt,mov_text), drag & drop for extern hardcoded subtitles, audio channels mapping, frame accurate cutting (for h264 and hevc), picture type on cutting player, Info on Startscreen.
Improved: Interlace detection is now optional.

January 24, 2023 release version 3.0.8.
Fixed: Display scaling (> 100%) for High DPI Monitors.
Added: prores encoding (proxy, lt, standard, hq, 4444, 444xq), prores muxing to mkv,mov,mfx.

January 19, 2023 release version 3.0.7.
Fixed: IVTC missing 1st fps info, unacceptable files bug on new source, audio delay bug in multipex section.
Improved: Cosmetics on all forms.
Changed: Video filter chain, set DAR, IVTC Test (in Video encoding section).

December 15, 2022 release version 3.0.6.
Added: Video DAR change at stream level (for avc,hecv,mpeg2), delete source chapters on muxing option, export source chapters, webvtt subtitle muxing.
Improved: scan type recognition, deinterlacer selection, duration analysis, interlaced check, chapters support.
Changed: mux info from selected videostream instead of source stream, video filter chain.

November 25, 2022 release version 3.0.5.
Added: Drag & Drop (on full frames), ffv1 encoding & muxing, subtitle conversion to vtt, extract chapters, audio downmix 5.1 to 2 ch choice between 4 formulas. Improved: chapters support, audio delay handling,.
Changed: First Start form completely rewritten, multiple forms cosmetics.
Fixed: mux issue with wrong audio offset of processed audio, pcm_bluray audio extraction to m2ts.

October 25, 2022 update to version 3.0.4.
Changed: Video Fade Out, Audio delay handling.
Improved: Avisynth support, avs handling, interlaced encoding.

September 20, 2022 update to version 3.0.3.
Fixed: Video filter chain issue, extended range for IVTC detection issue.
Added: hdmv_pgs_sultitle mux to ts.
Changed: Missing scantype handling (progressive is assumed, but can be changed).
Improved: Chapters handling, Video cut, defective video handling, errors scan.

August 26, 2022 update to version 3.0.2.
Fixed: Exception handling, webm as container selection (multiplex).
Added: Chapters support (creating, editing, use extern chapters file), Source file check for warnings or errors, writing app info in outputs, select/deselect all streams in multiplexing, selection to move headers from mp4 and mov to the beginning for better streaming.
Changed: Scan type handling, LUT filter chain, Nero chapters entrys deleted for mp4+mov.
Improved: Hardcode subtitles handling, interlaced encoding from interlaced source, Video cutting.

July 26, 2022 update to version 3.0.1.
Fixed: Audio pan remapping issue, single channels splitting filter issue, Title typo, Audiofilter issue, muxing with subtitles issue, encoding type info issue.
Added: DnxHD encoding, DnxHD condition check, Aspect Ratio Info, Theora encoding, muxing to ogg, source path handling.
Changed: moved global Title to Multiplexing Grid, automatic DAR set, DivX and XviD single stream in mkv container, no file delete with muxing aborted.
Improved: Tooltips, Audio Filter, Deinterlacing chain, Duration detection, no duration handling.

July 04, 2022 update to version 3.0.0.
Fixed: Wrong Tooltips, small bugs.
Added: Change Video scan type, video encode to mpeg1, audio volume filter can be used with other audio filter.
Changed: Ac3 decoder DRC preset.
Improved: Cropping.

June 09, 2022 update to version 2.9.9.
Fixed: Trigger reset for pcm selection, single channels pcm trigger, bug in mux map sorting, interlaced encoding with resizing, Avisynth support.
Added: More video & audio codecs admitted for flv muxing, allowed sampling rates for each audio codec, Source samplig rate info, Bwdif Deinterlacing Filter.
Changed: Frequency selection, pcm bit depth selection
Improved: Single channels pcm encoding, Audio Channel Info, cropping, Yadif deinterlacing, scan type analisys.

May 17, 2022 update to version 2.9.8.
Fixed: Bug in colorspace and Bit Depth selection, interlaced avc encoding.
Added: Captions EIA-608/708 extraction to srt, dvvideo muxing to asf,avi,mov,mxf, change/delete container title, color range selection, show source colorspace,colorrange,bitdepth, muxing to flv,wmv, video encoding to wmv (wmv1+wmv2), atrac3 audio etraction, profile level on target file name, if changed.
Changed: Audio codec selection wav (pcm) to pcm, little cosmetics.

May 02, 2022 update to version 2.9.7.
Fixed: dnxhr encoding, dnxhr muxing to mov and mxf, svt-av1 and rav1e encoding prevented with 32bit os, interlaced mpeg2 and avc encoding, av1 encoder selection on 32 bit OS.
Changed: Button positions in crop UI.
Improved: AC3 5.2 patch (fully recoded).

April 05, 2022 update to version 2.9.6.
Added: Info Label for processed streams, new duration info on video or audio length change.
Improved: Crop detection.
Changed: Automatic change to Bt709, framerate commandline from -r to -vf fps, av1 encoder descriptions, new logo and color changes.

March 21, 2022 update to version 2.9.5.
Fixed: Muxing hevc into avi, no offset on avs encoding.
Added: Endian choice on pcm encoding.
Improved: Audio delay analisys, muxing grid.
Changed: Compiled for any CPU. Works an x86, x84, ARM.

March 08, 2022 update to version 2.9.4.
Fixed: Bug in multiplex streams sorting.
Added: Check for multiple video streams in multiplex section.
Improved: Little improvement on IVTC.

February 22, 2022 update to version 2.9.3.
Fixed: Profile level change (h264 and hevc), bug in x264 interlaced encoding, offset bug, processed streams control bug
Added: mpeg2 interlaced encoding, pgs subtitles in mkv container, eac3 in ts, hevc in m2ts
Improved: Multiplex stream sorting, shorter commandline, subtitle extraction and conversion, defective streams file handling, stream title in various containers, ac3 5.1 patch

January 21, 2022 update to version 2.9.2.
Fixed: Bug in pcm encoding, bug in audio and subtitle dispositions
Added: Insert/change/delete Stream Title in Multiplex section, pcm encoding to 16/24/32bit, hdmv_pgs_subtitle in m2ts, encode to av1.
Improved: Change Stream Language and Title (dedicated button), processed file check, processed streams control.
Changed: Default flag selected by default on 1st audiostream

December 21, 2021 update to version 2.9.1.
Fixed: ac3 decoder drc on/off, minor bugs on info labels, bug in cut section for source without videostream.
Added: ac3 mux in mpg, missing video codec and video language info,
set default audiostream tag, selected streams counter and sum in multiplex section, homepage link.

November 26, 2021 update to version 2.9.0.
Fixed: minor bug (29.97fps recognition), bug in default+forced tags in subtitles, bug in subtitle track test
Added: Multiplex to 3gp, Ability to show source info (clicking on source file)
Improved: Change language tag
Changed: .net 4.6 to 4.8

October 26, 2021 update to version 2.8.9.
Fixed: 0file bug, delete language tag bug, add files bug in multiplex section, aborted check bug
Added: Ability to extract raw h264/h265 videostreams, mux dvb_subtitle into m2ts
Removed: Mux hdmv_pgs_subtitle into m2ts, mkv, ts (not working)
Changed: Output filenames, keyframe check from I to IDR

September 28, 2021 update to version 2.8.8.
Fixed: A major bug in multiplex mapping,
pcm codec selection not executed,
bug in audio length & pitch change.
Solved: Missing pkt_pts_time in newer ffprobe releases.
Improved: Multiplex section.

September 07, 2021 update to version 2.8.7.
Changed: Layout: new background color.
Added: 5.1 (side) audio encoding.
Improved: Audio: multichannel encoding (for faulty multichannel audio streams, to avoid channels mapping errors);
Multiplex: stream analysis, program logic, A/V synchronization, automatic output file;
Entire video analysis completely renewed.

August 26, 2021 update to version 2.8.6.
Fixed: Many little bugs.
Improved: A/V synchronization (multiplex section) has been completely recoded.

August 09, 2021 update to version 2.8.5.
Improved: Initialization routine (only at the first program start).

August 05, 2021 update to version 2.8.4.
Fixed: A major bug in IVTC execution.
Improved: Recognition of a eventual video offset, Automatic stream sorting before muxing (In the multiplex section).
Added: Automatic adjustment of the audio delay in the presence of a video offset.

July 27, 2021 update to version 2.8.3.
Fixed: A major bug in change fps execution.

July 22, 2021 update to version 2.8.2.
Fixed: A major bug in stream selection for extraction.

July 16, 2021 update to version 2.8.1.
Fixed: Some minor bugs.
Improved: Pre-processed streams handling (up to 10 streams now), unified color palette.

June 21, 2021 update to version 2.8.0.
Fixed: Some minor bugs.
Improved: Minor improvements in code and program-flow.

May 31, 2021 update to version 2.7.9.
Fixed: Some small errors.
Fixed: A problem that the tags of the previously edited streams are not taken over correctly.
Improved: Audiostream Info.

May 06, 2021 update to version 2.7.8.
Fixed: Some annoying bugs.
Changed: Some cosmetics.

23, 2021 update to version 2.7.7.
Fixed: Small bugs, stream selection issue (with multiple A+S streams).
Added: Change profile level without recoding (for h264 and hevc videos).
Improved: Multiplex section, Join section, Cut section.

April 15, 2021 update to version 2.7.6.
Fixed: Small bugs, change audio speed & pitch issue.
Added: Mux to ASF container.
Improved: Multiplex section, Join section.

April 02, 2021 update to version 2.7.5.
Fixed: Small bugs.
Added: Hardcoding SRT/SSA/ASS Subs to videostream.
Improved: Cut section, multiplex section, many fine tunings.

March 15, 2021 update to version 2.7.4.
Fixed: Small bugs.
Rewritten: entire DVD Rip module (unprotected DVD's only).
Improved: Duration detection, Multiplex logic, Audio codec and channel logic, many fine tunings.

March 01, 2021 update to version 2.7.3.
Fixed: Small bugs.
Added: Multiplex to mov.
Added: Profile selection (x264 and x265).
Improved: Duration detection, Multiplex logic, many fine tunings.

February 08, 2021 update to version 2.7.2.
Fixed: Small bugs.
Added: VP8 encoding, multiplex to webm.
Added: Video merge (concat demuxer).
Added: Support for Avisynth. A basic Avisynth script is created that you can customize, modify, test and then encode with the desired encoder.
Removed: Inverse Telecine (IVTC), QTGMC deinterlacing. You can use your own scripts now.
Improved: Many fine tunings.

January 19, 2021 update to version 2.7.1.
Fixed: Many small bugs.
Added: DnxHR encoding, multiplex to mfx.
Improved: Many fine tunings, new Windows 10 design, new logo, new icon.

December 30, 2020 update to version 2.7.0.
Fixed: Small bugs.
Added: Audio delay info, Inverse Telecine (IVTC) for 29.97, 30, 59.94, 60 FPS Sources.
Improved: Many fine tunings.

December 4, 2020 update to version 2.6.9.
Fixed: Many small bugs.
Added: Audio encode to trueHD, tune on x265 encoder.
Improved: Better information about the source file, when multiplexing, automatic takeover of previously edited video and audio streams, automatic stream control (only a video file can be used as a video source, only an audio file as an audio source and only a subtitle file as a subtitle source).

November 16, 2020 update to version 2.6.8.
Improved: Crop detection, AC3 6ch patch.
Fixed: Many small bugs, Target file/folder issue.
Added: HDR10 encoding (x265 only) with previous analysis. Prerequisite is a HDR10 source video.

October 27, 2020 update to version 2.6.7.
Improved: Automatic recognition of processed streams (Multiplexing), Icon rappresentation on taskbar.
Fixed: Small bugs, Stream detection issue, unknown file types recognition.
Added: New program icon.

October 22, 2020 update to version 2.6.6.
Improved: Many small improvements.
Fixed: Length typo, Stream detection issue.
Added: Encode to Vp9, Divx, Xvid.

October 12 2020 update to version 2.6.5.
Improved: Many small improvements.
Fixed: Duration detection and conversion bug.
Added: Multiplex to m2ts container.

September 25 2020 update to version 2.6.4.
Improved: Many small improvements.
Fixed: Some bugs.

September 15 2020 update to version 2.6.3.
Added: Audio output: flac, mp2, opus, vorbis
Added: Video encoder mpeg2
Added: Multiplex container: avi, mpg, ts, vob
Improved: Video crop detection.
Fixed: Some bugs.

August 31 2020 update to version 2.6.2.
Added: New welcome frame at first start.
Improved: Video analysis, Audio volume detection.
Fixed: Some bugs.

August 25 2020 update to version 2.6.1.
Improved: Error handling.

August 24 2020 update to version 2.6.0.
Changed: Deinterlacing.
Improved: Error handling.
Added: QTGMC deinterlacer (simple mode, but editable; You need an working Avisynth installation with the necessary plugins to use it).
Fixed: Minor bugs.

August 18 2020 update to version 2.5.7.
Improved: Deinterlacing (Yadif: frame/frame, field/frame, interlaced marked frames only).
Improved. Error handling.
Added: Encode interlaced video as interlaced.
Fixed: minor bugs.

August 06 2020 update to version 2.5.6.
Improved: Detection of ffmpeg.exe, ffprobe.exe, ffplay.exe.
Improved. Error handling.
Fixed: minor bugs.

July 31 2020 update to version 2.5.5.
Improved: Many fine tunings.
Fixed: minor bugs.

July 27 2020 update to version 2.5.4.
Added: Audio Stream Language Info on Audio conversion.
Added: Audio DTS Output.
Improved: Video Stream Interlacing Detection.
Fixed: minor bugs.

July 16 2020 update to version 2.5.3.
Fixed: A major bug when loading videos without duration information.

July 14 2020 update to version 2.5.2.
Added: DVD movie rip implemented (unprotected DVD's only). Point to the desired VTS and the entire movie will be ripped and imported.
Many small improvements.

July 06 2020 update to version 2.5.0.
Added: Video scan type detection (interlaced or progressive)
Modified: FFmpeg folder path.
Bugs corrected.
At the first start you have to specify ffmpeg.exe location path.

June 30 2020 update to version 2.4.8.
Added: Audio conversion section: You can set 2 channels output.
Added: Multiplex section: Checkbox to remove language code from Videostream.
Many cosmetic and code fine tunings.

June 16 2020 update to version 2.4.7.
Added: You can use the already installed ffmpeg static files.
At the first use you have to specify the location of ffmpeg, ffprobe and ffplay.
Added: High DPI aware.
Many fine tunings.

08 June 2020 update to version 2.4.5.
Added: mp3 output in audio conversion.
Fixed some bugs.

25 May 2020 update to version 2.4.2.
Fixed some bugs.
Many small improvements.

18 May 2020 update to version 2.4.0.
Many small improvements.

06 May 2020 update to version 2.3.9.
The crash without file selection is corrected.
The command line can be displayed.
Forms have changed from Font to DPI

02 May 2020 update to version 2.3.8.
Can now handle video files without duration info.
Added Aspect Ratio (DAR) change in the multiplex section.

27 Apr 2020 update to version 2.3.7.
Corrected a bug in FPS detection.

24 Apr 2020 update to version 2.3.6.
Many small improvements and bug fixes.

20 Apr 2020 update to version 2.3.5.
Several small improvements and bug fixes.

18 Apr 2020 update to version 2.3.0.
Video stream detection improved. Therefore ffprobe.exe (from static build) is now also necessary. Please copy it into the folder with clever FFmpeg-GUI.
Several small improvements and bug fixes.

14 Apr 2020 update to version 2.2.1.
(Corrected a little bug in track language change)

11 Apr 2020 update to version 2.2.0.
Many small improvements.
Some bugs fixed.

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